Broad-Cast Ep. 71- "The Results Are In!"

Friday, April 21st

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Your Highness Destiny read through listener emails/texts, talk about how speed dating went for Destiny and Vicky then talk about an awesome sleepover tea party idea involving Mary Jane.

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It's. An. Lol I'm Getty gas from another step I'll get a try the other hole. Again you know and I hope that the economy nervousness there that you I think they are needed him well. And I'll. Net and it. And not boy it's. Yeah I. Welcome to another edition of the broadcast. And they TV. Over there we got food. Lou says. Hang in this is your kindness destiny and it pen end your highness I'm digging that name yes the media. And the high priestess of the increase since the high priestess and didn't. Manhunt for various feral I really love it they he well for us we are (%expletive) easy my dinner how the people that I hold so he had for to get too deep in today's story can get. And that's unknown social media as it is to Graham and Twitter is the same it's. The broadcast 99 and he can call or text that's at 2537786029. Email us at that broadcast 999. And FaceBook of course the bride that cast. A are entirely off a letter that it's designed for us immediately and it's a before getting to him a speed dating does that all even thought about the last week. In Denton yet. Things ranged. I did get we did get me a message from Brandon I think to our FaceBook page any because I was listening to the latest pod casting you three were talking about karaoke and unsure about trying new songs. So try Alfonzo rock band at home before doing and I karaoke. I hate the son my voice but I like things are rock band is great have a nice dailies. That's actually that's how I knew I love Buddy Holly because he would get a for rock band but we can only do this like karaoke thing yeah. And an idea that I kind of out of doing and no doubts as well I'd either don't speak or I he had an eye out and speak it was I just a girl sees me just a girl is we can't blame them on rock band. That was pretty legit just goes off isn't fun song dinner. I and it's rock man I am not I don't think of buying because they're all really cheap iPod. 360 I don't have like the new and the Xbox yeah yeah of the old school in east of the connect to the Xbox and so to buy games and their cheap. I'm a good grandma comes in Modesto have myopia stiff back like I have a supplant that I just have my and it's in the 64 elect. I don't have laid the Anthony Morris you know lifts its. Sweet. Shirts there out of bounds he had dropped in the Vijay and made 8 bit morning should hanging it again need it. And that the but we did support text messages from. I'm fine I'm listeners who live on earth and so we've gone lots. For the ladies of the broadcast. What is your opinion on having unprotected sex. And then but if the man. Does his business. There. Her and then goes up they're too you know. As does the. What is so many questions we why it is likely idol mimic those of mine and he. There yeah and a and they any egos and cleaned up his business yeah. Lola. Apps are on scene that's a big note that I wanted to see her just. I love it I've been wanted to. But I haven't actually been able to do so so ladies do you think that you weird are you into that I've had guys that are into that sort of thing didn't even have to be in the act. General area he's much pretty much like. So that's. Where it depends on the person right there like. Well I I break it's weird Al and I love it until I actually now I. Am and we lean. In you look anytime I hit it it is it like a domination thing again you do that likes others probably aching to and so many rounds of yes. Yeah. I'm olive on an Alex did. Now aren't as anchors of the I don't think I'm really. I have the Golan urban dictionary app for ballot that would obviously. And say. I and eating a pop the ball. And then she baby birds it's been somebody else. I hate that hate and hate and I don't know I got them now as a but I see it only adds on the idiot sometimes. Apparently you know whatever and now he. I would I don't know I'm late in the Nazis is like out at setter. Just doctors and that means it is not at least. Yeah a conflict and so next. And we got our body moves. Message to blue sky Lucy says hey guys first off my high AS. For its money at these and the yesterday simply ask you any spelling here is below what do you do on a Friday is a great first state question and I'm totally gonna use that. I got different set of when you guys are talking that karaoke so my favorite. Are fat bottom girls and bohemian rhapsody or Imus over big pop up at times over big Papa. The first set up on girls on the ice. Diet and that's queen like I do love green in apps you know. Union rhapsody I learned. I learned about bohemian rhapsody and thunder struck during my you know military aid drinking game on. Days as the best thing ever and those who is only ten games are thought to those on the army using the. And I hit an Adam Hamm and I Yeltsin says I look forward to and I have a girlfriend and I get to the part where the girl says. Yak in its and then I can hand the Mike to set girlfriend I'm guessing with the song. With the phones in a must buy me from being a. With pop up. So what are you thinking to. Had a frightening indeed NC that's adorable in the dislike can't wait to sing a song of maker of Brian dying or a girl parts of that that is actually. That the Miami once I was out it's with a dude and we were doing karaoke this really grapple bar in Astoria. And somebody did. And I got the air terminal. In Portland I should say on one occasion at this gal command and his father and appointments he's back in the hotel seasonal or gal. She's I just want to sing these really want saying you know I get my frustration out she sang that song and I loved it lets you fly loves singing it as well. On occasion and in exists but it's like eight of us inspire youth there's nobody there so there deja pretty quick. And and that included the bartender and the karaoke house hunt and my the guy I was with his own. I ever wanted and showed an appetite or just movie mood music and stuff he's like let's do Greece let's do Greece and that I will do Greece I'm that the and he played and I had a great time being and the any Palin got. And you've McGraw yup I love that I did the pelvic thrusts and everything thank. I really wanna go to karaoke tonight. So affords and I am doing glance at 321 battle on that cannot hide yes to wrestle mania last battle mania about you know. Yeah about a mania ends at the so this I'm gone shortly toll down four of them earlier this season and tights an area. 21 battle puts on Greek reach out and I started going because Kevin from metals and the president lecture and I kind of hot and I'll go to renowned and I have a buddy who actually wrestled in there. He called Phishing Andy's. Cody and sees. It he's you know he's in that let up at all I am he's. Awesome and saying he is a great job at those events. So yeah on the chance to go check it out on base but 321 battle you can check out as as in everything that we arsons and I am going to be there for sure he'd like jelly Ryan he's and other wrestle with the bigger name he's not and the data in the year anything but he's pretty they Indy circuit and he's so freaking funny and so hilarious that he will come down one of the under like underwear and about that should. He's super Harry a lot of ground in hell level lolly pop these economic and underwear. In people's mouths it also that. I don't know anything like it's kind of OK like I want it yeah mind I do not mind at all. The moving on and indeed in the senate speaking of wanting lollipops. Dating yeah. Ladies I'm so impressed and I hear all about it the other so all these my guys Syria and the day's third. How I met up with us in your house and went and took cops whiskey the Dow was getting ready like I can stay from Rick and I am am am beating a phase like with the Beatty playing as he's talking. And I am as a guess that's a stock and make a plot gimmick of summit in there and I I don't pull out I'm like a shot shot to death some gunshots and that the Yemeni of the same guys. Aaliyah and eight and it. A did you get your email by the way I get a few Reno's. And have built on running electronic directors and that you guys that originally what. Aim because we're gonna call her out and he needs and not go with us. And it was the one cent as the link a little found a link in that they Groupon and have by the way I think that was twenty dollars at half price it was half price and so we paid a lot more money than everyone else one girl which I don't I don't Groupon to. I liked so there's no points. Why did you go well not well look I am she could rule will call around and. Spot as usual her explain yourself but it actually kinda worked out because destiny's frustration didn't go through. Let's just say even a beginning than reverend attic of the little. That fashion. Yeah I can get my confirmation right away is that email about the confirmation they got it when he nailed it. And so I thought that was animals and snugly into confirmation and in either and you know of them there he didn't have any record of means those that HRG sector big statement. Also it exit sites that sages. I despaired. I know but like make sure that they did not charger card when you originally paid you're not paying twice in I don't understand why let's check and then you can harass them. I love you that an onerous amber let me present whatever in my life but at Ashe electoral wallop there. It may. Just. She's like some cash in their ballot there Indians have won yet it was nothing important and it and I get that he's a ban on sales was of his wallet. And it couldn't answer and there yes they did have a bar and so productivity ever do pro dating just double fist in half of your drink at the table 'cause I was strapped in you can give them a drink an immediate went immediately. Right I finished mine pretty much right away because some. Know you gotta get you so slow to talk about. Then your first one so my diapers and yes of my sitting next to each other yes so I knew that badgering him and I know it on that because my very first guys at. I swear this is a conspiracy theorists like pre or were not as anybody named amber if you know it's bad MIE. Lily don't remember anybody's name right email emulate yeah you met who have maybe I tried it on my notes. You have really my nose were disliked no. Yeah. It may be hearts LA notes for the puck and it's tedious but at this dad actually during in Herman invention might affect like he did happen and went back and they break up try to eat drink and that we shot. He had and break and through the guy sauce or like in these girls not a party your these girls but yeah. So it was so funny in its missed all the girls in a bathroom and we're disliked. Confident where it can lead easily everyone wanted to leave out as late as as a Mickey didn't have like please increase is like no do or not. The story hasn't given a podcast and we are spent. Yeah yeah. Us and we difference. Anyway summit offers a guy was as a conspiracy there is like he slept late. He was seen it like he was in things like. You know we are all we're here for no reason I don't exits and begin here Robert from Maine every day and that's the most normal thing with saline should've seen him yet received it I was switching technology label you know like I Charlie day in yeah and ever so he's just like. Lake Ollie jacked out on copies last math slash. Whatever yeah my problem when he told me like in the ladies like well like difficult and basically along the lines of like his mother and his. Sibling are kind enough he's. They say that yeah and that's not the red its flag right I don't know I don't. Now so like you very first line and so I'm sitting there legislate. We just lay face he's talking endlessly wide eyes. NL and I look at Vicki for a second leg is is it's bad alarm in the eighties in LA so I I I was scared right now he was saying that he could easily re with a prison listening like out immediately making feet militantly anti it was a lay heavily taste as well. It is actually Sox gas and so yeah that was. That was number one and yeah you ask me anything about you like. Are we I honestly can't remember him but he if you ask you about youth on gun you have as he talked to him as that Edwards and on the night I think were put on the planet to put positive in the exit your spewing negativity you're only gonna get more negativity so why not more positive harassing him that's. Mr. Abbott had had tried to split it to smile is like make you less is to ask me why it yeah that yes I did this thing. And each how how long Andy out with each item five minutes which felt like and it horny I swear that's the way too I think three minutes break rank. Am I think it was a bigger group than maybe but I think it's not so funny. That when you actually did live with it felt like those cute and and I was like that doesn't have rights ABM is maybe it's just a guess and athletic and a at I had one built my first one her last one. He had such a thick accent. And in. He would leave yeah he was really nice and I. Blake hit his first sentence at lake. You can see the cogs and my brain is trying to figure out yet it was great that belly after allowed him grasping at the gag I'm so about it he packed high. I will ask why like why rightly. So yeah that would get me out I got shot up. Did not I don't think not and ended and we know there another one from another country so speaking in Russian speaking. The accidents. No names of the Russian. And the Russian. Holy lake just talking is so like you know like rocky like. Blake was with big guy depression in the rocky Adrian as the girl so that was. Aaron and a Russian rocket or greater the likelihood. Good at that it was a very thick traditional Russian AXA had only been speaking English for four years and he's really well yes and it bit late yet this whole hair I have like. You have been neat yeah he's Cuban American I'm just here I've got it all right yeah I don't get. Yeah. I'd like it is this a Russian thing to women isn't just how rush like Xena and I heaping of Russian mean like just in general that I knew about. It like having of that is it with badges like the accident slack as to bury your. That mess he is has that when I maybe it is just their cultural wicked they know here were a little out of insipid that Japan for example you're allowed. That's very appropriate and it definitely could be seen them yet and I'm wondering if that's just the thing with hair that feature not shares of and it is Russian and into Russia and you know it for four years you would think and given should stop. I can't do that she's self critiquing. It's now. He. I want called out like you have. The haircut and the health of the seventh grader it's like on exactly you don't that varies typical does that look at that went eighties will be a problem time code on an exile home fans that we problems he he would think though that Steve but it had meg not yet ST littlest. It's steep. Couple fumble OK it is terrorists too short for him play three. As I wrote an epidemic and a very European against Kerry Wood. So it pac man that by doing that I don't mean. I just remembered I checked my aim down. So like the way to communicate back with you is you know you match him passionate email using like oh yeah that's and so it was him a matchup you know let them know what he's saying that. Yes eyes squarely it was a compliment very big weekend both have to match each other it will tell you who really people match you tell them that everybody else who picked. You can email yes at the top together like I got one from the from one night I was really cute and in the second the last one came in I've seen. Els in its latest eats at you now we sentimental about it but it basically say the well you know at first I was really interested that is added to evaluate new way. I I believe Brady not it said if not that verb either. Like extra fevers but that. An enemy and so like I am sitting here and check my not to MIT my Halard now get it's so funny to me and I'm really mad like I didn't Matt I didn't say I wanted to match with him but he did match. Yet not act and give people an act of like the ones that because of some of the where it is one and I for citrus for a four the rushing dying day and it's a bit about his Alley outside capita heart so like I can remember without that they immediately there's so yeah I hope I guess that's how the director of the heart you know. That means. A little thing on the sheet that says yes top talent not to know. I had council's multiple before that's I didn't notice that until halfway through. I. Our shares are. Baghdad's. Did you master that when you match for you that's another thing and it looked through my picture because I became a grenade within late. That the Asian faces yet has played only once a member of the was that like red flag but Dylan's like it was a few of them Beverly mad cool it for real cool. And I elements as he talked to a gambit. So there were good ones that worst I'm gonna ask yes it is as though with whistle of the bad they're is that it's a good omens and met. That's not so and I thought he meant to meet him now that's something. And I am harm the jets also. To the day he and late prior military. Alone means day clay he was glad which is. An anomaly here obviously Willie rare poking line in the best way about an hour I'll ask. So let you know like he was free cannot Islam and so on I wish. I and remember his name yet. I was a little different isn't it. I eighty east team here we should do we should coupons for second he can books and these guys up via email. Puzzles. I'll eat. Or back from a little break here did not I present an up and a lot of it but unlike one dude. As one need that actually destiny you remembered him. He's just trying to steal his jacket. Mean he answered yeah. And Nickelodeon jacket but I found on the eighth that. And I and a mine he he did go I call them on my notes wrote Atticus. Oh I get the argument to do it you know at this one I know that is honestly you would have its illicit deal breakers like people who don't read. Look Henry you and let events so I think there isn't as Greek island and they read it in. Greek story so there was a king to queen and so profit like that little which told them for chip prophecies like your son. We'll grow up and he will murder he of the came in he will have sex with your wife is not. So what they would used to did that they would put them when they didn't want a child they just letting you know forget the term is like bees to lead to nature. I believe the baby up on Hiller something you know whether the wolves are the climate or whatever with take. Internet is actually explain to him you know I joked and like not very Oedipus. Netflix complex in lovely wife at that affect economics it's. So he what ends up happening is the person was supposed to do that public on the servants didn't have a heart to do it. So they had Emery somewhere else he became this really awesome guy on the battlefield and he Rosen rinks. And he's off traveling McCain's traveling decent stuff but he stresses a peasant. So he wouldn't you know it robs him Gump ran around like thinking going get you know killed. Well something happens in a fight entity and killing the king he doesn't know it's the king and much less that the sky is actually his spot back. So go to any end up going to the palace and then up some way or another meant that burying the queen she's a what do. Again he does not know that the queen is his mother and they end up having children and everything. So that the thing is they call an Oedipus complex is that it via an attraction to your mother. Sexual attraction some sort of and I know Freud and psychology has called at the end of the conflict that every man wants to secretly a Texas mother and every girl has secretly want to have sex with their father. Kind of the thing that's lately and so when people make. Dates someone at the very similar to their mom. You ought to just tell. It. That's kind of where that joke comes from as the one he sat down I was wearing my and Juliet finally became earrings and rings and stuff. And that necklace and he's just like no. He treated like that like every to love like what you got economic all of the jewelry is that he's trying to complementary to my mom really does stuff like that's it. And at the AT and I had as the innings its own comic I had to make up items that add up from making an aquarium. And so about it and I and I. What does someone say it out and saying like yeah like I say it ain't. I keep telling. Don't true probably three can be laughed and giggled he didn't under no applies only you know what that means never mind. That you. Days. Am like it that your body. And it ain't so. So yeah have a restart of Beckett they actually found the email he sent me yeah exactly and you can read if you like ring ring. And you say is. The slate you weren't the only one who has chosen me. I wasn't sure about you but decided to write anyway. In years so interesting getting to know each other better let you know. So like is at its. You Wear and I went and it's that elegant macho thing it's like other people on the needs and app house plan it it must be like Ozzie and surely. And it I was expecting lower arm alas or much. From this experience and let them get me like I mean he can't have that best of social skills that B and the third season of social fill out your. Here's the thing about why no call it. You notice about it all day when am I right there is that all women. Gorgeous yeah I there's some of the young girls all different hives and state got cute dresses on their hair is not and I saw the guys and I think. And NHL and the Beauty and the Geek. Data mining emea and some situation and it was only one president just really nice and SB mass masculine. Do you Imus must. Then. Because I have when you go back can't remember what that is skew in the yet I think the academic unit now that he and notice and it adds and I got up there and play. As early dress not i.'s I think it's. Some regularly had a line don't blend the limit you said government making unit increase the arcade just like Alec and not a blazer back in the race jackets and OK I'm not sure differently. They all that creep gas color disabled of the girls from discussing Michael honoring each little drunk like it up on our way yeah I think she is like flirted with them. We kind of notches like that I can't tell our hands when he said goodbye. Let is lake did you ever see the infomercial on how like how you get growth like that he had a totally like right I'll be back as much of burgers. I Guerrero gas. It's like with the prince to persuade the judge. I didn't up. Scumbag like Maynor and move definitely get you an honest lead the pain kiss at this. That you're god that was. Now that day and still have a lot less heat than it figure here. And I feel bad night. Late at at the end of his name is it. It. Like. I shook everyone's hand when he got and it shook everyone's hand and they are tried to as a goal and a because I. I haven't because they've been doing radio for awhile but I like I was conducting an actual and instantly in like the radio interviews I was definitely kind keeping the conversation going so well well all a lot of upper arms and Allen had a couple on the nuts and I try to turn into rounds I did feel like I honestly think he's a much Hewlett keeps beings on the a penalty I'll look like a bell this guy look like a bicycle well yeah. That's I you know Billick yeah today bags and some of them that was still happening at at being gains pretty creeped me. Com I was gonna think they're sixteen. And it because one of the guys them. Don't they left to get their. Or where is the beginning silicon. Know what happened or others but now the next three black suggesting it was a. The right of me the gallows on the left in me I kept noticing during mandate that you go to the bathroom and either this has tiny letters in the world and we should be he doesn't like the day. Kinda bathroom to kill time. I mean I wish I would have thought of that tactic and I don't know. Arrow Lackey kept trying to somehow be cordial when they literally getting care in day on what to do with it skate some of the government. I guess it's a part of the ads paid for this. Affiliate that I think is trying to be polite. And it like it was ingesting as deathly deathly ingesting I would do it as a duty and added legacy that emphasis time yeah. Maybe take a sneak pictures of these yes it does not get hacked and have a bleep lenders and delete a row notes that the grass remain open at Alec. I didn't write this like tell on him coming patch yourself. And I think the message and the messenger and that I mean that that agreed with me and whenever on you like yes. The I I really liked. Three of and two of them I think only said yes because. Like I'm like continue to view him. Yeah and I think the one message that I liked me back was. The only was the one I really liked. I. Out of everyone it was like. It's like. Assume it like you when you don't think the company the last act so as that leads Hugh that I can remember in a military island. Yes. Yes yes yes that adds to add the device and Tennessee and those have a black and I really don't remember his name is in no offense I can't remember anybody faced any. In this hiking or this might be against it and I don't remember exactly right but I wanna say that that Lannan. Anyway any host again I definitely deadly two it was land who has millions of music entertainment as about let's let's have a huge you know nothing for me. And SO Stephanie experiences fund. Think hey we got a few winners out of the fifth team this as honestly everybody there and so on mean Vicky where the clear winners of the he'll get all email is the highs and I would definite post though I'll hot pictures on is to grant early. It attributes. It to the millions out these finer yes any yeah he had money always speed and I feed dating yes. I shook up on there's like I'm. I already had and I needed now islands have like those like really went on got dinner afterwards. Yeah we did advance out of Oklahoma gas. So this is is is restaurant like right next to my. I resilience dad and his likeness and name castle like I was little like this is a hole in laws so headings colleague Bob Russo. Yes and and I and I that's like pig you're an instrument that would. Insulin they have like Alec a rotating menu that he changed greatly and like didn't have Peter Ford because it's changed so much is round. Our our mom dad and a solid slogan you little quaint place that it's been yeah cool mood lighting in snuff. Would we or. So we put them we split the burger and potatoes elegance and those silly I don't know what did you do that is like put the crunchy at the same time access so bad and denying recorded are crackling gangs are going to be like pork rinds but it was like. Port and it's in the best way they canceled it like Alec it was the Mexican and. And they queued. Type leg I passed the do you. Is very good part is clicking ME import you thought yeah. Like bacon and Catholics we thought like I grill and Younis on from there like. You wanna I wanna go okay. I get a speed dating. Even if you're in a relationship. And and Italy yet he doesn't get enough go. And that's awesome again off them. It's I mean it would just come up front front group anyway yeah doing like AM. Again an event where it's like and where you're stuck in a room. The puzzle rooms only bottom line that's so bad I mean they're investigating events of the program. Don't yeah. I don't like that and I knew that now. As a immediately and a and a power yet get Al. He ran over an hour and I used up with a group of random and the pixels in the words that is the real laid down I thought that's as the world saw it there I'm doing and I don't want to I Donna before it's a lot of fun but I had a group of people that lights yeah I don't like those beating them a lot of people recently and couple nights ago. The aryan and it was never Deanna I'm not going to do with this group ever young and its candidate when immensely. I go check out obviously my greatest I'm like trapped and yeah I'm not comical Galactica like it. Over the okay want to because you are doing it brought and it might not that is not right puzzle stop forcing it to not break it. When it's an ambulance exit exit Ziad bitch rove. The room like and I. No movement. Amigo and I. So like. I guess that if they indicated. That about that Anchorage is a set a speed dating forget that is that Libya had a more. Girls night in that I actually had this conversation yesterday I think we like and we have attempted to take all the girls just how we will let us go get drink some more and again about their relate group we were you know have an exit claim you're. Funny that would be it. Like all the girls a flat vesey and how would you I don't Felix let's. Queen bee thing to do hit that a guy from the hosts like well I mean they got money and that many married now whenever. So so Ayers and Ford's when he shenanigans. Yesterday of course lake and into ads have on these pools and things and so Mickey's that is linked four. It's tied in theme that Canada is infused sci AT and so I instantly. I instantly organize team vine. Mean he so believes you about T I can never go back now. Anyway and I. Regular T if I can't like I have tea bags Imus like. A again per annum and right. Anyway so it's canvas and these sites he is not watch the video looks awesome it's like instantly pictures as us. In one disease haven't like this people where I can strategy and borrow my mom actual T antibiotics peace act like got upset from McGraw sells every Dylan she's never used and secondly stealing the seat of Tea Party can you imagine Alice in Wonderland with you know look back and the like you know what she she is so yes so that is the number one renowned movie list so we wanted to watch movies you know in a steeple where. Bentley have to be something that way that take full advantage she saying yeah I am really take advantage of that -- sites in the number one on my list is hasn't wonderland. So I'm asking you guys have any suggestions or any theme that we should watch on all. Stoned and asleep over. Governor Tea Party dad Nazi party's legal and so we have for instance as a wonderland is the line being Edward scissor hands. That's an avalanche and I was thing about fifth element oh yes I'm an element multi pass. It seemed like that really. The that I can't like him in. Avatar I'm Christina irony there and play I can't people just rest and and it's our athletic on the console bias and a group questionable as at air Bender so I was so excited because I avatar. Atlanta's like nacho is also is dying at a floats on doppler beginning vacant. Well we can always do in my house on the couch back with nimbly matches on the ground show ash have active label label matches in like two about it. Yeah I'll get away and these Al I have I have a yeah. That was Beirut also I love it. It fits into the hole queen bees and close grizzlies and very area and Honda off I think and yes so you guys start thinking that means in. They got listeners have read a text messages on FaceBook any of that what you that I think it would be a good fit. In deed indeed. And then speaking of that marriage alana has actually isn't angles weekend yeah decide the 321 battle. This says that as. And me and soon siege are going to bed dope cup and I parity have my age you may we'd necklace and shirts ready evacuate. I got a lot of videos yesterday 444 it's funny. So much weed out like a kid in the candy store like Willie lock ahead nothing on and we sat I went out. It's like we got again deal yet it was a fourth when he says you Lilly got Ford joins for 4000 when he says I was like that went that bad. It was one cause of mother of dragons ugly gimme either the did love if you prowling dressed up as Dinara I think you're Deanna you and I almost did it a bit like am I did the whole dark queen like. This year or last year glamour from. Magnificent Orton went you Mena. But the darkly like that as its engine Jolie's character. Check out shares there Charlie Aaron. Ollie at evil queen yes I did that whole island is yeah I have a dark hair is in I definitely like I did dripping ground school and any excuse from needs to have a and a crown now I am glad they can't. You should do it doesn't do desolate dazzling betweens like I. Of hollowing out via I want as all the money you and me. As funny name that says well east is ever guessed Dexter tell lightweight note that. The economic yeah fourth of July and all that I think that there. I grip is it's eight member of the August 28 and I'm turning 22 dismantled and haven't had a Costin by crossing party start at my house and then we got Greinke. Pops in and got ever wished. That. And that's what it's now being fat added one and who the high priest of that says this would simply. I don't need to apparently it. I have been thinking about what I wanted to for Halloween and I have a couple ideas to. What I almost a flash are almost was. My parents character in pulp fiction you. And it's just a kitchen. With a black hair yeah now my front about its effect and lash effect if accompanied him. And honestly yeah way. In my other radio Alicea. Yeah I've found a way to like eighteen box remains. Yeah associate the singer CN get like SE BMI LE huge of those lately can easily be over until it. Balance I think my public about it rush or the other one is there's a show come legion. And I'll do plaza plays the character she kind of up so that the monster spoiler it's it's a monster she is answer enough as a monster. But he's living in the skies had. And he has different forms like he has like this weird like kind of creepy looking boy from like from a book from childhood. Or he looks like the actual monster form or he looks like occupy that. In that I eleven minutes away at the end of the series there's one or she's kind of wearing seat after she's wearing his seat and she looks pretty cool but there's rumors it's like the crap kicked out ever. Who's in the audience enough. I love that so I just like with parish a short curly hair has been awake on and after distress as earnest and I don't know how many you'll actually get it. Those lake load those like it's humans always wanted to do you like you know I love the show our chance on a high seas and you know it was like like how it's gonna do like do alana Kara. Arson attack. You know. I don't want to do share all the issue ads either because she likes the snow tonight. Partnering. I see an economic on Selma do you we should do it like a whole lineup have freak in one of that who's at the mag German scientists Lecavalier chronic hustling and where I was really lovely Krieger but I think an athlete who book off mystery. Chris walker I was thinking rent I was thinking green as there you're great creator I think editing Italy airport is loud and I Adam Opel would be archer who would thing to archer is you know he's he's he's a jerk off to him yet it into the Dick flake he's pre hide though you have easily with that. You know. I found in the seats. Yeah I really can fake it if you figure. Right man. I'm out of a couple of friends and a the next one again and get couple clocked him plans in place well all I'm sorry classmen. The whole Sailor Moon as I am a semblance I have any. Zero excused as just of its animals they get every decent so Jupiter's sailor and that it now where at an accident. Into the candidates candidacy to keep party yeah alimony I think on who right now peace. Is this like a child it's an Asian Yassin at this it's as high school girl in turns out she has and remember how I was really little and I thought they. Classic growing up inside any of that animates and order as enemy was as a whole Japanese they like to legislate high school girl and the size fourteen she's like she's a child to get. Again we like Connell Lockett. Things she can transform into feeling that she pulled out. And Cilic the constable appear on there and she goes and bites. And they all they seal a moon and they all have all the comics he admires you a Jupiter. Is an air raid as if. Ito didn't earn it if it if you know anything about me and all about that interior currency and the you know the universe in return. No because I am I would rather panic at Abbott Matt when a lake. Fargo my AS. Our trying NC give advice to other people hitting it guys it's just reading it in other. I'm really gonna say they'll get it higher in my current trend but I fun I want Connie in my cards read French or am I a do you have one grounds that a like it's it's great it's like YouTube being best still love is like honey was meant I enjoy only inaccurate things missiles by an idea but she definitely. Guys just as a team of guys like. Digital terror card greeting going via Skype before they love it. They have also I am Alec like I have went in order status saudis and probably. But like monetary. Damage is dead and asleep ever. Or we can't ask my music craft was old for the first volley and that's a list the craft that resting and I haven't seen at that is and those that can't you have so light that our goals of what manhole at which he aerial perfectly. Live to our thing so the car anyway. So we well so please let us know what movies you think we should watch honor Iraq. Stand Tea Party I've ever. And need an ounce speed Gaynor what he guy's finger what do you think that word when she gets these as it can soar. Where should we try this again what do you guys think. And I think to get police to and it's we will be getting a seat crap. Next podcast that's for free insurance and also I would love to hear about how many lows spent their fourth Tony let me know yes please and because she is the fourth funny. Queen here not that high priestess. Live it learn it love it. Okay guys I'll talk to get your Matt Cain.