04-17-17 3pm Mens Room Weed Week Is Underway

Monday, April 17th

Weed Week is underway in a big way. Which member of the show is partaking?


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Peninsula would miles. Thank calling nine. Yes you know giant Sony drivers that he made a draft 2017 gone happy Saturday June 24 wife ran ran with leader. You'll enjoy some call aren't zones our base metal pretty reckless and more. And join us for our men's room happy hour and a half party led midterm original read on tap also cement or marginal sausage forehead chow down on own private bar area who and for ninety minutes. We will drink beer hang out have a great down the hook up with the idea exclusive T shirts didn't get anywhere else it's double or hits through all that good stuff and all the different packages. For pain in the grass I know a lot of modeling join us backstage for the barbecue I mean you name it. Play options for the different deals. KI SW dot com one way or another into my rare brand of leader Jonas were allowed ordering and paying the grass 2017 get those tickets now part of our random question question as we continue with day one of weed we call life. And the more your calls right after it. He's now back to them in Israel appears the glass Jack Ryan teel Mike to let the free sources say now 99.9. KI ESW. Kind of like you don't need to know the sticky key addition that's 435 as it is day one a. That they're at an area around well presently around friends hello and you know welcome to the member. Good guys and loading the bona. Longtime listener whose time color love your show thank you ma'am we appreciate that this Dino is your actual name. Well that he predicted that could make it land might my friends call me that because you look like do you know from the Flintstones. And kind of fat back. No okay thank god. Yes I'm also down disappointed to be honest with. It's hard you know I think a gallon for you think I'm feeling as if the do it Redding who. Okay would you say Dino is the most unique thing about you. Then you can go to Dennis. They have the ability to. Never give up. Our rhetoric that reminds this dumping it despite all bald Barbie and I I'm rule of all the holds barred. And yes absolutely welcome the bones are old are not going to make it mine. All right so what was a lasting use would all hold bars that. A filling up Tyler the rude I hold bar sometimes and I'm tips. Yeah. With the closure last project. Well I've had many Canon one that keeps up. Popping up and sure he's weir attendance it's one IP or intellectual property. She's got a new situation came along in my birdie I was a technical people that basically. I got a Zuckerberg got that. You got Zuckerberg out of that meeting what now you were. That's only good Germany and told tell you to go I laser so why don't you goes on go to. We go low number yeah I'm the heavy lifter. And basically get got conned out of you know market. Why my right or any particular technology or revolutionized. The way business is done and basically got you afterward Zuckerberg currents and did you have more of these ideas or was that your mother load right there. No I mean it's the art history at. I can grow your. Alitalia is how much money do you think you'd be worse. If if you guide your squared deal. Well. The part of the problem once there's. Under lie under my direction and I split both patents or one patented two. We can prolong what they called the continuation Parse what we do not always. Under a patent pending do you have one but that issued. But when we had a mark for his friend the analysis done actual financials. True about a year and a half ago they had injected about 35 billion dollar were you working for an employer at the time. But this start up. OK guys aren't and and that they did they use the idea. Yet and because you're working for them it's now their idea. Boy yet physically breached contract yeah. A mobile contracts in place. And I serve rural younger markers are to do my own thing and I hope they're not they want to head not my knowledge. Contact indicated. Intellectual property. Deed on. What's gonna be theses stop advantage and she's now leading us and it's. Doubtless I don't feel it is now she's fifty banana thank you laughter. And I'm just like you know I mean I know you're Guinness and complicated affair but I think you I don't think yet I don't know it is I looked over until you have been and I knew that we had we lost half hour. And that important you know you know well. Spent that yet he's he's Dellums spoke to him and the I don't know does that look you know that there is a stern got a mouth movement in America do feel it narrowed. We probably should lead to you know get over it boy it's boring CC. Other reason we asked what is the most unique thing about you. The world's oldest person one MI out Murano from verb Bosnia Italy passed away on Saturday. She was born on November 29 1899. Was the last verified living person who was born. In the eighteen hundreds and caused her death has not been revealed that a single. Well wolf. She was a 117. Day nears only a 170 who has natural causes manner that they I mean if I knew what you call it but when you were okay when this woman one. Elves do big thing kill a woman in the that was born. In a huge series here's the thing. Here's the thing. She's doing eminent here's the thing that when you got like that in law the moves in the debates an analyst at you know she's 95. Right and you say to yourself how much longer can this grab gone surely I have been tortured that I'm I'll I'll have my man came back soon it's going to die junior Amanda hey it's a hundred and you call your friends music got their man she's lived to be a hundred. This is amazing she's the sweetest woman in the world you know one in five years literacy G10 hearing continues literate Ares another dad that bitch is still alive if he's a 110 delivered to my god damn basement you know I can't say banks is not wise Mario then seven more years old why. Now she's a 117 you're thinking Jesus Christ. It was in the club pool tables been in storage for. Decades. The maison. She eats eggs goes to bed early and she attributed her long life to being single. Because your religion and basement to thirty print in years the new oldest person in the world and red delays isn't always know that person that. You Motorola or stuff like released do the one million dollars you run on bear of the day no doubt about where revenues. You're now the world's oldest person you are officially ended that watt will the oldest person now was born march 10 19100. And her name is viola brown. And she lives in Montego Bay Jamaica and well I think about that area she's got a big wooden statue with a huge dressed safari and a huge dawn of the pops out in the barrel gets dropped. Mariana. I was ready go point two billion the days and and you realize as far as cottage industry goes right. Like in America you can lose a bald Eagles awfully good people even opera but in Jamaica Arnold's got. Did you do we eat more. This wooden statue of a dude with a huge along wreck. It's just a big celebrity caliber and as they celebrated like that's what we sell my hand. Putting kids T shirt people we know what I think it's a Jamaican team as we may Jamaican Q school I liked and that's all the things where it is a celebration of the amid pianist. The friend John Randle ran Iran's culture. I'll throw the Republican Disneyland had to do we get a mouse ears just don't graduate him he was on to another round on the overall. Hello Jay welcome to the men's room. They're they get Derrick thanks for the show you guys really don't think there's some dark fate in the past all man I don't think gloomy. Do not want me man especially here at halftime. Back back back back when he decides to. Not since they don't go back. How although everybody thinks he's Jesus but I got to JA yeah. CC CC is eyes he sees Taiwan. You can move on miles. Let's go this in your been to Vegas. I don't live in big. I or your family great I'm sure the fantastic but those are gonna suck to be world's people when you go to Vegas you got fairly duty to man. Like everyone else is get away from Fairview go to Vegas just do dumb stuff but if you do people know you. And I spent so long had nobody would know me there in our. He's now if you're from Vegas in you live in Vegas yeah you don't really go down to the strip and all that hurt her Arnaud are right I I have or restrict the site I'd I have. Want nothing to do what they're okay economy. That's that's basically what you hear the people who live in Las Vegas. Now if you work there that's one thing if you have to go down and and do that I don't understand them Mandell if you would go downtown would you in a just in Fremont or would you go like I mean it yet to tolerate like. People coming to town. You know you got to meet up of people I would have to think that's a big pain in the ass about living in Vegas two is because anybody you known and you know I can't get the win and I had time that you know on the mend their lives that they're coming into Vegas they get a buddy who live there you can get them leader get them as to get them that. And of course whenever the there the earth completely off the rails right so you're never seeing them even in a normal capacity it's like 950 miles an hour. Yes like get up to six month period near big important Germany or something has just like from its technical. It's just this storm equipment but the. OK so let's go this what what would you say is your most. Las Vegas type of story like what is the most Vegas story that you could possibly tell that would explain at all. Well board. Who. Who are a couple of well. They don't know I think and I fell our way you don't dare yet. I yes Karen what kind of story you want likes from the strip produced something dumb I did in Vegas and had never do it biggest serve like I'd whenever. I would do well their man yet you know why you got mad. All right Roy here's something horrible and it's spice statue limitations that now I don't find it. Yeah how long. Should be helped Ricky game show man until you know that we have clearly aren't. Lawyers would tell of these awful stories allows guests actually okay. We're gonna do news segments. I wonder if your statute of limitations and all else can you tell the story and then you'll find out like in a day run will guest let us know. Well back to live. Back in the eighties say yes vandalism would Wear vandalism was pretty cool without skip school had little kids and the like. Abandoned house but I guess you know back there just a regular what I read it yet so we. I was located just. You know do some some remodeling and it how much of a lot of bad. Try to joke through wall elected dorm Hollywood but that doesn't work political stunt them a way so you find out the line the fun out there all beat week. Oh my god we demolish that thing and then there are they're carpet back event. My body hadn't actually held a piece of pipeline it we just bash the wind critic it I don't know what that's not longer commute for Google but that. I don't wanna you know I mean I kid the kid what Nokia now are you gonna be are you India a raider fan now. And I I don't know I don't really follow sports okay I'm just here to have quote we're got to like yeah I don't really learn quickly that I haven't either especially when the team comes after your party gone even if you have family there whatever it is it's a little bit different scenario but. Let's see here. Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas has all ties in that. And John Madden Leno John Madden we know John Madden from being a Super Bowl coach we know from being a broadcaster. Anyone who's under the age of 25 knows him as a video game like right. Either way he used to coach raiders is your videogame like I'm or is his name of the game well I think as ones that. Because when you say that. Maddon and I did heroic when all that's remembered dude that hard right but I mean my computer use the rapper most people know that's named Andrew thank US army and like it's the but that's what is no parent is not known for his bakery anymore. He made delicious curves on solos there's no one remembers a damn one of their buttery and flaky. It just remembered from his toilet because it's identical to the right place to dispose of those delicious for soft. Out of John Madden. He says he would not want to beat the visiting coach. Coming into town and having to keep his players in check and send cities has gone back to coach's days is the one thing about you know those guys being in Vegas. Your opposing coach you're coming into town. He's got to hate to take a team their quote I'd hate to have my team in Vegas on Saturday night before the game. Every team has a quotes. Bottom ten. I think there's going to be a lot of problems like that by the bottom Danny's talking about players that have Russ a hard time with maybe behavioral issues or just going out. Vegas does not make it easy to do that sort of thing. Then again there is. New Orleans Drew Brees I believe is chimed in on this is like I think the Vegas will experience a lot of the same issues with players that we do down Miami Marlins Miami is another one of those towns New York is another one of those towns Los Angeles cities you get the idea but yeah. And I Cleveland not Green Bay got buffalo mozzarella and everything mother but that's but you know what man when those guys get drafted. No one wants to be the number one draft pick this year. No one's who wanted to be the number one draft pick for a number of years no one wants to spend their life Burley is. Got a damaged not torn Johnny men's L mean they got the number one pick again this year you don't wanna be in that kind of decision not enough because the team sucks in the team is not very good. But more likely know the team sucks that we are not very good but here not very good OK but you could go to places just they are never going to be good. Look you can go to be you can play for the airs on a cart. Yeah all right. It's not the greatest place in the world but it's hot. GP got a pool whatever you could just about a guy while living side you know I mean. He did if you live liking Cleveland. Use this is not if you're teams it's not just the whole thing snuck in on Taylor can't give enough suck I mean if you're in Denver you can smoke some weed is that a bad stadium plan football does live stuff. Not your not live inning cleave to prove her I mean god damn man who wants to do it if you're from there it's one that. Look Pittsburgh's actually pretty good city that person I've been you know there's a lot of places that I write I play bad because not everyone believed to be fair man you know and but it's got to be where I think it's yours you know. I'm number one draft pick. Indirect. I don't. Want to live in Cleveland. I do not want to play for reference as renders to the sucks even the Kohler is that we Wear our uniform aren't god damn ridiculous. Orange and home front orange and brown but that's the color to go up and act like complete candy why you don't wanna give that stuff that way is again you don't know what about emerged as everybody your family looks like deterred or. It's horrible it's like it's like Halloween it's like it's like fall all the total sleep eat you're there or breath frequent Yuba. With a now you've got to believe you can turn that around now they've done and our ears. They thought about putting in a committee to figure out how to manage the team Jerry Jones wanna get involved. With the Cleveland Browns because you wanted to F up the draft picks and what do you kidding me want to bid on them manage them by committee they put in the proposal world liberalism they were joking but I don't think there where. If you kids. The number one draft pick three years and then the fourth year no matter what you get after 32 parent to give you three in a row and done we dropped to 32 has done. Hello Josh welcome to the men's room bigger weren't a whole I don't know according to. And good morning. What is your evening I might add. I'm sorry I would measure evening if this is good morning when blasier nighttime. Well it never go to morning took them tonight permanently connect focused every time he sees him when I say good morning. Yes I elected and make movies about Leo yeah exactly it's either that our rights you're gonna have to I'm sure term many many things due to pull out of that here but. What do you truly believe that you can dominated. When you absolutely dominate that. Oh crap what will go. Videogame newspaper ball and there pretty dang good one OK so normally you're the winner and paint ball. I try to be and he took bad story you get it I'm a literal written about paint ball down and Everett and the we are underground and against one of their sponsored teams and sponsored in others do have a rental equipment. I had a real they have the real stuff like they use in Afghanistan when issued people take notice that in the pictures that you like Oprah. Not just don't get off of this blue dot ravaging your acts in that area so. It's. Nerves are what they duplicate post. Speed ball and yelled go it's about a ten minute long game because. There's not anything really I began to resembling structures Coca that really get much coverage and himself as we're just getting annihilated at these guys. I am the guy this time this round because I'm guardian shot at from the far side he'll go out and let him go to recover a different the other side. That battle but we can't panic hit fortified guy out because they can expect some guy nominee I don't doubt they are coming our team by the like. But I okay aren't. You based on another whole team. It not about yeah forum before they won't the last I've found me and took me out but you know the other four people went and got him. Now the game delay fuel statue on the bat man. Award and look out there I don't Bible read into. They can't cry about it. That they have what it normally that's where you were white the third time I would brightly colored. You OK of course I was dumb enough to do it three times in Iraq. I will let me ask you this. With his all time belly Dancing With The Stars some like Nancy Kerrigan it's on there right now she's a figure skater. So obviously she has some training as far as go to the arts of some type of dance whether it's on ice or whatever. Do you have any kind of tactical training in other words were you in the military did you have any formal gun training or anything like that. I have plenty of backyard woods and friends that's very rocks that I got pretty everybody know he just tells us that you were gonna video games are you are you good at it first person shooter video games. I'm not into that I am my gamer scores when I really don't work the kind of bragging rights in the sense aren't and so donors and brag about. It's over a 100000. I am what does that get you. You get out. Well that's cool well it's always miles is for a well thought out very noticeable lateral miles but mr. mayor I mean you know like he doesn't get you let yeah I mean I love and you make a really good dinner you know I mean does the did you play. With but really it really go to dinner that might not did you play so maybe you don't make those ribs that night it don't mean because that's not what your goal hopeful that you can't make them they're not delicious the question is will they get unite. And that's what you're gone for the answers. Well they're a little bit again not much okay. Verna reason we ask what do you dominate that this is gonna come as a shock some people sit down I don't wanna give this. Two Kenyans. Won the Boston Marathon that. Jeffrey tire rule one on the men's side and Edna kip look at a police officer in Kenya. On the women's. There's a police officer that you will not run away from serve I mean if you HL's Ryland sees America 100 and it's insane policy here. For key rule it was his first marathon victory ever. He out ran a guy named Galen run up a love. In the United States of America are you kidding no I'm not. Two hours nine minutes 36 seconds. Key route took seventh and last year's Amsterdam marathon. He said he would a while somebody was stoned and third at Rotterdam. Around the three time Olympian. Making his Boston debut was 21 seconds behind of guy from defense and yes you should not be shocked to know that a Kenyan won the Boston Marathon. I agree and I'm. Lorna was released a joke when was the last time someone who was not Kenyan. Want the government last year I don't know but I just feel like anytime I hear about the Boston Marathon in a positive light. It's always about the kidding I want. Yup yup was let Robert it was finally the last time made I don't think anybody anyone who has well not Kenyan won the Boston Marathon relate. With all the time right. No I would have to think you would be from Africa. Just simply based on the side of things I can't and if you're training where it's a 105 degrees sure it's hotter than god right Andy. You can go that fast there when you're running in temperatures that are around 6570. Degrees through I would have to think that's that's the difference maker in that way in you know win it and to not get guardianship to be able to run that hat. Positive between doing jumping jacks and a son and then doing jumping jacks just regular outside you do jumping jacks and solemn note you do not put out you'd have to train for. OK so Boston Marathon winners by the numbers. Just look seat for the United States we've said. So the hundred winners. And for Kenya it's only 33. Now I don't know that there's some them so landscape is a bit Manny and CC dropped everybody else's phone lines around all. That gives a call back on our random question question we read how the it was a voting going on that hang around and check and a friend. They won a week in week one of the design them again and again. Well as that you've gotten sort of funny I was told my kids that you guys are appropriate so in the seasonal best. Do not repeat anything you hear from the depth but reply. Out of the hands of thrilled duty guts churning and John McIntyre has details. Kind. In the coming to London Paula enough. CC is kind theses I want. I think we dream means he's not from America and it's always suspect Ethiopians. That's all arrogant out of the party's over your friends abstract title as a marathons and got man we are around that day one now lead lead the way we do we we give your just joining the program we draw names from I had one of the four members of program is stone at this very point in time from their you get to vote at our men's room Twitter page admin drew live. Vote for either myself thrill Robin RCC and we will announce the winner coming up at the idea in the program so far of votes I believe are 5050. Steve and Robin and I'm you know a few minutes easy. Oh you and he started strong man out of the day it was all use that sort of chipping enemies easy northern stronghold thing all day you hoses on the little stuff eyesore and Robin you did get a few votes let's it's. Let's get breaking in your real quick you'll come back with a more of the random question question as day one we'd wait continues next. Men's room returns he is the last Janne brought to you like to let little resort casino I'm Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW. I gotta tell you guys threw away under this is important in my day when we would we. I am at the is gonna come as a shock to you I'm at the gym on Sunday. Okay now under the gym on Sunday and sit there and I'm Giddens wool I mean there's a yeah roll its nose man sweat dripping off me all this stuff you know glistening medal runner anyway so hair club walks it. We goes in general I'd imagine the beast evident when he's around to benefit everybody is impeachment to see him is out walking his dog is yeah. These tactics to having yet to come and use Babs so what are. Nobody sees me so he tells me about how is morning look at in this exciting adventure that he had gone on with a dog. And I mean I'm Sydney so does dogs wanna sit there and he's telling authoritative and check out his dogs and I realized I cannot believe this I have never heard. This is on the African believable OK so I go home all right and my kids and some like dude sit out for you got to hear us so we'll look. Tom's story they are double though. My one daughter is holding her gut ruling on the flow. The other kid is laughing her what medical story of air club story then shop I was I was song I see you today earlier I see him today here a year ago I came and I said can I can actually buy that story. In the resolute you wanna tell you who don't look out not X 700000 people come. And goes up now now now now you can't tell us that our atomic kids there or not he looks to me like you asked. It's less than all right well you that I got itself so. He's gonna command and tell you the most unbelievable story. You ever heard. Regarding a man and his dog. I mean in this land and this morning Nadal I look I have had dogs many many animals have I had never. And her. Am sure add Boehner. I imagine that this would happen to me it is I'll move may have been through this tablet isn't bad this is horrible all this is absolutely. I am I horrible why you yeah it will make you have stories. The light publicly ever ever if you were thinking about dinner tonight do not the tune in at about it or thirty. I am not kidding you. When hair club comes in here for thirty will tell the story he'll toaster on the until story but usually tells me he's gonna try to tell the story give it justice it happened to him. There's a lot of layers to the story a lot Golan on one moving part and you got her well I'll tell you this ahead of time are right. So his dog comes in right and I am I'm having this year because I haven't seen that the Jim yat that go to the dogs religion only the market with a dog a dog religion yeah exactly that's not it still doesn't most of them do OK so don't bring your dog in your mind so she'll become that big dude look it's wool and older more I start penned her head you know having him get girls love. And then he starts telling the story in immediately I take my handle this could. I did hell what all my almighty god the almighty god. Anyway. I hair global be in here the sergeant at 430 to tell you the story that I swear to a man and his dog not a man and his dog a man and his dogs adventure a Sunday adventure. That's what they were on god damn about throughout amount random random friends aren't I do Revere him a warning man. I'm telling you you never you people who are the stories Basel and whatever it is I guess you'd think liberals or whatever just don't tune into sports. Played you need to take a break goes tomorrow. I look that I thought it was a story we given you fare war as a turn off for me ma'am I'm in hello my welcome to the men's room. Did I do. And five minutes of new man or bottom or edit are no you have an art historians know you'll learn that five minutes OK you're trying to telling the story. About a man who's gonna come later until that story yet you heard the setup or our work. Yeah and art are you high. Yeah welcome to lead late brother you ask where are I don't know we're and we we got there a year ago. Ramps ran a question did the did that well okay. When you were growing up I'd. What did your parents can make you do to earn your keep. Let what was your what was your short list what we responsible for like for me was babies Michael. As per diminished as alternate at. You're like you can track my idol. Oh wow I'm okay now how old now on how old were you and I bet you an honorable. A ally. Traded LA gay men fourteen probably I'd and you were responsible tabloids summit guests. Are we out of fairly offload the guru kid and I am at a much or is it. Step better kind of drive to count her out of business and didn't. Oh god loses we'll get you behind the run all you build all the cards and I think you smoke mask but I don't know why is he does he's still around. Yeah I amber are yeah pretty dire shape but he Guerrero is still marriage your mother. Now now so what was your mom say just make sure he doesn't get too drunk girl's what was what was your job you do if you are king and it was like kind of and the best interest my brother and I just take and then if I can I am local time you have to cut grass. There are trickier and our all star or often. Program mr. out quite often and and those sort of things aren't did you do it because the as a religion is doing doesn't need to be done. I fought her way to get money or lunch hour furlough Horton and judge form we keep. Now of course that's always the most everything. Because of what you did a lot of different I had chores basically every day. Daily things and do so our weekly things that I had to do it was always knew it was always it was always something like you know. You do this and then you can do that you know I mean sell them I think was was like it's Saturday. I'm I'm a kid. You know it's. I wanna sleep then I'm at that age you know enemy and then you know 8:30 like 8 o'clock a. You did digress I don't right now you have the rest today do it every walk. You wash a car now you could have the rest of the afternoon do whatever you want. Now much art god Christ okay I'm up you know it wasn't that you just could wash the car. Yiddish Jamie that bastard dry late inning it went vacuum it at a club like you know armor all in the seats and crap and do all the windows it wasn't just like you know. Half fast Washington off deal. I tell stories here does pretty interest in stores. A 62 year old guy named Stephen over Barry owns a farm up and into Barry Ontario Canada. And he's offering to let someone live there rent free for the rest of their life. All they have to do is they really good care of the animals away. You can live to air a live in this dudes off at a farm object that you're taking care of his land animal lovers all playing. His farm has a nice run how several barns and a lot of land but he's getting tooled daycare the place wants to move to Japan. So he's got cows sheep chickens and ducks thought it outselling the place and have them relocated somewhere but some of the world the cares more about them than it does about money. He's even gonna pay their food in a vet bills. It's a remote area. It's really cold and the winner. But he says the right person has to be extremely compassionate nodes are getting into and for the most part of you know how to work on a farm in get up early to go to a job come back it's George. Policy listened animals which ones do you think would die first on your watch cal she damage they did last undocks arms when militant. Chickens because I would eat them. I think divot the longest match in fifteen feet right to err on the ground often go. Well I don't know to vote cows and sheep and ressam's. I can if he'd chickens in the morning account of that much a couple times today for a temporary defeat but you are wrong gusto in my got to go feed store on India. Yet now now know what you wouldn't you like the smell the smells to bad spells like in FF I haven't. Rendell Rendell Rendell. Rendell I don't know who made friends who have breast. Purple corduroy coat. Hello lieutenant Perez welcome to the bedrooms. Oh ordered our car and die just like lieutenant platoon military and are like lieutenant Dan blue dot net arrests. Not Luke. Because isn't here in the Indian roots sniper you know I've talked. Yeah here's the real deal. Here's where. And millionaires around now among different. They're a ball mark in crap they're my great I might I might get that put an end beer man that's. They everybody in the heck yeah and they're from happy dart from your part you know brother. Thank you never appreciate that's just yet there's a couple good points the site right in the sixteenth floor here do you ever hear interest that I Oregon for. Are. Let's go this question windy joking around. Go horribly wrong. Maybe you told them wrong joke at the wrong company you didn't expect the outcome of what happened to win or maybe your just horsing around and something bad happened but. It happens so much Steve for an example O was having a conversation in a joking around about was a kid that had. And don't all look like and don't tell salary this is so bad man he jobs. So so and a mentally impaired daughter comparing it to no mountains around it as visits an awful story it is all right but the thing is like. There wasn't much the story as told the joke from some 1000 from a break the ice right I commend this statement like I won't silence its man and realized oh my god these people are put one and a million people. What is that this is gonna effect right. Arianna. We don't matter where you noted them food. R&R and there are soccer darn ordered out here I'll get I'll let I have talked to gamble dog damn dog you know. I do and joking around go horribly wrong. Our guys who win the big win did not go horribly wrong were me. Are now there's barriers during out boot camp. I don't. Regarding one or are. Sergeant at that time AM. Predict year. There yogi regarding female. And I did not knowing behind here that Syria. Is one of the girls are simply happens to be a female. And I care act in the video camera gear they had light than me I guarantee you had not like you know way. I did I hear they simply barrier around. There are not digging into consideration and I turn around and I've seen her and my job I hit the floor and I did in my head. You know liberal arts what to do honored between our parent myself. I'm excellent 3270. Parker. That woman scared me I didn't PE. Well month our current pilot or ya okay and did go to the joke went. The double money put you through bad table anyway horribly wrong immediately feel did you ever see her after the fact in. We are here and I'm. Our guys they're near where he backed Aaron here are great spirit and there are here and so are there you know around the base here we go all weird or loosely. Aaron I'm Aaron received accurate or are you want yeah yard average Joseph orient you rate and no you don't know Larry. Not armor I heard jokes don't good. I'm reason we ask when a joking around go horribly wrong there's a guy and northern Montana his name is got Deion and he wrote a 746. Dollar check. Back in November papers property to. But at the time I cannot tell like he was getting screwed over by the government for the amount of money it's on the memo just joking around he wrote sexual favors. She'll have to admit I've done that would force not a good day everybody and bring on each day it's awful Kelly refused to cash. I'll have the money think about a downhill lawyers in a letter in February it said it was illegal to not gadget apparently according to save a lot amount of official misconduct and treasure to be prosecuted it's. To those lawyers and followed letter two weeks later and after nothing happen again. He's still waiting for his check to clear the treasure now says they lost the check they don't know word Obama. So lawyer for the downing also claimed that they can't cash check it's not clear what the money is for all of block. Scott thinks it trainer just offended by the reds dumb memos on the checks all the time. The year before he put BS in the memo Woodcrest that's OK but yet you put sexual behaviors that memo that the I think it's always fun to do rollers there than always goes the money money Manny got to cut objectives but you know. When everything. Orbiter one Italy has to borrow cash always lemon mentally final write this check when you're with more radicalized and questioning Kevin Love as day one continues. We'd leak. As miles told event dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle.