04-14-17 5pm Mens Room Gets Sporty

Friday, April 14th

Shot of the Day, TV Time and a local UFC champ is predicted to win!


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So bloody day. JC airwaves to be ready. Men's room knows just just. My news. That is usually adds there's a big desk and Steve throw vilified out nortel's you hear this indeed you bring your joke that's in bad taste looks funny. And then the long do you think about it the worst tastes are pretty that's like oh my god man. I'd today which grossed 49 girl pulled a George Kramer. Over Racine Wisconsin doesn't veterans of Racine blazer okay Racine Wisconsin this guy I don't know what is deal is but we movie the bodyguard. Give out my dad had to do it Kevin Costner it would be used in she did that I'll always love you for the sound good blab blab about about what business guy. He also public library and racing this is last week and he asked to watch. The bodyguard for the game dvd reset the library and he's watching it has left. And I would've been fine. Until library and spotted them cracking open a beer he's gonna have a beer much about it while adult we could drink a nursery got mad stormed out. The problem is he stormed out with the dvd now no word on whether he said he was on the mat. Higher than the cubs eventually tracked him down. And he frantically tried to bike away but when he got awful despite the dvd fell to the ground and he was arrested for factories. Of the bodyguard. Come on man you're betterment I don't care who you are due and I get busted for stealing a dvd copy of the goddamn bodyguard. Pathetic orchard to watch the body guard involved the most current. Report as well as I drink this booze because we think it's Yemeni got back so over the top and down the flight to party and our Tommy's. On the whole job Arizona. MRI done today quite the battle we went back to 1988. This day for a platinum album from cool mode deal with hits like. How you like me now and a wild wild west. Other took on the one from the grease soundtrack going back to 1978. I John Travolta Olivia Newton-John your the one that I want and from what we understand there Robin this was unbelievably close vote. Aid law news four hours and hours 5050 fit Blake it's just it didn't go anywhere and didn't move does both songs suck equally that's my belief now who think that Anna. And then the call money coming in and saying how do you like me now. Was finding good at it you could think that people are suckers for voting a different way you can think they had fifty ways to voted different way it didn't matter. It was the one we wanted it was. You're the one that I want now. I yeah I bomb I doubt. There are a winner on a bad choice pro day look back in 1978 that's what going platinum this day for. Yes John Travolta. And I knew John from the Greece out your welcome we. Smiles tournament dramatic nine point nine GIS ICM. Miles is too. Nine point nine. KI DS stolen you almost don't fiddle pilots on Iraq again our winner on bad choice Friday that goes back to 1978 degrees single you're the one that I won by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John certified gold it would go platinum. Some three months later they go on bad choice Friday all right what's on tap for the weekend doesn't soccer action tonight mariners are an action throughout the weekend Oprah did a Demetrius Johnson also fighting yes Saturday night and for everything else and take a break come back what TV time attend that this season. Point nine KI SW. So there's a good enough Vancouver you could say go Freddy Montero action. As far as the Mariners are concerned Texas and down for the week interval UFC action on on Saturday night for everything else several TV time a team. And now. I think life. Countless hours in front of a talking. Nice job brown. You TV camera team likes affinity TV more ways to get more entertainment. They can enjoy shows and movies instantly on any screen catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite shows. With extended beyond the man who wants life to be any time anywhere expended in the future of awesome. Their urges and jagr for this sure let's jump that aren't so we've got Jimmy Kimmel Live to announce forest this week or I should say for next week is well because we year going to be celebrating. We'd week that are correct that is correct we are not the only one this apparently our friends to the north are going to be doing a lot of the same very soon it turns out Canada is jumping on the bandwagon and here is what Kimmel had to say about this is. I'm dean candidate Canadian prime minister drug Justin Trudeau was dreaming by the way I really introduce a major legislation say that would legalize marijuana for recreational use all throughout the country. All throughout Canada and and down. And they must really want Seth Rogan back is on there. Yeah this was one of his campaign promises it's expected to pass the current punishment for being caught with pot in Canada is. Cops saying hey maybe don't do that in. I'd say it's a candidate is about to become the. Stoner living in America's attic congratulations. That's great news and crossing the border of course some places in Canada Garrity has the ability to go on the phone and do what I don't want to but now it's gonna be nationwide and I like the fact that that he said look. It's on to each individual provinces far as how they wanna regulated like hell they want you know the eighteen is the bottom age you only get higher than that you make it higher than that are but they're able to grow up to four. Plans for household he laid out a general ground work for the entire look at now step so they get that Gonzalez like states' rights to them crazy how that works so functional. And I think more people will obviously 12. To vacation there because of that you know especially on the death count on it may have death with a question I look at tourism through Denver through here means all is all picking up and it's. Been great and I couldn't find candid on Mac until I heard that news out now all the depth now on Norah does and every dollar that is where that money's gonna go it's gonna go to help there. Health care system crazy. And I have a lot of extra money as well. Kimmel also pelican 40 eastern just like the rest of us for Reese's eggs and other and other reasons of course he's a racist and Reese's job. I'm an adult. I really is no highlighted how I wish they pay no black person being made between diamond Donovan are all white losing those for every other day but Easter and. So he sends a reporter out. On the Hollywood boulevard you've seen this before you ask questions about politics all these other things. I love these best so when he asks kids thinks because of soul. Brutally on you guys know your kids yep yep no holds barred it's always the absolute truth from them at least tell they understand it an interpret it. So he was able to ask some young kids when they. Thought the story of Easter wisely well Hollywood boulevard were kids are enjoying spring break and ask them. What is the meaning of Easter hearings. Historian he's very. Okay. Heard anything. Okay. Throws me now. Funny thing. You need to hang the bunny and yes that's right well that's I would not say that's that far from everyone else's understanding of the Easter for the most part dole yeah. Not everybody can go through the full story. I was reading a I think today a study that said that most kids. Just don't generally think of the Easter Bunny is one of those things. As far as ferry in east and a lot and is number 10 yeah for sure spell setup. Just seems aborted due. Right but it's also done a dark when your sleep and everything else like with. With the Easter Bunny what does they always would you just let me guarded bigger plates friendly he left. Against his healing the basket really save when he shows up maybe how our specific yeah I do get a basket in the morning I was never too early lead out waste dump the lunch. He improved eggs out in or your governor in legal fund press. Yeah but there's not much but it doesn't really monitor you know exam of public and got to be good price target is watching her as. All the time every vendor everything we do wrong in kids who brought notices starting in about October. You're notices sent he watches to a little more closely these abundance like look virtual. He's gonna bring you some stuff he does not require that you that good truly horrible in worry about though there was no heat edited to show up wraps and draws of Ted Nolan says I do dips Easter bunnies icon for this year you don't cut the crap out and the differences late in these two money didn't bring you candidates Clinton was Halloween. Christmas is Christmas man method that is you're one shot to get all on crappy thing you want right in my house it was just like look if your if your actually going to go to church on one Sunday. That's the one they're gonna drag it to that's when they're gonna dirty they're Gloria oh yeah and it's a long sermon that's you know. It sentiment although we know it's it should be the that'll run but doesn't care likely just like this the. Is your kid to go to either like Bible school before that here in their for like an hour. And then there's like fifteen minutes tournaments were bolted coffee in her drink good coffee doughnuts and then they'd they go and you go for another hour and so. Remember that it's a lower can it armor worn Bible school when I was a little little little little kid my family is remarkably non religious my immediate family anyway. And look upon assault on the weekend I mean our the godly. Yeah go here. Make something out of clay you know remained a little sooner done. We don't care who retained any thing that ever said that looking back out of like basically. You got this one time on the weekend storms some church alive and we were good kids Turkey looks like your hand hey Fred good. This is the main thing now your talents nonviolence. So we have a fairly awkward clip of the week I don't tells the looking forward to those on the right you have to do it now what it is is confirm what job exactly. I am we are turning to Fox News for the school okay. Because we have to. They featured. What I guess they think is the most American song possible I don't know. Oh yeah going into what is easily one of the heaviest current news stories and this is kind of how that time. To a 21000 mom. It doesn't pound bomb. And Pakistan. At least 36 ice is fighters have lost their life. Welcome to the final out of the week on FOX & Friends and guess who's here do you reckon although Rivera can learn about. For a lot of videos blackened my morning that. Is what freedom looks like that's the red white and black well what my favorite things in the sixteen years they've been your fox news's watching bombs drop on bad guys. YA. I just. If they seriously play that song at all with footage hey ray footage and the whole I mean. Easily won the most awkward segue is. And all the those but this was really something special that is awesome it was it's true. There and dad and it is to be noted that I probably cut well over a minute of that song. Thank you Al thank you back while you all to have they decided to wait hold on the joint foot they absolutely and it dancing. It was just. It was. Yes soundtrack for this yes we sure dale feels like you're making a mockery of in remain right it's still serious business model employed fewer tests on it that's how you would market cannot stand as the problem. Dirty joke about it and and they're not and be little it. They're not they're absolutely see I just want I don't watch a few times lightweight. They can beat complete they were absolutely intuit serious and eleven that it was really uncomfortable to watch. On the topic of presidential choices on TV you know. We may be never thought we learn anything. From the real housewives franchise I didn't I've never seen an episode and now I imagine you guys haven't either unless you've had no answer it with maybe there are likely something is. Yeah here in the air but I've never sat through an episode I never expected we learned something from these guys. We may have learned too much. At this point. In a real housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show a good recently and now I guess cream of the crop as far as the housewives can I do know they broke up I didn't even. A housewife Kim Richards. Admitted to previously dating the current president the United States when Donald Trump. Soul so what man that's writes he could've been the alt cements his. Als huh and one of the real housewives at some point how long go to she day. It was years no not. That far that don't history. And I guess the creator of all the housewives franchises. Andy Cohen sits them down and these reunions in the asking questions tries to get information from them about the gossip and all the things that happened he says I heard you once dated Donald Trump. Is it true she cringed in her chair and replied. Yell let's let's not get into so he put. For more information. Isn't aliens I had dinner with them. Let's just not talk about the president's commitment didn't wanna keep going into the conversation I don't think she did just by the. And I think she would want a dark about it but. I'd just amigos like Donald Trump the we get like what what everything was politics but all that aside but to look at man is an ugly son of bitch. But is what we understand why he's married we did it in right understood outings in front of full and about it so. If at some point you did they'd done dropped the story went on a date down and click OK we're gonna have to do that is like I'm assuming girls and us is what I would think you'll reason you wouldn't want to talk about it either goes on the awful happened which. I jumped include having sex with him right and helpful let that. I think it's just one I had experienced well I mean even if it doesn't look we didn't get a look like you're at the forum on the boss wouldn't say doorman woods and long. They didn't in the moment but not like I won't vote yes please you at such a bash. Shut it down Trixie quickly engines on that could have been and we could've had multiple. All my reality stars in the White House which would be. Tremendous with a B more does are it's hard to set. May be. Yeah I don't leaking of more bizarre than in the not really not really as far as what's going on this week and there are so many different sporting events but this one is definitely worth highlighting because it involves someone. Local that's pretty awesome so USC fight night is going to be going on in Kansas City it's going to be gone on tomorrow. And you'll never get on fox but if you need to be able to watch it outside of the bar of course you Etsy dot com and any details for you but. Featuring local boy from Parkland which is cut its rate your Tacoma and flyweight champion because by mighty mouse a Lisa's what they've called in for a while Demetrius Johnson. And he's taking on Wilson case drag. Demo for you I joined the show he's been on the arrows that's what I hear him and his or vis a great guy and and and you know let me show her for pound pound for pound he he you are arguably the greatest I don't know that my cats I'm Hillary his record at the rebuttal and a candidacy I don't think he's lost yet it still get I think people get what wolves no formal want to play. He's good Brett you know dominated his weight class for longer than probably anybody else says yeah. Tells you the size it is it is a good again in exile as an action figure average looking at a white. This dude can kill you it's very it's just let it let you and we never underestimate what Cory Martin right argue was understood a result some guys you don't get it with him as soon as we amendments that I get it. Met the dude Cape Wind swiftly and thoroughly especially yes it's a healthy suspicion he can take it was always look at the I guess it was a little over Mongolia lawyer Barack knows what was broken. As records insane just reading through all the stats and was crazy so early predictions do you have mighty mouse taking it. But the second round with a tko with solid grasp and nobody's got second China India the second round is what I think and thank them so we'll see how it turned. I wondered how fighters felt about that whether light. Others MMA or boxing and things like what you might be the underdog OK that's one thing is no you go into almost any other sport be the underdog. But no one ever implies that you will will be broken before you can finish the game. So Calvin say hey you respect this box or this and make them away and that's another thing and is it. Yeah I don't even expected to be conscious right actors like my god ram and did describe I don't know. That I don't even know how to have the southern bank must feel horrible about that to see there or do you let that get T I don't know how do you avoid the new I really use that as Baltimore fodder and go on there and give it everything I guess you have a good reason it is around three and prove him wrong yet you have to but yes so mighty mouse local got training as he can as can be awesome NBA playoffs also and we going on those are either way it's starting off tomorrow afternoon. Pacers and cavs start that's tomorrow afternoon. And otherwise you do local sports two nights rightly get at Safeco if you're able to out of the there. Is guts the Mariners playing it the wasn't the Rangers Rangers that there's sex strangers and then Sanders also tonight but up NBC taking on Vancouver. And if you're going to be watching TV tomorrow night's be sure to check out Saturday Night Live event Jimmy Fallon hosting which is always good you which means you prone downed a Justin Timberlake. Shop somewhere there's really generation Hussein coming all the guys used Romans exactly so some I'm sure that at least a couple of them are gonna show up and then you've got Ted's favorite heartthrob Harry styles. Hurling a bug musical guest. It's Sunday. Yes there's Mike caught. Get entirely manager Mike hawk I'm here at night here dealt in good working theory we know and the will both of them is that they're hoping there'll open frustrated through the one off one to express a loved one month. So those sorts of wonderful news here where thirteen year old kid he was just trying to put a clip in and done. But instead he accidentally shot himself in the head and your thing he did this as ten or fifteen friends watched on instead Graham why. Right so witness to live stream they said and but the clip and a weapon which family members did not know he possessed. And and look back to think he may have gotten it from a friend in exchange for an iPhone nevertheless as but the clip in the gun that's when the gun went off. His mother into finally the team line and pool of blood after kicking down as one door he died hours later house. It is Grey's Anatomy is here and should RY one of those bodies were pulled equipment he does shoots himself. In America. I would go to Las Vegas show I've I've always been a little partial to the Bellagio hotel. I want the first underwent Vegas buddy my guy Mary there open and that is where he got married. Sort of way Thursday night last by the blaze damaged the decorative things facing on the roof of the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas Strip now know almost injured fire started about 11 o'clock last night. This edit the damage was limited to the roof. Via the Bellagio and next but they still don't exactly know how it happened and things a little strange in the same and you got cameras everywhere somehow. There's a lot of thing martyrs and bright and sort of like it's not the fiery it's ovals big deal we've got about no walls or does it. But jab video footage and everyone's being very tight with an odd about it especially. If you are in the navy. It you decided to no man on the debate the amount of smoke a cigarette well we have some bad news the debut as navy has issued a partial ban on anything that's after series of what they characterized as quote unquote. Missteps. They're apparently fifteen missteps involving. 4015. In June 26 and some fifteen times in eight months and an eight of those. Incidence. They happened aboard vessels or aircraft. Two bold. But Brett that's an incident that that is one other incidents and as they multiple salesman and by exploding. You suffer first degree burned or facial. Disfigurement. So you know here's a guy like ma'am and I'm your faith Lama Vedeno and NATO's combat now you cigarette bloom right mama. Front and about. And on that note let's talk about the world Donald Trump of the with eight million things going bad. So right now may be heard earlier today the drug administration they announced that they'll be keeping all the White House visitor logs secret. Until at least five years after president from Reid's office. Now before you get to mom won't understand Obama administration. Are the ones are we put the biz or almost on mine in first place so this is not some traditional things do. And they still do three months but there's an out with trump he's like look we're not gonna do it people freaking out about it but the thing is he's got other things to worry about. Did you ever remember tomorrow there's march's planets around the world people demanding that. Donald Trump releases tax returns and a lot of that is because when I was. I go to brush investigate all gonna come back up so believe it or not read a sub market in addition of that guilt must deal increasingly volatile situation with North Korea. Apparently South Korea Japan. The racing for bracing for a possible Sarin gas attack. The trump follow through on his pledge a military action should North Korea. Terry out of nuclear test tomorrow also his wife lives far away his wife was far away and tomorrow in North Korea as they call it. The day of the son of somebody like that but it's a big military festival. Normally there's is when he'll Goebel is a little bit right to do you just a missile or something right you want flesh stuff and then there's also the intelligence. From six different countries. They provided proof that several from advisors and aides then back collaborate with the Russian interest before and during the campaign there not saying. What those collaborations were bound by the or six different countries that apparently inform the states that I met mrs. We're not even looking and drop looking into some Russian gangster kinda guys but those are the ones that are talking to. So understand all the that is worn out for fraud so imagine what he decided to do it was go to Marleau go for his sometimes. Since taking office as a dip and then even immoral argot for God's sakes apparently they failed. Multiple health inspections of a lot of code violations given my these are old news so this is like some from back in the Davis and look. Now the so many desperate going there with dignitaries and all the Secret Service all these people basis than bullets let's check the food. It's our great man there's not a lot of wonderful things there's about fifteen violations. So far and they they check this only few days before the Japanese prime minister came for a visit. So some of the things that they comical high priority problems described as potentially hazardous. Faulty refrigerators meets stormy well above the required 41 degrees as an example would you stormy to 41 degrees are going to be okay. The dark in the beef they were fifty degree I'll wait let him. 57. 57 in other if you include a possible seven served about proper parasite destruction. And I handled quasi safe running water. That was not hot enough. And care that that friends are Smart dot. Lot of can do. And today about Marshawn Lynch situation and how this is playing out not sort of the claim and this is from Mike Florio pro football talk to doctor net who's been updating this. I did the raiders and lynch signed a deal. Then it's soft into a contention that lynch and the raiders have worked out a deal that hinges on the raiders and the Seahawks working out a trait right. At this point nobody knows what's going on Collins himself has treated essentially that there is no deal. A sore throat Pluto source with knowledge of the situation a separately. Told pro football talk the raiders and lynch are not even close. To a deal yet it was reported by KJR radio in Seattle that. Well Lynch's. Agents. Text of the radio station or grocery gonna say there's noted. But then let's run primarily taping your rates or act yacht and so whatever that is and his legacy declared appear even weaker two bit. You know I Al sports on this weekend pro baseball tonight seventy and it's the Rangers and the Mariners MLS soccer underway at seven. That is on June 13 as your center set up to Vancouver. The once again. SE Freddy Montero. Everybody white caps a mixed martial arts on Saturday UFC fight night. Is Johnson under way at five that on Q thirteen is pro baseball at sixty and still with the Rangers Sunday baseball starts at 110. And that game is on the routes are we will take a break below the Daryn Daley joins us right after the now. That's just a men's room. Fun 99.9. KI DS double lovely terror dale off my god he does what a beautiful front it is beautiful front it's been nice for us today is really have to look at too ugly dudes Libby are. Surrounding us to them shows men were pretty dismal rob yeah man it's as nice CN blonde really and I can attack and I would what's going on through we can when he are going on morehouse stuff all of course there's always more house on the new washer dryer tomorrow authority. They called me and Tony they're gonna do is supposed to be my window within call me a lot airline. So tonight before the house fund starts tonight our bodies into effect. Saddam by just plain that the crocodile on the oh yes I'm right up the air on Austin T-Mobile in my basement and that then tomorrow we are actually picking up. He would splitter. Which on super pumped it out splits and will this weekend. And then add even for next winners are no matter how tired boy that's working ahead in that do in some some windows installed tomorrow there's some framing happening. They forgot my my master in getting Yemeni drug addicts living in the house currently nothing no good enough or fun generate. Okay not anywhere you know I don't weirdness I got edged get them stopped only gotten an Easter Sunday night family is does it full blown adult Easter Egg Hunt. It was always in the Gary's there was Libya told Easter get money. How much well either. Some have a couple bucks and but there's always like the one that has that point in die. You know and I am heartened that once Jeff yeah I do a little and I told them with different drugs. It's cracked it wanders methamphetamine and that's my other idea is that like an adult Easter Egg Hunt you write funny things on them like party naked and there are drugs and that is there's an you know I think about it reminds us that children yeah. Slowly turned LA is embeds is we're out of here enjoy your weekend BC AB get a chance the government or original red midterm original sausage he'll find folks and Fisher house and we'll talk to get a Monday just NT what miles series is created three city Yuba billion. Number I've just enjoy the weekend we are back on Monday until then please do what you do best and for a lead the city this. Day beautiful. Truman's day before a live studio audience who wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited. Minute presentation knows the mantra. RealNetworks.