04-17-17 2pm Mens Room Welcomes Weed Week!

Monday, April 17th

Mens Room celebrates #WeedWeek with the Random Question Question


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He what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Lord and he invited to join the party. This is some. All gathered in secrecy. This is now. They say shake your radio more than three times. I had. Mozilla go great Monday April 17 2007 team and a number 2587. Yeah. Along with Steve the throw hill. Believe Ted Smith. And in my car. Yeah are in the men's draw a yeah today welcomed today want to agreed to wage. What you don't need to know these sticky icky addition. Nor does is as good as my categories vacation and. Bathrooms profile this has your tickets to CC there. Most headlines and even from shot of the day fumble as her emails and everyone's favorite TV time of day to pick black hinder you need to arterial latest from the FaceBook killer has his phone pinging somewhere. In northwestern PA. Within the past five months of man has over 1000. Strangers come to assault for a little man on man erotica and repeat this story the rest of your life as the world's oldest person is dead. United public relations firm continues to urge every single penny of that hard earn bread and it. Three year old is held it in an embassy on terrorist charges. You can go to sleep now and is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question drug do you Mike's layup resort casino. All outfit his good day do you enjoy it more importantly. Happy week week and everybody we. And that's right begins today at the simple fact of polls RD of all of a mile that they of that crap later all you need to know is that it is. We'd win. Another we got that out a way let me ask that question had never heard of imam Murano. Ammonia. Rockwell doesn't really matter now miles because she died at but here's the thing. She was born in eight teen with 99. So when she died this past Saturday at the age of 117. To. No one was surprised. But as you said there's now. 00 record holder for being the oldest person in the world they're born in 19100 stoker's. But they die no surprise that they died Carrie Fisher actress Carrie Fisher now her death was surprised. What's not surprising with the big announcement from Disney saying hey guys how we just want to get rid of any rumors Carrie Fisher will not appear. And Star Wars episode nine slate and come out to one in nineteen revolt will no kidding. Because she's dead we got back we understand how that worked somethings are so obvious you wonder whether by the time earlier today. We find out that you winner of the Boston Marathon sit down the field on her though they're from can. Did you believe that well can you believe that someone from it why even bout we know. That's a foregone conclude Vegas is not cleaning up yet. Exactly anyway it did to some of the stories that we solve. And it creates many questions and mind in these are the questions we would like to ask you. And a formal arraignment question question now this is how wars you'll call us we will ask to a question at complete red. After you share your answer to close. We'll share with you the story that inspired said question her brother showing Iran question question call 20642 on rock Ron footer at 999 KI SW and events are live. Dick 77999. Answered those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. Returns here's the question and Ryan teel Mike to let live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. Now about this thing here heat we have some. Knew I guess marijuana of facts that you'll find me in as you've heard all the other crap you know we we've got some we got some good stuff government and isn't it. Day one of we'd weeks leading up. If you follow the men's room on Twitter at men's room live that's where you can vote right now. There are four of us. One of us is completely stone to the best to my knowledge I'll vote for miles thrill Robin or CC who was in for our own Mike hockey we understand that the Mike. And Ted well they're still doing their honeymoon vacation together so it and they'll look they they they'd probably will be back tomorrow and they should be lower. Yeah and after a two covered hello little sponges to love each other and a walking up and down the beach with a leash. It's been level they say turns on things I can't establish who the dominant so it's either Arab myself Steve Robin order CC who was incredibly high. If you follow the men's room on Twitter admin to live. Yet there and bold we will announce who he's still number is on the show at the end of the show as we welcome in the lovely Terry Daly later on in the no one knows the real athlete you're duty of your more time so. That's all coming up. They one of we wait and they were Doran a question question jewels export to Iraq. It's miles through demands are met and I point nine KI SW Seattle. This man is miles and drill now he's now nine EIW. Still. And it. Stones on the rock held until miles to elements are met and I'm point nine KI SW rog today one on we'd we'd tell us we probably golf. What does and here is high as a kite if you would like to to vote on who you believed to be high today assembly follow the men's room at meant to live on Twitter and you can vote for miles throw Robin or CC one of us. Varying and very hot days what does the last son question drugs like night. You know I'm I'm not modular heroic three or four years ago to look at not try to do some reset Isaac guidance thing is so my kids I think. My parents I don't know whenever somebody bottom titans not me all right but the thing is they want to do it you finally unionized day. Which is simple at all or no idea why the guy like in my world it's not I got out of that we'll have that we we day one so get there and vote we are somebody somebody and here's. So let's say here odd depth for you today we got your guess is good as mine categories will be. Vacations and out bathrooms got to the fourth of you read before the shot of the day and today is the day that we do our random. Random random friends hello Max welcome to the men drew an orbiter. Oh wow. Was that a man no idea who you're you're earlier we're doing all right our embassy here I match. I got one for everybody earth. Where you are right now where you live in your primary. Living space. Whether that be your bedroom or your favorite couch or whatever from where would you say that furniture is primarily from. Would bookstores. Left to kind of stuff you get there. These world you get lazy boy recliner and whatever and. I don't remember. I have like my coach specifically Israel what it. There you are when all my other go by got firmer. I like her goodwill hadn't played good and DePaul politically or boy it would cable and equipped. IT goods and new Paul's obviously. Pretty nerve quick Congo pickle crow bar church and mineral I don't know why article. Bird there are report true true crooner do you go there and you and you take the old auntie seven use that. Carter got a pretty nice or coffee table that orbit. I've been but they're they're all look like recruit them but they aren't. Over the Carolina or right it is good that. What color is adamantly gets born I don't know but it's kind of the wood but it's kind of not right there are quick order you can go to our PR problem on our you know or theirs you're sales pitch right that this is the true golf got I've gotta yeah I've got an old. An old trunk. That from a barn and West Virginians more confident. You put anything on their spill anything on their don't really matter namely coasters is just sinks right in the aboriginal horses have probably had sacks on the it has a smell of a barn when you open it up somewhat but that's fantastic and out other is what did you discover that what did you put a bullet gambling tournament. Anything it doesn't matter no anything you put an arsenal as felt like crap. Other address worries your furniture from believe it or not. This question basically shows you where you are and what stage of life UC because. There's no official moment when your officially grown up but this could be a good unofficial sign. According to a new study. People are most likely to shop at certain stores at certain ages sure so if your stage 24 years old a key. I Kia bright that is 30%. Of my key is customer base so for the most part record between the ages to only four and thirty. You've gotten all of your stuff and I key man that's reasonably priced at about super adorable when you get Japan and LeBron and then nothings changed they say. About 3435. Now this is an interesting trends transitioning period in your furniture livestock because you go for my key it to then. West L. Crate and barrel and William Sonoma I don't say two reasons why believe mr. want this is priced. Aren't as front wasn't immediately 35 you know whatever career you got but B I'll let you start having kids and anyone has kids knows does one thing to be true. Anything from IKEA that you bought before you had kids your kids have destroyed it by and Brett and did it make you cannot handle children in any capacity soul. You've got to give that credit to them they can break it you don't care and then you bugs off the medal of touch and marketed to these for these age groups as far as style not necessarily always the ability for you to be able to afford it of course there's younger people who can afford decent but the sad furniture about it the most out of them so when your forty. That's one year Restoration Hardware days Turkey Britain and your peer one import days that's right now eventually after that your demo furniture leave or not. Now myself they say you're done it about in your forties you've gotten most things in mind by mattress and the like that than they say he gets where you spent. All of your money. After you are 48. Years so I bought I got all the furniture and got all the things that day so now my money is gonna go to one more big store. Explore that you go to all the time on Bebo Home Depot up Mary because then you got the house no house this fall apart now jailed for Andre and and one and then you gotta go to home depots at tiger life goes as far as your retail experiences in your twenties you start out like here. Then in your thirties Euro west elm crate and barrel type person Williams-Sonoma maybe. And in the forties your Restoration Hardware type person. Pier 1 Imports type person pottery barn type of a person. And then eventually you just end up at Lowe's and Home Depot now facing all the crap yet replaced and that's according to the serve. Random random breath hello Brandon welcome to the bedroom rent. A lot of knock. How worries our brands are very rare criminal Brennan little has some brand and they're gonna Greek people with law do you say aloha also when you're saying about it. Actually never say that it's lawmakers he's our man to go and do it the go both ways priced. Yeah it's hello and it don't mean like I say aloha to the somebody hello say I don't know high gambling lead. My man bringing home tiebreaker. Let's stick with stuff. To stick with purchasing crack. Well reduce today. Is the dumbest most useless. Most worthless thing that you've ever boss. Now whether you're excited about it or not or maybe it was just some major doubt be a good idea the timer whatever the deal was it just get a sits there. I'll give you a prime example of how I in my life how this is were for me. And I'm sorry to say this is part of the Costco world and in the just getting older and whatever but. I had it one point in time about five different kitchen type appliances in my sister had bought me an ice cream maker. You never Getty I had an altered your honor I orgy but wait there's more all there's more. Not only that but I had a pin meanie press you. Hello. All those stupid well no wait there's more knowledge that I had a rice maker. In case you can't just make hello Eric Moore come I had like one of those big ads really good industrial strength blenders right. Aren't like a Biden makes. Okay that's me if I'm makes movie sequence numbers and Biden makes a likable and out of those eleven biggest blunder who knows it's expensive as Eleanor Odom why the hell have I mean I use my boy Obama ought to be a good idea to make shakes guest coming times and use that. And use them and zero come home and now I gotta get shaken dude I got you can make milk shakes and don't look. Here's the thing all right so the first three things you listen I believe are are stupid but but a blend it he got a blender and here's the thing. You'll like milk shakes you can make milk shakes and blunders phone a lot of people buy them getting a little smoothie be healthy to do this if just make what I don't know what they're gonna fry daddy of them on Rogers put deep friars in in my kitchen countertop and the French Fries all because people and sharing maker is okay it's not a milk shake their herds of blender that you make milk cheese and man to brandy you're at home village treatment right now of course okay right yeah you can make a motion now on on him. You wonder you have to have I am I'm. Brand woody got that was a dumb idea to buy. I'm not very rich very from really cheap tools from a really truth cheap school. Place the manufacturer and it broke records are gearing up maybe once or twice so I don't like what where when you don't you just know he neo you need to buy the good stuff. Yeah I think it would tools marveled at C my pro life but while. Wondering Hayworth let them today. He's on the beach with a boyfriend Mike. Regardless multiple time yes do don't they were Lopes they were right they. They've gone altogether but got merit on the beach and Vernon beautiful ceremony and does so they've they've taken off label both be back tomorrow. And then the stories ever though it's ironic about dazzle we understand. That is what runs a drugs or other reasons as well as the worst thing that you ever purchased. And they just did a new little pole there. And came aboard the worst product flops of all time according now 24/7 Wall Street which outlines the top fifty. But we've got the top ten for so my question would be sent at an I don't know the metrics are for this but mr. different things there are. Products that were stupid in the first place but then have brought us of people buying and don't use a little. What was the thing to everyone uses as a cold right now the flex all the ball flight both like that 1989%. Of people I know the bottom both legs never used they're both what it takes up a lot of room and always a good thing about little light. Both legs didn't flop because they sold a lot of them. But no one actually you were able to shake weights that are out there. Some guy right now sitting in a multimillion dollar home because he admitted to shake yup and it's here and it's gone in you might have won but he came up with the right advertising campaign is not a analyst number ten Microsoft's Windows Vista 2007. I have not intelligent enough to tell you why the that was not a good color number nine Coca Cola's New Coke. Back in 1985 New Coke was their way of saying hey we wanna tastes like Pepsi at the time. And people who drank cokes at no please don't do that the reason we purchase Coke is because we like the taste of coconut to different taste in pets well the problem is they they didn't do it in addition to debate just change the whole thing do not remember this but in 1979 Claire all had the touch of yogurt Champloo. Now number seven Fox's terra nova TV show in 2011. I had did not know this product exists but apparently in 2005. You could buy Frito lay's she goes live bomb they are under all that often to. I'm a pattern I. Gosh. In 1988 RJ Reynolds came out with a smokeless it did not catch up. Number 42013. I don't remembered these Burger King status Fries. News that is Fries get as he that they did that said those ones or does that match. Number three Torre's ET the extra terrestrial video game in 1982 worst product flops of all time. Number two. Apple's Newton personal digital assistant. That was in 1993. And the number one thing that was the worst I remembered the kind of brought it to what's so by. What was a four with the it's a text saying in I had no idea. You'll remember and I'm wondering why I came and went and Nolan sending his normally I would say like the apple watch but maybe that's gone all I know what's what is Google last Google glass 2013. There you go. Read a question question we'd wake day one we will take a quick break a metal Morey calls mag down. That took the men's room. Here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let them resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Backyard adults say what do we week. Hash tag we'd we battle it you can vote on our Twitter page at diamonds are live Dak down mobile for a miles or Robin RCC from the emails. Edmund German adventure live dot com miles your highest F thank you that from Chris but we will reveal who is high as elf coming up later on in the show day one of we we we. It is pretty high and here in today's and they also we Doran a question question what in the houses. What does that what does that was I think that what happened Obama. At an am radio days in Iraq and browse your. On Monday hello Matthew welcome to the manager of kilometers all and I. I don't know Matthew. On the gore right I didn't know wow man I guess Mattingly is that yes we have. I got this I don't Twitter urge readers aren't equipped web. Yeah yeah absolutely. I don't know what Percy yeah just that in itself lit so full of her do you think you and help our motto is only roll over you while we NYC I would do it. Let's enough. I'm items that whether she's tired but I will say this out before the show started. I here's a search in the kind of a frantic run down the hallway and Esteban of the office CC goes man. There is no at being keyboard and both training and social decay connect to the computer to what what so integral keyboards are little run back up the holes right before the show stars. A look that's goddamn ridiculous. Now normally understand it's a little roll tree that you put under. Everything else under the desk so a citizen not under the desk to like. I know there is. That guy god ask some let's say she's tired but does know that happened for a shoe store I saw it roll forward all of our so. You can check that I medals go there isn't the what would you say is the weirdest experience. That you have had in your lifetime. With somebody knocking on your door. Someone gone to your house and obviously you've had people that if you expect them over but. We know when people are coming over. It's when we hear that not when no one is supposedly coming over that you can have maybe that we are experiencing a weird man like if someone knocks on my door and I don't expect anyone come home. My kids get really excited not feel the exact opposite. Who are still Alec who and I hill whatever is happening in my prepared for my weekend Jindal alike and don't do our reserve I think. I don't with the kids like super excited by that time what changed that but. One around the kid by Obama delegate also under the door go dead at the doorbell rings I'm like who in hill as downloads and it's like why you side about it as a kid. Legal what age does it go away nearly I don't know and to my god and I you know what I think it's that you know get off my lawn years here. Everybody knows what's gonna try to sag hasn't cramped but don't let it be like him and I think you ordered from Frick commands under certain but I never assume it's. Yet I would assume the word god damn weird but you'll malware I'd so I. Who's where dispersant and knock on your door okay. Goodness I mean the only no witnesses. And we will what do you tell. Well out. Yeah I've seen an anomaly here recession broad based become a Saturday lord and when I was in the early forties and not just the wrong turn. I swing the trailer door open naked. Bell is her fish how how you battling back from them and we are doing all right what are they load and the like playing you're gonna have banded up on two legs it was suing the trailer the door open naked you said Matt. Well yeah I was in my early twenties and I think younger and it will remind locals that are. And what was their response to you opening the trailer door naked. I'm really. You know we're here please take this isn't yeah obviously you need to read it. They're obviously well I'd okay all right but rather an ivory John O'Sullivan a hero John hope this witness all right. They are witnesses Jehovah are you terribly bored so you're not really in a birthday suit. Because they do not believe in birthdays raised his native yet. Breaking news tonight and very over. Well I would assume you hung over if you swing opener trailer door make it you know I was born to parents so I was witness ma'am I'm allowed god bless you man do your thing but I would I would tell you this. If you have a job a little later you got at least a fighting chance of me entertaining listening to them but additionally it a morning like listen man this is an in emergency. You're gonna have a problem I don't care who you are or where you're from why are you knocking on my door. I am Saturday. It is I thought I I don't like you drive in my home earlier than I would invite a friend over the one that worries it religiously will which they should have like a list of a little of await justice to seem like your being decent. But you don't wanna be an. And acts in on satellite. I don't I just say outlook outlook take this thing off off of your regular thorn in the magazine I don't wanna talk plant. I don't want to ask all but here's how they think you want so whatever you got your black they really don't want you they want me to pick that they are united they had to go okay lined by simulator and I would mean luckily we media. We need in the thing whatever it is elect a guy I feel like I get more he you know that's true the derby favorite who knocked my door I opened Norton you don't black out looking all wrong house -- and I think beyond low rent you'll be cool you know I mean it's water under the bridge man did you do some kind of like that Cingular with one's attention come up with something that you are in the know that would be a challenge you know but they always do. It doesn't matter what to tell. The reason now we asked who's aware dispersant and knock on your door this is a crazy story. That over a thousand people beaten down one guy's door. 32 year old guy named Matthew Herrick from west Harlem New York. Has been the past seven months dealing with a nonstop stream of dudes coming to us house looking to get along with a and that's obviously somewhat of a problem. And apparently it's all because of a revenge scheme by his ex boyfriend that guy set up a fake profile for math fuel on a gay dating app grinder. And has been using it to make Matthew's life miserable while it poses as Matthew Lee tells the guys he has rape fantasy. I saw so when they show up he's gonna act confused. And try to send them away. While Modi then who put them in other words he's making it harder for Matthew turned out. And putting him in potential danger obviously so now Matthew is suing griner for allowing the surveillance team to go on since October without even stepping in and stabbing at. He's suing them for product liability fraud deceptive business brags federal court. He didn't specify how much money he's looking for but over 11100 guys. That is so they actually put all the times of the day in the middle of the night the morning but I'm gonna act confused Iraq right decision you'll way that is correct why our man and they dug deep that's. Random friend after friend and got the Brad when Randle ran out the friends that keep you miles you are very very Stoner ran. If you miles you are very very Stoner that weekend and you're getting. You can audible to many that love the tags and somebody waiting isles lose fifteen to sell via he's a jedi mobile today continues to my caddie and I today. Hello vs the rules don't. Hello Shane welcome to the men's room. All I all and I. I. But anyway hey are real quick text amen from a listener of says. As a jehovah's witness so December install to a guy Brett who says now he wants and where Jehovah's Witnesses you. Ripped open the trailer door naked in congress that says as a joke was witnessed myself I will say this once you open the door make it. It's now judging contests. And different and thus they are no different than us. I don't and as Jane. I'm doing all right man it was sunny for part of the day and do it. An Arab unlike most of us. Jane let's go this when we've all got one of these whether you're responsible or not what does someone hold you responsible for. The moral order. And I am. Like I got a new child. Well I'm back to what the one of the worst one the worst one would me was a bloody death of Sony could not spoken to another buddy that I I have a buddy who. He you know he's pretty straight laced guy. And when we are in college and stuff he started you can wandered smoke way so we surgery to be arsenal and we will that's fine. Nothing that's gonna kill you. Well he's thorough this other crew was doing a lot of passes. Okay all right and he about lost as much truth is okay. What his as far as parents knew he was running out of miles and he was doing plus the gas and miles as the one that you gateway mall anyway in my. I'd like we gave way on the what he's doing all the military do all the stuff with OK I don't mean for the bottles may Laguna I'm not a I don't know where he is I don't know what. I know Louise runaway targets they right now on Amy and I gas dynamic they made. And I never believed now does suck I know that it serves it was a me it's if if if if I mean my god. I'd so so would you would you get blamed for. Well. There was an incident used action. I sang and in my body count a lot you know smoking weed and hanging out and surround my nose in his body and it and you know. Go. I would say everybody just a lot of meat smoker are pot hang out you know. And for awhile there through my three non. I could smoke pot strongly get a good job in. You know go to our crowd our day and down. So I'm over there one day and this was probably like to continue not smoke pot stuff shouldn't. And down despite itself smoke whatever you know like every other Stiller and he came in and I just got to overdo it out and Texan and I told me you're going hang out and you'd be there in Manhattan. He came in and rented a cute sharing. Looks. Black lady was look at ourselves than any he'd looked over at mean excuse me it taken. Over half a pound a week. That's a lot of we there are so are we can rip at a solar garlic and target the bigger and you only is smoke there right now what are you or do you want some bite when you talk about me and so like. Brewer Bakken boards and back and forth and Audubon Eli flared up and down and I took it to even so like are finally left in. He showed up in my house played like two later and downturn without his ex girlfriend and still. How he. Yeah it started out key. And knew the person you advise lead from chewed over its now. And did so after he came over their bottom or two weeks she found out about it. And went over there like two hours I guess before I got there installer for acutely. And the well is he found other turning against him. The reason we asked whether you're responsible or not noticeable hold you responsible for apparently there's been a pretty massive bad bed bug outbreak in Paris France muy. And I image he's so good at blaming it on. American tourists encore and there's no proof of this but the seriously blaming Americans and over the bed bug people man I guess I had no idea that we we have their reputations around the world this is from travel leisure magazine button so that there are rarely if you're on vacation they say you're worried about bed bugs. A great trick a tip they pro tip if you will. Take their hair dryer and blast the mattress with a if their bed bugs they he'll make him crawl out seed NCR. And they want to see him what to grab your bags and you get out there right exactly the way you do leave right away. How does there's yeah as you do you wanna stay doughnuts and saying they'd give you blow dry your bed. In that if there's bugs get you to. Read a question question we'll have more your calls coming others a day one of weed we finish this milestone events are married I've point nine KI SW Seattle.