05-08-17 Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Monday, May 8th

Today Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Streets & Fun!


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The tablet your guess as good as mine. There isn't anything in the plane ticket doesn't line you pick for market categories. From there it's up for you to us to do to get as many right category before three strikes and you're out and i.'s Steve who are desperately your guess is as good as. Hope Ben welcome to the men's room. He thought wow hello Reggie. I hate Eric sort of grades the categories today our street names. The most popular street names in the good old United States of America and god. And then we have the most fun that and least fund states here in the good old US about it. So the categories are funded in lease fund states or street names but you what do you think on your guess is as good as mine. Fun fun not fun okay. The most fun at least fund states in the United States Reggie who are you working with. What I hear him remember him by itself. New study ranked all fifty states in the most fun at least until they have all kinds of different factors there including all the attractions of whether you. Basically you name it you could have a good time some place he would not obviously Vegas is going to be a different kind of on the beach in Florida that all of the bed that's exactly right. So what we want to know is do you wanna pig Benji the ten that. Most fund states or the ten at least fund states in the USA. Most of attendance most fun states in the United States of America. The way you play your guess is as good as mine you're gonna try to get as many rights before three strikes and you're out Bengie. What state do you believe to be the fund capital of the gold you yesterday. Our way out or it out of John Young man on a yacht. Now rule. The and you did a lot of identity at first right before the Arabic and they still that your wrong when a bomber outfit there are they got every California. They did Kyra. The problem yeah parliament it's expensive maybe Hawaii civil I don't think there's like beaches you've. Thirds Disneyland. Speeches. Skiing snowboarding and why country there does not have funds and got all of them are ms. I'm not on the list Alina. I called the ten the most fun states in the United States of America god doesn't guarantee attitude maybe in Nevada but that was a bone your criteria tag like there's Vegas. You can gamble bunny ranch but the rest of exit might he handles everything from Tel four open desert yeah I don't know but maybe Vegas is big enough draw about it makes the list. That you now medical Hawaii Florida got universal Disney World and you can do any guide him that you won Florida known cares. But get only. I ever bought or Eric did you order it felt. Ago during which and yes. Oh yeah oh beta tag that would. Texts. Shah. Bike yeah he's that was okay he's decent knows your home state. Yeah but yet our got caught and dealt Aurora jag yet there that you got. I'm he got no no let me ask you are there are some big amusement parks on the gather next black rednecks do you have a ballpark early at their web URL there. I don't know look at his amusement park did play in this old Ohio although these donors I don't want it doesn't it doesn't seem to believe that direction that. That's why I asked. John Ireland or any floor right now they give Florida got a medium energy of the Disney World it got to. Get it. Hello blah blah Hamas or yeah okay I get a hold on to flip the script and some day if we're if we're gonna read on it in. England. Yeah well that's organ and we're going to we're gonna let you pick the two in the lead. Because they're exactly what I think there's most of it so users are game and about to leave your right. Yeah. Montana is excellent the obvious ones that show a mark this you know. Lately is the New York Arkansas did just that code but I think about it I don't know I don't know what the only one thing. They didn't go out because South Dakota is in fact one of the most plastics your blood you know. Pick another to kind of pick another decoder. I. What are they didn't at least the other Dakota news out to go. Oh yeah that is correct its most states are wrong again not yet. Know that now Dakota. On the dogs and a three at the top ten fund states. Things that include number of attractions. Whether amusement parks beaches beer and wine prize is all just. National airline rises movie prizes counter prices theater prices eight. Threes. The prices so low is the wants to beat that is I think combined about people that live there right thing and it's fun yup I think maybe it's time while holding the why don't you want rubles on state college rankings right now like people that don't necessarily want to be around the people wanna do they do your job. Utah we're not only at Utah's mama Madonna. Yes. I will say this all of the rest of the states besides South Dakota Montana North Dakota Wyoming all have a purpose. Of being there on the that we can't figure those four rounds. Yeah I don't get him in against Hawaii and Hawaii is one of the most fun statesman and amp. Let it go away at number ten. Whole wide number ten. The Montana both Dakotas Wyoming ranked higher than. The or. Oregon is on the list this week you mean legally stay. Yeah it's on the list and giving another legal leads they re gamble. That's Google actually that number. And I got the number one both feisty yeah. Oh yeah. They may have gone a number of attractions. Show. Whether amusement parks beer and wine prices movie prices concerts the leader's legacy. And into the library. Or. Paula because of the one. New Orleans. Nor Louisiana is on the list half of those funds and I. Have one of them losing and heavier build a New Orleans. If your between 2000 have you ever been to New Orleans now no I never I got. It's absolutely. Positively one of the most tremendous that he is America in my opinion it's absolutely worth going back sent. I can't name another please Louisiana you wanna hear our military college cute but just a person is not college. And it got their place and that's you all adds an op. School go to bat an electrical short game that's about it after Batman and god Louisiana about New Orleans is Mississippi. That's all you need to take a world that we analysis visit look at that was the that was pretty bad aren't you guys how would anyone guess how many of the good want fun place to Korea here are the ten most funds appeals new study ranked all fifty states in the most fun release fund based on 22 factors including the number of attractions whether amusement parks beaches beer one prices. Movie prices concerts theaters in casinos. Based on all of that the most fun state is Nevada. They say that's pretty predictable. Here's the reservation at Tyndall from Nevada well South Dakota. Colorado. North Dakota New York Wyoming Oregon Louisiana. Montana and Hawaii. Those of the top ten fund states one of the top to at least fund states Arkansas Arkansas is on the list alone when yes it is Nebraska. No room. It's the usual sales Mississippi west isn't it his number one west Virginia's number two tacky Kentucky's number floor. You in the derby conceive Kentucky Georgia. Georgian a list he got hot line and out there you changes in Savannah you've got to Athens. Oklahoma. Oklahoma novelists. These places have nothing. That's what's at Oklahoma Ohio. Ohio is not surprising guy on the island is a mountain and right arm with Iowa. Now analysts tenth. Kansas is on the list comes in at number seven. Have not Mississippi West Virginia Kentucky Arkansas and Kansas he has gotten right. You have less. At least thought I'd say what two of these on your shock. And I'll be out. New Jersey as a shocker to me the Jersey is beautiful beach native is a part of it criteria if you could have thought the only thing appointing Jersey out of those calls but local. We make fun Jersey you can have a lot of voters go to the beaches of view there are casinos there yeah out you know. You go girl that's a Tennessee was also homeless. So the to at least one states. Mississippi West Virginia Alabama. Kentucky Arkansas Indiana bull junior all. Kansas and a New Jersey and Tennessee there you go on your guess is as good as mine are out of bed to break attack.