Loud and Local - April 16th, 2017 w/ James Ballinger from Seattle Passive Aggressive Magazine

Sunday, April 16th

This week on the show I had a very special guest in studio! James Ballinger is the head dude behind the badass local music magazine Seattle Passive Aggressive. Not only did they just celebrate their fifth year as a magazine, they are also about to come out with a brand new issue. James chose some great local music by the following bands : Blood Drugs, Pisswand, Voycheck, Great Falls, Witch Ripper, Pegadeth, Endorphins Lost, Heiress, Law Boss and Burning Witch ! HEAVYYYYYYY
Witch Ripper – Sucker Punch 
Pegadeth – Uncontacted
Endorphins Lost – Warm Body Target 
Heiress – Made Behemoth Wrong
Law Boss – Severance
Burning Witch – Tower Place



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Amanda is actually from being surrounding the media metropolitan area encompassing that what's known as a great northwest. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is loud. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest and Eddie guy going down. It's Sunday night here on day nine point nine KI SW the weekend is about to be over but that's okay. Because we have two hours to finally just enjoy all the results from here in the northwest of the 253206. To 45 this recent self. And yes. Occasionally even the five on nine tonight we have James from the Seattle passive aggressive been awesome scene. Then really showcases some of the best music here in the northwest he's kind of bus here it is an awesome well it was the end up. Gonna talk about issued seventeen coming out soon Seattle passive aggressive. This past week I got some awesome mail. A bid by the name of painful muscles have to bring new album out called the signal and I'm proud to play some of that for yes after that. Give me three phone for 440 with some year other cobra lion and unicorn tees are back to back to start us off here allow more local. Loud and local content. There's 99.9. KI SW. Back. Idea Sunday's race. And at the weekend where few hours of all northwest music guy I mentioned earlier on the show and I am first popped on the air that we have teams Ballinger the editor the head of the Seattle passive aggressive magazine you may have seen it around in hopefully picked it up in a checked it out James welcome to the studio man it. It's nice to have you back thanks for having me very much very much so you. That you've been allowed local before but I believe that was when Nigel was at a Nicholas. Awesome man well it's good to have you appear we we actually securing it a bit of a play list. And so it's called to have your awesome. Taste in music it's it's pretty some pretty heavy stuff some pretty diverse playlist here tonight but I also wanted to say congratulations. You just celebrated the five year anniversary of Seattle passive aggressive and we did five years the last February. Austin and what led to anyone that's just listening now. Kind of tuning in what you close in on exactly what Seattle passive aggressive he is and lake where they can find it in the and what you seek to do with it. Certain we're free papers in the local that focuses on local metal bands. Around this area we put out an issue probably like once every three or four months and you can find it. And any record store or music mania you know we just kind of when we put him up we have enough and we have like a team that. Drops a Moffett stores all around town so there's a list of locations on our website that. We normally stock at the stock a map so you can check it out there and that's Seattle passive aggressive dot com. Does Seattle as a person salaries Seattle the Seattle. Perfect the Seattle PA dot com you can check out where he can pick that up a lot of Seattle locations also up in Lynwood in Bellevue eking. He picked that up pretty much all are on the northwest and it's very cool if you're just moving here if you're new to the scene it's it's definitely a yeah like. How to get into like this awesome music here and also you know if you're a seasoned veteran there's some up and coming. Bands you might hear about cell we like I said. Not to you know ramble on and on and on but I wanna know about these billions that you chose for the play with tonight we're gonna go kinda. Two at a time here and I wanted to what the place of blood drugs and well. I would say the big name but there might get fired so let's just called Keiwan. He Wanda yes while I've created. A bunch of stuff like pretty thank you said pretty diverse ya next. About heavy in noisy and stuff but we'll start off with a blood drugs blood drugs right on man employed drugs and and T won anything you wanna say about these dance blood drags this is from their 2015 self titled record that was released on good data records and it's a great record if you diary and it's picking up and Pete blind date just released a seven inch last Friday so. He can go on their band camp and download that pick deposition. Awesome you're listening to loud and local with special guest James boundary calls up to a 642 and rock and Nicholas it's loud vocal. I. Okay. I. This. Moon. And so. Or. It's. No he did not choose reggae has just American music here on loud and local that James challengers playlist. Any hearing ended just before allowed a local tonight because he's a bad ass and he also is load ahead of woody taste making magazine. The Sayer right now it's called Seattle passive aggressive he got to check it out and James you're about to be coming out with issue number seventeen. Coming out soon what's it details meant. Hold on to say hold on hold on what was. And even the details and in ratings. Right. Looked out the is Hughes says open the up. Yet is he seventeen it's going to have this next band ever going to play ball which act as one of the bans. And this is from her upcoming pulling the record that there are putting out in the middle me so. This is there going to be one of the band in the very next issue which of Arabia and a couple weeks. So we got that and then we also have a band called Great Falls I believe that they've also been featured in your magazine before they have and this is a world premiere re really not even out yet so this is this is from an upcoming split tenants with the bank of the greet Sabatini. Do this is insane like I thought I was kinda well connected here in the local scene but you're the one who comes up here and you've got world premieres. You got info on stuff but I don't even know about this seriously it pays to have James Ballinger treasured friend Adam on FaceBook like him and his numbers actually to those six. Now I'm just in I don't know what his numbers I actually just you know I. As they do that you face but I mean Iran. Not to accept. Him up on griner who are right here is we got two bands back to back as as we said before this bid will be featured in. Is she seventeen of Seattle passive aggressive its level local voided check on the rock. The it's. Another world premiere here my jeans and challenger he is a special guest here on the loud and vocal he is the editor in the head writer. A Seattle passive aggressive issue seventeen coming out in a couple weeks thanks for bringing up the world premieres you jail. Yeah. Are welcomed. And you which river. That's coming out hopefully some time places here but the record of seventy yet though day. Okay and date yet they're going to be plain northwest Air France. That is coming up on June 15 that you. And if there is Aron that is the Thursday airplane Thursday that all right and tickets on sale for that. Yes can be awesome man mica who else play in Riyadh and Arnie and and assistant goal scorer hours plane that it is several carnage. And greet. Harris is going to be playing now as well so some local there for years in very great greed and local lineup creed national and planned terror and so. He entered. Get to weekend ticket right now speaking of great we've played Hinkle Great Falls each shows he wanted to mention that there are also planned a geek fest yet they're going to be plain and the upstream fest on Thursday is going to be a stage with. Locals use our school word here over which earlier yeah. And here's what you're just on. The record that's going to be and that's the the first is that fest in May. May eleventh. Awesome man we got all kinds of good stuff coming up early here allowed local we just talked about airs we're gonna be playing them. In just a few but before we go to commercials I wanted to play some peg to death. This is say an all female rock project and the only reason I mention is all female not trying to like take them into this thing. Yes peg death peg get a but the the reason is because I'd I felt like that was kind of. It feels like kind of the creation of late this community of awesome female rock musicians is what this project seems like it is. Yeah I don't know whether that was like the at the intent around it or not but I mean that's that's Katie from Brothers us on a clock is the bass player there and she grabbed. Pam sterner and who is and postmortem and costs of plays is the touring guitar player for the Brothers and Posey and Dana from Helmsley and at least among go from he did he use Sox scored. And yet to. Great record really really impressed with him I love distract them about it. All right and contacted by peg to death if you have anything you wanna hear or is what talks trash to a six fortune one rock or he can Texas 77. 999 it's lot of local. On the rock. Look Kevin tears were. AI SW home. Back here on loud and local dig in that chill music because certainly the music that we had carried here by Jane's is everything but shields brighten the. He's brought the heavy rocket that's all. You can really hear coming from this playlist because it is all about the Seattle passive aggressive which is a funny name for a for a magazine that is. Everything but he's just straight aggressive music man. So how did you come up with that name Indy is that kind of a gig on them like northwest and being seen as a as if I'm assuming it is. I mean Vegas to get it worked out worked out that way I got this I got that idea from the name from out of at a number of based Coca through like. Play a little FaceBook argument that we had like a long time ago and in his joking around it's a dominant start is gene called the Seattle passive aggressive and and Canada stuck from them so that's a that's and we have the name okay thanks super fan. Yeah everyone's got to thinking in and he he's keeping it real for the seen his bush like every show. Ever and always has a smile on his face a super fan if you listen and you rule. So you have been doing this for five years now and going on six and. I got a nasty man it's. Not it's not a very positive place for for her French magazines for his jeans it's like there's they're dying off left and right that you remain and I'm just asking like. What would keep should go in windows things the roof and on the line I mean I honestly I didn't got my major in college in print journalism. And it's funny that I did that like Wright is all the newspapers were shutting down. Like what keeps you going with Peyton do you see yourself ever. Just going 100% online. I think that we when we started acting did the the Dana we did was we had. Stuff that was somewhat timeless imprint scene so it could kind of you know there is no shelf life on a piece of paper it you know just sit there and you know he picked it up he would find out factual information about these bans was ever dreamed yes so I mean and we have a website that. You know we've is is much more current with you know it you know record reviews and things like that that are you know doesn't buy it at house at a self lifestyle. Yeah I mean. There's there's always going to be people that one of these genes and there's always going to be in niche market for people that are in his genes. And you know I we're gonna ever gonna local record store nice dock my team at the record store IT people pick it up all the times people don't pick up all the local weeklies you know. I'm prey is still active but you know you have to have some kind of mixture of the both you know website and print if you are going to stay. Above water. Share and you know before this did you actually did you wrote articles for a bunch of different on magazines growing up like oh what. What kind of inspired you to do Delaware some of the first things that you really picked up and media's teenager or in your formative years that meet you wanna write popular rock. Writer I mean isn't as a child of you know probably you know porn in the late so I grew up with. Reading metal magazines like metal heads and operators and all that stuff and that's how you found out about music in yet. He wrote code you know. Answered taking grocery shopping and you spend you know thirty minutes of of them grocery shopping reading operator absolutely legend stuff so. That I mean I was like. Reading that kind of stuff and ruined stone was you know like there's tons of classic writers that classic to her you know rock journalist I guess you could say that it. Always loved to read but Lester Bangs yeah exactly people like that. So yeah I mean I just I started writing when I was in high school from high school newspaper and just and it never really stopped doing it. Welcome on them well that's awesome that you're still keeping it alive and know for a while you're there for Seattle weekly is that's the whole thing. Now I'd I haven't really done a lot of stuff for the weekly lately but I think it's still an active. You know art it's still considered inherited Ryder for if you're on the email list and her active and I think they got rid of the emails. OK well maybe maybe maybe just got rid of me well and who knows if you're finding out right now. In a way we have James Ballinger here he is. A purveyor of fine taste in in in the northwest music scene and he also does the Seattle passive aggressive scene if you've ever seen that around picking up decent read and learn about the scene we got to be ends back to back right now into orphans lost. In it and called areas that we've mentioned before tell me a little about what we're about to hear James. Paris'. To this particular track is just you know. Rates on tempo like to slow like grind. Too heavy it like to turning. Melodic metal and so I think you want but. And in endurance losses as a grind and they're going to be plain north swifter fest with Ayers. They convert on floss is playing the Friday that Friday June 16 is when there and play and this is warm body target. From the record that she's your way to came out last November awesome man endorphins lost an errors as chosen by Jay's Ballinger of the Seattle passive aggressive flat local. On the Iraq it's. AIS double. UHT want to see a lot of her. This is loud and local. He's on the rock 99.9. AI DS. You're listening to loud in local and thank you so much to James Ballinger he's from Seattle passive aggressive. All around bad passes and like I said purveyor of of amazing loud rock here in the northwest a beating in the scene brother. Thank you that that was that was very nice to you if you're very welcome I'm just trying to. You know it's free tickets some shows or something. He actually came up here and he said dude where's the Metallica tickets and need to Mattel had a single mentality to get up here I looked in every drawer nothing. Well we are moved trying to move locations so we may have a hidden some of those Metallica tickets I got macedon take its warrior. The show yet and yet it showed us nine it's going to be great and yet it's going to be killer caught him and Aaron now you have garnered now. You know cause call. If you can call us if you like the music or if you don't if you like that to talk trash you can you can also call law Abbas is it being you just heard severance is a song tell us a little bit about. This kind of boss yeah hide their. And of unknown yet surround around these parts they played once appear and when they first. Appeared in a month ago go but yet there from Portland and that is their first record called the casuals and like it you know last year and it wouldn't you know. It step Austin and on the faith. So I get askew like as far as bands that you want to a feature in the Seattle passive aggressive do you find out about bands to go to shows or do you. You scour the Internet for new to local news anchor. This stuff come across her to ask her how does that normally happen I'm we have. A roster or revolving roster of writers all the time never contribute to losing I think there's. X seven period of us now with so. You know a lot of a lot of the content of this gene comes from them so. They donate their time and it's amazing so I find out about a lot of new stuff from them. And just you know from going to shows sometimes are rules are the in a matter you'll see some somebody talking about something on. On you know FaceBook or something new we'll check him out and kind of get into it or not so. But yeah I get that most of most of our continents and of brought up by the writers make these guys if you if that's correct or donating your time. It's got to help you worker Sowers well I mean I mean it it does there are there's tons of new music there you wouldn't believe the amount of music there I wouldn't believe its record source still exist actually unite here that everything that. W hear it again I'm just plan to support your local record store support locals jeans in support your local scene so how can we you know find out about. More about work we follow you on the Internet architecture plugs into if you have any shouts yes and you can follow us on. I mean against Graham because both on the Twitter at all but at the Seattle PA. That I could follow us on Twitter and span the website says the Seattle PGA com. And it's like as it shot out of the writers. Let me guess so much thank you so much for donating your time awesome. And I think you so much for coming up endeavoring in this bad ass. A playlist not only do you bring a bunch of good songs but you also brought notes about all of these songs so would help it's helpful for me. If I'm just looking down and trying to find out a little bit about this you know I host the show but there's so much good music out there that it's hard to keep up sometimes. I appreciate you coming in with this and we're gonna go into a yacht throwback from 1998. You mention here that this is the best band ever. Who's the best endeavor no answer for me okay now for you are. This book and the ability to four record yeah I would visit. This is this is hurting as accurate and burn this to our place by varying weights and you know that that band has gone on to. Splinter off and just sigh and coat. At stake and mean so to me like burning which is one of the best Seattle and Everett. How many times do you get to play burning wood on the radio not often say yeah I'd I'd I think they're amazing slow heavy just. And not just the best and the. Best band ever has chosen by genes boundary go ahead and follow them at the Seattle PA think he's so much James Seattle passive aggressive pick up issue number seventeen seed in the tower please burning which. I'm not local. In tears roll. AI SW. Think the game's huge games Ballinger Brahma the Seattle passive aggressive check out the issue seventeen head out your local record store. Coming out in just a couple weeks very good dude and he had some great music to play here on the show. Moving on I wanna do I mentioned that this past Thursday was the final. Performance of the lesbian and in the it was an incredible show. Thursday at new lows they played alongside being called game. DA and Gigi check them out also pound LB exclamation point. And got a vehicle key whose ox is gored if he was he allowed local probably aware of he whose offices Gordon I want to play a song by Keith who's ox is gored. It's eighty a Tucson that is being featured on a conference rubber tracks EP. It was up beat by Jack indeed a legendary producer here. In Seattle is does call paralyzed or he whose ox is scored new music by that they end. I'm loud and we'll pool. Sir. And. Who. So to be handed over watch on the first stand right here record my name's Kevin gears you're listening to loud and local. Wars stand right here. Soft corner of the cake in Tacoma wanted to hear from. Woeful Seattle medal away from the whole thing got some forced entry now microcosm microcosm as of off from the record as above so below. And just such a good such a good being forced entry definitely check him out if you're new to the northwest scenery don't know about the multiple medal here in Seattle. And that and low blows me away still. Today's game like this at my name is Kevin hears it loud and local if you wanna get more current medal here in the northwest. Then you can definitely feel like Saturday may sixth that no court zone. Hammer fall at the lane coming through town alongside hero down at the end you're about to hear what my favorite metal bands from the area. Khaled what some call king of fear turn up raised the horns. Bake your hair. If you have any. Level former rock. My last voyage by one of my favorite metal bands from the areas of Rodham before that skeletal or two bids back to back. Makes him mcsame is very vintage classic heavy metal sound by both those fans. Getting here is loved local is the name of the show and we're about to be done here in about twenty minutes so before I'm not a year I got to mention. You've got to get tickets KI as the the ease pain in the grass is gonna get highest WP in the dress up dot com tickets still available Saturday. June 24. Not only is a point not only is it eighty metal and bosnians so many other fans pretty reckless but. We also have it loud and local representative I'll. Our own. One of our own is hitting the big stage and I couldn't be happier for ten miles wide at the deeds in that band Lou the first play them here are allowed local. And I'm just it's like a proud father. You know that my babies didn't. I gave me. So I want to play some off the album the growth is the title track from that album what you did here eyes will be pain in the grass by its ticket and support that show up early. And and throw your horns up and show support for this hard working vocal in its ten miles wide to gross. I'm a local. So yeah. Can you call. This is loud and local. He's on the rock igniting Roy non KI DS still. Little over ten minutes left a lot of local for the show that's the last time you're gonna hear from me we got some happiness and it play. Because Elliott James Ballinger in studio again. Thank you so much to him he does it awesome scene called Seattle passive aggressive go to. The Seattle PGA dot com to find out what can pick that up. And I just read about some of your local music I was definitely very cool him to stop by and accurate a little play live for us. This one goes out to him if he's listening room. Giant of their new record a big big is on is TV record the room of the towards Clinton I would be giant after that we got a band called snail. You ban them back to back that's pretty heavy. Pretty long lines of what he needs thanks solicited we'll have the podcast out of the show if you just tuning in now and I am. I'm busy. I've been up shortly. Live local on the Iraq. Rocket without. Yeah we. And the I mean. Yeah. News. It's.