Loud and Local - April 9th, 2017

Sunday, April 9th

Welcome back the Loud and Local and thank you for continuing to support local music ! The band of the week is HILLTOP RATS from Tacoma. I also played songs from Helms Alee, Windowpane, Wild Throne, Ayron Jones, Mos Generator, Devils Hunt Me Down and more ! 


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Amanda is actually from being surrounding immediate metropolitan area encompassing that. I would just noticed great north west's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. No rock featuring music full. And a great Pacific northwest 99.9. Bad news the weekend is almost over good news out in local peer to savor the last few hours. Of the game weekend with all the best music from the Pacific northwest might in his seven years. And every Sunday night here on AI FW we do for the kids saying we deficit he's from the police so they can fight through this post six. The fortune five. Occasionally. If we're feeling up to it. Even the 509 congratulations for window hoping he winner of the 2017 Seattle rock rubble and played them a little bit later the band that we give built up rats. While playing three games. From Netflix homophobia and we have written songs of the Ron Hilton's album. To start things off tonight to replace the mosque generator after that a bid from Bellingham. Wilde wrote my generator and wild though throw them back to back while local on the Iraq. They. I. Yeah. Okay. Okay. It's. This is loud and on the rock 99.9. KI DS stuff. Every time KI NW dot com and keep up with the Vijay in mid morning. Presents you would be loud and local fans of the heat when you're killed him as the day of the week not only do you get. Airplay your arm out and all of Sunday night which you also. Bribery gave on KI SW dot com with the bio. You know a show. Calendars. Photos whatever you want again the B dot com also on Friday morning. European will be played on the PGA inmates morning. This week we have Hilltop rats and awesome Tacoma punk band that is about to put out there brand new album endless summer on felony record. You can pick up a copy of this this coming Saturday April 15. The airport cavern. In Tacoma Washington the brass tiger hawks in figures until will be joining apple flop rats and we didn't win three songs off their new. New record against called. Endless summer. And he's available on. Go to the show on Saturday the fifteenth. At the airport cavern to be picked up a copy of what you're about the year he will be. Growing up. And a long way home whether you're about the year I Hilltop rats the ride of Tacoma. Love local on the Iraq. You can't get. I. The loud and local content you. It's 99.9. KI ESW. And often sung by Helms Ali Al their newest album still aside and easily. Marianne means will they and. Here in Seattle area before their arrest repose given new album coming out soon. And very stoked for that and now I'm stoked premier songs from that before that of course Hilltop rats three songs by the loud and local band of the week. Congratulations. To the one and only window pain me uneasy were victorious in the Seattle rock rumble beating out seriously like Nirvana and sound garden in Jimi Hendrix and. I mean they word keywords and like we are not trying to. Pretend like we're better or more chronic than these fans they love their fans. The window pane army. Needs in Victoria and voted for them KI SW dot com so they we're they were promoting that they were played during Seattle rock day this past Tuesday. The seventh annual Seattle rocky so congratulations to window pane. You very much deserve that you as a rock and awesome. Representatives of the local scene here in Seattle completely sum up the window to window panes self titled record. They came back came out last year its words and nothing more about window pane allow local on the rocks. This is loud and look. Although. Igniting boy not KI DSL. Back here on loud and local is you know. Sometimes I like to go back a few years in place and drove excels I got a 677999. In badger someone if it isn't so garden. So I chose something very early sound garden nothing to say off the screaming life. Off the record I was actually recently remastered by jacking Dino and got released by subplots I'm going to be playing some things. Sound garden old school and then you know what. What are my favorite bands I just got to throw down another sub pop record but despite murder city devils dear hearts right after sound garden. It's too throwback sound here allow more time. Okay. I. I. Okay. I. Yeah. And tears were. KI SW home. Let her see a lot of loud and local continue. Sears 99.9. KI SW. By Seattle's new giants. Off their album big thick this just released April 1. On as TB records at a New Jersey wounded giant in the damn thing on that record. As soon. Giants. Loud and local is the name of the show on Sunday night here on nine united we really KI SW. Seattle. Wouldn't hurt before the wounded giant with some strata and very powerful he got plenty of power metal. Thrown it back to be easy Judas Priest who and why is the name of the song some strident self titled. This is loud and love. He's on the wrong igniting Roy non KI ES. He in my hands I am holding the brand new album by Iran Jones. It's called ideal job is coming out in June on Sundiata records and eighties. Austin got headed had a chance to listen to a today it was a great day to do so. Is nice Sunday afternoon and asked her to say you're gonna love it and we're gonna only play a few songs here we can't stay. Can't play it all the records but I do wanna play three jams from this record low is the answer. We're gonna play love is the answer that we're gonna play voice from the Puget Sound in stand up take your power back three songs. I era Jones a you heard it here first. As you gonna here at all over the place as soon as this blows that Iowa is pretty music by Iran Jones. Allow local on the Iraq. Yeah. You thought of. Oh. And them. It's okay. And believe. Yeah. And then. Com applause from the pews it's out. Can you give me. People pretty. Hey elm. That was 38 were on Joel Suggs backs up back. Audio paint job is the name of the new record. Cooper coming out on Sundiata records in June had to debut that as soon as I have that in my hand my name is Kevin years. Well local is the show thinking that met the overnight sensation forget that in my hands thank you Iran for passing that over. That we can't we can't crack. All the songs just yet the kids a debut that it's. That's soon to come and hopefully give Iran of in the studio is a friend of the show and Demi who can JD similar songs in the weeks to come. But you know we still got a ways out it is coming out in June and yeah I want to get that on your radar Britney music Iran Jones while local. He's continuing on until midnight and yet he went something you wanna hear it takes me it's 77. 999. Ally we have new music right now by devils got down. We debuted at a couple weeks back but I wanted to keep it fresh in your memory because now didn't go to doubles hunt you down dot BN camp dot com. You can now order days this scheme new record. In meteoric as it is the adept. An EPO. One of three EPs they would be of releasing some good doubles that he downed up in camp dot com. He cannot get up. Do they have really cool package quality T shirt and a copy of the album. Here's doubles hunt deep down I am that I am while local on the Iraq. The. I. I. Yeah. Yeah. All. Yeah. Okay. A it's. And now. I. Yeah out in local continues on the road. It's 99.9. KI ESW. This is loud and local. He's on the rock 99.9. KI DS. After fifteen years well not quite seen that damn near fifteen. Fifteen years of domination and lesbian will be calling it a days this coming Thursday be one of the heaviest. And wild as being as in the northwest lesbian. Is playing their final show showcase. Some of their favorite bands alongside lesbian it's Thursday at new modes. Eaton ox is gored I guarantee you he's going to be you know you can now one of the. Lesbian. In the hell would be an awesome dude seriously. It showed last time he'd just been the last time this season with a trip his. Heaviest. Metal and northwest has to offer I'm gonna play a song off their newest album really they're opening. Pure middle nationalism is an epic song you know I mean. After that he comes off important songs I feel bad playing this Thursday at new lows for lesbians laugh. You know show up support the scene by David Evans then loud and local that he overnight sensation is next. 99.9 KI SW. Rock the Seattle.