BJGN05-17-17 - New Mutants - Fallout - Dragonfire

Wednesday, May 17th

The gang discusses the latest in casting news for the New Mutants movie; Chris discusses boardgames with Fallout & Dragonfire; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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It's fantastic we love hearing from you inning to learn you know it helps our egos aside clearly literature at a sizable to start with but yeah helps August. We do you have some very very interesting news on the new mutant movie fry until you on the tailored joy and Mazie Williams have officially boarded Fox's upcoming X-Men spin off new mutants they sell this is interest because they have been long rumored to be involved with the project even with that concept art out there showing Mazie as wolf Spain which is Burbank. Yeah and I. And then they that was released by the film's director Josh Boone earlier this year how well ever according to the Hollywood reporter Boone was unable to secure the actress is for the project until now. So we have them we've got up arias start guy. Playing at Walt's main and who's the other girl what his earnings are familiar onion tailored joy I am not a 100% like it sounds really from there. But I am completely drawing a blank card now so mom. Boone added a second confirmation to the news. The news of their involvement with the ins to Graham posed so bad that it confirmed it and what's going on I think he got some news about Kanye yet she does he split yet. Don't know she was in split she lost all well Larry I guess she was easy main female on that when I remember that being there again and she's been in the glitch more CNN something else called Berry. And as previously rumored we didn't mention the fact that Williams will play a wall Spain but Taylor joined will be playing magic. And she's an interesting character or magic Campbell's. Sister I thought man I don't know at the magic was colossus his sister. Colossus is another Ellen sister day as she is definitely a sister I think that she was because you have to get a magic short I don't remember younger sister colossal right and you know somebody to share the problem when they come easy and I comic books and how convoluted everyone's story line are going to be so it'll be interesting to see how they streamline the new mutants in the new mutants also involved we don't have any casting news for these people yet but we've got. Danielle moon star can sun spot who was an. Awesome awesome character. And cannon ball among other wines and if you don't know who cannon volley as well you're gonna get hurt your bigotry we knew we c.s can carry on the big screen Cox Caucasus sister. Okay thank you. The film will be written and directed by Josh Boone who is perhaps best known for directing the film the fault in our stars oh yeah and that new mutants is currently set to hit theaters in April of next year. There were some. There are now also reports that are saying that there are dev really people who will not be in this movie though the first one in this came from Boris Kitt who is eight THR reporter the Hollywood reporter okay Hollywood reporter reporter yeah IA he says that on the new mutants the other rumored castings as with James Mack avoid as professor X. Not true he will not be in this movie okay her sources. Which is wondering well maybe there won't be a professor X in this which. Would make sense or maybe they might just recast him. I well I mean there is a lot of times where professing Xavier was not running leagues he reinstitute candidate Jean Grey permafrost you're ready get a one point giddy pride tee yes or no arena today yeah I went out there a chance happening and I impact did your turn funny enough leave mentioning sunspot he apparently they're looking to that cast him. And the X force and Aaron the dimple to seize. Me which would make sense in kind of bring the new music because the new means eventually beat com. X fours and so also when you've got dead pool with cable who was one of the persons who took the new mutants and made them ads mores. There's really kind of they're actually getting a good team set up for a four then there's this sort of fox movie universe or axe men the. That's kind of confusing me because very have an easy Williams has. And those little things. They're also looking tube cashed. A character named Cheryl who's a cat like meal with an enhanced healing. So she cannot only got hairy cannon person look and vibe with you know RSC I'm not having to those girls are looking to cast care pinning shatters shatter star. Dishonest and I just started. Is the the epitome of ninety's. Ridiculous this you know I like the white leather jacket and like I make up yet at the white leather jacket and mask scare. I tattoos since you guys swords. Headgear. Out he was the nannies I think even had extra pouches as well I'm pretty sure all out there at all genres or does that not happen anyway my parents are those are rookie numbers he had forty I think anybody I thought probably feel special event as many charges of possible gigantic guns. I the other rumor that is now being I killed is that Nat Wolff will not be cannon ball and owner who now wolf is but he's got to us and as wolf names so you know he's not far Canon law. We'll get to say that. I think stunts and end the faults and our stars paper town Al maybe just the fact that god Boone was the guy who directed fall Mercer is the just attributed may be the fact that he would be a good can't involved. An islander we did paper town seems like the same Carolina crash cannonball yell cannon ball read him. And a ball those channels from time followed and there were both written by the same person that's what we've seen some similar chips. Am sorry let me if I may not very much alike I have a issues and problems it's a love story now. Tell me. Well we've got some more can we got that casting news I'm really excited to see what is going to happen with the new mutants I'm stoked for dead pool like these then the fox mock the fox marvel cinematic universe there offshoot of that. Is actually gearing up to be better than just kind of the cluster F that it's been over the course of the and in the years. I just took a peek down as I indeed Lisa Moore now wolf he's going to be in the new death notes Netflix series around you whereas I'm and the one where they turn it and bring it over to Seattle which is glued on usually that is the only reason I wanna see it as it's like I noticed he'll look like who I know even if the court building from here Culpepper. Yeah or yeah or when you realize it's like I don't know you know that the you know Safeco Field is that close at all to the these days if you don't act. Well that's like every movie that takes place in San Francisco they always have to know over there at the bridge you know where the bridge even though people in terms this feels like. That is not how you get to generals stick Clark gave us. I act and let this DSL that went with Chris you know of course we will regret you know resolve the matter how you know definitely nit pick on them I'm not a joke now we need to move on and talk about some board games Chris because fresh start I wanna talk about this. How does this. Was very exciting to me and I think that you have a certain interest in this because one of the things that we will do wouldn't we're walking or no more walking when we're driving into work Fred I'll pick you up or carpool line and the times. And most of our conversations in the morning if there is in because we you know 4 in the morning and sometimes not so much usually revolves around what video games we played the night before. And for you and I a lot of times it's just fallout. And this is very interesting because no dip fears. Has decided that they're going to bring fallout to the table top. These are the most if DS entertainment is the publisher of the Star Trek adventures pocked or go through oh yeah you can chronicles cone Manny Conan infinity and John Carter of Mars these all the role playing games and I was up they are thrilled to announce that all out. Waste land warfare. The first table top miniatures games based in the all our universe is in development and set to release in November of this year. Yeah I have ever that this. You know at that is that that is Chris losing his mind in fault lease land warfare players will build their own crew for me wide range of factions allies in iconic characters from the fallout series. And play in apocalyptic games of three to thirty. High quality 32 millimeter scale Reza managers there are huge variety of iconic scenery and settlement buildings. From the red rocket to sanctuary hills new Coca-Cola vending machines and wrecked vehicles. Settlements will include buildings defenses and resource does that impact the crews army list and abilities in the waste land. I just I don't even know what to say right now right this thing so happy I want to create a group was he brotherhood of steel right faction I wanna do and NCR fact yeah RN CR Wenzhou I like make a faction a super immune. Like Clijsters relate how many times can how many. Late groups can make it just the super mean suicide or is deceive an employee all out yeah exactly leg there's just so many fun things that I am really excited to see about what they're gonna do with this. On the gonna say it's going to include an entire narrative campaign arc as well as random missions with narrative style objectives. And crew caps recovered in missions can be used to improve the crew purse weapons gear and a great for the next encounter so you can do. Player vs player turned to his style you can do you a legacy. Sort of game. So urban take my bottle caps and. That is the good. And the game is also gonna come with a customizable solo played a Idec to control enemies to snap play to their strengths and replicate with factions tactics. While attempting a nerd admission or performing settlement building strategies. Players can also team up with a friend to defending a larger settlement or explored nerd admissions and go watch games against AI port that is. Yes and there are also gonna have organized or organized play packs as well BO OK are there. No home yanked study is France's Arab I had known the growth is overloading and all these. Loading who were overly did just tying the know here's the dirty when I are we not doing prison and they can't act so yeah I don't like is one of the interesting things because a lot of the table top minis games I've being kind of Blase to commute but I you got me into at least knowledgeable about X wing gap and that's one of those ones this seems to be along those sort of same lines. Where you're going to be obligated and pick up smaller things we don't have all the news yet in the information we're gonna keep track events see exactly how they're gonna put it out but it seems a lot less along the lines and other war gaming stuff like got a games workshop drifter by gigantic army and then paint them all and then just. Feel that single army gets an opponent just single opponent this seems to have a lot more of CD the game play that. Is more along the lines of the smaller miniatures game. Yeah this this Maxima of Phil because big box game. Where everything you need is in one box but it still has that sort of epic feel to it not mean. So I'm not actually very very excited about the some kind of like you I never got into warhammer forty K or any of those things. Only because of the sheer scale of it when you wander into a game you know job easy or. Out of gas and and and who all together have to time if you want to merely nice like say a tank or one of the big you know oh yeah that was that's very daunting firfer person who's just getting into it what this feels like is we're gonna give you everything in one box and then. Of course I'm not an idiot there's going to be expansions for this thing like. Tiger has to be here play I'm just I'm actually kind of excited about this because I was thinking about. What you could possibly do with just these minis later on. You can get them because I mean to one of my favorite table top RPG games that will be coming out later this year's apocalypse the risen which white talked about with Donovan Brian's before this. Do you think. Going to be one of those things where you can just kind of port those mini is into that as well call center of the lake just below played this game or just have those manes to use for other reasons namely I'm actually really really excited for this I'm I have to buy two copies one. One to actually play the game how you don't just for minis for other stuff. Yes and I think you have my agent copies so that I can basically just watch these huge epic army bells but. That's that's about I want I I don't know what I want parity in what I want from this for the first expansion what that scale proven. Yeah he writes all my dog. Yeah I would like to bird or birds hang up and as you can the skies and and small home. All her little setup yet all right Gary Anderson as you know you're right they take you there you death the pictures that are up there at the wizard if you go to mode if you start comets MO BI PH IUS dot com. They've got a few pictures of some of the minute you measures we have already there's a yet there's death claw there's a there's somebody in power armor but I'm HT 45 sort of see like the excellent food now on this so he should they tell you when you are. Well there have been playing on this game. But this looks. Outstanding and cannot wait to see with this is and and and thank you think you would if he is for all that you don't so far and how great this looks like it's going to be. I am really really really excited he added this. There's other board games to that you wanted to bring up yeah yes well we've we've talked a little bit before Michelle were our I have and we talked a little bit about on the am Morgan alliances well. About this new game coming from watch C and I can this game labs called dragon fire yeah yeah it's a re spinning of shadow around. Crossfire. Which we played and dead determined that it was very very very difficult absolutely very hard game to even and the experience dealing was not very great meeting you didn't get anywhere unless you've played over and over and over and over and over he had to play a lot to really sort of adventure care. Yet this is one of those legacy games that you look at it and you realize that you can get screwed if early on just by kind of does does. Precisely well. The guy as a catalyst game labs and watching got together. To take the basic idea of that game. And turning into a dungeons and dragons based on our it's called dragon fire the official press release is out there you can go to dragon further game dot com all one long word. And check out what they're doing and what they're working on win. When I was able to take the alliance. Two up north a little ways in play was one of the guys from catalyst. They actually had a am sort of a demo copy of it but none of the are working been finalized and everything so was still very much up more like a plate test copy that yes there is that. And but we did play it it plays very well very smoothly as compared to I crossfire. But it really fools like they've. Capture the flavor of dungeons and dragons and I think they are all Reynolds on the on this yeah yeah I mean it was so good the sped the magic user had very many user reactions that you take. I was the meat shield I was there I was the fighter so I was able to. I'd throw myself in front of some of the bigger dangers to soak up some damage while they were preparing their stuff the team trying to do is the key things the magic users can dispels warmed up. If it feels a lot more like dungeons and dragons and it does like that shot Iran get. And here's an interesting thing on that point I mean you look at the fact that you mentioned wizard and Wizards of the Coast is helping them create this because. When you have something like this I mean. Wizards of the Coast is owned by Hasbro which means they are very very very protective of their Branden yeah I'd say that they weren't before. But when you've got a big corporation like Hasbro behind all of that. Have to be even more protective which means. Win Maine put something out along those lines and even if it's a re skimming of another game they want to make sure that people are going to having positive experience when playing entails because they wanna make sure that you have fine anyway hey maybe this is something that will get other people into. The table top RPG. Dungeons and dragons which you know has been around for a very long time. And miss it is a chair and has has high potential to be a gateway drug for dungeons and dragons proper I absolutely 11% agree with you on that and it might even be something along those lines of what we've always talked about you know getting your quick fix these terms out of of these games and it's another one of those four games like like the doors wanted to thank you gallon of water deep words like I love the world in the flavor of this how would I need just a little bit of a taste. And this is a lot more along the lines of maybe even like a hero quest sort of yeah game and which. I've been looking for something like that so much where I've been looking on eBay for hero quest has FF and then realizing that people within the entire box that are charging 200 dollars plus you know I am not going to do back note that because I want to build up play a bit so this seems like one of those things where you can do that and get into that game. Yeah exactly so go to guys go over to dragon fire the game dot com check it out. I go to catalyst game legends you kind of other stuff there were going to be as fantastic and if you don't know what what's he is a year in for treatment. Yeah absolutely Ellis I'll I loved and Zune dragons yet I love the fact that you can play a legacy board game and have some fun with that yep and if feels like you're progressing. And that's always been the one of those things likely my outdoor game for like an hour to you OK cool whatever then we're done with it yes no story there. Between this and maybe like glue may van demon and find someone who how will have hated your luck. Yeah he hit the gas these of the games and I'm really excited to play for the port you kind of boring a variety yet. Moving on from that let's get to rule out. She twists Dickie V got Vicki. Got a couple different story Melissa the families and our foreign consulates or not. Apparently. If you go to hailed as Hydro dot com. Perry directs visitors to move a US government web site yeah. Other time work on ethics and politics have you know combined itself. Actually I oldest to redirect you to the White House website specifically which is whitehouse dot gov. That's hi there you see I wonder if that got NAA that's exactly what it does an eighth issue like in an official thing aura that was just somebody like realizing that nobody had hail dash heidrick dot com and like any other news that myth and cute I guarantee you is that things Garland just click them that the White House website yeah I really need to look at my watch list for something now this is the president that is. Really funny stuff like going into it anymore because not only talking politics and I got a funny (%expletive) I have to talk. What is your four can we do know that Tom Holland is going to playing Spiderman and Spiderman homecoming that's coming up yeah. Got a new trailer on I really don't have different regard all solid. We know he's on he's going to be S seem to like trailing behind the singles and the trailers like the behind the scenes of the Infiniti like the infinity normal. Hours is like hey we're gonna start filling now and in Headley Chris Pratt and it had. Tillman died Robert Downey junior year Alison turns to her took. Tony I really Anderson moved. And you ask which millions he would like to see and then you know the homecoming sequel so not one of obviously coming up but like all the money. Rhino and I had had cut costs so Q so yeah. Say this when he had to say said there's so many good villains I really like ministerial and I like craven with Syria craving shoes and craven hunters that whole story notre Disney Ramallah as an already in everything it's a Jason memo that craven but he's not in the end CU right now her home she's in let's see he's in DC menus can you don't. I I did see a whole reports on the of the supposedly he's going to be playing you know air strain and cramp. Some think that plus through DC technically drain in the hunter you can. You know I really like the clone saga and I think could be really cool if Peter Spider-Man testified people the same powers as him. The spiral Owens pretty cool super cool and I think she's called spider girl who is his clone. The kind of placated off and they take their masks offered their like hot. Until hell. Still like the same person but she's a girl I think that's really cool. Not as from. The only thing I have against a story like that is the fact that we have all of these marvel movies I already have the opposite enemy few of the hero and that's usually how the origin stories go. So I would rather not see that and that's why I really like the fact that with Spiderman homecoming the first bill Lann. Is going to be vulture. Because it's an old verses new sort of thing that's like an old man vs the new kid and I am aware of more OK with that then a nether spider staying late I don't need. And other doing event and we talked about that I don't. Need Blake. I just don't need that don't need Spider-Man fighting another spider thing. Bring on the I would I would I would remind. Like you know if he teams up with one. Yeah vehicle did that would be some actually a girl yet and it would be something interesting even if they didn't like. Like with the venom thing they had him did his own story and then he interacts with Spiderman either as the anti here that we have known event and to eventually become. Or something more was just the CBO com. Each can't carnage that card into was just ridiculous ray Maria saluting vampire we're doing okay. I don't need to bring invade every black. You can bring back blade a mirror and that know what decides is money someone out. I I don't want to see whereas this escalating gad yeah right you suit me very much let's do it how I. Moving on the next area barely the the Royal Ontario Museum. Has discovered a new species of dinosaur. Pretty color right I'm listening to think is eight kinda resembles somebody's trust buster news. It resembles XUL lit gate keeper goes there from you know from those other you know Dana. And that owns who apparently because of that the new species will leaning is cool. Derek curry and Austin door. Occurring surely. Know. I know I I think during an Internet and the career messed Dylan did it's well they tour bus tour yeah it's it's it's land in the right. Spanish bit in my I'm with you most close enough yeah right. I just love the fact that I got her head I. But zulus the important part in I think we need to remember that. So paleontologists. And post doctoral fellow you know Victoria arbor says anemic co author David Evans are battling around ideas for what to name and a half jokingly said. It clean diesel from ghost busters. And then once we put that out there we could not yeah I cannot ask well. And that's what the funny part about a lot of the scientists that will play if they discover something. They get to name it and sometimes they don't wanna name it after themselves they wanna name off of something that I guess something fun something pop culture re. I'm cool with it and think it's a fun way to kind of remember that sort of thing. Apparently. The name is you'll Kerr amounts to tour or translates as destroyer of she ends. Reference in the SPD finance elk point she it would use to strike at the legs of other creatures and combat. You know further describing the new season species the Ron noted. In their press that legs tool in the new species has a short rounds now. And prominent horns behind the eyes now know ronning downs for Royal Ontario Museum if you guys are not not the space night because if he's in their target about is known dinosaurs numbers no runs basement how. Chair you apparently you'll this is Tony five million year old species and it was actually remarkably well preserved. And they have high hopes for the discovery and information in my yield so Hanks could. So apparently around the children there's a lot of other animals and plants that are living in the same environment so neat to see all of that figure all yes I did not name idea they're hoping to reconstruct the whole. It's legal actual design that according to defending Montana through their. Or indices moved Penner safe and it feeling out there and I couldn't simply do. And coming send guests a stain anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play plug in where. To. Join Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW doc plus.