Loud And Local - April 30th, 2017

Sunday, April 30th

This week on the show I played music from : Heiress, Devils Hunt me Down, Dogstrum, The Exquisites, Ten Miles Wide, Rest Repose, Windowpane + much more ! 


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Yeah no doubt. Yeah. Amanda is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing that was noticed great northwest. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. The rock featuring music bull. And a great Pacific northwest 99.9. That's correct it's 10 PM here on point nine KI SW it's been a long weekend. Hopefully. We can extend together for more hours into the last. Rest of the weekend but at least we get to enjoy northwest music from the to a six to 553 decreasing so the fortune five occasionally even the five or. And I just had a few long haul last from a from the Capitol Hill area just down here to the station to make it in time I was watching the fiscal wake of humanity their opening up for a trap then and called the boys in the being here about here right now appear in your heart north man was shaking what I was an idea of the favorable laugh a little bit of the weekend. Go check out this in areas they're about to take this stage has highlighted priorities nutshell there's still tickets available at Capitol Hill. Eric laughed out loud and local darkness off on the wrong. Yeah. It. Oh. And. Yeah. The loud and local content you. There's 99.9. KI ESW. Past Friday nights at the high dive the loud and local end of the week doubles let me down you heard it here on the show last week. Promoting it in. He needed it sold out show such a great representation. Of old and the northwest of rock scene can provide and it's just such an awesome five. Doubles let me down of course putting up there in media reds EP on Friday a high died in Fremont alongside hero of the cold front. Woodshed and hundred allowed all four bands kick total last and again thank you so much for coming out and supporting these loud and vocal into the week. In making their record release show a big one I know that they they were so thankful. To have everyone come out and I sing along and and have a great time and a people cannot and and told them that he had heard among loud vocal and a it's very cool if you wanna be loud and local band of the week and KI SW dot com said he had music you'll find links there under the loud and local tab also. If you wanna purchase anything from doubles let me down there are links up there. Hundreds BJ in league level will be into the week I need to check out all their links with like what you're about to hear. You miss them on Friday and he did not pick up the record I hear is Tucson from their new in meteorite is TP. We got rusty nail and I am and I am back to back is allowed local into the week. Devils hunt me down on 99 point nine KI SW bureaucracy that. Straight man. And Sears. AI SW. Our. Loud and local content you. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Year of the cobra so good one of my favorite local is a in the northwest you're allowed to local. The name of the show the behead you just heard view of the cobra played. Supporting role. In the amazing sold out show hi guys this past Friday if you were there. You it was devils put me down record release show. For immediate reds their new. Good KI SW dot com to it links to pick up that new album and I hear your bad game double put me down also hundreds of loud. Would head that being here in the program what you just heard before that have been called beat quick hits waited often go here in the northwest this past weekend. They would that song and adopts. Also another very grateful will be in his bid for being. That I play great local fans as the days. And it's great local band at that. Will be opening of this year's meeting in the draft Saturday June 24 at white river amphitheater. And goes to war and the red wings don't so our big metal rods and so many fans fourteen inch hole PC games all day she gave an opening up the entire day. Ten miles wide incredible fan support here on matter mobile here supporting IK IW invited. I put them behind the I don't local but it hit I'm dating to grab my bed as loud and local representatives before they go to KI FW being in the grabs. Dot com for tickets they are gonna sell out. They're going back to make sure that you get in on that. The port ten mile wide showing up early 99.9 KIW. Loud Opel. On the rock of Seattle. This is loud and local. Small though. Igniting Roy not KI DS. Yes. June 3 Saturday June 3 at the show box window pane was coming back to rock us here. In Seattle with kissed the gunners daughter Wyatt pulled me in the wreckage mocks society and been ads again that's window being headlining. Official box June 3 get your tickets now. Going to be an awesome won his window pane of their self titled record legends and liars here at 99 point nine KI SW. Wow local on the rockets Seattle. We. Yeah. Nine and UHD one C. Her. Betsy and so much just from your facetious folly feet record on revelation records center and recently from Bellingham. When I went to school in western it was just like they were the true I. Telling him. Not quite they not quite the billing have been anymore in fact they're not really much of a band anymore at all they they play once and awhile but. You ought to be honest I haven't heard too much from what's going on with with shook ones but I hope. And hope they are still do into the thing live their name pops up once and a while the last time I heard. From shook once they were playing a show may be was a year and a half ago with title fight and knew most vocal is an English nobody is Kevin gears and if you are just tuning in now or you like man what they believe we're ship once that was why it only end the wreckage with a song called the underground. Why it only in the wreckage can be playing on. June 3 with window pane vision of skews the governor's daughter and a mock society again that's why only. And the wreckage awesome dandy and a shadow to why because I know he listens every week to loud in local seaweed a bit of a throw back their kid can be off their four record. And a ten miles wide of course like I said before serial hockey is is an incredible being and putting out a new record very soon they're doing the finishing touches. On that I believe as as I speak they're gonna be playing Sunday may fourteenth at the high line metal shop presents coating and north heat whose ox is gored. In this day and serial hockey is loud and local. Of decay by serial Hough on the rock. Oh. Loud and local content. New Year's 99.9. KI ES double. Next here on loud and local this past week that they can rest free throws actually we don't know I'm sorry. It had been having yet tomorrow morning breast repose will be debuting a brand new. A brand new songs and their music video will drop on their FaceBook and on YouTube. You can check it out if if you are in a restaurant closed its cool to see them do entering musings of a lot of great stuff coming up. In the next year it's awesome to see them back from the dead simple to play some rest repose here for his sleeves and even just mop Dora too. Carl in lake city wanted to distance just masa got that out from harm so here we go sleep city directory closing does month while local rock. It we. I. Are you a and me. The us and. Yeah. And. Okay. It's. Okay. I. It's. It's. Yeah. News. Okay. I. Sun giants. So uncertain come out so I figured it would be appropriate to play that and loud and local. Here on 99.9 KI SW when he is given years in the about half an hour left of the show. I'm all in all that is local before sun giants with that song first of seven European political called company's. And knife on an endless. Incredible. EP put out by that and great driving music Stacy species speaking of Stacy. Dust mop before compass and night with some cults these legs and like I mentioned before rest repose starting off. That little six. Clinching doctor Mullins is a fan here as loud as local and Dyson seventy and his music to me and I am I'm a fan now of his music so. If you are listening right now and you want your music to be on TI SW and on allowable building go ahead. Can go to KI SW dot com blog here in new handful of your new submissions. To the link and you can send ahead and send it in music ahead of me and I'll try to get on the show and oh he's. The British are so what Clinton doctor Mullins face the pain a full well what he's EPCs put quite a bit of. Of material and it's all self self released so very very cool DIY. Don't fight Clinton himself it's loud local hero and rock something a little bit different. Keep an open mind. Yeah. And. Yeah. It's. Okay. And Dave. Okay. Hey he's the greatest. All. He's he's. Oh yeah yeah. Really love us. Day. Okay. Yeah. Okay. It's. And. Now the you know yeah. It's. It's. Okay. Game. She. You mean she. So. We need. Okay. And no matter what political. Okay. Okay. And I mean. News plus the okay. It's okay. Okay. It's. But let me OK and I. Okay. It's. News us. Okay. Okay. It's. This. It. With the Kevin Sears were. AI SW home. But and local continues on and we have about fifteen minutes left of the show. Is the last you'll hear from me I just wanted to say a quick shout out to everyone that supported. Heat that supported the awesome show with year of the cobra. And it was just so awesome. Oh so so so awesome this past Friday. So great to see everyone out. Four the devils hunt me down record relief show in media Reyes at a high dive sold out so so cool. Thank you very much again for everyone coming out Hussein hide me. Right now we get it in called a province of days off of their newest record fame ballots. Will will bear you can't take it with you from Tacoma on other awesome and we got some Markel and. Requests. SoundBite from. Robinson day. And okay. Okay. I. This is loud and low. Bought the rock from 99.9. KI DS okay. He. Lot of that is. You know. They ask. Doctor. Okay. Well. We. It's.