05-18-17 Seg 2 Mens Room finds the dog

Thursday, May 18th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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The shenanigans continue on the men's. And radio network. And KI SW HD one easy yeah. This is the men's room. Listening to its real. Back guy. Through February 23 2016. We'll explain all that coming up in the meantime the game is being done I believe or not we are still with these blood working on question number three news. Our number three and number two green two L'Oreal hair a little BitTorrent. Our race cars and then the. Six Mexico okay the next threshold no matter what you know it's gonna really know. He said the ads thanks Arnold. I thought our country Mexico and that's I don't know its own thing about being concluded and then some. He's what I'm glad your front line dancing and well look for when I love them all men and you know trying to. I don't know until from proxy war. Two it MSNBC and then. And I go channel nine to get the truth you know I mean Nokia is what he married. Well right now as we enter or fourteen years it is organic isn't okay. Don't think Connecticut he might have done I'm I'm an exemplar you know duplicate the trouble he did your kids. There are only a little wrong and I read them I don't between six basic 203000. Dollars a year from Burlington northern rarer that the buyout particular particular morning. I took my kids do that drug infested environment there therein and and you know in the rape of an amateur not all right you know for what front my son worked for the dark now if you can deduct my daughter's. We're Tibet itself from Google certainly not it would be okay if we asked you a question for big government and rob I'm yelling holy land is okay if we play the game. He played in them really close to their clients to book because now all of you to do that doesn't mean your dad. What we're. And. Let's ask your question it could just hold off. Co host hello hypnosis and showed him repaired and emotionally and yet do. Parties putting red number in. The United States is importing more oil from what country. I'm sorry imports more oil from what countries and all of the Middle Eastern countries combined. Until Russia. That's got to Baghdad police can't it is and I can again. Good news I was sitting there is quote still you know I think if I was getting into the United States breakdowns though 75% comes from Canada and comes from Mexico. That we have a percentage of about five to 10% that comes from South America. In that area and then the rest is Middle Eastern oil Saudi Arabia is try very and then I arrived at all pro there had already pretty fantastic yeah. Won't give or we'll self sustained. We could as far as North American children. Well again this the largest producer hydrogen in the world they've any I girl Erica hydrogen afternoon and making hydrogen and maniacal. A can we ask another question is what or who. If you question. The first script for the movie ET believe it or not it was a form. Of stevens' Bill Burton decided that he liked it better the payment. But that or script was rewritten to become what other Steven Spielberg movie. Handled. You don't most news or. Did you all play nice year old Wideman got to. What cheeky here so there are certain Spielberg. I'm not bitter mean who can coordinate but during the right time which are I think you're in the right time and Argentine reference or you broke out of the war movie decided to make it family movie. Rewrote the horror script and it became a ninety. Family or moving and this is something he did it recently read me a marcher I don't think so they they did they shouldn't all the talk Obama. We're a little bit market in space but its ownership with a woman and I don't know I can't think I'm still. There's been no they're pulled to. We're gonna warn you get a tour and yeah. But don't forget how ET a drum for what we neighbors scenario that a Lindsey Graham era because what was pulled together. I guess I thought otherwise what if there are not allowed Aurora. Cheating me Nora turmoil within what did you see bald guys like Williams in the theater thirty years ago. Yeah probably yeah I know it's. A war movie. Since older guys came out all the core I don't want war lords and didn't. Mind. It is good they are men noted quote this forum really beautiful Olympics ice. That was Richard Hollis on Richard B I didn't seem to get through week. Local. Sown way. Authorities orders coalition. You know talking to you go is doing. You know what shape should be done and equipment so it simply how much I'm like I didn't do it I love watching TV shows I had horrible. Erica you and Ted where we're Catholics they're very you know you're recruit in infiltrate government showed okay. Act on advice I had to fight nite my remote. They might prove it prove it now we're going an up on RS. Are the most common street name in the US is what number of street. Well first period. Especially in the second it is the fact that second third or not that's really not his main street in what I used every episode looked. A lot of cities will go main street. And then the next street will be sick clippers or high street or whatever they're called me and there are there. I would see there. The guys that invented cotton candy. Also worked ironically. And what profession. What I mean god and he would respond sugar. And will lose Arnold. And confidence. Had been halted their fifth quote I don't know if he added I writers. Have did they don't care how. Remaining in the regular. Are there any did you know he has been in and I can't seem employment and gaming. Element sugar coat for a lot of sugar and 123230. Pound the ball you don't 130 times. They have brought and 135 million dollars. Six or. Your penis looks used oddities what are pretty Katrina and Paul. Always good. If somebody. Do you know about it. Like so people lie I had no doubt this island it's OK to have it. I know work our hero did you know Ali you know the moment you news helped them prepared to do. I'll I'll I'll split up and effective at at at and you're just so much economically this week it's just a short fat and yeah. And I know what I love you dummy showed up until very commercial capital. I'm put in my place. Are. I'm around guys you hear a word beer anywhere it's appropriate in my context that you know it's inappropriate your contacts. And I would work in the world several Lorain arrogant big roar virtual brag about your fork. Forklift Marc Warren could stand to run over you are it's separate slower than I thought he might get it and I think they Edwin Mulitalo. I. You pets and other related. God sugar. Did the work. It is defense I don't know that usually used pretty good about totally unarmed or put on hold my stuff I pity but look he dropped the and my black as want to know why he got very excited recalling the story. You know I think I think he was reliving the moment that was loosened the anger anger out at. Duke they're into it. And learn slowly coming up sort of explosive names just like a mile long time ago that. Well as a child he's thinking are you to go leader of the game and the biggest guy in the group and so it turned out you know me know if you know 65 and 340000. Pounds on another blog planet on the ground in such an open call and then word. John we don't care bears little level dual unit since. You know it's garden any bad element. I'm always going on on forestry and look like they had union kind of you know and so we've got to you know they may mean never find any sort of big news municipal. Probably you guys your guys in Israel that it wants who have with a giant below you know we really slow. Got a black does feel about those all right. Let's go out and we're very happy. He's named everybody name before letting up there until we feel the Harlow is well different note good public policy provoked our own introduction in early luck inside out you were talking about that please can we ask you another question a guerrilla girl everybody. That's playing a large the world's your. Doubt I'll smoke or are here urgent question. The official NASA and multiple towards the official national sport of what's country. Is Greece wrestling you guys govern themselves and are boil in May win the match by pinning her opponent or. Lifting them up in caring and three steps again. This is the nationals or about country is that Turkey Greece or shall. Well I personally I know I gotta agree. But it's right turning fifty and I've seen this horse crazy. Yeah you're right through it very clear they're 25. If they're tough fighter in that you're more period until the end the drought in Harlem where they are trying to reduce your. Savage Turks pure these deals Jim Watson to these other I don't know down and indyk the oil. The teacher a corporation operator I imagine coming out again you know responsible and grabbing some lately. You know. That's our results are cops about it practically word liberal or whatever ago that you are things aren't this question and also an NFL team what is the state bird of Indian. Oh. It's in the state. I know a lot of good guys out there I'd be we OK cardinal. It's. You guys wearing my rural folks up. It's just state birds the good news that loses we'll house. I'll the nerves man oh man he is an amazing human being it literally say. Hey man what's up but would US usual well thought he won't tell you would slow and yet they're ago. Big done it we need to decompress now reported tiger AI quick break and I come back but more contestants and more of big daddy coming up you're listening to the men's room on the men's or radio network. Now back to the men's room here's the question. Ryan teel Mike to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW TriBeCa about male. Their children go back in time to February 23 of 2016. And play you some of an interview that we had last chance we get a chance to its stock Chris Cornell that's coming up a one hour from now. Any time the game is big dumb you are listening to the men's room on the men's room radio network. Nine point nine K I still be almost all sort of back to show big dummy is. There is in and we we have a interview coming up we're gonna play you with Chris Cornell gone back to February 23 2016. And we got a chance to have to sit down talked christened. The full interview by the way is is under the website if you wanna check that out but it's like 38 minutes long we're gonna play as much of the interview as we possibly can and that's over professor you know like. It's a long interview and so for Mike back there going well. You have an edited down to none and I would play like. Over the fitness that was a look at the music plays and commitment. Minutes though we got to cut but that's okay because the first time that we aired the interview we we we chop it up into a couple of a very short segments in this. This time we just wanna play as much of the interview as possible it was just a sitting down. And had a great discussion so the head chef is gonna take today off and were gonna replay that interview and and remember Chris Cornell coming up in the meantime. Game is big dummy goes our next contestant ready to play the game. Want to ask Teddy knows who it is exactly. Hello James. Or loaned allies there debut sobero and over to a panel not for older I didn't look at the show photographs over on. I don't know if you'll pardon liquor spots in liquor but I'd James what's up what's your favorite shoes and nobody in the by more than any other. Are you get bill pairs coupon Romeo there are no where in. The move up if either. Dais for what twenty that you you've you've five the most that you prefer. Pro in the room. Yeah. Runner yeah solitude I don't know but I'm sure I'd recognize them but I don't use this football and you could almost have to get food but it's low cut. Over the Romeo yeah our customers. Well you're no you know I did not solid idea not know what they were either I bottom and people for me like gadget of Romeo tell it like you by would you like him personally oh you're wearing right in the omelet what oracle clothing or different like your jacket like okay sort of tall grass. I guess I do like apparently like thugs to. All right here's the question James so fashionable and I'm. What kind of route goes to a sold tee ball. Route we're kind of us are fruit juice goes into assaulted you. Who who. Oh don't deter or do you. Grandparents who. We'll bring this briefer okay you let the water. Reviewed that. Yeah I think it's strictly human as cynical orchard. Fruit. Next question. What was the first prime time cartoon in the united. Try I'm proud dual booting. Hartnell. Or lose is the single greatest cartoon ever invented here you have better quality. Obviously like the Flintstones and once stuffed up or that its own zone and I think it. Pentagon has you know we're not there yet afloat stone literally for care debate that is modeled on honeymooners right animate it. Put him in cave man times ago. I never really found so funny is just me now but a watchable. I can sit through them tilt on board want to see and this was my breakdown and charges. You're looney tunes everything else had to compared to men and Hanna Barbera until it fell short. Yeah it was noted that if you'll bear that in polite they were lucky. They were OK. If they were all right. Eleven rocky like Boris and Tosh put it this way so rocky and bullwinkle and old to out them and it's their show there were to lose it. Orphaned children. You might Yogi Bear boom boom. Thanks George Forman. We are no question what country is coffee originally from. If you talk to lose some ample wallet goes on to it for people or regional forums. Noon nationally you know eastern. A little south. Now. Why the room. It's any other radio. Sugar the. Please keep working side. Ethiopia. Ethiopia deal. James no more brown worked in my bed when it. Yeah. Your next question. And take your mind out of the gutter when asked. What as a young beaver call. Did to my mind. I think about it if it could cook it and an honor I'm very glad. Our minds shuttered due to own your own question for me childish. And lo Leo rubio as what it's the young be Google. No idea when we go. Baby beat to it. A but it would be the a very good visual of it riverboat removable boot. A question for James to delegates are miles and up. Are rough and ready not only the nickname for my testicles more rough and ready was the first cartoon. But what animation company in fact we just brought them. Oh man. Long. We do or not to battle and chances are I would not like rough him. Up and ready. Yeah I got an unopened united dated and I won't bear. And are where they wrote the breadth and adult cartoon. It sounds like gift after counting up or. Rough and ready to order. Starring Helen Reddy. Though as rough and ready to renew it. Are what Beatles song is associated. With the Manson family and Charles Manson. He looked slow and Motley crew covered. Wanna say the Manson one of his followers sprayed hated these two words on the wall. Oh yeah and has yet to be. Yet apart well almost let this bear and I. Or is it the whiskey. When Lewinsky no and then then market them whereas. Focused joke Helton was killed in front of the filtered and her dad daft and that's that's a question six. And as prophetic leaders. When I get to the bottom I'd go back to the top of the which is amazing because it apparently has influenced Zimbabwe right you don't sense that you go I mean unlike many of the listen The Beatles goes he climbed back to the top of the slide thank you guys. What Macaulay Culkin film was the top all of 1990 there's no way you can't get those. But again what Macaulay Culkin film was the top film of nineteen home alone. Practically kicked in and it's nice where no other answer now other than my home alone two can you name another movie we have an hour ago we have heard son with a lot Soledad I try to move could call my Italian is he doing OK we have for a while they're they're taken pictures government for a Eduardo and a sand and -- look so good we got we have now they're at home alone. But isn't he I thought he was. He's like method acting now for a already plays her own person. Metal at the visitors I swear to god I thought he was taken our role as somebody who had trouble drugs in the past is he the guy they should just make it documentary. Yeah every time he's seen and he looks he looks like the guy that you walk with the kids downtown only pupil clothes and yeah gonna stem the dirty needles on the I hope he's doing well but he looks like he looks like gun Daryl hall and shaggy from scooby do that love child. But they didn't love them and it defeated. If this industry domain who's our next contestant ready to play the game. And didn't let it needs. Let's like do like did you neglected them. Hello Jackson welcome to the men's room pull up our. I Jackie's children out sober. For over the upper deck to welcome the shift and that Jackson which sabretech Q would you buy more of an effect. I gotta go local band. Pants. We haven't gotten 190 today twelve they had an idea that's kind of know what you would win. Idyllic life it would probably get tonight. But making so ubiquitous appealing potentially gives him the skirmish on them like it's not a one vote for they have not what everybody or any out of there I would miles I thought it is. Is when you first asked the question honestly Nike air Max. Not even just the brand specific like I go caught ICI a clerk called yard. And commerce all star hasn't jumping at and and you guys are so many people that are excess Nikes I just assumed had he on. You would think they need organ that's I mean it's like is because you're required yet where. Thank you dad I know what I'm saying I go to Baltimore we've Rocca currently strong have anybody that travels a mailing goes acute liver much under armour here others. Under armour is everything in Maryland. Baltimore broke a city program like they love under armor yet. And that he went to Maryland they played football I look at it like Evan all night. That's pretty says in those times. You heard your question. What do zoom while it is called the leader of a pack of wolves. Oprah. All right Jack spies were the leader pack of wolves is the alpha alpha PI alpha alpha male out there and cat is I think wolves run with other. Mail wolves but there's only one that's the alpha that leads them yet what wanna say in Mosul man teams that aren't like chimpanzees there are the top dog. The other dude bridge needles and hammer buster as the elephants. Columns and would like lions have their pride right Italy yeah they do and the dude comes over the fight ought itself. And in terms of what we room there is big Donna you're as our next contestant ready to play the game back hello Ashley welcome to the men's room. Our job. I had three children and it's over. Craft an answer what's your favorite type of cute. Hope which of which have you would you go to Q Brandon you upended by more than any other and you probably got a million pairs of shoes and what's what's your favorite. They're not being fair import let him healthy okay. Brandon is taken fans take at least. Are naturally is a question. The ponderosa pine is the state three of what US state. Minnesota. Honda rules. I will give you those bugs the state and yes also other red state is the correct for left. A little bit ticket. I'd hit him wrong. Montana Montana. And I got to think about ponder ropes knows get them ponderosa restaurant yet at a ponderosa steak. And about a ponder Rosa was like I think LA too like I'll look at them all credit ponderosa that might be true. I know ponderosa simply as a restaurant you pull back at the ground rules of mine and I pictured I don't like getting your when I was picturing that thing. It was a restaurant made out of pine tree this what I know about ponderosa is that. It's like to turn four that's what I think I got scared of the Christ to be just in a restaurant that I thought it was like you know like look at these cattle out here on the ground rules on a remote and Zoller married they were the same a family there the middle ponderosa steakhouse and you can go to a bonanza steakhouse when he's the ponderosa I think of land is it just the name is they cast the dew sweeping emotional news that ever that if they did and got an infant upon Derosa he keeps sleeping is definitely look at the magic tree audition myself auto horse we're all -- horses and I'm like look him up on the roofs of every time you say you know like why does he keep doing that and you assess the relative. Ponderosa means. Heavy or ponderous in Latin and Italian. I was roared to places entertainment schools and sake it's open era and long hours. There's your question there Ashley. And what killed Al Capone. Tell me. I. He got in jail and jail it's brilliant and Bernie. I don't battery outside snubbed in birdie syphilis hopefully we will what does the simplest good gonna reach agreement on. I'm not aware that at an eagle Bernie Sanders ran for president was among those who lives in greens actually are you worried and Bernie are you high. OK I don't live. Online. Mean got a lot. Islet there. Are other. I meant red or white is the bread hey hey yeah. Really presenting OK that was our number one I don't know I will tell you the exact brand. The region want a great from in the year. All right here's aggression. Back to the world the looney tunes who was being beat them dallas' slower count reports. Well they're. Out there are. It. Bury and I will tell you this I always thought it was the funniest thing because speedy Gonzales is bunny. He would shoot everybody rough it's so that was the thing he would never warned you but even get up. All right no may god for god goes bad you'll. Slow poke Rodriguez. He'd baggage go. That was the things local local Rodriguez. Do you know owners who know her daughter got from god that you'll. No bull grabbed me here. We expect these warm long ago. The question for raping a lot of people appreciated knowing goes what are Lima beans called in the UK. Are you. Honor and how does not happy about that your dad happy about your butter beans. Are oh yeah. Was there. So large butter beans in just a big Lima beans I don't know particularly at the start us. But when Elway actually albums out of this so birds are blogger beat but. Is it voter being always on lima bean or do what we call them would be if you're in the U kid violent. My general the Jews like price is there a big white flat finger of putting that it has Richard Donnelly. Can LE Eric can't and only unbelievable Tennis Channel. Yet again Kennelly Venus doesn't get is that why I mean but maybe that has eleven been that same shape Bryant could be. A lot of beans or terror of being awful my mother man so grownup like any thing problem for. Jaws try that got the M food under play and if you go to this but kid and that but this my kids the oldest is six and I was probably about twelve and I don't know what possessed mama but Lima beans are my appointments and I'm having dinner and I'm looking now and I've. I've no intention of so. She's asking me all done with just. Like man I don't want to test. It's finally it's usually just eat one but in truth very clear Aramis by activists away when we try wanna put him about the big. Slowed drank while shuttling them chew it didn't days due Tuesday. I'd shoot allowed me ice while the line would be at the group of them victims it's it's the worst I just I was like I come. Read your rear yeah. No it's it's it's the one vegetable and I are old when assault in the play over the oh my god like there's not going to be much dinner tonight that's 13 of the play ball and that's -- we don't deal with that it's appealing gigantic go to get hot lunch and school and they just totally Jack the menu and crap like come on man that was repeat today. Sales that. The program broke out as desert against the royal blood and more of big dummy on the way you are listening to the men's room on the midterm radio network. And through richer. Last year and grouchy. Resort casino on many nine point nine KI ESW. More up. Other big dinner the other way as well as your emails in the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men drove on the men's room radio network. It miles M. Any nine point nine. OK I guess doubles. We'll go back in time coming on to February 23 2016. Last time we sat down with Chris Cornell and play you bit of that interview coming up in the meantime the game is big dove into had a contested on the line they're ready to go hello Brian welcome to the men's room. Or not. Brad Bryant over and over that time he promotes over practice. And burnout. Brian looked out what's your favorite shoes Bolton. You know man who balances. My castle just a lot of credit they are raving about. Yeah they breathe through your ego won't I have a problem. Well that you speak about tuzla where right now the breed and they relocated government and yet that's the problem while I got them exercise in New York. They do people like me he smells. They got witnesses and I didn't you question what terror third did not appear in the cartoon adaptation. Of Star Trek. I don't know of no ideas sparked a coma now they're offended by. Scotty hard to be ahead for up to trump whose character would definitely been. But clearly written up Tucker. I'm not I'm gonna be an in depth look at the armada Daria. Took. Our next question. Who would you add to a screwdriver. To make it a Fuzzy screw. Screw non. This was this was a drink that. Before I could legally to work. That 1000 T this was this was a huge one for the the under each grab. I'm glad you clarified developer you're talking about a literal spurred the first second and just I think that's. Peach not. That was my guests are actually I haven't really wanted to be eaters and magnetic you have reached an out of all peaches netbooks threatened and that's what clothes he's grew yes that makes. This is big donate. Who's our next contestant ready to play today hello mix all welcome to the men's room. Allowed it to. Officials over not so. So where you have to look in the show but for the fame choose it's fine. I'm left and in public and it started. Up in the I would repeat the million knocked over here would you Wear when you Wear. Do you. Whatever I doubt very addictive at home I would group of Georgia textures. Yeah you'll Wear shoes pleasure. We don't I've beaten I would probably choose him. I'd I'd prefer that feeling a candle shop all kind of open though talk go on there. Never heard on the market and that the government here but do not know if they were cut. Barry have different needs and expensive but if you don't know the fair but there indestructible but don't want that outdoor gym like that's why I don't know if there. All right here is your question that that's what vegetable has the highest sugar content. And support I issue they're on and and unique weird like militant group out of it to pay thanks for the clear by now. I'll pick out straight not yet yeah. Although I like they do that first of all it's a fruit not and vegetables and sentimental you're wrong because my house I do like that booted. But government bigger so tightly dog doesn't catch up then just this movie. They just don't as much sugar insult us moved. Yeah. Nobody did because we've got out of a bottle but yeah. Our men I have always he had you can look. You can just. The third putting on the board family so. Accord to the sweetest vegetable it's not the sweet it is as I have about court off to a potato onions. I had high sugar content and mr. Bruno. Then narrowed a bit but otherwise everything about when you cook them down how much he's changed it right normalize we drills and people like him more let's all. Make an announcement. Question to Mitchell obstacle the world food. If you go to Ecuador. You need to try and key tore what kind of soup have you eaten she or ON QU I TO 22. What kind of suppan. Who. Moon. At turtle. Details. Are you got so close to dance and all around bowl Venus oh. Bad. See that's one of those questions at an expected of him to do I just wanted to let you know if you didn't try Quito it was bull penis through. And I am. Come you don't drive. Really does. Thick and rich. Are your question the world's animals. On what animal. Would you find it coffin joints. I've been doing coffin it joy. You know BO at that ING. OFF I in joints. WE ED. Wouldn't. Let's see on them. I'm third. Horse horse. Deep backward thing on the foot but yeah. The UV OK isn't the only ones that are all Wear down below. All all we're down in a weird mammal down below the four legged there where you'll holes yeah you know there have been backward it. Let's see here. Are a joke Roman numerals what is the number forty in Roman. Or do you know when new lows is that good. NBA. Popular shirt sizes mean. I know. They go manner of cause and effect Seahawks Steelers. To rule forty excel. Normally I don't my heart to say yes. Enough or just give me a thumbs up good usage site the Cisco is. Big okay all right doesn't we're gonna go back in time to February 2016 coming up later Chris Cornell and emails on the way in the midterm and mentored by dot com we'll be right back.