05-05-17 FCC & Jokes

Friday, May 5th

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President we need to go back in town to last and replace Ted vs the FCC's over the let's go back in Tarrant. And who were hit it means apple operatives. Sits on funky slid it sheet slid it by the funky just slid it sheet Slater George. Snapple operatives sort of back. If via mini scuffle with his fifth on funky with it she slid it by the but yes witty cheeks Leonard George app offers aren't. The B Yemeni stamp allotment is fifth on the funky slated she'd slip by the bucket when it sheets Leonard George stuff of opera. But did any couple epic fifth set them up funky footage sheets slighted by the bug yes let it sleep. Last week it was one word away from victory list again. Odds favorite. Any time game show. It's good lose 325. It's at their job over. Won't go away with another day. This guy. Ford says this is the FCC. So much speed so many hookers. We stayed up to about 4 o'clock last night coming of rhymes and Reynolds for this week's fit vs the FCC available to him and and it was a listener submitted to adversity aside known and we did them Goldblum more hookers and we've got to go to bed. Related. Yeah is video listeners submission. In it comes from our good friend cell Rosenberg black authors looked the blackest name ever and and welcomes that this. Now you're not sell come on man told Rosenberg. Get me the black yet again let's just a salad that celebrating cinco de Mayo Clinic here now who. Glory they appeared. Those wounds from love blacks out. I black I don't know that we've pulled pork him Irina didn't give it a black says a. Where did this is one that threw three times fast this week said verses the FCC. My daily frank trucks freshly plucked find that doesn't feathers by night friend plucks the presence for pranks find the pheasant feather truck. What brand is in luck soon friend bold have to shift and talk while driving francs freshly plucked pheasant feather truck. The way we do Denver is the FCC is the history that one time through and in three times fast himself on your for an act that out. An aunt brother. You have until next cinco demise and. It day by day frank trucks freshly plucked fine pheasant feathers by night. Fran blocks the pheasants for franks fine. Pleasant peasant from their truck. But Fran is in block soon Fran won't have to shift in talk while driving francs freshly plucked pheasant feather trapped it does back. By day French trucks freshly plucked bind doesn't that by night brand plucks the president for franks find as a feather truck. But Franzen luck soon Fran don't have to shifted trip. Or truck while driving bread freshly plucked. As a feather trapped one by paying rent trucks freshly plucked buying Batman battered by night brand plucks the president for frank by president and other truck. But don't break a deadlock. So brand won't have to ship it struck a drab and frank freshly plucked I think that they're trying to do my pay rent trucks freshly plucked 5000 rather. My night Brian oxman the president for Frank's mind better than the other truck. But let them walk through prayer and after separate truck while driving like freshly plowed. And. I know goes down. Is that. Now black background goes dad it is very clear if either current account and black now that it. A I don't let it go to get ready go to both explored throughout Iraq that is a bad joke on that Letterman surmise that the bad goes to 77999. Scheduled Friday brought you by charities to silly governor is BS the rounds to get them that. We will take a quick break the drug charge Ryan castle. It's a bad till Friday next I don't I don't think we're joined rocks in the bad jokes suicide pillar of mints are my takes them 77999. And the emails. And demons or amendment from live dot com badge of Friday brought you miners distilling companies BSB Braun took a double in the first to ensure that gradual Friday last for generations to comes. We first let's bring you these rule. It's I had room joke Friday and tons. And is that you know. Necessarily. Dirty. For instance I got locked into. You know how that one and it. We all know about the man from Nantucket. And what he can. So joke that that's. Not. In that. I mean we all know Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Some rules in mind the boards off the. Why don't get sick when an aunt gets sick he. While the Soledad dramatic night. Bad Joseph Friday 20642 Iraqis it is bad jokes on Twitter at men's room live takes them to 77999. And emails. And the men's room image or my back down and away we go on a bad joke Friday and we have junior from the text what you Coke rose that stick together. Crow a murder that together built grows. About my mama loves me style I call it in its degree. You're the good race or. Yeah yeah man you guys I had yeah right outright. A buddy of mine one of his laptop around faster plea painted black. And not done now it doesn't work. Well at all. And maybe I shall bring me flowers. Went to me or break debate children's well. Battered wife. Ella. I know it's the difference between in laws and outlaws. Not only their laws now laws other one how laws. Hello this welcomed the bedroom Friday. And ma. You know it drummer or how do you a drummer is that your dual. I know it meant. I heard Europe and not you know relatively fast but that's it for the. At a level. I'm a drummer. Hello Alexander welcome to the men's room. Liquor in order to earn a whole Mars. It was a dairy farm closed today I was a dairy farm close today. They were moving. Hello Kelly welcome to manager of route. I had to go back on the job. Hey the repeat the injury he earn it though he eloped.