Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 113 : "Kevin Kicked Me In The Head"

Saturday, April 29th

Welcome back ! This week on the podcast we discuss the following things - Tacos, Fatso Jetson, the Killswitch Engage and Anthrax show, Devils Hunt Me Down's sold out High Dive show, pitspreading, Ian cleaning his house, Ian peeing his bed, allowances, Motorhead's new IPA's, new music by Acacia Strain, Municipal Waste, Wolfbrigade, Iced Earth and Decapitated, how Kevin kicks everyone in the head in the pit, James Hetfield helping out a band in need, Zakk Wylde is back with Ozzy, Baroness is recording a new album and the life of a penis. 


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You know why aren't listening to. Stops backstage pass. Welcome back to metal shop backstage pass episode number 113. Yeah point but we're back man last week we started doing the show and I went back and Ed it now we have this awesome episode it was the most epic episode you've ever done all that's episodes probably that we we unveiled some secrets sounds of behind the scenes stuff we. We told the bigger boat ourselves and honestly. It's gone forever it's gone forever it was it was it's been hidden episode. Deleted to block it the last episode it is putting out into space for her generations to come and you know what those secrets I thought about it a lot this week and I didn't feel comfortable revealing them thing ever gonna enough yet again it. Yep dead I don't give Kobe Bryant or backed out of the we're gonna try and do it again so thanks for hanging out of the middle shot backstage pass my name is Ian that's given the year's high and mr. Ryan the beard. Hello and I can't put tardy in May basically almost. Yemen is left in the month. But to hit the hit up some in cinco de Maya know ardea. Where you gonna be gone I'll probably get them that you recover and he help you know chief is a good one but GAAP. There's a one over on east lake. That's right yeah but he Trevor worked right next door Taylor worked hurt him it's a hard place to get you man seventeen and can sucks these days well as that they didn't before but. It's impossible to get around. And it's not easy as of Al guy is I like the green light went to that that's it for the great yeah yeah it's pretty cool up there be any re not getting paid by two cover to say this we're just a fan of that played in which we can I like getting away with those breeders the wet burritos. Him dog and they got way to see you guys can keep achieved a record dieters man. It's. A home game. Big as they realize varied and man because he just fantasize about eating babies I do I do you just months and down. Not man a scary I'm pretty get a burrito I want select in my shop for. For a couple days is really go to town one of my favorite Mexican places ever west Seattle called port of I had. Can the good ones I like Taco Bell for. It's a new kind of plays I garden and earlier authentic pure vetoes. Burritos and burritos are Iowans go to talk about couple days ago and made the mistake of getting some nachos Felger Ronde. No Red Sox. A flight to learn most. Mexican I mean whenever I am not an alive probably talk about more than any other legislative. It wasn't are we talking about we're talking about something so CE OJ. I let's start the things off a little correction corner. Because the other day. You're roommate Josh oh god he confronted me at the anthrax. He killed switching gauge shell when he told me that you're talk consumed. Podcast and yet he says he'll probably hit me that much he didn't need that much talked about the mother why John he says he doesn't eat that much. Toppled. Now he does and so relies. Oh yeah Josh I know you're hearing this and yes you Indy and thirty bucks and got a lot Taco Bell he's thirty Georgia it's forty dollar Josh first of all Orion forty dollars yeah there's a huge difference between thirty and forty dollars a game he went up by ten it's like a level of class for real. You hit forty dollars you hit a new level of class the you do auto. I was ready camera you runs one of the security agencies in town there were having a movie night and Josh was Tellme that they went to talk about spent 100 dollars on caucus. Can you guessed it the number how many tacos that was 87. Lower. 69. Very very close. 717770. Dot goes on the dot with 100 dollars can now. So just in case you were wondering could imagine you walk up to that talk about and everyone in the back goes it. These. It's got its that you generated pussy get an email that order and in dealing young to be there in a couple that couple out now you just walk out. You want to tell you end up with like feces and Mike nineteen you burrito we'd end up that way anyways. So yeah I'm just planned. We're just Josh is horrible. Going on what's been up this week Brian. Saw you at the site with a weak leadership the other day strangle me and look like you're pretty happy to see fat to jets and I receivers that see that suggests and you know that's one of the few. Like flotsam and jets them. Well they were European during the hold as a rock explosion they were kind of along with ties in yeah. It's actually ranks nickname and that kind of stuff in dominant. Did you jets then a really wanted to I want to check out at the end they've always kept it instrumental in you know I'd. I'm always like musical more than you know Kei is in queens of the stone in computers are seeing these well it. I think they're better songwriters let you know that big stages different path one different direction and Tuesday at thirty instrument loans opposed to going more radio friendly direction radio friendly. And. That show isn't Arlene and it was like up karma to burn primitive man fat so jets in the abscess to. And looking weed eater it was just like no our league now special shout out to be assessed that that it was in crazy the fact that they've been going at it for so long. They broke up for a long time obviously why no it was a from a perceived by this but the it's just I mean I looked into that band. And there are flyers of them playing back in the day that committee with bad brains in minor threat. While you imagine seeing like an old school it's straight it's hard core fro and then with what they do metal band to just attached to a and then the beef grass diversity. Some of their early stuff was unlike the SST records so it makes sense I mean. Why no. He put out of the supremacist Isa. Interesting stuff going to see black gulag in the assessment. Yes and then what else you've been up to Ryan UN thought that Joba. That was pretty much it well or where to be okay. We're kill switch yeah that show yes shows that you can show you there all day long man the end I was that was a very very long day and you had interaction with joy bella Donna when he talked about that. Is as. Although I'm gonna into the building and I sit on I just kind of not in my head you know it's it's. I trying to interact with the artists that are working there because I figure that you know they had so many of the things to do and I just treat it like people yeah. It's gonna be able polite nod and stops at high. With the united guy if I was working super super nice guy and I thought it was really cool them to take the time to. This is real. It's. You listen to that he said franks is I think it's cool when guys on that level take the time to just have a conversation you know. I you know remnants are doing is there and spit balls that US icu do in the the hair down to the sets do some don't do that is supposed pieces of gear that's. Multiple hundreds of Al are getting drop that hurt. I don't care. What did you get hurt. Somebody's got to cherish. Got to answer but as yet that anthrax skills which show is awesome mom I'm glad I got there at like 645. Consortium catch code orange. Exactly I got about seven torn in the they were long gone and they were what they have like a couple songs left. What I that was fun. We are one and like. We are Kevin and I were senate to do this stage announcement it's happened bike up I think maybe two or three times we've been like. Kevin put in the work to set this up and then we end up showing up early send their size they're waiting for the day waiting for the thing waiting for somebody to walk up and tennis or Mike's doing a lot there. And then the band just starts and we're like man. I guess that didn't have that's not happened so we're worried that might happen where like five minutes over ten minutes past this stage announcement time they go OK go hurry. Through walk up their due to stage announcement in this into walk up to start blasting. 666. Not. Being. That is super fun stage announcement though I feel like you know when it's like a big Cilic anthrax people are just so pumped. Actually did a stage announcement last night for at the the high dive I did it with my neck Coke. With the overnight sensation here on the rock and we we double teamed outlined to the DNA guys each announcement for doubles Hamid down the at a record release show shout out to. Former intern column to deflect him in the nets did not put him in the nets because he's already injured he played on some though he is a broken arm and he played one song. The marathon with a broken arm on drums though charity and Mandela how he's feeling today which. Does the sold out I broke at the hideout doses very cool to see of people coming out for the local music and you're the cobra man they. They toward up do they were they were awesome and told there was a row in the pit that was just like he moshing and everyone it was so. So sweaty and match compact in tight known on Matt like. This guy makes Nat will put a Pip squeak this let's say the Al full row of all rose in the house speech diving and crowd server time basically encroaching on everyone's personal space. Bombing everyone out but he was so positive and I fighting everyone that like you can be mad at him. He was just like still broke the idea that other people join in. There was some people. Kinda just like OK that's not a posh yet self defense not but he was just like wouldn't let anyone like like you know. Kind of passive aggressive anger like gay bomb an outage is it. Yeah. And he can't hide that's when he won and I fight yet he is or stand there their Beers. Pierce last he's hilarious. It was innings just kind of elbowing me in the hand and just shot. It. I'm just like you did an increased risk. Ox and you should get is an info let's bring him up here for an interview but none of it was negative really wasn't hurting when he was just he was you know he was. He was my that was spreading in the pit. If you finally announced he was spreading these well spreading and I don't literature like pro mosque Bob yeah that pro mosque Bobby. Brought mosque Brad. Actually broke my Chad Chad yet. You would even a team and moment you know value and a working a lot of my house that and I cleaned my whole in the house the ending to a known Josh didn't yeah I know he sat watching video games like did not just watching video games playing video games are watching media and then and then talking to me from the other room so I. What Rudy said he's like NN thanks for your homeland bro that I'd help out but it's a dot dot dot dot dot Josh listens of these five guests and that's the that I never actually said in his face and he ST here third party you're in podcast as. What did you help clean up a little bit Josh I did I mean like he was at work but I like I took DP I vacuum my couch like. I did a theory thing. Still felt really again I think rank just let them get our food and he's going to get through to the zany candidate Mike and I leave and go to our food typed into the Google box and showed me. What he said gotta go. Grabbed the food from downstairs and he showed me in just kind of dipped so maybe I was supposed to tell you will still be politics. Bring in my honey hole. Sandwiched. Okay. OK I have a confession and I'm sad Ryan isn't here. In this fashion murdered in the this is really a rare thing but I'm feeling any to address that because it wasn't really my fault so today I in my bed re. But it was one of the dreams that I haven't had this dream for like ten in years I was super comfortable as really warm in my house. And I have one of those dreams from standing in front of the can. Totally you know media and so like and I don't know that you never know I don't know the name that had happened to other times in my life okay and so like I'm standing there and Mike. Having this dream. Where had been doing all of this other. Q and then you're like the end in my dream run like our ongoing bathroom until walking work done time the pits and so here's the up part like. In my head in my dream I realize that like yeah I can't you know don't don't do that to this broken dreams I woke up and I was like all right I'm good. And then the instant Allen back to sleep I went back into the scene and try credit wasn't bad as maybe like the size of like but it Q and so and pancake I instantly like a silver dollar that he yeah our I. A toss the caliber went back to sleep. I now I summing up and for your own but. I just needed confessed that. I think somebody would get a laugh out of that and at least one other person is gunned down at a totally ban I don't know what that's like. I was and I was drunk I was on and do anything stupid us is happy and content I peed the bed. Like a grown up tornado that hit. Got a question now now that now that would that's out in the open behind us is that title Ian Pearce the bed I know every girlfriend. But when you're single and you're you know furiously masturbating a high rate. Did you ever. And and just fall sleeping. You know I everywhere although I always remember yeah that these. I've done when I was drunk or high you dislike men and a lot of you radar screen just say alert it just like. Throughout the year. You you rate yourself you put out. I can't get the shortstop is this why am I stuck to my sheets. No so now we don't every it to make money pits and I bet I would the Macon. Dean. Tell us how we're actually going to make you think you for asking me you know I kind of hope this episode of the twilight does well I know you've got a good. Yeah you know us are this is the third time we're trying episode number 113 in an IE we lived together for about three years and I'd warehouses and values. And I don't think we. Saito and make it one time no we actually. I think we're really get on that because there's a lot of apple that you know. Well sailor accidentally saw my remain having sex or accidentally heard probably well now let's get to a that can match. Premises of the spot and she's already pay its features are you pits what would you do it. But you did. I heard you getting rammed that when yes see that would make her laugh. Which is why I love by chip which a hidden camera and terrified if I imprisoned. Through his I mean no here's the other funny part and Josh may or may not acknowledge this but I thought Josh was out mowing the lawn still. When I was in about their value and we didn't need our yeah I asked him alignment along with increase it was a weird like her dress grinch who profess your thoughts on water. When did you pay him good night dad and now. But yet here collateral and the you're you're 750 for the week. What did you get for allowance. Eight kind of went up as I got older and out artists like five bucks a week when I was young. And then like ten bucks that segment and tours to Matsui the Noah isn't like. I'd like junior arrived like twenty bucks we denied use that to go buy CDs and Thatcher and me. I don't they get everyone up the past that McNabb like Bogut job I started at 250. Which was good for me when I was a kid you know eager Katie institute at two dollars and fifty cents. And their make a funny for leave without saying and I went up to five. It's my mom did in it. My mom was frugal she dated an increment 1550 so I went to five and then my Nextel Cup it was 750 mile an in my next to unrealistic and and minimum wage I do mostly just spot wrestling magazines and railing actually made more money then yes those Fries and he makes it sound. And food sales of food. That's unacceptable. Few on the podcast and eat the good myself it's not give the did you eat almost podcasts and punch you in the states I don't guitarist. Like he broke his right in the words like keeping has a drinking as any all right people fifteen people to stop listening podcasters eating on the air no that's not truth Kazuo like me in north and honey you'll French Fries. For real well so why shall we now. Yeah noble what do you do what do you do this week I just told you who told you all the stuff I got distracted the smell of rich. Aromas that since news broke our. Okay time for some news to compete DDD acting. Games you know while we actually have a friend in studio right now mr. Tobey achy Tobias core. Legendary poster from the bridge nine message boards and I'd root feast pizza. Is his name on the message for them. God I'm money with them. Now's the time that there. Eighth Toby Torre know and with Toby cause. Art let's go some new his brother Kurt you all right so there have been a lot of skiing medal Beers that have been coming on the last three years. And I'm it's that are gone who's gonna put out a good problem. But why why anybody and Martha coming out good ones we mean what what what's what's not good about Israel easing pain you live here in the game we're gonna put out a brand new we're gonna put out of pills or no at the thought your metal bands whose got an IPA. Who's got the idea mother and has an IPA coming out born to lose and lived to win two brand new I PH who six point five. Percent alcohol and I'm I don't lose. Brewed by cascades Inco and sit try hops that provide an earthy resonance aroma with notes of fresh citrus they say nodes. Yes that's it's gonna make me look at notes uh oh okay I know it makes you think of land he's in more face. Attack that's got a new RIP money of 1990. Yes exactly so that's cool. Born to born to lose in live to win two brand new motor head Beers and think about when they're coming out. Whenever it'll go on to be sold by amplified its. Do you see India eagle locations and you can purchase it online hey Ryan get a computer for either you know I need to look at heavy metal Beers because there is one particular website that sells like all the slayer stuff the -- marked ones the island made once the wines the lakers and all that stuff there is an actual website as. As can't remember off the top of mean he had. The beer connect dot com is where wreaking get it there it's the cabin I was. Hey man. I'm an all star yeah mine. Is live aid is speed at which quick shout out to machine for it not be able to get me the pig destroyer beer he's truly your ass off. Here you. He's in Germany are now he can't hear you he's too cool for me like their face for the booths are there and he's rocket now added an epic. Power metal concert experience he would be. Insane. New acacia strain song we're gonna previous to new songs here acacia strain of the new one. Grave ballooned due out June 30 on. Rise records. Yeah obsolete design is a pretty good movie and they wrote a song called big sleep. Hey you're never affiliate get the point. Set featuring guest moguls by. Their match from coupe like con men honey just what a great song to hurt people so you. At that Jesus. Like our heads Aaron. And I've never seen your monthly deed. How wet and sticky as it. Yeah not out of my papers mustered a must talk about twenty shots studio. So we never hear when he explained we've talked about I really like this and Harry back in the day. 2000. War in Lexington advocate ash and I still ahead by ten and I actually didn't have Manning and now not by you I'm not mad about you I mean lakers I knew Kevin well enough in size mosh. Maneuvers on uptake understand the physics of his movements. That's so I'd be like them I neo matrix thing his head cakes loom guys is Dina like get on gamma level yellow. Both prior to luckily I'm retired I'm retired from that due to a Yankee inching injury that I 'cause on a friend. Now I feel it king of kicking people off Ed do you want here's the thing breakthrough is what I remember cousins tell me a story about like it was that AJ. Yes yak Kevin got knocked the outcome I think kicked in the face. How did central Washington university in Allen's very and how is America. Mean because Pickett hasn't changed my friend AJD. Former singer of shoddy and shout out to you native American death core. That's a place where white guys from Bellevue. And that he. I've and he came through with they know are he's been kick. It's you might temple. And the next thing I knew I was being woken up on a dorm. Bed with water getting thrown on me and I had a nasty headache and it would tell me not to go to sleep it off and are we can cash in the united as the dust off some college girls playing themselves. With the idea that night welcome Allen bird watching the game that is yeah risky awesome weekend and I is that stretch Armstrong falsely though. So I would I can but Kevin harness the power and head kick in the dish it out on all you yeah that right on the better person because. Kevin knock some sense into six and punish and it municipal waste as a new record coming out they just announced this week called slime and punish me speaking of punishment exactly. There's six record coming out in June 23 a nuclear blast they had the iron Reagan record just cannot back in January. And they're like yeah we got another bid to. 75% of the same people organ of another record also. And that's fine with me so here's a little piece of their new record. Other songs go amateur sketch. Arching out. The old dog played him in the last. Nice nice to you mad Mac that's ever heard. We've sort kicks from him ahead. Big. So last week on metal shop right in the beard picked us open for his beard Dick Wolf brigade when he talked about this right. Well I'll Wofford it is a really really awesome man from Gothenburg. Panic is one of the kings of CIA recorded out. Half and it was recorded at the studio that app. Cookies in flames and Marty do you do all that stuff that hates the other half was recorded in different studio lights at dismember entombed in grave. Recorded that cell that's not going home there in good company. So the the statement that they've released says. We look to explore our promise writing straight up in your face primitive songs. On this record we decided pushed melodic streets even further but without losing either intensity or brutality. We're equally we've been inspired by a book classic in its key here is still being literature fighting suitably horrible metaphors for the decline of western side. Oh man Mike Womack smacked the first sound. Before. And go. Go get them more. You can go to southern look website and pick up their premium pre order package which includes C they see actor cake to bump. When. Not sure actually ice terrorist has a new song called seven headed horror. But you can't cash. Except I don't get it any fitted and in named after the game of their arms and looked at upper announced seven headed or slick look be had with Google image search. Now. Who got game with drones get seven edited more I've seen all five seasons of that in general pattern and knows the excited about. And again. It's demon throws steam and Monroe why. You have I anyways new iced earth is coming out June 16 on century media records pre orders are available now. So yes 700 or let's check it out some game throwing the medals. Gets injured he. Yes and so the days. You had been involved in my head that I have been seriously who. Very much slayer but you know what they're bringing music are iced earth. We also have new music by decapitated. They have a new album called anti COLT coming out very soon here July 7 on nuclear blast with a new song. By decapitate right now it's let's TC. Never tasty decapitated. Skipping a little bit this is. I got the only guy who had. It can't be. He has been decapitated. Menu. Nearly emperors on the way back apparently the it's cool IE -- been doing his own thing for awhile and he just that amber just released that Facebook's statement couple days ago saying emperor horrid we will return and when he seventeen. For a few exclusive appearances perform the anthems to the woken at dusk album the first confirmed shows that the brutal assault festival. In the Czech Republic. They'll. Where. I don't know if I'm very near them and jigs and Jackie Brown on let's let's let's hope it ever comes here to stay said forget it's. You know Travis the virus he's a listener of the metal shop backseat past podcasts I think you'll be very pleased to this next story because on his recent. The podcast called the lead singer syndrome the Sheen told of Silverstein hosts it of all people and he speaks with John Henrik. The vocalist of darkest hour innate power ripped into victory records quite a bit so let's but kind of also like a polite way. Let's around to read some of the quotes here. Which with John Henry of darkest hours said. We're one of the UB as a completed a victory contract five albums yet ten years baby. Still haven't seen a royalty check hundreds of thousands of units sounds gain you know not one penny so maybe some day we'll get something from them I don't know not that it's all about the money or anything but. Feeding yourself is pretty tight. He was that the numbers speaks to you victory founder. And Oak Hill though who like email Mike. Every once and a while when we have to do some business I haven't talked to him in forever he fees refuses to talk for a manager to it's a whole mess. Not the way it should be. Which is like the. The most polite thing I've ever heard anybody say about Tony Burma and exactly so you can check it out again the podcast is called lead singer syndrome up that you would wanna listen to any other podcasts other than this one. Such huge ski viewed exactly what was he just said. Yeah we give you just feel DR org. But they just lost like what was it like at 23 million dollar lawsuit to do literary. Who's that they did like the Expos they article about Tony there's a former a former victory records like from a guy he Abdullah guy. Is a very long winded but awesome article about all the behind the scenes shenanigans and all the craziness the partying and like guy he access he brat like seventeen strippers were for a band after they lasted two were. Well next is pretty positive being one take this one. Yeah okay so there's a band from eastern Washington called blistered earth Seattle they're pretty or pretty bitching man and a parent airline guy people. From what I've seen in this is kind of impossible to sing like. This is what Metallica would look like if they were the same banned for thirty years ago I'm can't. That well you look like sort of like how exactly they play all the old school mentality as their Metallica government there was a like a really bad PR last year when Metallica seemed. One of the other Metallica cover bands out there. And I think the kind of learned their lesson right then and there are so what happened is that. Solicitor from Spokane got all of their Jack. I think you're down in Portland and they had all that we narrowed this. I'm getting he's confused he said they had their a band room. Broken into you right yeah MySpace all their stuff was still on nearly everything is placing these guitar there's a broken drum sticks out the floor like that's out. Deeply got these guys were only here they're based K as a guitar cabs all the and well James Hatfield heard about it on the news as a through his management they're de George John Murphy sellers says that from what I understand it was actually from KTV news. In Spokane your report the theft. That's Howard I accumulated and communicated to the guys in Metallica. I got a call from a lady at Metallica HQ you said she was trying to contact me. To verify who I was. Then from there they got in touch from Metallica's manager who asked me cinema gear list and so I did it just kind of went from there. And so it's a pretty awesome that they would do that I guess I was actually James it's not a story on the website I don't know how familiar are with Metallica or how closely followed their career. But it's a fairly well documented that they had all their gear stolen way back in the day. Heartbreaking thing to deal with man. Especially when he worked job you know likes you can buy a guitar finally exactly so back when they didn't have money replace their years so they have firsthand knowledge of how it feels. But again I never thought I would come to this. And Dahlia also James Hatfield replaced all these equipment and adding up brand new equipment of everything they had but the entire list of everything was stolen. So we'll a shout out to James who didn't have to do that because the super classy movie that I really know it's very expensive but you know it's like. So we got just GA from Ozzy he's. Aussies so will be and being replaced by Zach wild Zach Wells back you know these band. In so. You know gusties actually Santa spent long overdue. And because she confirmed on FaceBook he said it's been an honor and a privilege playing buyer by your side since 2009. Nothing but great times and experience of a lack of a lifetime to Ozzy and Sharon thanks for everything love yet. Love yet to Glasgow adamant Tommy been a pleasure rock with you. As a fan it's great to see Ozzy and Zach back together it's been long overdue last but not least thanks to all the fans show love and support all these years see you out there soon. But yes so it's a very classical that is for a guy that he to say that and you know looks exactly know Ozzie your backed backing and that'll be very very cool to see. Well I mean what theater. With two men. That does my job he's got another bad fire wind is a really cool convince them all as Ozzy fan how can you not want SE. Ozzie coming back he wasn't the regular guitar player like that was a job that you got to view and I think he handled the perfect perfect way. Yet in my. Opinion I can't prosecute chief. Fear all right so it happens every once in awhile it's happened again and IQ we do interviews of fans. Bill though sir get a little comfortable and feel feel free to start saying it's. And apparently on EU website era and magazine called ghost cult mag. Obituary guitar player Trevor pere Perez. Mentioned this we only a few weeks the market run reduced more East Coast is stuff. And then we're gonna looking were being going to be looking at a US round co headlining possibly with accidents yeah looks like we're gonna do it. And then he's as and then again it goes back oh sorry you bogey I can't tell you who with with yet has not won her returning gifts that I maintain a yes pretend I thought dot please don't publish that please. Please well it's out there and let's hope hope it actually happens. Exodus an obituary if we everything based we will definitely that kid who. So this we have for the past couple years played an awesome rendition of carry on my wayward son by guar. But ditches this past week anthrax close to show at the sold out Los Angeles kill the wrecks toward stopped with Kansas cover to carry on. We were at sun. So we're gonna play right now here's interact when it arrived in. Students on. Yeah. I think John from shadows fall played an advantage. Really cool to see. Never let you finish out of ball flight. For the sun interview that they did this weekend that means that it's like he's always been. Thank you kids and. It doesn't look. Yeah. Those channels on its insurance banking. You can use it. Okay. The cool part is that day they had Redmond don't come up on stage dad and LA who's the guys twinkies right there because there are a couple of recording for there. I think it was by the leftovers. Of the last decoded the leftovers TP investors don't have one yet. And apparently decided to be playing keys play with the icons like Alice Cooper queen and Elton John. So he's definitely one of the OG OG keyboard. Colors OG&E keep tar baby. So this is gonna do our idea of happy and by the time he was in his podcast but it kind of interesting we'll see what that happens with this ghost looking for 100 extra extras to star in some sort of super super secret shoot. Eight if you wanna be an extra in whatever goes is planning if you requirements yet to be within traveling distance of some people say it's probably over a music video. I say they're actually just lining up the next seven years of members of ghost. I must fueling to not get peed yeah they're making a human Detroit hey here's your fourteen dollars an hour you'll be stoked. Here's their SA Victor records actually got. They actually his body through an epithet at all right so bad news from the amorphous camp like a looks like after seventeen years they've bass player Nicklaus. I can't. And tell the man god. It can't of seniority. At you know the he decided to leave the band's thing yeah I am. That does everybody. A decision has nothing to do with the band no bad blood no hard feelings between us at all. A more verse is always been democratic candidates pretty obvious that ought not all choices can please everyone from people don't get along with each other that's life. Which basically means that you guys are asking. For. It's this is I still of the music in the guys in the crew but the reason permitted part department did larger. Is 100% due to the mismanagement of the period and am Caldwell. Is that band should never let your booking agent be your manager. All right fair enough I go. Can bite you just played music these Nicklaus. It was. I only yeah and movie. News that there are best friends Breaux a it looked on him and calling Nicholas patella beauty right now personally and on the game once you find them. I know bear NASA's. Has just stated that there are working on a new album. In let's see the last one purple came around 2015 and they've been torn tails off since I came out a tale of god and so it's about damn time and others are working on some music. And here's a quote from the band we started spreading acute new tunes that were working on the really cool thing now is that some fashion Ankara the newer members. Have been the ban long enough now that they understand who we do you. Prepare for a permanent or some really old songs in June so that keen understanding of that error that they aren't in our interest in incorporating some of those elements. In a new way all right so cool and they do what we want to read them better songs. It's not the goal every been for the well except for influence. So how's he knew who he claims hit against the she Israel and it's the so we actually had a few new store here. About the vocalist of grim reaper Steve permit as you I may have heard here on the podcast in the past. Steve grid from grim reaper had a late unexpectedly AP dated after being rushed to a hospital following a live show. But he is back and walking with these super metal prosthetic leg literally it looks bad ass in guy he is he is at it ias to. With horns let raising the horns to. And it's as warrior on the legs so he is super metal. And you know continuing on grim reaper is going to be playing their first show since his invitation. Onstage at city of London metal fest called medal brew with sky clad agnostic of who voted in the blind haze in the garage and a cast in a bunch more this. That leg. I'll need I nine I'm Matt I'm a bar guy that's often viewed I'll see you on this thank you. Guys. The hidden metal not. New what. Who said that bloody. I'm englishman and now. And caller from converge is tracking drums for the new converge on hand would see on Twitter he posted. A quick statement just a drum tracking for eighteen songs is about to start. Please post your favorite movie clips to guide me through any of what we need to play this clip is on my favorite movies of all time January when and it's Don Rickles. All right Pete. Dummies line. That's our. Gentlemen. Members of the national office there in a movie premiere tonight. Put their annual inspection of this the party line and now our McDonnell and explain to my managing style for the benefit. Of the new guys. So they want to update. Bach and Allard a bad day you. Went to work is to stop. A court yesterday and asked him up its. They said. That they don't only thought before your eyes Welling up as I talked a package I was disk was too. He needed it it indicated that target new low ice cream coming at a time. It. Let it. Happen. It's like a different tactic tactic it's funny. Ours is laughing earlier yours tires go in Kabul to mow some. Personally like it did more. Okay. The fun so. Anybody missed this thing up for me tonight is to not only are you fine. Like this old house he took the networking and and it went obtaining tickets off a white. And everybody's socks and everybody settle it and let stand they. Don't mess up. RIP. Dog over colts this mother and my favorite movie I've seen a dark dirty work probably more than any movie ever seen I pulled some dirty work. So the take away from this is Don Rickles rules dirty work is great film and convert sometimes in spite cut Don Rickles was like a actually a gas. Really again in real life that he'd never separated like his jokes from his view the heat wise I was reading some stories actually said he was kind of a sweetheart he was good deeds. Yeah yeah I always going around the back with head hits period he was like best friends of Frank Sinatra John my roommate went soft Frank Sinatra back in the day and Don Rickles opened. Hopefully comedy yet comedy saddle more Frank Sinatra's music sets them. Very cool I didn't. A dark dark tranquility has announced in North American tour dates with war Boehringer. And out Warburg going to be coming back to town after playing here. Two times already is here to their fourth time this year they can just released on striker is a matures we'll remember seeing that the studio assembly or the real Bethlehem who does this mean. September 29 where street analysts fairways out but mark that on your calendar Seattle September 29. At L core Xeon five months or tranquility were bringing in Stryker. And I think he needs talk about this next one this is this is a Capital One. All right so metal lock lips was canceled by and Comedy Central and it's a bomber and you know we. Had a bunch of petitions trying get it the Golan but comedy essentials like now we don't really care record but Brennan small still loves metal and he still loves. An art and he wants to continue on with debt clock in everything wood is an only. Bridges or the trademark all that. So what he's doing is he's just following all his energy into Galactica on. Which is his own trademark and his own. Being in his own bandit so he's gonna continue with music on the under the Galactica on name is also gonna do a six part comic book series. Which will arrive at the end of the summer. And it's going to also be. Co written by Eric Powell who crater really cool comic book series called the giving. So do and so look forward to that very cool brands malls very bad ass dude and it's it's a shame that we don't get metal lock lips anymore but. You know. Got to get take what you can get man. Hey your old. So this is kind of. That's sad and yet. Uplifting in a weird way. Thing on the drummer for maternal bleeding has also fire party in New York City and sadly he has passed away bomb. He fell off a five story building fighting to alarm fire solo and the guide died a few hero man that. Rules pretty hard so bill -- of internal bleeding REP very influential band. Influential slam drummer and I'm sure that their new album is gonna care all kinds heads off. Yes it sucks man like he was working on the roof of that building a five story building their like you know it's just a normal thing that they were doing and a year he slipped or fell or some doubt pap and any. To the high dive off of its story building man. Jesus. Out. So should we should do and we have a song in the funnier still too. I'm convinced it's always been awesome yet final justice of the peace that feet I was seriously seriously impressed by and for fans of dying fetus in its letter slamming into tomorrow. Where the rest in peace bill tolley. But no we're not gonna let you out of metal shot backstage pass podcast. Without reentering the metal shop brutal poetry too hot for radio language. Consistently seeking new depth in the ways to. Not get fired. So this week given enters any realm. Of a club band called Souter whom. A very torn fifteen record star whores here's a passage of life as a heated skin taken away. Famous dad winning. It. Brinkley and skinny. Always with a bad hair style. Never even have a shag worthwhile. I live tightly with 2 nuts. And I am now only desired by flat excellent but. The. Used to be such a stallion. Could hopeful whole battalion. They never lack of waxed CA tour even bushy but for the life. Of the penis. Sometimes they were morbidly obese. Mothers they smelled like cheese put up. At times and for the experience. Buttons the others the Catholic nuns. But really. I loved the. Where one could go for a treasure hunt. Yeah. People old. People called me mushroom head. Might fame was quite widespread. Always found a first class Regina. Even if it was in China. For a once I was constantly erect. Nowadays I'm forever racked. Can only get a Viagra Boehner. From now on I'll be a loner. I have crabs in in com incontinence. Herpes and in tents. All. Can't even get manual decompression. Since my owner's hand bliss. Apart on would be a blasts. To save me from the Great Depression. I am a sad Winnie wink Lee in skinny. Always with a bad hair style never had a shag worthwhile. Live tightly with two nuts now only desired. By four excellent but it's. It's. Well actually votes on. I think that's your best work he'd like. Have a penis. So what do I want real quick I wanted to name some of the other songs you can find them so them like porno Keogh but man Star Wars. Happy fornication and. Do me. Boobs which stands for best object of babies sucking. I and Snow White and the seven dorms or gained being addition so check out Sarah blow. Awesome. Gross wells. We think for being this man and a. You very well I didn't have an episode 113 a metal shops backstage pass we'll see Mo. Saturday night didn't actually record this time yet. Aren't cool we're good later sorry he's out model as I'd be in bed just as shops backstage.