05-16-17 Seg 2 Mens Room goes to service

Tuesday, May 16th

Mens Room Multiple Question! "When did yuo know damn well you were up to no good, and when was the last time you went to church?"


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On the men's room return. Here's the question that brought you buy to let live resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KE IU SW. Right now the card charges got to send friends there to get the ten greatest car says all of the 21 century. Our men's or multiple questions today what did you know damn well that you're up to no good and when is the last time that you. Had been to church mobilize and take your calls him nebulous into the men's room on the Mets are ready on that large. Nine point nine. OK I still you got a market does as well as we got profile those labor to get to see royal blood we'll do the game formally known as black what makes your due coming up bright after the shot of the day a men's or multiple question today dealing with the story out of Tennessee weary Tennessee sex club. Is being accused of masquerading. As a church. They went undercover and found out that yes in fact there were a lot of swingers in there have been a lot of good times especially in the choir room with Stephen now. Even that were thrown around and I asked a lovely Christine and bill who unfortunately were. Undercover officers to take pictures of their mother did a certain thing there and choir room a little karaoke. So we have a men's or multiple question for you today. When did you know damn well you were up to no good and what's when's the last time that you've been to church. The thing that you reap one out about the sex club that sent ball to the authorities that maybe it's not a church but it is in fact it's nice club. Is that they advertise for their body nuts not nights just doesn't sound real bill to Saturday's doubles is not ending. And the bunch people drink in I Seagram's. No audit and arts through the picnic area by your boot dreadlocks him at hello Zain welcome to the men's room. Allow our top. Although when you want to know good. Well so my story Highlander each question when I don't know good it was typically after trump Redding to our humanness and the money on what we're. So I went to the party afterwards and memorably. Brought a lot of drinks. And I do about it look Derek and I realized I was two bottles of market deep that is not good at all. How bad off for you how Longoria in the hospital. Surprisingly not just throwing up a lot the next day. Yeah I would guess that that was those probably. A tough way to learn that lesson but you need never went back and Greg a full bottle of anything ever get right. My torn neighbor or did it doesn't count well Parkersburg Legos I count my dad is a moment Brooklyn. We understand and every decision made on a Tony for Berkeley it's a bad decision. Your friends are there to support your beds and yes they are EnerNOC going to drink like that ever again in your life. Don't read a certain ties to about church I would say as an adult so huge that hole Bala something you do that many shots. Right you do have a you do it by the glass in his do not realizing right. Earned sure can app you can. Tomorrow when we got our last. What Balladur next. All man I'll lie. So I live in Georgia the timers like you know Bible Belt. Broken and my dad's I just got a phone call like from Canada or don't remember it but nobody goes. And he said make sure your church. No question that's dubious on the service of the gag got you know worries. So I went the next because I promised him I would rank him. Schoolteacher looking at me talking ask your question. I drink or he's on the MySpace just one pill but Marty Carol there's there's been some out here. I feel. And then he. He saw that actually get up where security but it ago walked over it's about there remember launched much all in all. People. No nobody was there I don't let my buddy Corey came by and districts. Where it's lurch. Archer yeah deeply needing yeah yeah that's the bad part is that the last is that the last time that you were in church. Yeah oh yeah I am when I'm turning twenty. They're not too long was your dad not happy about this to the five delegates. It's quite knew what happened I think I ingested something undermined. Well and I and I thank you ingested something you know you ingested something where does that executive it's technically it's not a lie it's like. They're re limited in from like Steve tallies immediately covers were. Good answer who's good at the Africa thing and it goes on admission of guilt all of us about themselves I certainly have wandered into those who have parents outsmart you. Into admitting something they didn't know. You know I don't know if so tell me and Gilbert applaud your arm up to look at me like that moment of what you said of 1000 talked about. Will talk about that men and I'm mad about blank so. To me it's like you release a limited information and depending how much they know you're just so. I think I just something if the follow up question is that smells like vodka then copped to the vodka but if I don't bring it up Wal-Mart okay. Start small man like Ted says what cops do wanna keep your mouth show. Just what's what would Roger out here while Marty what did you move so far away from home. Does he go towards my. Helmet actually hear from I'm married so I got there that's my that's wrong I learned a product of alcohol orders on my dad orders in the and I mean Arab and I'm so what about your father when he went to live within how long did you live down in Georgia. I saved her high school so I went down here. What does high school in Georgia on what part of Georgia rural Georgia Atlanta and Savannah where. It's near lake canoneers and it's little Jordan to Dublin. What let me ask you this public what would it and you make fun and pleasant world dollar program but George is easy but what's the what's the one thing that you miss about living in Georgia's Lincoln who started the food guy what what is it about Georgia that you can NASA say you know what I do miss that aspect. So called pork and opponents are Erica now. That program so it's obvious you're the humidity heed his attitude but yeah the food ego OK and it sometimes Georgia like today even today by a breeze. Now I sometimes airs this gives real dead and heavy and there's no real I mean. Course the there's a small portion of the East Coast of Georgia this the small stretch of of state. Coastal line may be on the entire east coastal of the Rhode Island right a little bit of of watered down and sedan but other than that. Where you are Atlanta Chicago today yeah today hot hot. Slop jars out in like that he'd just sits right just doesn't move it just sits there it's like Alabama today. Alabama has it done move. Millions or multiple question when you know damn well you're up to no good and what's the it was the last and even church George is one of those places are you if you visit there ego. Lot of people choose to live here let me go in the summer it makes no African sensible it's not I can't imagine if not live in Atlanta though Atlantis and a look in America is a city. And yes he gets hot there but. At least you're a major city that has standings and Athens is a college town that has some guys do us some banners on the water and it's got history you know stuff but everything else in between. It's a big egg and become big state yeah in the northern part of it. Is basically no man's button you were in the Appalachian Mountains. This is the kind of place where people go and hide. If you were wanted by anybody that stretch of the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains are were were there anybody you hikes the up election trail is a hectic gotten. Oh yeah check in Gaza borders or take a gun with you you you know even if you don't hurt yourself one more renters or even before you even go and even think about that make sure that some when you're traveling with. As of firearm has a right carry permit has something because you're gonna need you on the digital compass. I live in that part of the country man vice president in the mountainous part of Georgia. How can I add base this on nothing other than my own stereotypes these people that eat into events like. You can hide you'll knock on the door euros or play skins thing about them back to Canada by the animal until he realized one of those skins has tattoos and a man. That's seems awfully humid. Men's or multiple question what is you know damn well that you were up to no good and when's the last time that you've been to church but otherwise you've missed it right hello Shawn welcome to the manager. Although I'll bet it is all right fat. I do on the day John. I guess so but well I'm look no good. I think 1718. Now garner I was seventeen. Runaround and I curfew would a couple of friends. And there you ago smokes weed. Not a ruler had it. Right nothing wrong with that we can pick it. And Rick heading toward the school and there is noise complaint my promoter so I saw at Tacoma cop roll up the hill. And I've already got the stuff on me my friend had beaten and lighter on hand. That can in line who. Are rightly so not cool way to do it eclectic and the old can't. That's not started you admits it. Moving on an old pair and a random apple. Right so are you in the top and he actually showed we can lighter in my coat pocket. And it seemed that he did that I looked and Mike I'm gonna kick your butt right now because you did that. And top ten overtook but he goes on. Not in this going for a walk or pat skirt you OK I'm going home. If those who attacked America just that simple. I wouldn't let out a book when to let Damir church. Are some out insert through the Mormon Church about four years ago and Murray of their wedding funeral or service. Survey that I was gonna hopefully. You fell asleep how long is how long ago as a Mormon services of the standard hour. Our three hours whoa real world way he com that's not true isn't. Armored guided it that it is out of the standard and a stand react to see any Sunday. Every Sunday with every terrorist and that's not including like a Bible school or anything leading up to amass that that's the whole services three hours. You know you get a break. Then and like fifteen minutes to go on at a doughnut stretch your legs like that get a smoking in a mirror of no none of that is I don't know why they don't like covered. The entire latter day saints book after I fire sermon every three hours apart dude like that isn't saying that standard for any Mormon Church is that correct. That is correct and another I really did not know that I never let my two that would known only to July over the title and a little Catholic mass are usually good account of letting causes a law or laws and order ninety I mean if we'd known that that was the three hour option. I think a lot of our analysts alike I'm not you know this is no what is the longer than a Mormon services a three hour. And you say then you're not gonna type event yet but when you grow up Catholic league you know which parishes have quicker math. We always tell it early that straightened right that's the whole idea right you disorder like that ten or 11 AM matches ago and all the adding that's the bells what is an ever. About the Catholics and I'll see him do a good job of this because whether religious or not they get a sandwich boards and all of my vote tally. My unifil season starts and at all it cracks me up right around three season to start seeing these. Usually it's like you know Jesus a used to love you'd join us on Sunday wants NFL season starts. We have an area Madison predominate there like they are advertising how you can still go to church. And still want to football game they don't say it directly but you'll notice from football season starts up so late hours change and those convenient little things we'll do for him but. But you never see that the Mormon corruptly got numbers in the advertise and yet I had only two hours and fifty minutes. Today moved fast Laver went to Cape Cod Massachusetts. Is a nice sunny afternoon breeze gets up there in Sicily basically. And yelling go to be to potential allies coming and he rifled through that match the low and in minutes I you know you don't feel manage a watched pot never boils when you're out upstairs to minister it's an economic outlook and houses on fire now pretty much. I feel like the same thing holds true with the program they give you an animal of those people who the first and do good or bad I opens program and now I know where I am and basically all I do is. Stare that program even count down like some of the current development. And in this and I'm just lining I'm just finger every following everything and it takes for ever them to get the hell out of there because. I just keep looking at the program you stretch it out resort com and this goes for High School Musical is there anything with a regular program is rated on his right where my on this god damn thing when can we eat. You know I got in a lot of programs as a program says if your guy you were dressed up in a way you did not want to dress up. And the program also indicates this is would take much longer hindered days they would like to devote to that. Anything animals program 95% of men want nothing to do with. Men's or multiple question what did you know damn well you were up to know god and when's the last and the Cuban church hello Tony welcome to the men's room. All oh wow. Oh we're the Soviet. Comedy show. And it's been a bar so we are under age so grateful than I am. We get them there would sit down. I have all the security Don don't crowd. Well I looked at my girlfriend act older tall order out our note that it what you think everything. And that kind of looked amulets that the waiter who set out yeah out of about. Then no later would I mean am I spiralled get a Budweiser. So low ball hitter out or during and Reverend Wright and yes I fear of it's very hard apple my shoulders. They let me see your ID. I think all you guys pounded out front and found and they take it and if you're the wrist band. Very good I mean there's that RM that's the only out being in the work that's about their college costs and I think of them right here. All that fun stuff than. Aaron Burmeister. There where now we got our eyes is in our home. Now does your. Are there other places you can drink at this time today. Kind of ignore it or is that it the first time you kind of snuck into a bargain over here. All we're allowed and art here and a comedy Reverend Wright and alcohol itself. Are very complex. Done OK let me ask you man did you see any of the comedian at all today I mean they bully around the middle the sets or when this happened. I would love for me. He showed up we're right here. Okay. Yeah and I whispered let's go here up what how much of the tickets. I was an error. I wanted but about eight to eight because those interviewed him out if it's where I was I'll do it I don't know graduates to Germany. Don't you yeah I want already married and I was just along for the ride there on the date. Our number my 21 birthday for the record that happens every time to do you get into a bar comedy club and you're not when anyone like no fun don't order they're gonna find you right away. When I get when I turned to 11 man or to play all the no name cafe thing isn't it anyway it's a more Reese to go to. All the time back balls are slow Bowe owner Marty. Out these guys put this way Marty would hang out Stephen that no question about it but. Ever wonder is enough that's rolled his money prize went straight up there is no this little bit to close the bars do going to Steve's just mentally dead below console but. What part of for spurred into as far as he knows it's my birthday so it comes over drain. But hey man don't hold your journal editorial on like. You've been coming here two years and might and it never take my ID it. It's all good look Michelle Nichols he was not please point out there you don't wanna I wanna talk sorry I'm always been go to boys and respects are not well. I don't even know that I think honestly proud of that late I have. That was absolutely insane when I was younger women to drink him and it's you know I don't care much now I certainly deny care at all bands that you like. I tolerated this little more than an offer. The two got Damir I could have and not had to deal. I was responding to pass on bar drama b.s and cool pocket you know just it didn't wanna speak. Global of the bar that I. Used to drink get underage the guy basically he was just. He knew well. Of course he knew. Those of back room that was kind of like you walked into the barn was tables and as a restaurant knows the main partner but in the back you've been this place that for the pool table was a chapter. Those also an exit door in the back where you go back and smoke at. The rule ones we can go in there and drink the only place we could set was in the back by the pulled it. And if ever the cops came or any of that we were we knew that we had to leave immediately out the back to. Yeah backdoor into an Alley and we had to be gone through and then you know check back seat you know what what the defense got a thing but check regulator but but they got busted when we were in there one time. And it was a liquor control board they came in with a sting operation. And so we didn't know stamp pictures staying mentally as well nobody Nixon all the longer routes they act I they bring in somebody who's 23. Year whatever but has no idea your record of the deals or is actually underage. This goes down and then all of a sudden man when they came in liked the the it was one guy was just one guy who came. And he wrote a ticket. And the noses in it and then the bar to shut down after that for the wireless stuff and it was just everybody was. Everybody was asked to Lee shore in an orderly fashion like finish up your drink in everybody has to leave the Barneys to be shut down today. That's all of that with our upper back and apparently at this master plan to escape analyst -- disappointed. It was a little like man up already voted I eating and when I was gonna be cops and those two dudes suits. You and I'm sand like you still should run out the back that was the deal will that they were just so nice like our guys finish your drink today that's for ideas and they just busted alerted to this point exactly is that like all right well our everybody file out you know it's almost in a while now are on loan to the blues and old Bruce would know an off expecting it and I thought I was in a lot of party boss has an apartment to Terrell IDs and they knew we are underage of course and and the guy just came over as it is early in the night we were high school kids we know they're really early in the united to a man. As those terrible IDs are gonna work tonight that bill. Finish up your pictures and data are could I doubt if you look at it I don't pay for a medal of freedom that's okay exactly. There are multiple question when did you know damn well that you're up to no good and when's the last time that you have been the church we'll take a quick break into battle more your calls right after the news. Now back to the men's room. Here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. K I guess W. The drug charge like castle about. Excuses didn't spin today we get the ten greatest scorer says of the 21 century that is coming up after emails on our men's or multiple question. When did you know damn well that you're up to no good. And wind is the last time that you have been better it's a dead dead dead if you checking our other when he's down you know I just Stephen bass. His fugitive you know the thing to remember a lot of there radio network. Or more miles and. Any nine point oh OK I guess W I multiple questions how would you know damn well that tell you were up to no good when the last time you've been to church our story today from Tennessee sex club being accused of masquerading as a church. And it's owners. Basically have been busted it was permitted to operate as a church however it was basically a swingers club they weren't paying any taxes or anything like that and it was operating as a church to some degree depending on what you're preaching to. But you'll say oh god and Jesus Christ it was not a fact when you reach orgasm egging of churches get to the Tyler far things are quick here at Tyler far by the way is a country musician I don't know four to aware of Tyler but we do have. A couple of the students here. He's known for songs like redneck crazy on and whiskey in my water. He also has a tomb called withdrawals in the hot masters taste of a little tab power warrior force could their mind please give some. Always did even rumors. I'm like yeah. Following it already is acts. Giant bull's eyes from her bedroom window to watch her have sex with a new boyfriends or beer cans and then write this off I what do what else we're still resolves any idea provide these are brand foods of Franklin and he joins us what are got to my got to balance the evil. Illegal whiskey in my water I know if you order as we and our schema what he's done this. Have you noticed a long night. They didn't match. It's on its. Pacific Life Stephen bell known. You go miles that we know. So Tyler's got to get that rowdy image is gonna gravelly voice they say so. He says it's a big deal from switch gears and record the the tune. I should go to church sometimes the Iraqi fugitives are subject matters a lot difference need to know fans are ready forties of the song was Cadillac and country music Baptist. Chosen what does that mean it shows another side of me several layers deep seated to ease argument it. You got a piece daddy economy. Sign you Madras in an asset. I think you've hit the road outside the prime scale I should go to church sometimes. Back after the songs withdrawals. Redneck crazy on their list you don't wanna out devoted circle kind of save acknowledge those guys boys tonight. I'm not making. This dude is trained in classical I'll know I've. I've written about her right in my left business data like he went to Missouri state university and got it. That is degree essentially in voice he is a classically trained opera singer here again this is what he does. Feel like country music it's seems to be at the Foreman pitcher. Our guys or multiple question when did you know damn well that you were up to no good and witness the last time that you have been the church hello Curtis welcome to the men's room. Bowl along our bridges our top. Well been about a year and a billionaire would you gather appreciated value to every bet yeah thanks column over anonymous you we were not allowed but do it do it. Arm. OK however consistent say that I am not a bad dude but out of this thing out of your note good all I had to go alternate the job and away today poll to Houston and the bandit. Also earned a manoa all girl Legos they're name did he tell you might be listening to our our own. The guys who live there and noticed that I hate to. Every all of but it always all my boy it opens. You know owner he never blew it jumping eight daylight already got before it's you've been doing this and 1992. Flash last year and I'll look back over Houston. And we did appear big. Hugs. Probably all right do things. A double we will you marry me in my numbers do execs. Couldn't rare look you know we know and remember as I can handle him. We just dripping in sweat. Because I think and I'm haven't exercised and I'm innocent section Houston's got a of those slippery things that you could ever spare. That you slot albeit a Democrat Ronnie and and so humid when I visit family there and wanted to be like I don't wanna touch you ma'am to the put my hand print your back. And a lot of bonus that is lady's set that we put. Also part spur an old really need. As did our own bed didn't stop until we're yeah outlaw hotly what do you have a long way that we were you happy with the enough to not give other. I'm okay good commission got mad because I. Finished. After an hour league. After an hour what does he want to our god damn man what you want and what I had no idea. So does he just trying to needs to get this thing over Clinton's alleged to have them. I am not so what you do. Well my mom. Apple for sixty minutes pas. And our raw read don't let alone and what are will am I. How does it off it's going to be like you can help chartered alone they get. What it meant alma Ata I don't know you I don't wanna go to Houston now. I'm so well know those guys are doing down there but it's if I heard this one and an hour humanities. I'm here to disappoint I cannot abuse of power in sixteen separate sessions listening to more comfortable on a digital short rapid and left. They're good for five minutes of comedy and you yesterday admitted yeah yeah well last time the search. All of a little Australian. Solo religion I'll start but baton tomorrow manual and I'm in California. You know it I'm living in Los Angeles now. I'm I'm in particular right now today but it won't bat era and a lot like two days will no matter how old how hot outfit and sex was examined. All slid eighty degrees but it what's the humidity. Better to be aren't Libya or man or zone are sort of broken sort of you're damn line so I don't believe that I don't know that is what is a last at your church. Well in about a year and a half ago. In Los Angeles I went through what great Catholic in a way to come. Church lemon so relate Mozilla LA Mancha. And electric circular tried and also lead or whatever. And there was nothing but Hispanic lady and they just gave me the weirdest and ugly looks so old Palmolive. You can say all the radio. Other. We're tied. Yeah math still down there organ on that. Okay gotten. More Robin at the dagger and I'm gonna put down. So shockingly government within l.'s regular service disease that it went to services are joined the service was also does believe it or not is winning I would Paul Maloney on what if you absolutely little as people with the last thing that would I think diligent with the service though is we should have an -- for a like mom dragged me. Family pressure short but so far the people that round certainly these are adults that that hey Alex an under shock to people who go to turtle to listen this show I'm too. But that did this and our points in your favor. That's all of sudden they fell to a you know I'll do when asked our work you guys are still go to church just yeah didn't we gonna move here and you made in the Philadelphia and Arizona. Narrow you've broken down. Oh record or other and our dog on all unhook the Maroney and I'll never enough mentally you are not great. People to veer this right just YouTube with a lot of black heritage smoke weed you'd always well I noble we have with us all the time. Yeah yeah I did and how. But just in case you guys enjoy ran out a man I did so my hit a note here we OK so we when we moved we remove 3000 and all dollar stuff is packed in one the big eighteen Wheeler right okay. So when we get here they put us up in temporary housing problem that we all live together for six months and reform whatever the deal enough but the thing is is it was a fully furnished apartment and other than the tools we had a warmup fully furnished you took all my crap for a run would pull my crap out those were part of our sales that are sort of moderate that's right we in a so so what only they are you don't even want it to us that we don't believe there there was also like a month. Rock wanna see there was league girlfriends they're doll oh everything Collins who's not got weird it was real. So at any point itself but one thing we know are effective as they took all the major boxes that we moved. And they put him in this merge. Storage. Container this whole storage area like the biggest threat room they have. At day at the storage boys because there's literally three different people's stuff in boxes in this one room and it's all kind of it's all like let's say they don't have the red dots there's nothing that identifies I think of them what we scribbled on the top like elect heads London event. So but we won't think we know as we know that we have I had done I bought an ounce of weed in Baltimore before we left and from from little. That's agreement. Just exactly. This war is used dude you could possibly by drug runners on just your time limit on the judgment is buying from him was homeless. He almost died every time it was like a boulder with a mustache you cannot like the best I it's it's like man to be like driving into the hardest part of the wire in a weird way. Knocking on the door waiting to make a transaction for about half as went out front either way I get this week. And I had decided I'm going to send it along. With with all of our stuff. With the courier with the curtain with the eighteen Wheeler he's gonna drive our we across country. We're gonna have it's we could have and have dogs chasing this thing across America we could have been a place for more than like 23 days now was it and haven't we remember we are I would never can nationally amen I'm gonna when it and we get this week. So we go to the storage unit which I noted I just gotta say is that I was here for all lists and an opportunity but you guys talked about a foot half and now are. And then finally miles has a certain book yet you if you look meant screw it. Brooke go and and and real moral and upright gentlemen let's packed any boxes and her out of mutual backs the foxes are 1015 feet high. If this thing goes back thirty feet. The end of raiders looked to Eric when they hide the whatever the hell was dark the ark okay and they just we weren't available all our individual bar boxes in the ER and there there and what it. An event. So what's that I look like that I'd jump on top of these boxes. And I asserts like enthralled over its women on everything you know we need read this that we need leaders that and I kind of hatter and I remembered a little bit about how what would I put that in because. Like most people who move. I went to the liquor store and stole all the really good boxes get it back because you know like to have analysts thirtieth and it bottoms on a little bit more and remembered like it was like George Dick something right. George for some reason in my mind that I'm whiskey I don't know I George tickle in my head because I knew that that was packed in a George tackle box at George Dickau I'll Rahman. Roll boxes and annals and as you might disappear I see like difficult guy that disappeared down and and I'm like job and I mean I'm ripped his box open man pulled up the lead and held it up man and it was like I didn't like. About sixty set it was the first module it was I mean I couldn't believe it was a may. Obama tattoo describes Jolie via however it'll pop out. Like boom. Oh record that's all conversation on the way to the place is slate. Think there'll unit is in a huge yeah like we're never gonna I gonna fight off these don't look pretty it's OK very good and then you disagree rare they're very long not at all it was a little hit gods would swim and over the top of these boxes and it's grounded robredo would yeah. Yeah. Then of course right after this semester but does he do we think that it at that. The men's or multiple question would you know damn well that you're up to no good and when's the last time that you had been to church hello vets welcome to the men's room. Liquor scored colonel r.'s. Yeah all right guys well. Those are my heroes getting in trouble was the second time my picture of from the pin back. That's because the first time I had a very accurate very clear that trip presumably guts to to go for second sentence like that. They have a couple more adopters who I thought you know maybe we get some of the work out this darn. I took a little bit less and Annika. All those. But so is going to be on the beach bar. I was eighteen at the time. Donor pool. Sort of an out of each party pull what type school friends and now we're walking on the train tracks from Edmund yeah I'm happy dog park go to the party. And we've got to take that it is in the long walk we come up righted we got there right. So everything doing grave where. Doing good we get counted upon great jump off the train track and go down the they have fired going to Norfolk and there are great opposite not a fire just. Enjoy individuals and everything going in. My buddy who took took them let me sit in over by the water by itself. And he just started playing there are really doing not a lot of our very tight you're meant well I just a bit tired to come out my chest. I don't know million that oh yeah you know why do that. And. Soccer. Guy. We're tied. That's helped draft devil like a tutorial. We like you know people ultimately go to class to call and Al wild and you and are out of it let's how you approach shot totals don't fundamentally sound on him. If you can see the look I'm afraid you would think she just got a phone calls and read kidnapped comparison are younger royals give somebody here Arctic but embarrassing moment in Rodman and think of it that way don't schedule almost you almost killer if we have it's unbelievable yeah. I think it appears the problem is that it is the problem is the problem about that caller a correct the problem that collar. Is describing something that happens a lot in that area in and added that particular location that I will put a moratorium. As I know lower certain people go and under rules of and Alter don't. To about beach bar. Getting drunk doing mushrooms and Collison on the air. And cousin and on the air a few it has its on package deal to be an eighteen have these beach parties. Which occurs in a minor ways to attack Iran does not okay and an empty and does not not like that and all they do not like that is their regard as swap and then there's going to be decided event has gotten them there. McCain is our bathroom multiple questions. We'll get just Somalia like we're gonna drug Allegra whenever your nephew doing good does enix would. Get me a handful something right yeah. Kind of a handful ample and a handful but it isn't a new prescription we don't live Douglas sales ma'am do you think sales is that absolute money you alluded prescription drugs. Don't look at it has no yeah. Illegally through actually you know your mechanic Tokyo what do you think answer I don't know but he didn't hold until do you see any bars I tell you look at what the doctor today and coming hard for us for quite look like I got a crush of Brit ever to Mattel the doctor Lani drugs you look at look at nuts and Mike. We the million pounds in experts and multnomah Honeywell dude you're no no no no no no preliminary daily drugs you don't ideally drugs and a you're not enough with the sentiment in this Clinton actually puzzle on the radio. Station takes an exits normally go to get you yeah it is quote that. I'll tell you again. Those I don't know that some pizza right up until walker out of brotherhood. A massive corruption bribes to you give me shouted out. It's like who's got in and they have a xanax pinata Derek they're my god that kid they've got a they've got a they've got a dispenser that gonna like a machine at the airport. I don't know if nova women are just walking is and it actually out. Might not double name somebody who probably is all the kills me that I'm don't say it. All I have you let proposal. From who do not want unless you're on the opposite anywhere along the way hindering. That person now we know any black Louise we need something on the opposite ends. Don check with sales ouster of the significant emotional question which I get some drugs are we just don't do from pharmaceuticals we Bosnia say the stats aren't that I had area. Like I'm you know I'm not against drugs overhaul birthday Rosie. Rappers trips and drugs and now Randy you drink on those things are blacked out real switch yet there are good I'd rather everybody I know I like to trick on Friday throngs packed. For how hot it got drunk or high. Can be very very clear our minds instances. I want you very very difficult to manage. I'm most of whom and cross right to. Hello Mick welcome to the men's room. Our. I think you can get through this phone call them guessing. Again. Hey colors that you can't save me being dragged me being BP being debated. Yeah well yeah some are okay thank you we're really. Aetna and all the way Bob and installation of one of the titans want to let you know live 180 extra methadone pills. A good good it's under is I wanted to kill as he does is jump to that conclusion well you know you wanna gamble you love links for the motor company and Obama and not let your personal doctor Robert hurt a little thank you know we're here let. Just had to cancel anything and through the president going to Iraq as the head and if I could. The there man but those I don't worry. A pentagon. Yeah our yeah. It would lose or just a couple. That this is a chicken breast yeah. That's a drop beyond refrigerator with government does by witnessed in all honestly I think he's just add back business. I'm only the fruit cup upon and has tested it. When room to no good to get a bigger quake. Oh OK and I thought well over. I just went Q Vegas with my mom. A couple years back and we we started off you know we checked into the hotel and then we we went and got some some through before we started to hold drinking debacle and they years. So I had chicken parmesan fighters. Not exactly the best food you eat before you go drink. And so we we bar hop up and down the strip and we ended up at planet Hollywood. And the last thing I remember was her asking the bartender if you how to make your caribou. Do you guys know who know what that is now you know. OK so it's 150 warrant out pineapple Jews survive and Malin yeah anchor well welcome on the other. I have basically. I said no I don't want it I don't want it and the bartender said we have I hat for a kid like you. And now like are you kidding me so they put a Mickey Mouse path on my head and that was the last thing. I remember. I sound like the perfect point for your brain time off like. Did you wrap tat we get your emails going up to the men's room mad men survived back out you're listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network.