05-04-17 No S#!T Sherlock

Thursday, May 4th

Headlines throughout the week that just make you say it


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Arnold Steve to throw hill comb the globe. Looking for stories and headlines it's. And NL coach show. You pick it. Now they're hey you know man right now I bet and that's my real. Holding a puppy makes admitted to when he poor person's election. Hello. Chart our guys get cubbies instead of just dogs yet those from the same study. Women holding camps look last six YE well. And here's why it. I have meet cat lover and chat apologist I love. The delicious I have one catch you in the line you'll I don't do. I don't pick up and hold my tan and I don't think guys pick up and hold hands like women pick a little too eventually when Medicare doesn't wanna be held anymore in my view that you know is closers now. I choose not to pick up. You know pick up your. If I need to take him down or whatever but for the most part I don't picket McConnell regular order Democrats. Look at three of the climb up like dogs have no lingering dexterity viewed two things that in the Enron. To add that climate climate wanna jump jump. Like they want to be undertow will be under just got it down wouldn't you like it or not strictly thank you are right there in error. Obviously this study and found that the sex is it or not only as a puppy they make guys seem quote unquote 24 persons section of the sex is that for a woman. And he guesses that does not get a fish. Obama and guys on a woman was finished just irresistible for yet. It is also don't what this is the medium size yen and we'll try anyone and I am right. A tiny dog it is may or may not true but the perception. You were high maintenance and doubt I mean honestly is it might call him. Chemicals some. I mean. Ricans and president who doesn't know much about the civil war. No I. I am sure. About remember if you don't interview and he says he compared himself through former prison and objection said the people compared to a bubble bubble bubble block but he said. Andrew Jackson was upset about what was happening console war even though objects died sixteen years before it's bird. I sure wish you'd be upset about because he was a slave owner. He would have been bro. Confederacy property when I want to keep my flagrantly over a hundred sitting in the program. Yeah you want to compare yourself to think that the only people that's fantastic. Attending a pre K will better poster child for. Can return to your right you guys did not. Yeah so and this story man again. It is pointless story I don't know the story is that a lot of times things are quickly we understand map it. None of the Woodard obvious it's not quickly at the opposites the quick but yet to ending pre cable better pampered to opportunity to become preach it. It was pre school it was pre school but in order to charge people more and make them better angle. It is true that some. Men in the Middle East slow to embrace injury while the monkey's uncle. Should not like here and W. The director Warner Bros. upcoming solo Batman film. Says he's he's bad man as quote. A tortured soul grappling with is GU well kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Show and a whole reason they wrote his character that little hole got him banned Mayer is speculative product is specifically because easy tortured soul. Grabbed the man who miles don't jewelry this new director. And yet I see Batman that way to think you should because that's why he's back man. He Batman tactical. Unit that was the other option. And at Brigham divide by it. And that ran this it is it an animal pollute. It and make like a banana split on Saturday brat. Retention. We covered this earlier in the week but beat her a better painkiller acetaminophen. I'm. Happy that. Doctor. But more testosterone a man has the most likely use the question is simple. We know the and. Owning a pet can cost you 42000 dollars or seven times as much you which railway well. And debt against a Cleveland 42000. By the light of the dog and the cat OR I I can cost you 42000 dollars or seven times as much as you'd expect another went through a brutal thing you see program. Yeah I mean if you're orally you're right Edwards is there. We continue. Member rules also have confirmation. Yeah. People who claim to have been they want about I will be gob smacked. Exercise can help all of that affects of the fat jeans that he says well monkey's uncle. Joseph doc. Elizabeth Warren really does not like to low and charter not. Regularly update I'm off on rice handled it and pretty meg week will form a bond who does not Luke and let's wait until they can confirm. FaceBook admits governments exploited house to spread propaganda. And and Sharon I'm. They admit that. What a what Thursday the government has explored and a with somebody about FaceBook coming right up in this accident segment. Exclusive Donald Trump says he thought being president would be easier than the old life GOL kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Not as an easier sell I wanna say that Howard Stern called that. Third and goal. Democratic lawmakers to sessions quote you're racist and liar. Hello and and cannot produce the. Car going 150 miles an hour wrecks and a rain soaked road. Yeah I know. It or not. Police say the suspect in the University of Texas standings had mental health for railway well on the Asian news. Childless and don't like children's parties don't go. And she. Bill would you go little children and here's my last one experts warn gluten found in math could be hazardous to your health well yeah. Yeah I used a very go all right still to come we've got the shot of the day we drink and tells Elena but first edged Jeff is in the house to its meat potatoes go into the world of fast food. And some of the healthier options that are available we will take a quick break and had ship and its meat and potatoes coming back next.