05-17-17 Seg 2 Mens Room gets an std?

Wednesday, May 17th

Mens Room Question: What did someone say that you will never forget?


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Thankfully now. To celebrate our freedom loving pride today. As that is on the way our question today secure bad would someone say that you will never forget we got to keep deck here before I get into the meat of the textile point out one of the things that some of the said that we'll never forget apparently. I went out there that as a doctor and by doctor I mean. AP DF doctor not thrilled with our assessment autism says I need to doctors they only need you. It fury medical practice journalism. I understand groups that we're not saying you're not doctor if you wanna put two thirds of that. The next time somebody screams a third doctor in the house and you Ari botanist please go help them see what their responses they're gonna look slightly how many doctors we have listening to the pros why don't the Summers and Heyman people get confused between the doctor in position and position opposite. And then doctorate in women as darker. We get it I'm deciding when someone says I need to director it's not because they can't figure out how to get rid of and the lines in New York I'm sorry. This is a maybe it's hard truth for you to hear if anyone in your life loves you they will tell you the truth that is out yet we say we need to doctor. Probably not the veterinarian were saying late summer suffers but I somebody other tax payments as my father it's only when I was growing up. I know what you gonna do before you even do. Guess what I tell my it is excellent Santa Barbara told me procrastination is like masturbation it started first after awhile you realize you're just acting yourself. Caroline added that it is true. So my brother told me to my boyfriend's dad always used to tell him one day all the things I've said you'll start to make sense and then you wonder hey. Wind the dead stuff taken as stupid pills. Well that day has come another board for a while to tattoo of bottle. A stupid pills. And this one I like a lot so my dad told me never due to illegal things at the same time good at a solid. Good or bad loaded someone say that you will never forget it you get pulled over for not have a seat belt don't have cocaine sitting on the dash now I now but I just like it's hard not to cross the legal things. Is that both of the same time there just on the to don't Jay walk with your penis. Report you know to me take a penis out they'll. The normal people who are illegal things that please that's why it's jaywalking ticket he DJ yeah that's that somebody that refuses to do it. Because he's never been to the East Coast. It's just a weird he's got nothing but time on things that yeah. Hey you know this guy but he did I know you're talking yeah I just won't Jay walked in his bother him into. It's ridiculous man who has it right and whatnot but. But looks like drama about a week break law LC what do you mean sure not every day you know and emulate in some states don't we sexual position with duels mission like. If you're gonna break the law properly Jay walking. The common man that makes and I fizzled lawyer yeah I know let me totals easy no idea evenly all absolute time where people of good excuse to get hit folks. I did the only thing I did hit your grown adult when you're a lawyer paranoia under the gun but hundreds of kids look both ways for across the street. Because deep down you know the gonna jwoww. Do you look I'm with you in an attempt. At it's it's obviously not a legality thing. And this is that he not that there has spoken we'd honestly quarter Billick who we gotta we here to the like sheet and record for the economy and what did your penis so it just a safety thing with him but it is just weird would you like downtown there's no cars around and it's safe yeah. Good or bad when someone say that you will never forget hello Zachary welcome to the men's room. Are you doing here on top. So few months ago I was at church there's a their lower recurring meeting. Talking there's other church in the chapel look forward to the war started. And that opened their sense I mean. Congratulations on your engagement. Like I'm not engaged yet. And put on sorry are very confused with someone who doesn't have commitment issues. Live I who's set his do you think there's an old immigrant here's our hearts side I think I'll look at about liberal he's very he was being funny. Yeah I'm so I'd I'd been at my girlfriend her a year and a half this point. Near decorate your ability to gonna be a little you know candidate article I'm. I like that church fresher yeah I looked at different affair I don't know it other I don't know of those who have. Church we'll get anfield divert sodium and plan on is a salon as this the girlfriend you think it does he have a yeah Oca. Proposed certain elsewhere. I bet and I hadn't. How old aria. And what about 45 years old okay. Normally I'll have some great words of advice would I really don't. Well not to run out of people we are not the people who do we are not good relationship advice that I think we've. People an idea what he's at UMass on hub is like my thing and no tattoos. After her at a golf for longer lucky a year like I'm a double Emmy and he's got commitment issues exactly you got visions of progressed I. Are larger problem for backpack if I could tell you to promise can't fix it right. Right you can always felt a little problem old woman to help you fix it yet about his. That's the hard part it's like me economic panic and and some ronco I can tell you that. Hello Billie welcome to the men's room. Well that does cop. As. I am I anti porn diabetes and and very high school I read this party and they had me in Munich Guerrero or you're kind of clearly this. Whereas stairs and Syria not primary so I'm rip my clothes that you are very close. And COK. Well I'm I'm right right glad she goes. It's we have 6 am I gonna get diabetes. Yeah entertain and I was handed diabetes blood you have to look at the who the greater good very mart for Ireland when I meant he didn't stop. Are not exactly accurate it killed my mirror and you're scared. I put my clothes drag RO I can't do. You give yourself a daily injection what and their current car you do evidence Limbaugh OK yeah and where is that attached dia. Well you live goes like you're period in the in my back not and another enhancement does that mean that you. You would have to give yourself so many injections during the day it's just not even worth like you need that much insulin. Well yeah I mean whatever scatter light fourteen when it turned out. And I mean I was taking shots you know probably like 67 shots today. Cheese and yeah very little girl asking you that question actually killed them I area I act. I can hear that this. A. Well did you feel bad about yourself forward Lamar like I can't be this person because and granted you after my reason you're in high school. Well most people don't know everything about the disease that you have two and a grant to diabetes is a general thing that most humans I have immediate. Well weren't freaking brenly on TV to my diabetes. And just as a general rule. Of will for brenly talking about something it has nothing to do with sex. Just try to me Matt and I was not going to be the guy did tonight Bob accurate he's back at the time about turning condoms it's Wilford grimly. Eric and diabetes you ever end up hooking up with a home. I mean would you at least starting out but now I don't. I actually aggregate you know I guess if they're fed did it beyond our. How many people did you tell that story took the time did in other words did that come back to her that she'd said this and that in that moment of intimacy and you know we got around that she said that or did you keep that kind of yourself are I don't talking I told everybody to. So everybody keep the that was his par for the course for the person would most people generally think of is not the brightest. Yes it's kind of alert. Hotline euros it. She added yeah I've got my evidence that other again at the air miles an apartment high school with and you Tillman that out of pursued her instantly it's. Well how are exactly as dumb as the kind of woman this woman I need in my life yet what is her name what is her home room. I mean I was going area they're merely combat pay they Garrett tactical it's great for above the C I actually was sooner or. Baghdad I want our guys who has been around bright people. Net sound that way you make schools out easy no mechanic and I get diabetes part of their respective for asking. Blair just trying to be a thought to be cautious. And I did it but you still think like how dumber you exactly. Good bad and what did someone say that you'll never forget that she distract if we come on I've it is really. Hello miss the welcome to the men's room. It or not. I get you on good misty are you. And Karen and what they it's been along week did you did you have a good comments of the Euro was that a bad thing. Our honey I hadn't and Honeycutt electoral. What I am. Fifteen or sixteen I can't remember wed get into a fifteen I getting in high ball moved and did it mean her move about drug and alcohol. Alcohol was it you want if you want to drink come home I will be used under and you never won at the alcohol. Taken that challenge and I did not challenge a nerve and I have been and that's the yeah I think all I'm. Oral or and the people don't you know very often anymore but I'm nick my don't I make my own line I don't have to buy alcohol to get our intern. I aren't you know the rule was you can experiment but whatever you want but don't get out tonight bailing you out and it you bring we'd all you have to share. If you bring we'd home you have to share it OK wallet or oral. I know my kids to bring Wii home because you know my thought is this. If I find to re right there's two schools that I can go out and and other legal statement easily Heyman. Winter oldham or just take it smoke because it's unlikely they'll know damn well taken it. But out of rubber being acutely my parents had stolen the boos from under my bed senate and house I would note them. But their challenges are you really gonna bring was right when you really don't recently you know our current. Project vandals and edit them. I do remember though the phrase a do not do not make me a grandmother. Invented changes and then what I did make her grandmother okay moves so. No she. Determine at that point in time that she was happy about being a grandparent but by saying. Don't make me grandma she minute figured. Because she would not go by Graham. And like I grandma and she's like it's Mimi. It is mean me I told you this and end up Omar my mom the last thing that she ever wanted to hear about a caller was Graham. I don't like maybe just sounds old political heroes old geysers mean these men and is. Mean mall and like very few direct say Graham did you Seagram mall they look court and cool look at Graham like mother to reach old yet. I'm look at targeted megabyte in a mile long wanted to hit it and it doesn't yeah. All right my cause and and a MR Obama demeaning my father's pop popped like he's well I'm not pop up market dealer is good he likes it there system. Our goods are good or bad it what did someone say that you will never forget although I've got more your calls coming up you're listening to the men's room on an inter radio network. Now back to the men's room and here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. You don't need to know so those are we them. I thank president and they'll need to know coming up right before. The shot of the day our question go to bat would someone say that you will never forget you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. AW bar and Edmond junior now preparing to die by lethal injection his last words summoned you just can't reach I'm not a failure you are the failure to communicate his last words before they got my golf bottom. You can kiss my white trash ass now a lot of things you say sometimes come back to haunt you and so if not I am and we have one case here. Of a dean at its you're able. Who got in kind of a little bit of trouble by some mean Yelp reviews which she has since the Levy on the let where it. But the words of the world that are out there well I don't like it's the way you say something if you don't like what you have that's one crack. But her name is June Jew and she is the dean of Pearson college and brought up race and class constantly. Basically talking of a Japanese restaurant one reveal quite simply if you're white trash this is the perfect night out for you easement. In another she writes about barely educated morons of the movie theater trying to manage snack orders for the obese. And it still another if you're a white person who has no clue what smoky is. In Sochi Moochie Moochie got a life great ice cream yet your wipers when don't know Moochie. They identified for Moochie don't you show me that data like the outside on what is what does what does the. It's like outside it's almost like coal. Chemistry taffy texture and the insides a little thin ice cream and I it's funny that she wrote that if I had no idea was to like a few months ago our friends at some for dessert. In the in my other body our minds were blown by it to restate off. I'd never heard of this month you never seen. Again what duties that white people all right all right all right now you're doing what I was unclear and I've tried to explain that what does yeah over and got problem out there correct on this via my black dads is never heard of does that make via simple white person that I just now know about it does that every morning you would June June yes. You are exactly the person she's speaking but you know and one is she speaking up I don't know. You don't know so if your wipers and has no clue what Lucci is that's me. It's ugly city like the desert it's going to be massive. Steve should I tell the story. Under and you're on did they of the board storage based on the question that we came up I about it there's an in the dumpster and this is just about words. That resonate Eritrea and Google's words resonate with you when you go back and think about the whole moment. You you didn't remember the time gags I am worried about it for the record when leading or an artist I now because. I watches a watch video and the small Lebanon and I thought and I just said. What's the story in and do what. Let him tell it. It. Yeah the big story out here. OK so the other day I'm watching a a video. It's one of those videos where you eat eat you kind of cut up onions a little bit. Aren't gonna tear Jerker it's a little misty video and basically that and I'll give you the also AC in the summary of it sure. There's a young and there's a young kid and it probably is anywhere from eight to ten years old. He is talking to his step up more soon to be stuff. Maybe that's the case may be this guy and his mother actually going to get married and that's part of this whole situation not sure exactly but anyway. So this kid who. It took the time to set down. To pin a letter and basically he wanted to know a lot of different things and one of the things he wanted to no one's what is the difference between a dad. And a step dad because I asked my mom and from every thing she told Maine. You know well. Dad goes your games are ghost your events and his it was that I don't know the difference and he read a list of all of the things step dad's done absolutely. All the mice tournaments you've been there for every time out acted up. This the poem you've taken it does everything that you want short so he's he's talking to ease talking to his a soon to be stepped at. And we'll just play the audio the very end of the end of the of the it's a little bit difficulty here but you'll hear the kid and he's doing the best that he can that read this this thing he's written in in. And in that dad obviously the stepfather start too little bit of emotional but emotionally here's. We think we think may end. As my come running right. We think we have this audio. So be must our crime right. Right let's get paid dividends which you would dot we are done and the father I mean and an author Leo yeah in on a sudden miles miles is telling me it is the outsider as a man. That is exactly. When any father's last don't bother to anybody's got to live like economic or you're gonna break down in tears it's cool Nvidia is kind of hard to understand but. To see it as a result the idea of the do a good bit and. What is lie and you could see these breaking down everything else. And I'll watch that video. It just it brought back and never that I had in it was not not. A similar situation and and I kind of a just related got a ways because wells grown up I've got my dad was out of my stepfather basically raced. So my stepfather was around from the time and Els about two years old throughout my life rattled so contact let's step dad and everything else doctor Milan. Love him very much and everything else. So at this point things are getting a little bit more serious with you my mother and it looks like they're gonna get married. OK so this point in time comes and from this point I had been I'd been calling him damn. Which is is named which you know most people call them on their name but in this situation that I don't which is called and and sold then. Damn I'm gonna get married. Now he's basically and I know my father once a year when mr. but he's basically the only father that I know. So I. So I I I go to matches they get they get married and they go on a honeymoon and come back and I've got this whole thing rated ago. And my mom and Dan are sitting on the couch. And just like that guy will never forget the words will you would doubt me and all that stuff you're I walked into the living room. And Dan and my mom were sitting there on never forget the pain. I said. You guys are married now and Dan is it okay now if I call you that. And he said now come again who moved from room. I asked if you didn't. Drop what was going DR death that you'll know you wanted to. Well needed them I feel bad childhood horrible I thought Larry just heard that Obama. Yeah that was the one they're arrogant and you mash gum a day and like you know. Commandant tools it's code numbers are remarkable and don't forget that bad. You cleared for him don't excellence and Ryan I mean the bubble in 2005. I I have every day I was that would his mom and this is targeting coma beats. And payment are you gonna call you then nominee. And who's got a dead and the old guy gonna turn the ball down went out on caring for those who don't mean it takes a lot to ask the big question like that equipment and odds are a lot of that. You know letting go well yeah what do you say after that was looking at miles as a fixture on regular opium a bag of threatened take meg to the room ago. Good or bad no what did someone say that you'll never forget I'm sorry that it doesn't if you have other children besides you guys Yakima brother and sister. My hamper him I was forget you guys aren't full yet yet. And he loves me and I'll love him don't get your own I don't go liberal justice if you gazette columnist. Don't mean it Quentin from childhood and the US. It's a good putt at W I got a list of Italian lover and much about it or Idaho is something that I love and it's fun. And that you know maternal dad had scouted and you know. I am. Nash ever caught objective now. The well I don't do an ordeal pretty clear that I took on the end it is the F and he told him no cookie. Why I'm eating at your wedding didn't stop flaky with really good followed he's still my dad I just don't column that it. You like calling your mom whatever elements. I'll Moret is that weird. Yeah because it's weird for me to but I don't want to call I call my dad and well what happens that's more related talk down with the like are right and love yeah you're right we don't old effort right eighty I don't have called him my I. Even think Oklahoma's. And good or bad what if someone say that you'll never forget yesterday business aisle jet age and welcome to the men's room. On and on top you're the one what was this. I'd ever and I ain't no other thousand dollars and every few games of the Japan. Team I don't hit it. Did this by your name wrong you need three A yeah Zhang and. I. Thought our prep one might say they're different types. And in a couple years that I all my best friend of about forty year now. We are ready to bad. It was a bad name and our genre for all bothered by the first name school while miles bill included thanks. Remember. That was the it would. Your dad's first his buddies almost a part in public about it I think that I've gone down below letter out residue. I don't bag bond column people. Erica but anyway it bought Ole Ole Ole. Header up at bat. LL. Without where they'll literally go back. The wanted to graduate. And only German goal. Kind of irritated and you know what Adam would listen. To what I do remember and one of the smartest people I've ever know. And I quit but it went the other guy and it would be renewed in class but it also dropped out of school. You guys and an analyst Bill Gates is not a into a but I've thought about it about a for a couple days and ended up one back but yeah key. And I got got married got it done with school and I got doubts you do period. Had been working at incorporation that's when he for years and we don't agree us are human doctor Cora masters. I got electronic and airing in an about automated. Man you're citing human being but a better make him bank. I don't do too badly yet I mean like a lot cooler as the my Brothers they what is your day to day jobless what would you do when you go to work like well out of your day ago. On the technical working engineer and out of my going to work engine bay emailed and have a school work or other accompanied the wire stuff. They buy into the work and I've sat in the audit error by. I'm glad that's you know the real. I mean I'm calling you idiot in Nebraska. I don't view of the situation as the most suitable material and walk you through this is a specialty occur. I just like they did you go and a working check your emails from. He definitely priest ever know if take a little FaceBook accident on Amazon to thousands of books like your buddy would you do to light up which yard. I meant that alcohol before I ate less work. Good or bad it would someone say that you will never forget. Hello hunter welcome to the men's room. All our gentlemen on top. Guys were dug wells that are. Oh are grown up are the terrible student. You know bad grade or my yard and my dad it's scary guy 65 about the sixties and marine or so you know he did temper once all. And ever worked hard I'm down Erica I know the inevitable dominant. He called me upstairs and and an iron and I get my budget thriller written. He looks to me and you said this chicken add contrary that I can and that thing went to school and it would get better grades and you. Have an older than I'm honored. Probably for. They're good yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. And that lamp would do better when you it'd liquid paper are about you know I got together graduated. Don't get now project Iowa and airmen and report card or a bad time form and it. And you knew would be just bad student in general and my father. You know personal in my my brother's older than me and liberals like I graduated second class this time so. But my parents made the mistake of thinking let's just how kid's arm consulate and so that's how back it was then me use the opposite so. Eagle to visit by a jury your from a filed elicit the report card and he's not shocked you know agreed to be as bad as opposed brands like. I used to tell your mother that I just thought you relays I'm honestly beginning to believe that student. It's just like. Should have accidentally. Gotten a good greeted by and click statistically. You have got like at least this. By accident but my argument with pay a at this family this is. Ever worked out quite as well I hope that did but to me while black and white like way to. You wanted to get good grades and you want enough to fail because to me these are two entirely separate combinations in no way I'm not failing under real close to filling. What I'm not really gonna get good grades does that require would more effort and I'm going to. So I had a good summer school. One year ending after my freshman year and some school right now clinic freshman football so one of the defense aligned coaches on varsity right is also accounts or the school. So he brings me down there was office right now and I get to miss class this summer schools and it is camped at that but a little frightening guy right he's a big do you. So he goes. Through it in Eric policy makers and Eddie in looking integrates. Muse who are you get a summer job with that I applied at these driving range to drive a little thing to pick up golf ball. He is somebody look at these grades are that you're Smart enough to put a golf ball. You can see part of it and go golf ball that goes. How are you with these crazy it up well while the could lead to. What you're about bankers credit or bulletin it was a buzz report that the designers look at Pete I think. About a for years to be just put out is that raid on its irregular heart I would I do this one that the best line ever heard from a from a coach. It was before the Gator Bowl and they gave us these new balls and he's balls so shiny. And they had such a wax Thelma like they were brand new out of committee Gator Bowl Stan brown outs of that knowledge you don't you get a couple of those ball to practice with that the quarterbacks we'll to get the most time you don't see that stuff but when you're out there on the field. So his way before the band gets out there anything else specials go out and you're kind of taken out of the end zone. You've got the senator snapping the ball probably ten yard line and you've got punt return. You know two guys down there is catching about predicted the 45 yard and whatever and you responding to them. Guys are taken into the net you know I mean that it's just basically run through of specialists before the actual pregame starts so we're the first people to get these balls. And at this point on stadium is packed it in Akron or into the band is gonna play Clinton marching band of Wales crap right there. So the first ball I get it okay it basically does one of those things where I got to catch the ball all right. That also slip that it slips right through both my hands in basically stabs me in the sternum. I crumble it. Well I don't know I didn't write bill act like I act like I just got just got punched in the stomach which I did. For the most part but I kind of get a bigger than a little kind of bubble that you know make the still can give a damn cannot breath at the wax Belmont right. Into the drops all kept up. And I gotta punt the ball and it basically just hits the side in my book but I hit it clean I mean I hit with a everything but I literally hit the side of my foot. This ball goes spiraling 45 degrees to the right up into like exactly one tab at Atlanta this is a brand new flip I'm going to be Clinton's confidence goes up the Newfoundland and that they don't give current. But when I'm saying is now coach Neal who's standing beside me and realizes that I just launched the ball into the stands is never coming back. Brett is that you didn't give back the football Alina to go through the net over Minnesota's coming to take your football. He goes through governor to respond to the Matthew. You know the last word here is that if that's the luck at last thing you ever done. It at the Chrysler gummery packet this farther than they stood a few of computer bravado that you're gonna reduce it to at a hundred balls. Michael won the worst the worst the worst ball ever hit. The first ball and you stand there and I'll lose the ball yeah you're more pissed off but I lost the Balkans. They rattle those off of the in the crap for charity and stuff like elect her official ball was used and regrettable in my coverage throughout exact dialect and you have like some kid's gonna have cancer now can you shank that ball in the stands. Jack hello this is. Hello Brad welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah yeah. Honored. At arrow. If you're sided then Sabina park motorcycle had been prohibited all my life Avant motorcycle. But yeah I was on a bit of reply thought on work on mom. Started off at sixteen year old logic says I'm getting it. We are over. Exactly. Are. Heard it all down with mama. For days straight right. And that. So that felt I was sure my logic I'd actually go back at home mom like you wait you're people. But let it roll my long trip is. I remember art ad and you know I look at it came home it just all ragged and they've been they've been in cars trains planes it is a good look at bat do. Elmo Elmo over trying to. Hi the bald spot back and actually. You don't look in my room open the door you waited door opened. Kodak back. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm so not when it cut straight to it. I chose her I got you the pilgrims every night. I could talk unflappable. No iron yeah eight. Words of wisdom I chose her I I agree I know man that you added the group saw yeah you know it's a man like in the. In the to set that up he's right. Rhetoric you know like to say that I I think sometimes the worst things come out of your mouth when you're not expecting which are going to hear Lou I think it's different with the team and you have two daughters and just growing up as sons that's the kind of thing. A point father saying they chose. I don't opulent as a father you want to be. Exceptionally clear because nine times out of ten and we do the beast disciplining yeah we are more isn't it here because of the one of those late night and Iverson removing my kids do beneath my notice I don't care I understand your age you're an idiot parent like one. With Atlanta when you step outside of it. That don't happy about it but those are the types of things that come out of your mouth to make it very very clear as far as when your teenager like. Don't try this off I literally had a had a kid had some problems with a child and so after the child is born. Seriously within three months when you get first had sex again. I impregnated by the wife again. Call you and Tony it would remark which he told me that I said god dammit you've got to be everything you kidding me that this camping Sox. That was my response she's sixteen years old now. Adam what did someone say that you'll never forget we'll take a quick break about a lawyer calls right after the. Men's room returns here's the question and rod do you buy to let live resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. You know celebrate our freedom loving presidents what you don't need to know on the way arrive before the shot of the day. Our questions they good or bad would someone say that you will never forget you're listening to the bedroom on the reds are radioed that. Death row inmate and Georgia. Sentenced to be executed there it's 1:17 in the morning and they said mr. JW led for junior what are your last words. His last words while we have hill is a fail Leo. To communicate. Some men you just can't reach and your right Guns 'N Roses civil war listen to the beginning of the two. You can kiss my white trash ass and then they cut the Mike and put them. So we'll never know what else lives another pleasantries you want Lehman strategy don't you might are racist JW Lipper junior went to the farm. That could run rates you know run the other trash yes Georgia and it prepared the thing that it. What an article George I always hard on him more rooms glamour and three dogs don't you know that department of them too small holes to. Good or bad what did someone say that you will never forget it he's collected all the proof that he's if you live on a farm. When governor Rossi. I was there into the city Arizona the city dog says it wanted to close of war he liked it on fire hydrants. You living off on a farm and shot him right where they teach you right. Area. Hello Alex welcome to the men's room. Astec both need our guy. Our guys so when I was in high school ever buddies. Her name tavern key and 9% of the time you'll that is now being retired complete sense it's weird strange or just know what the hell kind of moment. Why won't why won't end while walking down on would you get ready forceful speak we only saw those periods and all you hear Kevin yell out. Look around but what the hell born. We who had twelve year old girl and while walking past you get heat I'd like take that double a yeah like what let her out she's like well you're right act when he turned the lights off. Whatever manner and it. Herb Pope grandma and the girl right here background you're like yeah are open through her embattled leader grandma next. And why you are these go over shock value at that point but I leave them with a grim outlook. That's true they go by grandma. Men on me mow. Me. I think it would have we gone by grandma got anyway here or she were an old fat. He is an old bad. Up. Usually is an old woman could Williams said that to settled back. Adult language Adam shriveled net I had good Obama get broken in. The McEnroe are just slowing and in the wind that I had at the grocery bag got that extra part to just flaps and appliance world. And you could see where the wrinkles skiing has been stretched its neck back. Good or bad what did someone say that you will never forget. By the way when your kid hologram mall arm swing that arm fat man that is distracting executed yet he tries that just turns into a big piece Allard you what happened. Happily turns into Gillette this flat. Hello Dennis welcome to the men's room. Dennis and Dennis. Our dentists. Hello drew welcome to the men's room. Able program at all. So. Well I think it's great it was. Did I lived with my mom and my dad lived you know up to roto I'll. And he told me yes if I pass this great. Will take the debate Stanley trip to Disneyland and also it I ask you preserve you know and their report president of the ears and pebble that's on there handed out sailing at duke this great over you have a bad. Opened up the report card would dent it. It was like you know really wanted to go to Disneyland for the first time in my life but I guess we can't now. I bed. Feel. So terrible I now can laugh about Russian did you ever make it to Disneyland. No sweat it out or did he ever make it to Disneyland no still never been an armed man. Acura been well. What did you take pictures and send them to him from Disneyland I have made it I doubt it above Soviet souvenir is a little bit you have made money. Did he bring up the fact of the report card diseased or number that like you do. Oh yeah welcome yeah definitely. But so did you end up being OK school lies what these grades. I mean look I ended up dropping out but it's it'll work go under and I started doing what I love doing and so what I love doing. Are working on course and I got there enrollment at the plate that that's my that's my call it you know army. That's very Coleman is government debt going to Atlanta that it that it is harsh and rather bumper cars there and Arianna when the Super Bowl and there. Today I got a globally football don't they take Youkilis who bothered to Disney World know what happened choice years ago thanks and remember maybe green somebody but it went on to its huge 340 pounds of suitable. He's just giving. So you don't what do you do not want to ball fumble on the Disney well Disney wasn't sponsoring them that's just what he sake that he was excited and obviously he wanted to go so. When he went to Disney World or the world of wind and they treat them like gold. Everyone started quoting him and now it is in fact each day like Disney picks up and MVP whoever it may happen if they didn't it all goes as one big dude and ordered there or any get a new Chevy truck or something to. It's our love when there's they've added to the Super Bowl you make seven million dollars a year. Here's a new Chevy Tahoe. I like he you know for Mac and the exact facts that I am. We're gonna tonight about a Dylan rouge schools potential health. You know good aggregate would not talk about him ever again. They are no we'll talk about him there. Adam what had someone say that you'll never forget all the line will be back in a second you're listening to the men's room on the metro radio network.