04-17-17 4pm Mens Room Is Much Like a Kite

Monday, April 17th

Emails, Hairclub in to tell the tale of a Man and His Dog! and What You Don't Need to Know on Weed Week!


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You guys elderly drivers has progressed you tell me you know announced Saturday June 24 we will see you at white river and the theater for corn stone sour baby metal pretty reckless. And more you not seen baby medal yet. Do yourself a favor check those guys now I'm really not familiar with the -- I don't know Syriana you will that's well Maria hey c'mon for a minute let's go check out they've got under sharp eye amends are happy hour and a half package is still some tickets remaining for that Reid's party with us for ninety minutes we will have our own private bar men's room original renal beyond draft men's emergent laws sausage for you to. Throw Canada limited edition T shirt all kinds of cool stuff and all the stuff that available for all the packages. Our KI SW dot com for this year is pain in the grass. Yeah I'm asking hard it is a day one of lead weekly. We will take a quick break and gbagbo more of the random question question now this. Point nine KI DS doubles are we doing today wanna throw line here. You can Boson that's what her ads men's room alive isn't miles thrill Robin RCC who is stone today day one of we'd weekly. IG and on that going a little love with their daily here at the in the show Lowell little reveal who the still a member of the program is also real quick and outlook. Just hang on for a minute. We've got hair club coming in of the story about a man and his dog in minutes our men and do a doorman and his dog Marilyn apparently is dog if you have not eaten and you're looking to eat in the next fifteen minutes did I don't do that just hold off on her eat now. And then you'll be ready to go OK but that is coming up at the fourth Randolph back there hello friend to rack up that we stop the show was a look you have to commit Intel restore. Not to be unfair to be fair haired man ran current the last break walking Obama holding your hair close voice and mind. You rose told the story available to hope stories hubris does. Sorry to see how goes and see what goes hello pressure on Julia what our government through all of our. IRS generally. Think she feared those. You think CC looks stone well a lot of people thinks he's he's shown everyone there's all blogs of people believe she's told it. As Steve was telling you wouldn't and CC came Angie couldn't find your keyboard to relatives right there forever. So you can have a little bit of a giddy and happy earlier or Horry got Gloria and why am I right or you don't. If you're working you're working with us so obviously that could not be the case yes. I don't see here what do we go this when you were you're a dog walker your out there doing his thing what was your. Or has been maybe is not dog walking with just a difference to aren't entering entered trail dog trying to also uses lots of hey how bad what we have today has been your worst interaction. With a bird. Or bird a bird. IMac oil at the vet tech years ago and and how things pan handle a birdie leading UI think why the vet tech grade up. Yes so you you critter if you put a towel over any apple lover you know very gently. And already there and you celeb I could yeah. I get a little bit deleterious is and that you use you turned it on Eleanor lean and holding them and this big car lit. The car and then all the senator shaking and I circular not shares since. Little bead of sweat and Alex we're in my box with Serena then here you are you don't like diet so close and. And barely had a phobia of birds and I didn't even know it is telling them that second hold me. A big huge burning in a car. If they bites you it's clearly liking me here don't. It'll take some thought naw I'm used to have so apparent it would take a chunk got your blog you Sierra full meal birds just didn't let you know Ivins ever have and you've within the same thing. Yeah I did I hurt readying record shaking I don't feel good did not know that Luke feeling I do all of the fact he needs chicken wings. I can tie your fine who cares if you want practical thing I mean as long as you can see you again I'll tell you who think they have a broad daylight DL yeah if you get a look you know murdered this is no around that. That LA. Any Google pulling out per. On the line I didn't even bigger that he editor break now and sweating to help people are what. You have a thing go out there to combat acts. This is crazy I thought I would I would regret that and how about three years then to. Would you be would you would you feel comfortable handling a hummingbird. We couldn't catch him. Put on windows is a coming bird they bring it in your vet recommend totally valid if only there are gonna freak I don't ever read the deal of or heard it would anyone dealing with an interest -- sure sure I was all time they they go to those I think that you want to drink so much of the red dress the fact that. The feet. They get too much red drink in the you can do sugar goes with what I market. And told what to do all legal and there and I said you know what do you know where the hummingbird juice comes from the Joyce you those red thing I do not know me could be tropical cooling I don't even know what they serve a maybe they are over there don't drink the Kool Aid and threes when asked her what interaction. Did you have with a bird some guy in Spain was on a rollercoaster this friend the other day and they got this on video. He is nailed in the face by a bird. Say slopes. Of birds smacks into on a kind of explodes at all total bird destruction. His reactions some believe what he realizes that his bird is still caught around his neck. It looks like a scarf it's deadly the wings are now wrapped around many of you but regarding. OK okay. I. He freaks out and flings it off but the other side netting his seat and Jimmy looks at a regular Gavin and those a bird on the big in electing the same thing basically haven't Bobby Davis now so far there's got hit straight face and bounce off. But today it right Fraser and focus and hard though there you go on the random question question do we have time for a few your emails here for the men's or momentum live dot com. You know fraud to violation broad drop brewers have been drummer original red because we think it Janet. Silver and bronze medal winner at great American beer festival a couple here on we'd week guys and go on with us Steve as these still won today that from Alex. Miles is now less high. Time to send him back outside or provide a munchies have a great day I enjoy the entertainment each week. That from Chris it's the I believe we also have so in my birthday emails as well CC I'm sorry would you mind bringing me no one I don't wanna does this gruesome and other email. And I'm so high right now Africa too good to trust them that. Again thank you. I've got out a thank you and mrs. CNN real people for days after all. Guys Monday is my birthday well that's today to guy get up barber shop fish sandwich police thanks guys have for negligence goma is it. Movie Laura. That's been held his hand raised movies do really is in them on hand at noon and news and I am not. Longtime listener been a fan since the eighties the 08. I. I had my son Jacob Roberts is turning 21 today can you please give a birthday shout out with a little bit of a turtle love. And a LeRoy Jenkins in the Paz have a birthday. Moving. Our marriage my husband Kyle 33 birthday today he loses your show every day can he get a happy birthday and some sexy German talk please. Dog. I'm sure he'll lead BMW I mean. Big mess of weaning the city's Christ. Bit of a sudden losing your show for six years now. And it's all thanks to my Big Brother Ryan it's his birthday ending the great sister that I am I'm hoping you guys can tell me celebrated by seeing him the bird they song. I can't remember what soundbites or is favored so how about a LeRoy Jenkins that would be great you're the best sincerely guys. Then from the love dvd. Yeah. Today is my hot ass husband Jefferies 29 birthday. Qualities thousand father that's loving. Who deserves all this Li B six coming his way tonight after we get her two kids to bed. He finally got its add to that I bought him for his birthday last year it's a big beautiful moon on his big beautiful buys up. So honor the birthday regular design you end up the rail against him not lead German talk there thanks guys that from a low. And looking. The brunt of that. Tickets. All of Joseph bitches. Today is my thirtieth year on this earth I would love a birthday shout out in a birthday sung I am a little down today and losing you guys always puts me a good mood. So I'm hoping for an original face sand wedge in an Al leading the window maybe some German sexy target you have times and some thirty. Much love bitches that from Sarah in the law I'm fish sandwich. Oh are. And we have. She didn't sound. Hope it's my husband Kyle 33 birthday he listens every day kitty gets sexy German talked Indy barber shop fish sandwich police thanks that from lacy. All right so. Memories. Music to movies Laura vsan wins. G.'s daughter on this. Cody Stanley Israelis do really is in them on hand and and not. But just let my 51 round chipper. I was in the men's room since I moved to Seattle way back when in fact I get the majority of my news from Ted and mr. Hough oh man. I don't know if you guys could play the eternal lax with the suck it up cupcake in the middle that would be great thanks as that from rod. Oh. But. Yeah. Sorry guys there you go out we have ended our day happy I didn't learn Abby had a good solid day to day. I figured you meant a lawyer. Guys getting a mobile podcasts and overheard the conversation up people the name butch. Well here in the great state of I know. Our governor's name is Butch Otter but it puts what Butch Otter and yet he he rides a horse to work every day Butch Otter that from Zach in Boise. Bolivia listens to a omelets it was our affiliate in the boys and avoids I don't know I K he who tees. If DOT potato not I CS. The black guys drive Subaru. I found one outside a natural house hello hey I get every black guy to zoom route. I had to whoever my heart related at Jeremy huge star of low. Undated this and to pick likely I didn't bank let the bar to die. Oh god please know you cannot see his face about his like featured. On what is obviously told him. I also have a Subaru is a nationally partner with the car's roof yeah out of instincts I could play well where you go to earth it probably Mike is also black here. The year two black Subaru drivers hide demanded the same location. From what I and I can't believe this is what I don't first time that this is ever happened in the history. Of a history of his great ever read yet. A subject I want to brag. Won't admit to what did say that sizzle we asked. Of those today I would I want you know all of apologized that outburst unaudited three national issue that question this man after leaving my husband seventy plus years he was announced oh I went to a bats are our party donkey and I went home with a stripper. I'm married him and we've been together for over nineteen years peace. Well darn I don't mean to brag but I once turned step Brothers and eskimo Brothers. Rock on benches. Do the quick. I demoted as a quick math on that in the algebra. And you'll figure out what happened there. I'm not to brag but once I met comedian Tony hinge cliff that one of the shows he then flew me to LA for a few days and took me to a bunch of VIPs south and cool LA spots. That's part. He had an interview with snoop dog and I got to go back and take it was snoop that from Bree. Breed did you do anything else in America though that's at the Sony laid out in LA. And how you act. Wow it up I. I'm and evidence and made ran. I just sad that it but I get that. A lot now. Had sex in front seat of an LTD while driving on a country road in Arkansas. The controversial drove my brand new Dodge Viper all the showroom floor than the Vegas got to drive as fast I could on the oval at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and I always Karen the viper. What else again here. All the story like this can only start in Florida. For an invite me down over Christmas disable this family and hang out on the beach we had a smashing day during a round runners are with a 151 floating on top and you'll pair sailing jet skiing. Rosenberg and free pint glasses when our drinks. We were stopped by a Guatemalan. Circuit and circus lion kind of trainer entertainer. On the way to our Carlos expects full pint glasses where grizzly able to talk him out of trying to a cost me and my friend. That'll part of stirred up even play later. How we want to leave for the night we approached by a group of individuals. The hope was they were friendly the spokesman for the group had a cast over his hand in for an four. Once rougher and our out of view from the group their taxes. The one guy with a cast hit my friend in the face and dropped him. Now they could and on this but I was a great have you it rests are about to twenty with the martial arts experience a look high school bench press about 450. Suffice to say it was like Andre the Giant a thirty man over the ropes free Furl. That Jesus didn't take long for them scatter I singled up the spokesman and pursued. I'd adrenaline and alcohol to fuel my hope like rage and he realized he was going to escapes or ducked into a drug stores sometime. I used pretty lit. So give me that smug look like ha ha unsafe and here now now you're not I went in and beat him to the ground in it in that drugstore. I cops came and arrested the spokesman in my friend and that told me to walk off after taking the statements my knees and Fister bloodied. Then of the gang got to keys my friend's car drove off of that. It took me a data get back those folks house they were pissed her son was in jail and bombing Iran I take it home. On the way back I heard the guy who tried to stop us from taking applying glasses had died. The lion kill them. The his brother shut the line that was arrested crazy but true she's at from a head rock. I would this theater this is the blacks still available at Fred Meyer on a 164 in the mood pretty good price. Can get a better than that. What else we get here. I Kentucky in pool and billiards hall. Jesus Christ and in Denver Colorado. As men's are Reynolds does believe and all right get a real policy here. Oh yes yes what you need to four. I don't want to address something that's going missiles community and a a lot of people you know always for me it's very important part of so do we should be addressed a logical move wondering where Arnold might intent. Clearly they're not here with us today they're not with us and last episode where other. Two of them. The other. They gunman. So we did some time off enjoy a honeymoon in. Dude is they knew whatever got the Roman started on the first list but they'll be back at us tomorrow is one that I wanted to address that. People keep asking and bettered his thinking gradually. And when they get back. There are very excited about we we still have the men here tomorrow for for day two is the only area is becoming an air no boys aren't quite as Joan. Sergeant Eric love is joining us. So this thing up a little bit. A militant weights Sunday. Just didn't so this is so small I'm coming in here so should I barely could walk out of the other door I think you're coming back from the of the Sunday fare whatever it was at the summit fair yeah well exactly so you had to walk in and then you just somebody's bathroom or whatever was you see meaning I'm already down and it and then there's there's a you have in the lovely dog and the lovely could name a Shelby yeah and Shelby is as a sweet girl and does I start to I start petting nationally. And and you're telling me that you went out and took her on a hike. Okay she's Steve a does not know anything about your hike we. We told everybody that this was one of the crazy stores least and I've ever file. But does he builds it up to the voice now I don't even overworked helpless well I think I'll. Yeah I don't I would not be dramatic and yes multiple. The hardest part was to tell all my life. Not not to repeat history also this is an honor people store. A good thing we came here right right things dollar and kill that guy and this is certain this certain rings of Saturn like you don't want the people closest you do know the story. Put people you don't know like it's OK okay at an ass clowns and I'm. Okay so are the back story no one loves the dog more than me because mr. I love my dog more than I love my wife. All applaud the moment toll bridge when you hold hands impeachment. And I saw. All men she is a the two. Year five month old Golden Retriever rescue all my dogs have been rescues. Care a lot about them. So the wife is away we're going to IQ we went up to tiger yesterday. Take the dog tiger mound kick the dog and hi my dog to you have to count and she runs awfully. Also you're horribly horrible owner and you and you do know it is irresponsible you know of them and they hold hands them are located it's giving him or her freedom sharp you're right. You were thrown around. Hello we've done that with your dog not a good job or more yes it could. You let the eagle go through walk five feet of snow to our fallen a crevasse and love exactly fellow patriots that some amount. The and it's my lifestyle like all god at the police going right into the snuff film American Allende's they're not making so are you in the if we go up to the top of tiger. We come down may be a mile or so you're you reached this did the top gaffe you take in the views of beautiful sunny day it's wonderful up there you go girl bar up there atop or anything like that now. A armed. But the dog got to play without the dogs up there. It's awesome wonderful till we go down were irresponsible. Dog owners and I sort of was it was a Sunday needing if you're responsible dog that's. We feel the full legal. Columns so we go downhill and in my stomach starts gurgling and you know that feeling before that you know you. You either got either got a number one you get a number two on the mountain. The mountain is where people hike thrilled that at tech act loads were breaking news people who do exercise to. Never mind going writer for your chart who's hired by the way you saw we haven't really reveal yet. Now we have revealed yet I think you have actually evaluate and I think you're really pat okay they would it. Didn't mean to see you got and if you I've direct hunt height yet another way hair club is abate but we just came in and use them on. So when you got a number one on the mountain you've got. Right and that meant no one's no one's the worse each of you girl and it's okay causes no Trace. If if your dog has to hope repeat can't tell the dog no. These are your dog's gonna grow right so you bring plastic bags because you're responsible get rotten dog owner. Do you have Glenn Beck always cycle always. Pickup hoop and I picked her who opened caddie who usually leave it on the trail on the whale. You don't have just ordered to choose. Jerry and apply through today. I must on the Q score they have barely shoes over power lines but my stomach use is like it's it's it's in that place where he Yuri you go in your clothes right. War. All or something bear if you keep holding on you're gonna breaks because I don't you gotta go. I have never in my life. Use the great outdoors before as a receptacle. Ever wrote number 21 way to 22. 22 in over ten to do an excellent chance imprison. You don't have anything nice say that to do everything you can possibly like whether or did you do you come down cyclists after the as the lead well yeah if you remember one of the things we had to bring up to renew your it was baby wipes you Crosby UNC all we IE big all of its in my back census data I have Air Canada where dog treats and and Dave treats and and and why he would focus right in my keys. And zones and plastic bags there's a traverse off of on hike and bike like I can I can go up up up the mountain over here. Couple hundred feet I'll be fine I'll be fine go up there nobody could see me c'mon Shelby let's go we go up the hill. And I'm looking around of course the first thing that happens is another couples walking down the mountain and they've got a dog off leash because they're rotten dog owners to. And and now I'm starting to taper shorts off the aunt and Shelby needs a friend. And now the owners wanna find a friend right. And our our idea. The nom de merit it's let's Shelby you. Could click to go play somebody somewhere else so. The dog leaves children there to look at me like. What we eat all sequestered mutated shorts off your your your your your group and aren't you you're an embarrassment. Program political. It's the first time dog I've never done it before but I've never done that I have to go bad things are gonna happen you carry me downhill UAW's tree and yes. Moralist I I keep an eye but that there was a branch there was a light of kind of horizontal branch that are hold onto. You know not a good art to the pressure this year so on a hike in the woods and and it all of a sudden it occurred to me. That we went out for Indian food before alive yet you smell that I don't know I still do I'll I still enjoy it tomorrow butter chicken. It's yeah. And I. I'm an OK so I'm I'm relieved and finally relieved I dropped my back pack enough to only five feet behind. Put my shorts back and grab and backpack and started walk the other way. Shelby. Joseph eight. Where shall make clear. In here comes the dog wandering down a little path before I get to the trail and I look at her and she's looking her lips. Exactly. She's licking our lips. You didn't you are the biggest princess of the bill. You didn't like rappers now you didn't follow god yes it. I don't know I don't how much she got into. But but this one's. I'm looking and smelled like want to include it smelled like. By inside to smell like it was our bread Oregon hospital Lloyd you're inside as you know that gold retriever the only thing they do is smile. And she's smiling she's little and all your new movie is. Yeah he is doing and it's. Mom I. I don't think I put a curse you'll probably don't want you how did you go along and how did you watch your mouth out of your Google this levee had to do what gave her water bowl Dietrich a little bit of water. Make ground hard a. I feel horrible I feel terrible I. I'm down to a car protects the wife. Your dog do you evaluate your target group she's a computer. So how two years before she finally found the pulpit must've been some great who press yeah it was the most of the kids. I'll hopefully the rest of the story later I told you the whole story in the gym yesterday I got 00 hurt on the she's in Texas. And by time I talked to last night all I got I told Sony Google I thought it was so funny you know like really didn't want that broadcasted around them but we're gonna tell you well he's the he's tell me the story in the gym on a patent is dog. Get a good honest sub mariner. Yeah I had not oh man do. Okay you don't have to. Hamas and she looks. She looks as clean as beat he's princesses and make you. You can't give you my ugly scene late Q yes. Oh yeah of course also if you thought I was a dog owner thrill now you have a reason to think I am the worst dog and I felt terror eight. Is owners group right at the brunt of mango and don't get that bottom of the Hillary Turkey how families throughout the car I don't. I I don't much of a sense of smell like look our little were half a mile away from the trail head. And a couple big marine looking guys like to wave at me like this and I always do well that's from thinking is that they know. And made their get a dog a leash does a couple of pairs over there great my docs files like pool. And there's bears wandering round the bottom of the trade to get home she has to island of the restaurant owner in garlic nonfood. It's a Brigham and it appears more Australian prudent. You. You got better in the dog idiots don't Graham no. Cat who is apparently a tree. No all we know that other dogs who wonderful Devin earlier prove that pretty to cats who begins most of the bowl of the show us. Story of a man's though. Your guess is as good as violence Dick Heller and analyze right now dual 642 on Roger categories said today. Vacation. And bathrooms we'll take a quick break and come back but your guess is as good as my next. Nine point nine KI ESW and very a lot of leeway here dynamo. Out bowel calf all the men's room on now is villas at Twitter at midterm live very good move for miles thrill Robin or. CC some of the comments from the KI SW FaceBook page Austin said after mile started giggling at the beginning of the show when you get playing the week week's sound I would just say it's him. Gary says as far as the picture of our eyes are concerned which is also posted if you like KI SW on FaceBook it says miles looks like he'd just. Light a blow miles definitely looks mile hi Gary miles would never just do one line of blow it at. Memorable online don't blow. It. Robin looks like she's used clear rise to get rid of the redness in the skies are minus none unless she's an alcohol that from our kit. Carolina says trick question year old high. Rosie goes with thrill Alfred goes with thrill Sherry says thrills high. Yeah geragos Robin Bridget goes Robin Danny goes -- we will reveal who was high coming up at the end of the show one of mrs. stone that it is only one of us and we'll let you know coming up with a lovely Karen daily. And that's on the way all right time for lower your dad's as good as mine is getting intestinal lining here say easy game to play based fluid onto a pick from one of you categories. And different points up at. It's up for you to make as many right in the category as possible before the three strikes and you're out. The game is your guess is in his eyes Steve goes our contestant ready to play the game. Cases. It's Jack welcome to the men's room. Well go low out there until I. It's got Narnia. I'm doing great hater let me start up their social situation with the euros. The rates. Could seasonally quiet and then we'll see you wish you knew the game dad dad I cannot. Why cannot rob Albert engaged in air travel. I don't know line. You can't make it they're the medal neat and error. And how hire you you silently wake. I actually MB 39 here aren't into the yeah I mean I got fired from China's. When the commissioner. And yeah I'm outlet so art critic in ours are pretty good. Jesus. Aren't doing the math you got a big time category here the categories. Are outlawed vacation. And the bathrooms. We have a list of annoying things the people do in the bathroom. And we have the item is their pitcher most likely to forgets when you go on vacation. Out of the categories of vacation in bathrooms which category would like to pick on your guess is as good as mine. We have the ten at most annoying things that men do in the bathroom. Amended we also have the ten most annoying things that women do in the bathroom. Out of those two categories you wanna break it down as far as women or men. Let's kill her. I mean. Don't remember that Hogan who. The ten most annoying habits that men have. In the bathroom keep in mind women are also allowed to hold on its merit so there are ten that things are great stats of the guys do in the bathroom. That people find a noise. The way we play your guess is as good as mine as you got to get as many right at the ten without three strikes figure out what is your first guest. First yes Sicily in the toilet seat Arab. I need the toilet seat up or not putting the toilet seat down is the June. Nice work there has got your one for one on the bathroom etiquette is in between K you're in between had Scott who's in between passionate. So yeah right that is not putting it slows you down isn't anointing them into the bathroom for sure. All right how are not replaced the toilet paper roll. Roche. Believe it or not that is not one of the annoying habits for men in the bathroom my guess would be that would be for women. Or. That's. Outlook leave their dirty sort. Florida didn't curb you think guys leave their dirty shorts on the floor saying he does in the bathroom. Yeah. Shot ansari that is incorrect to keep leaving your dirty assured us. On the bathroom floor beneath all of the eleventh most annoying thing you can do and are right these are the ten most annoying man habits that men have and I tell you what I'm gonna do Scott. I'm gonna give you. Some of the annoying things the women do the math aren't aren't I'm gonna try to give you a clue as to what some of the if you look at that in some of these maybe crossover. But. As far as women go one of their major complaints about annoying things about it always leaving the toilet seat down. So no matter what if your idea to go there and yet figured out it's an old argument but either way you one way or the other on that but it's an inconvenience. Number nine believe it or not not wiping down the seat. I think that sent. Look they're women who are in public known harbors them it's okay to be louder oblivious braille over the seat you might wanna like to seat down when you're finished so what does that sit here year. I. Talking loudly as someone another stall you earlier about women they like to go to the bathroom together. The conversation might continue. Usually the public safety announcement. Food payrolls and you're you aren't a try knowing your audience what's a woods I don't know if they go your daughter. One. It's not the sort of eighth nationally known as that Barack came out to us it is number one for men. I got to get two strikes you've gotten to correct and so far on the ten most annoying things that men do in the bathroom. Carry razors. All right numbers that let's do this plot. This event or another new revenues Joker talk to a lawyer there's an endless doll. Actually you know let's god that is a great guest sure. There though and yeah that is not harmless at all period and in some of them warnings in time. And battle. Blocking this thing to look at their hair make up in the air when you say that's problematic like I've used bathrooms wanna be a wash my hands on a way for you to do your face. Always going to the bathroom and pairs this on the agenda by one person who got to go begins to tonight the situation. I'm taking too long in public bathrooms and causing a long line whatever dale does it do it and there is some bad going on man not washing hands not bothering to flush. But the big one not properly disposing of feminine hygiene products. And a number one thing leaving a mess on the seat if they do affect others believe that little bit of one and number two on the season. That that is not until it burst through so as far as attend most annoying things of men do in the bathroom and sky got to have it's incorrect. Number one which he got not lifting the seat being given an all weather it's problem number two putting the or not putting the toilet seat down. Number three on the list not bothering to flush I was well my buddy Chad just kill me with all the time I come home to be like an eight hour log have been so can. In the toilet and it's all waterlogged you know like it's like John jugular exactly. Number four aiming badly and leaving puddles on the floor on top of the year all around everywhere how to write lies are. It's done is done here will look better effect I wanna say it was a veggie dog Jason came on he's like man. He's like it's alarming that there's. I yearn stain. On top of the hero. Dead but it's it's dark brown arrived at college. And I thought I don't know I want to be put things the next day it was still there and let another hour Miley somebody needs to do hydrant yes. A number five now washing your hands the ten most annoying things that men do in the bathroom number six blowing the bathroom up. You have to remember guys doing their we destroy that that Obama got to go you gotta go to base camp all. You know now now now I'm. How thoroughly the toothpaste out year old to face up at a point on you all time. Very easily absolutely. Full yeah I believe that man and a camp golf parting in public bathrooms and put back. These are just going back then like the far they far along we look at everything you do is far far yes you're on a date that the hard zone guys know what you gotta get up he's got to go far a date and the airport and were slightly and trust me. As soon load is welcome to global battle with this. You can walk three gates and every step too far and yes. Please tell them on the one schools is bad when I've seen happen before paying in the sink if all the journals are taken especially at a concert or sporting events I've done it but I know about it and fifty year your big on number nine being out doors of it's more convenient. Was yes. And number ten at the most annoying thing than men do in the bathroom not wiping well enough and staining their underwear up yeah. The survey also found five ways people try to say hygienic and a public bathrooms are the usual stuff covering the C would toilet paper flushing when your foot Christine I got a kick lush area hovering instead of sitting down. Never going number two period in public bathroom. And using a paper touted touch the door handle everything else and joins us and they violate a few more random stats. 61% of people of Pete in the shower 41% of Pete in the pool throw 43 admire the turn they laid before they do life at all. Assets have been right there isn't a quarter percent I don't I don't believe that. I don't believe and what the numbers higher than out there but people checked the paper they're saying admiring what they know what did it take up he gives his good name. Paso doble got a chance to its biggest SEC their profile this is minutes away the first ever admitted to bring attacks.