Metal Shop's Interviews Joe Grindo about NW Terrorfest 2017!

Sunday, May 14th

We were joined tonight by NW drummer extraordinaire JOE GRINDO from bands such as Theories, Samothrace, SKARP and Book Of Black Earth. He came up to tell us more about the first annual upcoming NW Terror Fest happening June 15th-17th on Capitol Hill at Neumo's, Barboza and The Highline. We play a ton of NW Terrorfest bands like Goatwhore, Wolves In The Throne Room, Cephalic Carnage, Old Iron and more. Joe also teams up with Ryan in this segment to bring us a particularly lovely edition of Brutal Poetry! Hit play now and listen or die!


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He. W. Yes we are back here on metal shop on the hero we are well nourished because our our guest joke grind oh. He brought us burgers and Fries thank you very much serve and he you know I do like them. He's he's a friend of metal shop I he has been up here with cinema three c.s that appear with theories he's been appear in the past with. The black earth but this time he's up here I'll show. To help promote an awesome says he is one of the dudes behind northwest terror fast which is June 15 to seventeenth on Capitol Hill. Gonna be awesome man tell us about reports surfaced. That's going to be good time so. A man named Dave Rodgers who's done southwest surface in Tucson for the last five years. I've played two of those and the last one was last year and we start talking. And actually moved to Olympia and I've been talking with the guys that know clean singing in the measure invisible orange about two in the first for a little while other great website. They are great of size initiative that Richard. We retirement in the first I have never done first before so. I mean I know you've played a lot of man he's kind of see how they work yeah I mean but I've played a bunch and I know that inner workings behind in my guest book. I've never you know help the wheel so. David nine teamed up to do this where he you know I mean against him five years of experience ray and many many more booking. Shows and putting out records and playing invincible. So yeah we get Cisco and me and him and then the people behind a cleansing union was larger as. On the and a few others. Buddies who were on the board will now with everything what's your technical job title meant for a north what's it like head honcho are you like being half CEO have created a way I would I don't I don't think we have job titles -- bunches it's what you do insulate music trying to bring. Music were isolated people. In Seattle yet has never I mean there's not really been a medal lessons you know there's been on a northwest metal fest down studio seven Euro area. Yes and those oil and those like there was a choose to do things and it was that it was killer army mica like a fool like straight out mostly out of town and exam room. I took him around not like put down any less than we're in the past I just mean I'm talking about like multiple day. Mostly of the town. Yen and aperture. With sadly with the reversed leaving us after version of the hardcore to Seattle. For ten years ten years. It just left a gap. And we're talking about huge began as we got a list to be in here and this is not all of them in and keep in mind is going to be at new nose in Barbosa correct. Knew most of Barbosa the main and second stage and all of the nights the after parties of the high line rather's revenge there that's awesome we got. And like inferno oil heiress quote leader called the voice greens it's seen noisier go poor. Warning which is going to be incredible now show caffeine reunion show. And separate carnage from Colorado playing in their media we've centric. Death metal and and from Olympia cold war in the throne room if you've never seen this band before it's incredible experience. But why did you wanna get walls on the throne room. On the show man. Well wouldn't you why wouldn't exactly and I bad they're great news there from their from the northwest. The they stop playing for awhile and their back. Believe Dave just for the record a new record okay well who love and they're doing. I think they're its definition of the European tour. They're doing some US states and this is one of them so. I mean date if from the northwest they they started and continue to be yours so incredible. But still it. He drew tickets at northwest air best web site. Right now it is a war from the program and go on court two bands play north with surface. It's metal shop and Iraq. It's metals up here on the rock of little goat or collapse in eternal word go to all time goat or your monthly basis and inform others today have a whole empire action at their home might. I. He's instilled few filthy tonight we're here with mr. Joseph grind oh what a yeah. The lead nines behind northwest terror fast going down on Capitol Hill June 15 through the seventeenth so many good band playing that and we'll continue talking about it but. Go to war one of those fans are gonna kind of slowed things down and we're not gonna let you get out of here tonight without entry to middle shop through poetry lounge. And we're gonna visits a record called anomalies from 2005 from a band called simply carnage one of the bands. I assume headlining north west hair fest for the first time ever here on Google poetry. I would got a dual brutal poetry it's on mr. Ryan in the beard and. No grind no. Reciting passages from appellate court to do this for week goes into. Came into my whole searching for the week. Cricket Richard cops to enforce corporate greed. Roomy into the ground. Ripping my place apart. For an ounce of boats they used excessive force. Where are my rights there's no justice for me. Our system let me down my life I must've been so now killed for you to. Grab a copy and pull into the floor strangulation with a core killed where we need. The other tranches of too much falls on to restore to kill for her he. This won't happen again or yes lives and running since we can't take no more wolf fight you all dwindle more. Legalized today put a stop to brutality. We will rise above. Till your gone and we have one it's our destiny so now I'll kill for we. This is a song about a schizophrenic. I met on the street told me how he killed for we'd kill for we'd kill. Or anything we need. To give up there. It's true. It was the northwest there fasten these it has to ballot cards Cuba we don't know of some politics. Metal shop noise here one of the bands playing north west Fairfax. Go down at new modes and Barbosa coming up in June midway through June 15 through the seventeenth and we got mr. Joseph grind over a series of senate race here in studio helping us. Talk about this the first annual first ever and I think with could be annually what we're going to successfully I'm gonna you do get. I'm you know even if it's unsuccessful propaganda. I don't it's as long as bands come and play them and as a good time that's successful. Exact any man like. The songs you played like wolves and go who were in to phallic. All killer noisier so. Gosh darn good. So gosh argued that they are. They're fast and that's only a minute long I don't think noisier for the Pearson's and the last time they were here was with. Woods or we're either toward them and OK titles casualties goes along time ago we aren't there so. Although author killer. Which what's been a particular are you most looking forward future of fees if we could that we did. There's. It be easier to see what events I'm not looking forward. I would just like today in the that it there's a there's no bands that I am that I don't think is particular that are playing now as a whole thing was kind of you know we're kind of pick and what we thought. We like him what it would not have been through an hour I'm I'm especially excited for all of them and especially so editors about parents who haven't played here in Seoul on. And they're so good lives and they're doing sort of a special set to do and a regular set and there are going to be ending it with Tom. They didn't EP in 2004. Threes on bulletin called her up. Grapples called I well. Well anyways I heard him that would in forty PR yeah exhibited in EP. That was like a twenty minute you and song kind of as if reports on an idea they've only played a few times lives that never played here. So they're doing and they can do this whole holes movement he has you know to ultimate. Awesome to emirates and it was developed throughout the debt and Italy in particular. Again it's a June 15 through seventeenth and primarily new lows and Barbosa and I can get tickets. Also okay if you go to if you are website it's northwest surface dot com. Or if you go to the northwest surface FaceBook page or were. Mr. Graham on all of those you'll find links to the ticket page possible also link you want Marshall for me. Yeah and there's I'm pretty sure there's there's still. Suffered daily passes and there might be your view full postal costs as well but there are selling fast video yet they are we might be out of default as well as if you if you wanna go get there. And get tickets golf that day I notice of Seattle and when seems to think it's one of those things where you just walk up and given that Dave Byrd. If it sells out you're gonna miss it and that's gonna softness in outside and be like man who were chosen. Where are right now let's play another bear with us playing a northwest her best side grades three. And there were gonna come back and talk to a mr. Joseph grand a little bit more northwest terror fest here on metal shop on Iraq. All right we're in studio right now mr. Joseph grind out from theories and senate race also one of the organizers of northwest at fest going on June 15 through the seventeenth so. What do they you know Joseph I just want to say this is kind of a related but I want instead almighty my condolences for you losing your you. You you're viewed turtle man thanks for cash he's not a turtle but he's a cat in terms of cat named Carol I'm actually right now worry. My first Hayward. This necklace which is a guest of his vertebrae when we wow and it's really cool so how did you who did you get a contact. 22 game make that happens it is a very morality a friend of mine and to me Astrid. Who was part owner of never told casket which sadly they've been around for years yeah a couple hills era on the shot they just closed. But she is keeping the story going on line. Great but she. I have to put them down and I gave them to her and she removed much of his bones. And then send them off to get cremated but. She just couple days ago if it is she made three necklaces of his for robbery and ribs and then immediately dismantle piece with a shoulder blade. On an incredibly eerie here gonna always be connected to them I don't mean to bum you when I get all your I don't know I wanted to acknowledge that those events I've never seen them before me and that's really cool way. I'm a cat got myself. I'm beginning check out never told us on line and solemnly there and again and I thought Brennaman let's get back to northwest surface dot com where you can buy tickets. Exactly so again admit it is June 15 through the seventy to got to get tickets and Friday night is a show like incredible its new lows. Part of those starting at five. PM we got wrecked police endorphins slots trains he called the void call leader F in down nomads from California. Noisier go to war and supple carnage. And and also that night. You've got after show of course Saturday night and oh all. Seattle showcase. We got heiress crying in the band were about to hear called old iron so that's that's very cool. Settling old iron is killer and the dues have been agree. Shared his mold them into mine trip drummer actually builds drums and built in the snare them using one performance or not that's well. But other great event we're stuck them in the first and you guys were stoked to listen to song from them. All right Joseph thanks so much for coming up at eleven northwest surface we'll try to be there all three nights of course Saturday never gonna have to miss out because we're to a metal shop yet. People will be there in us in spirit and awesome and go to northwest terror fest dot com to get your tickets now it's got a sellout. Here's old iron to metal shop on the Iraq wolf metal.