Loud and Local - March 26th, 2017

Sunday, March 26th

This week on the show I featured songs by Amsterdam, Christian Mistress, Year of the Cobra, Compass & Knife, Botch, Infinite Flux, Lo' There (and so much more!)



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Featuring music full. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. Freddy says he end which means it's time for a few hours of the best music. In the Pacific northwest at the end of the weekend what a bummer but we get to celebrated in that we can raise the last two hours what we still have it. Would Austin music from the 206625356. So the fortune five the Bible night. Ask even the Bible and sign my name is Kevin gears and I. For a few hours. Above great teams I just got back from new goes I once I am not Ruth Rundle and amazing voice was not opening. For this all destroyed US jets head and unfortunately could not have survived event with a near with him. Cool because I wanna see what the features them some female voices tonight it's free food centric here allowed local I want to be awesome awesome awesome. Female fronted band spectrum back in style Amsterdam Christian ministries are things. Loud and local pizza yeah. 99.9. KI ES double you every week on KI SW dot com BJ in its morning's. Each team up with loud and local we present the loud and look at the end of. That means you give prime real estate on KI SW dot com giving them right out of bio on the air you know you also get featured Friday. And BJ inmates morning's. Yeah yeah that's that's that's an awesome thing. So life you're interested. In the being featured as the level abandon their TI is W dot com email mile link to your music or MP threes in dot. We'll go from there right now this week is being from Tacoma called trump this in nice. Awesome awesome stuff I have an endless and the season of lost sons back to back by companies buy compass and night. Allowed local theme of the week. On 99 point nine KI SW. Iraq the Seattle. Yeah. It's. And. The neat. Yeah. It's. Tonight. And it's. Innocent. Yeah. It's. We. It's. A. Okay. Okay. One of my favorite local band he's. Fox is. Was goes forward dust them off and got they're gonna be done now and again it was dammit race. I do and in the other a belief people US. There can be played here in Seattle for northwest terror fast at new movies. Very much looking forward to that you can Sox scored very often that was Omega. From their late in the. Lay. Sorry. Why in the gambled that guy you know. Is it not contacted I got myself some coffee I always get so excited when I could talk about some of my favorite bands when he was Kevin you're liable would show. Like I said even Sox scored right there and I'm gonna play another song by the end of the CDV. Who's to blame and found it and sort of leaking it Lisa from the band she says it's in the oval. He he's like yeah. You're the only one that could happen it's okay don't spread it around that you can play on the shelf. It is in so called paralyzed her which was recorded for because those rubber practice session. It is reported by Jack in you know fame northwest producer. Jack in the field to see. World premiere but he Dobson scored paralyzed her. No problem. It's. And move. I. And I. KI SW room. April 4 is the annual. Seattle rock game in you can get involved in home you'll hear. On the Seattle rock there all day Long Will be playing northwest music that you can get involved by going to KI SW. Dot com and voting in this battle rock rumble with the big tournaments. And I didn't see who is the most triumph in Seattle rock band of all. You know I mean I'm a fan of so many north lesbians but their can only be one later. In his by you know what we're going to actually looking what. Just before helping us out with this in debt in voting in the Seattle rock WB entry to. Win tickets to go to Carolina rebellion in bass sound garden event seven bowl macedon. And so many more one one winner will be together that. Pretty freaking awesome. So now for the elicited a lot of small forward is now we're almost in the 11 o'clock where I wanted to end this hour with two brain and GM's vice heavy beard here. In the northwest now friends the show ARRIS. And then movie Johnny integrated sound bite Eric was released this week off the rest was being EPA the title track. Restless aim and after that a lot more and by will be giant called the big victory this. Britney music off their new LP OS TV records of two Britney songs by Eric and wounding giant can call up like what you hear both six. 141 rock where he's got certain you wanna hear. While mobile. On the rock. Sunday night one. KI DSW. IUE. One C and this is loud and local. Small. Ninety point nine. AI DS. Mikey could. Yeah. Would camping gear is rules. AI SW. Here on the Iraq we care. About the local music not only these local Loudon local Sunday nights at the midnight but also we in featuring a lot of bad. Local music on KI SW dot com premieres. By local dance and all this week we've been premiering a brand new sound bites doubles but deep down here first on KIW dot com. Even media red is the name of the new EP. You can 13 order it at doubles but he's down got game can't dot com and I think it was so called I am the that I am. I've been doing to eat peas. And they're all going to be me in the three games tactic is a song that's always been speaker all week I am glad that I in the doubles let me down here. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Okay. It. Okay. It. Okay. Okay. It's. Oh yeah. Okay. It's. Okay. Okay. It's. Yes. Rest repose. Such an awesome band and they put out that EP and then. Hear much from them because they've played some shows and then. They called it quits her quits prevent invade they were temporarily broken up. Well they've posted recently on bond that they are recording and work or working out a new album and will be recording it shortly. Of course Ryan ended Jared back together. On the same page and everything and they'd do the new vocalist and they're doing the damn thing so very cool and excited for new music. From the rest repose when he was scavengers allow local is the show. Coming up right now I am via song go out to mark. He was oh listen in on the way home to spend way he just got out of his out of is a nice job he wanted to hear some music by ten miles Y ten miles wide. Incredible local man and I think you mark for the request you can text needs 77999. Or of course to a six. 421 rock got about half an hour left of the show so make sure you're. Post haste with that replaces ten miles wide to gross the title track off of their newest record while local on the Iraq. So yeah. You can score. Possible local bands on giants' first of said in here. On loud and local it's not a nine point ninety ideas double. People who work. Seattle rock days you can. Take part in the Seattle rock rubble by going to ai Yu W dot com and upload their favorite dental care you'd be in all the north. Lesbians and artists is they go ahead and call it seat will be the Seattle rock rumble champions. The winner will be unveiled on Seattle rock days in length you. Movies and the winning ticket. The trip a trip and tickets to see Carolina rebellion. Courtesy of Warner Bros. and Columbia records Carolina rebellion of course features. If you don't mind and your cell guard consuming more that it KI SW dot com we'll all be involved. Wait you a band called the giants and now. Some heavy news but also some kind of talking to them. There in the band by the name of mail this studio project. Earpiece in the northwest. With a couple members in California but they all do begins in the Riviera at the wonders. Worldwide with the smoke that death was often they'll eat. Bob Hope or. This is loud and love. On the 99.9. KI DS. Before I let out a year. In the local wanna be given special shout out to a guy who is behind in all ages DIY. Music festival with deadly game being every year the best called weak outlook. And getting behind that is known as Brian skipping TV played in so many good games. He's just a one man wrecking crew went from the local music and guys you've also helped that would be cool art. I think deep down in itself formal way July ever wind speed read and write it beginning to support for the heat. Nobody goes for local music I want it to you live but this event special shout at the end and also. De L yeah. Anyone who attended any of the weak outlook event this past weekend in Tacoma all over the city's Olympic Games. I'm gonna play and he took over bid to. The local things for elicited a method overnight sensation is next. In the morning right pain in the ground. Infinite walk us. I. She'll.