04-17-17 5pm Mens Room Reveals Who is Peak Weed Week

Monday, April 17th

TV Time, Headlines and we find out who is high the first day of Weed Week!


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So bloody day. They're considered to be ready. Men's room knows just. My news. Your dad did as good as your Joliet doesn't bring gas cans even throw vilified on nortel's yes indeed and today we tow 67 year old Robert Jean white of El Paso, Texas. I know last Friday Robert Wood Juba red paint trees builds itself as a legendary full service gentleman's. Now one point gene decided he's gonna personalize this experience and the governments of Latin dance now. Latin bands of slavery and so when he closes allies refused even talk to the dance. About the payment she got pissed and Redman the manager comes back. And he says look Robert tonight trying to ignore you Robertson. Now. Do or die during a lap dance that is correct that died. During lap dance hit hit so the answer of course thought she's run he's sort of stiffer it's the managers and DG. She's pet. But it's different. The day it again that series and and dire. It's our Brooke Clements every week and hang out. So sporadic. Yeah report does lose and we drink this booze because we think it's yummy out act over the tong and down the throat Q party in our two on. Now I know I've been Joseph Johns. Don't analyze right now. Both export to Iraq you'll be plagued profile doesn't labor days to see seat or that showed shoebox Soto Saturday June it. The third those figures courtesy of religion entertainment dollar and I'm right now to a 642 and his violent elements are married I would nine KI SW Seattle. So men's room where miles and thrill out 99.9. K. I have a dog targets as a zealously on profile this playing prepared to get disease either at the shoebox on oh that is Saturday June 3 yes chill box photos either Saturday. June 3 courtesy of pledge entertainment you must be 21 or older NR other than the specific terms KI SW general contest rules apply it KIW dot com for the rules. Does not. Men's room represents. Even throw him to please tell everyone how profile test his plane has sort ten miles it's a simple game our receivers do a real life story. Something happened right here. I'm planet earth or. Or the and as you listen to a story based on stereotypes you only to be drew people. And the decisions that people make less you what it is you think made the story a story. Days. But it's. It if it. Now we had a call them notably the gold drop offs and a portion she's in Eden is currently that you're not. Fast and she just let you off fascinating. He just gave you figure. It's we'd we'd love. It's gonna go smooth always have your the thing about it is now just forget hang out when my name and we draw I would say the name as though the name playing. Well hello and called welcome to the bedroom. No other Iraq. Alan gold engine program thank you thank you. Don't feel bad you were not our first George Biden hasn't worked out pure you'll just like a marriage just like marriage group. Are the golden spell out the game is blame. All right R&R here is the story. And it's it's kind of sense or go to parolee. He was free delete shops. Celebrating his release from prison earlier that same day the 29. He was celebrating with family eleven 1130 at night when quote unquote. Disturbance broke out inside of home well authority says that a bit of an acquaintance. Of the guy's mom. Got upsides and and fired a gunshot struck this guy's chest. And he shouted that took him in the hospital with a personal commitment to. So the case is being investigated as homicide of the final calls commander of the Jefferson. Is spending a police autopsy and toxicology report yet. And vitamin bullet in his suggests the people's at all and constructive but the question for you is do you believe this parole only. We got shot in the chest and a mom's home. And paroled from prison as black white make see more Asian. And no word yet again it is it's an Illinois an element and I believe close to Chicago when I'm not a 100% moment. Okay. What do you guys think. It's. A damn man. It's 11391130. A month and a is that as moms aren't. Gonna go the numbers on a man jailed me. In that area is going to be on a black or white. You know the unfortunate nature of the thing I'm an against black. And sue real for Tamara how the import time you're like really explain it. Yeah subtle like an eighty go here you don't want to do things and all of those. What do you think. Gamma and a black I think yes alliance are positive you can never go back mechanical finality is black blood makes Eurasian next. That was that he can now back in the men's room where miles and drill off. Nine point nine KI SW high profile as an area had to Illinois and a guy. Woods is kind of jelled they would have been there for what nine years wild outs on the life that I am yeah. Either way he got out to end of courses family wants to celebrate have a little party and welcome home and about 1130 that night. Sounds to me like his mom's boyfriend dad's missing the shot and killed. Yeah it seems that way a man and and why he'd only been out of jail for a few hours and goal we as you you thought this unfortunate Iowa black and white makes you or Asian. And you guessed black. And I can. Our brand is. And which are nice guys. White guilt that based on the numbers and mixed. Conine right now 20642 on rock you'll be on your way to see see their. And it's still my cell no bars like Ernie do the nine helps you know third combat zone and martic is tomorrow same day same time same bat channel. All right because of baseball on tonight as Miami isn't down NBA basketball playoffs and HL hockey playoffs or anything else terrible TV time Mateen. And now. I think life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking box and again you've been through presents. And we have a right to my. Yeah it's easy for ways to get more energy that he can enjoy shows and movies it's only on any screen catch up on the latest episodes of favorite shows with expanding beyond demand. Once life TV anytime anywhere extended eat. For the future of awesome. Well our Robin hundreds dead today yes trying to kill it so although it is we'd weeks so it is unpredictable yet to find out if you're stoned him really said much today that's true well what I wanted to do those of you wondering. The day and Ted and Michael Baldwin back tomorrow right they got married her and we can't let them enjoy your time true we'll see you Monday. Absolutely so until then I kind of covering what's went on on TV over the weekend if you caught Saturday Night Live it was the first one. There was ever completely live on both coasts east and west of the first and then knock that out Jimmy Fallon hosting and we always kind of expect. The very best from the episode when that happens now Justin Timberlake this and a half Philip and hinder him a little bit tired. I don't know if you caught the whole episode there were some highlights I'm in fact. Harry styles hit it we know Ted loves Harry styles he's such dream vote. But he I guess was musical guest so he was on and he is British if you're not familiar. And he managed to play me jagr a during a family feud segment that was actually pretty goods and here's Al went. That's something that he did a good match. Well I thought ma is because don't go a little company realized. And ninety page. Don't usually. I know we do sales in the. No because. Tiles eight that he does stink famously look like a young and Jagger well we got this bizarre but he also yeah I mean yeah the movement's everything was down so he commented peaking at knocked it out of park. And you think of it musicians gonna know. Be able to imitate anybody he's probably met him or seen him and all visions Orleans madam well I think is what. And didn't compared to a one direction Rolling Stones and a tour of many many years ago they're light. Now I would just think that what Dave Matthews are dame would Dave Matthews as a musical guess many years ago on Saturday analyze he did in Ozzy Osborne. Yeah we've had Ozzie Osborne and here few times. Dave Matthews. Did the most spot on Ozzy Osborne than I have ever seen in my life I'm just assuming that he's at a Ronald Otto here are a long way to but I mean nails. I mean just after they are a rerun it and I may road rules a visual Zuma center in Atlanta today house flipping through and our laws and that was the scales like he nails. There was really get yet. Some other highlights from Allah Bellamy are bald and was back to play trump. I'm Melissa McCarthy is back as Sean Spicer complete with the Easter Bunny customs so again it's caught it yet so do the clip. Of the family feud popping up on the king as the lead FaceBook a little bit later. John Oliver over the weekends give us an interesting breakdown Andy does become and it is able to get in and dissect all sorts of confusing aspects of politics and beyond. This time jumping into this I guess what's going to be a potentially crazy election in France and if you've heard anything about them yet. I guess a lot of people are comparing it to our most recent election in that it could completely change. They're political structure and landscape in a big way and gone and it can even send France toward their own type of Briggs it. So John Oliver gave us a little bit of a rundown of what's going all of that and here's what he had dissect. Some guy crawls holds the first round of his presidential election and if you'll thinking well why should not care about blacks the truth is in is way more important than you might realize. It's a very impart don't connection what's going to happen in front sharp isn't a huge hockey they Tzipi overwhelmingly France is the election that matters let these French elections take place at the crossroads of European history it's really defining Europe's say that's trucks these things on your rest and how is of a country that looks smiles and says. I have got to get it do in mile an hour. So I just isn't it supposed to be more. Of the craziest selections they've had that the people involved in and all of the aspects around that are. Is basically dare trump election is how they're compare it so they're looking at us and saying RA what you went through is now it's happening here and it could put France off the map of it it's a whole thing itself. It's king Clinton mess. They're good got a whole thing old chef who yeah Lotta whole things gone on a lot of their there was around the World Bank Jerusalem neighborhoods. As time. I think it's. Seoul locally. Or the weekend we had. A couple different sports figures featured in the news one was we talked about a Friday. Mighty mouse Demetrius Johnson you know in the USC's so fighting in Kansas City and he did different. Right. Well wolf I. Yes and I didn't beat amounts tiny Anderson Silva his record so he's I mean not elaborate. And an entitlement and you can write an artist then we'll be in that conversation now while you always was but he didn't he can be glued I mean he always been legitimate is a marital weight class illustrates that John I think people aren't saying practice it and that's bull crap almost cut. Lately you know money that he is the whole slew of mullah easy mulled dominant fighter without question I mean there's there's nobody else compares. So good for him. Are absolutely. So we had another local guy and the news. Former husky actually Isiah Thomas he probably heard about the story over the weekend. He plays for Boston Celtics played his heart out over the weekend butts on a whole new level now he had his playoff game. Yesterday he found out Saturday night after practice. That is sister was killed in the car accident that happens I mean the date the night before the game. Any just found out about it and they had a moment of silence before the game and the crowd was loud as for his court introduction. And it's not only did he play he absolutely dominated. Here's some of his teammates and coaches kind of commenting on what happened. He's a total player because that's always have to go through. Homes and you know what's in the best tennis fan but is this just shows the type of player to type command type person news. To go out there and battle through it he was going to firfer has organization instinct. You know he's just such a competitor you know such a good kid end you know and and Arnold citizen citizen they're really really tough. A situation that that he's going through some. You know don't toss a first brought to us salmon. So understand what kind of time he's going through and it Kenny around my head around what has to be like to go to a playoff game. And not only did he show up not only did he play. We're talking about finishing ten of eighteen shooting with six assists five rebounds and that's over the course of 38 minute. It's yet you know what it was impressed and I would expect anything different in this situation ripe for whatever reason I would just as I would assume that tonight's going to be his night in and if that was exactly that's earlier wanna do so without Brett Favre did years ago that would put it well that's right so mad about Charles Barkley he. And he was just saying he made or isn't he now. It halftime he made some comments. The basis that it was uncomfortable ripe for for it was a corporal Charles how are part of it was uncomfortable to know being comfortable the teammates and you know accused basically bring up a grown man crying and all these things and you know like other what does it semis he was trying to I don't want anybody to say that that that. If you his teammate you probably told mark plagues we can't keep it together right right right but the look like anything else you eat. In that situation there's not a lot that you that you can do as a person right now you're it's the it's the playoffs you're team is playing the one thing that you need. Is just a little bit of distraction sometimes and oftentimes work or anything like that a responsibility. Is good way to get your head out of it even though it's fresh in just happened. It's also what he's been working for his entire life in prior years to be in this position to have a team that's in the playoffs so this is the worst time of the world. He's gonna have to fly to Tacoma and and deal with just a horrible situation. What else what else would you expect from a man who lost to sister that he grew up with on shore at that time together and all that stuff in that kind of situation. I mean. Their way I was shocked by Charles simply because I like Charles part of them like man. Hello you can you got to understand situationally what's going on here and why don't you go out do you think big bag guy wants to sit down and feel all that pain and we're throw they do you think this is for show. Think this is going to help you know people feel. Sorry for her way he's not looking for any of that threat he's just a human being going through a motion to give the guy a break. But everybody's been there I mean you use you've told a couple stories about how things happened while you're on the air and did some bad weather wanna know the outcome I don't know. Yeah on the ground who have heard a loud and well I knew that home back Murrow. Agree that you spoke round it was like everybody has. The story like that where you're working or whatever may be in you just keep pushing through yet. You have to you have to and Charles Barkley I mean does he turnaround remain about him it was a little bizarre but he made it seem like you know he would sell on the go home. Right lunar moon. Then like don't cry in front movement count that right I thought that that's basically that was basically. He played from an amazing game though now and to be fair they did not beat the bulls but they could come backing game till. So I mean it could be a major comeback for them in which would be incredible after the whole story and what he's going for so yeah. What we do have a couple extras here now with guts you remember Chris skip tanned from Jared and I line all yeah mail Paula Abdul yes it usually is yes is he he played main goal and he played a bunch of characters mister. I guess he's back on TV Dancing With The Stars I don't watch it so I I did not know that he was off very quickly from what I remember I know he was Harry or you I think newsroom the first people off his pro the first two injuries right which is strict act figured he'd be awfully nimble but he calls Dancing With The Stars unfair. Would you like to guess why. Does he didn't win because he's I don't know. But then when. You accepted to do it to go that is true and you know I got a nice check and cash for it but yeah apparently everybody. Comes in with different levels of dancing experience he says they're all judged the same and of course he's it to about that because for a while he was eliminating the II and they. I one of the first people I think if I was Chris content. And this is not taking anything away from Brazil's fans but. If I'm Chris content I'm happy that a major network is calling me and putting me on primetime television were even if it's just the name of the show is. Throw darts to Chris detected that there are now I'm just happy to be there even if I'm taking a dart to the forehead and you don't know like I'm on TV it's not a bad. I just takes in the you know alcohol. Band aid and hopefully I don't get in the cast is legitimately complaining. Oh yeah he's just he's yelling about how it's unfair to everybody. How did you not know that. I don't know break you know Redman and what is exactly like you all right and of well. And I made Obama by every day you can. You know the thing about the bachelorette as if you don't like your I go to Australia. Yeah a really strange now. Apparently I'd been didn't even know survivor was still on I guess we should have because it's been so pop I think it's popular to people who watch it writes so. You may have. Please let's play as you probably won't hold my neighbors and my friends CIA I'll watch the show and how could we don't know who watches in CIA has put her out there in droves and they wanted total we don't know we need I don't know if you raise the watch in CIA has no I don't know not one but they're bringing these are always in the what top three on yeah every single. Within you look like mark coliseum maybe I'm on her what her. That's that yet so survivor in the news we talked about it I guess recently where this contestant Jeff Varner. He out of somebody as transgender on the show. Parental yet because of that that they were nine. Not faking but it the G creating a false. France. Oh yeah no it's not always it's carried over into his real life now he is going to be fired from his real estate job. And I don't I'm medals while canceled all the things that's yeah and it's just a lot about his character that clean up the transgender house by curry is. Very fair and Dollar General is all those business there are new to him right so he's an entire banana it's not the first time though that somebody honor of reality shows done something there and then been fired after because it was just atrocious anything you do on TV we interviewed by the news isn't done familiar our yeah. At that point your names out there and a negative ways I don't know why expected any different. If you recall when Ryan Lochte the Olympic genius yeah as the men. Yes when he was on Dancing With The Stars are people who rushed the floor protest Soledad yes I remember that at all. I care so little unduly. What happened. He was out did saying and yes sir it was at the end of the dance where there are being judged and given the of the full score people rushed the floor. And protests of him being marriage it and it's just became hardly seen. Eastern don't know what is so I think those but isn't based on what he did right and summer Olympic. I'll throw all that other yeah about that not the other one has anything to do the only dialing them so they had to pay the show twenty grand tablet charges dropped. They didn't have to air that either. Yeah and they just did it for publicity that would like no current exactly but pump their ratings up like crazy I don't know what. They have to complain you know exactly yeah but we do have some good Sosa watch tonight's. While I guess if you wanted to watch it person you can at Safeco tonight and that the Mariners playing. And do not forget to find a beer on tap at CD with settling for epics the kiss of you FaceBook you can check out which taps at a beyond. Beyond that on TV tonight for season finale of 24 legacy. Is on fox and also that Jimmy Kimmel. And he is actually gonna have on a local favorites if you wanna check that out you can it's gonna be crisp practices. It's Sunday it's. There's might call you. That statement is Roger in my heart is not here a dead in the water in my talk and said they both return tomorrow and remember one thing. Congratulate them on the nuptials that is one of energy and time since Olympic pilots get to some of the headlines cubs the FaceBook killer. Close phone ping in Pennsylvania they believe they nerd on the search I believe. I don't have all the details just normally that's store's logo on us and frankly the student process. So why not talk about a short Matilda seventeen year old server also the Froyo. The girls actually usurping with the father and she's attack dog was journal stroke she's taken in critical condition a hospital. But it would have died may have and so what I've sort of responsible. I mean I don't know man that's only something happens and strike. Insolvent the vendors an eight year old swimmer and America. Went missing off of Florida's coast and this case it was the right time. They're thrown out of things yeah. And a sister try to jump in and save them but lifeguards had to grab her and she got pulled under and they got her and yet. As prisoners. All right well there's a man in New York he says that in the last five months 1100. Strangers showed up at his home. Percent and he blames Bryant. And some things you know in this case they believe it is revenge. From an ax. Who put them up there and said that he is open to fancies that I would like it and do but. Who 1001. Of the strangers showed up and pursuit of this he's doing right now believed grinder actually adds that the legal upper hand. Just based on its a weird thing it's a weird thing I was guzzling monsters. There's a baby that was told to US embassy and hadn't had arisen suspicions. The other people's. A baby. We'll hold on to US embassy on terrorism. Suspicions apparently the grandfather. Mental mistake on a travel form for the new three month old. And some other three mobile is now suspected of terror attacks but it only goes through go through it. I would come on man put enough because the job late. What if showed us on the wrong but you got enough. The hits keep on coming for United Airlines and this is a bride and groom rubble when it goes curriculum friends. Because they're gonna get married and get to the scenes someone's slumped over NC sleeps on sled. They take two other seats and understand there was a half full flight the constituency so that the ghostly. A long story short bit ago booting from the flight reported total united. Reload the slide shows but the hits keep on Coventry united. Just add insult to injury doctor David doubt that's the guy that they drag off of employment non confidence right remember what are cut so in this case. He gets dragged off the plane. And in the end just add insult to injury. His luggage went home place I love making this up what Jack and I'm getting delivered to an airport in Kentucky. The Fed may delivered to a home. And then when I went to Kentucky to get it as united. They ended up sending it to medical practice instead of the home so. He finally has his missing luggage but he still missing his two front tease tease through. Think about that man made euros towards it around for a report. At the Seahawks are bringing in Michigan State defensive tackle Molly McDowell freight pre draft visit today he's considered to be one of the most talented defensive prospects in this year's draft. However Sumner who say they're concerned about his effort her issues off the field. Coming down previously worked out of the dolphins and Redskins. How what else we got as far as the NFL goes yes sir is NFL news a total of 23 team's opening of their offseason programs today. I'll be entirely will be back to some degree of work as of tomorrow of course he workouts are very limited this time a year but they are happening. Bears Packers giants and Seahawks start their workouts tomorrow. As far as baseball you've got done Miami and down tonight each row by the way will be batting in the ninth position. For the Miami Marlins as he makes his return. To Safeco start time 710 NBA basketball playoffs first have to double header. Are the pacers and Cleveland on TNT 630 you'll see Memphis and San Antonio tip off NHL hockey playoffs tonight you've got Chicago and Nashville and Anaheim and Calgary will take a break the lovely Daryn Daley joins us right after these. Now back to the men's room. On 99.9. JE IU SW I returned really and now I the only yeah Anheuser housing weekend there that we was fantastic but it would split outlet I. Why would you split the. About a court announced a while the student when rental woods winner like I think core body that makes sense that and be the thing to use even as soar even soar even so I'm still sore from like throwing around that we Sheen Sandra so I knew it was you know liberal. They are there others are like poison oak there are there's some other dangers that you don't realize it's easier ready for the when he got there the right. Went at least this went red Burgundy and in good shape aren't time. As you know terror and Ted and Mike dale Lopes that we aren't so they're not here so how does Steve myself rob in the lovely CC and they're handled the business. So they want a week week. All right so we've got out. We we've got back a few results here if you went to the men's room Twitter page at men's or live we had a little voting going on. Let us know what people thought as far as who the voters thought was the still number of the show. Well this does not. Fall into what I think is the start person that my world view about 33% it's OK and thrilled 28 in blue. Robin 22 now in CC's seventeenth aren't. Booty. I I don't live there now. You thought it was a don't leave anybody voted for anyone else and yeah. Even throw a no zone all day yeah. Like I had on. Stephen I know blue body shot that we we've been tied together quite a bit. Yeah a lot alike don't look up okay now and what things might not know about. Steve and myself also as we smoke. Really potent and really really strong weed because unfortunately we spoke so much we in our lifetime that's really tasty yet. The purpose and a parish. Steve is so high today I've never seen America. I've ever seen so whatever you eight. Yeah yeah at our I. I kind of intentionally if you look at the label right. When I don't whatever it was and an online we'll have a man Scania the whole thing going ORR. I. I didn't do Louis win. You know our young Ryan gather the drug charge Denver's since been golf course either to get the profile this in my contender back from there. Lovely weekend of congratulations on an as an actress that's going to be fantastic yeah. Yes indeed makes you do good tomorrow and again can gradually it might in I'm in love jewels it's over and please. Do you do best in for a league this thing. This day and I do. The men's room as the day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited. Their presentation now. The man truly feel yeah.