05-08-17 Mens Room Rules

Monday, May 8th

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Headlines given up one hour from now the first and preserves. It. It's just. Top of the rhetoric used a men's or roles of you have a government literal. Issued as an email to the men's room and men's in my back out and make the subject in the room rules and away we goes again there. Interim rules guys here's one for you. When using obscene gestures. Beat in traffic. Or other aren't. You shall be required. To make eye contact with the recipient. Of said gesture. You are John Stockton making a no look pass to Karl Malone. The man a thanks guys that from mob on I'd disagree on this little booklet is if your drive and I prefer your parents still looking at the instead of going. And it. What appears to let it stop it from looking like this and get a bump. Border miles and come whatever deal when our panel about like. I brought him flipped off a pass and throw my outlet concurred that I'm driving forty miles now the thing and for me busy look at you delay. You know side sometimes they honestly for me like I'm just a foot right. So somebody is making like a right turn they do have the putt but the pedestrian has the right away. So sometimes they have they almost hit me or whatever like I don't you really stop on its kind of like flip them off and he'd go shore up. Yeah I'm scared who's in the car. That's the pedestrian way want you can media critic of the demo the worn a different way that is wanna let you hold or not happy about your emphasis. Our metal fingers and yes I mean I see where he's coming from incumbent. You'll have stopped absolutely man. He was really worked up. Let me simply flipped him often did not make I got a background and a dad make the roads are dangerous place to be make that I contact things right to escalate very quickly you just don't know it just seems like people have a different sense of fighting ability anger like all the normal rules of engagement ring and it seemed to go out the window in the car for whatever reason to Susan BU pre games but I think are most upset. The vote as a driver party sucks and the way we've left out things spiraled out of control for how we truth regarding Joseph. Like respect been sucked apple last five years so my immediate better on the road for sure. Here comes another. And a pack. Gas has seen a situation today with a co worker that was so uncomfortable than needs to be human through rule the rule of those files. No man. Shall hold his soulful. To another man's year if the other man's hands are free. Thanks guys that from Cody. So the words onto elicits elect. And endlessly. And put it a few here in new lean in in the and you listen in and you listen apple places and news. President along it is. Advances along hammy the god forbid your daughter play any of it like I don't know what is the I think there's a visual. I think it is one of those things you have to see Eli. Maybe he's on them. Hear me out. This happened to me a few weeks ago I was somewhere somebody wanted me to listen to something. I'm in a bar so don't really wanna listen yourself and of course so I purposely was just like all right. When you're put an entirely I'm not holding your throat I don't can't. Does not have. Thing. It's not a bad rule when I do think it's like the clip like I don't need to grab your phone of this is real quick hits. Is may have its medical throwing some pressure to show. A guy that was here for the long conversation I give him info I do think we should put a rule and I don't know how to phrase that Sunday about showing people videos in bars and crashed. Endlessly and all they find important. Yes or they you don't mean even like if somebody's home again that's longer than thirty seconds don't do it. It's like so many shows that video like we all kind of like laugh at stuff short but there's something that miles has sent the humid the little different than. The with a scheduled army to argue about lots if you've got to watch like a minute and a half coming on and I care and I don't discuss what's coming up like. It in an hour's. The hit gap that almost gotten. It's like all man is all watches TV show together right now you're challenger in Georgia as well. I like this when gentlemen I would like to cement a rule. It is another one for my father before he passed doubly. Don't blame the last drink from last night for how you feel today. And of the blame Jamal. You know I'm guilty of buddies after the how to set that last shot of tequila is why my night went south goes wryly if I had only had that wants out Q I would probably wake of so. Chances are 45 drinks a put down now before granted you shouldn't have done that last whatever you do and the one before it probably the one before that one of them going to be the last one. Yeah but I also don't like the blame game the blame game you know to me like if someone bought he was shot Jamison at the end of the night in Jamison is not your normal drink. But you still had quite a few and you feel like crap the next day don't put all of that on the chip called and it's whatever it didn't help. But it's not all about them cynically says like don't blame the last straight from the last night for how you feel today man up and blame the mall and. Half the time it's not even a lash drink. If you don't have really good idea I had it to happen and for ways. It was four drinks ago that was that was the tipping point that I felt it more like none. This shot to not make this decision and it's one of the other honorees made this idea I took an interest for an event out somebody's in it and the next morning good witch and had to shut the farm bill that the probably looking at the last drink we haven't four or Beers after that. But I viral fireball is dangerous and wayward you can have three or four Beers and you do a shot of fire is just say okay. Steve we do show a Coca. The battles that Ted comes up like five minutes later. He's just right behind you like a field of fireball like you know what we just have one Pallet. Let's get an auto fire ball goes down and away reelect you know what I'll do it goes down easy and before you know it is that you bankable Beers and hurt the next of fireballs credit goes down easy empathetic and might it comes back up. Of all the divert our goals to Mecca are all not nearly worse in the last year my mind you should never be drinking something that's the problem. 7% 6% like you should not that's. Point though that rightly or birdies wrong like a store with an idea because I feel like it is duels government. And the thing for me it might go appeals have slowed Andre. If I do not have had gotten drunk guy and I'm convinced I could not go and I look I just this Friday night. I was like a function as you've got to chat via IP and a cat art seven years to even just trying to light. Our I didn't have to chug it like with what we are thrilled yeah I hear like a light attack ad that I think I'm just I don't. Like everywhere politically that fake fight like we're somehow responsible. Responsible converted him. That path we're on and on my android people where I'm in control. I like is rules either to and it is all breaking we're all guilty of it there it is bola. I don't blame the last drink from last night for value field today man up and blame them all that from the total wasn't favors. Okay. Just. I sort of move onto another one here to bet Kabul quite men's or roll suggestions both relate to etiquette between men and their motorcycles number one. No man should ever ride in the sidecar. That you just look pathetic. Probably. Have a little problem go away again as I go but only if our word models and look at yet. I mean this is tough cookie rather Asarco rabbit riser but I'd look sidecar exactly. I think. I haven't written inside target I don't know it and look like it has any shock absorbers on and it doesn't look like it would be nearly the but my bunny brings on the seat audience about it doesn't look like an air bag I mean remote cycles of Portland certain amount of danger it's. Sidecar and I don't know. I like the site. And Nigel also says it's Leo you should not write bits that which is actually already ruled a no mention of ride in the psych argument pathetic. I need to see a guy like absence of my golf so brilliant you like to guess Ike are awesome. Goggles that old deal you look like handicapped exactly. Out of practice the announcement to make make it suit if you have a potential or habits or rolled this year as an email to the manager amendments or my back I'll make the subject. Men's room rules aren't it to color nine in line right now tools export to a rock we'll take a break and come back with your guess is as good as mine next.