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Tuesday, May 16th

Shot of the Day, Headlines, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from a cat and drunk Trump! Plus Headlines and Taryn tells us when she was up to no good!


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Somebody else. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. Last. Our shots. Great job it is good if you're going head to the great gas cans even thrown vilified on nortel's. Yes and the event today. We Towson unidentified forty year old man from is down a notch east Japan and today's armory it's easy hiking enthusiasts that's struggled. So he had a friend. They went hiking at a nearby mountain and at some point or you're injured his left ankle. And we don't know the extent of the injury but it was subdue him. But he needed to be airlift and so the cops showed up they called a helicopter however. When the chopper hovering above them Lorena rope. This burning rotors dislodged trees and stones. And those two reasons owns rained down from Ira from a mountain. And crush this guy I was waiting for rescue to death the local police said quote. It was regrettable that a person who was awaiting rescue. So's new waiting for the companies argue with the body the body goes all finds a cop. The cop finds the guys that like there's no way to teach out here will call for the helicopter helicopter shows up everything was good. Hovering above them they said the down draft from the rotors. Is on Laura will be stoned three touchdown and all of racing down a mountainside crushed. And at the top two cubs survived but yeah the guys who need to rescue. No man. Just amazing that got the money to the rescue for what the cops still gotta rent because he can move but I am and I think that you dodged him so he did the best it could get out the graves of guys are bombing Agilent. Yeah combat them and they arrest. Let's average. So that out I don't horrible. The report of those moods imagery this ruse because we think it's Yemeni national over the tong endowments. Two parties in our Tommy's. Down oh god there's overlap. Headlines don't avoid an hour from now the first quick check my talk for some of the stories and headlines he is not Smart enough. I had got started running an ad in the UK last week where a kid asks his mom to tell about his dead dad Jesus Christ turns out they're nothing alike but he's happy at the end when he finds that the ball will both love fish filet sandwiches that. All I did go back and sales pitch guy Holloway isn't it going to help there you go and you're doing your history stuff and what you learn is that your dad is dead like fish sandwiches. Do it may also author doctor at all good final doctor Roger recognize Israel today's event. According to a new study too much porn get laid intimacy issues for men but women can watch as much as they want. It's obvious issues and like you can't perform. I don't have an organized can't do it is important. Don we're gonna we don't want to know intimates that affects every man around and I'm looking man. I drove I don't think it if you if you watch pornography. And you're watching with the years do it. There's not a lot of intimate that he did. They are engaged in an intimate acts there with the behaviors involved are intimate like the idea of kissing someone before you have sex go to this way. But not gonna total wondered done right there and I don't think your teeth and go home I think it doesn't change the woman's perspective as far as what she wants to do with. The incidents to missy factored in guys maybe. Is waning by the fact that they never see that we are watching pornography on. The got to watch them run more oh no I think what you are feeling spoiling yeah like you watch too much for and it's hard to be with one world. That I'll go through a bunch of pictures or video we need to go to the porn cycled the seals. A puff of a all right Amanda Miami started something called the black tapes project where models go clubbing with no clothes on. District of black tape covering their quote X rated areas or your brilliant white women all fought back though my dress. Evidently people chicks in doing that forever forever and that's a project map that. Actually project men in black tape underwear how that would work comfortably be tough to use the bathroom he imagined I gotta go flexible. A new study found out the people who loved to read are generally nicer than people who just watch TV. Which I have no idea what that correlate. I. Twelve think reading like any thing if you're reading a fictional the dirt they're watching something on TV and read about as a reason of people complain that the movies aren't as good as the book. When you read the book you know every single thing that every person is thinking about what conflict comes down. There's a way if you don't understand what's going on for devious just it's this vs doesn't often think about. Any two people that read books have a longer attention span threats they can deal with the Bourne mass stores local hopeful and all hail of its kernel. Well now marriage now and it's not possible due to bad storm did. And finally the Internet has decided the name of the rare albino rang at. Male and as I don't I'll tell my data Larry now like aware of people get on and just mumbled ridiculous crap that there was plenty of those yeah that's always nobody know me don't I don't really vote faces in the article right now are they in the Antarctic and can't remember yeah. That ship finally sailed it even though they gave it a different name. It is only known as bode well mobility in the book that won the popular vote. I think god not this is probably ring thing powder and get it over exactly. We have your headlines coming up one hour around the our city our contestants and it all this week on profile this playing for tickets as he royal blood that show is August 9 and the shoebox in those delegates are courtesy of AEG live is a KI SW dot com for complete details or not. True recess. Toronto police are a lot now profiled this is playing. I sure can miles it's a simple game reserve review real life news story something that happened right here at planet earth. Over. And I do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be through people and the decisions that people may I ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Lisa welcome tournament. Oh it's. Armies and you understand how does your game is played. Aren't aren't racist friend here is your story and his case officer Joshua blacks. Now he's not a guy gonna ask you about. But officer Johnson of what she pulled the video call over for a month and equipment violation. But he noticed that he's containing white powder listener council which driver tried to conceal the cell phone. But when it's a little suspect he asked the glass to disregard the cocaine in exchange border quote. A hookup at taco. Walls are glass plate for the offer to Jones admitted he does like Taco Bell. What do you declined and instead he arrested the guy who is charged with cocaine possession. If we got to try to get out of Coke possession by offering a quote hookup but Taco Bell is black and white makes you were aged. I played and each Larry. People act but. Dublin knob. Now the. No the idea of being pulled over for BS reason absolutely one. Tom I know diplomat that got pulled over for an average traffic violation. Yeah I mean when he walked up saw the cocaine and I don't know sitting there console religious Jane yell every pulled over for however infraction that might be. Spending ten years in Baltimore. And being around some of the drug culture that's involved. I was thrilled when we were buying right yes exactly oh and white tended to be cocaine aren't and black and be more crack. And crack was propelled that that was prevalent drug as far as the city goes that's why correct it's a longer sentence if you OK if you're down why now simple if you're downtown had a difficult time finding Coke. You could find crackle and wanted to if you went out of the suburbs you went some of those bars and clubs to coax ever. And Al's obviously white flight through that was. On this receive about him now as far as culturally. Aren't if you're not whites. In you're doing Coke. And coax specifically. I'm gonna go Mexicans. I think whites at that age or Mexican is the way to go up 27 years old. You know the guy obviously has enough we either dealing with he's obviously using it and he's got a long won't solve my money says white or Mexican just based on the age in the drug that's being done. And did he say I can hook you up at taco bells because he worked very just think you know I got the hook up to talk. I don't have all the information and all I know is that. The suspect. A guy question. It is said he offered him make hookah. At top of internally that the black people aren't isn't nearly as enthusiastic about taco Bell's residents or talking to what he saw I was like people love Taco Bell it all at Alec just doesn't seem that that would be a place like I would try to hook you up Obama's. Trying to bribe an officer may be dollars and like guys you'll talk about I don't know. Yeah durability about the office or not you that's important exactly I can take into the beating grow much duress is going to gel yeah I heard no. You can do either ignorant thing with this disaster revoke your good. I do agree with you miles and I think what you will talk about Taco Bell more. But actually play why didn't talk about toggle brand Arby's why do you talk about Arby's Taco Bell Lance or things they've got the news. Back a lot of a lot of Brothers do work at Taco Bell yes the money at a low paid job as a did you do net. My theory here. That either worked through Taco Bell are had a body that work I have got a new ones suit me right in the got to pick up did you seems like. Did my confidence and I've got a hookah. Right because they talk of those really also did cheat foods like al-Qaeda have a hook up there. But look he's been every Taco Bell and I don't like that's. Well during a guard units and our grill I didn't putt it was not a good lead author Camille Samantha I think in black dude please we have confused you. Or. I would think that any it every day into a better player I'm. And like Omar work there don't give and I never there where Eric I gained I'm gonna stick with black. Used it a black final answer. All right we're gonna find out that if he was black whites meg C or Jewish next bat with the team. Back to the men's room with my. 99.9. KI SW I I just now profile has where have we go again. We went to hang nominees and again guys this crisis there are avid. And pearl Washington State's Washington's it is not saying specifically where it simply says Washington State tied up. Pulled over and he had some of bags of white powder which I guess in and of being cocaine in his gardens I've flower kinda had it was foam looked the other cops all that but the guy was. But honestly it's it's a man yeah that's good I think you're the Taco Bell all be forgotten now not a you know the storm came in my car. I did to look at talk about Lisa we asked you did you leave this town black white Mexican or Jew. And he ended and went one. You know you never go back. Wow sorry I have. Maxi. Two was wrong I'm wrong and paramedics who now. How are not right now 206421. Rock you'll be on your legacy royal blood on August the ninth at the show box in those tickets are courtesy of AEG live with the color nine right now. At 206421. Rok TV timeouts and on the way you're listening to the men's room on the men's room ready on that word. So men's room when miles an. Drill off 99.9. I don't jump headlines with Monica is coming up but first went on the TV news all the time it is time for TV damaging. Because you're pathetic life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking head in the men's room presents. Did he doubted that brought to bite city the thousands that shows and movies instantly that it's any other Manny time anywhere it's ready to future also. And a call it critics ready when he under extended. Yes. Every time moment for Austin. For Alston Steve Austin. 316. All right let's I was entranced starts aircraft and then his music start out though as forget you don't watch wrestling at all now. And always think of and Orlando Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin to. Not that I don't recognize dongle. Yeah I had the big at this point. So called delta gets to be Steve Austin. I you know what he's a big tough dude right. Steve Austin yeah been huge adoptive ranked I would do you have a lot of things now a guy like that would need a super mean tough apple correct. You would think so all right this is pretty interest. This is a simple house cat as the voice basically the baritone nets of a very white. That's again what. Is Jack. Who. Oh that's the chance board. And god blah de Aaron borrow blow record video out this best of you FaceBook go look at convince just. Just the normal looking cat right and again. Headed by god and can't you knew it is Jack. So yeah I. Oh I smoke cigarettes. And I can't decide if he's saying whoa whoa welcome while orders gamble Thursday in new rule. You know it pretty impressive that on the cash. Yeah aren't like cute and it just doesn't make sense of crappy thing I've got to put the video out like yeah my cat for some reason as super deep. Voice he does all the good lines in the in the an Amish commercials. This is easily the fourth cat threat that just doesn't. Eight along the old. And we will hear pull him. Or like a nineties aren't eBay and he would be the guy that talks. Girl. Not shortened mission. I was meant in my own or is still denied girl we should there was you modeled rerouted addicted to this guy the other one bent underneath me and couldn't thank you girl. You know a lot of view. But we also know you gonna go with the hot pitch to he's Austin. Grow up just two of the talk and it's always starts that. Girl. If you right oh. I lied to renew reheat. Activists and net loss from blocks away Newton. Bureau can also I started our develop that our conversation the earlier date. Don't. Know sorrow that. The pepper at a I woman. At a minute to talk to you about this. Our energies. So you know we did just enjoy all get that far the cat scan of that moment. She you can't have a can't tell me now I'll purchase is done has been proven fate but that's that's not doesn't care who it already today and at a says. That Chad has throat cancer it's not cool. Movement there are no way. That gets family you can't exempt from the gap it's a monster which into cancer jokes. She just. I mean I saw two armored lose I didn't think the check up audit bureau governor I just it was like look this cat has a really deep voice of the goal. Promote wars. Old Kent State news bringing us thickness. I think news you know miles on it and get it out there and I'm the source of most and I know I sit and vote UB you know how much I loved my network and sitting on my type of story that's really the onion again. A sad about pregnant. Eight I don't just like just fund our iPod this guy has had a surgery. He's over in England they still use academy on human error. Not just apples and I think it is just a guy really hot. So think of some nice canvas when you have basic Africa fund types of things are. Think if huffington's. Start seeing guys lose like Leo it's. Okay. There's got the picture won't know yet. Wow mom match. NASA is cute and. Yeah. All right yeah. Okay. Being out so lands. The. Or surgery didn't know before surgery I am. Have you ever had that. No I told the story over what do you think now it notified ahead that's when the academy but I mean at late in this I told a story or anything like art two years ago. Crisis had to be legit. Probably fifteen or sixteen years ago right side and get mad with some teeth right there is a two part story number one it's really funny I'm really white guy in there there's comes out goes mr. Smith. Three do you stand up just like you and I go in the back in the doctor's like mr. Smith a doctor Smith. The party pretty funny struck right so I don't know doctor Smith was a little. Distort things different or whatever but they gave me an injection. Of medicine right like just a syringe and you know for the teeth and I I'll never forget. They said how do you feel he'll. I think my exact quote something like this is the greatest feeling I've ever heard and I woke up and it was kind all of this I just like I. Kind of bitter that I you know it sounds horrible to say but I like. Somehow you almost can fathom how addicting as stuff can be George. Don't worry you can hear it mean guys guys have guys were everybody wants to be you just wanna be that happy who doesn't and yeah exactly. Let's see stick it with some booster will call sticky sticky with drugs and alcohol and that kind of stuff you know he doesn't drink. But when I Jimmy Kimmel gets all of whom it sounds like he's drunk so drunk trump. Arena football. We're the only yeah. It's. I'm I've been there game loom guys is close. G Daryn. It's year. This came at the commencement. Speech he's given over the weekend. For Liberty University liberty today he is reading thereof football schedule and they are play. And check when you slow it down south east conference. But it's a pretty paroled. It's Jeremy. Something to get a pretty legit schedule. Yeah and I I. It was a positive I did know that college had originally worth of their division three in number of years ago by I think air Gloria was the biggest name and overcame another time for the Steelers. They were small small school think it's illegal the program who cares if yeah I don't think so but I don't care yet don't bother to verify this summer intern of their veterans office better than they were then. A member of it don't check it. Like how Schwartz is weird that way right lately Miami was basically. Almost a commuter college until they kind of started don't have the money in football and an eternity and I wanna say. Who's a famous pony express on those that Southern Methodist University. As a UN taxes right I'm within their doubts that was the same kind of thing he small schools gonna show up and they start it now. But money pumped into the programs and they get really good and kind of gives the school much higher statue. Yep profile could call and that's stature can. And I was having fun or a million. Drunk chocolate air. You know is the American Idol it basically all the stars you know are gonna work on idol. Or one or the other ships Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert. Are rumored to joined by Katy Perry is judges now carry out. Was Carrie Underwood is she American Idol are Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert are both idol. Four runs oceans are a right Katy Perry Bradley. I Jews are open and Kerry general and has had a very successful career in the country industry you know who now that Adam Lambert. He's is that he put it this way. This draw I've gotten older some things I appreciate so Adam Lambert. And be able make fun when rap queen heeded days he did that might. Put my man makes a solid paycheck from performing music and now with queen right good well you know why some it won't pulled Rogers. He's tennis so that's diploma yet. It's kind of funny to lakes of people over fox are a little bit salty that late ABC brought it back. Fox executives that quote that. Thousand a tough one for us feels bad knowing it's coming back on another network what do you can afford army and I've had the rights and it feels it's quote extremely fraudulent to bring the show with him soon after they might see some fifty it would look. You have written it did honey you it's like complaining ran its course at someone. You put broken furniture on the curb that you want to get rid of them and demand estimates it. But you got rid of shoes you can put it out better economy. Would did you statement we're gonna do it was a very successful show. A lot of her alumni super popular why wouldn't it got him and post its music. Like sorry does anybody listen to a band announces their final four and actually believe it and I'm more after much that's why Motley crew made everybody sign everything right and look where we're not we're really not going to play. We're not going to go on on to war as Motley crew that does not mean the Motley crew could not play. Rock fest short and wherever but loses their last official tour as a bank and and they could do one and they can come back and play one show one night Coachella. There's and the like that made and put that in there they just said build one final farewell to. That was the language contractually sure I had already seen one of their last horse that's part this was there Brees was there has dragged Jules. They're they're Donald farewell tour so that's what I like most general all right hello again ever I don't like I don't think it's a music think I really don't matter I. What you don't you don't see that tied in sports. Once a while and I'll have a big retirement to come back. Logan foolish and Ottoman and I don't know which put in music it seems to just eat par for the course but when I tell you would write tickets are you doubt your farewell tour that it like. They're proud of back around elbow thing is just retirement you know when you stop working no matter what it is that you're doing. And you sit there and your face to face for the person that you spend most of your life and both of you realize like. We gotta get away from me just like his beer and healthy at all times on both those crazy in both going to jobs just so that they can have a little bit of extra time and whatever. We know him and I want to kisses for rolled toward 23 years ago almost they've been on the road like ten times. I want to. 1994. They may resign so nobody go way so farewell tour and elect a man who original members were universal's kids aren't. Gotta do what they're sold so doubled to show music is questionable. Special effects are outstanding. And then they're back on tour like the early in my cat dammit and like that's like a major problem toward prices with my issue. They just seem silly that she's extremely fraudulent. People thought I was gonna announce I'd come back you illiterate. Yeah it does fraud you've done the right they're gonna be fine an idol people you'll be five all both networks. I think is a make money you made a bunch of box they'll make a bunch for ABC and now. You know have Carrie Underwood on their Katy Perry. That's a network and element of that yet and get around them I don't know all the earlier today all right very all right is being you know idols. Not offer some sounds Mike Hough. It's kinda hit. Yes there's Mike Cox. The bad guy and had a rare albino or rank its analysts at from captivity and a Borneo village has been given the name courtesy of the Internet. The survival foundation and on what board did not that those suggestions but uncle brand name. Album out really as in the toast. Alma Roy you know I just album as does the white. So they they holly I'm barely know what Sosa's in the media outlets just out of house Sosa's Melbourne so Albertson's. Okay outs and nobody out of those that is because albino. You know Jeremy yeah I saw president can no way yet. As immigrants lately the inbounds. I mean it's hard to put some thought into for dad's basement him at teases her arsenal vinyl day minimum out Alba Whiting. Then I ran around the world looks like that cover Florida make it a comeback. And Jack a company that is backed by Mark Cuban has created a modified edition that they're calling the movement and bogeyed the move at its best Internet and Hanrahan and any tire issues yet yeah it's like a shark tank. Things. Did we miss this on a TV show where they came through he said you know on a buy into that. Best I had no idea that as far as that side of god Natalie that they've changed at the design a little bit as far as how it steering goes you know we we had the one that was here in the office. Marvin it more of an eagle movement that's when he they're saying is going to be more like Christine spoken I don't quite Greg how are available on the I'm betting on a hundred I had one more thing I can't do burst into flames underneath your feet which supplies yeah but the thing is the excitement away part of the adrenaline rush was made and how might burn to death. Like in the middle of the night especially I still I. Noon and at. By daughter and your voice now if so my parents play at all able oh all right but no effective product isn't quite doing it for fans that a product pet cease fire with. Like fireball that the alcohol is not getting good reviews for a gun fire ball without the alcohol what's the point the cycle of tools beer like the opening of the I understand the purpose is served but the alcohol makes it okay. I generally don't like cinnamon stuff but I like fireball hit him right your right to boos as a lot when it still does relative Tucson and has boos when he says like. I like to Q I do it. But if you took the alcohol out Ahmad short it was something I want to drink. Edit my cherry soda tastes just like Jerry Knight quit. He threatened. An account review what's wrong with doctor pepper doesn't account cover that base and now I'm like doctor after another it's got a little cinnamon in a bit and I new result it's he Pepsi for the Coca. No he's he's a standalone. Is doctor Debra don't totally so now I don't by the Pepsi cola company because mr. Pitt as the political variety of it and I've got one let's just as he was tonight who's now serving conservatives. Erratic Carlos controlled clipped the bus and clipped the bus that it was trying to pass on I 95 which caused the bus and it's 26 kids oh to go toppling over them one of the students and one of the teachers at the bus were seriously injured and flow of the trauma centers in the that the taken by ambulance nearby hospital basically what this guy did. He tries to go around and I don't know the romo's liquor he just turned turned you are what but he his car thirds level. And in the rear end just smack the front of the bus you have things. Well the speed limit on 95 between. Philadelphia and Baltimore is on officially honored and five yet but basically it's how fast and cargo and I do that yeah I mean you can you can beat the the excel expressed on it is it is as fast. I like the story a man in Delaware is being called a hero after he delivered a couple pizzas to a customer trapped on a train bound for DC strong body of zionism into cannibals and at a gross sandwich league and ultimate hero the customer used to GPS to give the exact location of the train to the deliveryman. And he went through a backyard down a steep narrow passageways and delivered a cheese and pepperoni pizza and got minutes service right there man and a promise they'll never be back there. Now there's not a random train the got stuck because of mechanical problem in the middle of nowhere. He just happens get on Yelp finds is that boilers of some pizzas they Broderick to location are you not the proudest person when you've got two pizzas on it stranded trade gap. You are at or indeed by everybody that's right you know what I would do just to be AD this walk down the hall in the aisles of the car announced lies are wouldn't have them. All Chinese did get a thirty dollar debt that I edited and hit it thirty I'll 122 dollar bills so they did well not you just that it. He delivered pizzas to a stop tray edited out you know that. The world of entertainment singer Katy Perry's number more exotic ways addressing for events lately but it poses a bit of an issue oath on how to use the bathroom. He has however invested in the court and it and it. Contraption known as dough girl with the devised Aaland is the baton standing up some of you go girl I'm. Our same man there you go girl I've got the device now reckons it now Olympic. Hello mob I like. What's it cost him asks this. I didn't sit on an altar girl there's no ground and they stop boy I had. That's pregnancy book. And finally David drug that wife Amber Campbell and so blatant celebrated her first ever Mother's Day after she three months after they give birth. But bringing a big glass suburban which of course take to the breast milk so what is Democrats do the brevity is breast milk. It drags it mouton. White Russian he said that he like if there was Katrina. Tomorrow creator. Home it's really a very renewed. Breast milk on they serve another good that's an area headlines tonight live at not the united that I do regularly Jerry Daly joins us right entity. Now that's just the men's room. On 99.9. JE IU SW agenda and while the NRA I didn't want your ball barely had a amends or multiple question today. Starts out when did you know damn well that you were up to no good. What have you been up to no good in your lifetime and you knew Europe to noted. Me. I did when do you expect we went out to can't that right out of high school at nineteen is the thinking right right. That the time we acquired some greenery. In actually brought it across okay. That sounds good if I knew we didn't add. And a good week in and while it was a girls weekend gun and a it was one of those things like we like we started crying in the line going like this is a bad idea our parents got into. Like trying to like go to college and graduate but I knew we guy and made it through we get there we told the guys that did you bring anything over. Over the border sorry hanging back and we actually bought matching underwear so we told the guy. On the scene there and he said while have a great rest of. Yes and that he did I have not worked for any of us. And our own thing impart who accidentally by front underwear out for. Part of that miserable choice was it was a lesson you're church. It's been a couple of years now and entirely yours. Probably because it was prisoners even my dad made me go to my grandma likes believe it or not that wins we thought it would be a wedding is the reason most people to go back to church. Turns out people go back to church because they want good pitcher Brad. Shocking news for us on who knew turns ever had that low return Daly is evident as we're out of here we'll see you tomorrow the return of who sucks less we have Martin gets the royal blood for profile this yes indeed it is altered Erin is then we'd be all about the spirits but we are in fact. Back tomorrow so until then please do what you do best and poorly the state. Still had a beautiful. The men's room as the day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup for. I do not Manchester limited. That presentation knows. The man truly feel that way.