04-14-17 3pm Mens Room Wants Your Bragging

Friday, April 14th

We asked: "I don't mean to brag or nothin', but one time I did ____."


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I'm certainly proud to present to remain in the grass 2017. UK. Saturday June 24 that is on my rare brand of the year you'll see corn so sour baby metal pretty reckless. And a whole lot more to stage is fourteen bans we got that men's room happy hour and a half party Korea. As well you'll have our own little private bar area with us we'll gable the men's room original solace in Iraq bullies world famous sausage. Tasty and delicious and you never had one of those before we got men's room read our own private bar ninety minutes a dual outdoor drinking and enjoying the sights and sounds. I'll pay in the graph paying for by the way and a double or who's not afraid to well throw in that lovely packet we are wholly all the packages and all things pain. At KI SW dot com ornaments you like question I don't wanna brag or anything the one time I did black. We'll take a break about a Morey calls right after the. Men's room returns yeah last year and grouchy. Resort casino on 99.9. KI DSW. Of the dead on the way. We will bring themselves to the weekend that it mad joint Friday. I did there we go this daybreak platinum album from cool mode DE. It's time. I'm concerned that we're. Good opponent. Jazzy Jeff yeah. Were painted so. Getting as bad. Did years before that and they sent today to another glad among the new grass soundtrack yeah. Presided over bad Joyce final four who. Como B and wild unless text west to 77999. If you wanna hear John Travolta and Olivia. John do we see you on that you're the one that I want. Takes one to 77999. President generates MetLife can also put on Twitter by tagging a 999 KI SW with a hash tag wants. Or the hash tag west we've got one of those two veterans coming up right at the job and. AA Matt Joyce Friday and are miserable I question I don't wanna brag or nothing but one time I did blank. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Okay. I got a couple produced or not picket line. Already record now yeah we owe them and I. I'm not trying to make it quick or actually get into at all because they're not that aren't high school I worked as our destruction in Palm Pre. And my sister's boyfriend's. Dad own the company has thrown in that daughter's boyfriend dad and so that's our job course. Burn out. I'm we're doughnuts and don't always built somewhat concrete and also a shower thing. And we had to go back on the weekend and actually use them not brick work and finished finished doing some work. And the I didn't say it's related to the Boston starter job that they won't be darned used to get a dominant addict not they'll. And competition this gal is a trophy wife there's she. Implants melons. I see that yet that series at Mellon out of the real variety I think I'll make you won't work of the hallmarks factored that yes you can you're writing romantic cards are. Yeah they met and she could have actually really excelled we're a network Mcguirk staying in or out there and that you don't mind that's are going to be somebody and they are out there and bikinis and that was her stepdaughter was out there. And we and him actually ended up they're sitting here here you don't wash your hat to watch and clock solaris ten errors all ocean so emotional arms. Went all right. Then nine and a location that's. And I'll ask you meet again that was the right under his friends that I love our number one yeah I don't ever on his organs that they're married are you more or you know also I know my Carolina. I'm not. All well and you know. We don't bet yeah right. It's Iowa anyway so. You know its dominant in that I'm the moms in that union. My eight. This or boyfriend ended up (%expletive) but solid solution our out in the shower and your neck and we have foursome. I was sure I was there so I was about it. Thought I was a buddy just gobble them at all. No Malone a lot bigger bite external they're about an hour I'm not one of these. He's actually now my brother in law and much did you not know the story and they got here and a mistake I'm gonna and a man what are. Have no idea that does happen but you who and your brother in law had sex. With a mother and stepdaughter while installing pool. That's correct do people ask you would do people offered you money to get rid of things in bury them in congress for money. I can confirm murderer Jack Buck or so. Okay I I kind of figured OK okay if you read it and I just know about a guy great guy you know one thing about a concrete guys Calgary got those Novoa held a lot more than you think your country guys knows I was pressured you to pavement I don't know logo but at a pool. And odds you're dead birds gotta trust a concrete guys concrete guy can come Eagles learned how do you big buzz of the concrete he get that thing out there and then he could come back and puts concrete down you never know he was. The right how do you broach the topic. And don't bring it up got a no concrete get rejected norm well in Horry got a final. What are you go to find the dad and concrete and treasured the bones would. I got eight miles you don't have you don't want to board done a phenomenal guy but is be cooled by a dead body as well as the sole and let's just say isms and let's just say what you go let's just say that randomly but I don't know walk into a couple 100000 dollars in cash is on the hour. In the now one wanted to stored someplace. Yeah that's gonna come back and you know later but I'll make sure it's in a secure place in May be uploaded in mica a Tupperware container wrap it all up real well all that's W buried under slab of concrete I'm ready come back yet. But why that Miguel grew market 'cause it's absolutely. Full opera I mean the only time that they come and bust up concrete. Is when for some reason somebody kill somebody in that house and then they think they might kill more people and they go on the back earning all we're all these slabs of concrete floor and they runner he sends his leg off we should probably busters up and go look at. Other than that you just don't know. Maybe I'm cynical but our time season giving my country borders on the emotionally. They killed to death I don't care the pageant sidewalk where there somebody dead center Mike question I don't wanna look brag enough and a onetime item blank. Hello rich welcome to the men's room. Any or last. So my wife and I've been together for quite some time and oh we are young. First started dating about fifteen years ago. You're enjoying each others company in the back seat of the car. And all of a sudden we hear knocking on the window and I look up. And a guy standing there and I thought it was off the hurt but it wasn't and he says a rich. My and gone somewhere elsewhere terminal market here broad street. Yeah we both worked. You're Nelson off his back. Probably about fifteen people there today on it just what happened and what is good how did you know this gentleman. We didn't Wear out on on Backstreet kind of via. Just I'm flying below you and you just happen over here with it yet you came over and asked people lately it was immoral. And did you. We did apologize and we. Main reason do. For the call I got so we've enjoyed each other's company for many years. Most recent we did it again in Vegas and December. We won't have value. Could you know. Wondered out there's this kind of looking around and I the end and you wandered into the ballroom. OW. Miller. The all the lights were off so we wandered about halfway into this ballroom next to the window. And enjoyed each other's company dig in overlooking. The Vegas strip on the hi it's Warren how he. It's you know. That's it's good times. Are good guys they don't do the view and didn't see it as a cheapest thing you can do in Vegas fifth after sex and how does that only cheapest thing you can do in Vegas club event they get also details yeah I got to take us out and take this even back. Miserable I question out on a brag or another but one time I did blank I'm just not convinced you can do anything in the casino on someone's not wanting to know either tonight we it is and and look maybe the ballrooms different because it's not two but. I don't appeal to my things security guards like an element of this is the worst thing they're gonna do them whenever and I don't know on the million balls people having sex something ironic about that though because if he wasn't in Brawley's. Is a ball leaves you at all all right and overlooking and Los Vegas and the last time it was childish because from my head in the last time I was in Vegas wife and I went in and out burger and beer run him back right we ran there. And so I had this feeling like I had to really have our Alec I know Anita the fart but my stomach was not doing a while Brad. Some blue one out man I can tell those more to than just that. And that in the close is casino that I can run into is Golden Nugget. And you at the let's I think biggest hits you with a lot of ironing a perfect. I don't. There lag and everything Golden Nugget that is going on. You hear from the battle. Bogon they're real slow but all tied to the community and I don't know man it's so hard I think the fallout here. We're much sharks you know like in the gold nugget we do have to poop really bad and Melanie Melanie I would assure about a caught something notoriously good. You don't wanna share this is on the people sometimes is no other way to wall and everyone knows the troop walkway nose to the same thing like. Overall the man that dude is old and who might you one wrong step and a brown cast itself via. Hello Jason welcome to the men's room. So all. They get units don't go and end. And I are. Not really bring it to much on this one let. I real life girlfriend on the backs he is on the back through the cargo area of my buddies Tahoe with 500 people entrapment or shall I am. We're all aware of what's going on all they were completely aware that I know there's three co workers one of my body is another coworker or wife it was enough. Seat right in front of us we just got off the twister pearl which is cute story Cameron fully Mubarak's got a while until order ha. So we were all pretty tuned up except my body rigidity. And her and I decided that we get a bit frisky and my coworker and that would suggest some private turned around sort and everybody in the truck. You're like you're third and on right now he's fifty but the best part was it's become popular stop sign when we got an account and in the front passenger seat world is wondered out and yelled this elderly couple third do people haven't church and this column are pretty. Merrill. There are pretty concentrate. Auditor and I after I figured out of that X yeah I'm never I've never put on Google or anybody. Not intentionally no I'm not going we're not knowing look alike are gonna come all around they would yeah oral wants this. Men's or my question I don't wanna brag your nothing no one time I did black sects of thousands they've and we had no longer see the guy's life thank god that's it yet not a preacher and Arizona State's booted it all kinds of Boone. Tom moody dressed as Japanese school may have some booty of the swimming pool pal booty actually someone salute house. I got chicken and waffles and mall booty that's all we've heard today. Pat has been everything. Hello Tony welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah okay. Our studio lucky bar as well a story about booty it's not well Rudy and I know make a little bit booty three or work. She knew here. Or about January. Comfort the broken we always school. Are what class you know pretty. Pretty bad. And they told arms. Okay. And what happened. Are also our our our time right now you are sound and all broken on our government UPS and early light you're allowed a little in my work I thought I was like man hey man I thought they thought you know. Are you're you're you're. Undercard are suspended and they told me the only way our combat. Is that part go to these George classes with all these other students in schools. And showed improved that would. I come back approved they'll let me become our school. And during that same week. Our target. You get sold them what do they do. So this shouldn't just read it yet and that are like you know. Two we saw it enough you're out for a month there Sarmiento I mean like February march on suspended during our first day I think. I kind of worked out well known. Process I suppose but but what sort of that's a simple Marmara doesn't know how long are you still doesn't know. Still doesn't know to the don't we do you know wanted to get home letters they sent home letters I think it is. They that they they are called for our our suite eight my the contact number to my number. So. Are I had into. Norm and I you don't want interference a lot myself my question his believe me a map but. What do you think what I won't to mother's reaction been now said hey man and those couple years ago mama does what went down she freaked out which they're shaker had one. You're sheet should probably disown you well you shouldn't you guys should rule usually I know I've she's aren't really old school. And Eric you are you O Steve O would he be more ready to smoke weed eater that you got trouble. Well now Zagreb. So it's always the stereotype Asian lady here like in the tiger moms were well the call like the normal life like at. Why straight. Sure eight straight first are both not to be no virtual burden or. It's no god do I know god payment veterans day you know like little black you don't like onions and from China and Vietnam fight. We get a better job but so what how do you explain your grades than animate because I was you grades could have been spectacular so what's your ski well for the great about it. Like ours like they're saying hey I'm used to have fun out of school so I I have I have back in go to our game so we're we're much security and they're all you don't shaking their head at eager to point fingers and whatnot but there weren't a lot with the. Right our home do you think on some level than. Your mom that when she was done freaking out right which now the funny senator my editor mother about. So you can write off though I'm Iraq and alleging that I'm literally the front Richard jabs on folks all of a boat and start yelling at her best solar. Do you think of some all the emotions become brown going are now in the worst way possible which is our right yeah you got kicked out of school or smoke weed that's compressor. Would you handle all of this on the flip side late. You did it obviously you crafty enough you figured out what it is you need to do to survive the net and a dumb situation you manage to keep your grades up because you took the time work of teachers though. All things being equal. Really not that worried too well where did you go instead of school. I am I mow my little sister wouldn't anchor after we had to make it look a gold school. That we would drop off and then I go to my orders this department and also air. Partly they're smoking weed or not to let the. What do you Willie Libya now I ever earlier wanna nomad and what do you do. I'm on our own banner. You go to ready now yeah I am on the articulation. So our army or you're pretty good at it longer allow science to ignition. Are horrific national alliance I understood after I got out of Rick is. So death this war I go out there yet anyway aren't writing both of us how soon I'll see you tomorrow at practice if I got credit. If they call me today giving my quote window. My window what do they tell alas I'm like 2 o'clock so the window on the innuendo is Saturday. That Saturday as well when. Comments are blank question I don't wanna brag eerie thing but it's one time I did blank. Hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. Well you know it's. What I don't own cars that are. Aren't grand. And a little slow on the draw good and brag about her are all. Clearly don't like I agree there every straight starts when you. Pat I had an opportunity to. Have or some. So I. Started chatting with this girl on the on Yahoo! Yahoo! Jack. Court Aaron young jetBlue had Syria were down oh that's why don't ever get a foursome I've never been on Yahoo! chat. Okay so you only reason I'm. Dammit I hand out. So that I met this girl. Named Danny. I'm gonna name Andy Andy and Casper Wyoming. Montana and Canada has quietly sent on drive and Eric. And G out of me now reduce started our band and everything was cool and on shares of our article about it in Beirut sometime this picture. And Dodd mentioned that some would be you know definitely an editorial on. And I kind of knew that you know some probably gonna happen because we were real pretty on every like for a couple poppycock and so she had. Two sisters so I had it up there. It was great to get not there are and what part of the way. Was able to see you can arise from people on everything else people are recycler in all you're right it was determined to get there. Alia and oh yeah hey why don't drive. You know there and then the people are just asking like hey you know white trying to get out there and I don't rattle whenever there was a really cool guy out there. And. Out and experiment in mountain. Sandra Brussels told me it's the year awards are broken man Lugo off our appeal which dogma. They are so. Got there everything would call. And it has. Kind of happened with them about the first hour and yeah I have it has summer it was where this summer it was cool and just kind of a look at flowing and. In doing it was human and who else with with her. Her sister her to my biological sisters. Yeah right right yeah and so one was kind of like this this cowboy cheerleader kind of and the camcorder out and another one of those. Copied but the girl that I would speak in court which is kind of like this chubby. An average boy and girl and she ended up being the most intriguing. In all out of all this news alert and that. You had sexual with his remains the same time at a same aren't all there and then. I don't make fun of West Virginia did it didn't seem weird to use the three sisters light. Hey let's do I mean look the bottom and let he's making Yahoo! but did you think like this a little while a derelict in my brother and Dodd mandated drug that. Mirror board and Aaron are there are back at the door on board yeah I'm never hired him. I have been stupid board but I've never call my broad alliance a man who organized similar dreams or something. That's seemed like you guys don't just take this up. Right I wow how bored you have to be would start having sex with for him that's and say I don't know I don't know I would be I don't think I would feel comfortable enough I'd be like look. Well maybe individually. Other definitely I don't wanna see you guys together and I don't luncheon tomorrow when I'm evidence that even if it wasn't even biological you know and in. Yeah again it's like they're all adopted that's tubular dude your sisters and I don't mean like you sisters still. Even my buddies like a little privacy and to me it's like open late just leave me alone with this man. You should not want to see this center likewise you know wanna brag or nothing but tell onetime item blank. Hello Courtney welcome to the men drew. Are. All out. I was expecting a different story the little corny welcomed the show. Bedard or yes earn out now I'm Courtney. Holy cal we got corn realise now why would you think we're told anyone other than you. We say Courtney but you do that I wouldn't have ever done color I mean first I'm using one of the third I know I've never used a moment. Yes we are talking to you Gordon welcome to the programs are. Well all. I go IC NN it's confusing that would throughput and suddenly you're listening enjoyment plus on hold there. It's. Yeah not trying to write I would CNN object auto ago and up. There are now working there wearing out and after dinner one night we linebacker out. And that's early get a little hot and heavy. We guess what happened did you guys go to dinner do you remember. All right Derek all right that's good he's not too full. And your breath yeah exactly but still hungry lighters he used to eat after the sex again like you never had dinner in the first place. Yeah. Aren't I. Started. World. Or some guy. Yeah I I don't. I. Yeah there even rescind now but yeah. Announced its neighbors pay. Remember my card that's easier to a crazy idea. Good job and I didn't Endesa way to go east and those goals against the a veteran drill bit if rip through my question I don't wanna brag about than the one time I did black we'll take a quick break into that a mortar shells right entities now. Back just a men's room here's the question why do you like to say where is bush you see now 99.9. KI ESW. Bad dove products grown up now gladly drug charge drag dazzle indicate god banned it joked Friday Iran after email environment or blank question I don't wanna brag or not than the one time. I didn't like at Goldman Sachs. It's all been so guarded and don't go to our men American over the the real ones look a little low moments there is accidentally. We the not travel abroad and we started I guess you notice you more notable than a human being. Will not work that we've led one guy here. Martin and airlines in two lives in London that was what two I want to ask questions while plus the guy in new York city of course is so good looking. But now he decided that he's not gonna date hot women anymore so a's up. He settled down down to plain Jane and she knows she's plane and she wants to marry him so they're happily ever after. I love Brad and I want to darn honest can I say Stewart Lamar did desert community and branded garbage so I don't know Bragg now than the one time I did blank hello Salem welcome to the men's room. A little guy or not. Are you Gelman here today doing well sir how are you. I'm doing fairly well also I don't brag but I want and managed to break my principal at the seesaw. Damn. You. And it it just yeah just want to land and on Jumbo loans it would freshman year. And we are going camping and there was this old person camp ground and all RV is and they had this little area Serb basically grandchildren don't play. And I'm not gonna be solidly and it'd be most jinx thing I've ever seen me at rebar bits of plastic it is. Horrible and I decide you know what I'm finding I'm fat kid I gotta be funny Errol grown gonna hang out with me just jump off this case. That none funny. You have no bread and dynamic ads that are younger listeners that dump on her before owning and learn not Maddon joked about first grade son's really only know. I think I don't golf when he was that BA Tex and they came crashing down on a split. Andy week. You know being kids. Me and my other friend well I don't know you're fine you're fine don't worry always doubt little defiance seat. And in an hour grew to about twice the size early yellow we played Kerry and back to their camp ground. And a military carrying a minute guy ate in the gulf arguably like do you tell them some help. Like are you drunk you look I don't battered attenuated. OK I'm back home. I was gigantic allied with. RB parting line golf carts drunk we were tied around that is called he lives dominate your pardon puts everybody in the gulf armed drug. Are you end up like he drove them back to his camp. And it'll almost ten times more pissed so he put him in the are with the drugs do you do that no one knew that's probably look at you'll. Did your body Jordan drunk stranger in a golf cart from a parents point of view I think look I understand reported losing skid among thing understood would have done a different but. As a parent now. If you were to say hey this is a decision that I made for your kid. I'd be really matter do you think did you think broadest range Jersey gave my did did you think employing. I'm from watching football like things in life like that was like the NFL he had injured neighboring had a car to put on a car you really out. It's gonna wanna follow we're having a lot of trouble carrying and we are we tried to do the firemen carry that it it would not happen in Palo healthy how old were you. I would look at his freshman year cycle or your your little bit and presume that I would build up a lot of yeah and what are you and and and what do you think about yourself now hole. I'm still got a look at America but it's just how ordinary encounters I am twenty order now and I am going. To be headed to pain in the grass this year and I'm really excited Coleman well hopefully we'll see their. Yeah diamonds or blood question you guys that funny yet Hijazi in office that's got to be funny damage. Phoning home I had all my color Bragg and other nuts one time I did blank it out of some nudity and plan ice creams and the food and the wrong man Melissa tool. They don't listen don't hello dairy welcome to the men's room. Record apparently external cards. Hey I don't mean to brag what I want to go to really around the block on my bicycle all right now seat. Well our you know I really don't remember it was about it was like 6869. I was. That would have been nine or ten years old. In erode all out or you be first and only kid beckon good at that age when our remember with your bikes a wasn't just. That you can ride a bike and wasn't just the you can poll really was how far you can do it. And then there's always a pecking order based on who's the best on bikes really the first one to do it. Well yeah there was there was nobody around here they could do anything like that there was I have one friend we used to play. Well because all the we will eat all we would have and ended on each end and we plot oh we realize as far as we could. And we are seeing are brutal and. That's a president Bob Lilly for that long. Does he says our guys can still do occur probably aren't picky aren't that product that got you know we didn't have movie in no way I would. Your leg you're what about 5857. Year old. Yet you know provided that the difference is this man. I guess he read a really good just like once Billick when you fall of all the bike and 58 it's a much different to when you were ten. Don't really Kurdish and they did cries for a second and within ten minutes. You're a guy like him were are crying bulk. You say like me and he's been linked to marry an awfully long time. Well I would like just so much different I got you know I got a rear debt brake on the why make it it's almost impossible to go backwards so I haven't cracked I don't really. There are now you senate. Here's when's the last I'd be done will it. What are. Program aren't impressed as systems and it doesn't answer my question I don't wanna brag now than the one time I didn't like. When you're dead man and you had to buy this remember we lived like in the middle of the street as the hill we lived about in the middle but. I just all the things you can do on a bike as a kid that I had no chance during now. So would you write down and like you immediately you stand out to climb off and right now would your feed on the frame in which you viewed on the handlebars are. You bowled really well you're standing on the seat all this kind of stuff and I remember my parents were well not my parent my mother would always freaked out in a million user whom I got to do. And it blew my mind because seems so easy to Americans get on the Biden plan what we do this and narrow when I look at the bike in my. Yeah I can never just climb up on top of the godly man remarks and think that I'm going to be OK when I was a kid they had this thing. And I had a habit and it was a it was a little thing that you put on the handlebar and you revved it up I was gonna cite a motorcycle I remember. And oh yeah. That's what I had a mobbed by the two dead as someone faster no and I had I had the Marie told flags. You know little guests seated sitting. I guess tomatoes are seizing on a goal. That that they're basically just had dork written all over men's or black and I don't wanna back up and I are nothing but one time by the black goes true. Hello Megan welcome to the men's room. Who liquor in order to make colonel artists. And an Ariel well our you know I'm doing right. It's definitely more urgent care so we don't brag about. Well this kind of the reason I am the read an album got quite it's died before I ever had children. That the border but this is an odd brag so far this. It's not actual I've promises that I apologize for that you know and I'm surprised we haven't had any will make all the Millar due to bag five guys 24 hours it was great. I can't brag about now we can either but at the impact but. So what I would third he was about thirteen or you know I'm from it's called city upon. Adam and they're not let go bustling metropolis is the Montana is otherwise known people who go out there was a whole lot yet that go to church and get a real big trouble and so I show it. The latter. And what we have to do is we're all night and steal cars adapt my dad didn't we. We started when their parents are good they leave their keyed up. And don't we say they can trust the early show I would guess that those are idiots I would get a good these are prepared to peak at the home got the joke that I know I didn't steal the car. Well you know I think that the first from their wealth and at what it's not a huge area like Seattle the adrenaline drive around and pick up our friends. And life and a driver out of it with a few facts we are so we're really really clever lifted a really good I'm not understanding that if a wreck. Half and like I see it now but. So we would driver out of pick up our friends and my parents cotta war so they got the club for the car. I was like oh you like they hold it close you are my child we recommend yeah. Now they were my dad wore around his neck and I used to seal it off of his neck every single night. We decided I want to go as he left we pulled over twice. And the cops what they did it because that I'm not sure you earlier about Montana is why we I didn't have not gonna. They let us they'll both times all you have are not telling the math how opal you wouldn't. This time with third seed sooners there. Islamabad and then a job and I pull over 813 year old driver and a car full of other thirteen girls. As long as they do won't have mavs bomb them like I had to go home. If it happened why it happened twice and I would fail. And so we. Where we no I would not return I was always return that he underwent neck but they've they never so much time they found out the make up the club and what I'll I'll buy now. And so now they let it go after you've done imported to the fallout mr. Picard a car had been reported stolen because they wanna wait too reported don't want. And eat so we took and it curled around town for a very long I didn't like the spokesman hotter you know do whatever but not on Tuesday was there anywhere you can really go. I'm now if it was the big deal yeah now my talent it was nice hanging at the heart you parking lot where the cool kids. Hell even and you're right every bit chicken biscuit they're. I have not you showed I am I really missed they're seeing now your child oh yeah got to go back and get a chicken biscuit and hardee's Carl's junior whatever the color every arguing those are tasty delicious. I like that you just pulled over she's thirteen deserve to call for math there's no method gives are drawn cars not stolen. Have a good night and like really look really about the age girls. He had the eight year old and he decides he wants cheeseburgers so in the middle of the night he starts watching YouTube videos to learn how to drive. And then finally let go of those worked very well yeah he Piazza's four year old a little sister is an accomplice. Not as regardless she was hungry to get and they said let's go to get go Wasilla is driving that McDonald's they do my dad asleep when they got into the piggy bank. He gets in the car he drives it down the street successfully navigates through the drive through but why does one point out something about the store. I think this kid's heart was in the right place like I'm McDonald's the mom dad asleep and somewhat weight room Brandon. I know it cost money that the OC music but I'm gonna go through their stuff on -- of the money that's. I was in my sister still weigh lightly rent and feed. A player what are drums sound and let me just wants some video through it throughout the car and thousands and I'll give you I Hamburg went to me that's is locked yeah. What if you could try and to be you do your eight years old you could probably ride a bike show and so you know and you're looking intently go to what amusement writers like you you've probably don't care under project probably do a bumper car you know our press downing as dear I mean it's not. Yes and Barbara Kerr is exactly well you know what they need is actually like drive and is trying to think of the things I have the words cannot replicate it cholera will go carts we had if you go girl child should stuff to basically. If you know how to drive anything like that. We have little fifties then we are landlords are to reach the pedals and even death. Good in all in a car in a well you know what I write I don't know I'm good seat was waived forward. Right I mean like we did a day just yards he did do good jobs and I don't know how I don't know ma'am but that's that's that are. Men's in my question I don't wanna brag or another no one time I did blank we've got your emails on the way for the men's or amendments or live dot com. It's milestone events are married Edward IK ISW Seattle.