05-17-17 Seg 1 Mens Room gets some advice

Wednesday, May 17th

Mens Room Question: What did someone say that you will never forget?


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Now I've done mid. Men's room legacy continues. You what sort of thing here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Stupid. They're not trying to offend anyone on purpose and go. And lord and he invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is done men's room with my. Thrill. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. Wow. Let me go out of its own number 2600. Denying now. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Be Ted Smith. Love couldn't. In my car. Yeah I imagine a. Clarkson ask us what you don't need to know celebrates our we'd loving president's. Poll well that's that's your biggest royal blood. While headlines events and shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time with it clicked factory and in turn are doing don't gonna jolly old England where London is invaded it. By massive insect infestation. Meanwhile pet rat who overdosed on heroin has rushed to the hospital in saint. By a neighboring nations. The pet wrecked that for a better deal done and cuddled up debris littering found with assault rifles grenades and Obama. A man Tuesday because he took her to the movie and he kept texting her mom. At a Colorado town says legalize marijuana has brought in the seedy people. CD. I don't vote coming up today very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. I've visited good day to you and yours all right back in the year every night being in 92. A man named JW. Bedford junior value stabbed his neighbor to death and he was sentenced to death as a result. Well earlier this week he was in fact executed. By lethal injection but like anyone who's on death row he was asked if you have any last words. Fully opened it by quoting a character from the movie cool hand Luke saying and I quote. What we have here. At barely had to completely take. And any continued on for a little while but all you need to know is that the final seven words that this man under on this earth do you group last tour. He stabbed him in 1992. He's got a lot of time to think about this a lot of people want to atone for others and this guy's final seven words quote. You can kiss my white trash act. And it put me Obama and alternate again. His final word on this earth. For murdering so. Quote you can kiss my white trash roster. I think that's becoming apple bought us there when I say hey we're gonna mrs. Charles. And speaking of charming murderers we have Dylan were right now he's the South Carolina church shooter he's been in lock up. He's awaiting trial as it's working right now but trying to figure out whether or not he is competent to stand for so they start reviewing video of this guy. And at three hours of videotape. And he's saying all kinds of crazy things all kinds of bizarre craft. We're sure with you a little bit later. If he's speaking his true my heels in fact insane but a lot of people think he's just trying to sound insane to avoid getting the definite. Whatever the case today we'll share some of his choice words later but let's face it. Not everything that somebody says is always a bad thing when he grown up a lot of parents gave you advice. That maybe you do not appreciate then but at some point your lives its comeback and I think that a parent you always hammer your head. Suddenly go out I understand Melissa but the thing about curing words the thing about people uttering phrases. You can't always predict when it's gonna happen are you would've been the right time to bring it up so that's what we want notes. The thing about anything anyone soldier the first five things that popped to mind are probably the answer to this question. Good or bad what did someone say that you'll never forget kid brother Joseph called dual 642 on rock grunge what are meant to live takes 77999. Pence in those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. Remains its. Fears that quest Jeff Ryan teel Mike to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. Still I have what you don't need to know celebrates our we'd loving president say what's yes a bunch of we'd love and presidents coming up. On what you don't need to know that we know our question today go to our bad what did someone say that you will never forget it. Your emails on the way and calls you're listening to the men's room on a men's or radio network news. Miles and. And now it's like now. OK I guess terrible joke part of the shot of the 2609. And away we go on the big show coming up the return of who sucks let's also our contestants and Elvis week on profile that's going to take its its royal blood welcoming showed today. And I think we're to talk about words. That you will never forget coming out of someone's mouth. How ever that sticks whether that would be. A great situation whether that would be a bad situation either way words are powerful things of when their use certain ways they can inspire you. They can break your heart think Terry down they can do a whole lot of things that. There's certain things that you just never going to forget rights when those words were spoken. Where you were what was going on. The importance of it and are you still remember why you still remembered I still remembered this day and I just have a daughter who turned eighteen years old. The discussion I had for my stepfather. Who let me know that I was man and am now going to be in jail by. That's how big the now's the long and the short of an amount here bail you out I'm not here to help you. Your man you're eighteen if you get into trouble. That is is on you'd. I'm not here but that was close to that it was like look you or eighteen now bull law recognizes you as a manager Bob recognize journey to this is the advice I'm gonna give. Bull wall wins tour sure absolutely it sometimes you gotta testimony my dad bailed him. Yeah well there you go on David and he immediately got on the because you already seem to be giving that speech where humanist. Gave a speech like that and my mom always said don't call from jail. So when I called or when I got out she started crying like giving your jail that you send up another guard in those are words you remember all 100% she always said if you go to jail don't call think about it. You know I always you always remember those words got him up more so than anybody else but that's not entirely true you don't always remember those words that there was a moment where you're in jail. Then you remember those were the knowledge words remember every day and over the reason or memorable moment pitcher in jail like I gotta make you. Do not call him I'm gonna call bad because that's the one today that she was very clear about that hasn't Dalton and ask you to Duca who drew this man. Once you hit adulthood like that things are apparent safety some of them disturbing to him to violence and things you did not know about before but beyond that. Bill give you advice through ask for but like the final speech do you really play the commencement speech. You were eighteen on an army that's right because every decision to make now you're ass is on doron but. Try not to be apparent instantly trying to go to jail don't drink too much don't be an idiot and been done. My mom you know mama I don't think she ever thought that would come before rich. She just said it so much that even when I was in an element of I can't collar parents just say that look I'm prepared to tell my kids the same thing. My daughter in particular who believe it will come in handy but it's just something you say because it's always at that you just want your kids too late. Don't go to jail yeah want to Regina that draws and it acts and again I'm looking mostly my dollar both kids hear it. But making eye contact with my daughter like. Because again and a serviceable in time and look great you know your kids and it doesn't matter immediately you know your kids and it's not about necessarily whether they're good or bad ever one point two FO. But I just know when she doubt this is the difference ours and my son. Might get arrested twelve time. And B misdemeanors and notably things like. He streaked driving while black indifferent and driving while black Nick Cannon ball to a pool from the balcony at a hotel legally. You're being an idiot but deep down I'm funny my daughter it's gonna be like listen. We've been investigating her for seven years. It her and her ocean's eleven crew because she's not been doing things small she's going to take out like a casino. Or rob doll godsey is like for now she's like I like lions grunt she's like from China and solemn like you know on the download all our friends do something for enterprising but you don't know he's he's now my house it's what he's easily slipping he's he's he's pretty easy. Easy as a visitor daughters had issue made back on the west you there's a reason why not an issue of an easy. We're gonna go to our daughters that I don't flipping you disease. You tell me what directing crazy but what you mean or reworking and I hop right what does that mean what is the easiest sexual activity production album that it you can get so. Resale values very icy I've heard from fourteen girl let's go to and the final date of Jill Carroll doesn't. So the story go and he's smiling murder quoted cool hand Luke in his final words before being killed in the first execution. Of the year in Georgia you can't get more Georgian named and Jerry W Olin Fuld junior. Is that our dreams Williamson it juju. I mean not god but JW. All in Georgia and editor guide you through he's gone he must add to earnings hockey I think a bit in tuning. I'm too tired for that just call them whatever they call me. Once wanted to get an athletic I'd add his name is my name and his name of my death your third one on the third in the same I would like you guys on the same way Downey junior. Might yeah like everybody in my family history that we would your brother is older and you put her or is juniors so did your brother were. I'm just thinking to myself like I obviously want to be junior but are you never wanna be huge what if I were older than my brother and my father's leg to my other son. To get his name like. What does that about it on the biggest derelict out of all the I'd be given the third. I somehow sound sophisticated. You sound like you're married or rob like you know like a gas station I juniors and hillbilly and you know you're Verniero did I don't use my actual first they have to outlook. The direct junior Nobel. Jay -- got a little junior Griffey junior. He still aren't far surpassed his father's career yes but everybody still calls in June oh. We could just call him Ken Griffey and I'll probably probably the most people probably don't even know. Even living in his advances are still June. As you're not even here on the planet Mars and so JW led the junior given the lethal injection at 117. A it was at a weird time what do they always famous I would late at night plus I know but that the agreement with our it was gonna like I was at 1 o'clock 115130. Of them to do an execution while seven day that you might be just a legal thing like it you gotta wait for the governor not to call to this. Midnight of that day. Yeah I've got to knock at. Once seventy remote state prison and a Jackson. Asked to be had any last words he delivered a line from the movie about a prisoner who refused to conform to rules in jail. That movie would be cool hand Luke the line what may have had as that area. To communicate and if you're wondering why that sounds so familiar it's because every production director and radios and I'm a drop that in a lot not sounds too. And civil war for Donna and residents and yet that's enough and I'm Nancy you watch a movie and they continue battling in in the civil some man you just can't reach. I'm not a failure you are the failure to communicate says the man who's about to get a needle full poisons sucking and finally. You can kiss my white trash passed out to him continuing to smile. And that is a look man you been dealt for a long time I shouldn't laugh about it as a murder my what does something about it because the way you expect the story is a non denial. And wanna Powell doesn't fail to recognize what it did made you gloves a hail medicine at the wrong not. How wild act that I don't you wanna kiss anybody's ass physically who's been in prison I can't imagine it will papers have a very high quality. I'm assuming it's a very dingle Berry area ugly younger and single blind exactly like this again business fairly well not dude split. God is an attractive female prisoner what did you double what would Jesus kiss my white trash yes. Adding I want bilateral quite so me and yeah. Let Harriet white trash. Or hours earlier US Supreme Court turned down requests from his lawyers for a final minutes day I was 45 years old since the death from 1992 killing of his neighbor. Doctor Harry Johnston. Who he stabbed to death Kama and what Hamas it is a part to reach hairy John wasn't the part of the reason it was put to death okay is because there is a doctor in front of hairy if it was a mystery might still be alive and it's putting to rest of his life in jail lets be honest error particular doctor it's different -- normally you've been ansari. Those just the rules deciding whether the written down enough. I don't understand these are you killing someone who has the ability to save lives when you do that that's pretty hot portion of the foods in what way. And I'll say no I don't know and lay back wait it out there that are here's the paper do you know they did Arctic agreement that if you go through these economic doctor because. I have an uncle my uncle ray. India's is Ph.D. and he will tell you his neighbors grade would you ask him his name as. Doctor hill. As mom I'll point out you don't botanists write these are black but may want and no opens the about ms. Richards is like the rest them but they're not they've alive but it talk about the play Smith and will. Barrels and when he gave the the speech at the UST graduation he got his honorable doctor is there anything like now for the whenever says an airplane is our doctor Joseph Bob's right it. If my uncle did that in in disgrace and Sam put the doctor. Yes I'm a doctor could you help no I hope botanists did you did your hand down by the way they are not a medical doctor he started to begin doctor. But no lessons. You're absolutely correct. I just. My niece went of this if you Lori doctor but not a doctor Thomas. Other than view. No considers your doctor. You have it Ph.D. even Dennis and Internet we believe that you are very Smart and renouncing your not doctor but when we see when we need the layman's say doctor. For but if your veterinary nor not a doctor no I figured out not a target they look down distant and doesn't benefit us early doctors and a doctor Darrell and we know. Yeah our doctor chiropractors. But again my uncle he's doctor he's a botanist we're not talking my bonds while talked about this ago. The storm is on their life via the police say doctor. It you cannot help a human being recovered do not reach your hand we're not asking them if they. Of course as is evident are regularly doctor weren't really help assure absolutely stop start to think there and all over every territory insurgents and saying who desire heart surgeon bring certain. Who wins out of our hearts of hearts are really yet. I don't know how does a lot of ours are and our country doesn't care about crazy people here probably all parents people but the thing the hardest. There's so many successful heart transplants now. Not diminishing what they do but lets you instantly trust and of course you're going to be war is a brave man that's. If Jersey's Hillary is urgent appeal I go to. I think I think he's just as the country there's so many heart stuff that goes on lake and direct people I don't know people that have our stuff going off the plate. You've seen him I don't know anybody had a brain surgery by the way when they began the execution chamber of one on nine after he said in kiss my electorate chance. He continues to stick of where things they cut the much. All right okay look. It's 109. AM on 7117. In Georgia. There are very few witnesses there if any it all the witnesses guy's execution and who cares what piece. Let him talk as long as he wants them to the point where it's 117 where that's kind of what you got to cut the Mike and a guy's gonna like what is he gonna see what they did it's well I don't the victim's family. Are they there more on what they're gonna re a lot of times they are and they're gonna read it's so that's why you don't it's going off at a time okay the command. The people you would like to hear from won an Oscar may still cue the music on their. This got what you get to the point is that just my white trash as and about executing like kill them and it's. I think he's more of these neighborhoods going to write his message was sent like we got to unclear yet so the records say this. They they administer the drug takes a little bit of time he raised his head. To look at his right arm where he was injected. And talk to the warden to left for about a minute. Spoke to the guard a little bit there restaurant at last he closes eyes appeared sick several the breast before full instilled into the treatments. So the story goes follow certain degree died so the story goes yeah it's like look I know that we like oh we put the ball down we put this to sleep it's an execution you can go ahead and say he'd. Side topic by the way. On this guy you take a long. Did you focus and execution. Went to go ahead and say he's dead now we can't we can't get through this story without talking about the guys last meal. Well golf analogy it's insane it is amazing outlook at the he could've picked better words what ever you pick for your last meal I did you also look and he requested firings. Oh he's that guy you are not firing squad returns as now. He does want to be shot and killed while I don't think firing squads are more humane for the guy. Doing is nobody knows who with a lethal bullet. As opposed to do just flip the switch knows he just killed it yet but the guys final words were just my wife already got it right is that as you question I get six guys right now they are that high powered rifles and and their their aim an airhead. OK you know the gun's gonna kick you know who shot. What they don't have rounds in hopes of our lives seminar okay but here's thing okay so. Let's just assume that the guy who has the the real bullet he misses. OK and I free to go now. That should be deal I mean I look if you can give them anyway right yeah you got seven people out there. If it is graces by my ear takes top Malo offers and the like that like I'm out like you wrap this up I'm good I think that's almost where I think to elect. You know I can get a second chance that the I wouldn't you don't want your job with handguns and rifles yeah argued that the eleven in a week got you well obviously it could do more accurate but he wouldn't Wear it and that's you know it's gonna happen like bubbles gonna go right and estimate his nose in me just barely missed. The catalog. Or just like pierce their year you don't mean like they have like a big. But think they did not altered state of here now evil you don't catch it in your two in your teeth that they needed to walk. And you get to keep the ball. When they get the chair or lethal injection like if you don't immediately die that they just you dawn entered gaunt man. So the firing squad Brett you hear the ball or you hear the gunfire and know once he still probably crack itself and and here Arabs are about I armada. Because they just reload men may just do it until you're gone so. The final meal that he asked the total whopping 5000 calories. It consisted of would be your main course. Would be like Jimmy. I don't know can I have Pete's on the side of that in main course it's a less heavy you know drug and she's ordered pizza and wings and a does the so I really do Bonin revived. I knew you'd go bone and yeah I'd I love about him revive I'm going low class from last. So he so wings are all right a baby while prosper and it somewhat elated goes pepper because I know it doesn't matter. Right Fred analyzing things like. Other figure noble isn't this filet mignon wrapped and make sure that all sounds good so far I recollect I'm not done it my one of the best meals you'll ever eat should you be on death row and gets your execution. Doesn't mean finds nearly every OK but there's more the filet mignon was wrapped in bacon. With pepper Jack cheese. Is this the first ever occurrence in my life and I've ever heard of other than a cheese steak sandwich which I understand is delicious incorporates both those things among putting cheese on top of their actions that they. Donna regular restaurant dropping their home a lot of people have but she's probably sick of me the Aegean murdered on all of relegate it makes complete sense I just don't think I've ever seen anybody don't think my mail. All the cut pollution problem as the blue cheese I just like they know how to slice it she's out. I did the place and doctor if you say crumbles we don't blue tees but this was a this is a pet project she's OK art I'm I'm maybe it's great. Bake it sounds good a pretty good it felt very white trashy like he said large French Fries. All right and then he goes from my daughter's favorite I mean my daughter's alive because of this tall they have that in common ten chicken tenders assaults he. Concert if you are either a chicken tender person or you're I mean she can live the rest were like any restaurant we go to she'd say do you have chicken tenders and who are into right center. I just. Don't find the net superior were everywhere I go that I need ordered that you know you're not eighteen or younger I know I think she's gonna do this for the rest of her life which he usually and I. I if she contender in or you're not like it's one of those things like. She knows it's not Etzioni and senator. That she does not driven a whole thing is about the chicken nuggets driven via its. It's all about not what you demo cars you can relax barely by video coming moment would you miss stuttering is a vision that they chicken strips settling with the Chinese place. Why we always has been tragic accident like I'm I've I have a cousin Mike that. And she always got chicken strips but now she's like an hour late twenties and she eats other stuff. All I know why it felt weird to say this guy's got a tender all right dude once he gets ten chicken tenders with sauce no I'm knoller on sauce honey mustard duties himself. You surely be barbecue both. We do have to parlay the Georgia is I want homemade barbecue not not stole his name is GW lip of junior. Op didn't now things get exciting you thought that was great flaming on that debate whatever Jack cheese large French Fries chicken tenders with sauce now he had heads. Fried pork items nineties support acts but wait there's more oh just when you think this guy's done. An entire blooming onion. And not a blooming onion. Which I think is phenomenal I never would have thought that on death row. It out to be taking myself after my death. Thinking damn I should I could've got a blue line and got the bloom and onion you know what I make a full tower of onion rings and Robert and Jack exactly accurate do you think about Campanelli. Blooming onion. How are ya electors here I'm on death row and I'm kicking myself up for murdering a man and I did you do when I forgot to book an opportunity presented itself unity thing -- I think get a moment. And I did I don't want to add twenty years to think about it. Tell me your corporate and when he went in in the ninety's earth that's when Al back was taken off store like that was the plates at top of my he still thinks the TGI Friday's is a popular place when he leaves he might I don't know they disappear from the plant. You know to me like he thinks he's I would look she's easily led to where you live to get the yeah he's gonna get all the old burger at planet Hollywood it released a do you have no idea. What the hell happened that night if you're right I mean. This guys is walking out of course he goes for the blooming onion in my mind. The last great thing he had with freedom that was the greatest innovation he would see he'd food worry too like those still. Still fired up. That he got in order to comply with Vanilla that's so that's also as an it is a majority of what are jealous of this guy in his moment store shortly he died after this but I'm telling ya at at least that now under the table with them for them private there's more. So we have a filet mignon wrapped in bacon with pepper Jack cheese and order of large French Fries ten chicken tenders with sauce fried pork chops a blooming onion. But comply with and I'll ice cream. Sherbet. And the delicious ice cold bright as bright all right that I was and I respect after they've later you have alcohol free Lester thanks. Real quick you're about to kill me and I can ever shop African tequila and I get to lady kiss my ass and but I can't get a shot of the Q. This is I you prioritize. Did they got their bloom and onion from French and outback and I just get a shot of tequila until the same votes I'm about to die. I'm not going to be picky I would like it's out of thinking about tomorrow or cigarettes. There Mandel JW lead foot. Last words while we have built a failure to communicate some and you just can't reach I'm not the failure. You can kiss my white trash ass narratives are questioned good or bad when did someone say that you load never forget all the luggage calls coming up euros into the men's room on the men's or radio networks. Now back to the men's room. Here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW tell about what. You don't need those celebrates we. And president's men are questions they go to bad when it's someone say that you will never forget you are losing to the men's room on the men's room radio network. The men's room where miles and drill. 099 point nine. JW led the junior. It is final call before being put to death in the state of Georgia basically summarized by these words. I'm not a failure you were the failure to communicate. You. Can kiss my white trash pass our question good or bad what did someone say that you will never forget. Hello Jim welcome to the men's room. All of Edwards go on. Well my head and I knew color Korea try and I'm warm twice it's good. In house so worked up or. All of them pretty good organ. What do you try the guy didn't like it never tried again are probably mushroom. It's configured period so the want to ask you did go through them you had a bad mushroom trip that so the dad's advice debut on not doing more mushrooms. No de rigueur mushroomed on the map. Mariano. Following is my guru is you mean like the and you get on pizza but won't know I'll loosen the genetic match your mind though are apple goes yeah well I don't you know import yeah added there's a lot of people like that. But don't like to face a mushroom like other rusher like give to other people people are purely technical people who say like give me some advice is displayed is that it's like not. Alcoholic beer at a narrowing does that make you drink a beer you don't like but only because it as alcoholic I don't like rolling rock beer. But I would drink it because I know somewhere in that horrible taste as I've received. It's still appear to lose out all right so I'm still down to drink it like if somebody says do want mr. Pitt but I would say no. Really I don't like this call your site that I don't like mr. Pitt out. The jury was don't fitness doctor pepper. Not our military unit all data I literally littered bazaar meal that your now live in life was sorted do you not like. Well man Jerry Jerry's Jerry Coker cherry you returned that device and it's a jacket that your coach Dooley who monitoring exactly how monitoring is gonna call it. You can access that really it's I don't like apple juice Auburn decider. Good or bad at what it's something sick eve vigil never forget so they did just that alcohol you'll try anything yeah she's a regular cider but I got to. Next time I'll think habit step it up. What you're Apple's use. And it's. Well man I would try and it's great and generally look at is if he's real bad by itself but it's Tennessee. And it has about how long that that's bill in its Jesus get promise you with the next days or yes. Hello Nathan and welcome to the men's room. Picky and could hear about on. Only. Yeah good local Beckett about Maricopa boxcars and wouldn't. Their eyes at that moment it sort of compensate relatives go quiet. No real loud mom before it. Who a lot of the so called that you will open got a bit. Of a sick little whiskey do you look at player coop and. If he's right. That is yeah one hundreds and correction yet political players cell level leather jacket in the local dealer picked it out there. We hope not many beads you and now. You really could be good and it is very rare you know the only person who's looking out for in those situations. It's the brutal. He had I mean OK what what it notably Newfoundland and I'm Donald I'm talking on the court that he. So it actually happens you know look let's just say you weren't blown. Haven't you and she might be ready that evening to do's and don't drink too many sounds too much because I'm not you know how this works out later and we need to hang out later so. Be careful a filly that to be the conversation you could have though because they can say hey. Don't do too many shots like each element of the due to reach out schedule like that regional humans could tonight's can be good to hundreds army guys can be good. I've gotten it off right exactly there's a difference in Missouri because Jordan nagging me I'm giving this drug and I'll duels it tomorrow too and that's the -- got so if you want me to cut down on my consultant job to do the problems amounted to some laggards like you know what a memo and there's gonna be no argument about the other like at all are you have another and yes I'm glad to have inaugural address instead of like we'll have assumed isn't gonna go home and certain throws and they took him and it depends on how you've been a relationship sort of like in the beginning and I all right. Let's not get to know wasted like after a few markets like outcast rabbit wasted limited. You don't have to get whiskey demand it's yours stole excited to have sex in the beginning of a relationship I'm just. It doesn't. Matter nothing will stop that thing from from being there when you need period that's and god knows in his first Jordanian didn't probably drawn together more of them and with it. At every time you pounded out to both our doesn't matter that thing works. It's edit it in your dancers and in your inner absolutely it's the only single time where someone could save you. You need to slow down a little bit without you getting offended man going to complete up to direct if you if you say hey it's I don't want to know it was you because you're looking good. Like hey man shot the robs the combat gear and I don't question about. A live out the guy from the Georgia once again his name is JW that for junior. He was given a lethal injection at one that 17 AM and his final words were quote. You can smile white trash ask our questions that are bad let someone say that you'll never forget. We'll be right back.