05-03-17 Who Sucks Less

Wednesday, May 3rd

Today, you get to choose between a racist principal, a homophobic funeral home, and the general crumminess of Wall Street! Who Sucks Less?


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The men's room wants to know. Stock. Yeah. Beyond Thomas Ambrose Sox last deep throat you bring a three stories in the news. All of them absolutely sock is up to us to determine which of these three stories it's not the least. If you like KI SW on FaceBook the debate already underway. On who saw excellence yesterday at this week no different than any of the week to three stories in this case we have approachable from the fine state of Florida. Taking well fluently. A funeral home for Mississippi and the two of them will take I'm not American Airlines but American ones stuck. Let's start in Florida for more approachable ensure that swept reprimand after instructing jurors that the segregate elementary school students. Christine Altman keys principal pebble or element of Saint Petersburg. Our school majority black but earlier this year he says schools that the instructions. And how to support classrooms for the upcoming school you being this weird but there are no but he seventeen of 22 so for next. This features Jerusalem classroom with a mix of Reading levels an equal number of poisoned or is no more than two students were frequently disruptive for class. And an instruction what you what students per grade. In the same class now this appears to be clear cut violation of the titles at the Civil Rights Act. Which forbids school from segregating them basis of race or national origin its entrance at. Now rentable shouldn't reveal new details like salt segregate the classes you know we email and has not done so since the incidents but being as but. It is worth noting that he only sought to separate the white students from the rest of the students are Hispanic Asian and multiple reasons students momentum and the guy objectives. People get together. Naturally principal flute has made enough apparently to knock it go quietly. She's going to officials early this week in a meeting with prayer and the book although that she was the best thing that happened to the school. Don't duplicate that and do the dirty. Now go to Mississippi. In this case the Mississippi funeral home that went back under an agreement between eight and 86 year old man. After it died because the paperwork. Shows that he was get so Picayune funeral home they told a nephew. That Robert Huskies body. What in fact he picked up and cremated for the local price of 1795. And at the paperwork being handed an actor's death but. When the back in form identified John summoned asking. As being the husband of the guy who died but nursing home were husky guy that was sold globally not quote. Deal with their. Henry at rower you'll funeral home along girls dead growers denied that there were spoke of words dealing kind anyone including anyone at the nursing home. Back in general that is never refuse service to provide. Funeral services based on sexual orientation. Undated that the Bradley did men under crematorium about 75 miles away but the nursing home guy died and had no more. And couldn't keep the guy's body until the crematory in terms Iraq. And a good fund third funeral home that would take the body immediately and then hold court and care. You you. And I would go to American Airlines look airline industry's been taken a beating lately united certainly didn't help things but in this case. American Airlines they agreed this week to do something nice for its employees and actually able to before slap on the essentially they get all the flight attendants and pilots pre emptive break they gave them erase now understand are the reason they did this against yeah. The compensation for pilots and flight attendants who will delta and united going through would've would want the now American look at this signal. Let's not put anyone through those we are you don't want let's give him raised now making happy employees and you go man that's pretty cool most companies that'll do. The Wall Street freaked out and an American serve woman after all this is capitalism. And capital owners are supposed to be rewards a business success in fact. From Citibank analyst Kevin Chris. You wrote this note was the quote this is frustrating. Labor is being paid first game shareholders. Get left. A growing under tied tiny violin the plasma indeed major financial blades were so outraged by American's decision to pay higher wages. But the punch airline stocks to cross border America itself for the Puerto stomped and of course but. The consensus among stock analysts is that the higher paid American Airlines could signal. Higher paid other airlines do with negative consequences. For the overall industry. By negative consequences for saying the stockholders. Don't get the golden parachute like actually going to play well so JPMorgan's. Jean baker you even more. We're troubled by American Airlines wealth transfer of nearly one billion dollars to its labor groups on. To a labor groups etc. it's just that the move. Was not. Just a matter of business strategy somehow obviously legitimate well the argument from Americans managers and unions by contrast. That raises are quite an of basic fairness and long term sustainable. Well you've got stuck if you don't seem to an adult and in which we do as a going to whatever Wimbledon you and were going to be preemptive. Our employees happy and I know to stockholders you know the brightness use that money but they're happier employees. Traditionally. The better that particular company or so anyway we have applicable in Florida. She's the ones paying us what brigade classes must agree I mean just protect what is the rest. Funeral home to Mississippi they're gonna cremate a body has its that you are dead with my game and allegedly their response was. You are. And it you have American Airlines stock who are freaking out at American Airlines. Could stoop so low actually paid employees who generate the income that these clowns make him for. Okay. Well let's start Mississippi. You have blonde and 82 year old loves 8086. Year old man 82 year old husband still alive yes aren't. You would have to think. The two men. I'm sure they got married later on in those even available to us that they've been they've been through a lot Kelly I have to. Probably man miss you eat with than you're gay couple I would think that would be very different. A bigger day double anywhere right now the planet great from the house and the Mississippi is I would think Mississippi would be more difficult than than most other places. And now. That's that's not a good thing to me that that affects one family and it's terrible situation. All to god and I don't know if there's anything illegal about denying service that about it. Some some places Philip Wheeler right about now we have the right to deny anyone we want to do those places I don't know how those individual state laws work. Aren't so that we move on the principle now obviously. She's in it it's amazing now she became principal. This affected one school yet he's affected one classroom specifically. Where white kids were put together. Odds are among class she was doing this is the pro school one bright little white wine and one and one and one. Aliens he was going on there. And it's terrible situation as well as what people like you to I was going to say anything. Honestly it's bulls streets in the reason is is because it dictates of pattern of behavior. It affects so many people working any employee. Of any company out there. Which Wall Street and says look. If you're going to take care of your employees they didn't just punish American Airlines. The data that's happened the entire sector of the airline industry went right into the answer. Delta Alaska and they all took a hit based on American Airlines giving their employees rate. So there and Wall Street is this just yet but it's not part of the comment on the league didn't set is like. You'll understand shareholders who want to make your money that is understood I'd assume most people these. On some level in Gerhart they do understand it taker of the employed because leftovers. That was there quote that they get or so what. More significant that would ever raised they did these people unbelievable. On the dividends with a with a look. There's still making money does that make it as much it's exactly. And these guys just wanted to make as much money as they possibly can and there's never going to be enough money in the world that a matter right when they have to never gonna be enough to know. But by doing that. The lesson is this I'm Wal-Mart I want to give my employees raised but I know for a fact that it will affect my shareholders in my stocks bottom line. And that's basically the message that there's an buyout that they. Which is the message is all thanks to balance so. Companies know now that they wanna think about giving their employees a raise pretty reason whatsoever by doing your job it's gonna affect their bottom line. I think as a whole. That situation sucks the most. Out of all our colleagues on the McDonald's those clips on the other states that the legal someone to say I'm working American and anti Israel I would say all white kids in school such good. Yeah that's the stuff like airlines obviously thought the on Wall Street. I'm inclined to agree miles on this and residents on student one yet that Wall Street tonight at the airlines that because that. Well let me. Yeah I believe racism missile for a long homophobia so much it's stupid it's a waste of time I'm I don't understand how behind very good about. But it exists and about to be able need to do to make it kills me about ego. OK but miles was pointless though. It doesn't matter which he doesn't those kids and at school the government go to the captain. YQ abuses that they won't blanket that labelled Hispanic to segregate themselves. Now on debit you know you're sending your kid to school in Florida so obviously you put him in the situation that is not the best for the future. It's date I mean I just feel really bad for the guy had to keep going around fine please just appeared. At deposit. They did that then again I'm sure they've been through worse living as a couple a gay couple of Mississippi. I mean granted one of the instead it doesn't have to deal with a situation but I'm sure this is not a shock to adapt to the surviving. They're always right like yeah no kidding and videos cram my entire like this does not shock anybody I'm in Mississippi. In the way the debate continues if you like KI SW on a FaceBook there with whose Sox last I don't regret brigades that.