Loud And Local - May 14th, 2017 - w/ WOODSHED

Sunday, May 14th

This week on the show I had Arlington's own WOODSHED in studio to play some jams off their new album AND to play a couple songs live in studio - acoustic style! I also play songs by Ayron Jones, Into the Storm, Serial Hawk, He whose Ox is Gored, Helms Alee, Pinned Red, A Flourishing Scourge, Devils Hunt me Down + more ! KEEP IT LOCAL 


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Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining us this season well. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest and 99.9. The end of the weekend marks the beginning of loud and vocal it's it's kind of bittersweet thing these last few hours of the weekend. But we got a hold onto them and save them as loud and local is here to us kinda. Primitive on the weekend into play all the best music from the north rest. Northwest from the to a fixed for the if you fight between the 42536. Though the Bible and I might as seven years. And tonight I have a whole bunch of options up for the next few hours. I've been called woodshed we've got to be playing acoustic complaints about some felt their record. In I'm very excited for it will be here that around us and fifteen foot. If you start the show off what it is eight run jones' suit is. So talented. Incredible musician and record coming out in view voice from the Puget Sound you heard it here on the show I figured it was a good one. Start the show with poise in the Puget Sound off in Iran Jones to a local on the Iraq. I'm a bit. Oh yeah. I believe. And yeah. Forced to change its. Can you give me. And Sears home. AI SW. We are back here on loud and vocal going up until midnight and we're playing all that is loud. All that is local. And we are the rock of Seattle but we are also the rock of Arlene king as it right now we have a band the first thing we've ever had on my mobile. From Arlington welcome to the studio. Would Chang. Don't get nano and what it yeah happy Mother's Day he. Absolutely. And yeah would you guys do today for Mother's Day any any festivities with your mom's. I was movers William. With my girlfriend perfectly you know who awesome man. But the launch there and car region or appears to trees and marine cobra area as good time and candidates and yeah definitely have a good day had breakfast and is headed back on the fair rattled when lodged in my room. As the Japanese steak houses spurs went sounds sounds equality. Awesome. On subtly with my mom and my sister and nephew wiles. Generations. That's great man well I mean before we do anything I would like to entities who or what you introduce yourselves as this is the first time you guys have been appear on mama who we play you guys quite a bit. But it is your first time gracing us in the studio so what entries does it introduce us to yourself some what you do for after woodshed. I am hunter and I put ours things. On. The big one big one that's six fingers. Right online ethically you guys have a show coming up here and I wanted to quickly mention that on a mates when he viewed as a plane the Merkel would in Arlington. With claw and red relates now this seems to be is is is the Merck would kind of like your home base. The Who have Flynn never quite a lot of risk or we started out. Her shows and stuffs them. Yet though as you'd be playing it it has an amazing and he can't beat. The sound voted as the traditional church Arlington totally is built for loud. Let vocals yeah the stages right where they Alter used to be okay able to Apple's old rectory and stuff yet they just recently remodeled it looks. It's at the altar of rock and roll. That's awesome now with the alternates general indeed. The right console well a little bit of a back story I guess how long have you guys been playing together and I guess how you meet. So author Losman been together for four years. A magic can stay in it. Google's doodles they represented he came over play drums with a buddy and then we basically ultimately I'm I'm I'm in the span now is that. We're in the and then Nate then. Paquin and which is room for awhile in the gears and 99 years. On his only option is it rains. So with the old guys that. Called Ko losses that make sure that we met and then. Plastic bags and others like this where's the other shows the two apiece for awhile. I was excited and an irate and stuff that he used to work an island element like do this too good not to go play is due east. So he's played baritone eyes that revealed drums that there's been leaders out. In Prague's those whose fund that would pic of me than. Yeah houses that we were all settled again as husband and when losses instantly it would says the oh yeah see him nice studio seven Iran will in heaven. And boss down there and Leslie okay they need. They have basement. Yeah based equity debt and he comic relief he's pretty good view. If it well it seems to have worked out well I mean you guys are tight unit now and your plane around quite that you guys just played the doubles hunt me down record release show man alongside your of the cobra now that was a pretty fun shot out insane let's go behind the drones that are currently really. They were really hedging here and there is sold out of the time Wednesday that's awesome yeah I heard loud open up the plays it was killer and Kate's. He's good and you asked of that article then another lucky gas dispute yeah outfitting to scientific. Now we can't yes they can buy your reverend. Bill's exit the whole audio. Absolutely all. Well okay well we're gonna wait you know we're gonna. Let the music speak for itself here if you are just tuning in this is woodshed. An awesome day and from the Arlington area of north a little bit and they have an incredible record out right now they're gonna be playing two acoustic songs in just a few but I wanted to introduce you to the songs. A little bit heavier and louder versions right now so we got swatch. And we know two songs by what shed here. Allow local thanks for coming guys thanks guys. Let's hear it. I. You're listening to woodshed Arlington own wood shed an incredible bed and now that you heard the loud. Holy amplified. Very arranging band you've heard that he's songs from them. Watch and clean out we are now going to do more stripped down acoustic version would sit in studio here at three piece that database who acoustic basically got the acoustic guitar. And they have they acoustic drums set itself. Let's do. The bomb and we're we're live here on FaceBook and let's do it took his two sons back to back woodshed the view and when I begin. Lied in studio acoustic. Allow mobile on the rock. He is ready. A game. It's. All the capital. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Soon. It. So now the weather. It sounded good. Yeah. It's. Yeah. To have a. Non. Is it. Yeah. Yeah. Please bring. But when you see them yeah. Yeah. And this is a lot yeah. The opposite yeah. Did not stats it. Within a half. This. Yeah. The home. Love him. Yeah. I. Boldly. The yeah. This. Yeah. The police here yeah. They do. But when we. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Changing. There and change and we'll. Changed. Changing it. It's. Yeah. Yeah it's it's yeah. Yeah. Who come. And again I mentioned that you guys are performing this. And in your vocal says one contact in right now you can hardly even stay there. Is incredible that was song called the view this is woodshed if you're just tuning in your it what is this is incredible. This is live in studio acoustic woodshed from Arlington an awesome band the plane may twentieth. At them reported Arlington but I'm gonna let you guys continue Wanda what I begin another one by wood shed light here in studio acoustic stuff. Dial. The me. Yeah. Sun. You know and it. Now the as soon. To us. None little. It. The. In key yeah. Villain of this yeah. Hit the wrong. Bones in and good. Again. Yeah. I. All of them. Security. Is not. But yeah. Yeah. A day in the world. Does it. Yeah. So. I'm gonna. He couldn't. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Wouldn't. Not yet but yeah. And now. I answer the that was an amazing that was amazing seriously wrong. So awesome that was woodshed the view and when I begin and begin these last would you just heard again woodshed check them out. I'm gonna play one more song from them but before I do I wanted to thank you guys so much for coming up in depth how we picked up how do we pick up your record where do we find you online all that kind of stuff. You can pick up pick number record at any of the shows we'll have some more soon and then. Online online to go to which had been dot com or strangers records are common. It which is owned by van Carner. He's Larry you and I frequently in drugs. And a man in got to do heartland good. Via elect knows that it's really fun colors are on the school there preakness and a throw too early this program is. You do yeah we got some school lot off their new one coming up in just a few but if we. Like I said woodshed may twentieth that's this coming Saturday make your way into the Mark Wood in Arlington with cloth and Redmond led you'll see what you just heard. But you'll hear it louder and and heavier handler and who grew exactly we got when I saw. By the big you just mergers would shed off their newest record it's strange comment here are loud and local thanks a lot guys they do you. Do. It. I. I. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I. I. Or. Okay. Okay. I. And. This is loud and local. He's bought the rock and nagging voice not KI DS. The right before I came up here for loud and local. I was over at the highlight on Capitol Hill free showed metal shop present voted to keep whose ox is gored at north and the band I got to catch and fortunately I had to leave. Well not unfortunately as a here with you know play the best local music. But I did not think the state for the received phone and an office. In day in north but I did get to see this game and there are other friends of while mobile they've been in studio here before and they are just an awesome. Heavy sludge machine they're needed cereal half and have a new record coming out soon it is being mixed and mastered as we speak. Will probably not as we speak as they're probably just hanging out did you hear what Tony and they are working hard on it in the studio and whatnot so. Here's serial half of the game one of the northwest heaviest. Oh my mobile. I. Oh. Loud and local continue. Here's 99.9. KIS doubles you know. Dan is red. Today from Portland and there are so so good red day here on the out of local nine point nine KI SW and we're keeping it loud for now. Mean obviously we're keeping it local right now of being called pin to read chaotic ailment off the record of the same title is a lot of local. On the Iraq. This is loud and local. He's on the wrong igniting boy knock KI ES stuff. If you're just getting it down if an amazing acoustic performance by would kid but he nods. If you bummed out you'd go to KI if that was used FaceBook page in the right now there'd be faithful like video just published. And you can check out of the entire life acoustic performance in studio anything credible and it is ages ago. So good you can hear everything you know is also. While local every week we put this up on nine. Check it out on demand style Wendy's you know iPhone or android or whatever he just. Subscribe to it. You can always hear it. Whenever you want these you know ten to midnight is a little too late Gloria you know a lot of people gotta get up early make that money. When he was seven years in live local also. Got to pick out too much but KI SW dot com. Vijay and makes. And allowed local we team up to do you loud and local the end of the B if you go to Fiji and meat section of the website you can check out AMP and profile. Is a prime real estate visit now. Fourteen local band of the week this week is an awesome game by the name of into this storm vividly record out called what are dimmer for what Rome. And heady stuff. I'm gonna say. Similar polite macedon is how people would describe it but I think they're doing their own thing ghost maker. Mature and endowed truck and trailer we saw back to back biking through this storm the PGA and it allows local. The end of the week it's rob mobile. On the rock. A and and moon. Moon. I. And it's. Okay. Okay. Okay. And okay. Okay. Did you. There's 99.9. KI ESW. The train him. Yeah you listening to loud and local that was the end of the week into the store. Or my name is Kevin here's your host of the show and he's sending a permit net. From sorry from ten to midnight were almost. There at the end of the show but really quick wanna see shadowed against wood shed thank you so much. Through that incredible trio they are wrapped. They're from up north a little bit and is awesome that they came down here to us to play for us again they're playing on the twentieth. You can check them out and I'd go to check them out woodshed being done in Steve Graham and Twitter and FaceBook and all that good stuff. You can go to KIW FaceBook. In in you see a live video of them playing Q what did songs. In studio. So we're getting up pretty had here allowed local right now and I've played into the storm that they end of the week good TI if we dot com check out all the vital. Before that and what we are on the role playing from some of that heavier stuff I wanna do it gave you a few big and back to back it just got these records in the the mail in and I'm I'm a fan of both of them. Right now we're playing have been called the variety hour and I love this stuff it's not quite as heavy but it's got a little bit of I had the edge to it in. Good to new record called moto moto vacancy. After that a floor she and scourge. This babies is. Awesome and they just reported their new. Record it. With the self titled record by that and he just recorded without it goes heroes recording studio in New York City so major props go out to them throughout make him a the wife out to our new York city of reporting with the men from schools here. So here it is seats the variety hour. And a flourishing scourge. To the queen's. First time ever. On my mobile back to back it. The rock of Seattle nine point nine KI FW. And. Yeah. This is loud and local. Volatile. Nagging voice not KI DS. Thanks again so what shipper company in the boys from Arlington they're playing on Saturday up in Arlington in the Merck would definitely. A try to make it up there if you are out in the north and can be played with Claude it's going to be a good show you get a kid I used to be FaceBook. To check out these live video of them played two songs here in studio and it sounds. Incredible artist as a great though things again loud local every Sunday night from ten to midnight tell your friends send your music and does support the local C minus seventy years the last time you'll hear from me. I wanna see well you know the next few songs you'll be hearing it doubles what we don't have a brand new EP called immediate risk. To twist song from that after that Helms believed one of my favorite bands here in Seattle then he whose office is where they played tonight a the highlight. And I'm gonna be playing a song off of their conference all stars Robert tracks. They ditty collaboration with converse in any plan that single in and it ended up on a slightly chilly note with Jamie you know this guy vocalist. Of which burns Yeltsin does thrown acoustic solo stuff stuff up slightly downhill is a leaky who's ox is gored. And Jeanine we know this guy we're gonna try and get it as much and again. For the end of the show lab local. I'm Brock. It. Loud and local continue. So 99.9. KI ESW. Z. How lost you create. And all they. Who ran out the hand weird now seems well win man Ali. It's back to. It's. It sounds. Wow grandson. Okay. You know. Paying some. Com. Yeah. You know. Wow.