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Monday, March 20th

Guests John C Kneeland, Mishelle Pascal, Paul Raddoff, and Peter Sacco join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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Welcome the conversations on heroes Greg Thomas as thanks for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is John C Neal and author of how to live the life you've yet to dream good morning sir. Do just fine thank you join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation took this northwest has always been about the dream. From escaping the east and pioneering across America and our past lives to now. Driving the techno technological culture of the modern world from the various businesses around our region it's common for people think about putting their mark on the world leaving at a better place them when they arrived but in many cases with all aspirations. People fail to put those thoughts into action possibly because there has attempt to step outside the comfort zones to overcome challenges and experience your dream life. Mr. vreeland has some suggestions well. Don't get to all of mentioning the end of our lives to help setup the present here in just a few minutes but first how did your experience is with her parents affect the way you approach being. The manual her husband father and whatnot. Well you know I would say is that. You and I can learn from both had good experience in a bad experience equally. So I think you'd care trust my childhood most of the of at all for duke to go to bed childhood but Weis. Of 33 years is always take exception to the fact that had a wonderful child an idea it. But some very difficult time docket number. But what about I guess some ten years older additional five years old. In my sister's six and a brother is eleven and we're in the broke laws and also we're just horrid horrified. We're kind of retreated were probably support each other in El Salvador. My father is just being Bob Butler to a pulp and she's. We hear that dish is broken and we hear screamed at him or her ability to stop. It has a side your okay you ready to those but very tore us up a lot. I really not a need to help mom knows afraid of afraid to leave the door. Evidently we get a fair amount of that type of thing happen pretty numb my father it would puncher I mean country in the face with the existing ticker discovered. I can remember here in the Bradley the mother belongs. In Vietnam give a mother became bombed a very bad alcoholic. About that introduce it this ridge here tomorrow. In our idea and if she cries and her breath hold the meeting would change over the course of a short period of time. Individually almost always what did she want to commit suicide because we don't have money in active abroad more than one occasion. About social arrests on the got a brand as he showed issued a solid over the Steelers here we get to know we're we had to help mom all. Indeed he weighed one of us who shot and bomb but I don't know what dodged it a bad overdose and she was unconscious about government job. I'm thirty years almost finished fourteenth in which records the card in we've driven before the country the core that I almost mr. Bates. You're older you draw and if you start to drop out of say they don't go to fast and they're surgically but it doesn't have to ask that greenish everything. You know are great so well her to that would be a battle when a that was a great story for me because we got we got a lot of the hostile time. They publish publicly we know enough knowledge at that pop up bubble to burst weeded out take it to heart hospital. And they'll learn more later. I came gala horrific case of obsessive compulsive disorder that was fifteen year results sixty years old. End up having to. Brain Turkish force Welch forty. You know learned a lot from that followed the whole lot. One but you'll learn now these surgeries. Paula it would got due to an eccentric topped. In so well I had zero feeder look at. Should he lives such a nature that it was just with a palpable fatigues in the Lil. But. Well I heard was the importance of towards Ford in the face of fear. But for the caddie asserted the first surgery lasted from eight mortis takes a bite to injure the course surgery. It was the most miserable scary Hillary had my life so bad so that. I thought that would the second surgery published for the life and it died from stress. But I learned that Saturday there were all taught great fear we're all taught particularly young kids. Don't touch that. Dull world it could should would regular were all part fear. Lou what we need be taught his courage. It's while learned the value. The first off bill what you wanna have a talk about getting people Obama I didn't want mop up a white some that it won't quite be treated that way. Nor his kids but also alert something else about this for the police. But yeah warmest bit of Christmas really deception workable. But what Christmas my home. My sister and I. Woke up around to a political or deceased it's a family source sister. Were you report in the they had to five years but he still had siblings of engagement that 123 years of a page in Dallas. I was a bit just about by the thirteenth were Assange over the middle wants woke up early morning. Involvement but because present so the because quakers and truck. Truly conscious. So we can open edit and all the presents and America we do or how about Assad a cardboard that we can say Christmas that we double present to indicate according to back to sleep. Ultimately give it back to duplicate shortly thereafter. At a public came over a 648. Modest in her drug way in which Obama public don't talk don't talk there was a development. In my debt that I remember that beat him deal that was horrible but whatever we're most of all the sudden out of no where the police showed up. And about follow my god did it hurt his chops and then delete marble to hurt. But agree with the did for me just. I don't instinctively know what it's like to meet up about haven't. Just erupted book. Doubt it was a lot of these if somebody up some by the beating and and that sort of multi organizational but the people did John mile dot com. We've we showcases videos aggression open tolerant attributed to us about brought up has mostly for bad. But what it would have been really bad would it not to learn problem. Noted that injury in aren't doc I have a wonderful like Greg you mean most people or swapping out well I've got a great life. But. I would say in the book I've made decisions that may dislike. Glad I had plenty plenty of things that you did make food is certainly a bad. In Egypt also vice port to a dead out you know I can I can tell you at all possibly in skeptically that a bit. But I don't ultimately it didn't need to use it at some point of some global we're all bless the child took. At some level you have some but you can't take credit for Catholic league he got it but you don't use. He said a minute ago that we're taught to be fearful unknown and that that might have imagined stop us from reaching for our dreams. What we do to understand them that's happening and to overcome it. Well you have to Rome. That's just a couple things but thank you restored also deeply about it. Yeah I don't like to regret so I'd say distorted the last sort of mentioned you are at your last four hours like Greg today. 10 o'clock in the morning to to an incident. What is most important detergent line I don't look at us. Well what apparatus. It's important identified it is probably take years you know it's so. I determined you don't want. Output out of a business knowledge sub is also important and that's important that you don't want but really matters means I don't wanna be the kind of spousal like today. And I wanna be become a parent I'd like to two. And I thought up only help the people. And I at all those things strict football or your momentum OK in you have collective political and your life so you can expect it to measure ball was liturgy eagle but on the Baltimore rays of light. It that it energy in the boat for quicker. Thestreet it is so in my case. I've amid a bit doesn't browser repetitive. Well what it is business what was it fifty years ago this police appear. What do you think is a fear. I just feel. My god from much volatility and slid up the works right now but I had that focus on what mattered most to me. It and today. I believe that I believe we are all you I don't I don't value better than us. Your valuable while you're sleeping. Yes but what we accomplished that make aside people. At all so I went forward had some fear. But what I do whether citadel and I've got to see her and I can't control. But I think given to it we go forward. In that public that teaching ability to achieve energy as you pursue your life spew out for hours as you come across here you have to ask yourself dust. What can how can I controlled us whenever you're afraid of if its plot an airplane is opening very fearful of it and a careful about OK well got to control we all want what is economical and airplay. Okay but it would have killed airplane and I cannot do anything to control but here. Did applicable to document definite fear. Public complaint I'd be afraid of black and focus on the bubble to focus. On the things I can't control. He's got a real mentors approach or you're giving lessons seems like a little through stories and through anecdotes here tell me why is it important to be a mentor for someone not just to find. A mentor to help lead you. Oh my god you know a course on an hourly on his political life right but. Well pretty decent I'll tell you that you we are all in the UK and have a certain amount of happiness Kissinger you're you're not happy you can you know. But if I help you agree it is somewhere back up you have a better day a better life as you situation that warships. But I get more. Getting out all the Choi who already have plausible loan should be years. I think we're fundamentally toppled wrong thing we're taught to compete against our neighbor. Public disliked. I think all of us into every single candidate walked of Serbs not just treat you right Greg to try to help you a better day every day. Have a problem or religion. Try this you're good talkers you'll turn out to mark my word next time you at a convenience store notice how the patrons treat the person by the can't register. They're just different. Saves in just trying to conversation a little. You know these people that Kessel was sold out probably I visit where I can focus that's our mission comic and happy so I want to get up. I don't play I guess you're pretty bordered on and a look at it lasts until you put him out as well you better believe I am. Here's what happens. I beg your date better. And it makes my that they better all day tomorrow I think and after early to play somebody had to listen to this. And you know what does that positioning places such referenda Barack. They're happy CB kind of let made me feel we are startup drumming up Greg gets easily be the two BK you're ready to actually the document has hit six mile an hour optical polygamy. He gummy smile right announcement fifth. I sort of couldn't do it all the talk that's like that's connected 200 so simple buddy. But we're talking Rome saying we're talking live life in fear and it just appears to compete which enabled digital feel good about yourself. You got out do your neighbor what you McNealy got pretty worst. I don't think that a candidate I think it's important to other beautiful as it is well I lead this search in our help tens or hundreds of thousand people. That dissatisfied and left me. Absolute dollars on. Speaking of helping people tell us what we can find out more about which talked about staying in the books specifically. If you my website John Leland that's JO HN NE YLEND dot com. Arguing have a lot of Church On The Move forward. You're also had a but it also helped contribute to a Caldwell called nonprofit it's nonprofit. The organization is better help you know the people. And to be read the book but I have been awarded this round at country creek or all across this country only helped restore to schools those little kids all around the country I don't. It would be just the book the great morning thank you so much for listening and John Muir and thank you for joining us. Thank you take care conversations in the public affairs program of the station. Walk into the commerce and I'm your host CNN crews today here talking to me shell husk doll. Who is eight French author which explains his accent which I absolutely love also found a meditation teacher a senior a filmmaker in a photographer. But will be talking about his latest book called the meditation for daily stress hello shout. And rode in or you do not I'm like calling your you want vacation somewhere him and I get a get tell him. A now I imagine it doesn't believe that's me. I'm wearing relocated. I needed him most times and I I I didn't what good would it and it seemed only Leo but these are I didn't have would be much that he didn't manage. Only went it especially canceled yet that Obama spoke into the hardened with. You've been living in Hollywood. I need him but he won't seem so well you know for years though. Photos yet and I am okay. Enough time to adapt. Why you so you live in LA I live in Seattle I'm and they're both cities that are very stressful. Traffic is really bad I mean I feel like if you wanna get anywhere you better leave it DB four. But so this is perfect. Meditation for daily stress tell me a little bit about about the book. Oh it imposed. You mean you impacts we suddenly optional and you don't we didn't do or we can be reached a cool. Where we'll. In world we weren't. Being mocked her. Because where undermine smoke and don't mind he. Well we cannot mall we and LG mole we are and I'm usually in the solutions we didn't programs you know. Amal we have done more need we go you mentions. So that is motivated Eddie and we can be. So I don't need wise I don't care about people. So we know you never I don't know what you know what are humans that you know we know that you should practice. And yeah relaxation. In mid. Outside shots. So you know you'll go home quote and I and so on it. You do to cool but where do you go back. Nobody would quote we chunk of and you go back to which actually we know according to what I nuns we who's not a treat some of the big observe it. So when we practiced outside Augusta or not not sure. You have is unwise and scraped a new way we shall we met penny we try and how much and each side. Not outside. In. Oh and I assure them. That struck me. Out and I knew him to and when I don't know each. And I Nicole walker about some stores. How am I spoke my brains on one in court I. In my you might be. So we try not mine even cites as an appointment book and may petition. Johnson didn't. To be sitting down like that bomb all it took music or important. Moments that we. In imminent that we don't. It moderation. Meditation. Means you bet and scraped the exact yeah sure well. And so because we had the condition of the may issue and you know do you get. And until you but no we don't stuck me this year some traditional. Salute and acquisition. It's moderation knows that and so maybe that certain should know that it is. Each and open and be knocked them you know they. All right well on the map includes ten easy practices that you can do even in mid at a time so he knew kind of briefly go over those ten easy. Practices you weren't just in general kind of example of a few. Yeah of course Cuba. We need to do we don't think. We can Wear it on because when you walk in the worst. You know job. We have not thought to me. So we use situational. And midnight train oh. What you mean what he used all you need and track machine and is due recognition I didn't write that their side. Being mocked I'm manager is we though it. Attention when you are a big. Can you yeah it on board that is huge all my matchup that goes. You know Leo eagle or sorts while we don't enjoy it. Out of mentioned bit and that is so. I actually. And so. We could lose or. We. In. I married my. We need to we're not in. You we don't oh. No mind. We don't know. Both are and I know you just now. A when we have and it's in thousand. On. We had Ryan. And won't quality. And I didn't. No world we meet people. We eat and I and mom. We. Do you. We really didn't just couldn't move. We you know mine Gordon and oral doses. Them. You know. Maine yeah yeah. When we may. And we beat. Them. He. How do we do you. I feel on a lot more come maybe because it's your voice it's very soothing. Oh. And it didn't work comp here's my question though when you're meditating in your office at your desk. I don't have your voice so how many supposed to come down how do you do I. Tune in to some. I don't yes I never a magnitude you don't like mission are strong but yeah okay whatever vehicle we burn up well. You do and what you guys that. Okay Aaron. And my children you can I don't know how do guidance so yes avoid losing. It or. Yeah you couldn't even some you know. We spoke about the coop. The Colombian and should be armed groups question certain. You know so we're nice guys you date addiction. I hate you Hewitt and his Mitt in part because it would you are between. Talk about it impatient. And wounded in a Modesto. When we did in a moment so he would you score. That may be patient and modern. You modeled on the practice. You look for awhile so the cost fishermen conscience we give him an LG with the pay. When it changed what we do those in China. All part of well brokered by all 100 humans how can we say or to manage a group. Oh can we say it all night and it could be brave and goes it's simple to. You don't want well when I am. So the departure ceremony and then choose when we were pre. OK twelve manager. You know beat corporate. It is the key of mint edition of what it used its decent demand plunged. Between ended fish and where. Indeed when we practice in sciences terms. And we. And LG with a now. It because that to base some guidance also some where in we know. We need make some solutions will then. And to keep callers will be more cat you touch right and you know do you know we do. And well. Here's a question and that's our New York City but when it for like stuck in traffic in LA or in Seattle. Ken Bennett. Behind the Wii as is that he can't we do and the I'm just wondering now. I don't know where should I pitched well but I don't you. Yeah. You know. You know and I didn't say I would July you don't use. My attraction. Will be mark are out of my view mark I am in my. How can I drive in Moscow. How can marry you but I when I try it into a trap eight. You to do mall happy to be looked. This sounds horrific battles that sounds perfect as someone who has road rage. Like yeah and get us. It's like can you do because what we blew over on what I Golden Globe all right well under way or Charlotte. Optimal amount we have so much traction. So we we track you out of my age or. The assumption is on so little them or look but did the same time and I do so special it is ready to assure you. Will be mark went on tour and when there aren't you might hold OpenId oceans. I don't risk so much in the LG even attraction even sciences. I turn to yet voted to do it at a lack of age you warms you and so when it and eat it could duplicate what I. A brutal and while whenever next time you're in Seattle let me know I'll take you up on that offer. I need very sometimes they need to be known as N and comment doesn't really come to me that easily. Yes because tomorrow you know if you're not mow we are out in Britain you know we have been the engine yes I'm Mo we are right. We do or all you want to them. Mall we got you in those but my mom read because of a huge key stretch into the emotion on. So no more Q Cornet each. So when we are. We actually in your attitude we destroy don't believe you me or knows all on mobile. According to what items a lot about it should. We know that when we turn we don't have a huge about you can choose to Mohawk in sudden so. It was we are you saw him on brain of an orange in the break. So I mean you actually want to deck you what do you sixty I've been where we didn't. We need to be welcome. You know without charge. Ma yeah I'm maul your opinions. While we are multi. Good point sell what it's gonna pleasure talking to our time is up but I did want to mention meditation and for daily stress is out in stores now people can get at Amazon correct. Yes I might add on mutual post but I'm embarrassed that we didn't tab fine. I mean you know from guidance and you've got government we. You send me. Crazy it's a pleasure talking to you. And it's not completely certain he'll. I'm happy about my Wright controversy as you as a public affairs program of the states. Welcome to conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas says thank you for spending some time with us here this weekend join me this segment returning to the show Paul rattle off a management consultant and leadership specialist aboard Paul. It. Join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation here's a metaphor that might work for us right now this time of year and a tight basketball games closing seconds. Coach total balls players and draws up a play designed to result you know winning shot possibly victory that's worked on four but. It's one teammate is disengaged the play can go awry and the team falls short of accomplishing purposeful. Businesses and any coaching tip environment like that. Have something in common with the basketball team who does this organization. That you need purpose in each employee needs to be inspired and contributing to that purpose. Find out more about how that all works. From Paul runoff Tuesday it did author of thriving in a stakeholder world purpose as the new competitive advantage more info at rat off consulting. Dot com it's RE TO FF consulting dot com now before we get to loosen bullet points about giving purpose. We'll help me understand we're leadership tends to go awry. In the situations. Well one of the problems and organizations is that they actually should get light errand business in the first place. And they get more absorbed in terms of what they're doing and not the wire but what what they're doing. And when you do that you just. You lose. That support you get from here are your employees or any other stakeholders. That that impact your organization. So is it are indeed leadership then at that points to. Be responsible for getting food does that fall upon my guess. Well apps absolutely it's on the leadership the leadership of any organization. Has to be fully inspired first. By their purpose why they're in business and and they had to do in all others and that as well so that they everybody's on the same page and they understand. Exactly. You know what to what the business is up to. When you decide that you're gonna work with a company once more brings you win for some consulting. Some red flags scenarios. That you find when you first approach the situation. Well from my experience is that they're really not clear why they're in business. There is they're they seem to be more involved and are concerned about either taking a leadership role work working out a product. Or. Mickey and bottom line although I'm not financial guy I am obviously concerned about the bottom line but the bottom line is just a result. But what an organization is up to and if if you're not clearly focused and aligned on what you're up to it and then that bottom line is not going to be there in the long run. So companies are not clear terms of what they're up to and then their people are not clear in terms of what they're up to so it's easy for organizations to get. Offered to a lot of different tensions and not focus on specific areas that they need to focus not to be successful. So it's more than just about money you have to understand there's a big picture. Absolutely and and it's so easy. This if you want people to really be fully engaged in what they're up to they have been know where they're going. And that's the key piece otherwise they have to depend venue for every move. So if you wanna empower your people they really have to have a context or operating inside them that and that is the direction the company's going. And what. They're really up to as an organization what they want to achieve as an organization what's the problem that they're starving. If every organizations solve the problem and it's a question of being clear what that problem is. And then getting them excited about solving that problem. What got a series of bullet points or three of them to be specific and some who can cover room here specifically we already touched on this a little bit but. It's such the hot tell us about the leader of the company. Being inspired themselves and inspiring a supposed. Yes so. It's start it started being inspired if you are not clear in terms of what the purpose of the organization has and you are not inspired how are you going to inspire others. Very often leaders get confused in terms of really why their business they think maybe to be successful themselves. Or or to gain some recognition. But that's more of our personal goal but it's not the goal of the organization. As we might use that organization as a vehicle to achieve our own personal goals but the organization itself has big goal. And it's getting clear what that goal is wide that the organization exists in the first place what's the problem they're starving. And being able to be inspired by that could if you as a leader are not inspired. Then you're not gonna inspire others. That's a Justin do you differentiate between a personal. Agenda there vs with the with the growth of the whole idea is. How does one benefit personally with outs. Perhaps putting the organization's success. My hockey hockey achieved both at the same company grow while growing something. Well I think that I think your organization is good vehicle for that. If you're not Japan nor. And you want and you watch it make it different from the world and you wanna get a mechanized slipping into or you wanna become wealthy or whatever whatever it is that you want personally. That is that organization that you are going to create. It's going to be the vehicle for you to fulfill on that. But you have to have it be organization itself has to have some think that it is striving for as well. So that you can both benefit any organization is gonna be a function of not just you but all of the other people that you won't need to be successful. Whether it's your employees what did you suppliers. Or customers. It channels of distribution. Beat community you live in all these people impact your business and if they're not excited about which erupted that you can't. You'll be able to harness the power resource that they can provide each. Without that you're all alone in doing itself but that's but the whole reason for organizing. Is because you can't do it yourself. That are really think tapping into that. You need to find something that can be inspiring to all of those stakeholders. And that is the reason your business is in business in the first. OK then so you need a purpose split. I just how do you avoid either becoming too narrow or too broad how do you find that sweet spot they can get every one that you're talking about involved from the supplier to the employee to yourself as a leader. Have to be inspiring to you personally that's the key. I mean if you if you set some very large lofty purpose. Yeah it's great. You know it's not it may not be calling key in May not resonate with you have to be something. That you can really connect to it and and Joey it's tied to the things that you're doing that you're involved in. So you you wanna get a large enough so that it's inspiring. But you don't wanna get too large when you actually can track your success. Because if you come up with something very general it'll be very difficult for you to track your success because. Our purpose to be useful and an organization you'd have to measure its success you have to know that you're actually moving towards that. If you can't measure it people won't believe. You're really committed to it very easy to get sidetracked because we think about people really get focused on the measurement. Being an and there are lots of things that you can measure right commission sales. You know market penetration. You can measure a lot of things but those are necessary which are committed to the people tend to go towards the things that they can measure. So that's why it's critical that organizations measure their purpose. Colorado office I guess today's a management console name leadership specialist to find out more at rattle off Ari TO FF consulting dot com also the author of a thriving in a stakeholder world purpose as the new competitive advantage. Now when Paul when we have all these things that are our focus from we have distractions that get away with a purpose. How do you go back discarding things that are that are in your way there are hurdles it's been distractions in this case. Well when you do your planet that's where all shows up so you have all these opportunities that especially successful companies they see all kinds of opportunity. And when you look at those opportunities you have to have some kind of context. And and using your purpose as the context sorted decision making allows you to be much more focused. And make the right kinds of decisions. And then to understand the difference between. Which are committed to and the process you're using to achieve that which are business model. So very often you decide you wanted you wanna achieved some purpose and the way you gonna do that is maybe Ugoh with the manufacturing he set up this. Factory did it take its products that will let you know that will stop this problem that you identified. Or something you'll have some kind of business model something that allows you to Bolivia or whatever service or product which are doing and make money and collecting and beat and be able to sustain your organization that your business model that's not true purpose. So it's very important to clarify. The difference is heated difference distinguished between what you business model. How are you gonna go about achieving a purpose and what to purposes. So that when you make decisions. You make sure that your mechanism inside of your purpose and not necessarily inside of your business model you can make decisions that might help your business Smart. But might kick you off purpose does very well important to distinguish between those two pieces. I mean I guess what questions can you ask yourself to make sure that you're not talking about. The process vs your purpose. Yes so you can say. Isn't this what I'm doing is it's going to further my success in achieving my purpose is the kind of questions like that. If you're if you're committed to being to be innovative here you know a an innovator out there that's a trip to Europe it you're committed to innovation. And you want to ask yourself. It's like go down this who am I doing that am I creating and I innovating creating something new that some before and just doing the same thing. So it always asking that question I have a company that's and yet they're expecting company that's their business model what they do is they provide stashing. Crossing guards across the country to various communities. Their purpose is keeping children safe. So when they make a decision they're always thinking to themselves and actually saying out loud is this going to further keeping children safe. They edit a big issue that came up but I got too long ago where they were trying to figure out how they can expand their business because they only provide. A couple of hours a day to their employees whether. Handling the various intersections political by crossing guard is only a couple of hours today. They were thinking how can expand that how can it provide more hours people so that I can maybe get better quality people to take on these jobs. And they were thinking well. They were looking to their business model that was saying you know what they do here in the security business that we can provide security services to assemble local warehouses. Or parking areas so forth. But then they realized that that's not keeping children safe. So it's very clear that the them. What kind of decisions they need to make because it has to be that one criteria. And I gonna keep children safe by doing it. Paul feels like you can apply this to other things like your own volleyball team or your church or whatever organizations are part of it's not just business cracked. Absolutely it's getting clear why you're doing what you doing understanding the why behind it and once you've identified that. Thank you sure everybody's on the same page with that. Because not enough just for you to feel that way but everybody's got to feel that. And if you can get them inspired about that they need to really get them fully engaged. I love that and understanding the why behind it that's really cool. Our guest today Paul ran off can be found at rattle consulting dot com RE TO FF consulting dot com to find out more about this. Tennis book thriving in a state held world purpose as the new competitive advantage Paul thank you for joining us morning. My pleasure great. Conversations is a public affairs program of this station. What does not seen since I. I'm your host CNN crews today we are talking to appear. Sacco who I am is now gonna become like my PF that's because this is private the second and third time I've talked to him how are you. I've talked Indian and everybody listening Walter having just an exceptional day. Yeah I it's terrific here and see how to hook up a good. Well for people who don't know you are a psychology professor also opposed. Your own weekly radio show correct. Our would no longer the week of the weekly host of the show we just acted in. Just you know I have a great run look at yeah I've moved on to other cool stuff. I'm rate while other cool stuff let's talk about it on. You are also an author and you've been writing books about addiction and in were raising awareness for mental health and other health issues. On thank you got two books say you're kind of offering two for one I like to say but not really it was a super exceed the right now enough is enough is one of the books in breaking those DM habits and finally getting things right. So first tell me a little bit about about the books in about. Why you started writing about addiction. Yeah absolutely on anybody can get agreement what's that a Peter Sacco talked on this Peter C sees few dark crumbs all the other restarts there. And a lot of it units of a lot of folks. You know. The best of intentions disturb you know intentions and resolutions on January 1 no mid you know march and you were watering hole jeez it's never really went too well for a bit off more than they can chew and Cilic of Bahraini ball. Especially for those that wanted to Little Rock week. Do you hope your lifestyle notebook for spring and guess what's different this year. So it's not too late that the whole point of these books you can beat your bad habits and definitely overcome your addictions. Yeah that we I think I read we got about 1987. Days till summer so don't look at it first spring to springs a hurry starting on Monday RA in distinct yourself by some are you know. You can do think so many people like for example. Their New Year's resolution was weight loss and after the first you know maybe two weeks they kind of drop off and they stopped doing it why do you think it's so hard for people to do it. A lot of it have to do with procrastination. And bowl through. A lot of folks just get hung up or an habitual lawyer spoke repetition a ghetto. In an interview piece that was featured Billy did with readers start just a couple weeks ago. And we discussed this in greater drops especially for people to keep falling. And that did their same footsteps and I think that the key thing here is people keep. All going in their own footsteps. What does that mean what does that mean is that is he trying to say likely be don't switch up their lifestyle. That they're ready for example. Let's say and I have a friend that's that does this all the time on an up and start eating healthy OK so day one they're good at Sally and whatever. But their lifestyle which is the go to work they go home. And they're doing the same exact things. It doesn't allow them to live a healthier lifestyle is that kind of what you're saying you have to switch up everything. Correct it's it's like an example I use is as if you go to prop you know and so. This kid's kids come across people's properties of the sidewalk via shorter distance in two point. This coming across all the time and then you see apple while it wears owners of bald patch. And then people going I don't get it computers really good grasp on YouTube and apple product. But yet people or just obsessed with walking on that bald patch and even went what are rainy it's marquis but still walk on their pastor legally what is with that and that's what the mindset is look with a lot of people meters. They don't want to change it because he really either a don't think that there's a real problem B or B you know we don't know how to actually changes or received. Change means work. And possible failures so it's. Just that remains status quo. Yeah I'll watch this person and I'm an analyst I'm talking about front of mind she is the fear of failure not being able to do it. So I know how do you change your mindset to think that you're gonna succeed. Well I think the best thing you have to do in order to change it is those first ones yet. And I think that's the the key issue really don't want it for yourself if you in people's pocket you know caucus she. Yes it is yeah that is. It's it's when you literally are putting the rubber to the pavement when it hits it. In what they mean by that is when you start to fuel confided view. In Ada requires two things and I discussed this in all fools books. We are you half to. You'll you have an obstacle to light in you because it's a console like you used to work to get the visuals. It's like you can feel it tasted no torture is everything for you. And by proxy you're unconscious morning. Will take user. What the problem is as you're not challenging impart to Wear and if you keep walking on the same beer popped because it is going OK I can just exist on overdrive will dispute symbol symbol. That's a really that I am a time to listen to this in their view. Yeah and feel like this is how you gonna break that habit. On what other addictions do you talk about this isn't yet I am we're talking about eating or unhealthy eating that could be an addiction and on what other habits do you talk about in your book do you do you get specific. We're down politely okay. Absolutely a look at from little bit more were on. Detrimental addictions. Which is argues the alcoholism and gambling which can wait but your life with in helmets and casino in change you forever. As well look you know two victims wept wonder. The rug so to speak because the football or just lifestyle. Yet that is until richer life correct those and not he has pornography. As well as even texting and on one social media addictions or people work bullets that's. With FaceBook Twitter instead grim. And texting and a lot of that came boat and you know I am Canadian. And we followed watching the lead up from a you're go to the election that you guys have had and the fallen since then and that was like wow. There is just so much addiction to online social media and they'll. Via via. If that is true it's preacher who poke poke -- I don't know how you can I'm maybe I'm maybe read your book to kind of cut off the addiction. Do you find that a lot of times on. People have multiple addictions so maybe it's. Food and do you blame or alcoholism and gambling that are those sometimes. Together like do you see those coupled up. Absolutely units agree I a point you bring up with gambling especially if you're in the casino you'll see a lot of folks the drinking does go in and who drinks are served and in some casinos and resorts the drinks are all include. We got back goes but also what you get are individuals that are hooked on caffeine. They do ring I I have respondents tell me before and I've been doing this for twenty years with these books are based on forty years working with thousands and thousands of people including celebrity's. The problem told me that they were up to 20/20 five cups computing because they're at the focus on gambling to they were in the casino for ten to fifteen hours ago. Hmm so what do you say. And I know people should buy your book. But what should be a first step in breaking any of those addictions. The very first step in breaking any addiction or bad habit is admitting to yourself you have a problem. If you try to repeat something over and over in terms of quitting at. That you probably have an addiction if other people continually tell you that it is not your exposure your meat your kids your parents. Coworkers but it with a bunch of them from different social circle they tell you you need to fix something or change something you probably have a problem and that appeared doctors telling you you probably how what sort of old oil derivative is you have to first accept such how. The problem that needs to be rectified Marc Porter changed. OK and then asked them what he DO because I think that's a situation where my friends that they realize they have a problem but then they just tell. I feel like they don't do anything about apple what do you do. The the second part is acting on on getting change and middle aren't I preach in MacBooks and in fact very. The latest book that I have is what cheering your right. Which looks are at different types of anger and one of them is on blowing prediction. And which causes in and one of the things you know rip that but I'm sold or technology and so for the fact that. Anybody and everybody can learn a boat stop online and you can even doing on going support groups white hope or blowing so it literally is read at your fingertips but you have to act. Take the first step. If you take the first step. The powerful and full before you. Totally agree with you I totally agree with you. Well Peter anything also any other reasons he pushed home while I'm buying this book. I honestly believe in it it's it's something and it's why you know one. I I wanted to so defer our league do you do these sports for dollar piece even knew who booked for market peace. Because it works I got thousands of people it's been published now on four continents it works. I get tremendous exceptional feat dark all the time. And having worked with thousands and thousands of people over two decades and addictions and anger management issues I've learned from them they're my best teachers and what they are. You know what are written is what are learn from what works and what doesn't work. Why am can you give your website again and where people can can buy the books. Yeah absolutely you know what to my web site at Peter's cycle dark from. That's Peter as a cease CO dot com and Nichols poignant FaceBook and Twitter doctor Peter motorcycle and Twitter. Right think Q. They're you're what everybody I don't know how Harry YouTube. What they have it Peter sat go talks to us about addiction and how looks can help us. You know we live in Seattle and a lot of times what every year addiction is that whatever your battling maybe these two. Books can help okay right now enough is enough and breaking goes DM habits and finally getting things right. For a dollar each and countless I would pick up those books in a definitely give them a good read. If you remember out once a person becomes addicted to the cracks in the EC and they get derailed. From their intended objective it's possible they used across the nation to weigh anything to perceived as unpleasant. Hurtful or might result in they year. This can have theory. Intentions and ultimately bring. About lasting and positive change. The the author likely said Peter he talked to us about right now enough is enough it's a self help guide for overcoming addiction of all types. Okay cell. Alcoholism gambling shopping online addiction. Right he handbook to understand overcoming procrastination he again explains the crass niece is habit. That can become an action. And now it is out of control in our culture as he says as bad habits and addictions with art its by products out. Author of many many books and what 800 magazine articles. Peter is an award winning like sure as you can hear he needs is great at what he does he is also a frequent resident and expert on several TV programs in appears regularly as a guest expert on news talk. Radio shows like this one as well as seen. A radio show called matters of the mind managing relationships and mental health he's also an award winning executive producer and host of documentaries on relationships. Psychological issues and issues to learn more on peer has worked to visit this website it's Peter Seko dot com that's Peter asked ACC oh dot com again the books are right now enough is enough. Overcoming addictions and bad habits for gut. Like Peterson before and and the potential to become addicted. In progress. Yeah we're the company Dixon likes. Junior golf. Conversations as a public affairs program of the day.