05-04-17 Meat & Potatoes

Thursday, May 4th

The Headchef is in and it's all about Fast Food today on Ted's Meat & Potatoes!


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I enjoy open why. Potatoes. We're. Okay we're. In the. Like young gentleman in front row not clapping thank you. Can go to my goat island that aren't aren't there you go. You know they were gonna talk some fast food now get. This is a list of the healthy engineered fast food but even as they write it's in the currencies like. Healthy healthy meeting that it's not as bad as the other supplement act correct it's a little things on the menu you might not be YouTube honestly. Like some of these on the list you definitely. And there's only Essex cities in Texas picks up our start at number six what started out at number one. Hours. A six inch veggies so Turkey. On. On wheat bread would no cheese. Iran Lyonnais yet two options here aren't. You can get the but be oven roasted chicken sandwich on multi grain flat bread coconut aren't corporate. Or six inch tuna sub on wheat but no extra man ace. I figured you'd be right with the veggie. Hope you would think so but you know me as though it's like we're dollars as he people didn't like you know I gonna do it and you -- order or orders lately skip over all the meet all the and they start veggies moment with the green if you do it and you loaded up with nothing but vegetables sounds crazy but you will not. You will not realize there's notre. I'm done this before you can negativity seven like all right it's okay let's just give us doubles writes I would note. I'm a lettuce green peppers onion and mustard green. I wouldn't get with him out Turkey okay. I'd assume we Weaver and we were talked to him to soccer for the meatballs. Yet not on the list I don't I personally away recently got a meatball sub in it was a sandwich artist first day all know that good or bad. Well it was just different. Like at first like when I walked NG it was like cat like good morning. Welcome to subway and as well which she. And eat fresh ones she was just really pumped up about it's out like I images that what would you like today I just ordered a sandwich in my. She struggled a little bit just open it and try to get a lady came over was your first sandwich knows liked. But the thing is like at Phelps smashed did you friends and to the paper in the first dollar now bug eyed Hebert him. Oh yeah puzzle with symbols and I'll job. I'll do another six into letter and you'll find out who root ball with it. But probably it will be Dunkin' Donuts. Well that's. Here's the thing as the uploaded to a different variables they haven't egg and cheese sandwich on an English profit. Or you can get the egg white flat breads at us oak who's gonna do that you didn't need egg whites flat Hewlett. Don't condone it dopamine Friday my I think you it's easy pit stop for people. You know to me. IC a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks. Well here's the difference in his round and I'm a market and Angel and every everywhere you look better. Don't you was tablet he you know in the doughnuts and obviously thing about donuts and go to Dunkin' Donuts but their them and will they have bagels and all these children who are good. Like their food is actually pretty good are not they held the organic version that you would get from Starbucks it is. Here's a sandwich with sausage cheese joke you know I mean I sort of have actually eaten anything that'd don't have from Dunkin' Donuts. All right Steve thorough debate. Dude they opened at Dunkin' Donuts slash Baskin Robbins in my neighborhood and Oswalt and all the bats up and my dad it's a democracy is. My gated donor in the bottom and rights group Sunday on top play on that are actually sounds pretty good. That. This is the active they opened he's I don't think it's easy at. Typical. Chick filet you get the grilled chicken nuggets with a side salad or for cup. Or you can get a spicy southwest salad which also has grilled chicken stock for. Kiss is this. Record is what I get the regular netted the Polynesian thoughts how can you walk and a chick filet and not give breaded chicken. Waffle Fries and and or whatever. Are eliminated whatever people. They because you're like on a strict diet in like your husband is like once regular chick filet. Urged the white went regular check company he said you know what honey we can do their out the grilled not editor cut no drug is approaching you coming up right totally now. Summertime scum and I did about it yet. Oh great. We traveled a burger and now this was only a little disappointed as you get a burger you get the Morningstar veggie burger. Which I love Morningstar birders. Based you just got to put it on cheese ketchup mustard teeth so it's not good. The authors say I was not patty there's the bun or you can get the grilled chicken sandwich which has 480. Still Oca both I'm gonna come under about 400 calories he began without me I've got good chicken sandwich over veggie pat the lately that it's. Yeah. Heard she. Taco Bell. A Taco Bell usually a lot of items talk about this number one if there I told you there recently infamous list you do eat. Chicken soft taco Oakland they go back and jam enemy now. Or you can get the power menu vegetable negative you could basically asked make anything healthier Taco Bell ask unit Al fresco stat. Which means they'll replace the cheese and sour cream with picketed. I'm gonna make sense for us coast now. Number one. The earth segment my office. You're exactly right got it off and only has 300 calories or you can get in the double. Which is 380 calories that's a double cheek or double cheeseburger I believe. I don't know pathetically double cheeseburger there might only have one place that she wanted to get a big Mac on an English muffin a freak and with the old a breakfast you probably go on their do anything you want to. You put a big Mac with three muffins shore but the patties that stick out the sun it's okay. I don't know I can't possibly go too far or not pass the self restraint breakfast Mac. Who breakfast smack into us. Now sausage patties maybe do it that way all right all right now track with you want to make a breakfast sandwich in the image of big Mac right with what's passage that examine the breakfast Mac and it's good the burger patties hang up the sod he won sausage patty bacon on the center hand Canadian bank as of yet. Yeah that pretty good QB all of them and cal Olympic. I'd stick it would mcdonalds here. You know everybody knows what sport is correct correct about it a fork and spoon payment being famous like it's a project is critical to the food but the what was sport what made famous let's be honest made famous from one kinky night and the utensil drawer. It was okay size or. But I don't thrown minimums mood for smoke cigarettes the image of an and. And spoke of a league ritual perfect coleslaw epic. Actually it is mashed potatoes the sport is overall a good good to amazing that is not an option when you buy regular some. Of -- should time collecting just for sport until you can order online received go to Bed, Bath & Beyond before the knives or Muslims. Have you guys ever heard of a fork. Oh I'm sort off Rourke now at FR RO RK war for our floor. Like Scooby Doo rag you drove or. Would you like to have an editor at. Or it's like it like one of those weird like middle earth things send enough for our eyes yeah. Must leave before the fox that he and at a at a well a fork basically it's up there promote McDonald's. It's a thing that you hold and you stick three Fries in. The idea that the three front guys that were worked to death the FR and fry in and for those folks you're the urged the prize purse Debian. That he put ordinary humans and they want to be not not really basically just part of their pitch for the fits your signature stamp is. So they're saying that it's so good degrees your fork. To scoop up every last bite of wealth or for Rourke the floor Afghanistan typically you'll use a fork in McDonnell offers salads it would be awful ironic if your using French front four years out. Or easy on her doctor to counterproductive remember the great actor Mickey floor. Yeah. But I have my money fork it over and obviously if you want a fork. It's all of it an exact opposite and it. That's the kind of Rourke and quiet signature sandwich you get yourself Rourke mantis. There was you know roar I've never had it's a good a signature sandwich at trial. The analyst signatures and went to McDonald's. Think what is it that's when you go in you bill that many public chicken patty on there you can do it only days ago you pick your bond. You pick pro team you pick your toppings and boom your out. I heard Adam Jones never done and you get a free fork with. Flew right you know I didn't think that that means I get it right like how can you get a four well is there on the head like I never had a signature sandwich from McDonald's but now I know. You know four or get out park you know lending market and inflation back. 100 Ed pitcher. To throw a side they go mothers we potato.