05-18-17 Seg 1 Mens Room gets new kicks

Thursday, May 18th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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Now done mid. Men's room legacy continue. He what you're about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. That's great. Release to be. Trying to offend anyone and on purpose. And lord and I'm originally invited to join the party. This is dumb. The adults. The glass coffee for him. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Strip. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And George play in the way things you list. Why. When they go look at this November 2610. Now. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Do today it's good. Love and barks. I had my car. Okay and men's room. On tap today once again we've played big dummy. We will go back in time to February of 2016. I Sherlock is back profile that says your biggest royal blood. Most headlines events and shot of the day fumbles or emails everyone's favorite TV time to click clack rated guy right here ago. A follow me into the desert as desperate as you laws were the moon is glued to a picture of him and all the little pigs had gone. And though coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question brought to you Mike's layup resort casino. Are not bad is good day to you and yours. I today is that day that we play big dummy that's the game show that rewards you. Where your stunning ignorance as usual work. And defense. And get them fired up. We will spend the categorically don't preferably not premature. And them as your question from a category but here's were big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable game show. We will continue to ask you questions and do you get one right because as always we want you were to leave here are smarter than you showed up. Now today our biggest armies ever of the lovely Kimberly and equally lovely air both of whom found a way to answer nineteen. Consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better abortion can give a goal and off we go our big dummy ticket doesn't play big dummy called dual 6421 rock Ron 200 men through lives in those emails to demand for a man men's or live dot com. Listening to the men's room miles and threw a 99.9. KI SW whole adult whoever go look at this November 2600. And Dan good and RA is the day that we play the game known as big dummy and as you do no we do big dummy. We Doolittle men's room poll last week we asked you which are favorite type of gobbles via bubble gum chewing gum whatever the deal as which are favored gun there's all kinds of Greg gums. Didn't team tried and I'm a big red fan a lot of bullets by the way for a big league chew in fact it was a two way tie. For first. Between big league issue and it. Fruit stripe what is the adults which blows my doctor fruit stride gum and big leagues you but no one knew the name Friendster like that the zebra done. The ball like. If you like it's a much do you not know the name but it was all adults and it's big league chew. Or food struggle no blood no votes for Wrigley spearmint gum which was pretty thought that I am buying that at all and only but again don't but the government is a Philly people through those though. Because you just want to make your breath better read did you big leagues you can if you like big league chew unit to fruit stripe ago. Because you like roots stride gum knuckle ovals you were gone but yeah release remic finally. I don't Presley Jimi dom that's what you want so today we're really gonna put you on the spot and this is going to be one that you're gonna have to think through as we're gonna ask you what's your favorite. Brandish you witness now that could be any thing from boots. To Tim issues to casual shoes whatever you do you attended by more than any other and that's gonna be your favorite brand shoes based on comfort based on what to Wear to work whatever the deal as. We're gonna ask you today all about shoes aren't you do say thugs on a fun way to slap you through the race here in game is. I dummy you complement mugged yesterday nodded yeah no I didn't. Those black roots are out of olives then there. I'll all of our eye off the bat I could complement. I got that and I never I'm livid when she's we did have an anomaly or lose. Got a good and go do it blows apparently gave his big daddy goes our first condensed and ready to play the game at Utah. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Oh outages are allowed. I guess he's sobered up over. Over the course over Jeff welcome Michelle and Jeff what's your with a shoe brands. Just go out there and yes I've been very good thirty Caribbean and they look as far as starting goes your absolutely right arm and design these Gergen it. As wanting and when you buy a movie you've ever accidentally like I really didn't know I bought skate boarder it's inexcusable when I'm in my under eight feet tall and how many feet taller in the shoes last elected to five years well is my problem and I I got two birds bands at home and I really like both the super comfortable. The souls find a much of the Marty Johnson to handle Stephanie do measurements are. I just outward. Which. We we do for a living just. A much Eric okay. But don't let us distracted what is your question anyway. What country's population is projected to pass China's within five years. India. The other day out object that always good to have Jeff on knees he's quick. I liked about people you know I mean just get to the point it the thing done get load up into the right yep David big delving into as our next contestant ready to play the day hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. All are or not. Jerry so we're not so. All right Gerri what's your outfit brand shoes. We're working but it frequent. Redwood all the good and what a word right now isn't really. It is incredibly I think there's still make America can't. Yes welcome this surely are eye when I worked that you editor of the AFL it was a big deal they feed you more fruits they had to be read. Costly. It well you're janitorial for an would love me today. Are here to your question adjourn and 1652. Apartment at 1652. America's first anti slavery laws passed when what state made it illegal to purchase or own slaves. Over which city can. Very. Well it was a call yet that's I'm I don't know it'll bring your. Love Pennsylvania Muslims in the slaves. Eighty Massachusetts. House they had 1642. A well they had been six and 42 is what Jerry picked up on like I do and I guess who acts of gambling little duller. Rhode Island are on the road right out of it now could go Edwards there's an alternate. To save Iran literally at a at a probably that is what all black people that died in Rhode Island. Good looking out. Things Brock is from the sailing community. There in a Providence. Next question in 1934. Congress approved the Lindbergh act. That called the death penalty. In interstate what type of crime cases. Kidnapping. Charles Taylor and Burton etc. journals as sisters and seasons ago yes exactly don't wanna say. They kidnapped his kid. I believe he actually paid the ransom of the tilted in. I am glad that data out today it's Jim back I don't wanna say paid a ransom maim and kill him anyway but. Charles Lindbergh being an American hero that Simon and the severity of the case was like congress passed laws of luck. You do the assessment we're will put I know that I know that. Kidnappings happen all the time I don't want. But it is the same one time I'm glad within our lifetime we've never seen anything on a major scale like that as far as that being popular crime. Compared to what it seemed to be like back then as far as holding someone for ransom and all those things I was. That's a little weird to me I don't know man I mean I think it's more like. I think you heard about a war banned goods are one up for prominent people but like look if you kidnapped Angelina Jolie's kids. Were ordered that's OK I hear about it like us all and that's not have. You know well. Yeah but it's not happening now high profile be right Euro hazards that lie ahead and ask no I know that I used to you don't hear as much about that. Well didn't mind to and no offense but you know black people acted. It never does it but I'm sure it's that but I collateral that could not gonna get out of my outlook rant. You can shoot me dead in the street and you may arena you prosecutor I mean I'm videos are do you really think so get a kid that means things are going to get a lot of money for me. Don't look titles at a minute let me go first would come home and you economically you don't make sense. Game has big doubt it was our next contestant ready to play the game hello James welcome to the men's room. Oh alarm it. Hi Jane Silber not sober. Not Gilbert served not a good day and showed him today. Hey James what's your favorite Dennis you. You lump or man I let my craw. Rocks in this. More James ware in current. Being poor is the one that can't become the core rock they last forever it comfy Crocs not country for a few very good okay. Well there are issues food but that's real real Breaux amendment if you don't about it. Put the current here's a question. As safe called. It's a lie had gone as homicides multiple purposes 100. 1000 or 101000 it's called it's a lie. You almost polar orbit. CE OK and actually I don't want to vote for him but I will see HI. LI AE GON. Okay and what are the options. 1010101000. How many sides does its ally gone. I could be sand out and hand out. 1000. How noble just know they're that looked like probably just put a circle went dead they're no good for. Okay and true or false. It is illegal to cut the tag all of a mattress once you've purchased. It is illegal. That it all. How I'll thought it was a new encore I thought it was a little this is the misnomer goes and so that tag says this is illegal to remove a move that applies to do manufacturer in the retail. So when you look at Americans are gonna buy all the information there and you know one has ever been used once you buy it if you direct that's fine. So the misnomer is that rate the retailers. Can't removed so that warning is for them it's not over till you ever wanna resell your matches leave them the next product is then it appears to be there you go that is let's learn yeah. David big dummy goes our next contestant ready to play the game a lot of fuel in the tags and stuff forever mean. I'm anti days hello Landon welcome to the men's room. Our guys. Fan and you're sober and out of over neverland a lot of hope and a limit your favorite type of budget. Kroc. Who votes croft. You mean alligator boots correctional cracks. Litigators who crock. Crocker now. Our does question the first Wrigley Field was not in Chicago. It was and what other major city. Mean. Are in fact back in today the cubs stadiums gold called Clark who. Here. Is it like where they made Wrigley gum. You know I'm not sure I've ultimately dumped in Chicago but even smaller Philadelphia. Hope. Right Los Angeles. So the first Wrigley Field not Chicago it was a baseball or Los Angeles over Google opened in 1925. Columbus gold club part they changed the name Wrigley Field and I'm sixth in the 1969. And a torn down the original one and oh. But that was never made really. I don't believe right at the Dodgers don't show up out there close at 56 feet right right right right. My next question believe another more graffiti that's Laura what's the single form of the word graffiti. Kurt I. For over working toll still repeat still are all the spotlight. His drawl stick Gavin is likely spread in late add to our Internet Murphy you don't critical. We've beat the moral of back. I don't know these things are. Our land in question three. True or else the days after Osama bin Laden's death Disney tried to trademark the name seal team six. Eric over except and it might do. True. All right I got fast I got to act does not bullion I've got to let us know I've gotta dance well I've got and I'm. And answers. Now does Disney want that to that they have the rights to make moves to make a movie based on what happened or. Are they gonna do an animated movie it was really seals. But Disney you don't know you don't mean seal team six could be six seals. They're going to play actual seals that you know like Nemo seals yet of a movie. And it could be. Seal team six would you would you go see that movie wouldn't know. Yeah the day after Osama bin Laden's death does it it tried for our team legitimate meaning that that seal team they think a little so I'm assuming there's gonna make it based on what happened in the events of that well they got rejected early you know. No we're not give you the name do not exploit this come on and what else they try to go after them. Does make you wonder like god damn tortilla we have that a twin tower thing never forget it right well unfortunately. A lot of those movies that did the kind of depict real life stuff they. How to get the pick and choose which put him there. Right to make it more dramatic turn. I don't call the vet greatest creative lights you should also read the real story. Yeah that I would have to think that that story is probably entertaining and compelling on its home. Just in the way it stands in the doctor that was up for Hollywood too much. Gave his very W as our next contest and ready to play games and you'll have the comedic foil Oca let's face it one thing and you don't hear relics guilty into liquid to source the funny guy. Hello my welcome to the men's room. A. Don't mind. Got. Our RI NNU sober now it's over today might. Which very devilish you have to take quit case where my outlook. That blast from the past. I've their case with Mike here is your question. In 1930 a woman by the name of Ellen church she became the first female airline stewardess when she went on duty aboard what airline. It was a flight from San Francisco. To Cheyenne Wyoming I can't imagine any one of them. I'm gonna go out west. Southwest and all hung you'll Pan American. Delta pan am angry guests don't do it. Believe it or not a rules favored Atlanta and the united you know up. You know I've moved all my guy and I got to face of an I don't know how much you know about case was all right. But at one point time K. Swiss came out with a lot of different luggage is right. So I go to the store and it's in a really nice pieces of luggage I'm like you know what I'm gonna buy the full sets I'd like to retreat. Case was black bags with a little red you know cross logo case was when that right. I go on vacation. Again the airport the first seven bags a drop out of the care seller Paul Casey was. Black bag I gotta be kidding me man you gotta be kidding me you've got you're originally you're wrong I guess everyone got those that target the exact same time cold case is on sale and exit. And dragons are revenue on some days don't make it red clay no question guys you don't know or didn't it felt big hero six. And they didn't get at that. I don't know if that was Disney I've seen that movie probably fifteen times must undetermined loved it and actually know all all wasn't that bad move and it does get old by like the fourth time you watch it in a two day period that is a Disney look is it doesn't while they did well on. Mildly funny and everything. All right here's the question in 1983 before Michael Bolton became famous yeah audition and to replace what singer in what heavy metal man. I called gosh. I know it up to the only thing that made me. Errol connect. Horses. That we'll know. Don't quite think a much more tough equally like hey let's settle up now people is iconic as the hoop. They are credited with brilliant and didn't have him watch that blacks that puck yeah I'll give our replays Ozzie and blacks and look. If I had great pride he is using garbage. But like it here boys Ozzie we do it all but won't cool dude metal god. But that Ronnie James deals in his op. All right in a question in the states and capital with the fewest two letters. Is what. And 000. The fewest total letters combined between the State's name in the capital that is correct to relate okay. There. But I'm asking Mike Modano line I know and I am. And how your eye out like these things like elves are bad says this off late for you know hopefully audience this is my favorite. And it Iowa. Know the points fuel on the long irons in this all right we'll come I get a steak salad with longer than Villanova and they in the capital with the fewest total left. Harris we've come moving closer. Juneau Alaska or Boise Idaho. Boise Idaho okay and I can't get it down ten total boys off I was for your voice the capital. Mean I don't know I don't think about that portal lean Boise Twin Falls thrown balls arm. It it's got like a Russian name or something. And I know in Idaho Idaho it's right across from like Pullman people go over there to get weeks. Why ask out my staff all right well that is a very Russian name and an apt to get back. Aren't man that we don't thirty question here's four cities and Idaho named for more. You can't edit in Idaho court lane who said we got a portal playing Boise Moscow and when people went all I can go to Prague that's exactly now. I. And advocate aren't true or false question for white bill. That's Idaho like Ethel and Idaho means currently white people. True or false. The moment when a sperm fertilized med there's actually a little sport and explosion. All. All. Time. So happy that's real. Commitment to drill through I don't know why. Can't see them with a flashlight appear given on the look to predict Britain's look at. You birdie about a woman also was slowed. The designer who created what role league's logo also made the 1040 EZ tax form. Only. Gather is so god created the 1040 EZ tax form and then he also created the logo for which one of the four major sports. And it. I think NBA NBA. That Jerry West logo Def gonna I like dead at the end though the one hour what they're going to hit it. Meriwether really living legend. Who. I was the only five artists have ever had three number one albums in the same year at present outlook Russell. The Beatles the Kingston trio the monkeys. In the cast for what TV show. Not around anymore but it yet dead. It. All the did on this show saying and then we'll put out albums of the TV thing and until the credit people bought the live in this. I don't have my eye and all brother and sister. Hall these are gonna partridge family's. All that this is a more recent show alone sales box maybe I believe luck a pretty jurors on five and it was huge for one. One of the main actors died from heroin overdose by Roman don't ironically. I know now regulated then wanna say in my he said don't tell me believe I did that was gleaned Mike said it was glee they'll tell me and I know you're good arms sales but yet believe it or not ma'am we have is on for. 56 seasons may be booked in one year Manley put out three number one albums so I never saw one show. Limit or you know leads him about it album in a good that is impressive that is impressive sources for. Lee who. That's the shocker. This is big dummy goes our next contestant on the line ready play the gay. Hello Eastwood welcome to demagogue god. Aren't. Smoke smoke drink very boating get there's. Efficient only when money saved his it seems so much worse here. All right if there that would go to your candidate you are right now we've started out and they didn't government through the couple liberation army which is still vote. Hey he's what you don't have somebody like you know our office of listeners they start talking may immediately flashback 45 years as if it was right now. Or look right now David you know Ireland hello when I I would just see you know we're we're we're we're ready for a new direction experiment with what would you be like yeah. Which favors you. An issue gaffe. I don't know just some with a hook or right I flew to our brand of shoes did you have more than you know. Yeah I looked red wings and how are gone forever and that's exactly what we're looking for hours I even looked. I may just all man who we got to put on hold and he had no more no problem lies in Iowa didn't go get our morals. I agree our cars and domain and he is going to get stone. So far Jeff won and done for team silver we have Eastwood ready to go on the game known as big dummy we will take a quick break and be right back. Fans were great shirts here's the question brought to you by June late last resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. Good job market does as an Elvis wig on profiled is playing for to get to see royal blood we will do the game from a known as black what next are you coming up right after the shot today. Enemy does the game is big dummy you are listening to the men's room on the men's or radio networks. Hands and we miles. Nine point nine yeah. Yes he'll try again as big dummy we have these little online and is playing for team I believe we get that far but my guess is going to be knots over easily does that reserve right now. Or are slower than just there has been Pacific go chiefs from seagate will appear in general and so. You know so you know I'm not sober I'm on my way to being not so. Good the did interview his stores are detailed. And a half and all that a. You know maintain am trying to go DW I meant I got broken once the Dominican Republic a little parking lot. And what are we gonna kick the horse got a camera and outlook for us our first gotten if we go through now a story on me again commander miners through our time and I wasn't sure contributing. According to court beating bill. I was gonna play the back in time that every time we talked you. Well it was a good let me let me give a vehicle about a horse -- well if I did aren't pleased are throwing won't look at most 200 to just keep going back in time for. Lawrence I kinda concerned realize they have to judge had to play around you all the time. Every conversation you had I as well incredible on third down here as well the Twilight Zone so I mean as and the way it is now. It's like I approach journalists during the four hour for your career victory education entry healthcare. Miller make it straight so thanks so much. I appreciate it worked out to vote are or aren't. Energy coalition but get ready. The lord just pyramid in the world is not in Egypt. Laurel and what country was from the world's largest pure. What country what country. I don't know I think it likely ethnic Germans may mean. We're really being the countries that you can tell us that you might have the red. Will. Okay like Argentina. Bolivia Bolivia Mexico next hole because I I don't know archer got desperate today just because it's it's the largest again fair. Did Ron Mexico in the room and inability or little for a just war. To be huge huge mutual are United States that could have thrown three girls with the remainder owned we would skaters won't. Drones that hole yet that's what we don't colonies are moving to figure possibly go wrong. But Finnish security system and I'm going to remain strong earlier educators and in Cameron condemned the launch of from the backroom when they were coming tonight it. I heard your security thing camera softest or Nicklaus. As anti Israel for that event at all like the whole idea maybe I just drop wasps that. They're for equipment authority antibody exactly drop off times if it's probably I brought up drug economy in this commune in micro my micro drone got the new future in my quarter of sorts that from us stocks money as is put. Sadly he's right but again you have my vote for president. Albeit in micro don't want to build a good start actually we don't have to worry man in North Korea want to mess up employment does that are overlooked human lives and they want to if you love the valuable. This guy you're damn right I know you just coming in their ships through everything maybe partnerships to launch area of fifteenth or sixteen cents. Dropping tanks man we won't have to go crowd won't take months to get a crowd like it did in Iraq and desert storm. It'll take ours when we show up film or there will build a coward. The all star. We need to get revenues to lure a modern day itself. Can do we need to go to other planets and go the whole universe and so new world OK you Marcelino. Want to know. Organize my many unless this had like seven launches in the last year's successful. The one they got unsuccessfully blood they throw for a broad base so far right are the most critical. Well I thought it was funny measles yeah there will look for a long period are toward them. He's kind of weird one rich guy blew another rich I don't know how to play outside and operates the McLaren man who is Linda. Now I'm pissed off until stuff they I'm glad they fire call me because I just frustrating about him. Killen a guy named brandy man that when they're literally. Revolutionary Guards featured in China India and in in the Oregon court it's gonna raise all the guys. He's a good group. We're gonna put you on hold again before they're ready to a whole presenting the run it will be I love you and right away and then more vis what a big damage coming up.