Loud and Local - May 7th, 2017

Sunday, May 7th

This week on the show I played songs by : Windowpane, Woodshed, Voycheck, Devils hunt me down, Superfekta, Blood Brothers, Skelator + more ! 


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Yeah. An armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. Idea of a beautiful weekend comes through an and there's an awesome weekend here in the northwest a little bit of rain. But you know what that never heard anyone as he persevered and it was a beautiful day today Appleby had a good one. Now be at the weekend winds down we will revel in the last few hours of the weekend. Effectively. It is really it is. That's why we have a lot of local here for the last few hours we played we laugh all that is often in the northwest of the to a six to the five and I did 253. For the 360. This week it by the name of doping in our friends here on PI XWB ventured over Idaho has the vehicle troubles. Had a lot. Other vehicles troubles but they made it they need it back alive fair video of Hannover but it felt good here's some wind OK to start us off after that from what she did. Our normal course. Thompson. And tears were. AI SW. Every week on KIW. Dot com we feature one that this. The end of the week the loud and local the end of the week here and athletic KI SW dot com but on the PGA and make some portion of the tape. Got a drop dead make you wouldn't be big beat Lotta local and weaken it. We have warned here here and awesome awesome game had to let me in my head your version of godsey. And they have a brand new album called XP professional sports I cannot tell you with the real vitally. Let the kind of more boys kicked off the bandwagon guy if you wanna. Considered important loud and we'll be in the week of the KI SW dot com and you've been submit the music or you could stand at the CD is open year whatever you choose to view. Check the three are from them off their brand new record at being professional road house applauds with both result in a row. If you loud and local band of the week turned it up with the Andy is also. A moment. That is. I knew and I. A huge thing. Move Lotto Lotto and you ask. Loads it is today. Oh. You. No no jobs huge day. Tomorrow. And review at all. Oh please say. Hello Iowa and I am new. Dude today. Hello I have really you. On hello this day flaw on Andrew. Do you day. Bloomberg News today. Thought. Who lived. Now they drive you today. This is loud and low. On the igniting employ non. AI DS. Ruled by the almighty like seventh featuring the four. The games people on both from the years of Savvis are right URGT. You're listening to loud in the local game that was whispered covering savage. Mob rule before that you loud and mobile the end of the weakest point Jack but KI SW dot com we'll come Vijay and make 78. You can find out all you. Oh about voice thick you can pick up their new record at the professional. From that league game that support often go home. My name's Kevin beard until midnight we are paying in a year and playing all that is great in the northwest know. Radio dial it. But I doubt unite here and you've blown out because it's because. So I'm really looking forward to July 6 as member. Bob toward the big and I'm about to play home. David knew it newest album filler side on target house records. An incredible album what might be from last year keeping you company is what you're about a year is held easily go check them out. July 5. Need to again loud vocal on the rock. The new devils hunt me down EPA is available now and it is killer. I believe his form songs in his golf in media reds it was reported would Jack in DL legendary northwest producer. He's worked with mud Chinese we're we sound garden he's worked with Nevada. Now where civil hunt down awesome day and the end of their record release show just couple weeks back was incredible. I haven't played this some get on the show but I am proud to debut at right now it's getting Saddam dead in down the third song. From immediate arrest of rain EP I didn't cut me down a lot of local. I'm 99.9 TI is W. Rocca Seattle. Okay. And. I SW. CE and this is loud and local. On the igniting boy knock. KI DS. Okay. Loud and local. Yes yes yes don't ever dreamed travelers amazing band. I call hillbilly in India well. I would I would retreat held billions is a good. Reference point for what you just heard that before that mr. master with a so called into the woods and devils cut me down off there's new records in media reds are some peace and go. KI SW dot com we'll get a blog about it you can pick up their new album from there we have the links to all of that. Super fact they're going to be trying to show here Tony these very very soon I would tell you today. But the season on the flyer Geist he's got to get the date on the flyers. Do that so negative way Tony these I'll give you more details as a year them. I didn't help ya see much but I it was throughout the music it's too perfect to caffeine nicotine on cloud in the local one negative point nine KI SW. The rock of Seattle this. I mean. Yeah. Plus live out there. So it. And zero well. I. I love it. Loud and local continues on the rock with Kevin did years 99.9. KI ESW. You know that's sweet waters some got either. Novak down FedEx 2000 brought it back. Insanity really big. In the blood Brothers back to back. The latter local on the. This is loud and local. Vaudeville. 99.9. KI DS well. It's it's. Noon. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. Yeah. So how. Didn't believe how nice red and yellow for one of my game global metal bands had a call from room of the Lynnwood. Duties California symphony of the negative result he wanted to hear another metal song. I got something coming on forty shortly after that report you read fell apart we have an older from my white Brothers. And decided Gabriel if you don't want to write dark things out with the while mobile is the name of the filmmaker Kevin gears and athletics. One years donated. More than that we're playing all the game. Does he ever leaving you what did he was 6141. Up around we have a couple of what's coming up after this one but I wanna be loved it. I don't regret it's I think where he broke. I'll be your son died my mobile. And tears were. AI SW. Yeah. It's. The loud and local continue. It's 99.9. K. Got these songs left here on wolf all the time out here for the night met the overnight sensation will be feeling at the air. Until 5 AM this got a call from being walloped will be here vehicle sense of gravity. Incredible incredible band and after that. Giants there with a torch off their new old is he Q and quicken tactic men. The central gravity. And we check back to back the heavy stuff and day out loud and local think we're being we are here every Saturday night from ten to midnight. The center of gravity.