Thee Podcast Episode 179

Thursday, May 18th

This week we talk Trump.


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Put like athletes face at the moment. Late last thankfully put out Isiah thomas' eighth. That the same theme he walks over to that window and it went all the dudes in the police have the wizards players face masks are. Yeah or you're out yeah thank you improvement books. It's clear cut hours and they got a government always liked what's gone our president on. Oh not that bit him in that it Celtics knocked up it was last night that's why he's hurt. A way that he shares raised up anymore and wins. Wizard or is there on the Washington Wizards are out back up strapping Cairo and in DC you know Washington Wizards in it Gilbert Arenas for a while you're at Dover Hologic. Yes because the view here's a guy incredible. Yeah he is insane. You who else is insane. President. Over a year and. Dana you one thing we podcast but this isn't just any clock ask just any podcast couldn't do this. It. Starting did start and these are starting these senseless and I'll. You'll let her Wear a helmet you know. These podcast episode 179. Put them your voice be difficult because this your podcast they're hot gas that all play our homeland. Who elected me as my burner body. Very good Freddy Joey theology somewhere to wield southeast Asia a good run at a cop got going on. Just the podcast wowing Wall Street this morning as even climbed to record highs on better than expected international downloads weather predictions in the emerald city contrary to get above which sent shares even higher this morning. The FCC expected to announce an investigation as soon as regulators are crying foul. Envoys headed for park avenue we're destined to run king county jail we'll find out at senator. I factor in the rear of the field get a couple Bart got a lot studio set up what I do. Back out of the producer SE CD with them they're dead they don't excellent. An excellent day. I mean should we just start retro mills who. All right. So as we've been pretty good the last few weeks few months we've really got into it too much but. We talked a little bit about win. Who was. It is a Flint resigned right yeah Michael Flynn. And he was the head of that I think we talked to him and I talked with the thought of you here are back. So anyhow the point is the Russians are involved the Russians. There's a lot of ties with trumpet his administration to the Russians over and over but we kind of got away from it any fires an FBI jerked real sweet. Teams comb. I was on car. That calmly. Comment COM only winery that young to CY and each is the Coca. Seven basically. The net so he fired the FBI director. And obviously they just ran out that the FBI was going to be the start and maybe start an investigation into generally if god tell. Yeah and then the next day. They had the Russians. Two Russian dude into the White House and having the Oval Office where no American Media with a child but the Russians out of there and took a picture. Oh yeah at a Russian media yeah. That we find out today or yesterday that he leaks and Intel to the Russians that it was like it's not a big deal and then today and his supporters article and you know the Washington Post fake news is that false story this and that and the trump this morning just that gets fine if you about stuff on the president. On twelve. Right I'm an article today that's like Israel's. Arrest. I'm not generally units in your tea agree Israel is would follow world stuff but really. You have a lot of allies suggest that it just seems that deeply these kind of breaking presidential. Why I was in Israel concerned I don't know about that part of the whole like geopolitical likens what they're legitimate rush me out there intelligence with us. But they didn't its intelligence they never meant it to get to the Russians. How nice the people always think about too like when you think about the Middle East and stuff. We can't just think about is simple it's like oh this country's doing this or that and who's involved where involve the Russians are involved too. Biggio and I racks of our best fighters that we've teamed up with the Kurds and but the Kurds. Hate to Turkey people pretty sure though they have a constant vendetta against the Turks than Turks are against and like there's some people that like hospital with the Russians late. That's yet to be very careful but it's. Secret Intel. Did I will say this. Toshiba can hold a grudge man who retired in my generations and generations of graduates. Give up not from the Middle East mum on how a lot of friends from Middle East and Persian gulf but. Man they know how to hold aggressive better than anyone on the planet may look like it Paul actually and doesn't matter anyway round could hit USA what the president now. I don't know how he could not almost be impeached it is. Campbell I mean real quick on the Persian gulf and there's also the warlords and small factions like it's not just nation states going out and so he had harassing very nuanced pomp. As I think people think about when you say hey let's strap a bomb in this country you think about that you're dropping a bomb on a Middle Eastern country and which we just say we too easily but also yeah I think about the consequences. And that when that stuff goes all. You know you're talking about others number one civilians get hurt but also other militaries getting hurt. Oh yeah and I mean that's where we're paying port to you know it's like that's where your money it's. Actually don't fund the most he's an open and protest yes Faris trump I mean I expect him come in and break rules you now in a news his presidency was going to be unprecedented. But he's off to a hot start. A site that is east down this first hundred days yet where we and he may just passed you got to be yes I mean. I don't know I think at this point the the Republican Party is. Not crazy bottom obviously Democratic Party is not crazy about him. How are now I don't know how it's gonna go down I watched a Frontline thing on and that's where in 90% of my information comes from. And it's just good source Poland that I'm SNL thing that we watched those scathing. Yeah this weekend can. Yeah well that's the thing me and I mean it's hard to lake. I just don't know if I get pitcher Republicans and some people law but I think it. I get the people are Republicans but I just don't like out if you're Democrat or Republican would he does stuff that late. You can't really defend stuff. You know and I mean like number one. But he's how does he 7071. Like this what is she doing on Twitter it is the president. Ligament to come out and say well he doesn't always mean what he tweets late sorry you're the president of the United States. You can't just you know made. Crazy statements or this or that like you think people a lot of the world revolves around what our president sent. Oh yeah I mean even just my the banking sector you know or like a militarily I mean there's so many different ways in which. Like the US affects the rest the world and yet people and you'll make their living speculating on what the president's gonna Dewhurst and sank. And you'll make. Huge investments based on ma and move army is based on that means it's pretty crazy but here's my thing do we want an impeached because land. Got panned stepping up to bat. We obtain natural gas political view. I do too much about my cut cut cut cut. I've seen. But I don't think it'll be better I'm not saying there can be some policies that would hurt more people. It just at this point I was kind of tired of our country look like jackass. I think we look at you Jack to the rest of the world right now. You brought. Sprint collect. Well yeah it is just amazing to you think the topics sleek. Out yet hey everything had to be about healthcare and it's a map but they can't get health care the health care's been forgotten about it still sit in the senate. Because there is. He keeps dealing with a rush in and in and kind of do an illegal stuff. And here's so they don't get is that Donald Trump forget just please god forget per second which party you're affiliated. He's just a bad person. Like why I don't understand when you fire the FBI director why you have to put that paragraph in their ballot even though you told me three times. That I was not under investigation. Still that I have to fire. We just seem so petty about stuff and you look at his track record he is so petty about stuff. Yeah I mean he's notorious for being petty about Mike real estate deals and stuff like that there is one with. Tiffany's company that people were pretty upset about pianists like it's costly and little little things like Allentown. Count I don't know I mean this is kind of what I was expecting to be honest with you I didn't expect him to keep tweeting that's passed on animals but. I think come you know there's going to be some silver linings. I mean what was of the we are talking about the other day. This weekend we're talking about the presence he bowed to political BS so the night. The whole like political media mouthpiece just like how so the reason once for around about health care this is like a tactic that's widely used by. By democracies or make any any government really that Noam Chomsky brought to light how much their time and in the movie manufacturing consent of which there's about Maine but anyway. He is talking about how we basically just like. Mean muddied the waters with so much information and so many issues that it's tough for anyone to band together against like one. Bad cause or one perceived. Slight or outraged because there's so much going on in the waters are so choppy and you can't focus or grasp. And any one single issue and so I think. That that's what they're trying to do is just like just completely flood the airwaves with all this crazy stuff while they're doing whatever it is that they you know is on there. Agenda. But I don't know. I think in the back calls on Washington generally I agree with you that's you're talking about but it. I don't think. You can't count on on president Tweety in making all these wild state and he comes out. He's come up twice in the last week twelve hours after his people went out to defend them. And it took the complete opposite point. I wasn't I about it's we uptight about like the dude hounds are like it's published media. There a moment cycle unless we their fronts it's different he's putting up so much crap all the time that you can't concentrate on one thing. And do you think he's not doing that intentionally now. He's just doing it just to like. I looked he never he never won it the job. He wanted to stick it to Barack Obama I do doubt it's only president. I think the guy is freaking out. Yeah part of it almost feels bad form because late. I don't know almost any business situation like there's some. Ridiculous out to get out of it but it's like you want to present it Manley the buck stops with you. But there's nobody yet they're still out there so there's no way to iconic quickly fix things like yeah I do agree that are doing a lot. I do agree that he didn't want it but just wanted to to state to Barack and if people don't agree that there's a what was their front line and called the choice. Yeah we get to our special yeah really good highly recommend watching it but. I mean it also doesn't paint Hillary so all the yeah which frankly I was not bigger fan of Hillary anyway excellent. Com email us through that you know I don't know Alex slick Willie though says that. Hand. I mean like slick Willie. What do we do like. I couldn't I was a fan like anatomical out of his economic policies mean he's like spurred all that growth in the nineties mean no president's without fault and it's there's a lot of things he did short patient Don but overall like tough job. And fans equally I record. But. Yeah trump I mean what do we do like we impeach the guy and then pants is up there dislike. I mean. Sorry. Dude I don't know what I don't know whether isn't there there's no real might is not only trump is not the only one who's in this deep water like I. Out of all of us with a. Well actually two with the tribes people like you you impeached him I think some of those other people have to go down with us sorry. The nepotism is ridiculous. Like I. And I think. Assaulting the other day were some interest on what they talked to Jared Kushner whatever was in his office and it's all like. All of us are battling the talk from the stuff he's been it maybe if John Oliver think what he's been in chart put in charge of its late. A guy that actually already headed. Prerequisites for that job could handle with the paper now talking about it if I can be just got a ruling. But that's the stuff to me right Disco what is going O line. I like I don't agree with almost anything pence stands for what you know all day but on the same token I sleep better tonight with his views fingers on the spot. So when an impeachment goes down I mean I don't know much about the mechanisms pilots that happens is that the senate than those letters of the judicial branch sent. Focus and he's at all papers of impeachment. And and you gotta get it passed through for impeachment like they vote on yeah. Him. Mean that's why they click Bill Clinton. They they brought up papers right now they want to impeach Bill Clinton because got a job in the office in the Oval Office which doesn't make you okayed it. And consequently wrecked by I don't know if you are being Hillary I'm just saying it. So I'm telling to edited Q. Now. A because I wouldn't let me and oh I thought that I let Bernie where it. But. But you know like Andrew Johnson the only president to actually be impeached and I am pretty sure product off. He's the president after. So. I mean I don't know if so you think it's it doesn't really happens I'm not a 100% sure I'm pretty sure that it would be drop papers the Adidas certain. A number of votes viewed congress and senate and education. Have the trial are about this for a scenario for a best case scenario. What if they do like about the united. Are you were saying some people have to go down with them right yeah. Double impeachment. Paul Ryan. Honestly I think Paul Ryan's gonna end up being present at the UB decent I mean. Considering our current options I think you've been decent here but. What Paul and they don't we got to curry opponents hell yeah I'd take his extremist or Paul power opposes extremism. It was super tough though and then when asked about our president his boy to be enough of youth IKEA comments week to mathematically. Don't want don't always policy. Would you go about it you've got don't stop Tweety or you have to address this stuff these are serious issues were talking. Now I don't know man like. I know that it's not the best positioned to take but realistically like politics is just like such a circus and such a farce that. It's really tough for me and take care and another sort of like the classic. It's rumored that. I don't know like. I disengaged mentality that they paint malign meals worth but it's just like such an. Century due to a circus show at the end of the daily court. Relive and think could top Kersey in now and it's just like all the motto that Milliken oligarchy it's like there's like. 600 people who control all the important land they have thank. You know huge amount of the money they control the labor force to control all of the like lobbying. You know they effectively control the government. And so it's just like. I don't know man like that we're talking about a congress it was like on paid for thirty years ago he now and so like. And I'm George Carlin type one about it but basically like. He just. He wonders out loud like win the American people are gonna get sick of like the giant red white and blue it's been shelved of their past thirty years. And so like I think you know starting in the seventies and now obviously liked. A lot of things have been a lot of protections to the American citizens have been eroded and what you really gotta get your head is that they don't know about us at all. And it's sad time. I think that's the truth I think there if you could politicians out there but I think for the most part. They're narcissistic their plan for themselves and they would rather win and on the correct answer and they would rather increase their power then. Decrease in investments necessary com I think there's some bright spots in Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders but. At the end game the whole games and so it's just it's tough for me engagement and. So your first point I don't. Most apt that your disengagement. I think adding I think that's a part today unique to what the master plan that's been an electoral plans to pop up as much news. But that's a big issue I think that's like from our president. There's enough people haven't been active in politics in don't it. And they sit back and his co op with all the same definitely effect. Now I do agree with you that they cheered your politicians for the most part are bald Pate read and agree that I'm disengaged or that. I don't it's I don't I agree that that's a cost that's an excuse to disengage from pollen area has a sense it's like sort of the classic one no excuse not to solve things but it's the reality of Norma. This. Obviously I don't agree yeah I think I think that's part of the reason we're in this kind of stuff that people don't vote. You know and I mean. If half so right now we're killing if half the people can get voted for Obama had to show back up at the polls. You know we're we're talking about another different you don't know what's. Calculated to they want people feel disenfranchised and feel like they can't affect the system because then they don't you know. I that's the whole whole idea and that's allowed start tomorrow affect them generating so much news regardless of the tweets just American government media in general. They want people feel so overwhelmed and so helpless and unable to affect the situation. And so smaller than Mike the individuals don't take on themselves which is my whole. -- my whole problem with the two party system as they make us believe that a third party candidate never could win and so everybody you know by the fall and have not. Voting for won those that want their vote count you know that's why is my question. But then when does anything change. If a Smart intelligent person like yourself doesn't wanna be involved in politics and you know how the games being played against it that they don't want you involved in your saying I condit's involvement. How can I expect something that doesn't have your level of education. Who doesn't even get the games against them like. I would only get everybody involved and I got Smart people are young guys know what they want they want me ominous sit out. He doesn't it seem worrisome. I'm not to see engaging in terms of voting when I'm saying is like. I'm not tracking in the news every day of what's gone on a night you know who's getting jobs from who and who's tweeting out what. Because frankly like on a personal level. It feels like there's nothing I can do which is frustrating and so like you know has a presence like my next business venture one of the big pieces of it is. His charitable I feel like I can make a difference in that. Arena about it feel like with politics you know it's a psych. What can you do quite. Call your congressman. I don't know maybe. My it's just psych it's very disenfranchising. And it's frustrating and you know. We there's so much stuff in life to focus on that I dislike. Have sort of start to take the position of like living much more simply pokes him things and actually can't control in my life hands. Not. Not spending my mental energy worrying about things that I can't control artifact I mean why they would take. A huge amount of time thing to do that. Payment. I. If that's the problem everybody at that mentality nothing will change but it starts with league people like yeah you gotta go African rally go to protest. You know just as you see a pros at the science protest. Right both sides of science protest in the women's protest everybody's fine right. Go to black lives matter protest or or or something like that and errors Billick get out of our streets would you do want to run him over with pars. My guys sorry that's what we need more effect constant. Pestering and in going to assist. Credit unions and some frankly I think need to be based on smaller. Smaller areas but you know I'm very talked about well look I'm not sold and I think you know you know at. That's another topic. I'm not saying it is it's gonna happen or whatever Billick I don't have enough people understand how big our country. And how different people who now is it an innate in you always need to know and because lately the necessity. It just because somebody lives in a small town. That somehow their more American. But I watch this whole special on with a six man football in Montana. And every time they show these people over know which is real America is what happens is that it's late. You know none of those big cities like so why why do you more American in me is I live in the city. And you know but that mentality is just announce it. Yeah I mean you see that a lot was. Yeah you see a patriotism clamped has linked the reasoning for a lot of negative things and just kind of you know especially on the Republican side. They like that's the first rule when I'm president point one. You Wear any piece of clothing at the flag or any part of the flag on its main America. I act if but there are I know a guy that his whole thing is aware piece of American quote you know some American flag on an everyday Netflix but it. If he loses support. Go to and you just have it easy for you everything that I get it I understand how business and manufacturing works. But I mean it seems like a simple rule we can put in to generate some business people are wearing it while it does make it here. Yeah I mean people of buying at Wal-Mart for 110 the cost of what it would be you know. Yes stuff like just the whole like human capital thing is pretty crazy like we saw all those jobs leave for China and now they're talking about. A bunch of them coming back from being replaced by robots. Meant the end of the day like it's just. Paul camp I don't know that's a long. It's a long rabbit hole to go down but yeah I mean mutilated American flights up to me in the US and non and merit inflation our class something. I think look I just. I just edit stuff and I'm not late. I'm not a moral code you just I don't know for some reason when I see somebody dressed in all there America's stuff from the television that the rapidly. That's O made in other places. You know it's sort of like the trumpet everything guitars up or bring back American jobs like well he could use American steel in his buildings but he didn't. He could hire these and that people but he did. You know they keep higher legal and it's that thing. But you know that's part of the American problem that always drives up a wall to write every man and an illegal for taking their job but we never get by the people to keep them the jobs. They wanted to get mad that business for duke. Yeah one in a minute goes like a step further because I. Ultimately you know the consumers are driving prices and stuff and so we really need is snake. Consumers to research what they're buying and why they're buying and who's best ports and we want to pay higher priced in Austin and the last. Now on the we have dislike. Extreme I mean look at like. It and the two most valuable retail brands both emerges ruthless cost cutter low cost provider of Wal-Mart Amazon and why doors because like we can talk called about. Paying more for some time because we support what thereabouts and some brands have been able to pull that off its pilgrims and an example putt. The other day most of opt for the cheapest thing because. You know for a variety of reasons to like one Americans are pretty individualistic two billion squeezed like crazy and I don't think we've seen the full. Brunt of how badly people organ squeezed by things like health care costs housing costs transportation. But we've seen consumer goods come down like crazy but those other fixed costs that. You know that people have to pay for. They're not and I'm gonna break from a and so I think I am having a lot more American households are in a lot more trouble than. How many do you realize that they were one recession away from some real crazy on now. Yeah I guess that's part of it too you know late I just wonder went along the it just seems like ten years viewers on them just the facts don't matter anymore you know and like I don't understand him like all the surprisingly. Well organized you know start drilling this and start trillin it's all about oil like look at the numbers there's not do those companies don't provide that many jobs. And they consistently destroy the environment the people around. The only people when it deprived like now. Well people West Virginia PA wanna be coal miners and stuff those people had a horrible horrible lives. Right we are some of those who then I was like these people like stand in line for protests are trying to get a job. To go work coal mine and my you'd rather work in coal mine and except. You know government cheese as a war. Fat the truck that I would think this activity some of the trump stuff I mean it just. Would you like and just seems like he's blatantly breaking ball. Yeah one other thing there's like I didn't keep tears me I should today to eat he usually just kinda scares me. I am worried about you bringing like. You don't want these other Jiang countries are filter out just the county seat and Meyer when. When ninety. The year before in this whole thing went down and talk with my room anabolic possible you know trump running its killer whenever. And I'm saying like if he gets elected. The only silver lining for me would be if he was so outrageous so ridiculous it's over the top. That it led to a dissolution and find that the two party system because people's faith in the house on a mind. War the United States as it stands now and we rebuild a new without this crazy thick. Tax law without a decent. These special interest smallest stuff because I think that's also possible given the power of the Internet and how iPhone can be connected. I would love to see a much simpler pared down version of the government but still how of the United States you know incarnation of it. But an updated version it's the fact that you need a professional to understand how much you owe the government tax season. Is insane and the fact there's always special holes I agree you've offshoring on the stand the sight but and this doesn't have to be down hard and so. You know I don't know that it would willfully ignorant of all no matter called subsidies to. Yeah yeah and like there's you know I I understand them their incentive programs for different things it's like. Let's. Maybe it's time that we you know we were we roll back and start from square one because the system has just become so bloated and so overreaching and filled with bureaucracy. That the Republicans are happy the Democrats aren't happy. Things you action isn't being taken our school system is suffering more spending more per kid than any other country in the world on education yet we're getting the worst test results. And that's gonna have big replicate. Repercussions in the future and so you know clearly something's not working no one's happy and frankly a lot of countries are marching forward very quickly and yet they're you know they have. A great chance of surpassing USH one B visa thing as a as a really good example how that whole system is being abused one B visa yes it's a it's a visa for. People come work in the US in high technology fields so. The problem so it's great the idea for the program is an excellent one which is the US. Universities are some of the best in the world's most cutting edge and so we want to attract the best intellectual talent come. To go to the schools and to work in the companies so. You are you talking about me China Stallone has so many like child geniuses in prodigy India same thing who were acting as a magnet by. I happen Gail and Stanford and Harvard in the east and cal poly count. And having these kids come over and go there management and then yam Maryland Terps haven't. And working in these fields for the US companies that helps the US companies Stan had. And the problem is small one people get upset because these two were taking American jobs which. Okay. If they didn't come and stay in those. Stennis companies they would be doing. The same thing in another country in the company ultimately would eclipse the US company but the promise the system itself has been abused and some now. There's a major issue where if all these consulting company is file tons of applications for these H one B visa owes you know summer to the tune of 60000 album. Just to get cheaper workers that do the same job as somebody who has. I'm in on American born. I code or whatever so. The problem might be somebody shades of gray with governments like the idea for the program is great for the XQ Chenault of it. Leaves a lot to be desired until a bunch Americans do end up losing their jobs which was the very fear and so. It just government so big and so complicated but it might pull government. You know programming in the company started abusing its on both I think ultimately also it lies with my civic conscience of these companies but. Yes I mean. The company's mandate is to make much money as possible Bill Gates talks on the slot. He's like if you want us to pay taxes set up the tax laws in a way where there's not all these loopholes were supposed to do our best. To make as much profit most possible for our shareholders. So if you wanna spend more taxes to setup the laws have us pay more taxes and so. You know the complication. Makes it so tax burdens are really unevenly distributed and so that's why. More push for much more simplified thanks so I think the silver lining of trump to discount and all home. Would be if people get so fed up with how insane he is and so fed up with how corrupt the government is so fed up with how. They've just thrown everybody overboard and cutting people's pensions and social security and all that. Bet we see a massive change like we wanted to with Obama are like the American people wanted to Obama and frankly didn't get. I would love to see a massive swing back the other way because a level of corruption. And you know insider and nepotism and everything like it's it's so out of control. That's frustrating. I do agree with you I don't buy it taught me that night in that we've kind of talked about it too was that. You know let's say trump you know he struck he always moves off so he does nothing happens he's trying to impeach this. I do agree with the theory that after two years and you've you've drain the ground of everything you could. You have more cities like Flint, Michigan and on drinking water and all these people in the south and in in Ohio that voted for trump. Now your health care's going seriously gone in like people die I do think at that point as sad as that is what you think that would be changing for. I was so looking penitentiaries and you know. The mandatory. Mandatory minimums. I did my same like a huge stink right at them and that's academic epidemic comes out. And all these white people on the west you know out here in the northwest of circle in the jail and they're dismissing. Jill times these minimums so the economy became an issue that adding a lot of times we sees. Whether it's pass through policing where economic stuff you see it first and inner cities but I think what's that spread the news the other areas venues teaching. Yeah and the problem is by the time it gets to that point you have these entrenched interests against it changing like the police officers union correction officers' union that people who on the private prisons and so now. They have this entrenched interest and frankly. They're more concerned with making a profit. Then. That's I meant by civic conscience than doing what is best for our society and I think. My time to politics few are more interested in winning and then do what is finding the best solution for our society. And so. I think with smaller countries you see less of that. Norway Sweden Denmark a lot more in a pro. Pro civilian policies or whatever but. Yeah. Mean we incarcerate more people. May point tarps in the world's prisoners parks and population. And it hit the daily Mika. When you're talking. Of murders rate which there's obviously people that deserve to be president but I also think too sometimes you know. An economic cut them slack to the guy who runs the prime interest in peace and exe you know but he doesn't think about it that's what I echo drug culture jail you know. Now here's the difference when it's somebody inside his family. It's like well he's up here he just led to counter patient had done anything yet caught the Portland brought to keep his kid Ngo. I like the affluence that kid right I mean I think that's really a giant difference you know as easily all the stuff isn't as simple and truthfully to. With the drug war which we've seen it with alcohol I don't understand its obsession with going back to the Reagan era law and order which I hate that African term. You know we're gonna have Lawler definitely what we got nothing out of block you know these people up exit. The prisons make money and mortgage title problems right we anything site in and you look at alcohol and we we agree eight. In a torch after prohibition that you know it. We're creating all these gangsters with this black market let's get it in just legalize it. Yeah I mean people who think that there's no. Strict class system and the U last year completely deluding themselves talked about like them being able to afford attorneys I mean we live. You know independent tiered system and they can afford attorneys and aboard private schools that have better teachers to. And now it's a prime I would private schools I've used the lawyer got in trouble and criminal law and it's criminally. Announced it. From all. And you tell derail ma'am no idea rounds on pat and a classes the real. We're dancing emails ready to meet our voice that's I was fired up today. And they don't fact check us man witnessed two dudes in a room to microphones headphones. And sees hears three embassy attacks and York. Yeah. The red dude. I don't think trump I think we're talking about trump. Is different you know it's like when I go you know him George that we talk politics but it George's or republic in for a now why also are mine too much it's just tough to fact check. What quadrant a stream of consciousness itself in an era at the podcasts we don't put news at the end. Announced appoint the pretty juicy and and the did you Fox News. I knew that type better lock and a NBC and even then everybody knows you to repairing and their marketing gates on match morning jail but I think they won't talk about it. Like I don't know I don't know if she's as funny story. And it didn't sleep at all in that department. Is just a funny story that guy Joseph that hosted in the other girl I guess they hadn't. They've when he got into it they are both either married or going through the profits divorce would ever so over the years it has to host of the show. They started dating and like. Now they're engaged. But it's weird makes SNL did a whole skin on it. And the following Monday everybody else on the show with light it up I was on Saturday Night Live their real. And so. You were all matter about what they're elected it'll skit about this year. And it flee. Honey are you and a ballot. Click pollster it was about you but sorry I don't care who you are the path and out of the holes it about you you watched it. What you but every repeat of you read any entertainments of these two people are engaged. That's where my frustration with trump them. I just can't stay in the blatant kinda like not mind just at all oh. It happened just like shocked. And just playing down. Yes boy doesn't respect us well he's a businessman. He EC east and veiled threats and says veil things but never says exactly what it means that what you have to prove in court. You know it's like if they always say about business plan and how it white why not white spray watched a lot of but it. People do that everybody all the time what can you prove that and look I can't prove it but I know you kind of lying to stop lying to. Rightly pissed that aren't so natural immunity to pencil though retirement on on Saturday is like just the idea of how business ethics. You know people are like. Because they get away with something they feel like that makes no. Rightly doing that. Is this because it's an ethics. Yeah. And I keep content tout their people to get emails to be happening. Now he might start before we get emails Ohio huge apology. It dependant everybody in the DC area cap and but that we can get like that in here and play. I'll hand late in caps are really gonna do it this time we talked about it the caps lost game seven at home to the penguins. Again. And then lastly what happened last night mr. It happened last night the Washington Wizards lost a game seven in Boston to the Celtics. Just to rip the heart of the city out. They haven't of the four right before mean pro sports like basketball hockey baseball football and if in DC none of those fourteen has made it two week conference final since 1998. Yeah I could not priests not it's not mommy we talked about and I'm here DC is a city that's a grand now you know politics. Mean that's their main their main industry right. Now. Was it. Really I got to imagine of the government generates a 90% of them. Man and pretty important at forty and it industrialists and Mike. The idea of the politics in DC and the people who DC two different for yet totally you know I mean so like I don't adequately albums and that counts right now man. Sorry Chris that's the truth. It is bad. Now wait just when Barbara told them at some brutal Chris I damaged in the tell him tour. We think big decision on. Gentlemen. I'm with Matt I think cargo pants are out sending me a hypocrite probably about Tyrell. I guess and alas he malveaux Buick ran them more power to you drawn quite a tool. Getting gusts moment so get over how Carter shorts got to be so anti cargo. They're two totally different garments. Send two completely different messages lecture amber Carter sorts I Heyman Allah utterly care. I keep it simple cargo pants tape. Hello hole lighter stuff he'll make friends. That's congress shorts the campus said that to you about cargo shall not been adding it was meant to go for cargo pants. I like that say for cargo pants Carter assurances and it's and our emotional back guy. No my world man. Amid bowel rules. You have wildlife are my terms. Of hate on cargo pants guy that's late Ungaro weigh eight armed with eight came up Peter. I was saying your cargo pay your cargo shorts and feel like I don't like that like guy he's too dark he's not white enough. There's some differences there. Cargo try turn on each other in depth it's a conscious choice okay don't you know its usual race. I so. When it comes it's I cargo pocket in the economy the pocket and showed up on pillars that showed up but George the car giant event you'll wearing them. Do here's the thing I mean this basically mirrors American politics here on DL and the idea that like the very rich upper crust to lead us class. You know they don't want a class or don't want everyone to realize that they ran off and all the money don't important Lance what they do. Again fighting each other in the cargo shorts fighting cargo pants and no one this thing and about genes and slacks man nobody and you know what they're doing. The screw and all the girls you are you're out. I'm proud you re talking about is gonna say Enola Carter a short guys are spent too much time where about cargo pants guys were too busy getting laid uptight about the oligarchy Matthew. Don't tell them I think yeah not an example of rank and file cargo shorts wanna. Because it's a normal all the time. Now tonight take a society do you take tune it. How I don't know how you can you possibly think to your rank and file cargo shorts guys let's go through a lot of the basics are again. Yeah I'm ripped to. Hi girlfriend three cool sunglasses and cool hair for does not play computer games five does not drink mountain duke six does Heidi not it's easier to read those and wipe the cheese sauce on his shorts you're really gonna pretend you're like the did the average cargo shorts student had eased its cargo cargo pants guys. Soon are you guys don't get it. Get your shorts you're right we don't answer short we dealt. Both. On us hey guys. But withstand winds still do some stuff gets user pop up at the stand like a family look at the Jerry and Newman didn't put it. I don't fairway and still do stuff gets easier on the chow. Ozal and have to go to school my daughter leaves at 7:45 in the morning doesn't come back to four in the afternoon there are several hours likened to a lot just not on the evening. Rock fishing is a bit different over here in Washington. And where you come from tent. Priced Iraq fishing price Iraq fishing when I was a kid I was for rock finish the high near large rocks in the bottom of the now. Ted that naked woman on the Great Dane would have been awesome nice yes. I'm with you on our one hot tub there's that famous picture of something with the naked woman riding a horse could kind of see that as a civil similar circumstance. Yeah is that marine instant Antoine net. Now monologue. A prize didn't isn't there a famous woman that with a horse I wouldn't be shocked but I don't know I don't I can't reference in my name lady Godiva. No idea. Some of these so literally until this moment and even know lady Godiva is anything other than the chocolate Alia you and he's pissed right now on the treadmill incidents you know. Did they could be he could have gotten it right and we ages are not the two guys to confirm you are given that I haven't. Ted's right now fired others are Diana and corroborating it's we know that yet there was congress towards our president once 79. To get it. Public speak always gets me nervous up until I start at that point I know what I have to talk about and just on. And a lot of that but enough to know that feeling we'll go there when I get up there. Any emails is pretty neat piece to back in high school and a low moment. I don't know what this means but it. A little laughter use I use cargo pants loose hunting connoisseur you carry stuff for the Marlins hunting that's fair I don't think cargo pants or bad at all they have a lot of uses. Melt Spanish professor would have would have a cultural mid term I was surrender report on an aspect of Spanish country scorcher. It was a lot of fun since he considered food and aspect culture he did a food dish you'll said to pick and bring an end of the report you had to write with shorter. Since then when you look and see how foods it spread like number legs French dish originally came from the Roman empire the British and Spanish but an additional months. How mad 'cause they re can sound so much better than mine. Minus helps them with Taylor upon O'Neill's pub someone else with how to make aspirin and go to the zoo the next day. Top topic so deep for me how my god answers no I think about the presidential emails. I think some exception be made public but the presidential email seems like it would have to have more sensitive information. And we need to know. Yeah as adults we generally aren't as candid as we could be cervical length nick doesn't come. And a thought after. Joining around Stephen on cargo. Yeah parents even on kanga cargo shorts was a Phelps the greatest podcasts on land although the FedEx driver dress and color Portland every night so you guys are must need every week. Now about cargo shorts I'm only rock them in the short scam. I love the American Eagle flex once colonel pants though I'm with Mac they know should stay as outdoor Wear. And just how aka you know accounting just got one more thing sir this is long been on the hike mailbox peak what other hi could you get stoked due this summer. I have two year old twins and wanna Bubba beyond race began with them this year excels mark on Stephen. Haven't an oyster dome internal thoughts about that some excited weighs in on sick sprint kind of straight up now. And you also I think you can drive to the top if you want to have found that out when I got there that makes more sense. Is that those are two conflicting things about oyster. But I thought it was like yeah like rattlesnake and it just that easy one. They see so many people out there and so he's like no you can drive there not at the height of our right yeah I can drive most the way up I believe but it's a really quiet and you leave off chuck in Rhode. So which parent you've done chuck not by now. How does one course frozen in Washington just occurs right along the coastline and you're looking down all the oyster beds. And like some great road near massive. Just and a gap massive trees and staff that almost assailant or national park then yes I'd go right off that. I'm Steven does a pretty young two year old twins. I mean I don't know what the capabilities of the two year old guarding Garnett and act fast SAT taking it back. I hope may be. Aysu him and his wife were taken. OK yet it's your call pound for value honestly even though gets busy I would go snow lake Nona on Saturday. Snow it was a great call do it honestly though if of the city or could start at least 22 that the easiest snow between two's good. Also. Host name of that. Lake called chuck prince got up there for the first time last year. Really liked it's like that's fine how your mouth yeah dad did Gemma silly kind of I don't let north area. There's a big group. Added that but yet colts that's real cool. Out there and it is a little more intense than snow maker Waterford valley 22 for her to amounts pretty accessible pretty easy. Who who point is really easy and Issaquah. If you go the longer away it's a lot easier. But if you go dead. Shorter way it's more intense but it's like only. One point nine out for some like that. That is to be able to late it's not like is Alex that hikes to just go out to. With the deception pass oh yes kind of hump around the park and edit you down the beach like there's tons trails to you miles. My heart really SATA do you got that base and we try to do that last summer in the river was flooded through can get across Atlanta ice his instead which is also dope. Yes kids if the two year old won't walk too general to walk. Did you look. How do you realize how out of a country are now world yeah dead eyes gave ticket block that's completely flat a mile each way if they can block. But no two girls can walk for sure. I thought dress he can they walk height. OK yellow that's only like couple hundreds yards and barely 800 yards or tomorrow. I can't mileage out flat in civic twin girls right. Any congressional Iraq. But yet the ICK zero strictly walk and talk and two year old twins. Nine pound bass is just bomb of the elevation gain. Yeah I mean. Guy's kids or no elevation but really cool like good little slice of nature yet. Well with it don't rain forest also good hiking with my brother. Q service dot org or dot era that's an awesome website is used to do his brother. Date off hiking and like every trail with Steve the line in the northwest and they raid a ball and telly what they thought about it like. That's right balance and makes it might write my arrangement do you nice to be TA dot org it's also good resource wash and trails association they maintain on the trails in the area may have. Check the refresh your third down I'm gonna hide them by reason people's posts that were there and that they conditions yeah. No more in other he is I just was slow on the draw cargo pants and you as set off. Sound off the hive mind hello boys and get district will. Letting a guy can't seem to find a share it becomes a sleeves tell us that pants with a couple extra pockets or do childish silly shirts Ernie and a full time thing in basketball. Did you do it by one adults where Fleischer obviously it's lose the sunglass when you're inside also you know look to the dots a seven year old nephew. You know doesn't want debit diplomats and in my adult France. All right losers. Picking up but I really can be said trump offensive making comments in public to degrade someone who. For what they're wearing tie isn't somebody had told Steve Matt. It's on the challenge boys do to make themselves feel better. And yes I realized my comments are not too different sometimes you do your examples wanna Boxee on the jeans and a winner car shorts for the summer. But sprint followed great month for car repair its. Have to promise of an outdoor parties. Another pat comfortable during the day will be too cold for short by the end of the night her pants are way more comfortable than genes in the situations. Also. I'm going to be carrying more stuff sunglasses bags of smoke. Bottle openers and ex pirates comes in handy and it's way more adults in my sunglasses and a pocket. The Wear them backwards Graham had a knack cheers Chris and com. Yeah I mean pretty sure it's Sam out of pocket real estate between a pants and shorts. You mr. comes to cold. I don't are run hot. First of all he's got SharePoint I don't like the restrictions of sleeves therefore I would prefer short version Routh and grew cooler. Sleeves that we want to cool what looks cooler cargo shorts. The more comfortable but I don't like the restrictions but from an aesthetic standpoint I think they'll cool. Cooler. I keep I can't defend. My bank can't sing and grow and be mature but called out that that's fair. I don't a lot of adults like given dots. I think that exists here well one of the great and you guys think it conducts. I have behind us and yet I don't know that I have ever actually had a different. Dude I had the first Myra had the most in grand Cayman and I don't know if they're in the US yet or not they weren't in Seattle and it's in the future of ice cream still says that. Blew my mind. How am I haven't. I guess whoever they started showing up what that was a big thing when I was a teenager and on the boardwalk in Ocean City now thirteen yeah like dipping dots that showed up and it was conducted here but I big Euro Disneyland Ers are always preferred just gained regular screen. Bird custard. That. Biden more emails. Are different gotten since. Yeah I would imagine. Globe with the guys. Yeah I had. Pretty low key we can't because sick. And so. Hung out watching. Netflix. It's until ninth and blows how I would review on Sunday too much on Netflix like standup. I must and it doesn't it actually like mark Norman special zone Comedy Central to I was really funny. Bomb. And then. There's one new one on Netflix that haven't watched the rest of the last couple that seemed before Bo Vernon's may cap news there is so did realized after the first time in awhile. He should also effective I'm watching pretty good idea. Yeah I mean the thing is nightmare events so much like awesome comedy coming out on Netflix right I thought Joseph Rogan is his best Jim Norton was his best. On should tell came out Louis's new ones hilarious I thought Louis's last couple specials we're getting a little bit tired pay his new one who's really good. And yes there's been a lot sandwich in their bishop tells were great too nice on both month. And be out Sunday's. Went to. I didn't Mother's Day Sandra parents how's how's school out there at guru did and took your mom meal. Now does ouster sickness laid on the couch and you are my dad made we. He. He has to have brunch and remember. I've your dad cut and oh yes let it Asian stir fried type thing incidents teriyaki chicken is real good nice and yeah went to a hot jacks on Saturday which is like that chain went to one and artistry get their fried pickles. Miles you hold gondola in Africa Rickles not always column. Now are you there for a give wanna introduce and those radler that they're good at blitz. Shadowlands are next level if they're totally different experience and more like potato chips channel owns a restaurant by yeah I Seattle cut the reply in aryan like trysts. Verses like breaded deep fried pickles Switzerland used Richard. Pretty good on an electrical but it. Of Khalid anything pride when they like the slices or events like the spears license. Yeah like you go some restaurants and have the spears which I'm not too I've Brian B yeah yeah and there's no little over a label that ratios off it should be pickle chips Fries. Yeah pretty simple. So yeah pretty accused weakened over the jet skis in the water so it gets gopher missile missile runners. The weather looking weak battery went to jet skiing hop. For that yeah I am a man did you base your mom's on the by the state not just to signals accounts except I was on the densities they need your help. That three man job my brother was in town. You know all mean my dad and brother. And so does some realize how sad our lives are like that's a throw at you to meet its like the highlight of a month and a half. I don't not right budgets if you dad's house forever. The job as. But warm him up a little bit you know like especially after they've been out for the whole winter stroke. I don't mean. Think that it runs a four. That those things have to be for us it's a massive it depends at the wave runner along one usually fours and some smaller ones can be too Moody's view of three people surprise for but yeah I. I'd just like. Got out pass into reasons is kind it straight at sixty I cut it out of his first do you have of the manual would say I K take it easy. First time this season but yeah as though. It's spec go the way the weather is different throughout the lake c.'s late on why I went over to the rainy part just to like it. Hey I'm right the jets being made feeling and then it was exciting and others don't act. I'm with pat listen and he didn't. Q why does it it's another level meant that he thinks is a dad. Well let's earlier actually you don't you're you know that you can't figure this in your typical average. Arnold horrible Geiger I am like. Click on the that you. I series and yet. I love the term doubt about the remark about who have been yours than. It's kind popular yeah I did you about the dad behind the whole thing is lake. Upgrade it this'll sound bad most of my knowledge it it broke all. Civilly but I think we're broke I was obviously the dead bodies in lake. It's like all right that guy's got his ripped his match but he's nice fat as I certainly did somewhere in between generally they are your little thing out now. That is amicable but is it yet dad god like then and now we just don't work out. You can't call late at that separate the coping tactic yet yeah that's my I think that it aggregates news. Of heart it's time to. God help among thousands. Do know cool crazy back story on this not that there were that cooler crazy but. Just a question that I wanted to hear you guys answer to them permission to hear this I heard it on another podcast. And the question is that. If you could put anything. On a billboard. Giant billboard downtown. What would have been. He got anything Renate billboard time award downtown won't be. Email us email at the podcast dot com reticent on the Twitter machine I'm excited to hear your answers out there too for real. If there's still still witness that again email on your religion and injustice that personally just got some views on. We share it with teachers and these were pin Georgia's next stop talking politics right hey I did. Now me and that's a tough question. It's so simple to put something nice up there like peace and love happiness. But I feel like people see that kind of stuff all the time and didn't really bother. You know sometimes they must feel like I'm desensitized. To kind of lake words like better inspirational stuff because of they spoke to mr. Graham. Thank. I argues that. My answer I just realized might have been on the podcast that you heard it on. Because it's something. That I heard from the same question. When it who is asked to William off. And I remind myself and all the time. Where and stuff it's a little overwhelming. And it's just read mother thicker. Where he had aroused does whims quote about it and it's something that I I remind myself of constantly and the dozen times just. Chill out take a couple of deep breaths. I think maybe. We remind me just say you matter. So like if somebody's gone through a tough time or whatever it be a nice kind of hate you better and or that somebody. Maybe a little disenfranchised. With like a political system would be a nice reminder of what hey man you matter to this. You know savages you matter overall. Obviously didn't pre planned out Mansur but I just against them the background that I have them. I am computer cycles Kevin Smith quote he basically says like that this is like the best advice he'll ever get him stranger. Just like in my face of our. How like unavoidable death there's no reason. It is no justifiable excuse to not. I try your hardest and BM do exactly what you want me. Now it's like trial whenever you're like crazy ideas how can probably be that. The one thing I wouldn't you this film might billboard with like a bunch of different like words and stuff is now you get about spacing on billboards so. I had at some point Matt thinks you're the last I don't know of anybody forget that judo flipped maybe it will feel that the major Q Stinson. I'd still like to look guys this is welcome at Joseph gonna painted up little bits of that's the look. I was that is running in retrospect I'd ever and add yeah. Yeah we do not know they they cut you out to be the villain and a lot of times that's allows him. These producers and in both our like. Yet nailed it. It's not just rocked UB you know reality show if that is for me it's still an Iraq reality Shuster. When I was gonna catch all the time but I think halftime but this with the wind IG quick it was gonna make him seem like that jackass and his crew's turn on this event. But that didn't show he always has the right behind seeking a symbolic the amount of crab caught. The boys like we can't be that terrible as being the captain because he's catching all this crap yeah I believe now thank via. There that's your billboards that are believed not I hit it eighteen. But it oh I could Pacifica. Right that episode 17979. It seems critical number is actually will be of 180. That's crazy dad you don't have any week. Hours of talking to each other. It's episode 180 some things are gonna change loom Yahoo! yeah nobleman eighty on this. Think about it. The obvious special episode which I will play enough before. I hate the French CTP for Cobb of defense that is be podcast years.