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Wednesday, May 17th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Jimmy Fallon and another Theme Song Challenge! And we wrap today with Headlines


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Somebody out there. They're considered to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way news. Your toast of hour. Does it and I don't know we had to have a desk and Steve throw vilified out door deals yesterday and today. We told the police of leads being. Now they are called to a system man undertaken a brutal beating on the street. At 3 o'clock in the morning. And this guy gets his ass handed to him in fact he was left of the shattered should bow dislocated and cracked kneecap. And he had torn ligaments in fact they injuries were severe enough. You're required surgery and authorities are saying that he's going to need multiple servers is to give him where he can walk again and as for the attack itself on the victim. He did know his attacker and says that the assault was unprovoked. Naturally the police and ask for a description Arab for the description of the assailant. Well. Stretch of the giant inflatable penis. Complete with inflatable test off off. So that the police did. They portable picture of what the costume might look like and said we're looking for someone who's wearing this the problem obviously is the most people were inflatable himself bit. Don't keep it on for law so they don't have descriptions guy who seriously. Mess this guy but he's walking on street but it morning. A man dressed as giant penis shoots out of the shadows and has worked some didn't steal anything up and just beat his. In your description is. Texas football team this man out. How they got to find a giant penis a tournament because once they put it into Baghdad the world's 64 penis counselor who you're never going to word again. Because that's late oh yea he is now man. Got a six foot pit got through but now the top to look at pornography a six foot penis and I have to think. In the entire country there's maybe four people and any one time if it's not Halloween dressed of the dive team. I'm with you he won't Wear it any time soon. If you're a grown man to whom did you have been it's got to elect. He thought if somebody left hander Mike you're all your friends know you have a giant penis counts to add a blustery. Reporter the imagery is booze because we think it's yelling yeah okay over the tongue and downloads to party in our Tommy's. Doubt not a whole lot of jobs. Think our not a lot right now 206421. Rock profile this is coming up. The shenanigans continue. I'm the man whose. Radio network. And KI SW. One Seattle. This is dumb men's room. It doesn't the click on profile those playing for tickets to royal blood we will do the game formerly known as black what makes your view. Coming up in minutes first a quick check my talk for some of the stories and headlines though that he has not working odd. And hurled at Florida was arrested last week after he set a cop car on fire and called 911. And said he it was a quote welcome mat for the new share. And he called novel and wanted to do is walk directly into a jail so close behind him no idea I have been. In no way should you do that to him. But it's kind of gangster Afghanistan I think you let a cop car up and they call the cops say as a welcome to the new sheriff I'm guessing why should ease us. Like old west stuff. He on this chart a large video screen at Union Station in DC stud I suddenly started playing or not much that it. Man I hope it's not clear what have you aware that instant yeah public is a script. But imagine Mike. You know like when you go to the mall and you got to find where you are veterans or is it you're here to it's kind of like it was like one of those tennis breathe look at porn you single. Is this morning called I don't know and it was gone from like the reed met Sosa didn't like. It was as quick 152 blip with a ghost story. There was Longo brutal death. Are okay but if you put if you had it if you're the guy to me if you had pins are right and you could put three minutes what genre would you put up there for everybody detect I would ghost Gmail goes under would recover when Al the most well all right the other one but I know you can receive mail all do the you're showing porn so it's already. I had in remain at the Union Station one of the busiest drinks into the southern New York City are you might as well go with the porn that most people in. So you like you are shocked people. I'm showing porn inadvertently and publicly few months we'll go. All in I think I'm gonna go to the anger factor on the to have the biggest black guy with a larger thing and it just ram of limelight. As my thick. Does that have to react how did I won in Atlanta that's actually where I needed I was right there with the. Especially dvd. They really have the crowd realized yeah oh yeah I'd rather good football. Now have a Mike I like he could write better I kind of cornered tigers went on I was bowers and oh yeah he's one. Move and Iowa my wife Lebanon. Police in Michigan bust at a house party with 400 teenagers on Saturday and there was so much pot smoke in the place that they had to take breaks to go outside and breathe. Think I'll fit the captain yes all that is awesome. That in this holiday hot yes Olbermann Dan makes sense. A lot to Michigan wants are confined to. The Sox got to go wrong house. As a former on service for Mencken Netherlands died last month and 89 years old and before he croquet supposedly admitted to switching his sperm and for another donors. And he may have secretly fathered about sixty children. I him wow the new it was a case of a doctor who's doing that as well dressed who was but I mean he's the guy in charge of the lab so when you go and you look through. It falsified the record that's where we got it it's like it's like shopping. Here's the sperm from a lawyer who graduated with a three point meters height he's blond hair blue eyes and of the dealers and that's kind of how you pick from. Wouldn't you take the time depict man I mean got to go to YouTube but you don't just go to a restaurant closed arrives they surprised me right. And it correctly then he's put pictures on the menu and a goods bombings Connolly that like. This is what your actually get it but it. Again it it shouldn't when people still be happy I mean did you go to sperm bank don't you kind of need that help. Jews who sort of like everything. You intentionally gave me the wrong food and Tomasson but that was not that I didn't enjoy the mile does not mean I'm hungry but you wanna know right thing maybe. The woman's eggs are still find it OK let's assume it'll have its permits those grants are. Some allies as well I wouldn't mind if the kid look like us need so maybe get like we'll pick somebody who's more Smart than you for sure. Brown hair brown eyes whenever the deal you know enemy. And stick because when the baby usually when the baby comes out beta comes now. But that's the idea I don't really care one way or the other doesn't matter to me but if you're going to spend 20000 dollars run that. And your kid comes out I don't know look like visited death. You might be a little display. If I am I didn't work out taken thrill. Told the daily monitor Kidd Jamal finds every that was a little Brooke yeah. And finally a man has filed a lawsuit for seventeen dollars and 31 cent come on man for what and for the rest of that I'll tell you an hour from now guys thank you my god we do have headlines coming up one hour from now. America doesn't sell that we got profile that's pulling her to get to see royal blood that Joseph is August the ninth at the shoebox and those tickets are courtesy of eight EG live is a KIW dot com for complete details and the men's room. Precepts. That's prohibited please tell everyone how profile this is playing I start ten miles it's a simple game or maturity your real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Her. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be two people and the decisions that people make bless you Woodard as you think makes the story a story. Hello Jeremy welcome to the men's room. All. You creep. Beside the bed you understand how the games play. I don't know if there aren't fantastic here this story this one is a little different this is the first hand account. That I found but I don't read it to you as it is written and and is heard from one and so we begin says that was my first job I've been met my husband Jeremy. Understand that there are now. Oh god and sorting out of her it is a quote it's not the real name but she actually eastern missile to insert U into the store could. It was my first job and my husband Jeremy who's won the company's directors handling a major corporate account. Two other than being one of the nicest kindest men I've ever met in my line of work. Results of are capable successful one thing led to another and Jeremy and I became a couple regardless. Epic soon word got out that we were an item and that's it comes wagging at work you see Jeremy was more than two years older than me and he was a senior and his position where I was just nude. Also. It was far from good looking he was short overweight and bald while I was slender tall and many people Lehman said. I looked like a model it's not my thing is over so well. There was no wonder the people talk about is due to this disparities chuckles with. Despite all that our governor to Germany and we have three wonderful children I was happy that nothing to complain well except one thing this is something I've kept to myself. And never told him. And Willie of investment banking we intend many networking event. Most of these are glitzy parties and gala dinners and with everyone turns on all dressed to the nines. Armitage is several of these charming book report that got married and no matter how many times I attended such events. One thing never failed to get to me I felt uncomfortable whenever I was introduced sister and his girlfriend. Or one. Even though I could even I was trying to be polite I incidents when they were thinking by observer dealers question. About Jeremy very much but I cannot help but feel slightly ashamed of his looks moral robbery for many people talked about as bad of a bizarre as a guy this is her testimony. Moreover I'm pretty sure that people talk kind of backed probably saying I must have married him because of his money the truth is I got right am not because of him but in my own hard work. I was at a gala dinner that Germany could not attend bats and I decided to quote unquote. Hide your husband who company. The arms of professional social escort but I found on the lines for a while stated that he was open to play any role that declined one element of the board for an ounce salesman. Paula Hanson Eagles beat several languages would you rather gifted it was my perfect husband. That night was the best experience I've had it knows all make believe couple comparable proud vice president love envious looks like golf for many people. Giving many people Davis is re delighted for one table to another. I don't think there's anything wrong with what I did since technically but Judy in my house they denounce them. It was an active deception but in my line of work image instead it's important it's everything. So that's her testimonial question is do you rally GAAP regret Jeremy and at least on the pits as a life. Do you believe that this woman is black quite MacKey or aged. May have been a lot of information that I had not been really that's got to be any yet an idiot. You know I know that the investment Baker's. And whole thing was this the a business that they have to go to an investment bank world. She's a better she loves her husband he's wonderful I'm just embarrassed to be so ugly and one here all utterly important about his status status word I'm just gonna lean Asian. A topic and do what you think it. Rick just did dude and Hannibal. Cambodia Brett Bodine Ted. I was leaning towards Asian. Yet which got. But she also described him as overweight Balt and short and ugly and she referred to remove a lot of that out like that I don't really work broke her hip. No hint don't say okay they're that would she'd been there which ye yes. But still he isn't the same as her car that I'll hear it hasn't exactly as he had model good look overseas and he's in general Nadia likes those stereotypes are good and Mike I don't lately. Guilty a lot of chubby Asian. We get the good stare at my babysitter at times of Blackmon have you been. Mood ma'am but I also think. I know now trying to decide what race of woman would be this nice to the short ball. It's who's fat and you're going to pursue how good of you guys they're good headline out of they quickly you know what jamming up all of my heart here. I'm gonna have discussed I've been in this position. I'm glad the eightieth. I sure do. Actually I have been multiple times girls I've been immediately people would like they hired hundreds and played. Just little things like golf bedrooms they're like you know generally well it must be nice to work in radio. I am. I really don't everybody out whatever whatever is your famous I am so I got out yet just based on what I've experienced obviously she's a tall blond woman. Men cheat. I've called a pit cheaper and it's so eloquently it's kind of like an agent lady tried like overly explain why she doesn't like her husband's so I want. And she also didn't have sex the guy would tech Harris I don't know if he does want zone who don't you better image for the army appearances and a candidate that I don't think they're worried about like social stuff now that I'm healthy I'm. I'm sure I'm mad at her. Parent you guys are used to that as your final answer polyester Anastasia Marie to find out if she was black light makes the or Asia next. That with the team while we were trying to stall or anything but welcome back to the main. Nine point nine KI SW I've got your profile has got the situation or type deal. Where not AL woman obviously. She married. I don't know along herself against not well it depends and respect miles according to her. She says that she's tall and people commented that she could be tomorrow. She says her husband who. Does very well whatever company they work for you is wildly successful but if you look mr. points avenues. And I quote. Short. Balding. Facts. And I'm attracted over exactly about her house but now but she did hire a guy that she needed at some event to polls as a husband. And that is different I guess was nice day for her response the perception Garrett male escort those guys he says great looking guy. Lou and bunch of different languages so people were very impressed Demeter quote unquote. Husband these events promise she felt really good about. Not that you want sleep with a guy she does look how she felt of these events and people fawning all so Jeremy we yes you do you believe this woman and her. High stakes importance is black and white makes your Asian. And pretty quickly cities. Yet miles agreed with the intent were reload outgoing white. But I'm more hopeful thing for you like it generated you know it and she's tall as just all right so but and and you went to Asian. I. Check out royal blood August 9 of the show Watson tomorrow same game same time same bat channel. I drove all the TV news all the time TV time the dead is on the way you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. This man's. And drills 99.9. Hey guys SW I think June headlines with my cock on the way but first for the all the TV news all the time minister I ever TV tablet tea. And now in case you're pathetic life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room present some TV. Ten. To determine dad brought you back certainly 2000 that it shows and movies instantly puts any out of anytime anywhere ready for the future of golf. Call 1800 city that's 1800 X that it. That maybe. For better. You know might sit back to I don't know if it's. I'm guessing this is. Political life. And unscripted show like Deadliest Catch style but not doubles to the. It has that sound to me oh no setter uh oh what what's the heads down. All right number one the show is super Dexter. This is no help for the Obama propaganda should have a little bit of can think of all the gangster programming I want to narrow this down to remember when I visited texted just doing some gangsta stuff right doesn't mean animals gangsters brightly that's what does the little red stuff my fret not Bob's burgers and hello. An audit. Although you mole abound of. Not that young Pope are. OK Doug program and get the theme yeah. OK I would not have does that once you add hope that's about it with the music I envision not only set the theme song for the bad national Pope. As Mike sold today that he gets event the hallway in the June evolves from gives us locally. Them young Pope. A better as a back. OK so here's the deal. His you know sub awhile ago I wasn't positive it's the so originally was written as a one time that chore it aired over I wanna say a when I say on that BBC years something and so it came from Europe bright. Now it did so well for HBO this past fall but they say well we learn how to come up with a second season. But not only that some of the original crew figures instead of just the young Pope because it would be did so well like with seven new show of the the new Pope. Really well so there's other door and the door to new hope the final won't involved there. So that I don't stately they wanna start a new Pope and and ray are you gonna have a second series would Jude Law but the problem is too asleep with that being merely there was a major actors in there. You know jerk of all the right Google that's what the one season thing like that are gonna go back to doing move movies and yet Diane Keaton right. Famous Italian dude. It is James Cromwell protect your record eight cited just funny like that's I think that's probably part of it to do you go back. Also like look I watched that whole series of young Pope like. It just seemed like it must've cost millions just to film that brought to. The bat and bowl eligible big budget like those actors in other night didn't do anything crappy at least maps automatically speaking easily since he's been a money. I'm surely got the money bad but I heard from some of these. Former. Cinematic totally garrison right so I don't find him you know if you were Tom Hanks movie did very well. Everyone at home a lot like he's like the skinny version of John Goodman no one minds you know and he's fundamentally decent guy so he and to get negate him. Something something New York one alphabet that it was not an easy guy CIA guy BI guy. Now he has some other TV show on on what it is but it's another spin off of one of these kind dramas. And I think that like abouts in these totally don't why would you do to you via don't mean all these movies that I'm an actor it's a steady pace each. General to prove myself and movies ever done that you'll no longer have it then that's an old school project who cares. Miles you sit on the head. That that was such a like an old school thing for years and a lot of the action movie actors they wouldn't would you ask you would not guarantee. You might may be go to like HBO showtime into a mini series. But your back on regular TV crew and then rightly Gary Sunnis. To think who else and CI you know like some of those guys. Is on they started coming back TV show rate you'll definitely. You're getting people that they did find in the movies symbolic bright as it is ten to five in the movies she's a good players they wouldn't vote she never were and that the community. Yeah this is still art whatever that Halley Berry came back for some short lived show your. Real rate was in the biggest movie star but she gets a good ones and I mean jeez I wrote to her credit I was just just never forget she was a fly girl. Or quality color alluding to vote in living color yeah. The production get okay for Zocor and ask. She was a fly girl it Jamie Foxx who beat him DJ. Holds arbitrary and reload the gun okay. Not the Wayne's a lot of the wings have done well but I that well. Now O nine well he's got an Oscar. Played what originals here. Those who released Stephen really be and to beat. A path that's result if the X all right. So I want you to listen to this site this is mother's day of the guys who issued his mom with a nerve. Yeah. Generally did you hear the mom laughing at times I feel like what's so funny about shooting your mom in the mouth. With the nerve to putt and arguably of a million things on and on mother's state but the thing is he sitting there in the corner he aims and up. In when he shoots the little nerve dark right you watches video cast of he's faced by the way. She as she blows a bubble if it's the bubble now. I saw dude. They can watch a video Wiki like having an out. I don't know he timed out probably I. I think are different you should the nerve got huge amounts face a Mother's Day like I think this guy was probably pitcher's mound facing an addition to mom faced an automatic and filming and that's part of the game right but I do think he lucked out a little bit but it's kind of crazy that boom it just hits the bubble that's why is she just starts laughing and going crazy too. Now they Marmara left some now. Now I can attest to this until the story before the years ago right rat like like the beach or something. So we're staying at like you know again a bigger built her and I a couple of the third or fourth floor that GI Joes for my age bracket were only like. With a four and just all get their act or losers not yet at least four inches and how solid really where. This guy real or if there's. A good or is about sudden GI Joseph a fifth GI Joseph the so I have these GI Joes and my mom has to come. On the parking lot put and clothes and stuff back in the trunk I kind of nudge my sister doesn't connect their mischief element here. Get in the tanker hit a third form and I would think about it I threw it he I have the best arm that dad did have talks with the maholm punks like mob wreck the back of our team never really got like outwardly yearly physically apparently an iPod you kill Beaulieu. Yeah if that's all right Dana is on the ride home. My sister told me a seat about Santa Claus and and she was intro Ole. A secret about it did it. Our markets here and kid hurt people's. Like your sister did you exactly and dirty look through. If you know what speaker a mom's not come or you know while ago we had the Mother's Day stuff going on in that Jimmy Fallon have to thank you notes about molesting. Thank you. Mother's Day proving that one time every year and suddenly reminded how much extra cost that we get shipped overnight. Everybody watch. For releasing bottles designed to reflect the shape and different body types. Things more empowering than standing in the middle of the CBS trying to figure was held plastic glove they look like make it. People walking in flip flops. For making it sound like Simmons getting slapped every few seconds. And. He has had to be Smart had to be strong and how long the bush not convene. Decided not to have it and I take it well now let's get an anti tried to have been ahead this. When he was called me up to the whole story. Thank you. For looking like dogs that just haven't been fully inflated yet. I will say my mom always easy ways Aaliyah. Like always he's no longer. You know they're usually not badly long long and they need to be what they just say nothing. Brat right right it's not that there overhauling it just like you took a short amount of time to tell me nothing. Using. And I Al wanna say it's strangely generational. That was the generation that basically had the answering machine for the first time all gone so where we syntex what were quick and to the point. If we know someone's not there we know that. They've seen our phone call ready realize they ministers and we are trying to get a hold of them. That's enough information to deduct the rest don't need to Lieberman if it's serious enough free needle in a message that you could do so. But that's not the standard protocol with a mom it's like. I think it I'll have yet but I got all this stuff I still need to say. Alice opened again and that they say things like that against him at home was indication because I'm not home. You are correct. And I just wanted to let Tina Nina well actually I'm not sure if your father would own mind me. Why don't I didn't care evil we don't get person you have to nom list of the recording. Yeah we did the did hit my beliefs demand I heard it first three words and realize that going nowhere so now. I did not hear the rest yet I I just always. Amber's let him crack a hall of like the thought long just warrantless mare my cell phone tells you what I call my mom on Mother's Day. She was not there she was at church and my grandmother picked up the Foster a figures it's been called on a birthday what's the appointed him and Iran and my grandmother and an out and I love I love my grandma aunt and I was excited actually I got stuck to my grandma she just got back from the hospital. And she'd been there for a couple days until Astor has used on everything so when analyst whole machine prisoners forties all the machine to bring new. Even tell us that he was so comfortable intellect and she she tells me a couple things and then just in my to the program off fashion she's like. You know I really don't have time to talk about that stuff going on on the deal talkies and a good. Liked it all up. Your great. And you you told me you'll have time for me if you've got stuff to do and even retired for thirty years this is offs. Thank you death. My mom never would have done that yet they asked about as busy cared. Cut me off whatever. I like the bagel person may have to tell you and then they don't have time and I got to run all day. I think the update to protect it. Who. I took my mom on Mother's Day she was to go the beach Joseph nice and an ice Oca every plant. What may never should she's retired. Is just amazing. She was so scared of it in the out just with a lot of his brunch is. Yeah devised by the pool name and it's about to be a weekend for the rest of your life and yet you don't people feel on Friday when I get out work. You'll get the feel that way every single day that's one thing about the retirement lifestyle they always say the same thing matter who they are. Unity and we did that don't know we didn't Friday night wait a minute what day stability day. On today what is do no no no no we would on the Wednesday and then I would like well I don't know god and has once you retire you're desperate and even to my parents you tell him that I'm like. Yeah after you number where wanted to Monday outbursts Saturday I don't talk the same to you know that's the only one so far that she kind of annoyed me a little bit. And every Sunday it's like you know I never thought about it. And got a stress but it's so relaxing not. What could she doesn't have money for the job it's just a regular day my dad is you know coming up like 11 o'clock here. ML media. Morgan had in all we can today. Yeah I hope you did before an average on the sides Tuesday I'm I'm I'm working men at the school day. Are low low OK well keep it to Longman. You never call me and we give him alive I'm convinced retirement as the gateway to dementia because your parents remember. I had everything up to a point in the date they retired to suddenly they have no idea what day the weakest they have no idea every day of the kind that is they have no idea what kinds of like. Everything disappears within a week of them retiree. You guys have actually gone crazy you have no concept of time. There's no place and if there's at least you you leave your job and apparently you just lose your mind. Put your kind of I think that happens sometimes to like keep your lucky enough to get like a two week vacation in and around the holidays are some ads you don't move today right on this date. You start getting very confused. Puzzling to like I was thinking about it you know to get time off around Christmas to a site. Players bowl games. And there's like NFL games on Saturday and its very keep people back in the days fired just kind of get used to like drinking and in central unhappy got arbor area for you know what I wanted to work for a lot of football that it's like. But the AMD is this may only two left. I missed free get. That's a horrible thing to think when you retired. Rules and adjudicate the last. Hole and that is yet. And I never have somebody asked that would you rather know the data dire to Sturgis that happened just add them but I know that's weird question I have a brother does happen. Yet that he wouldn't like I can towed it out like that today. And little part. Is truly the day or two before. You just want like 48 hours notice. Yeah 08 as though we're about nothing is reached you'll read the notable democratic art it's okay no hurry back that I that a point of Matt Ellis of a new discover card is Rick and I plan on using. I. I'd still like James Brown for CBS sports obviously that the real James Brown but sometimes on the executive Thomson. As Doug James Brown you on on SNL I'd be remiss pregnancy James Reynolds would do the math Obama. So one of the big things the Super Bowl you guys went two years ago number there is the the black back ranked. So kind of the joke was James Brown had to keep Pippen. To broker broker who prototype and that was the whole thing right after this two broke girls while there is some sad sad news in our myths what's the to broker Els has no more miles oh no it lasted six seasons. Got canceled you kidding now man although that was a popular show the people liked. The reasons it was I got up to relate that your. Bush had a lot of good things right now yet but the two chicks like the dark haired one I actually thought was hotter look at something right. But then the hottest of her on the show is different mop. In Saudi government to go through that actresses Jamie great character elements yes Osha's he's differs mom I don't care really now how much older. Obvious even a little what are you aptly hostility and and Jeff it's in response president cancel them. Yeah you know at a lot of talk about it apparently a lot of people were ruptured well that happens in tenth. As always you know it. I don't I am I just don't miss every week every week and CIA. And yes is number one. Yeah see how many people can watch the field thirteen point 413 point four million people. Yeah I do every week without bail repeat on new does that matter at CI AS number one number nine and CIS non patent. I pick a candidate they just don't stop miles which you know general unbelievable. Thank you dead aerial TV time went dead we will take a quick break and come back what my pocket headlines right after these. That's just the men's room 99 point. Drawn programme in return how big dummy no I sure like also got up with the did we but it is Deluca we have a headlines with my cock you are listening to the men's room on the men's room radio network. I rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drilled 99.9. KI DS. I am tomorrow program returned good don't you know I Sherlock dead meat and potatoes the head gym bag and house and more tickets for royal blood with profile this now it's time to hit the headlines here's my costs. It's Sunday it's. Aaron got started at a man and Texas is suing the woman that he took out of a date for seventeen dollars and 31 cents. After he says that she texted multiple times throughout the movie that they went to see. Yeah look man. It's gonna cost you more to carry out the lawsuit. I would let him zooming Google I learned I thought what UB seventy bucks amusement 2000 dollars do like you go to movies quite a bit I did aren't. I'm assuming is this the price of one ticket and sold the or is this seventeen dollars this is the price of the movie in 3-D Euro what did he did go to 3-D movie and that's and that's like nine dollars a ticket of eleven dollars take it it's expensive did okay good that that. I was just think it's seventeen dollars I know I haven't been to a movie and like over a year but what the hell's happened. The cost of a ticket to seventeen dollars and tried ice yet has yet he's suing her for 1731 the price of the right movie ticket or I guess just. The 3-D grant man I prayed to god they classes I took my kit wrestle with how to put a Star Wars in three days I went to it was the Lego Batman and move our side note it's actually pretty funny movie but. He had to see it in 3-D it's me and him no problem. They don't we the price of a threat that's at two tickets are like that right it's like 35 what are those like you don't know what to think out today of thrill of adults films that are like that in the radio I'm not talking up there were developing and on the talking about like the red eye in the blue wise though and talk about one I'm talking about when you put on the straight grade I expect they did that it appears that this editor at 25 years ago I was living in Baltimore the time. And out there is a movie theater there called Charles my throat is not normally shall porn but because it was street is the Port Authority. And all of those long crazy about it like we have to see it can be out of there. Yeah more male the female because. One of the shots that's yours all that porn is and what are the guys to a woman goes from behind Barack. Guerrillas in 3-D is big Harry has really seems like it's a power. Evidence of what's going back a little money off this is not. Also face I will say this man and act and a lot of talk about the family members' involvement the daytime here to play. Concerts movie. When this thing starts having concerts all the different their phone usage obviously but when you're in a theater right now I'm like is so much brighter than I'll think it is literally a little bit and it's annoying because it's like. Do you wanna be here or does that text message about nothing I mean not much Steve and apparently she Texans like twenty to write titles and it should be noted that she drove there. And so yes for multiplied like aching not texting because it this bugs him more than any because everybody right until it is hate to get outside and she actually flow left. Got the car drove off it's only colors like element money bags and no that's what experts. Also say to go to first or second date to a movie theaters just dump the unit just you don't get. There. All right out rather well but after a man in Minneapolis odd couple man tossing garbage out of parked car he took down their license plate number. When the two men noticed they got out and told them that had they had guns. The threat let. That a man now flagging now policemen then searched the car and found a hand grenade and gun assault rifles and ammunition all the well the bright side as they weren't line. Today I look I've been witness to a lot of illegal activity in my life that. I still. I still. I still based on laziness and just to yours a person if you throw crap such Carlin though if you litter if you and that's still to me is like you know better. You know better you know and me like it's in Norway then really it's like I understand what this guy called cops and just dumping stuff out of your cardinal parking lots of players like. Now you can go to look trashy and throw it away you don't have to make someone else clip clean up your mess. The given notice to people that litter the most out of their cars. Pavlik spectacular cars that are super clean argue that no strategy right negatively your cars messy like you're a terrible person that letters on the broad. Out of doormen out the window man go reasons why and you do one of those highway you cleanups. You just you just can't believe how disgusting act. All things to be concerned about a Washington DC you'd think that duct ramp would be low on the list I would think so yes I've represented it says that it that grant is a waste of government funds whereas the president and nonprofit sees it as helpful for that when they can't make it back at the flat view as a that you as a government employee in this in government are a waste of government. Yeah when I don't bill you are rampant now. He's blown off and you need to get here now that's all there's just this this. What do they call it a protective. I purveyor whatever it is a little doubt that they can't up and over and and you know say that they're dying. They're they're drowning after exhaustion and try to get Atwater one that's what about the little ramp that this effort out of that good with government apparently. Though it is written I have a tiny it's for that. Our grandparents not a big but you can launch he broke any law that Babylon is I know done little hot we'll be able Elena app it just something big definitely be upset about it. Our highlights of the strata of the bottles to warm up an unknown insect has descended on the London. Witnesses are saying that they look like Beazer was but nobody is sure or sure why they're traveling in such large one million as the aim had been better than ever visit do you oral las. But it I'm Margo outside. The thing is they're doing that pack mentality like let's warm well yes when it is an ego thing go to one place another NASA. Move nest and this is huge black cloud economy can and learn no idea what it is back. An innate thing it was going to be but we've really known. Rabbit out of Vancouver BC were quick thinking pharmacy student gave arcana Williams they say that to a pet rat that aid its owners heroin off the table. And that the relative barely breathing which tried to administer than market with a shot given at the rat was too small. She thought quickly knowing that rats as if they get that we are on the nose the scraper with him on them with their flight ended so that's huge for a little bit on it snows in the did that did that at the end the narc him thank god. Does not take the story. In like look man I know it's packed it's a pet rat it'll be on heroin and and it's just when he's been the story as it's like. As rebels OD on heroin she sprang into action and saved her wanted to the wraps yeah I had yes they got them back to wrap it in for that. You know would love will finally just give them is yeah and battling for the ever ended in the world of sports for the first time in thirty years a woman will college Monday Night Football game. I had my Owens who has called college football since 2005 will be play by play for Monday Night Football on September 11 between the chargers and the drunken kid as a bid to get. As a grad I tonight let that. The and tonight. Tomorrow on the program the return of big dummy know as Sherlock Ted's meat and potatoes along with more Digg is to royal blood. With profile this will do that right after the shot of the day yes indeed it is all that. It is all that through good job all of that is true that's the proper order words were back tomorrow. It's November I would ask that you simply do which you do poorly this thing. It's day. That's true that's been paid before a lot of studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester blend. Presentation knows the man threw real well.