Sunday, April 9th

Guests Katherine Boury, Dr Matt McCarty, Jody Clement Wall, and Pascale Nasseens join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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Welcome to conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas as thanks for spending some time with us here at this weekend today we have a couple different guests and spend some time talking about the upcoming Earth Day April 22 just around the corner missed some activities going on that you can participate and help out I got a couple different angles here join me here this morning is Catherine boring communications manager. For Seattle do real good morning. Can mining. Join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. It's time once again for Earth Day it happens every year it's a wonderful opportunity to combine spring cleaning and earth management with one fell swoop. Catherine is your details today about how you can teacher on one and items. And give them one of many second lives excellent stuff so Catherine break up for good as your hash tag for this to get a social media buzz going tell us about it please. Yeah Halloween get fifty years ago and we had such a positive response which it again this year they're raping people to break up what I am. I break up for dead. At a with an item that you can donate it could look like you break up with a person to find something in your home that you're no longer using whereas the old pair of pants. You know something that connect. You've been donate to goodwill during the month and I mean when you don't need to get well we're able to keep. The blaster they kept over fifteen million pounds out of landfills because of Sony's sense though you are really really aren't make it different. When you don't need to get well plus you're helping fund our beat talking in education program. It's generally don't. Hazards they've gone previously DC big spike what's the difference between this campaign has an effect your are you does bottom line. What is it that they isn't April it's April 22 and vote that the vaccine. Really kind of paired up but the time and a lot of people are doing spring cleaning and so we're not really well I'm not that took a lot of times people are already cleaning up their father they're getting ready for summer. And this does look like a great reminder to donate. Have you picture item at QB breaking up with four good. And he asked about it take clothing and these things ahead titles keep bringing and but you know not Connecticut think it doesn't that people don't relate about good whereas they even if you have like clothing that is even added stayed. Where it's got a whole it and sort of staying in that it doesn't mean you look at donated to sit well off. Those items look can he donated a total health. About old electronics and stuff we bring those then. The athletes in bring all the electronics and I am develop strategies that collapsed in Arab and they can bring here. Old you know laptops they'll found anything like that. Means that could well I mean to bring a kind of like a new beginning time any output at duplicate good reminder to be thinking about. Techs love and little flowers popped the little heads up enough to make you think of it every time. You're doing a punch earth dig dimple ways the starting out here tomorrow and running through the next ten or eleven days tell us about it please. Yes look upon they wake you up for the last few birthdays week about daily prizes and we worked with a lot of our local businesses. It will couldn't do what we do if we did our partners. And focus that the great type of like highlight them as well and get people excited birthday really the really funny if he waited has come to our base but Kate. You know eight into some questions about pit them near their constituents and great prizes like you know tickets and Mariner's game there. The founders like of the founders also participated in fact. Penis here in the but it has the opportunity to look up and surprises from a lot of quick break community partners in support ethnic. What are you are what is your social media world we find you. It yet look at well so for everything that we do it if you know what it would be paid but expressed data could well. I think with Twitter. Well that starting this week to also have an opportunity to do an online vintage sale old tells about that please. You know I'm a we had to battle that blocked it helped quite a bit online you can come Terry. And jury. The the great and the that you're a basic speed up because it is also the aspect of would Earth Day and sustainability if they come out there recycle reuse that backed up it. And so it's that they tend to violate and it's clothing and Torii about it. Are able to see we use. The proceeds written about the benefits are being kept hanging in education you can. There's an additional discount. Discount would be between up to 50% off some of the pieces that are doing these shipping to make it extra fat. Met you mentioned a couple times also hoped it will. Specifically helps in job training and what that program involved and who benefits. Could well at the nonprofit though collapse that we helped amenities and the other people would be capped an education. That's so that means be offer classes. Four adults have. And let me use the in acting like a Guinea EG the air radical when he winds are computer skills. Things Lleyton that would actually help you either. Improve the top you have or Ireland when you don't have one. And that accurately help all of our community mean when people are able to support themselves and passionately it's ethnic and her. Community overall a lot stronger so very kind of helping your neighbor we hear you know helping without. It. There's a new stuff that we donate as an event hope. Specifically directly with the job training. Gather proceeds of those doors. Benefit that they kept training and occasions. You know that is toaster that you don't know what to do it. You know can actually help fund somebody you know what better education to interpreted them along and their career on Portland get it stopped I mean the people that usually are in our program. Have well. You know some of the barriers and so what could spell really doesn't try to find ways to help but those barriers so you know for example outside just coping with that. Program itself like meaning it in the computer class but. It's part of their barriers that you. Not able to get their due to transportation. That's something that could well what output to help you get to that class the Pappas skills you need to move forward. The hash tag this year break up for good find an item in your closet and make a donation maybe take a picture of the blue on the Internet there hash tag. Break up for good Catherine Moore thanks so much for joining us this morning. Thank you. OK switching gears now. Let's focus on wildlife for joining us on conversations this morning is rob Crable northwest represented different Defenders of Wildlife good morning rob. The morning great thanks anatomy. Excellent Earth Day is much more than just recycling and planting trees do things is immediately come to mind it's important. Remember the at the part that biological diversity of all the plays and keeping the massively complicated earth functioning for the organisms they currently call home is massive it's huge. Now rubble didn't do a little bit more depth here shortly but also about what some of the pillars and goals are the Defenders of Wildlife please what he has to. Yes said the Kennedys have been around since 1947 to. We are a national nonprofit that focuses on protecting all of our native plant and wildlife species and of course the habitat that those critters depend on. And up here in the northwest at. We focus on a couple of big species. Like grizzly bears are so there has an orca whales. Bold and sage grouse and of course when we focus on all those species be articulate that habitat that goes along with net. We do a lot of different activities ranging from I think is the end state capitals and Washington DC. We worked on the ground alive we have a ton of co existence programs. Because we really think that. The week you knew wildlife conservation forward especially with and it landowners and more rural places and making sure that Eric tools and programs that allow. Ranchers and farmers to share the landscape with the sound big and sometimes predatory animals. I'm and then we also did you do that kind of education in our reach especially rapidly there is right now we're getting a lot of education to let folks know about. What it's like he wrecked creating grizzly bear country and I can be safe and what it would look like he restore grizzly bears in the state of Washington. I think it's really interesting the helping animals make you should the wildlife species stay in touch is really depressing but he said it a couple times that it's not just the animals and species itself but habitats. So what's worked that you do within places that nature of the nature's latest that it takes place. So there's a lot of different areas that we focused on as far as attack as mostly because. That exists across different jurisdictions. When it comes to you working on federally and we eat a lot on forest plan process seized at the Bureau of Land Management our owned a lot of land especially out and be eastern part of Washington in organic. I've making sure that that managed appropriately. So. One component we've also been engage in a lot on state land management especially downing southwest Washington and making sure that. Our state forests are managed in a wave that allow for endangered species like the marble near Atlanta which is. Really cool period that depend on old growth forest we wanna make sure that they have places where they can mats to and and then we have been working a lot more recently. On improving some of the attacks in Puget Sound. We've been advocating for is Smart policies that make sure that we are critiquing me mamet toxins that are running into Puget Sound and that we're restoring salmon. The actress has found and the Colombian defense said that our salmon runs are restored and the orchestra depend not those salmon happening at city. This is the scope of which are tackling it seems massive from orcas all the way to birds in old growth forests. Yeah so. I just just there's so much to Q how does the community get activated for that like how the small listening right now help you out. Because they're couple different ways that it can help us out one of course as always instead donate to Defenders of Wildlife and your many helped us. Brian art on the grid and co existence programs where we help ranchers and farmers have prevented livestock deprivation for more than grizzly bears. It also helps us with advocates the efforts to make sure that their Smart policies in place. To go there I'll get things and the other thing that does indeed most immediately is turn out to the march 1 and honored stakes. Detail why a plate is eight. Science based organization we've really used science to guide our decision making process and figure out what our priorities are gonna be and we boutique. For the use of science in implementing public policies especially if they relate to do. Attack man to man wildlife management and cooling climate change. So the more those folks can come together and show support toward the scientific process and support for utilizing science and public policy. People have aid that very democracy that may explore key protect our environment and the wildlife that depend on it. That's fascinating it's that such it's it's a great event it sounds like it's shaping up to view real big deal to its on Earth Day it's such a cal Anderson park to march down towards the Seattle center on Earth Day at. At 10 AM everyone's gathering together their calendars and it's a march for science should be fantastic. Now that I saw this and I think it's adorable you can't adopt a wild animal like characters don't get myself an endangered species that Toledo Toledo they do. Click there is the opportunity to do a symbolic adoption through defenders don't nortel's about a police. Yes that we haven't been to different critters that you can symbolically adopt a mine and I Eaton gave a little put cheese stuffed animals and steal. And money helps with the conservation efforts for it does crater itself. You can adopt a wolf you can adopted there I have that need spat really love to spare us tell our knowledge adopting little stuffed Petersburg Eric. But yeah there's a lot of different critters on the air that you can symbolically adopt and you can get more information about that specific animal and that money goes to you helped. With the co existence and conservation program specifically for those critters. Probably chilly start to more in the future about all the great work you do Earth Day is right here upon us the march for science on Earth Day which is. April 22 an atomic great stuff be looking for defenders. Lie although the Defenders of Wildlife out there defenders dot org to find out more profitable thanks for joining us. Yeah I'd like great birthday is sneaking up on us here right around the corner April 22 Saturday. Conversations and public affairs program of the station. Welcome conference since I'm your host you cruise today we are talking to artist and writer Judy climate wall hi Judy. And I know how are you and Harry damn good I'm good and I was really knew little that none and it sounds like. What you have is something that we all need yelled hey hey good. There is any it is aimed. Illustrated journal com and it's called finder awesome a thirty day challenge to fall in love with. With your play full imaginative in colorful self sounds like something. That one more all feeling SATA or on lake typically is here in Seattle on a rainy day we pick this up I look at. And this may be it is so just a little bit about about find your awesome. OK so that it did occur after all and it divided into the thirty days so it acts like a pretty big challenge and each day I get the sort of a plug being and then a way that you can bring that being in your everyday life so some of these activities are like really aren't high and principally they weren't kept asking love and my spot on texting that is unique you send a message of love to a friend hero the victorious Alice or whatever. And Mike indefinitely and the date of doing that because when you were either big giver or the recipient of the kind of looking effective kind of like it does it do that and it doesn't make you happy for several. An ally like that like blinking you love and making up songs can be dealt with that great. Like real songs or you make nothing you know like not like a play lift I think that on our collective bluntly are you happy that now I'm happy I want spilling down. I put on the music icing along and I start cleaning. You'd expect writing I think actually it's like saying sorry. And then I got a little bit you know more thought provoking beat by am opponent they're burning ceremony that sort of thought something. You know that you that no longer see you a story in a secure. Actually bothering you. Lighting up like you make a fire burn stuff out like. Am I get very importantly can get pretty elaborate and he's a great example of right right and other and let go out I don't. I was envisioning next X explore different pictures and Lester isn't that why are ceremony popped up that what are. A game. And then like no writing yourself a personal manifesto and I have writing love letters I have like a mix of being audited. Egypt is I think are designed to sort it wouldn't date that you could if you wanted to take a little time with some of them say. You can apply a lot of pot and think about a final thought here is. We're all pretty great and we forget how great we are. During the course of the day when you know you keep getting the up and Ibaka that you're airport from many or whatever and I elected. Opt back into okay no I am on some. Yeah I think that we have such a hard time loving ourselves. I'm like gosh you know I I think it is really because we. To be honest with you I think our society actually occurred at La you because that you. Or you know giving up until that you are giving up your time by the people who are there people being a service. We valued at almost to a fault because you know eat eat try to talk about what you're doing to. Prove yourself after the act like that. Why do you even. Care. If you have no time at the end of the day because of all you're doing work deadlines and the people who are waiting for you and all of that and act like you're super hero and elect without make a little girl. Yet you're rewarded almost or like people back but if you if you're doing well and I went to yoga what you need to to quiet your minding your spear right. Coming. She's younger you know the kind of like people roll their eyes. That if you if you'd get that. Or work out that are few out there like oh well yeah yeah yeah. That's process I do. Need a balance of the ideal guerrilla art get a I. Mean about because he started a blog as well right. I'm confident that it am I Hubert testing it out yourself. For a year was it the year a year long time OK so how about yet to meet a little bit of. Am I buying at the original on the block at that time. I did I started out Jaroslav projects actually it was and it was just thought I was out for straight here I was very dedicated to. Loving parents Lee and putting them we're not out in the world and something's going on my elective induction elect and I needed to do a one of the month in. Because each month I get my arms sales for the month was so luck and by the time I hit a while they were quite a few people who we're doing this with me on the spot. And BP packed up until a few Beckett in Belgrade in Serbia having such great turn it to that they would loving it. And then that we got a supplement suddenly people like I don't know how to read a lot lower and I I feel very uncomfortable. It really it was kind of heartbreaking to listen to the trouble that people were having and they catch you yet turn outlook and word. It just felt so awkward an option them and back. Could be idea in my head that we need some sort of guide and and the thing about tiger off and I really tried to make it play well because I know that's hard for people so if we can do it in America not intimidating. I really think that if you if you. That map also I liked about it being at 38 transcript. We can do anything prepare it right like this to happen I couldn't commit to for thirty days and I feel like it ought to the end of the thirty days would have liked more happen out of the supplements ultimate light. It's like I'm you've seen those stories like. People look in the Mir and they just seat their flaws but yet they don't say yes you know it's it's kind of that as a scene like that that good stuff you have. Around you and that and not peaking at those those little things that furcal lets on your nose or whatever it is that you keep pointing out but nobody else see is you know 'cause you're Cossack. Yes and it and it's exactly like and one of the things that I found out like a guy that's a crichton who won here I think extra icing can only control what we. You know pedicure and manicure and operational action. Which I have not. I can't comment on what. We couldn't get it back right you can't have this. I have like around the outrageous and grateful it's one of those things that you can do what I found that's when you are being outbreak of the grateful for your dislike. You're making sure that people know you appreciate what they're doing where you and you and you bet trends melancholy now. You can do you go body here only on that CD Kiley tie your France and you know he can I really appreciate you are just gonna look at tired that's that's all that's gone out. Cuba can you tell me do and that's challenge on the black like I have to be that has. But one and in fact I'm an important bit out fluently it's hard to be grateful. And angry. Of course that at the time thinking quickly or get focused on the losing your life that you have secret. And by the end of the day of being really consciously grateful. You that you thought I hit so there's a lot of things are not necessarily. Kinky in the book and is inwardly focused but there's something there focused. You know outwardly like texting love it just get too focused on you know pretty Marla about there being a lot that needs. You know and you said it's a thirty day challenge and the funny part is as you say that music 3080 talent thinking to myself what is it thirty day squat challenge. Thirty day eating healthy talent and but I. Lot of people I'm in it doesn't even cross their mind like a thirty day challenge you know to fallen loving yourself you know I don't think that people would ever think that. Yeah yeah yeah I think that's right. And I think that they've done some studies you that it wants starting habit doing it every day to thirty days as the desperate started habit yeah wouldn't it be ought to McCleon started in inhabitants loving our. Oh right. Of the world a lot happier I'll tell you that Australia I could not. You've been doing it in you obvious he wrote this. And you've been doing it for awhile what you found in your own self in your own life how has has that team do you. I'm gonna I but it doesn't that catch you it's that weird happened but it that you. Out of fifteen. Totally myopic focus out of being like everything about me and I'm going to be universe yeah. I don't find myself like as eighteen. I mean everybody well not everybody most of us do need external application but I'd just like I feel like they need action and I'm more comfortable on landscape and and what am I when I am kind of swirling around something that really comfortable life I am better now letting go like this doesn't. It is not fixing things you know and especially the many many worry we have can we can't change. We recognize that it's going it's gonna be it's going to be and my worry about it is not gonna change it I just feel like it that you perspective. On. Or did it for me it has respect. Active on do you find yourself a lot happier. Much. Much happier much happier and property days inn are may fifteenth. And so people could look at premium based that they had paid and they can come to my web site and sign up to do with. Cheating because you already kinda did it. And so I even better than all of us not just I did and I didn't Burton I didn't get. IR AC did a version of it and I you're gonna follow your notebook. On FaceBook or even do you have a website that people can following as well. Actually and that brought dot com Ari. Kind of cool and it's gonna start this one may fifteenth. Yeah make it leash to. You shouldn't totally. That would be fun but I'd be scared but I do I do it anyway that's the scary and I guess you could not the scary is that gonna make you stronger and that's what they say exactly where they're. Do you do you find that this is also helps you reach your friendships. On and people in your life. Yeah it does because I can edit and if you value yourself then the person that you're bringing antidote for it the most relationships with the best. You know the best loved that's version of your cell. And so yeah I think everything and crew and I don't. And when you feel like that about updates let them spend much time trying to prove your worth and trying to audition for people you. Because I don't yourself so I don't need I need you Valentin yeah yeah yeah you rate your you know I am just kind of thinking again about my life inspiration and I am not people are like why you don't even care and a Mike I don't because I don't I don't need their validation and gadgets that it now that's really a but it allowed to get there I voted. Yeah it's just I really say it like a you know you have this love tank. When you love tank is full. You know. You feel like I feel like I am happy sound like you're giving a lot about you know an out of your reminding me of like Philly you love teen golfer is 'cause you can't operate without gas itself. You know of love yourself and then you're able to help other people. Perfect from that country secret yeah. And I'm Judy to just an hour to pick it up I'm sure like Amazon. I yet she can pick it up at Amazon and at bookstores in Barnes & Noble on mine and yeah I think you can pretty much anywhere books are sold on the hot if they're not in the bookstore. Eight and a lot line and your contact her timing your website my but it's Judy Clement or not. Simple as that still may fifteenth marked out accountant or be doing. Okay. Thanks we have a villain and he's yet and I hit a tape my conversations of the public affairs program of this. Welcome to conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas passed thank you for spending some time with those here this weekend joining me this segment. Is doctor Matt McCarthy good morning good morning. Jonas is we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. OPO and abuse is a scary growing problem that hits neighborhoods in Washington hard. Well may start as a prescription for procedure or pain ends up becoming a habit or works someone else gets their hands on the pills. What Kim peaked yet what can be casual recreation with friends Quinn quickly turns to dependency possibly even addiction it is a complicated subject with doctor Matt McCarty is report certified fellowship trained physician specializing in chronic pain management. Aware of the growing need for medication monitoring a personalized medicine he founded in general talks laboratories they rapidly growing national reference lab providing medication monitoring services through urine drug screen confirmations. And pharma coach economics the really big again even close on that doctor Matt yeah it's great to have her back it. So tell us just how severe is the situation. With the abuse of open yours and other drugs you see a lot of that around here but what's the actual scope. Well it's getting worse it's rising they think about 60% of teens who abuse prescription drugs will get them from friends or relatives. And state like Washington. You have medical marijuana law says they're about 31% of kids will get bear who used marijuana will get it Strom people who have legitimate prescriptions. Our poor medical marijuana by the eighth grade dating 28%. Of adolescents try to. So really what's concerning is to keep percent of high school seniors don't think it's harmful to try to crack cocaine once or twice. And 40% believe that's true for heroin. Honestly statistics are really shocking. In Spanish and force kids to become dependent on oh he writes. Our forty more times likely Trier become addicted to her would really what is killing who is responsible to these hyper overdoses so. No Mike Abbott staggering and I have a problem become so serious seemingly so quickly. Well I think it has its roots and the number of oh the right doses that were available sources society as a result of the decade a pain we we started treating pain is this file. And opiates were prescribed almost as readily as blood pressure medication. Very low chance. Anybody getting addicted according to the experts time. If produce a lot of tolls on the street and more also four port experimentation. Are more availability of certain to be bought sold. And develop bad habits. And now what we're seeing really worsening the onset cheap heroin. Being placed list laboratory developed synthetic sentinel and that's what you really in the killer allotted 200 times more potent director Errol. So inspected suspecting people are going to use. And I think it's just leave the result so this decade has changed order we saw it just bottles aren't. Now the pendulum is swinging back was Medicare. Limiting be. Two remote working dosage to not working towards each day. And that's and that's a good thing not so old but we've got a big problem we find ourselves. So. Explain to me the actual period of for the decade of pain of the the first I've heard. Yeah that was back during Clinton has her earlier administration when they decide to treat pain almost like that's just final climb that's our that's what they called it. It was equivalent your pain score was equivalent to your blood pressure. And it would be something that every hospital live nurse would ask you what they walk in. To their room and eat it was incumbent upon you and any state stayed there all stating that you have to treat intractable pain. And you've got to do address the paint scored posh we all know that that's very subjective measure right and so as a result. Warm in the game more more acceptable to use pain medication I'm McCain's position and her. Are you or I need a whole change over time as people give me a very high doses and now. It's more and more primary care not prescribing what it's going to paint positions and they're getting away from I don't Soviets. And do more international pain techniques. But we still have a problem but big problem of addiction. And that's what we're trying to address our group monitoring. The senate this. But I guess business related with a pharmaceutical as an industry that makes you there has such a potential for higher profit. Does that come into play when they were talking about how drugs are being prescribed. Yes well you know back when OxyContin can now produce sort of maligned by many but the FDA. Has even up until last year approved several long acting pain medications and we in the cart and communities are shrug our shoulders importantly each. Another long acting pain medication so. To lay it all out to eat. Big pharma is probably not fair I think we as a society wanted to give. Have become a bullet header right now and we and government wonder responded that many institutions. Eight get. Eight agreed that Medicare records so hospitals too general to host its performance instilled us. Depending on how well they treat it. So. It took so it all succeed they corporate America. Obvious made big arm it's probably not stay here but certainly they play like our. Its interest in these say you have about how subjective penis and there's not a real skill so people are effectively. Because doctoring themselves and that. Listen I'm aspect doctor Matt McCarty is joining us today talking about OPO would and other drug use in our communities. How did they get to the youth of our communities. Seemingly so quickly. Well I believe it probably just told her luck in the drug cabinets. Many of the adults. Where kids may be your own kids that maybe your kids' friends would go raid these bills. And they were there is a big marketable got you on the street so average North Dakota Michael pretend dollars on the street. And so that revenue opportunity and out kids would also sell some but they're stimulant medication. So let. Or more to you that you. Medicine to accept monitoring drug Montrae in clinics where this prescription prescribing was going on. But I think it's just got off about. Kids trying to experiment then Waltz notes about getting high. And then when kids clients can vote so opiate addicted a bit out of trouble in my collect heroin. And of course worst in them so as possible so. It's been slow slide. What should parents of teens know about the situation would you recommend. What steps that perhaps. Well I think sooner you can recognize that your child is abusing alcohol or the drugs sooner you can seek help. As a parent or loved one really it's easy via trade good test to achieve you know you wonder. What if my kid get angry or retreat further order what it's like find out something marriage here is likely using trucks all those questions are. Are scary and they can be answered. We had you. Look at the consequences of unrecognized drug use and addiction. They're really what you apparently must Muster courage. And did meet this year. Other consequences of not knowing really are carry risk losing some drug addiction so. Character are advised by experts namely the American culture pediatrics Merck study prediction. To not use the gap home protest groups that local bookstores because of that inaccuracies. You'd all alters. And it also typical to read such terrorists. What kids know that two men and they get positive result comes out. I can lead to a lot of drama. So. They were below advise using against those cuts worse yet these cots to be cheated and that's where our lab team and that why I developed what we did our lab is that. The Internet has it when you I you know how to achieve their blood test you can one point five million searchers spot. But by some delusion that it is. Substitute your hand something called synthetic urine available. And all of those are the gold standard achieving a drug test so kids know that. And we'll try to cheat these drug test so. The option to Karen has really had been the animal and so on now what we've done our lab which drug test that. Can detach substitute yearns synthetic urine and it's apparent that theory actually it's. And high complexity. We get out it's easy to read an lab report by using armed alien DNA it's cute testing. OK so by using science are able to detect when people are trying to skirt the issue. That's right that's circus what this day if you look on the web at the most common ways that gold. Standard way cheating drug tests as you can substitute you're beating someone else that you would. So what does this host someone else's or is that a recession yet they accuse it boos that lab created. That's right there's there's two types know one that the cheaper route to obviously bar someone else's urine that's. You know it's easy to tell jokes at the time incident daddy sure. And that's a spirit really well known way of circumventing the peak a year and then so like Q that's pretty. Pretty easy to do and that is up to the synthetic urine is something that laboratories produce it right now you can get on Amazon and type in synthetic cure and and there are over 400 search results. That comeback. But I that we I think in our lab and we tested our test against the synthetic turnout there. We got 61 different Hutchison they secured failed to Carla. It's Chichester and that's it on which any two day time period while we have to credit card just real easy yet. And it looked like he earned it has the constituents that you earned. And last can't pick it up with our current. Standards. So what what we have done has been able seem matched the DNA of the person. And that statute DNA in Europe and obviously synthetic cured at eight. But there's even more importantly look at another a week attacks. And in our lab can determine that it's not the real thing. What wool will yourself and doctors around the nation play in trying to stem. The appeal it epidemic court what's our next step as a culture. It question. I think first is a pain position. We need to understand. Is that we have the power we got ourselves into this. And now doctors can lead us out and what we don't need to do is respond to recommendations like the U mass. To reduce opiates to say from levels. Because we know little long term evidence that they do in fact improves function so doctors have a real role. I think society as a whole series also. Seek other means for their pain management and outlook for quick sex I think we as parents. Need to be aware that addiction. Begins to experimentation. And that can start very early it's estimated at age thirteen that are not done that means parents need to be. Looking toward trouble signed thirteen and then if they see knows drug test their child and I determine whether or not there is a problem. Doctor Matt McCarty you can find out more about what he's been speaking about today specifically about a slap at geno talks labs dot com GE and OT OXLAV. Test dot com. Doctor have a party think so much for joining us tonight. Plenty of conversations in the public affairs program on the station. Walk the conversation I'm your host DX. Today we got a special treat for you we are talking to author and also op for international supermodel. Last dollar and niece and hello how. And I mean I'm kind of how are you and I don't I don't think you. And I'm not Belgium and it's almost you mean now it here not government and 7 o'clock in the evening. How weird is that I'm to starting my morning by I. Don't think an about Bernard. What we're talking is because of your new book it's called pure and simple a natural food way of life. And it's funny that this came across my emails because I actually was reading another book talking about mood in cutting out sugar. In your life and a wooden panel pretty clean either. On the east super healthy at work now and and it ain't too worried too and all that but I came across. Block and as I'm flipping the pages the pictures are of me and Amy Amy still hungry. I that we'd kinda been very good and yeah so he talks. About on your book in it's it's a cookbook. Com and its talks about is healthy living in general and being a model. Kind of what you grew up how you felt. Mom being a model and trying to eat healthy and L is different times that a lot of people still go through that so. Lot of questions I just threw it to suspend wherever you want a hundred yeah. Well. I think from you know it's four years ago at a market through right cookbook. I want to like the cookbook cookbook in a different way I want to have it all on to have a wide global. Even cooking. Healthy foods. Romantic looking at twelve because. Looking for me is bringing people together. Their own and then and the color than ninety things I want to everything and especially I didn't want that the amount of work. And my god and my book about him and it was quite that easy the bricks it's that. But also I think the most important thing in the right because the UP. And it's healthy foods I think a lot of people now are inconsistent and helped me you eat food and my Bjorn you start at when I talk about what working out. Model. And I think packet that I wanted to in bound. And I'll of people into the you'll of that fact and bound and and I. Means some way. And Alex. I felt that there have been your facts and it was even worse. I really struggled for a a lot of years with my eating habit for a few years big streak like yours. And both analysts looking. Especially in scientific books what are we doing with our. Read what it's doing with our bodies and lack doesn't go wrong. And actually in. If you want the short answer it's very easy if you just answered each and stick with the natural foods. If you leave that what we are eating eating habit now in the western world. It's very. Little change we are so far away from natural foods. And be eats a lot of acting carbohydrates. Which means which means Bratz. Public and brown mean. Sugar. But it's not only about sugar. A lot of people don't think about. Bread and potatoes and for a lot of people it would it every day on their menu and we're not people it in the morning Jeff Newman. In the evening on their menu and that's really big problem. And then a lot of people saying well but if I have to eat more healthy big pink that. They have to reduce. A lot of things that they will miss a lot of things. That they have to work or will Pollard. Model all it's true not my that's if one should start to eat more natural food and you'll see that you it. You have more bird rights you food especially that kind of food is marked that the fighting. And you look at that you will not have to work will power because you're satisfied. And people vetted surprised by it and now that. It keeps and that than they are like old Andreychuk equal one weakened while eating and a lot of people on the I don't have the idea. Being. Of being on the diet that was very important. It just talk about it. You jump on the food now we can cool we can eat and we can eat it even in fact I'm not scared of that I used a lot of putts in my books. And that they do if they do you if they'd repeal food. It's a big he's mean it's it's like not to work with a and the extension of that it liked and that's important. Well I think a lot of people and you said that have a misconception that if you wanna lose weight you have to stop eating but I feel like what they don't understand is actually. Have to eat on a regular basis but it's that and like you said it's the types of food that your eating that you have to change and if you stick to these natural foods and foods that come from the earth that are not process. And you stick to foods that don't come out of a box you know it's gonna change your whole life and I correct. Absolutely it is that it's as simple as that. I think. That being in the war in the most important. Thing is doing that in in bringing life. I think we all have an idea and we all know in by and we all know the theory how to do it and we. With the metro food and everybody was that I don't know about a twelve but and the biggest challenge. The bill that's in the life. It's a lifestyle solutions it's a like Atlanta it's not a diet it's a lifestyle teens like known and I changed my eating habits probably seat. I do cross sell and that brought a lot awareness to my body and also like you know when I was putting in my body has you don't you this until somebody really tell you and I'm so I did a whole complete. You know. Lifestyle it's an you know like cut out the breads and I cut out you know a lot of cars and the cars that you get from vegetables and from fruit and stuff like that. But at the same time you know. I have a piece of bread here in the year I'm not too different feel like having is it gonna kill me well but it's not something and ideally. Diet you know my daily diet consists of exit consists of me consists of rats doubles and fruits and nuts and you know on and it doesn't consist of these other things that you get. Going down the grocery store in the in these I'll let you sit in began and tube even somebody as healthy as medium like I said I was reading a book about sugar and sugar diet. He boggles my mind how much sugar is still out there and how it's you know and you just like. How much sugar and coffee drinking oh my god I can you know hook and three. I keep entering that soak yet if you wanna make that likes Al teams and you should at least Ozzie is seldom so many benefits from it om and clearly this at this book. They appear in simple and natural food. Way of life is mouth watering because like I said I went through and your photographer was but they did an awesome job. I'll work read it very popped photographer at button you know that there really great job. But I did a picture at home it not been studio it's it's. You realize. How cool is that your house your backyard because it was a lot of green and it was yeah that's OK if I was curious and it would you'd have laws likely concede invite me over to dinner I'll go Parker. For this and did you also on the do nutritionist we knew when you wrote this book. I've follow myself course of about location. And I interview a lot of professors even in America went to Harvard. To interview a lot of professors on bootleg dvd nudity like diet but the ferry and own and we do have I'm not dwell in Belgium and Holland. Big help me and working like kind of cured if you could say. And investigating. And trying it out on myself. Are in the and that the work very good and I think. Do you think you have changed rodeo life I lead that's important. But it's not so easy for a lot of people and therefore I into the interview with one groove. And that's one route then. If it's not you better not make the concentrated carbohydrates. Together with the concentrated. Property. Which means you can eat breakfast together with. Which fish are we need to you can really keep it's you can't you can't which means that in in life you will and exchange. We in practice you look at the change your breath and you potato. With more vegetables. And if you stick to that one who. It's the magic rule. Because even if you go shopping military option I can do about that because of that room who is that it brings you to nor has the twelve and it gives you. Some one who moved into Q yeah. Weighing of we're making better choices. And the battery you could do stick with it and you will eat therefore a lot of more of vegetable. That I'll file acting carbohydrates. And that's the very simple rule who introduced in the in the in your life and for a lot of people tell me what you. The golden rule because they were little changed my life. And it's it's more in appeared then to follow it. Does your book have a lot of Belgium influences. It's so I'm. What I do it and makes it special edition but that they really natural and easy ingredients that you find all over and that's not typical. Belgian food not at all. That was important that twelve for the American position and you can find food made you a few of them living up I read about. I think only one or two. But you'll find absolutely old new again in the grocery store it's not that you have to go in the specialist hour or if you want you can go to organics are that yes that there. But it's not it's absolutely not special ingredient I think that we. That's what my aim as well I think who are always looking too far and we have a lot of bang and I indigenous. That and we can make a lot of nice recipes with it and we all have the you ourselves we'll have a very close we are only looking too far or team and you can make it. And kind of ordinary. Ingredient the very first children. Opinion you have around you what is your favorite recipes in the book. You the favorite one I did I do not a lot of fish. But I'm I'm I'm looking I also have these Ericsson it's. An awful I have learned the book and. The a lot of dirt at a funeral of desserts with chocolate as well an error in and one of my dessert might is also to let you do very ticket and I just laughed and it's very easy to make no easy. But I do have I'm from the team that would book there's a lot of such as well hopefully in its. Pascal you are making these super hungry the book is called theory in simple it's as simple as that he can grab that on or any bookstore. Pascal thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. I am I yeah. Without pleasure I'm very curious thank you very much and not far has. And yeah do you think you have a villain than poorer try and keep you happy if you paid at dinner ideas for tonight. Grabbed the pass out of the new book called pure and simple. Conversation in the public affairs program of disease.