Loud and Local - April 2nd, 2017 (with Iron Dragon)

Sunday, April 2nd

Hell yea! This week on the show I had Iron Dragon up for an interview! I played songs by Iron Dragon, Ten Miles Wide, Wounded Giant, Staygold (and much more!)


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Okay. And arm band is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. Analysts noticed the great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Casey is allowed. No rock featuring music bull. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. I am in seventy years is 10 PM on AM Sunday night. That is right it is Sunday night the end of the weekend few hours of all music that is Pacific northwest at 206. For the 253 of the 360 for the fourteenth five. We play all at the end from this area so what's today we have been called ice and drag it in the studio we're going to be shocked them a little bit later. You may not have heard me Casey did not keep pain in the grass 117. Lined up. Has been announced Saturday June 24. At the white river is the theater we got bored we got those so we got film anymore. What I'm here to you about is being vocal loud and local representatives all of that night. Ten my old wise I couldn't hope for them and that we were the first to play ten miles wide. Here on KIW so I'm gonna play some of them right now. He's got to go in the growth up the record of the gross congratulations ten miles wide so stoked to see them sort of thing. JIW. Dot com despite its ten miles wide. On my mobile. Can score. I. You. Loud and local continues on the road. Here's 99.9. KI ESW. It is loud and local bank here on the show all the way till midnight but right now. We banned by the name of iron dragon they're getting set to play three pillar shows that crocodile. And they're also getting ready to geek either single and if they're brand new self titled EP. Very cool again the name of the man of iron dragon I got the guys in the studio thanks for coming up Michelle what's all play ball out yourself. I didn't Canon pretty good man though what wedding to introduce yourself into what you Brian Jenkins. Lately rock that he. I'm kid Camaro Nat played sweet links on the top I'm run steal bases. Pretty. I'm chasing tail definitely the drones right army is since I together haven't a good night. Your weekend go. Is pretty swell I got to see slaughter in great light last minute mark slaughter the musical that's awesome yet most of had a green and I use a sweetie you wasn't. If you rattle of Gorman let what about the rescue guys. Ray ray Iraqis here I go in my other side which is my spiritual side that some did music and spiritual community. Oh cool rattle a lot of different sides. Yes he does. Nice. Right on what we're here to talk about a iron dragon you guys have a show coming up here at a crocodile Friday April 14 to see first in the a string of three shows coming up at the crocodile. Who are skinny for you guys Friday April 14. Well on this show for show we have super effective. Ollie we'd love to perfecting here on the local great guys great band will be released an interview that we did with all the fans we interviewed obvious play with this and social network we'll see. All of these coming out the next couple weeks and they're absolutely hilarious and fun. We also have locomotive Plame with us in their group of teenage kids that just rock in announcing these guys there there's the midget so is totally all ages that's all yeah yeah this great and then we also have another band that's great players Astor house okay. As opening their their rating. They are great and we at the chemicals can yeah. That's not them so you'll see it all over the world wide web but also you'll hear the music right now among local was we got six. Six some EP we're gonna play a few songs from this banks that had an easy first song is going to be a single yes gonna be released in this. Via social media come and come in pretty quick here yet this'll be the first when their release were working on any music video pretty soon for this one but now. Launched this one upon. On Spotify and and other things like that so what's banks to have an all about. It's about the eighties hair cut this week cut it to girls had with a when he tees they're a hell yeah I. Yeah so it's nothing Darius is not a Erica let's bring it back it was approved. It's a rocket secure ID and yeah. Yeah that's awesome iron on will I was still had any I would take Bangzao take any kind of hair at this point a either way here is iron dragging on the show if you like it or you don't use wanna talk some trash calls up 206421. Rocky top all ought to all of iron dragon it's loud and local. Rock so again. And Sears home. AI SW. Fire hydrants drag and they are here in studio now it is loud and local here my name is Kevin jeers and iron drag this in the studio those songs sound amazing. Seriously that is up to six. Song EP that is coming out shortly by in dragon self titled. And do it's like where did you record that with and who did you record it with because that sounds. Like. League GA it's. Major label quality stuff that is really give it it really is we repeater Mori at the boiler room. Drums do you lift though cool and at Brooks resident master master like four days ago. Yes awesome so also one of the guys who did ten miles wide records well he's. I'm yet Derek Marie was the one that ended down ten miles like membership so jaundice. As the one posted wondered so that's awesome yeah. What sounds fantastic. Very very cool to have you guys appear its debut those songs Ford the for the world for the loud at local community is well. Here on KI SW. But I want to tell talk a little bit of doubt the shows you guys have a note coming up at the crocodile not only do you have to show. We mentioned Friday April up fourteenth coming up in a couple weeks but also Saturday may twentieth and Friday June 30 that's pretty equal the you have. Three gigs lined up with. It in a few weeks apart from each other. At one venue so it's like if you like it you can come back to the same damn place and take up the paint and again. Very cool you guys have so much some special things in in place for us some of these performances when he talked a little bit about that yeah well. You know we have a special guests coming out we had this idea did you residency with a crack down to cast of you involved. Which you know kissed him he's been very supportive of our other bands and we really appreciate it we want to give something back to the other bands out there that they can come out open up the show. Have a great time and also bring some of our favorite musicians and count up on stage with us and played their favorite eighties covers. And not only do we do some RP parties covers we also do our originals and you're listening to you right now absolutely so we just want to bring the music community together in a positive way have a great time our intention is just pure fun. Party have a great time nothing else on some positions and share the stage with their friends so we've got three shows in the crock was really. Kind enough to give us an opportunity to see if this complied if it does will continue on monthly. Also more or less some of those guests will be up Parker from queens are correct that's correct part of is gonna come out and play a song with him a queens race on actually. But will Leah that two people come to the show he got Ernesto. Yes I still got to learn that song that the but I awesome and they wanted to do a solid jobs Beckman from ten miles wide he picked out the song human Eric did in the act. It's gonna be awesome that they're whose Eric. I I don't know I think he Camaro Yankee audience at the US and us air Damon and Eric doesn't exist it's the carrier and I think that can Alter its dedicated to American player who indebtedness gas engines they're grown better looking to in this area consistency and cooler air. Way cooler air. Yes actually and then we have Tony grew phenomenal guitar player coming out also and rock and some teams with it was a pain yeah we know paying great band and you know they're degrading year. Your contest you've got yes they aren't final round against Jimi Hendrix and. Speaking of go to KI SW dot com the rock a rumble and for Seattle Rock the Vote for window pane as the ID loud vocal supporters but not a golfer a little tangent. But very very cool so again that's Friday April 14 Saturday may twentieth in Friday June 30 you can find out more information. I'm curious W dot com we'll have that stuff up by the end of the show while you're listening to loud a local in the bins are. Iron dragon we're gonna play another song by you guys in the we'll talk to you guys a little bit more close to the bone. Is the name this one is there anything you while you wanna see about the song before we jump right into it this is about barbecue and you understand I understand self. In. Its iron dragon I hear a loud and local on the Iraq. Well. I'm not a valid and that needs and so. Yes that right or so far. That's iron dragon is the name of the band and a very cool very. And it just like totally free agent. A little it seems like a little throwback the suns are a little throwback put in like the best way possible but they sound currently kids it's like eighties jams with like. Today's. Production quality. So very cool thank you I dig it so again iron dragons the name of the band you need to add them on social meeting you check them and follow them if we want to be friends with you all. And Foley. You're going on how can we do that where we find you on the web. We you can find us on FaceBook its now iron drag in Seattle. And and we also have a dot com iron dragon Seattle's dot com. It's about. Cool now right on go ahead and do that and for them and find out about their upcoming shows. Amongst those shows again Friday April 14 and Saturday may twentieth in Friday June 30. Friday and Saturday is perfect to see a band like this as your gonna wanna do some heavy drinking and and because I think that that will these kind of jams like these infants would go well the beer Europeans. Of course that's how he writes and that's kip commandos of the 5 o'clock this morning on a vendor little ad Sid yeah it is Ellison. When he gets up at 4 o'clock the next day. If there were if there was like. A drink. A mixed drink you could make that would go well like the signature are your dragon mixed drink what would it be. Fireball the I don't know 63. That you be regulated rocket fuel. Yeah rocket fuel I like it signature. Or as little special bond auction. OK well we'll figure it out we'll have it as some fun and a study of men better into. He could figure figure that out at the a crocodile again. When it. Jam this into your era bulls Friday April 14 Saturday may twentieth. And Friday June 30 began at the crocodile. Bill even up to you all to what to steer this where do you wanna shout out. Social things any bans US out anything like that or we William before. Just remember opening up was we got super effect that we got locomotive we pastor house. Yeah cool and we like to thank you Kevin yeah and I haven't quite a lower we have one question for which your fear eighties. But rocks. My favorite eighty Barack song yes come on feel the noise. It's perfect you guys gonna let yet radar and are awesome and perfect ride on and I can't guarantee that I can do karaoke sing for about one. But I will enjoy watching you guys do it's. We thankfully emptiness the it depends on how reindeer he would either way it's higher drag and pink in the middle anyway you wanna send the Sarnoff Linda and when you what do dedicated to. Who hit a hook and and evidently it had footage in there actually yeah this line is nine overs tuchman but it's. You deathly Dolan a dedicated team. Offend them and I. Chose chips incidents but yes this shirt after it's a love song Henderson couldn't about it. Our I am proud of your girl. I think again no one else's that it gave a nod to Aaron I don't know okay cool shot it but he's got to be proud. I mean dragging catch number three shows at the crocodile thanks so much for coming up to the show they Q you're very welcome here it is iron dragon it's rocket. Well local. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah it. Out of local thank you very much to iron dragging bad ass band you can go see them at the crocodile Friday April 14. Saturday may twentieth or Friday June 30. Gonna have some awesome my guests in the going to be doing the best of the eighties jams their favorite eighties hit songs. And also some of the originals you heard they'll have their six REP. And idea. Get tickets they're thirteen dollars pre sell fifteen dollars big show at the crocodile website or you can contact the bands and a. Apparently the tickets are given very little right now we are playing. He allowed all will be end of the week every week here on lateral move we've seen with Vijay inmates to presents. You loud and vocal band of do we can go to KI SW dot com and check out the Ryan real estate. Your bandit gets divvied up your selves and else you'd be featured Friday mornings on the PG and meets morning program. This week is a bad ass and by the name of will be giant vivid new record coming out on STV records from New Jersey called. They picked it. We have three sons count I'm sorry camps. By the ever so heavy wounding giants so that's the stuff you're going to be listening to do not adjust your speakers. It's supposed to be his Haiti the road to million and the room of the torch back to back here. Allow multiple. Yeah. OK. I. I. KL yeah. See a lot of and tears were. AI SW. Giant bill out elope to end of the week. We'll be giants such an incredible bandit racing record called big big things coming out. Later this month on as TE VE records at a New Jersey very often in these jags come to town. Wolf they are. Local band so it's not like they're coming down but they're going to be playing. Alongside went hand in very excited that one will be giant loud and vocal in DJ in big big week that a KI SW. Dot com for info on that right now we're gonna play some sub strata. Another. Heavy heavy game and hear from loud in the local the end of the week best. Their new album sub rattled their self titled record is not available on store in sheen's records check them out get out if you like what you hear. Some classic heavy metals service stuff. They are bad at vocal and played all around town sub strata. Allow multiple. Mikey could. Loud and local content you. Years 99.9. KI ESW. Loud and local continues. The level will be in the leaflets. Of course. When the giants. Thank you very much for iron dragon for coming up to the show her right now I wanted to do a bit of a dedication this past week the northwest hardcore scene. Las an amazing friend of ours in being a supporter of the northwest are we're seeing his name was Jeremy Collins. And a lot of people don't you knew him as the speech guys he was. A supporter of the hardcore scene and for years you probably saw him at all ages hardcore shows jumping for. From the stage there's a large me jumping from the stage. In smashing you right in the face but he always did it with a smile on his face and it was just a positive. Positive guy he was such a great dude and unfortunately he lost his life. This week his favorite band was big hole. An amazing northwest hardware bandit reunited last spring fest. May of twenty sixteenths I want to play a few sounds my stable here. He's going out to Jeremy calling AT stage dive we love you brother. This level of. Look Kevin Sears rolls. AI SW. He's the name of the. It beat broker. Record devotion here on loud and local bird on film made nice and got about a half an hour left. Gets up you wanna hear 206421. Rocked the and that is what you can call but you can also go to KI SW dot com and cast your vote it is the Seattle rock grumbled Allen. To the final full or are we got. Irvine how you change Jimi Hendrix and window pane at all four bands are the renting to beat the champion. Of Seattle rock today happening this Tuesday. On KI SW Tuesday April 4. All of we'll pool all day long it is it is a tradition here allowed beyond KI SW in a lot of mobile is proud. Of that for sure to be a part of this lineage so are so many incredible bands and from the northwest were in the Seattle rock grumble but it is down to these forced upon Allison change in Hendrix and again the big and you're about to hear good KI SW dot com. And cast your. Actions. For the final and forbids. The Seattle rock rumble with what a pain on the Iraq. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Loud in low goal is the name of the old. We're about out here but just a reminder good KI SW dot com and vote. For the Seattle rock rumbled Nirvana Alice in Chains with cocaine and Jimi Hendrix. Decide who you wanna see represented as the winner of the Seattle rock crumble once Seattle rock day Tuesday April 4. A reminder that this Tuesday's all get it on games like Kaufman breaks you suckers gain yards Sanctuary City. Never marred queen drag. Of course Jimmy Hendrix all the best northwest music can be played in it. I used area of all day long it's very very cool because the northwest has such an incredible lead lineage. Awesome music and how we we represented every week here or rubble witnessed some of the smaller bands but on Tuesday. That's when we will showcase at all on prime time but. And it ends the night with a couple bands that I love personally. And Alex he represented here. As minor little loved him. Seattle rock night. Got the year to overlook something lined a big line in the unicorn and intends sons. But mine cave so to lying to themed songs. Live global nobody here thinks solicited. Local music on the Iraq.