04-14-17 4pm Mens Room Has an S of a Time

Friday, April 14th

Emails, Ted vs The FCC gets S'y and Bad Joke Friday ensues


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Commence drilling would miles. Nine point nine points. Yes you always hear did you do yourself a favor and now put our villages meeting about this coming Friday at men's grimmer and we'll Johnson so tasty. And so delicious. Two great days of combined that would be police famous world world famous ousted from Pike Place Market. And allegiance men's room original red severe. Is in the sausage well a combination that is closer to any pick up the I thought that the portion of proceeds benefit our three local Fisher house locations. If you haven't found yet the boys to do so first of all it's available the Washington State bears. He just doesn't both me. Okay Luke told me. Soledad you can get it delivered right to your door there online KI SW dot com locations as far as where you can pick it up by the pound including up released down the Pike Place Market. And some of the restaurants to carry these sausage on the menu as well pick up tasty and delicious men's room original sausage all the details are at KI SW doctor. Vitamins and likewise in today out on a brighter now than the one time I did black. We'll take a quick break and come back with your emails in the men's room and men's or live dot com next. Actually in the men's room where miles and drill off. Nine point nine KI SW. Todd never tells us what the goal the other is a part of the week coming up we were drinking and tolls with a shot of the day in the weekend as bad drive. The 1980 Hague going platinum this day Kool Mo do you. OK okay. The wild west. While you listen. Here's the court that a 1978. Speed Greece movie came out and of course a huge soundtrack featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. So that's Good Friday to vote for cool mode he wild wild west six west to 77999. Double freer the woman I want. From the grease soundtrack text once. Descendants of a 999 message and data rates may apply you can also vote on Twitter by tagging a 999 KI SW with hash tag once or hash tag west by the way. Voting is it 5050. How does that happen 5050. Right now and oil got there and votes I would say I think that doubled songs suck equally. You want to rely I really don't like either of these enjoys try to coming up right after the shot of the day are miserable I questioned today I don't wanna brag another Mattel one time I did blank. And here come those emails lament German men's in my dock Cobb yeah. Female Roger Riley's a roaring crowd roars of men's room original red because with the agenda for America over bronze medal winner degrade American beer festival every time you pick one up. You do and held a lot of good as the portion of the net proceeds benefit the three local Fisher house. Our guys working one day for a bar in Rock Springs. The owner had booked a kiss tribute band hotter than hell play gig. Happy were lined up to get in as I went through the quotes rear entrance the band members were getting ready to bring their equipment and I told our work here and asked if I can be of assistance. They allow me to help we'll in the racks of equipment carry their guitars and even set up some equipment and run the cables to the camps they let you do that guess what really made my day. And I brag about this for a long time I got to do the soundtrack for the drummer closes on Purdue or I get to meeting the real kiss members every weekend that from mr. Shackelford. Who is a volunteer Rhode Island and letting John Holliman yes go ahead Gary at least I led this kid got my grass. I'm a real force that AJ BLM and I fly on the EC seventeen. Now I get last April so I believe so Obama went to South America whenever the president travels bunch planes carry all the equipment Secret Service stuff. Well you guys are marketed up diverting their flight to Argentina. And landed in Santiago Chile. So they are sitting in the airport terminal waiting to fly over Argentina and Eminem walks up with a whole entourage. He talks them for several minutes and gives them all a backstage passes to his concert there they don't say in the night there and were able see the concert and hang out with imminent backstage. The chances on the like that happen. Very slam I was guys' effort Brian it's pretty cool how story takes plays off five or six years ago. I just got out before your relationship and it ended horribly so I usually go to Cancun every year from a eighteen all my parents I know I know. And I had already scheduled goings on an extra ticket and different mine paid for and game they. Soared to bachelor's down in Cancun and both recently out of relationships. While down their metsu outstanding league good looking girls from Austria so naturally one for each of us. So the night before my flight that at 9 AM we went to a club and afterward my friend it just disappeared. In and of going back to their room and had my first and only threesome and just for you guys are attached to photo. And I'm telling you what they're very tragic yes yes he's a happy man gas should be Austria I mean the guy. Our guys have had assets in the cockpit of an F eighteen I grew up next to a naval air base when I was a dating at jet mechanic. And also argue what the models and about two guys not wanting to really get to know you when you're attractive I'm still Cuban McAllen a soft go. Retired guys just say Hamas that's you let yourself go out now from Roxy the magma that's what I do a Magnum hunter the mag from. The Magnum hunter Kidman. They were freed and a gas. Policy leaders and that that guy's a broken both feet twice. First Hamas first to all walk on over seven months because they confine the hairline fracture between the bones on July twist in one of the X rays. I broke at that time in seventh grade a stepping off a wrestling mat after that broke about tripping on gravel. Getting away from a speeding car than a slip off a curb the day I bought my first guard finally I tried skateboarding conflict wasn't rolled on the board. When I tried to turn my foot match the other Nielsen say move my feet always hurting crackle with every step. That from adjustments panel. Not to brag or did you guys I don't wanna brag but Metafile was canola appear. Deciding I interviewed on the news for dressing up to Santa Claus for ten years the first year when the timbers came back into the im a lesson they had the big rivalry game appear in Seattle. Some news like you wanted me to talk about the rivalry and yes almost quote it. And it made the Wall Street Journal. Big deal that from registered a net and wins detects how we do have some tax. And says here's a sexual. I'm a female and I've bagged a gay man one night. You do. I wanna brag but I put out an apartment and apartment building fire now the fire alarm went off I know a whole thought it was a false alarm. And it piled outside and went a bit back inside to grab my dinner and saw all the flames saved the building because I wanted to. To get my KFC that comic. Comment about brag but I drove my convertible one mile cruise control and sitting on the roll bar. While sticker with my feet Jesus man okay. We can cities scores. I want to donate bone marrow to a 57 year old man who had leukemia. It's saved his life and he was able to give back to normal activity mountain. I don't wanna brag. But and high school I gave my aboard for an road karaoke. And and double to garner good which no one was injured faculty senate I was able to bowler vehicle out and finally. Don't wanna brag but I won't surrogate cab ride home after I got hit by drug and 65 miles an hour and totaled my first motorcycle. Proceeded to scrub the gravel from my skin it's a liberal pad to get an all out don't they didn't run. You're not bragging pilots go. Guarded about Carlos we have on time for a few extra emails here in the men's room events are live dot com. Bridges is my roommates birthday today and I forgot to get him something so I thought I'd try to make him laugh with Labor Day shot until possible could get all turtle wax with an Andrew penis in the middle. Thanks guys and Ebert they Samuel that from Cody. And broke in this. Yeah. Guys there's my best friend Brian's birthday we've been friends for fifteen years and for some god forsaken reason we still tolerate each other. Give him a barber shop fish sandwich play. Easy is it to her and beat Laura Suzanne wins. She's done her own desire. Well the reason I wish I visa Bill O'Reilly is in them on hand and at noon and I am not. Guys there's about 21 birthday I'm currently and at Galveston Texas. I'm here god go to school to be an engineer on chip sadly due to being Easter weekend most of my friends of return home and won't be able to go out drinking and hanging out meet tonight. So gonna build dirty German talk to give me some drinking tips that from Jumbo loan league drunken sailor in Galveston Texas. I guy out of the mud will go to golden goose abusive I want to memorable through and big. Men's room today is enough for guidance on his birthday. She turns to one. So yes John you can. Anyhow I could just figure the birthday song and throwing some mud turtle wax and you like that in the middle please rock on guys out from pockets. Yeah I. Guys on Alicia heavy Tony night to the best Big Brother girl could ask for had a birthday Jason if you demote dirty German talk that would be awesome thanks so much that from Kayla. Judge says the boy you book they are all you can make friends of the front. Gentlemen and Robin. Today is just gets 31 trip around the sun her and her husband nick or just plain awesome birthday song please and any got a sexy talk up from the west Virginian. A rock on that from Nate and Christina. Here hold this in your mouth. All Missouri today is lies we white daisies 34 birthday and I know she in the boys at horrible sometimes wasn't the show sometimes medical we like an occasional snow. I'm not sure what her favorite sound effects are so I'll just ask for mind. Can we get a delicious panties please. And the Germans want to comment on the pennies that would be RE two were in their homeland and and you know. Job Montes and Edwards whose side of the pond to the postseason by. Its. The Fuzzy spun. Opposes government. Well somebody else's book my little buddy captain Troy had a birthday they may not get this out of Wisconsin at the second habeas place on earth. These are new and cool Rory but I think you would enjoy a time to take off deletion and now hitting the window. Thanks as ever and James this kind of sick. Oh can I guess I get up cupcake with a dash of a cut that bitch off from my buds celebrating his 38 birthday that from the dirty white boy on Vancouver Island. Clothes. I didn't know. Medco. Guys don't get a Vince Neil and want to have does that. Thanks I turned 46 today been listening for fifteen years up from lands and lovely Boise Idaho who just sad that all might not work. All right guys here you go. Happy I didn't. Yeah yeah yeah America is a hobby that can't deny. Hey hey good natured there you bid bad. What do we have news. Miles. Sex is that ass that's the unaware of where. Posts that says eight XX act yeah deaths yet got to appear in Canada best under wherever also thrills Land O'Lakes trick is awesome. And Ted's moms joked tickled my wife and kids thanks dead that from the hit no eskimo in bubbly Victoria British Columbia Demi and Land -- thing. It's the greatest thing ever and then I haven't done it would just talk and you grab a martial Mandalay Trent. And and geez mile down you caught her knees off right when you cutter he's a fighter losers with paris' energy companies off and it's still it's still flat because glacier torn dress or something yes. And then you take those leagues and you put them so when you look at the local she's holding a box of Land O'Lakes. You go to knees off in the mutate them about Land O'Lakes malls and in it fits perfectly prepared boobs. And I thought it was hilarious when I was a kid. I think it's hilarious map to try telling him and if you haven't done it it's us here's an island and make you smile just wanna say just try to do the thrill thing with a Lendl Xbox there was no malaria saying I don't say Arnold they are gonna ever on C gets on my Lendl or boxes and I blew the knees on the ladies. Part of the plan on hanging on our fridge as soon as the blue dress that's from a Bolton now appears there's much of a badge of Friday. What he called Mexican guerrilla who tries to sneak in the United States. What are ha ha Har hum beret. Are lumbering. Lumps that are my all home pray that. A black guy driving a superhero iron every guy's talking about a you'll never see a black guy driving a Subaru down while I did liar today blew my mind. Right these are big but do we're to believe he saw he really saw black editor of consumer and he stole it. Let's and it's just this is not a it's not complex facts you know ever Subaru knuckle. Damn man I've grilled cheese sandwich Mayo instead of butter in the grilled cheese for that a couple times. Our guys are good day to get my name is Andrew and I'm not a listener most days on the podcast and because I'm working when your life. I was losing last night the way home from work and Ted was telling us about the fifth installments in the glory shark NATO series that's right he said the release date. Is August the sixth men and basically clear our calendars and anything right. That is correct so I took his advice because there's conflict my weddings that day. Our president my fiance cancel the wedding in just invite guests or home for a viewing. Which again Mira a dumb ass look in turn away from you I also suggested we showed in the background of the ceremony so we don't miss opening day. That she shot the idea down as well. So looks like I'll rely on Ted's a review of the movie on Monday during the should tell that I tried that from the raging ginger and that is very important to do but what did you try let's put on the back ribbon. We had. A bunch of those stories about scorpions in the day one scorpion. In a bag of spinach or lettuce and another one fell from that's over had been under united land on and its head each had to pull out of a sentiment that what is in my hair and a bit him on the hand. Guys you're talking about school and so I figured out we picture with the right now this is inside in my garage that from web master chuck. So I cinema quick email back like. Where's your garage and yet it's on the Florida noon. And he says Phoenix Arizona okay we're also how much they actually Glendale a mile from the cardinal stadium. I moved here in September. Thrill remembers me failures go read those my brother was a photographer now's when standing next him checking out chicks. Maybe I don't know man run faster bear refunds or piano never seen it by their signature excess pressure. When that happened all right. And may be I think we have time for go funders of Republicans. There and now. The newsroom. Hands yeah. I'm real find yourself have you had a KI SW dot com and click on the men's or angels CD go find yourself playing can you can donate any of these fine causes. Hi guys I'm friends with a megs on Twitter and he gave me your email address some in dire need of a brain operation. I was diagnosed with stage three whoo boy Astros like Toma brain tumor. I really help spread the word I don't have any family can help me and I'm not covered. The cost of the surgery hospital chemo radiation some asking for any help I can get thanks guys that from breast. My childhood friend is battling cancer unfortunately the insurance company after a double mastectomy to remove breast cancer doctors discovered cancer. Had spread to her liver and although the initial progress as great a second opinion from doctors Swedish hospital provide families some hope. And we would like to help to to cover the expenses. Please help Denise Butler and with love that from care. Guys wanna share a view us several campaigns in Washington a raising money for the students to compete in the first robotics world championships we are about robots. So I this year 108. Until funnies are raising nearly 160000. Dollars for the event. And there are three campaigns in Washington to get that team on us and they're going down Houston Texas and then maybe and got a sense of robot that's right saint Louis Missouri. And no one more guys are braces and the stories and situations spammers go through your segment go find yourself. I never thought I would be reaching out for you guys are so mom is diagnosed leukemia last year and was in remission trolls here unfortunately last month her cancer came back. And due to complications of the stem cell treatment she was receiving she fell extremely ill and is on life support and you'd. They need any help thing yet prayer the donation. Keep their loved ones close your server thanks guys that from now so if you do a KI SW dot com and click on the mend your page and donate any of those archives. I tell one more programming notes next week just so you know all wait way anyway I don't know right there. Has once again the men's room proudly presents we'd we can. That's exactly right starting Monday. We're gonna take the entire weekend do little slogan in here or eating I wanna say it's been 34 years we've done we week. I have some around our manager unfamiliar it's it's it's not a complicated thing and really it's. It's no fun for you really just won the most is gonna be really really really basically what we really are. We take all of the members of the program and we put everyone's name and a hat and about a half an hour 45 minutes depending on before we start the show. Sometimes closer to beginning the show based on what we're smoke and or for eating inedible and you know I got a panel of table time for that and we'll pick that up ahead of time but whoever's name gets strong. They are gonna be high throughout the entire broadcast might just be Jesus it is up to you to figure out which member of the men's room. Is incredibly incredibly Stockton you available on Twitter you'll be able to check out the KI SW FaceBook page and both there as well we'll tally the votes at the end of every show. We'll let you know who's still member of the program was bad day now sometimes we throw it all kinds curve balls on this stuff. We have done before where three members the show were stoned and one was only one was older bright and you had to pick this over member of the shows a week week is coming up next. Sorry my idea. So excited I doubt we got a nice little. Nice little starter get back there you know we really did planning in advance it's not all animals saying characteristic things that there is it really is a beautiful time man hits biblical call Bob Woodward concludes. The girl marine well as the league afford twenty solar we're doing the weekly thing Barack. I think when you go back in time to the last time we played Denver says the FCC still the good let's go back intact. Yeah money or tanning. Try king yeah it's on trucking. Along in his rookie Trent truck. The truck. It's funny and Teddy is funky. In he's funny funky track does not funny Teddy the truck king has the trust it has fund tracking the thumb to his funky track. The truck is funny is petty its funky in it's funny funky track bar and funny study is the truck king has spun trucking defunct it is funky track. The truck is funny and that is the funky and it's funny funky track to cool funny Teddy to trap game that's fun truck he's a fun. And it's currency shock at the truck is spotted Betty is anybody. Cool I. Oh. It's wife. Yeah I was trying to dead is. Need time. Those three. 140 back. Yeah and yeah. Boy oh. Won't go away with nothing. This I record says this is the FCC. I can't drag their own. He's darn thing we have low lieutenant Naylor at the. You filthy bastard that I think. Another lovely season. It's easy LOC a calls and everything you. They where they are very well and we're nice to you Middleton hit on you isn't just straight to the point of their religion. No I'm making get straight to point in the afterlife no more sex homes because that's all we're getting so. There's just brag and I want yes ma'am no ma'am I had a elderly man O'Malley I don't mean to drag and I have three legs. Garrett would now it was pretty OJ we don't know we'll look good job and at least the only one call we had little problem right this is there's a million different ways to explain this one action that he would do any picked like the one thing address cannot say to exploit now are you excited about we we by the way I am glad you guys doing it or are we know you're a millionaire Mondays so hopefully your name doesn't get drunk. I thought the way that we do whatever's as the FCC's Steve and I if you don't know this bloom is your first time ever during the CC what we do is we stay up very very late. All night on Thursday nights coming able these runs of riddles and allow a lot of drugs this thing where Broadway ensemble black -- is the farmers truckers Vietnam on the road run threats were below that less and global we came in as a listeners militant vs the FCC if only we had known so what we do is we know meticulous your listeners and they lose their first threat out now so we did this one from the kickass accountant does from an actual account. But it doesn't sound and therefore your convince an actual accountant because those McKay Jessica I think so we'll go to that dissolving Aqib. And Ted vs the FCC so I guess this guy's a minimum last year and he you suggested that dead he's never take Nazi season here Gus. Other women plate ever CFTC by the at FCC by the way is one time. Through the three times faster on this so. Here is you're riddle Shearer role. Is city shoes. Siro is CD sushi is cheap sushi chef. The chief sushi shelf of city sushi Sears CDs salmon for city Suzie Suh she's so Simi. There are a priority agenda vs the FCC is that you need to read at one time through and then at three times fast. Cheryl is Citi sued she's she knew she stabbed. This cheese sushi chef at city sushi steers city famine where it's the city since she's such a great program. It's very fishy Steve -- show at this save 67 of us this city at this easier city's immigrant city species this teeny zero. This city is just he's it's that she's not miss it. It's this except that it that she and Britney Spears is this any do Sarah is that this is it just kept this. Don't bitch. This video it's easier to see per. CDC she says. Wow. And then I'd. The bad don't try to enjoy. Portland knocked in the bed duke who takes a 77999. And emails and the men's or mad men's or live dot com Greg got. Job we'll take a break right down to the drug charges Gigabeat until Friday next. I'm going nine KI SW. But here it is distilling companies be as being brown that showed up that. A bad joke Friday tools export to Iraq but first do I ensure the bad Joseph Friday last for generations to come as we first must bring you these rules. This is the official men's room that joke Friday rules. That joke is a bad joke. Not necessarily a dirty joke for instance a guy walked into a block. You know how that linens and yes we all know about the man renowned. Eating dunes don't look bad joke is a bad joke and not necessarily an offensive one. I mean we all know that you don't know Hollywood. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Just keep these simple rules in mind before you go. Boy am I glad lent is over. Why are you glad LED's over I gave up innuendoes and it was long horde. Dual six core duo and I finally saw the beds are married I've point nine KI SW Seattle. Rollout rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drill many nine point nine KI DS. That's a Friday Roger Mayer is a silly governor is being as big brown it. Should go back then and away we go on Aybar and Joseph Friday hello Daniel welcome to the men's room code then you'll welcome to the bedroom. They're all. Oh La boy. So what people have heard. Murphy who are now members can go wrong will go wrong what's called block. It's cold lol what is called law and required Arabic. Hello Jeff welcome to the manager. All of bitches on. Nice showed it is good to get to overwhelm does today still I saw so. Got to go to doctor couple days later this phone call Doug says the record bears and I've got bad news as well. Give me the good news doctors territory for our live Google my god what's the bad news I tried calling yesterday's. I though. Hello Josh welcome to the bedroom. Oh on IRO yeah out real real quick wit that Randall rakes my dad Tammy you got the bar very size of the letter considered then you. You'd pay to bet he's from the other side of the label on the facts right where we open letter flapping your guess not I agree that on the results. No worries and I changed it up today as to who we were kids read to them that way that when the teachers didn't realize. We actually showing boobs but I wanna dog out of all the moves you want. OK so I'm po excitement created you know how many phone locker picked colonel I fault somebody blogs does it take just colonel iPhone. Three. One to hold the ball due to turn water. A bonus to maybe joke. Hello trucker rob welcome to the men's room. Are. Hundred Chara on top. Was again octave and cotton Joseph guy Larry Baer today are pretty darn rare and they're cute daughters didn't care that can't. And her retirement. Where you b.s. Go to use the master of sport of these go to use the bathroom. Got beat pretty basic where Al. Hello wade welcomed the bad jokes running. Do you load rigid top. Whore I don't care Ringo not rock who's there. Who. Who. Woo woo woo. Okay good so excited just joke where. Right does look you have they used to joke that joke where you get a setup unfortunately the yes the bush lite isn't suitable for these or any other airwaves but if you would like the outlets like to the joke. All you have to do is take similar joke to 77999. Message and data rates may imply we call it when you get an erection at a funeral. It's. Tell you. 7999. All right and we made it to dig into.