05-16-17 Seg 3 Mens Room calls the chorus

Tuesday, May 16th

Emails, and Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Choruses of the New Millenium 


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The only drug charge dried capsules on oil since then with the ten nick greatest choruses of the 21 century that given up right after emails on our question. I'll answer multiple questions style went you know damn well that you were up to no good and when's the last time you had been to church we get your emails coming up the men's room Edmonds or live dot com heroes into the men's room on the men's or radio network. Rule out rockaholics. This is the men's room would miles and drill 99.9. K I DSL. Try to chart track does have come up since then say the ten greatest courses on the twentieth us censoring it. That's on the way after emails on our question and answer multiple questions I what did you know damn well that that you were up to no good. And when is the last time that you have been detergent here come those emails in the men's room events are live dot com yeah. They don't trust violation Roy brown brewers a men's room original red because living agenda that I silver bronze medal winner at the great American beer fest leagues who knows that the metals rector on the bottle backtrack a big not to brag guys and l.'s gets right we brew that the year we note that were responsible at all possible for the medals the old the effort yet. Other industry racing a small group of us would borrow Turbo chargers and inner coolers from a zoo suing Chevy small box trucks. We borrowed eight set ups from a furniture company one night. The company posted a story in the local paper looking for details Christmas Eve midnight mass nineteen years ago the church. I'll go down Ronald I realize rear parking in front of a church. Early Sunday morning on mushrooms having sex is cars for pulling up for services. It was 1994 she was hot. And gave me dish rooms we stop there because I was starting the trip too hard to keep driving and had no idea where we were until after going out of for along time. And I noticed it was light in people were walking by. Last I don't want to church was Sunday as we go almost every week now. Our very eyes he says boobs and bibles that from pay. And every Sunday Paris them every Sunday. Some people have kids. Go back boobs that by. Yeah because I think you wanna if you grew up in that thing in May be wanna give some on the opportunity to determine if that's on the that they wanna pursue that would be the time to do it. I don't know that. I think it in a couple of instances I know where people come back based on the foundations are yeah. He's doing a welcome back to our guys government about exactly and it's always like yes I assure you that it's for it it let's. It looked command of gone to church Rossi as an adult if you board made the decision and we turned. There's nothing about a particularly appealing it's not known for being funded so that point if you're going it's deadly Bruton. Policy here when was I up to no good that was my grandma passed not to brag. But those are favored Greg kid and I knew she like me and my husband best over everyone to begin with. So trivial wasn't Eleanor treat her like a child. My hands were horrible that they were stealing from her. The moment she was in the nursing home and I'd summit of the courage to ask for one piece of jewelry to grandma had since she and I used to shoppers are already got world time and she was a gym owner. They said that that was already passed out to someone else that what I knew they had been hiding and stealing from her for sure. And she wore it every day not to brag but I was a favorite Greinke had an issue like me ID. And blah blah blah blah. So I ran in this whole case though it. This thing triple printed. My husband parts. Publicity here. Since we are villains are the new owner they signals and listen when. And took my mother's key to my grandmother's house in winter without anyone's knowledge my husband parts of the in the road. To keep watch while a quickly went through and took the member of mementos that I wanted to my grandmother. Mind you this is all the day after grandma passed away stadium so she went rogue right there and Oliver jewelry back to not a bad idea. Our guys are noticing a swinger theme on the show today figured I'd give you little info on do what I've learned about their communities eatery and hello I've a friend who introduced me to a community people in the quotes. Lifestyle. And a head even visit the private club percent. My lifestyle. And an open mind to do so I'm just haven't found beaten people BS saying I'll tell you now. The people involved with that are the same as you would meet and anyone else the difference is that not only are they much more open minded about sex and sexuality obviously. But there are some of the nicest and most accepting people I have ever met it doesn't matter what you look like miles. What's your into Ted and what color you are Mike. Or your sexual orientation thrill. All Alaska with you attack. It. Most importantly everyone involved is involved willingly known as trying to push their opinions and attitudes on others Reza world order are my opinion editor don't put him Brock. The rest of broken learned a thing or two from the swingers. And it's illustrious my own pace but just looks like a big day. If it. That from the reverend been well there're atlas air any text and they were three and I got a few here in Seattle we're saying you know. A lot of listeners today it made me go to church like for service and I made comment may. Go to church and listened to show how. Got a good joke but it's got times and I believe that it says I go to church every Sunday and every special dates at Christmas. Holy week family events and I still listen to you all our listener just like Yelp just like you know as it is love sinners you were also is the focal Ambrose. Yet army my boy got caught in the church porch smoking a joint. Rolled out of the Bible paper by the Livan priest but he has no listener OK I look look the first guy okay so back to the story we told you earlier about about moving okay. So were in the hotel room. And we do have we at this point in time yes and. Bullied or anything to spoken up. So Ted immediately chimes in just wrap just just ripping a page out of the back of the Bible. We were on yet now I just that's common I don't know if you biblical folks back to android. No I'm not liberal and I'm not doing exactly an intent you're going to mess this time and in we are not the most religious people but the same time. Desecrating the Bible does something this conflict these juniors we rip that page out like a giant meteor would comply. Guy strikes and I would tell you again there's extra blank until that. Every small lead exactly well we don't know that you did the same paper I mean god does a lift. Good bet that. How thorn a couple of extra credit I was on the back of a good book brought I have let's say. Is that good weed the good bock I don't know what an aircraft and about a couple people kind of a Mormon thing as well guys it the Mormon three hour match our service. I knew let's see here guys. I'm a Mormon yes there there are our ears bear for three hours. But that includes Sunday school of breaks that dude must've slept through three different services because nobody in their right mind would sit through three services. Another Mormon service update your collar about the three hour service was mistaken the time at church is three hours but that includes service for one hour and two. One hour Bible study classes gee that's still a lot of credit is wrong you're still there for three hours with that. I don't mean they are slowing it down but let right. It's still three hours of time and everything Sunday. Think you into the content owing to the concert they played for a while and then they went back inside came opera's second concert and then they went back inside that we collected became operas that are now a year at one continent and Freddie into 10 priorities as an encore and Reagan W one of the big photo like I don't know baseball game because an extra innings how much food and do their names we have to average US or emails here for the men's room events are live dot com yeah. Hold it does not gonna get a birthday song for my wonderful wife Terri she's 45 today can get some turtle wax problem thanks guys rock on from Jason snohomish. Guys as soon as yesterday's the wrong email address. It was my MO. I do know there are no exception -- they've got to strike so with etc. could you please announcing the birthday song from my wonderful wife Tara thanks guys are from Jason yeah element we want to go out there and number does offer sorry Tara a really good birthday yesterday. Yeah real idiot husband does a sentence her third question someone else. While it's my buddy's birthday this email is to wish him happy birthday is much it is Tacoma bitch reminding me that it here is his birthday hatred your bitch. Gimmick at that bitch off from Sam. No. Not at all our guys it's my first day where all of they Germans that from Lindsay in Florence, South Carolina hi. Honestly you've been gold in front of me is quite took shotgun. Now whether it's something I know you could lead to his influence on the subsides. You've heard there's just must Debra. As wells a birthday song hello and Al hitting the window followed by a wrong answer from profile list. Thanks guys and rock on that from Brandon buster. Oh it's. Jenna must smoking hot wife Lauren for 22 birthday. She may be a firefighter but she keeps the fire burn it in my heart yeah Gloria Gloria did your paths she gets him dirty German from. From thrill. Some Australian from dead and some Virginian from miles not West Virginians. Thanks you guys rocked make working alone goes so much better thanks guys that from Johnny tsunami. Job for noble thing I didn't count to botched need to know your like your dog jumped in knots over. And said he had never had better bet. All total Florida. Wolf we'll go look honey look controls the world removal and help solidify all the marbles wants. Forums with. Well. Charlottesville not been doing itself and you all night I had a wonderful you told we don't want to walk to freedom to. The most beautiful place on the no I like it was my gorgeous girlfriend Reena heavy too and I particular get a fish sandwich police thanks guys faced average today's my fiance is birthday she's been an awesome as any other person could ever be to another can I get a big old LeRoy Jenkins. And a fish sandwich along with a birthday song thanks guys at for Mariah yeah. Yeah. Yeah cowboy badges you trend Michelle and you guys psyche the real. It's the manly as Montana man here with my 31 birthday and I wanna shots of a different a fellow Taurus partner in crime George. He's one of those Illinois boys make the noise. Can get a barbershop fish sandwich and I'll spare throw the turtle sex thanks guys here is it. There's people around this and wins. G.'s daughter on the side. Now that he's handling his babies do really is in them on hand and and news. I am not. Most of our guys out nobody laid on his 33 trip can I get some turtle actual wedding puke in the medal thanks from chevys. I didn't know. It's guys say about 37 trip around the sun have a some creepy German talk appreciate it guys that. And Brian. Don put a book they don't hold your big girl because I'm in the glued to rule live attitude. Including lions prove I didn't. He. Right O'Brien and emotion into deserves a little company and something kind of look small. Mum flown into my third I'm not a guy. Biofuels a month after the tiger. Gonna have a much toast. Yeah authorities are birthday celebrating a big in las veg guests can I get a barbershop. Faced sandwich please thanks guys from Chris stopped and and if it's. And email so you know I got the bra. Other king nine enemies and win to boot she's and it's harder on this. What we got here have diverted to Christie turning forty today would like an original face Sam woods isn't sexy German sock out thanks guys automaker Dave from Kevin. Sandwich. Shop I was regular dogs in mud flat with my black little pull out a little time down that just working on the arm. Do it today my Big Brother Kurt turns 47. I was holding the the most amazing funny and truly town's radio show on the planet and wish him happy birthday and Louis having that occur house again you guys may be able to do it. His name is finished and get a barber shop faced sandwich please best regards at from Kurds sister Mario. Is it to carry out an area oh era this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. Spelling of his sandwich is navy's jail residency in the morning. And at noon and and in no. What are Hobart they shut up and you guys last year hoping to get a repeat turning 51 would really love and oh my god what the hell is that. Rock on guys that from the myths dude it's all right not what. Crawl and broke Ian is I am very much Dan rose seventy just expanded may have more aspirin can you give you one of those letting throw up things we live in press got Arizona ordeal on guy. They actually in very nice here guys go. I mean obviously it's OK I. It's. Okay it's happy heavy handed it. I cratered UT you bid says collections here. Good afternoon about the neighbors solidarity is your show please forgive me if I got this wrong is I didn't hear the context before this wouldn't hear of Tony guessing that there was no mention of dinosaurs in the Bible. May I direct your attention to the book of Jill job reporting verse fifteen to start there and go through chapter 41. You re about to join beast behemoth and Levine at I think you'll agree these are massive giants from the descriptions given. Clutch guy should know that from the old sort. But they're not dinosaurs man delegate crocodile in Australia that's dinosaur. Die and so real that why. I was pretty specific about certain weird things and if it did they wanna dinosaurs in it that would put an end in his bachelors yet another great Texans like that dinosaurs and then focus the egyptians were in cats. Donahoe yeah but where you say you may sound creepy apparently there's like really care about it is he thinks is a hairless cat. Well. And a lot of people know I thought the items that are Egyptian. Like battling kingdom's way back all right you're literally like pagan references aren't you passages that all the egyptians like cats and golf what I should've beaten. About ten years ago until salad bar. And they're dealt a helping a vehicle line. I prayed to die never been so sick lost forty pounds in two weeks never wanna do that again. A thank you guys from camp that's only a sound with what we are talking about the cannot UT's. Think everybody there the botulism and botulism and it's bred like all these people who is or is it like six exit from. Not to achieve some from a gas free gas station but don't botulism and play Saturday and who go to find botulism subject bots in Sacramento as a big. Just wanted to because a fun fact botulism is primarily calls from dented cans. This is why you never won a buy them a grocery store ever that is fun and in a note I didn't know and act and and know that it. And one more. Our guys during the random question you asked colored the lazy is person they know we had a new kid working for us of the PGA tournament this kid was incredibly lazy. He refused to drive the golf cart he was that's lazy. At the end of the tournament when we thought we had fully packed our truck we run of spending hours driving around finding stuff the lazy guy had left behind. On the last they have set up the owner of our company shield up. While sitting around waiting he started to clean up golf carts and all trash and other things a freelance or that was working with a Scott up to help. And lazy kid just at their on this phone. Freelance are said to me now if the owners cleaning ye should probably help to the freelance or they kick the cart like taken wake up. Lazy Digisette there continue to look at this phone. I'm more stories about Ali's Beckett was all from the same tournament after the tournament was over the owner fired up. I was happy to hear that he cried after being fine. Cheers from John B Jumbotron. There you go on your emails we'll take a regular guitar dried out the gun up we will sit and spin with a ten greatest courses of the 21 century next. We've miles and drills which. Point nine KI SW John thank John enough although they drug charge right calf on the way to since then today the ten greatest scorer says the 21 centuries few are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. Miles and. And he nine point nine. OK I guess doubles so thanks Joseph lovely well during gans tells the first right now with a rugged charges then once again it is time to sit down and spend nine. Yes friends it's time once again dogs. Six and spending let's gather around the old radio and listened to some sweat a. Yeah everything. That's just great songs the greatest courses of the last seventeen here do you guys three wood nationalist absolutely not. Nobody I know. All I'll give them that the folks at billboard put this list together and the only metric was is that that hey what's on the last seventeen years the record that anyway. This one really stands out that's really what it can look at all give them this they picked them. Catchy dance songs of course with with big big courses and I think you probably recognize all of them and and guaranteed their all your awards at Drudge match the next ten site will be inside if you for the next. If it plays like the shingles. Virus element for the rest I realized that it. It's been decided you'd you'd even Whitney song. Under ten. You managed to shelter himself from bush on. Over the course of the last I don't know five years it's been out of something like and I. Even if you've never heard it before you know just the thing that course that has Miley Cyrus has. It was everything I can honestly say if you would never have heard that song you've got that's that Miley Arizona writes it. That makes the list the ten greatest courses of the 21 century. They're now. As many. There are gone after ten very important that's Nelly right just. Sources of flooding Omnia suspended. Under. Ignition and I'll I'll miss a minute you start telling them. Hey uncle yeah. In the city of about. Chris nice drills strength. Sounds. She will plus I get so. I still play analyst yeah so I'm asking if it did not credit cards or the 21 century the air warrants today on six. There's. You are under. My dad didn't guard says though the 21 century today. Conversation. Our rotation in my office and car for about two years sooner did I do yeah. Okay that's all. During those guards said that the Tony Curtis and I had to go on. They're fun. Did you broke the I don't know. The whole song is catchy never down course and that Matt home or not in the show what's next. I think you have to yeah because if you open it started with the right data goes on and we've played Florida facilities there. It's a fact that since their fingers courses of the 21 century. Never flown out. And it's sad thing. And play back MP business and don't act like that. Next on duty that everybody enough in the let me. What's Todd doing Rezko words as food flavors injury today on sunscreen. Okay. It's also known as. Also those the only song I'm Melissa we play like you got thanks but no I don't. I'm ruthless killers after they put on great shows. A union unit she Telecom the children. Maybe the finger in my office of the torrid birdie after a fire ball. Albert. Ed Kelly Clarkson and. Put a woman's vehicle but I really like that they'll. Okay you're a woman dead yeah accidentally same person broad most of these songs and it was picked from a poor job on plus he's rich statement. These are they take credit scores as the Tony for surgery we have made it. Well. Always gonna give up their hands. It's like the terminator starts. I definitely appreciate it very ago finally get a good does the line for profile those 20642 on rog let's say conine right now get ready to play profile that's all right you were admitted to Greg intact.