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Friday, April 7th

Guests Andrew Gause, Jenny Walden, Katrina Badger, and Jason Thompson join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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Welcome the conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas asked thanks for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Jenny Walden the manager a financial stability programs. The united waking Tony to get there right. He's got IRA to manage and how are learning trade. And Jonas is we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation as we enter a new year many people be circling the mailbox and weight of a W two like my little Boston Terrier looking for. Food to fall in the kitchen tax time means tax return checks and sadly many people rely on the as a means to pay bills to get caught up. Maybe even do something otherwise out of reach for the family Ginny Walton is here today to tell us how best to tease me to tell us how to best put the services of the united way. 22 would you step Ginny united way. As an organization and I think a lot of people familiar with the as a brand no evidence that loosens my childhood they ought to football but I just can't specifically say what it is your group just it'll send just a little bit on the very basics and get. At the way is. Absolutely so united we can tell me is building a community. Where people have homes students graduate and families are financially stable I and that's really captures all of our work is sort of a nutshell. And that that program that I work on the free tax preparation campaign is a signature effort under. And help clean bill financial stability among individuals and families in our community look to go hand in hand that you can't have one very big success successful without all the sort of working yes students can graduate and lest their financially stable people can be house a lesser financially stable all very interconnected. Twisting what one of the survey we're the services you provide us tax preparation you're just saying. Pump who's eligible to pop on and just to start off with little thing right now am I eligible to come due to tax preparation or who is that. Yes so are our sites are open and tag hustled me keen I'm 64000 dollars or less some time in 2016. I haven't so that's really the first determining factor if you're able to access our services of here with and that guy mind. I would say you're likely eligible and are some things that are out of scope Blake really technical tax stuff. I am but I did vast majority of folks to our with a net income guidelines we're able to serve on our site to help file taxes for. Those who who handles these tax returns. Above how many are we talking about you and how much money are we talking coming back community Hillary food labels and person handles I'm Sharon so I am. Add prospecting Tony we have 27 tax say it's too sure actually. I'm open Google forbid nest so infiltrate a sub by any each of those tax Acer's. I'm trained it's tax say managers who are tax professionals who are certain managing the site. I am we also have over 900 volunteers. Who are hire certified Ayman ready to help you prepare your taxes and there are across all of the tax sites. I'm and they really help power program and make this pos scalability is that friend is 900 people. Under every rock in King County we recruit. And that like no one's business starting on October. I'm we have a lot of returning volunteers so people really enjoy volunteering for our program about 40% return year after year. I was just really high for a volunteer program and then the rest you know we reach out to Community Colleges have a lot of accounting Sudan and I mean have a lot of just professionals. We have over a hundred Microsoft volunteers. And that are going to be helping out of her sights this year and so. I am it definitely not as just for accountants that anyone who wants to become iron certified and wants to work one on one with folks to help them build financial stability. I can barely do my own tax so that might not be about right given for someone like me. That's right in case I guess maybe some of the doesn't qualify him maybe some new makes over the 64 yeah. And you could still become involved then at that point by being on the other hand perhaps absolutely yes okay so maybe in October he's thinking about this again someone's got a little lost still wants to get some credit for doing something canine loose and a look at us. That's also now. Pumped how many are people we talking about helping. Yes that's a great questions so I'm just for a sense of the scale give you last year's number yeah. I am so last year and we prepared 21750. Tax returns oh my goodness I and that security 29 million dollars in refunds the last I mean back into the community. I'm in about a third of that was from the special tax credit card debt and income tax credit that he can only get through filing your taxes and around nine million came from just that tax credit allowed. And to low income households. I think at the big thing to touch none actually the earned income tax credit toast what that is and totals are listening today know. If the perhaps eligible for that. Yeah ask so I am what I talk about it a Payer Freddie was like does magical tax credit and maybe Anderson tax nerd and that's why I think that's the way. I am but is stuck around for I'm about forty years and what it does is provides an extra income boost. To working individuals and family is so those who are earning money and through work. I and it's built into our tax system Lucy can only get this incumbents during tax time as a party or refund. I am and the the re actually flips is fairly close to sort of our threshold for attacks sites of making up to 50000 and it somewhere in there you may be eligible for this type of tax credit. And it's especially beneficial and that that amount increases allot for households with children. I'm so if you look I am are claiming dependents or have children on your tax return. I am definitely sucked into CS I am. You're likely eligible for this type of credit and the credit can be covers of 2003000. Dollars though in addition to the what's holding an you're gonna get back. Well I'm so it's a third of the money that's coming back is just by activating these credits that's actually right. So fight it if I don't make the of them the maximum they're 64000 dollars a year may be worth popping in just asked the question. Yes yeah I mean I would encourage any land to. I am either want help getting their taxes done for free Ares is curious about our service men I'm the stop in any of our 27 locations. Ayman we can become you know what credits you might be eligible for her but if you're in that income Iranians I'm chances are you are eligible for something. Not fantastic now. Serious I'm reading that the some big changes to this earned income tax credit program and can affect how people received. Their money perhaps and maybe there's also so. In sticky situations that you might find yourself think he tussle but how it's changed and what to watch out for. Yeah absolutely so last year and legislation went through a club the past backed and what that does is I am it. Changed our tax system in some ways some places really beneficial to expand its certain and tax credit provisions. Simon and others are are gonna impact our filers this year and one of the impact is that. I'm anyone claiming the earned income tax credit or is additional child tax credit those are both refundable tax credits. That they are. The refund is gonna be held by the IRS until February 15 as opposed to previously previously I am there would be no holding that the refund than you why they're doing that so they're the reason the higher sustained is to help safeguard against identity theft and tax fraud can Imus so there I I believe they're going to be. Reviewing at least some of the returns. Just checking them to make sure there's no fraud happening which is ultimately good thing for the taxpayer. I'm but it does create this delaying I am that may be hard for some households raid. I'm a they're expecting their refund right away I'm aware encouraging people to do was a file in the normally led. They just expect that there might be a week or so of a lag time and getting not direct deposit into your bank account a lot of people the working with counting on this tax money to come back. Yeah so many. Income for years and 20000 for our filers. Imus so they really rely on this time of the season and I'm to began in windfall of money right to help the six or car kiosk that. I am and I had this delaying refund could really impact those households. And the what we do wanna say is that. If someone's promising to get your refund faster that as a false promise this is across the bow or no matter where you golf there's going to be a delay in your refund but for every file so that's a false promise more room. That sounds like it could be a trap they could be so I would just encourage taxpayers. To know their rights. I am and you know sort of what to expect in terms if your refund will be delayed or not. I am and just be careful of as there's certain businesses out there off train a faster refund because. I am and you may be getting involved in some sort of loans that ultimately may not work out in the end. But talking to Ginny Walton this morning manager of financial stability programs for united way of can count me talking about getting your taxes done you make under 64000 dollars as a household for 40162. Give a chance to get your taxes done for free by one of the people that have either volunteered or have been trained here everyone certified to be able to get them done seeking to Texas prepared. For you now work we find one of these 27 sites that you've been talking about. At the easiest ways to go online to our website and it's free tax experts doubt or. I am and that will bring you to a website where you can see all 27 of our location you can find and the closest one to a zip code wield as we have like a search engine on there. If you wanna find a specific language that you're most comfortable gaining your taxes prepared and you can also find a site that's the best fit for you on that website. Let's of the guy I would never think about yeah maybe you need help from somebody who knows new language as well absolutely that's very interest in case a dorm until the website again one more time please free tax experts dot org. That's coming your story please somebody who to make this about a real person with such a mystery about someone who's benefited may be from using the surface is. And absolutely so. So many people benefit from just that extra money especially after the holidays who I am and some stories that really stand out to me I am. One in particular is a single parent. I'm she filed letter cites last year. And she was able to access the earned income tax credit another tax critical the child tax credit. And that really I am you know may carry some larger because she was accessing these credits that she's eligible for. And she wrote and sort of I am the client survey back to us that she used that refund to buy a school supply is. And I'm a laptop so her children can do their schoolwork at home. I am in the comfort of their homes and of having to stay out later the library or something like that and I'm for the household that really. You know it's supporting McCain skinny to learn Andre you know going school loans being successful there and and it takes a lot of pressure off on the apparent in the nikkei's. So that's something that maybe you're running into people not knowing that they had access to when they're doing their taxes. Yes this is so a lot of people I am may not you know most don't know about the earned income tax credit. I'm people who have been accessing that through there filing their taxes know that they're getting this extra encompass the they may not know is coming from that particular credit. I am so in general I would say it. People should know about this credit and knows their eligible to access it to make sure that when they do file they are getting what they're entitled to pull. It's a 11 it's. You would donate. But I mean I guess money or their time to volunteer or as a corporation to help support this system or might they go to find out more information. So if there is precedent volunteer rain I had no good they can go to our website at united way. I am there's a link there are tank get even now of people consent to voluntarily 71 mark training weekend Andre. And that but I think in terms of supporting the tax campaign and other ways. They can just reach out to. You know myself fired the main united way align and we can get connected I'm to folks at united way you can help you figure out what the best way to support the program as. Credits a wealth of information and so clearly wiggled out at united way dot org. Yes you daddy Casey dot org UW. United way of King County so UW KC dot ORG and that's fantastic Ginny Walton from the united way helping us get our taxes done this kind of here thank you for joining us this morning thanks for having me. Conversations with the public affairs program of the station. Welcome to conversation on your host. You know cruise today we are talking to Katrina badger. The per. Associate from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Not I didn't think happened eight that what we questions for you both first start off by me so little bit about Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Or the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the largest philanthropy in the country. Focused on funding health and health care across our nation so we are working to build a culture of health. For our country and really thinking about not just stream people when they're sick but preventing thickness that we're really keeping people well. Ky and recently on the U worked with the University of Wisconsin. Correct for India population health institute and you release your animal thing you'll drinking this. Com which are actually going to be released today on on health. For every counties sell hope you're ready contaminant queasy. I'm ready it's exciting news so tell me first about this on. This whole ranking the whole county health rankings and how this came about. Or that county health drinking actually are part of an annual checkup if you now. Health of our counties across the whole country that would give that the and that's how long and how well people are living in communities across the country. Their rankings really point to how health is much more than just what happens in the doctor's office but how where we live matters to our health. And all of those other factors at play an important role that you education jobs and count. OK so what specifically are you looking for are you looking to see how many people are employed in a certain area. Commie I don't know grow healthy grocery stores are like howdy hi you get to this is my question. I'm glad you act we actually have over thirty measures that we used to inform their drinking and even others that get people and deeper information about their health than their own community and it. Both how long people live so we look for example at premature death rates. But also all the other factors that are really important. Influencers for how healthy we are so looking at. On high school graduation. Act for example and on an insurance rates health care and insurance rates. And unemployment. That they give you a cute. Do you look at activity level in the area. Or an Armani. As far as physical activity physical ITV or the number of gyms in assert any area is that something. We do look at health behaviors help as part of the factors so act within that we look at physical activity. Food environment childhood obesity an adult obesity rate too. Oh OK do you hope that these rankings can benefit. People. Are we don't know what. If drinking and that it gives people in every community the opportunity to look and see for themselves. What there community is really doing well when and where their community need is. Work to improve and it hopefully giving people really tangible information so that they can decide where they need to focus their community and what they can do to help make it. All right well let's get down to the numbers of Kate's I had originally giving you up pierce county king county and snohomish county so I don't know if you wanna compare wants to the other if you wanna just go. Start with pierce county. I'm happy to start with pierce county. Here's county a drink when he or out of that 38 counties. I'm within that they know or you know toward the middle bottom. And kings county and is actually ranked back. Way up on what we so what was number. It was just a home ice are let me low OK okay and one count he had your number one I. OK while many for our listeners up pierce Tony includes Tacoma to Allah up Lakewood Auburn those are just some of the cities that are included there Kean county includes Seattle Kirkland Bellevue. What and bill Renton to quell. Act that's actually where I live. Ian wowed about snohomish county. What is what ranking did they get. They aren't ranked sixth out of 38 what they don't cry yeah I. On snohomish includes gospel Munro and Barea and Linwood and you know other cities but it's in that area okay well that makes me really happy with the. And because. Well I wanted to point out you because you back about counted that are all doing very well. There are things we now are on men among the healthier counties okay like like often they have fewer children living in poverty hire an alleged. The graduation rates and higher college attendance but what's important is that everybody left for them bound to see how. What particular strength their own count he had and also that even if you're ranked number one there's still areas for improvement. OK so let's take a look at where there might be some room for growth and to think about what you can do to make it even. Okay would you or can you give us some examples for example weird can we and prove in King County you know it came in at number TO but. What are some things that they could duet for improvement. Or if you to get me one moment okay all right. And people. You know. A couple of things that they end out if you just take a look at king county and anybody could do it at that they go to county health rankings dot or. And take a look at your own county you would see things like childhood poverty rate. Although they're doing pretty well there actually getting where about might be good playing the focus some attention. And another example might be unemployment rate although they're not getting word there they're. Holding about that he doesn't mean increasingly is extremely important indicator as well. So kind of right now let's look at. On you said there's 38 counties so wits counties came in at the bottom of that list. Chores at the very bottom we have. Under it under ray cut rates under way I'm police. Failed let me tell you that you that one again okay. And the very bottom ranking the lowest within the stated Monterey county okay. And number 37. Yard number 37 at Erie county. Ferry county. And what kind of numbers are you looking looking you know for those counties is it just a high poverty low ball and. Absolutely if those those are counted that are. Brain that's unhealthy. Are often have high income inequality lower high school graduation rates lower college attendance. Those things that we now have a long term impact on our health and well. And I. And I am an again if people can have access to this what's the website again. Sure that what that is county health ranking dot or. And what I would just emphasize there is that not only a place to find the data but it also placed where you can see the solutions but other account is they're doing and find solutions that might be a good fit for your own county. And if you don't know how to start or how to get through a part time. And we have resources and tools to help you figure out how to get started and or how to move. Or were perfect this eight year of the rankings tracked. I didn't how has it how has it teens in the past few years. Well the rain came over the years that. One thing that we try to do especially in recent years there. Is highlight what the national trends are so eat here we need different national and this year we're really taking a look at premature death rate. The cut across the country. Premature death rates have been rising after years of I'm getting better they're now getting more. Premature death rates what do you what does that really consist of. Well and it means that our younger people like people and really the prime of their life. I hated that fifteen to 44 that's dying earlier. And in large part. What they do to prevent the bullet that things like drug overdoses car crashes things that we currently can do something about. In both. A concern but it also actually is reason for hope because they are things we can do something about and we he and take action to prevent the death in the. Preventable death would that he also include cancer no cracks. And it said that as we're talking about within have been aware that are really things that. We could. Drug overdose are crashes suicide. Accidents. Yeah exactly. Right. And that's from its ages fifteen to 44 perimeter. Very well come. Once again I find this fascinating and actually go on lots of myself and CEO. I've lived in not in Boston people are enamored violence I'm wondering like how they're wearing. Our eye is doing. It's so interesting to see and I love to go in and just see for myself what how my own county is doing and that figure out. You know what can I do in my own now. Right because even though the data is at a county level race went where you can really take action I didn't. Oppenheim junior countering your city or in your neighborhood even. What suggestions how to take those first steps set to make it teens in your county like I wouldn't have any idea how to. You know I'm I'm thinking to myself how could you start making any cheese you first have to realize where there's a problem correct. And then kind of see how you wanna tackle that but who would I talk to. Absolutely. And that the data are really is. Well at least the one way to figure out where the problem meant but really. Aquino also your neighbors talking to other people in your community to find out what they think the problem because that really. Where we see a lot of on exciting. Not happening is when people use the Dana as a way to start a conversation in their community to see what different people in the community via the problem and what people. Ink is. An op an opportunity for action so a little bit stuff that we need people doing. It's just starting out neighborhood from Asia. And being where it goes but we all let me count communities across the country. Uniting together across sectors so for example one community in New Hampshire. The fire department worked with. City government and worked with community members to open space station. Where they opened fire station to be kind of refuge basis. For folks who are dealing with on drug overdose. Where they could come without. Being afraid of being arrested they could come and seek help. And they have they have just the opening the fire stations as they've made that they have saved over a thousand lives in just ten months. Wow. Wow that's insane. So you know what people do expect the look different in every community. Whether it knocking on doors and often here neighbors or whether it connecting to the community organizations on the street or the businesses. It's starting that conversation and an Emmy and also act like you sent to go online aim and check out the rankings there. Again it's county health rankings dot org. I am definitely getting that kind of help ranking thought or are we also hack do you have. On just the click away coaches that can support you and help you connect to other people that might have ideas or are taking action and now that's if you Flickr is to get tired. Yeah it goes on the comes just having you know like a word like start what do I do that's perfect that's perfect our great Katrina on anything else you want to add. No I think you've got that things are rave. Appreciated Katrina have a villain you do about it. Again and that website if you wanna check out how you're company is doing is county health rankings stopped work. Conversation into the public affairs program up disease. Welcome to conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas asked thank you for spending some time with us this weekend joining me this segment. Is Andrew DOS author of the secret world of money good morning sir. What are. Join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation the uncertainty of our times has little parallel in the previous generations from positions of leadership to the very institutions that have been the norm for so long. Today anyone explain to us why he thinks old school common sense money management. Is a bad idea mr. Dawson is one of America's foremost experts on the history of the US currency. President of a steel that was medics and Hawthorne New Jersey and member of the American new mathematics association. He is the author of two books the secret world of money and Uncle Sam cook the books. So Andy what the traditional three colors of keeping watch over our money that perhaps you might not agree with anymore. Well. Shave your money probably number one right now. And billiard debts off early. And then lewd debt free. These Zurich re Max and I was kind I hammered with when I was tickets. This still hold up today I think I'm still being told those present things all the time and honestly what I aspire to do I don't have to at that seems like you can beat. Just challenging place to put myself so we'll get to god I'm sure here in the second but what about the money supply what is the money supply. What is simply how much money is in circulation. So we'll shall we upon balancing act of determining what all the money is worth it. Falls in the lap of the Federal Reserve board in the Federal Reserve banks. Together the Federal Reserve System. And it's far removed from what I wish. Or promote secular branch will commercial alleged that in fact dumped into our elected officials let discarded. How many dollars current situation so it's important that they have the best interest. Of the United States and our. Is there enough money in the US to satisfy the debt obligations. That are demanded of us without having to borrow to pay another another person we've borrowed from. Yes I know unfortunately there are three times as much dead as there is money to back. So in any given time they eat if you had a similar hoping it wants everybody would wind up with thirty shown through thirty trichet told the dollar because again there's three times as much money as bad as there's money to pay. So necessarily. This causes the Federal Reserve should virtually be forced. To increase the supply of money every year. We've been trying to do is keep the gradual and would rather drastic changes there's no drastic change in price levels but it looks red. Suddenly dramatically increasing the money supply well correspondingly you'll see dramatically higher prices. Well forever to control and it's it's imperative that the Federal Reserve maintain a stable all of so that we know what the heck of all of his brother was so you can't shave your plans for the future. OK well then forgive me for being kind of simple about this but it feels like. If you're going to increase the money supply and the cost of things is gonna go up that and it's almost attacks it feels like it's there you know like for like a little bit. Well that's exactly what it is inflation has been described them didn't get firm longer than I've been doing those Serb. You know the idea that the government can solve its problems were simply creating more money what I called the global reach a solution thank crunch all you want. We'll make more. Without a corresponding increase in productivity. Then making money quickly loses value that doesn't maintained our lord look at it this way. And 1913. Dollar. Is worth about a nickel. Yesterday load all of today is worth about a nickel road trip to the 1913 dollar. So well I mean eventually gold money minute which showed all burned through twenty dollar gold piece is sort dollar would feature family for a week. Then people would work all of them for a dollar. But now a dollar has lost so much substance. Then it won't even bios sort are gonna sort all of its worst conditions were throughout 22. Of today's golfers. So you could see LC we have our in 1913. Didn't see any good because it takes to any true from the by the same things today than it did backed them. I was reading some are here through the preparation that you have due to different types of inflation that you think about. But tell us what you think of inflation and what how old these two types vary from one another. Well OK okay I suppose. There are been called to say intellectuals schizophrenic but people in my field because I understand the need for an un backed currency. The idea that the government should have to gather up all these sort hours before it can spend any money. It seems kind of archaic Serbia idea instead that the government could simply creator put that extra money. And use that can help people work helped both of the economy well that's been explored and gone many times over this is what you would mute the miracle of of fiscal militia that's what they call it went government borrows money in the stands and in the circulation. But it is separate that's them to get to choose as their classes so. Compassionate inflation for example would be cut government borrows money creates money. And then uses that money to give people housing subsidies sort of food stamps work and education subsidy aura. Preach these world phone you know these these are very compassionate you're helping people in need but they're not very productive. There are billions of for a millions of food that's gonna the end of doubt. It's particularly children like Hoover kept for example. In the midst of the Great Depression in the worst economic collapse to that time. Our government borrowed all more money than they've ever had any business doing. And it did deploy all of this money to put a bunch of people to work. Building this massive dam across the Colorado we'll look. And for the next hundred removed 3040 years it has didn't know generally didn't come every year. Because it generates electricity to provide irrigation. So this would be an example of productive inflation. And money spent on productive inflation that improves productivity. And improve the economy that makes commerce easier. Who who are all good ways to employ an inflation right now 76 cents of every tax dollar collected. Is necessary. Just to service the death penalty these 24 transfer. Improvement and all of that is apparently going to be spent on the military so we need to get a handle on our finances and we need to do which killed forward thinking not backward thinking. This sort circle back around its beginning then now we were talking about how perhaps our traditional way of thinking about money and being able to save it was not the way that you would move forward individually. In the modern world war and how does that relate to do what I'm doing saving money were to what the listeners doing. Let's say you're saving your money so that you can contribute enough that you could buy a house. By the time you save enough that by the house the house will cost twice as much as it did hedge borrowed the money and bought independent simply paid double. Specifically in Seattle who says that might. Especially in Seattle precisely and often MMR gold cup place around the country. So the idea of not waiting until you save and uploading your nobody else could they even get to borrow the money. And people don't think twice about that even though they burn themselves with a mountain of debt. They think well because we actually is appreciating. And I've thought today I'll get today's depreciation and tomorrow depreciation and hopefully that will offset the interest cost them that's sound thinking. So waiting until you've saved enough money to pay for an outspoken makes coach. Do you want your end and YouTube video of extra money each month a couple of hundred extra bucks each month and you say well I'm just gonna keep. Put that 200 towards my three point should treat our 2.0 5% mortgage. That's essentially giving you look Korean effort three point 75% return on your Malik. Thank you could do better and apple or Google or any of the other wonderful technology stocks that are emerging. That there will generate higher rated returned. Them what you're paying under our new mortgage so it would make more sense to deploy the extra money into those assets. Let them grow and appreciate it also from day one. Let them simply paying off your mortgage early. That's not given you any benefit your house is gonna go open faster or slower your income tax deductions will evaporate. And at a time when interest rates are high and who else might not be worth as much if you need the money then you can't lower. So well it makes sense to pay your mortgage off on the thirty year schedule not to pay them advantage. And saving you money well that doesn't do everything you're much better off to deploy that into another I'd given them don't slipped. So I guess he changed the money mentality doesn't work a dollar that you saved in 1967. It only works seventy cents today. Paying your debt soberly that doesn't make sense because. Obviously no better investment opportunity you know we're gonna find three prequel present money anyway that's. And then lived actually what you do that you never looked OK and once played. So not only old formulas make sure it's been made sense when we finish downloading system where our cold and so recordings were back. By elements of real productive well. And make our appreciated every year so each year the dollar when it was bad but golden so work. Each year the dollar was worth more than the year before not less and frustrating your money go and make public judge. And we actually made perfect sense because each year no money was worth more we're out of that now we're into the system of bond act money. That's simply created a whim of the Federal Reserve. And they haven't either desire to create as much open and they care. Essentially by argument earlier you need do is start your own Hoover Dam. Not the other third a good example creating borrowing money to produce the troop build eight crude topped group element. Robots the first thing I'm gonna find it. It says that's the smartest thing it's a new one said to me and amid all the 2017 that's awesome. How do was to get more information about the things have been discussing Harriman it's a little heavy and wanna read some more. You know oh listen I have three audio tapes or break it down the first one and I'm above Federal Reserve. They're shouldn't she be forgive me I'm dating myself audiotape. But can't be good children and a half hour explains you look at Federal Reserve has what it does. I borrow Leo's cheating on the definition of money went back to the dollar and were you know toward that come from and forward. But what I think is most important protecting your wealth will be some common sense steps to combat this inflation can get all three absolutely free. All you have to do is just it's called no movement can gloat good. But some drinks hey did you should just let us know that you heard is still chilling look. And I will ask for credit card no 10 ask for critical look should do these things absolutely free. And you make your own decision there accompanying booklets pamphlets to go to each you do he claimed that could decide for yourself like giving money to abandon the idea. And apparently didn't slow them deploy the method we are in danger and I also true books that she global money and local chef cooks the books. If my opinion makes sense go by the books supported local bookstore. It was a call 846. Date June 6 for a six figure mentioned Greg shows a normal as per credit card. That would certainly these three are you treat these absolute freak blue educational life I think saving money is a bad idea. Andy gusting so much for joining us today. Conversations as the public affairs program distinction. Welcome to Thomas stands on your post he had cruised to do we are talking to Jason Thompson the executive director over asked Carol cat spay neuter project has no taste and area around I mean we've spoken in the past on. And at worst it's going to be talking today about the space daddy and Noble's dinner going down Sunday. April 23 which I'm super excited about it I think it that the title of the event is super clever plot before it started about that just a case people don't really know with a feral cat Spain and a project is can you give is kind of like yeah. A brief understanding. Yes sure so we are a low cost. Being your clinic forecasts. Pork free roaming and thorough look at it three but her own and can change pat. We do it woke up to fifteen dollars for neutered when it but out respect. You can't beat those prices I don't know him he doesn't realize is that that is super super cheap. Ninety's I we're connected we have ever met yet but they have mutual friend. On a retail waxy volunteers to sell around you every Wednesday sees there and she tells me that I she's responsible of seating the cast before the surgery. A. Yeah that and I think that minimizing what you guys that you get that. Yes he does all the proper standards so that all the capital ready to go to every game and not certain it is not possible. If you get a break up. Yet yet she's awesome purpose at a and so a tax on do you see typically in a week. We do up to fifty cast the day so. But I typical average is around 3035 today because it just goes up and down they then. What time of the year and everything that typically. We can it we would how about a 12530. Cat. Wow while hundreds. Yes thought that's how I did read you sent me over year the year flyer here and it did say that you guys since 1997. Have altered over 106000. Cats. Yeah yeah we we had our 100000 cat last year that you now don't bratwurst super excited. And last year you did about I think it's a 1152. And I got to how many do you have you done so far no it's just march by. Facility that it now I think we are close cute you're getting really close to the 2000 cap mark. Even though it is early. That we typically you six to 7000 a year. And you know where we can increase that was luck to convert growth looking to do it may cap the public at. And cry and obviously the cost. Spaying neutering your cap. Is at a low cost because of up fundraisers. Indonesia and so I went to to tell me a little bit about the speed getting you know balls in acts IDC that's a huge factor too and that money goes towards right the feral cat. Project. That is correct yes record one of our major fund raiser for the year and the money that we raise that the events which. We we keep the price for admission at 25 dollars which is the cost of whatever state that everybody that comes in basically. Covering the cost of the bank for somebody who use our club and the money that we raise the event goes directly to who our clinic. And how continue to find the low cost seniors that we are there as well as the freeze it in New Year's that we you further peril for roaming cats which are the ones that you know they need as much representation that they possibly yet because they're not and home until where we're here picture to carry them. You'll cry while Adobe again like I said Sunday April 23 at. From the where is it being health. So we're doing it. Unhappy all the rain here factory. Which is a great event here he's never been there before it is that they're really old slick Bavarian style all and then you though it has a little bit of if Seattle history Hitler's appeal appear history and one kind of one venue than you re going to see that that's great but also and it's. We're going to be serving wine at the event will be serving beard he eventually killing our our our average blink blink. Which is where you talked cap colors virtually dollars and anything that that cap color land that wherever beer alcohol it is due to pick up home field. Yeah defined by gain we've got a dollar and and and people really get into that. And world are doing the desert gaps that are selling. Ordered to ask you explain it to them my ears kind of perked up now let me answer to ask what's up there without. So we expect a hundred people the company about a and you'll be you'll at least you know that are different people in the sharing capable people and it it came on your cable. You at the table decide how much you would like to you dated. Try to be the first person. Schools run out there and grab your slate that is their. These editors full range from like handmade. You know beautiful okay to gate down all the way down to the last place prize which we owe it to the big battle for that I. I had the desserts donated to. Mean yet desserts are donated and it's you're not able to make the events how we are always looking to people who don't think that there are no we already have seven confirmed right now we don't let her. Cupcakes in there and donuts. Yeah yeah there yeah they do not condone it. Decent it's kind of funny in the desert test because pumped Ortiz out of court he's letting you have dessert table so basically on your close to the brighter the ground you know like my mom would probably bring you know a -- and they're you know each person is kind of known for their desert like Al so and so brings the fried talents council brings this but any hats. At the wedding it's always like okay which Tebow goes first for the desert all so right they started doing like all right whoever has. You know a coin underneath their two or goes for like that south. This all reminds you of what he's letting. It's got great allies. Yeah it's very similar and it's it is one of the most exciting thing they've honored and so I'm really excited you know turned down yet this year. As some like super like a lot on funds how can we get our tickets and. I please go to our web state which is www. Erekat project dot org. And there's a registration on the left side and you can purchase just emission. Or you can purchase a whole table if you want to bring your friends are you on and there are local option eight or. The alcohol because getting Italy unique. Do you like it and gonna wind and Goodyear. It Lou that extra for that. Isn't spaghetti dinner itself is it like about face salaries it like it's a platter that's brought on your table and each year and how I was at. Yet to be about eight I'll grant you go to the it Hendrick talked as close as your skin or spaghetti pot and in three different saw that the trees throughout. I'm so other pastel Alfredo and marinara. I'm in the past electors pulled out of the most popular and now you want to cut though he she get there early. And then they'll have downloaded Brit picked a goal of. Right yadda sounds awesome okay. April 23. You get the ticket on my main off co. Maybe somebody's listening in they'd like to still donate but they can't make it to the event umbrella and they donate. So if you look the other way you can donate. The type the dessert could put it that we're looking for dessert. If we are also for our our average length plane were looking for a bottle of lying or large puddles appeared fighter. Or anything but liquor. To be donated to be part of that beverage including we usually have up that he bottles and there and we need to refill our comfort and for that event. So you can always email it is. Are you now a question that Erekat project outward. I'm we're just going to the web site and there's thing where you can email directly touching their well. Jason I look forward to to seeing you on the on the twenty cannot be a lot of fun coming excited. Plus the person but I'll eat it for the cats. I. We can save room for that dessert that I'm sure he'll be dashing. Last order a little life what's driving them on a don't know overdose because he puts it didn't he Tony and sent not you know a bona and then he's couple coffee that's on yeah. All right Jason Baker airlines will be there narrate the bike and let. Jason Thompson is executive director over at feral cats being in neuter projects not tell us a little bit about. The feral cat spay and neuter project in how it's able to provide such aid low cost four on spaying or neutering your cap. Yeah usher so we are a little caught. Being your clinic forecasts. Pork free roaming and thorough pat it three but her own and can change had. We do it woke up to fifteen dollars for neutered when he announcers. You can't beat those prices I don't know him he doesn't realize is that yeah that is super super cheap nineties and I we're connected we have it ever met yet but we have mutual front. On a retail waxy volunteers to sell around you every Wednesday sees there and she tells me that I she's responsible of seating the cast before the surgery. It. Yeah that and I think that that minimizing what you you keep that. Yes he does all the proper standards so that all the capitol Brady's go to the game and uncertain about the possible. And Peter the Great. Yet yet she's awesome epithet at. On sell a tax on do you see typically in a week. We do up to fifty cast today so. But I typical average is around 3035 today because it just goes up and down big and what time of the year and build everything that typically. We can that we would how about a 12530. Cat. Wow while Claudette. Yes thought that the I didn't read you sent me over year the year flyer here and it did say that you guys since 1997. Have altered over 106000. Cats. Yeah yeah we we had our 100000 cat last year and a that you now so corrupt and we're super excited. And last year you did about I think it's let's 1152. And I got to how many do you have you done so far no it's just march. So at this point it now. I think we are close to do we're getting really close to the 2000 cap are. Even though it is early. That we typically you six and 7000 a year. And you know where we can increase with luck to convert or we're looking to do it make happy the public at. And cry and I obviously the cost. Spaying or neutering your cap. Is at a low cost because of up fundraisers. Indonesia and so I went to to tell me a little bit about the stage getting you know balls in acts IDC that's a huge factor too and that money goes towards right the feral cat project. That is correct yes but here's one of our major fundraisers for the year and the money that we rate at the event which. We we keep the price for admission at 25 dollars which is the cost of whatever state that everybody that confident basically. Covering the cost of Spain first somebody who you broke up. And the money that we raise and that goes to Bradley who our clinic. And how continue to fund. The low cost seniors that we are where. As well as the freeze bit injured that we use for that Gerald Perry roaming cats which are the ones that you know they needed much representation that they possibly yet because they're not and home until where we're here and picture in particular that. Cry while Adobe again like I said Sunday April 23. From the rear is it being health. So we're doing it. I'm happy old ring here factory. Which is a great event here he's never been there before it is that they're really old slick Bavarian style all and venue though it has a little bit of if Seattle history Hitler's appeal appear history on one kind of one venue. How can we get our tickets and. Please go to our web state which is and www. Erekat project dot org. And there's a registration on the left side and you can purchase just admission. Where you can purchase a whole table if you wanna bring higher friends with you on your local option to pay for. Be that alcohol because getting Italy and eight. Sounds like a super fun and that again is the state getting in no balls dinner on Sunday April 23. As fat tree lots in the cold rainy here factory conversations at the public affairs program of this east.