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Wednesday, May 17th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus What You Don't Need to Know is all about Presidents that smoked weed!


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The shenanigans continue on the men's. And radio network. His WA. This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Saturday to break those coming up what you don't need to know we'll celebrate our weenie bit loving presidents. Poverty Salma Disney World like if you win a Super Bowl he would go to Disneyland because somebody won the super ball that was the response to being asked. I thought it was a big giant linemen someone else I am it was a bubble bursts and with Emmitt Smith. I don't think that's right now it could have been Emmitt Smith because it was a good dom Bloomberg. I think tells the story of when when the angles in the eighties lost to the niners who who that they were already on the sideline setting him up. Did you like the Disney thing. And then. I had that brings arrived at the niners always how far at all. And they run over get Montana that's what Joseph did so it's got to go back. It's remained well than next guy like Phil Simms can you picture Phil Simms the Disney World yeah I don't he would have a miserable time Phil Simms and those giants though they were the first Gatorade bath. World yet the not giant red caught up on on the big too and I does doubt it was filled that social group Gatorade bath on the bigs who. Didn't push. Children's game. Billboards up close parallels. Good Nevada wit that what some would say that you'll never forget hello and welcome to the bedroom. Hello pot hole. Oh cool off well. To do a lot of months ago that are back okay he had probably seen this kind of weird but when other incorporated. A long time ago obviously so. I'll never really forget that moment and OK so here's how I go. A day were you walk to a classroom and you're teacher's not there. Well I'm sitting there waiting for my teacher and every you know albeit around Europe talking to the court graders and you're. We're talking and and I'm tricking the guy walk then and he looked a little sketchy and I don't know we'll let it add in the janitor or something you know. Well turned out I know there are so attitude and you look like Nicole Kirk can't. And a speeding toward greater you know we didn't really know a crack in the word Bert. About twenty minutes later in a class surge is planning to what do crackhead is it turned out that he was the crack aired but anyway. When he told us as fourth graders. He told her you know eat the bottom line you cling to it don't end up being and he said don't be like me when you grow up. And turned out about you know couple days later another parent yet this email saying sorry about where. And that guy I don't think got arrested but he got a lot of trouble and eat it no longer. AS. But it teacher because you think he was lack domain. Yeah I know you do it crede I mean this guy. You and explaining what it is what cracked you saying what he wasn't what you did do it earlier. Yeah yeah well. You're pretty intuitive in fourth grade to be able to figure out that does mean he had to be pretty whacked out that day. No and that thing that kind of pressured me I mean I don't her restaurant group and earlier we heard Gary talk that he has great hair. Well I might go one of the most entertaining days that you had in the you know all year. No I wanted to actually every time we got recess we started talking about crackhead no imminent name of the really don't need any help. We didn't how lap same he would crack head belly and I'm outta LaMont out here ground ball and turned out that his. Yeah there's cricket Billy appear. Didn't crap hits for some reason. Don't really drug I've noticed for crack it's always talk about other crack heads like gosh I made a crack it drowned in that it's they are there so depressed. Do it. Your honor brag that would please be careful about the crash Mora knew about me any other street drugs like I just I don't know late you know my neighborhood I see some drug people like I was like heroin diner comes up to watch out and everybody on his round it is on Caroline. But don't let kids will be like yeah. Watch out back and do what I can't. But you got to care and I don't grant rightly nominee Barack right now on active gonna vandalism once David you will never forget desert instant. Jet engine Hannity and welcome to the manager James. Oh ma. A longtime listener irked some caller are beyond our thanks man appreciate it do great. Go my buddy eat when we're in high school. Kind of like 0708. Ish I'm brand. We're kind of partying and we grew up and I Everett and most the time. Cops are just gonna show up there at the party to rule figured it which may be quiet I. Well we're but how were out partying. Our. Eric reader kit which you like this kind of we UN would be area out the county. And where we set up camp or got to tamp all night there and have a blast then we. Bringing this K tomorrow underage we took our buddy about BJ. And so we try to gave what party all night what will we wake up in the morning and it turned out. We're right in the middle part of Arnold the parking lot of the camping area yeah RA well it's like a real an area so it's more. Not like actual part mob basically out of and yet you you parked on the road going in. Brett. Billy pardon your great Simon and I and we wake up in the morning then and they shared it there. So there's this shirt. Out here at all these questions where we got picked a you know. Well are we doing out there outcome mirrored out set up right there what are. So we are pretty much did out of debt and then my eye on buddy could go a little bit older than we are. For some reason they've forced him right at eight. Goal in the state that they sell them secure credit spirit network and our prayers you can do it you're an older or airport they need to get. We build out their Burke or about that they've met. And you're right Don you read the statement there was big egg and I drank it back. It's. A point they're not. I don't pick Derrick I drank that bit and I thank god you guys a lot of did you trouble nobody nobody got aren't that bad they were pretty upset they do all that you don't come around pewter crap anymore. And that we we got out of their yeah hit baseball you've got her out there were the egg and I drank. As it is right there as pretty hard a curve and as Smart and talking to an officer got a little balls but yet I don't think there's an hour or Smart assi. It won't happen. Let's get well happily. Philly and roll the dies like I wanna write because it's funny and blow and I know how does that play out for who would have thought I could dragging entire keg of beer and one night the ball me with thirty people watching. Executive packages to their market monitoring all this bitter battle to someone say that you'll never forget it I've ever those parties that. Hello Sarah welcome to the bedroom. Well auto shop. Our rights so I've had three boys and fuel our armed. You milk out of it in my bag and I thought Aaron dirty girl okay so you know I never borrowers what are the ages nine. One is going to be sixteen billion. And one and thirteen and the other one plan going on or practical guide and direct spread them out three years everytime I liked. Again I really weird worked out that way well the first you've always had here in Washington State and I'd like that. Why hospital here the last boy I have going in the military for the low burn Virginia so for a military hospital. Our new. Give birth at a military hospital. You don't know the doctor that's going to be delivering the babies all by doctor Barrow Larry and it sounds very yeah pretty much like yeah here. You're delivering a baby that is what I do go away. So when I was over in the baby they told me OK you can come to back so can you hold it I'm like yeah I they had inside. Oh yes well I have to do that it's completely a Guzman nine months they'll use he's done on time you know. Well I didn't care Marion I and I heard the horror stories of bitches and ripping I'm like I won't do anything could not get to re written so. I'd I'm having a contract you don't push stock. Hoods back. And so I say what was he doing that on bases of the using about giving and appease the obvious that wouldn't happen. Now I would just like we're gonna do this then otherwise it's gonna care you're going to be on instead of like a bold or my. Cell now and I. Once the baby gets done and everything he comes over and he goes. That was amazing that in the most superior vaginal controller ever see you should do the instructional video on how to deliver a baby and I was like. Hula Caroline that it does nothing but look at baby coming out of the vagina. I don't have been amazing. I mean yeah plus. The Mets that's like Bill Belichick tell you you're great football coach surely like us so glad you made it a video showing women in this remarkable vaginal control that you're. No because that lack of oppositional defiant disorder I don't you're at or artists I am not having any more babies when you push as Campbell he has what now. Oppositional defiant disorder that's like where your leg. Hey you're nodding you can't do there and he's like really you wanna do it anyway then punch in the stomach and run away. Oh relic. In that had a scientific name now they'll read all the cables as he optima yeah I think her idea let us when we were kids whatever year deal laws unless it was severe. Nolan gave an out. Like no one had eighty HD like they beat your absentee paid attention on it on our ruling as an excuse a white man I think I have like four of the things the kids have now. I did not put my mom and gutless Obama but you love did you do you do Gaza also down at the dinner table in the evening the whole family and eat. Mean sometimes you have I tell that story of of them all know the mums got a's appear vagina. That is as sixteen year old let's real thirteen year old. Met this sixteen year old Garrity gets TM mine he just takes this kind of like thanks mom army to hear this president ever wanted to serve them bring up your vagina I mean it's. His voters who view and it doesn't even they admit the ball when it doesn't matter of our goal I love them safe area of law. Not bad. It has a lot of kids out of the of the finance it. You know the other a lot of what he say stop patting me on the adult you can attack it but that's a boost but from its edit I'm going to go to the store. I noted that. Anywhere you want. Turnaround of I'm on the phone when he noticed that you don't buy yours that you're vagina. Now I got out of the car before that I guess I don't it is already there's a good night's what's now if that's. I. And as I just follow. Them. Our question today good or bad or what did someone say that you will never forget still to come on the big show what you don't need to know also the return of who sucks less the first. We'll take a break and go back and read your emails in the men's room I've been to lie back down next. This season. Thankfully nine KI DSW. A classic good or bad it would someone say that you will never forget we've got three males a delay for the men's room at men's or live dot down you are listening to the men's room on an interim radio network. And an incident with a miles. Nine point nine so. Yes I'll and I'll bring it tells coming up the shot of the day is on the way our questions and I go to battle did someone say that you'll never forget it here get your emails in the men's room are meant to live back out. And no budget Riley's a broad drop brewers have been drummer original red because we think it's Yemen back let's see here my mom always said if you give away the milk for free the man will never buy the milk. She should know she's been married three times. A legitimate way a lot of milk today. Onetime friends I like having my best friend was freaking out about their being no showers mirrors etc. she was really into her appearance you see. So she tells me the day after we get there she's gonna drive all the way home shower and comeback but before doing so. Just put her whole face of makeup on and do the drive which is about an hour and a half. Pushing seventy or sixty most of the way. So look uttered in the face and say Daniel no one's gonna approach her vehicle sixty look at you through the windshield senior naked face and say to themselves now there is one ugly bitch. To this day we have a laugh about it but needless to say she's no longer worried about wearing no makeup in public at from health inspector Emily. Some words of advice I'll never forget haven't about ten years ago and isles a freshman at Arizona State late one Thursday nights and studying for a biology test I had the next morning. Suddenly for my friends barge and in my room drunk as hell all wanted to go party with a total lab tests in the morning and can't go. My friends they they don't expect this and proudly looked me square in the eye and say you can always retake the class. But you can never relive a good party. Needless to say out followed his advice had an amazing night retook the class next semester don't regret a thing that from Randy. I tell the kid I would not shut up now is extremely inquisitive and had questions about everything according to my parents are simply never stopped talking. Sold their came the lesson one day my dad pulled me aside and simply stated no one wants to hear you talk if they did they would ask you a question otherwise. Just keep your mouth shut. I took this arts and have been very introverted ever since never being comfortable starting conversations never wanted to bothersome mumbled opinion. And never being able to walk up and talk to a woman despite my above average appearance. I understand now the point he was trying to make but my psyche never recovered. From cop out. Does the piggyback off the chicken tenders guys on twenty years old chicken tenders are always the go to. My old boss would pay for our meals on the road and they got to the point where he would not let me get chicken tenders he forced me to get something fancier on the menu. Meaning that most. There isn't chicken general lovers out there and the tech blew up there and he knew miles while David Gergen and you say you hate your car or not much criticized and I know you people you eat that in only that. Mean that's what you do miss it Agassi that. My kids one of what is always say it's like the French dip there's Stevens. It can't if it's on your menu and I don't know your restaurant if you cannot execute if French dip well and I don't trust anything else in Norman. Yeah one thing an analyst on me at never forget some girls to marry some girls or practice on. All the hall. On my grandfather idol finalist only if it flies floats or apps rented dole to buy into that. At. Jesus Christ. Let's see here I am Tennessee to hear something someone says in turn into what I think I thought they said. I was working on AF fiber optic contractor in a project new construction. As I had my back to a coworker I was helping you asked me. Honey to put these four in Iraq. I need to put these four in Iraq when hired was Anita protein or that's not wrecked. A turnaround to did you say you need off lab workers in the room erupted in laughter Mecca orders and well. And only need all just one of those. Now from Dave. While visiting Chicago's embodies we met up with a friend of a friend to get to weed important to the story to point out the guy selling us we'd. Was a black man selling to a bunch of white kids we meet up make the transactions are talking about how we want to smoke. My friends and I toss out a bunch of methods after which the dude smiles shakes his head and says a lot like boys they have been all kinds of crazy ways to get job he perfect comedic timing. The funny things that are the you know at other smoke options is definitely. Let's see here most negative thing. And hurtful thing I had a guy tell me like a sex goddess you're so hot every once everyone wants to sleep with you but he said the of the word however your dental and other girl next door type I would never take you loaned me my mom. If you do have a great day that from Ashley. Wouldn't yeah exactly. Our friend's girlfriend and I had a hate hate relationship. He would have me ride in the front seat in maker ride in the back one day she was talking to him on his house phone and said I don't understand why everyone is looking at me. It was in the mid ninety's and we still had majors maybe it's because you were on the bus and talking on the cell ball. Then she got a butterfly tattooed on the top of her cleavage in complained every illness staring at her breasts and a party she was drinking said I would you ways to get on the table stripper money. I said I'll give you twenty bucks keep your clothes on go to sleep. Her boyfriend laughed and got in trouble bad thing was. When she passed away from a brain hemorrhage. I said without thinking she just wasted all that money on teeth and plans to fix or smile what a waste of money. That was one of my worst moments. It's. Fair. Amount. Don't have time for a few extreme out there for the men's room a miserable lives back yeah. Way to go all considered sharp please wish my daughter Dylan pickles Jones a happy third birthday love daddy. All Dylan good old dome. Have you book they have new filth from froth the UK guys my growing up way too fast daughter Savannah turns thirteen today would you please giver a little kid faced Alex along with some wedding puke. Keep doing what you're doing guys of the best radio show on the air thanks Evan Jamie. I. Name brand is that I used at alleged number dates yet to myself since no one else will. It's much money for a birthday and I would love to hear some turtles thanks and German talk thanks guys appreciate it. I'll put a book that I wanted to unwrap the Casey for myself so much juices ms. between. Now Brendan cisneros had registered with the yourself so enjoy the must've been. It is my boyfriend Nate. Wasn't Diaz all the time as do I today's us Tony six and if you guys good I would love to give him some dirty German talk. Thanks guys. I know he'll be listening that from the lovely Lauren. My Aaron and Eric. Job I want to tattoo that's a W what each of your butt cheeks so when you've been doled it says wow. Now tonight you're gonna find out with a should get some looks like before it gets flattened them. While wow upside down to his mom. I. Hug and Giles 3030 today all he wants is a birthday shout out until we get to go to Vegas for our first time. Getting you know what the hell is that row and an original faced sandwich thanks guys you are the best that from Whitney. Yeah what. Throw all our guys Madonna rabies 33 have got to suck it up god gave an original face there was four let's all the time while sitting in my rocking chair on the front porch sipping a cold one. And smoking a fatty. Oh. His parents Amy's dad snagged a hockey the boats and the mob not a bed of guys I got born today in 69 I would love to hear using to be bitches gimme turtle wax with a LeRoy Jenkins in the applause. Thanks guys that from PT Mike. Do you. That's was also the best yet to be one. He's the night he visited. We did nothing new he gets pregnant it and I finally happy sixtieth birthday to my husband miles how about some sexy German talk thanks guys that from Amy. God I assume my misses the it did so good at reading lips. Yeah. Now when he thought he did it connect your character these guys didn't seem. God you can compare my house and play with them was spot. It. So Joseph what you don't need to know celebrate oh yes we need to Arkansas. I. I'm I don't know. It's. And yeah yeah you learn anything having had a reverse. They're good they gives you a bit. The light coming up what do donated those celebrating our Halloween loving president but first out. Men's room wants to know. Yeah John yeah. I want to get Bard whose Sox last Stevens royal you bring us a three stories every week. It is up to us to determine out of these three stories which won the Sox released now if you follow them in July page on FaceBook the debate is already underway on who sucks what's out right and it's very clear about something ads that we do whose socialist. I get grief every week. About The Who sucks less segment is typical plane. About the stories that I use and it is important and they're depressing inferior and horrible in my personal favor unnecessarily provocative but I want to be very clear about them all I do I just fine so. The stories themselves as a result of serving people. During terrible things this is not my fault but today what I did is I pulled six story so a group of three of them were very depressing another group of three were. Silly disturbing but silly I flipped a coin in India today. You've got the Soviet so I'm not there I. I dare ya I wanna make it clearer now get a break I am not responsible horrible things people do pummel responsible for bringing it to your attention it won't. Are there today and try to press of course at his ameriprise going thank you very much to make some room closet with the real need to work. I will keep that worked thank you. By the way just in all these stories they have a very similar theme. Just know that you know what I'm gonna start with the first store. So in this case there's a man is facing charges after police say he broke into a home. And masturbating. Over a woman who was asleep in the home. 36 year old Michael and its historical burglary theft and Lucas in connection with the incidents. Now resident told police that image came into the home about 1 AM the master bedroom thinking and sleep with an awful. He'll have to wonder about choice and one bad but according to police it is not forced entry the structure was not locked. And he was out remanded to be correctional facility he's six foot seven. Angles were they alias dragon and he is by the way a registered sex offender in state of New Jersey. I think we understand why some guy in addition to stealing what about from a woman. Walks into her home and master raids over her while she sleep. Now go to Portland on its commitment. That's just well I got there I would feel better if you're just stole my stuff dual mode and it is just me for iron in mobile download. They don't Portland Oregon where police say that they arrested a man who was and I quote master baiting vigorously. Outside of a nonprofit so called novel one reporting that they saw meant exposing himself out of new avenues for youth center. But when altered its barb absorbing witnesses wandered up suspect who quotes erect penis was exposed to the public. While he again master baited vigorous now when and all the rest of why he was doing that public. Demand that it wanted he has on methamphetamine. He wanted to go back to prison and finally he acting me to Portland. That is immensely entirety of the Rhode Island writes that he does not like Portland he won the match today. Now we go to Jersey City managers apparently New Jersey and new semester. This this story blows my mind if you ever been to New Jersey specifically were you tip of New York City. You won't understand how severe this particular guys kids so in this case. Authorities say that a man who was high on PCP. Stuck to his band in the middle of the tunnel that connects New York to New Jersey why did you stop. He stopped at the fondled himself to Lincoln Tunnel. The forty man. He was found removing this close of performing lewd act masturbating while standing inside it was minivan. And the leak into humble which by the way of the busiest totals in the world again. It's shuttles people from New Jersey to New York City in if you. Ever been to the Lincoln Tunnel you understand what through traffic. This guy causes a traffic backed up because he's in the dog stuffed his vehicle stood in the bay and the match yesterday so. Traffic comes to a standstill because this guy felt the need to do that though he admitted that he smoked PCP. It was taken to a hospital for observation. In the end he was shortened drug possession driving under the influence reckless driving and most importantly. In peace threat. So all these guys in today's stories are one thing in common today and abuses are very good friends but we have the sex offender of the breaks into a woman says. And while he's leading to stand over her bed moment. We have got to Portland who admits that it was time methamphetamine. Yes he was standing outside of the U center while he's the guy quote masturbating vigorously but as you pointed out reasonably eats pork. And one of them tonight. And and we of the guy enters city he was not time PCP. I'm sorry he was not a map he's time piece. And Eagles traffic backup of one of the busiest tunnels on the face of planet so that he can master Bates and the back it was maybe bank. Okay. I think does a pretty it's pretty easy to do some morale as the pilot he argued that. Girls most of Africa especially with all better job you about the guy in the league title then blame himself the go to Jack Bennett and just let him. Wecht pitch could be the visit. I've come I want you look to me just puts it looks like LA you don't worry about those protracted Eumig Donald right where he expands doesn't say they. I'm gonna say that the guy who broke into the woman's home and master made it over the top of her life she was sleeping. That's really strange that that's the worst of all good it's very creepy. It's worsened breaking in your home and taking pictures of your feet but I thought those were also create peace treaty. I just don't in this scenario I don't think you'll think he's the horse in this scenario ease put it this way he's really really creepy it is not a situation I wouldn't. I would take for a well at area and the Bible Gupta that but. Look man for me I'm not Lincoln Tunnel I'm not a fan traffic and your city traffic anyway I did with the Lincoln Tunnel. I know that things happen. I know things called traffic jam but it could be an animal that hit it to be an accident it can be Sony got pulled over but if you told me. I'm stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel groups that he did this dude stop this van voluntarily to master Bates. Yeah I just. Road rage band well the fact that he broke into our home and you don't know ultimately where this is going to leave this guy policies. You know well yeah yeah they left and authorities now there are many you know he did what you've learned do. Oddly they my gym but it always all the college guys you and are fun flick it's the six foot seven GAAP key seats it was he. DT it's spell anything on her I I do not know. Our I do not know I'm going to assume he did because I don't know about you but it might start that process I completely. I will say then. I'm still saying he's the war execute that I'm saying that the good thing about what if that was my daughter my mother I got to put it in a different situation right strategy. I can attract outplayed me resume and it's the worst case there. Now the the guy who was high on drugs because of that traffic backed up that as a big promise that I would put in the number two OK because of all the people that he's effect right it's just that is sold all the people involved where the New Jersey. Six of seven master -- affecting one person know they'll foot seven guy was. All right right used new dirt about it. Obviously in this one this is an easy one this is an easy. The man in Oregon who was caught masturbating vigorously downtown and said that he ethic hate sport. That's the guy. That sucks the league's. So initially I was gonna go with him to write about like our rights it's funny yank him out of the Portland Houston. Now I think there's portly India like Portland it's made fun of a lot about the guy that's five foot right to do senator. It's kind of what changed informing OK I and it really I really think got through treatment at your city did what I did it. Now I don't trust me I'm with you if he if he just didn't like any other part of Portland. Not your children doing this a bit like he wouldn't he was a police did their identity and like I like the fact that he was masturbating vigorously wasn't easy Lowe's we know I don't know if you gentle just kind of everybody grows he was manhandled on that thing man look like he was shaken up book Minnesota to explode open them. But and I. The girl I know you're gonna be pissed at this apple. But I honestly think it just kind of Lincoln tunnels like the leaks. Why is. Just because it's only I had the pleasure of driving through the Lincoln Tunnel on numerous times and have fun and there's always traffic. So I don't know that he made it any worse to have days. What if the ball would do except for causing the traffic day like today coming in what. Traffic an interstate it comes to a standstill I can up to girl and then I realized. Because somebody got pulled over for speeding on the side of the world and this drives me crazy because it was not an accident. There's that the cop his lights flashed and in his dorm room and got students. Yeah there's nothing interesting about this. You can still do this speed look you don't have to drive seven got him miles our back so if there were an accident on the side or on a little more doable. But only if someone getting a ticket it'll happen why I did traffic to be totally well he's masturbating I would abroad. If you wanna check out our men's room FaceBook page of the bitterly. There's another one for a vote for Oregon it was southeast Portland actually and a guy just wanted back in the joint. Still he could have come down of with a far less obscene thing to do to get a trip of the river I would go number two as well definitely sucks the least down in Portland. Says Tyler. CC says I like the guy who did it because he hates Portland Portland Sox. I don't Portland is full of history his two sisters that dude is my hero. A lot of peoples in order that from intact although like this one guys I don't want to know if they got a broken the woman's house. If he finished I do not know we don't have that but I assume he did the did you master made like a normal person interviewed anti you know you're done. But this one allied if says hey have you hated Portland today. If it if I think it certainly got they shot of the day coming double take a quick guy a break and be right back after these it's just men's. Miles and drill a nasty night. Nine hey guys SW coming up market presence and Elvis wig on profile that's like Virginia secede royal blood we'll do the game formally known as black white makes your due coming up right after the shot of the day but first yes. We're full of useless information. And do you have are too many brain cells not to let us killer here. So Lyndon here while the men's room shares what you don't need to know marijuana obviously been in the news lately a lot more states are adopting. The legalization or the medical. The situation and sums as the gateway but one thing you may not know is that certain presidents out there actually have a smoked a little love for guns stand out like test here. Which you guys think about what you know about these presidents to be true are. George Washington. Tell you the first presidents and united please no question and I don't think he smoked he grew up town I had not heard couldn't they heating grow. It. Actually mean he didn't I don't broke damage reports have sick at George Washington. Smoked and chewed on canvas he smoked and chewed on advocate on behalf right wooden teeth to right. In his teeth hurt so bad in his mouth that alleviated the things that all the nights you just put a mud underneath his lip and got to use it like a tobacco and still came up a good idea let's go here. I'd seen Richard Nixon now did he's overly yes or no no way. No he's mr. drug czar and tricky Dick is one who brought us the war on drugs in the first place did get fewer cataracts. The Nixon tapes. Have a bunch of good stuff on here and Nixon's irrational hatred of marijuana and nonwhite races and ethnicity. Against all the life is changed I want to god damn strong statement on marijuana I mean one that just scares the ass out of them you know it's a funny thing everyone of these bastards that are out there for the legalization of marijuana is Jewish. She says Richard Nixon wow. Jimmy Carter. I guess that's the two I've never understood that thing with with marijuana and it's like late. When it comes to racial groups becomes illegal that you see somebody now that. It has Jimmy Carter. Ever smoked weed and number 39 presidential amount of America ever I'm gonna say yeah but but not right. Jimmy Carter. Still says he has never smoked pot and I but there's no doubt his son chip did on the roof of the white house with Willie Nelson or Billy. Still Carter was the most progressive president on pots in the war on drugs Aaron telling congress a sport legislation amending federal law to eliminate federal criminal penalties. The possession. About the one ounce of marijuana. Kind of basically where we are today Jimmy Carter says that along time ago. John F. Kennedy did he smoke pot yes or no congress. I'd like to think yes what I'm saying I say yes it that was criminal. JFK used marijuana to deal with severe back pain. That's produced according to his biography biography John F. Kennedy biography which describe the White House seeing on the evening of July 16 1962. According to Washington Post executive Jim true it's. Kennedy and one Mary Meyer smoked marijuana together. The president's vote three of the six joints and Mary brought him at first he felt no effect that he closed his eyes and refused to fort joint. Supposedly that time he said suppose the Russians did something now. Connecticut at at at and Bill Clinton. -- Oakland smoke EKAL. Yes he did he says he didn't I was in England I experimented with marijuana timer to like Canada and inhale and never tried it again innocent and have six or related though won't let that bill won't. What else about his marijuana use in true Clinton fashion he may have been telling the truth. The late Christopher hitch into attended Oxford with Clinton's and bill had an affinity for pot brownies. So he's hiring on America god and and hail are never inhaled as what that Ottawa and it is hated it it was the let's go to full body you go to because Duma fingertips Ronald Reagan and Ronald malveaux we know. It wasn't actor first given that he died from alzheimer's. It's not precisely the same X control and able to embrace candidates medicine that can to protect his brain. I'm not that he would have used it as entering into those votes. I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette. Is equal brain damage to being on bikini island during an H bomb blast is proof of oh my god yes. George W. Bush Kelly number very. President of the United States I would say man. PPP. We need cocaine. Alcohol so yes I do you guard said yeah yeah they did at W is known as the cocaine user he admitted that. But he would never respond to questions about as marijuana use our listener he told his biographer Douglas we'd yes I was reading I would never answer the marijuana question you know life. Because I don't want some little kid doing what I try. The technical thing doing what I try Brett. Okay Barack Obama telling the 44 president's nickname was hot box there you know when I was a kid I inhaled frequently that was the point and that was the points. There you go to rid. So do president smoke pot to Barack Obama yes George W. Bush yes Bill Clinton yes. George H. W. Bush no Ronald Reagan no Jimmy Carter know Richard Nixon Helm though John F. Kennedy. Yes sort of and Jordan are there you go on what you don't need to know have a very different attack.