Monday, March 13th

Guests Don Schwartz, Emily Mosera, Bill Latham, and Jessica Ross join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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Welcome to congress and not your posts you accrues to day we are talking to Don Schwartz. Vice president of program not Robert Wood Johnson Foundation how are you Don. Very well and Q are you ad I'm Ted like I said you know we get closer to weaken them a lot happier. And understand. Com so don't tell a little bit about the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. So we are at largest foundation in America funding entirely. Around healthy. And we are. Working with others across the country to build a culture in this country that is. Much focused on helping that helped becomes just the we we do things. General health. Yeah okay so nothing like specific like there's a lot that you know convert cancer or something different types of cancer and this one is just health in general. Yes and are particularly focus on the fact that we're people live. And how people lived makes a big difference to their health. And lifestyle. Yeah okay. So I did go on your your website because I was likely and I and net so then I understood it a little better but so DR Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Is basically partnered up with the 500 cities projects. On an answer we're gonna be about today sell its tell me about the 500 cities project. OK so. United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which we usually hear about when it comes to influenza or seek a virus or other things they're the people who are. Focused on health within communities and states across the country. They have for a long time collected survey information from Americans every year about prevention and and information has been released about the whole nation so we know. As a nation how we do in terms of going for preventive screening or whether obesity is like across America are or even how people view their physical or mental health. In that information has also been. Calculated down pursue state and even county. But it's never been available for cities are the neighborhood level so that people within cities have a sense of how they're doing. And what the issues are worth them. We their. Other neighborhoods with in the city and admit we've never been able to compare across cities before. To know which cities are doing particularly well in which cities are having particular issues. About we should help factors now we can do that for the first time. I'm great and you can do that yourself by going to you the web site correct. Yet they can just Google 500 cities and they'll find. The project. On it but you can go online it's I did this no super easy to CDC dot gov. Slash 500 cities. That's right it's. 500 written out as the number not the word. Correct yeah. Does suck thanks for clearing that up so I was security SNI you know there are dollar knight's tight pin now Washington. And then I zoom in to Seattle and it breaks it up by young binge drinking at current smoking physical activity obesity and sleep. Sell on. Do you believe those are the fives like health factors. Unknown. Those are five unhealthy behaviors and beyond that if you continue. You'll be health outcomes like arthritis and asthma and high blood pressure and kidney disease and pulmonary disease and then after that you'll leave NC. Preventive services and screening. Like having health insurance are going to the doctor dentist we're taking medication for blood pressure and on their 27 different. Factors that contribute to help. We're indicate how help you is. There are included for every city in every neighborhood with in the city. See I was to a free to scroll down with the intent to started seeing those numbers because. One that scared me was sleep because they don't get that. Seven hours of sleep I get me 85 and a half six hours. And acceded to started wearing affected just like in on how much I do sleep in and is it sleepless in retirees. That plague. 'cause like I don't know of Elena scroll down I don't smoke on very physically active you know so I believe I live a very healthy lifestyle but there was one thing I needed to change or could change it would be nice the patterns you know but it's kind of hard to do this job. And try to be alert and know what's going on in the world's all the time. And and and it is a seemingly the path for your like well but I still one of the weekend 9:10 o'clock you know. Yup in what you saw from looking at the maps is there a lot of other people in Seattle where lake Q. Not even it's not even across Seattle so their parts of Seattle where people tend to get less sleep. And parts of Seattle where people tend to get more sleep which declined an interesting pattern. Yeah I would hope. Beat people will get from this by going to this website was sort of insight. On do you do you hope they'll walk away with. Well they're different things one here's what we're already finding this week. We started to release this information in the pilot wait to see how people would view it back in December. And we found first of all that there are people. Who had no idea how much variation there was with it in their city. Were made aware. And which that's led people to begin this AG. Maybe we could. Do things a little differently. That maybe when we have a new park we could put it in places where people. Don't get much physical activity and there are no safe places to exercise maybe if there's. A need for a new grocery store. Will put it in areas of the city where people are having trouble getting healthy food or. If there's a resource to do home repairs or I'm non profit organization who helped build new houses. You know do it in places where people are having real trouble with asthma because housing quality is so bad so. We're finding people are taking action that's within their control. Changed the environments in the city and then we're finding out. For instance in. Brockton Massachusetts where there's a program. Hi it's only Bill Brock sent 'cause I went to school in Boston my final in Brockton self. The cameras up in the puck and. All are saying we have a program for diabetes. But we've never had the information about where people really have diabetes to target the programs so we're gonna change where we're doing our diabetes education. That we actually get to the people. Who have diabetes you know and it. Think where else in. North Carolina. People have programs for eating well. That's an anti obesity programs they can now targeted to communities where people. Have obesity in Milwaukee and they're using these data now for urban development and planning so we are they gonna. Puts our country and that what are they gonna do with zoning policies and so forth. So we're hopeful that people will begin evil to begin to build health into the kinds of decisions they're making. An affair. Making things available to people with need. Sure hopes so on question on though when I did go on a website which is CDC dot gov slash 500 cities. Pumped are you able to customize. The the map as far as each. Because I know it was like if you're eighteen and older these where the the numbers continue to break it down even further no Alka. And the reason is that this is a serving. So the numbers come from taking the surveys and applying it. With statistics to each place. If we try to make it to recite. We make yours so this is as much data as we can present that we think is accurate. To represent what's going on but what you can and do. You can overlay yet we have the age distribution in a particular sense distract group poverty distribution or it's. Unemployment distribution all of that's available on line in this sense distract subpoena your neighborhood. You can look at what are there conditions in general economically in my neighborhood. Compared to other neighborhoods and be in to get a sense of how. Help varies. According to those factors. On EU and we started interviewing you are seeing. Basically you can kind of break it down and see who's doing. Really well what state would you say is doing well according to ear to the survey asked why the. Right this is all about CDs and what I can tell you is one of the cities it's two in the best in the country is Seattle. We are looks to both. We're really excited if you look across many of the factors that. Often don't look so good in cities like yeah like obesity for instance like smoking like physical activity and exercise. Apple looks to a real effect. How do you rank this city is now. We're not ranking I'll caddies amateur media thought about it we rink the counties in states. And with something Cook County health rankings. But we're not ranking cities at this point. But there are you know their challenges in Seattle so their parts of Seattle where. Reek of our trade it for instance are particularly high or rates of asthma are particularly. Is its eighth of the green. If I. I don't know why this. The variation is remarkable and as you look you'll find that just a few blocks for instance can double the rate of high cholesterol. Neighborhood by neighborhood which they have to do with you need to people living in the neighborhood or may have to do with how people each sentence on the city. There were hoping people will go to the next level and try to figure the puzzle out. Yeah originally from the East Coast and I woods and we'll say and I've been out here parlay for about a year and a half and people are super active here. Whether it's hiking or go sixteen or email so working now you know there there always are we had something. On an ass buyouts this go activity as far as on smoking I know. I our current location and if you smoke you have to pay as far as like if you. If you have the insurance plan that's provided through our company you do have to pay an X amount every pay period if you're a smoker. You know an extra extra fee so that may deter people from smoking. Tribune yeah. Whatever is going on that's working I know that Seattle was one of the early it used to be smoke free as well. I'll crank that they're very worried about that yeah SLU. Log good pack in the back for us this deep before all of us here in Seattle late. Our rights not anything else wanna add. The podium thank you so much and I hope that your listeners are conversations. Take a look at. The 500 cities. For shirt definitely think he's some lights and you have a good day YouTube. Let's get some Donny good to hear that Seattle's doing good on this list here on again the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was worked to improve health and health care. Tom there working with others to build. National culture of health enabling everyone in America it's a little longer lives for more information Monday and just go to www. RW. I asked dot org ansari it's not IE RWJ. Asp dot org again. Www. RWJ. Asp dot org. And don't forget to check out Howard to OK you can check out. Seattle and other cities around the US including needy moved here from Boston like myself Fuller Rhode Island or Providence on you can check out how they're doing. On on this by going to last CD CE dot gov slash 500 cities and that kicked off on Thursday sued the brain. New things like detected doubting your area. How neighborhoods in your city compared to stay and Nash. Thank you so much down on the vice president of program. Johnson on stage. Conversations the public affairs program. Welcome to congress since I'm your host teen crew. Today we are talking to Emily and Sarah senior campaign manager for the firefighters steep climb which is actually. A cool believe it or not on March 12 but. You. Do much hoping the top right so this is the Scots firefighter stair climb for the leukemia lymphoma society corrects. On me and I was reading online and I got really really intrigued allocate. So far errors on it I'd like to separate identities like is the staff firefighters steer climb separate from leukemia lymphoma society. No I'm not actually it and then with our it organically here in Seattle anchored at. Firefighters here locally that are very known about the mission of the leukemia lymphoma society. Until something and not a lot of people actually know in iron and then at 8% more likely to be magna and energy increased exposure to our. How I didn't know that while okay. And is it typically leukemia lymphoma and hot and none other diseases like that other cancers. It is typically blood related there are other other do you know they can't unfortunately. But we do eat just like Jimi Hendrix who would as a member of government in Paris apartment W -- we only. That led Italy Obama says the current buyer and. All right so tell me a little bit about this climb that's happening on March 12. Yeah it's amazing and it's funny that here and I know about every year and our series. Yet why don't actually at a computer at them up. It's okay. And that 2000 higher traders income round when he different they eat and eat different countries. And it. I'll just ignited under them. Com and the goal of I mean here and there aren't in a shell out and an all they care they start climbing eating animal and I I. Some assuming that the all going different at different times correct the staggered start. It is the angered bank and it's one they're well and make time all of their ears and opt out on air and at a lighter on your client. We need on here what does that mean. Nothing yeah act out of its on air mis hit a. And it means that they're using their at he equipment that are actually have air packs strapped to their back you know it. Like they're going into a fire for their breathing on the air act a bit and breathing in the air and the environment. OK so they have to go to a bottle and most of and you have went through. Tasting. Yes that's Rick Scott C eaten our panel under and then in May occur I ala the air act and and run our air are in it. Not interesting our style I didn't tell this is happening. At Columbia center which is right in downtown Seattle. Com it's this tallest building west of the Mississippi. They have now on 1356. Steps. To do an about 69 floors of stairs that's a lot and it's not that registration was only open it's a firefighters and I cracked. And what I didn't know what you just said why is that they come from all over the US. Which is crazier thought it was just you know Washington thing but now all over that awesome. You do it how meat and let's say I'm listening right now and I wanna know how can I get involved and how can I how can I help the mountain can help out the union problems. Absolutely that in a couple of different planes and the earth every day event that I went at it firefighters are kind ordered. That the author had time for me and about our. That they're now volunteer opportunities on the day idiot but I highly it is no one's lifetime experience. And other capacity it is obviously you have the means you. Maybe to the local fire department in your area they claim it just the general and bit of any unique. And and Maggie Q and that every dollar donated goes directly actress. Oh wow OK and they've done stuff leukemia lymphoma society before I've done races mom. Can you explain to people what exactly that money is used for that the that they need the Kenya from the society uses that money for. Can you explain. Certainly and and we are incredibly fortunate to be one of the U nonprofit remain provide directly benefit them and they're gonna and the apartment cocaine at any repeat of don't have insurance companies cover their entire L and occasional hit and obviously not imminent and remember only be available that I each you have and the doctors went meant that there are you in your bag not cancer. Our panel of where local researchers. They're here in Washington. We und local readers at 3.3 million dollars. Ayman and we all that's un international and national product we and the hang cutting edge rebates and a lot of other people out there like keep up their beef for example and MP. Allah Allah but behind Matt and funded directly or cherry pick it. Wow okay and like you said you could donate online you do you have to know a fire Freddie could just general just donate to leukemia lymphoma society. Specifically. And I'm donate. You can just downing generally in the event and I hope apart now. On in the past last your hunt you know how much money guys raced from nests. Yet and lack hear me read you point three million dollars a bit here on actor he went. Just from the Klein itself. All might not that I is our Som that it's amazing wow on a do you have Dino and he went off he and that typically does that every single year and raises in prodding in Washington in meanings come to mind he firefighters. Well absolutely I mean we have great support actually from Seattle I think she got in the room at that that you're kicking off our record at how. I wanted to see again in Seattle iron. We actually have one of our top fundraisers and yelling to pretend I'm speaking at at a grand iron we have. A Maine who require it people to eloquent here and I did. Sounds like it could not we don't. Wow today while that's down is that marched off to people uncle and watts in and here on the east people in other enough and as your keys in its kind of hard to cheer him on. But art is usually a big crowd. There isn't out ideally and fell on an avenue on that I and the Columbia aircraft and family I'm. Went on gathered there at their intact and live eat at the and a client. You can call that in the lineup that they. And here's the final question now once they climbed steers there up on top did he gets to take the elevator down. To begin. With. An ally that propelled down on until. I. I was thinking to myself that that's an option you know fighter. You know it did not do that. I don't know on the island but in my mind that. Something better. Idea to saying assessment. All right Emily I appreciate your help comment explaining on this kids you out give that web site one more time for anybody's interest in donating or am quote they contact also the year Justin volunteering. Aaron for the web site at firefighters air climb dot or. And it and just Enron hearing and that would be my belt. That you would be contacting you mean my information that actually on how web site if he'd go to the about page. After contact that is right there a greater and I'm. Sweet and asking you one more question I know I keep asking questions. What are some things that volunteers get to do on that day I'm just so that. We get a general idea. And the amazing people that does it take about 350 volunteers the cold at that. It. And ran. Into the registry impact that the brain dead and I'm. You helping them up at that popcorn and these guys are obviously very neatly helping your remove all sure that they. They are covered up or and then back down. They're about and this standard teacher and crack. Honestly it and. What you sent timing chips so I know this is the real hardcore race on because there. They better not be like you know skip and on the tenth floor into an elevator up now acting and is because that's sit well let people and author cheating or not I think the welcome to saint. Yes we'll definitely catch it and right now act aren't accurate and minute and weary that's. You. This is crazy to meet what's the longest talent like that long is that someone's taken. And now we're out of her now not now aren't. Right it could be some time between thinking. Average in between a half hour we're Edmonton ten hits and stick by Steve Hurst. I'm not actually hit from Missoula Montana and yet and they're the only reigning. I got to does he come back every year to do you got to show is about what does he always win. Now is there a price for someone who winds. And we definitely recognize them but that are in the primaries here are great and my eating out you know somebody wow what out it's important wildcats' NC. Rate well annaly think you so much for taking its time resides in me. Absolutely not and letter. While those full of so much knowledge that is in scene ten minutes and 43. Seconds crazy while. The Scott firefighters stair climb. Happens at 780. Feet the vertical elevation the Columbia sent Eric. In downtown Seattle it stands as the second tallest building west of us Mississippi like attitudes before it takes 69 floors six the stairs and 1356. Steps to reach. The top the observation deck overlooking the city the Scott firefighter steer climbs supports the mission of the leukemia lymphoma society raising money. Through sponsorships individual on department fund raising an entry fees the Scott firefighters stair climb. Is that the leukemia and lymphoma society's annual fund raiser open. 08 to writers in completed in full structural firefighter gear like annaly has told us and on air. In 2016. The event featured over 1900. Firefighters from over 330 different apartments. And five different countries and brought in a record of 2.3 million dollars for blood cancer research and patient services you've heard and leasing their on track. To raise that number 22 point five million dollars. While completing the stair climb is it physical you know achievement in itself it's also symbolic of in comparison to the street and the journey that all cancer patients in door as fire freighters raison atop the Seattle's tallest building they keep in mind that every step towards. Is symbolic of moving forwards. Pint moving towards finding a cure for all those battling a blood cancer today LS has invested over one billion dollars to develop cancer therapies. And Indians the production in application of any drug treatments now in its 26 the year this event has raised over twelve million for Allah asked. On the are continually astounded by the pass in that people have Andy are excited to team for a 2017. Fundraising goal of 2.5 and I think they'll make I think I'll definitely make it but wow. What an accomplishment. Check out the Columbia center of the year and there's a lot going on in you could also. You can donate online easily by just going to fire fighters steer Klein dot org one point two million people in the US are living. With or in remission from blood cancer and spite of all the the answer as we have meets certain sub types of leukemia are still being treated with your p.'s develop forty years ago. Hello lessons early. Funded 277. Academic search around the firefighters. Can't find on one conversations as a public fears for. Welcome the conversations I'm your host Craig Thomas passed thank you for spending some time of those here this weekend joining me this segment is bill late come. He's the CEO meteor education and co author of the book humanizing the education machine could more except. There are quite well thank you. Join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. I can't remember a time in my life that the debate over education has been a front and center as we find ourselves now it's the perfect opportunity. Take a long look at the way we insist our kids be educated. Have the systems changed enough too much no one knows because they're too many elements of the way these are all things wish to the bottom of an ownership how to move forward in the future. Before we get to your solutions built. What do you think the biggest problem facing our education system is currently. What is this thing in 2015 Gallup asked parents. What does it mean did that your schools are active. What did you mean you'd effectiveness in this school your child attends. The top answered their parents gave it is rated most important was to their child engaged in their school work. And the second most. Popular graduate that they were hopeful about their future. Unbelievable below that would put into graduated from high school or going to work right out of college are going straight to college after high school and the lowest on that. What is passing game and I just passed. I think one of the biggest challenges we find that the education what itself completely the opposite of what Arabs think effectiveness looks like. We actually set up students often times to be successful on standardized tests so they can graduate from high school go on to college or career. And if they happen to be hopeful about their future if they happen to be engaged as a result of their un school that opponents and that's. What led do I think erosion of public confidence. An education. Let's interest in. How we measure the effectiveness of education if there weren't standardized tests. So you have to think about standardized that's kind of what a profit and loss statement and a bit. Wing when you when you set out of business today I wanna be profitable if you focuses on profitability non customer. Satisfaction oftentimes you find that business has failed because they felt understand the fundamentals. But what it takes to produce what we would call a lack venture like passing the standardized test will be profitable business. But there are certain leading indicators that somebody is going to be successful. In aid standardized test environments at all. Because they've learned something. And so those negative market. Not those measures of standardized. Test results could remember standard accepted me. Deciding what someone else what's important for them enough. In the meat that is involved in now on the seventh day expert that are out there that they. Spend a lot of time actually come up with these type of but the happy sort of assessment tests and really kind of like reading the newspaper that you didn't think that already happened. So the question education I think really need to focus on how we. Actually sat in that might lead outcomes like better standardized test but even more importantly standardized test do not dressed. Salt pills that are necessary to be successful one person true workers. Finally about the pacers' one more question. I I guess I don't know how much education has changed I don't know what the history of these standardized test is but. I look at the math problems that kids do now and they don't approach it the same way I do so I guess I always just assumed that education is changing. How much different is it in the last fifty years hundred years. Sadly enough to Rip Van Winkle worked a walk into a class today. You might not feel uncomfortable where did he walk into almost any other segment of society he would probably have no idea what you. And anything that isn't to say that there are amazing programs going on an amazing educators out there that are keeping their level best. It to help students develop into something. That looks like writing a dot. But I think what we find it that a lot of tradition and spoke war still rain is about medicine 200 years ago. It was folklore traditions that doesn't but essentially to practice of the day evidence based medicine changed the if you will of medicine they need so much more effective and much power. And we just got to assert that the evidence based education that is based neuroscience and as we start to apply those. It will Woolsey. Is dramatic ships and education but it requires something very different both the students and their instructors. And hit an uncomfortable and uncharted territory in most schools had gotten. Okay so good what's it gonna take for us to start seeing. The school of the future develop. Well in the book one of the person that we had a 5 morning is extremely relational and it does not necessarily transactional. If you think about the learning experiences but at the most powerful man and and marking your own wife they were very much at their core a relationship. When you when someone else do you think she did to somebody that you trusted somebody that you knew had your best interest of our. Engaged human person. I only think about even that what we were talking about a minute ago standardized test. Standardized test anything personal and hear anything about relations. And so as we elevate transactions. They did you know that the transaction when it technical skill as opposed to a relational saw bill. Will find that we find. We find it connects. You know and the way the students feel about themselves the way that they're engaged in what they're doing what they're hopeful about their future. I think one other person we have to do come back to and just be intellectually honest they. In many ways you can have two very well meaning parents that actually that don't fit the machine just right. Instead of machine adapting helping your children to be successful it into the grind them up spit them out. And very very passionate parents about hitting your children through an education can be very frustrated by the system that seems to be very personal and they try abduction. I think relationships are one of the first and then in May be one of the most important things we have to get back into the public arena that. Curtis this bill with them we're talking about how education would need to change to prepare us for the future of education itself now. You mentioned a few minutes ago bill that it wasn't just the students but also the role of the teacher in a classroom might need to be adjusted or to adapt how would you go about doing then what's the goal there. Forty if you think about some of the if you could address some of the traditional roles that teachers. Aside from being positive role models can for kids it's going to be. Sort of dispenser of information class of the person who is responsible for. Oh lead content out. If it was would. Wouldn't you know it. Study and detestable. But the world we look at well it is a Google world one chapters do what the book is true and good verb to Google. Impact as whenever that content availability at just about every time. And it really changes in many ways what we're asking that he shouldn't do because instead of being a dispenser a constant chorus subject matter expert. Asking him to become more excited students and really start hope and look at what they're. He contest and be neat. And expert addition expert modeled in terms of critical thinking about these. Subject it's really easy to find just about anything you want a fine. In terms of acts. Now. Good. But challenging the skills that that we really need help people develop is to understand what true. I understand what's about to understand the methods. Led to the conclusion that their reading which. If you will content sources her appropriate and it can be valued at which ones are a lot sizable policy that going he's been in the public every day. I think I can read about how this thing is good for me that the media has no effect on the question is which one of those. Microsoft deal. I'm reading it are skill of the tactical skill that I got there there's there's a lot of confidence that the making meaning other than understanding which. Pat might actually be correct and how to make that connection think creatively to purchase about being told. That's what I saw bill and those are the kinda think the truth and but engineers students that no one else will have access to the students to do. It's teaching kids critical thinking is what it sounds like than. Or even teaching them how to model critical thinking Keith Kidd you're going to adopt and start to use critical thinking strategies when these model well just like they'll learn to respectfully collaborate with one another. When it's model developed we think about public discourse today in politics or what a child might pick up at home. They're not necessarily gonna learn to respect fully collaborate with one another and usually so where are they gonna pick up that it's still the teacher can be invaluable help insure them. Kind of a path forward. And respectful collaboration. And it inquiry. Indeed learning how to think critically about something in the student can begin to apply those skills teacher becomes much more than fighter facilitator for. If you like that we work and alternative we've worked with the guidelines that kids are kind of malleable and adults are sort of sudden their ways and firm. Who's gonna be the bigger challenge for navigating. Our education away from the current system to something new is gonna be harder to get. The children on board or to give to teachers to change that strategy. I think it that it's overly simplistic they can get the teachers to change their strategy acting teacher wannabe at their core fact that there's people. I think this is what very well adopt these more human approach to education so to answer the question that way teachers of course you're going to be the the bigger scale. I will then what are with the community then like how do we get people to navigate toward something else who's the biggest road block I guess the real question. I do think the biggest road. Is what's happening at that instructional level with teachers and students but maybe a different reason people like. It is and that teachers don't want change is that there are really port strategy without their intention here a couple of challenges that the the principal cities in the United States. Changes over 100%. Every three years that we've done getting a new leader in my school. Every treatment and we know what destruction the leadership can be elected actually engaging change. The burnout rate the teachers based on some of the stakes testing. Based on that the complexity that spotted their jobs this particular. About Gallup tells the government. And teachers are either passively just engaged or actively disengaged. In what they're doing and they missed an average 2.3 million more school days a year of the GM parts of 2.3 million instructional days that would losing. Every year as a result of that disengage. We're talking about a group of people that are if you think about the well this conversation. There is I think well. They're not well. And we were not what I was because they're up at the end of a lot of they the ones that are responsible for this change but they're not empowered to make the change or supported well making the change we're not talking about eight. Talking about. Back to back relational vs transactional machine the machine doesn't just chew up children. In this changes are teachers and it treats them as numbers and the tree then digits. Bill I hated to say we're out of time able to have you back on to talk more about the subject some time he's delete them. These CEO meteor education which can find more about a meteor education dot com or take a look at humanizing the education machines take so much for joining us today. Yeah. Here's a great Sunday and rest of your weekends to enjoy yourself. Conversations as a public affairs program of the station. Welcome the conversations I mean host Greg Thomas as thanks for spending some time here with us this weekend joining me this segment is Jessica Ross and analyst at dirt the marketing specialists and chief development officer. Opposite or treat I'll say local nonprofit good morning good morning. Join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation when kids enter Foster care of the journey to a successful life has only just begun they may have a roof over their heads are a family in the pond but struggled to find momentum and education can still be tricky today will speak. With Jessica and in the league now about how treehouse aims to keep in get kids educated very cool look stupid talking about Foster kids specifically. Old paint a picture of the people you're hoping what types of kids in Duncan Foster care. Many different I think it and that it toxic air and ripped through no fault of their own from newborn baby although it could hit a you're teach use. And essentially it would. When you take care Everett I can't take care that or that they determine that they're an immediate aid issue that needs to be. Speed threat that when McCain can return and stand there and their home. A detriment to Jacqueline was hoping you would say that it's not there's not one type of kid that there's a wide range and that's what's so important at places like treehouse get involved. What is so what are some of the biggest challenges for a Foster care. I had them out of transition and it it's like that there England they're asking played men are switching schools I'm unless I accidentally. After an it expert classes. Honor and a note to inflate and it needing an act and. Does it end up being poor kids in a bouncing around a lot to her room. Is it is it common for them to not find stability even in housing. It it is so variable and so based on individual kid experience. Kids who are teenagers. And do tend to bounce around a lot more and and that the permit issued that that he'd who weren't fast air base. Aren't significant and also the impact is unbelievably huge if you move school. And there during the school year you lose about six months with poor forward progress and that way you're an elementary school little cooler high school. But didn't catch up to have different requirements in your new school district and you adding your old may be sick sick he should certain kind of Mac. Earlier in the year and they at this school that you go to that you could be repeating work that you've already done our duty to work that you don't have a foundation for. So those traditions are extremely get a quote and sometimes those conditions are made when it that absolute right decision predicated. Because they're going to live in Atlanta relative care provider rather than a more traditional pocket parent and and and that set up a permanent seat situation. A debt per carry. But that means they have to change schools in the middle of the year. And sometimes those. Transition happened are any number of reasons. Big time. At behavior. Lately situation. But. Any rate that that that piece that it did it so destructive. Two kid can really get anybody Chad and our heart for all of and no engineer and I clarity that I'm even more difficult. So what does treehouse then do what's your rule were do you step and. We we try to set an all along the prospect behalf. Education special who are quick middle and high school in. I'm in the school and eighth they partner with you ten to two. And cool and caregivers social workers to monitor attendance behavior in court apartment. And have a conversation about how the EU about how they doing their area. In addition to that could be a difficult settings we talk about what you wanna do two gay in school next week at school next let it cool and eventually what you wanna do what you when you. Finish high quality wanna go to college or any job. Argued on his conservative. And so all of that goal setting all of that. That conversation about attended either on court performance in any setting that could be in the conversation when tradition at. And when there's need when there's a crisis. When things are going really really well and sell our specialists are really blocking game in hand with youth and they go through educational experience. And being consistent. Person and their lives. Yeah I think that specialists do any connected youth commission that there are engaged in the media activities. Looking out on paper anything that it didn't want you to connect them to their school or community they they wanna go to let excellent summer camp for leadership aura that you took summer camp per. Or acting summer camp. As and then throughout the year playing on fourteen the issue that cap and gown for graduation here books. All of those. It ain't just dead on usage it at the navigation school in the next easy. When it comes to three kids that you're hoping like this is some pretty interesting statistics. Looks like how well. How big a ruled those treehouse end up playing win you can actually get involved with kids at the critical time in terms of like graduation and one. Yeah I mean being in Seattle. EE EE. Almost that great at it and I'm an idiot back. When people don't have the support they need to obstacles and beat them you're in and I. Out there about INE eight out of pocket cash and and actually got really look at it they have. Other plant when they graduate high school on. I'm at college or career or and not let out everything you need you don't have a happy chat that backed bonds. Clean air plan for adult and we China netcom at. The common sense are. You know either. Community idiot I really hitting that little thing means is I'm prepare and eat great take on annexed it might. Also not getting to work with a legendary local bands to us or world rock icons Pearl Jam in the psychology foundation how does that come together. We we didn't feel so lucky to have great relationship with the band and and in particular with. Mike McCready. They. That you know bike and then why are our biggest fans and treehouse and and have been with us are really long time and I think that the ban understand what Austria it is trying to do and and you can media organization. And that we're trying to help kids in Foster care that. Independent prosecutor. Really belong to all of us there at their outcome connected that. Need to be supported by the movie and it cleared a smaller city entry then. And yet Olerud and smaller community. That you would see. Neighbors lending a hand in helping out and stepping in when parents unable to take care of their hit. So when you blow that nothing you can do it idiot battery in aren't urban environments are really anywhere across America at that point. You know if they come in to take care and and and and quite frankly that bet you don't a government agency never going to be. They haven't yet figured he needed to be that it can't after the about people have to be about relationships. And though. The date at all it had to Internet safety and well being a kid admission that there are the best environment for that prevent any given moment but. Edit edit court that people at the social workers and staff other staff here you have certainly that. The pocket here. Community and all the relatives Kerry provided it and help out. And an eight people I. You know Mike and actually and and and Pearl Jam that they that they didn't say we're gonna make sure that Kagan last care taking error and we know that that our our ability. What could phone call like sort of go over the buzz in the office like after you find out that a group for as legendary to these wooden neck of the woods has pulled Jim wants to how do you involved in their charity outreach. All the wells drilled and that's just. Hey you know I remember about ten years ago. I like sitting in my pocket and I was working the way and I looked out and I see Mike McCready voting eighty you know a rocking port into it and every minivan. He hasn't yet been shopping data warehouse and he was volunteering your time over the holidays. Emaciated how would they needed to have a happy holiday. And and you know that the those guys are all about that you know that there can be and I didn't they make sure that they're making donations to crack. The entire city to help. Kidd didn't ban late in the cotton that they believe and but also internationally. Did I really think pro am. Understand what it's like a Beagle that it Indonesia the band members. I'm date date date make sure that they're they're doing their part to take care. I love that global citizens double at the store they're talking about their people can come in get the supplies that they need it's like such an important part of school to have you whether it's toys or supplies it's available to people that are in the program. Yeah you're and a Seattle and are well aware how and funded by hey I need any partners and our nation are in clothing always book. Diet. Our equipment and anything that hitters need. Even there you feel it and well and I ask you or how a packet you're app though if I can't chocolate. Different kind of the air in it all day I can't they need to be. Happy and ready to edit well. Yeah because being a kid it's not just about getting educated with that book smarts it's about learning and growing into yourself I can only imagine how big a deficit that could that they can be with Altria has hoped there. There's three ways to help out here I'll volunteer host a drive and give it says that tree house for kids dot org volunteering what do you need volunteers to tackle and the challenges of treehouse. We need volunteered. To support and every aspect of their work and a truly partner what act and Wear outfit starting in 1980 closed. I'm making sure they get out into the store. You can do that coming united and a digital player now he can get out your family. And you've got to do their corporate group to China daily to it to rally here co workers to come in and and and and coming into to team building you team bonding and volunteer together. In the in the door. In other ways that you can help our Q. Volunteers here are an important and you are kinda did an individual voluntary job and then we always need. The court with what we call guilty volunteers to people who have specialized skill and in marketing in. It about me in HR in ninety. Who want to lend their their professional skills to support the work of tree house and that can be. On individual project but it cannot be on our committee. And and an alternate currently that we entered. Trying to build and grow our company organization. That giving is a pretty straightforward concept just pull stuff how can we donate if that was the way that we wanna. And over our contribution. Yes he can kind of give and not look at everything it can't bump on her web site brat I'm on it on your hand at. My timer that on killing and eating get. Cannot donate and new academy is an entirely out aren't at home. So I'm that I can get directly into artwork are aimed to come and shop. Excellent and that's a treehouse for kids dot org. Treehouse for kids dot ORG Jessica Ross the chief development officer. And Emily sticker the marketing specialist of treehouse thank you so much for joining me this morning. You're at it. Absolutely conversations is the public affairs program of this station.