05-18-17 Seg 3 Mens Room remembers a legend

Thursday, May 18th

Emails, we play for you the last interview that we did with Chris Cornell, and No S Sherlock


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's real. At this hour. They've got the south today headed your way also to return all but no as Sherlock and we're going to the head chef by the way has has taken the date all if we're not gonna talk about the fact you guys failed health inspection Ari on the air boot. Well that what I mean it's the scientists call it for the holidays mile all right but I would say we're trying to make money here Bob sandy let's just say the restaurant is. We'll how many inches are you supposed to stack the food off of the floor so that the Redskins. Well higher than directly on the floor RS I met daily steps just know an official statement from slip there is this we had eight. Interesting in different range of food that slips thus our food is kept in different environment the food comes to you. Like I make the down into the restaurant I don't understand what ever they find is when there isn't it you gotta go local. Farm to table cover up from the back today that it could. From brain is provided as there's a reason organ. Pocket the table we're gonna we're gonna play an interview for you coming up with Chris Cornell and go back in time to February 23 2016 a lot of this in interviews never aired on the air before you simply because we talked to him a win for 38 minutes. And we just could not play all that interview back at one point in time we're gonna try to play is much back as we can. We also decided we're not gonna edit that interview we're just gonna start from beginning we're trying to get as much in the timeframe we have gone so. That's all on the way I look at the first thread time reviewing emails in the men's room amends in my back out. How do you approach of Riley's embroil drought brewers amend rumor original red because we think it's done it over cubs don't put her great American beer festival. Thanks to master. Our guys are gonna get a birthday song from my pal Jose PH means I know he'd love a little turtle wax with policy to head it. In the applause. From your buds do colts d.s and lumpy thank you guys. Dead dead yet another wrench get it then out. And around him dammit I see it they're like that out of time to finish like that yourself. Then opens out the adult mouse. We'll. All of it it could you please which might also bring grace happy birthday huge fan of the show listens regularly and even if fondled thrills boobs and an event gave me as a hot young thing I'm sure she would love some dirty talk German style from thrill Aussie style from Ted and hillbilly style from miles. A you guys are the best that from Jan. It should come to my aunt told offense. With the Ian front. Chalk. Job. And losers. Announced today. Fans sit if we know of it gray snapped had a bad day but it grazing got to come this big. Australian sausage guy on the play after red day. Yeah. Run under chest. And a tougher battle of all it's doing and Austin yeah. It'll be a marine troopers don't built. This is recommended jury do about it. That this thing is my lovely co worker shipments ver taken to get some mud turtle wax with thrill yell and get him fired some shots in the middle thanks guys that from Darby. There. Okay okay. Listen to this one. Today is my son Jared Watkins nineteenth birthday can you please give him a big fat bond Bob bong rip and remind him that he originated. From my dirty German area in this. I go to bed with you if you. We've. Danger room today. William day instead of sending email I think you Gmail and over through your inbox with my staff and now and that team then so could make even referred to as often. Diva. This isn't it is vitally ninth named a huge fan of the show you guys going back commute home every day 100 times better. Can I get a barber shop they sandwich please thanks fellas that from a super finger Crist is it. Movie Laura vsan wins. G.'s daughter on this. I don't understand me as if he's still really is in them on hand and at noon and and then not. Am 31 I would like to get some turtle wax with a little Allen think in the middle thanks guys instead of our bonds. Well look go to. That's fun. That is first amber to request a long time listener from my 33 all I want is this. Ms. Robin fox to angrily screamed boat meet in German. Followed by Shannon Sharpe in Perth Ted talking about the vote meet finish it with. Virginia miles talking about whatever in the hell that he walks. It's. So anxious to a German added to it. The day I moved to third approved. June gloom and anything bad. Dad bless ya cause I wrote David evidence that you simpler. You know collected a south and to do a couple of months. Oh and this new book he also says while the slow. How locked into a do tomorrow right Marleau looked compound and we just a legit everything's going to be all one. Just to clarify that's shift. Shift. What do you ever do is just diverging into the elderly gentleman we all want and I don't need to do wonderfully. It's output out of blocked calls are. He adds a lot. If school combined with. A all of we all want. Golf I am and I don't. A basketball team loves our whole group that we essentially it's only. Go to us in a colonel Drake went to a conference it's. Whatever there's just nobody Joey some boom boom AKA boomer a big fan of turtle sects and what do you please. He's twice finally in my eight cousins had a dog named boomers grant hello ladies man they say no it isn't sexy German and I talked about beautiful white police is 36. Ladies and have a nice to have these sandwiches. I used yeah we recruited to about a moment I will they do wrote a drunken David's outside of it into burger agreed to two more. I just seem like an adventurous moments of justice at Richmond this. Six. Turning 37 today I would love to get the big old she got out and a bong hits that from his loving wife Shannon who reminds us that her husband was born one hour before mount saint helens blew. If apple that clear Roosevelt boulevard in nature dread in the world. What does that tell you. Cowboys get diverted from my mother she celebrating her 41 birthday again and I think she would love some dirty German talk. Yeah yeah. We knew bin dove I feel like I'm under arrest and look up concede your badge. Pop and I mean that's the Imus and I love to meet month. Yeah. Dina she gets it into a big bonus mother efforts done. A nice people let him. And on to invest in its. Bid is today marks are 57 Joe Brown the Golan nor blob showed journalists do whatever they can again be only. Judy games. And they suck it up skeptic rock on guys that from Tim. And I homeless. Do you go. Have you have you added OK it's. OK I've ever done I hate I have. I had to iron out mid day Omare Lowe Greg forget to break a guy's mother of re adhering had a legal fights with the acts for custody. Since he had no case he decided he would be it be great idea to claim and I was an abuse amount. So a guardian. Was assigned to interview us well and I walked in the door from my interview she made a huge look of astonishment surprise all over face in the geez enough. You're attractive. I'll never forget that because without even meeting her but only because she read his claim. She decided I must be scum and B is about judgment already I'm in shock sat down with silent forbid. Then tears just flow demy facing complete fear but that's it I'm sorry let me leave and come back and looking like a method that the addicted crackle and then it'll fit the image. I will never forget that I would have a debating neutral third party and good times still talk traumatized. How words to remember guys my dad's contractor he always said measure twice cut once. It fits in relationships as well as carpentry and I don't always follow that advice but it stuck with me from Dillon. Bridges. He was a private basic training six foot three year for a buck ten dripping wet and eighties. Drill sergeant yelled private do you see that flag pole. Make sure you steal real close to it at all times because the wind can get nasty here so grab on to that poll hold on tighter astle blow away you'll never find a door they. That and he listened and added probably thirty pounds before graduation. And finally from the emails to finally you know some dudes can't eat much to boot camp is that when it trim weight net and then I had a buddy does say he was so small like everybody else is cookies that confiscated and he got to eat whatever else feel about that other Hayden. If hey guys journalists are mentioned a dead at a Greyhound is a great dog and I had to write in to confirm that so we got to retired racing Greyhound from a rescue back in January. And he's a laid back quiet gets along with the cats and doesn't bark at all. Sleeps most of the day but that's probably because he doesn't have to race anymore he won eight out of 64 races in West Virginia under the name a redneck roadster. Why does West Virginia have to call him redneck roadster but I insisted we changes name when we got and so my daughter named him black Jack or Jack for short. Grey hounds are awesome but there are used they're used to crowds and activities they don't do well above themselves are great. At least ours doesn't miss you guys out here relentless and every day on the podcaster long this listener from Greg. In risers down Maryland whose Tennessee a picture of black checked baggage that Greyhound just to prepare for an instant ram full of meat drinking Greyhound with migrate. While on the Greyhound I must be every listener when there. There are enough to know as Sherlock we will take a break in that come back with a very special interview with us and Chris Cornell right after this. Rule out rockaholics. This is the men's room with miles and drill 99.9. KI DS. Join done in studio of the drug adjourn drank gas. Hey man how are. We're told his son told us earlier but it bears repeating. People often inquisitive just about you know the radio world and ask questions how to stuff happens you know. And in a lot of the times whether it's my friends my family whatever the same and you guys get a chance to talk to a lot of cool people with elect in every these. I'll say well doesn't matter who we have been whoever comes in and it's a weird dynamic we we don't really get too much of a chance to talk to a man at a time. We get about a half an hour with them personally and the most of the time these people go along. And we never see him again and again it's a professional setting to it's not like. It's now like you're sitting down at a bar with somebody have a beer you'd rather expectations and their sort of rules and you're not an agenda here bro and down with the good of the promotional most of the time. You're right. And so yes we do have a connection with a lot of those people and you know lately we hope to get back on the show and see them again and everything else. The one thing about Chris Cornell was Chris Cornell was someone that not only did Steve and I idolize growing up everybody had their band you know are relevant and Yvonne our Ben was younger that day you know and and that's kind of how I identified myself even as a youth vote question is this younger. So we got to know sound and we get to know Chris Cornell as many times as he came in and talk to us. We filled a different relationship because we got to talk to him off there we got to talk to a lot of the well. Particularly given me an ever gonna play for now I understand that you know as we reflect on the day this means one thing this medal what was then because. They don't turn on late night show mr. the gases can be whoever the guest is there to try to convince you to spend money on whatever product. Regular album of the book the movie whatever and we understand that's house in this case we came when they counselor goes. Regressed just wants governor Langer who he adored the show he just wants Chris Christie will come here tomorrow Busch Tony I am now. He just want to hang out so it meant a lot to us that we affected him in some way but elect what we did that. This guy wanted to come and hang out for no reason other man to talk you know whatever I only talk. A link to the entire interview is on the men's room FaceBook page if you listen to and it was 38 minutes of us just sitting there BS and about nothing yes nothing and it was say nothing to be we just 1 o'clock we just wanted to handle business with and great and Eric and and we only played a small portion of that the next day after it was over as I think we interviewed him after we're on the air he was in for the evening. And relatively small portion of the reason was was because we were gonna talk to Chris Cornell again. Bright and so you know let's just put a small snippet of this so most of the stuff you haven't heard that just if you could go right to share with people. And it's been a lot to us through what yeah what what would which you were so does the person. That. I I set up most of the stuff when it came to congress. That's when Karen who's worked with care with with Chris all the way back to the the sound garden days. And they were on and a records and now she doesn't work for the label anymore but crisper and surrounded do prom offers so little stuffed them and they go. They go back on and the first female I saw this morning when Kaman was from her you know it's our name naturally that's the first in the popped into my head on and she was asking that the first thought she was that you know terribly sorry sure and you guys are hurting out there but she wanted to your guys interview that you did with Crist. Because he's on its so happy and she wanted to hear his voice and we really haven't listened to that since it happened zero let's just plays will play as much we can before we run on time we'll go back in time to a February 23. 2016 let's go back at camp. Man and ladies and gentlemen live in studio the one and only Chris brokers. Thank you you got a half applause you just you just I asked god you just came and you don't really generally promoting anything. Now it's clemency. That's why you hear me and you know we look. Anytime she some likely ninety music movies or there is a book is they record negatives are greatest movie ever done. As well Chris and Annika I'm just here hosed on this you really have no friends is that lucas' yes this sort of let us via that's what is in calm you know I'm hoping that you'll be my friend. Did is no choice but to listen. We went to this report shows get help from them. In this studio right now we all recognize real ugly is at least talented man that's got to be too I mean it's just order. I don't as such for I hope this music they were so accurate title bouts on the in real quick so. A bit of Baltimore back and today and sub pop when you as first and so pops up populate a mailer thing and so my body had signed a four to oust chains mobile album sound so. With problems are gardens no deal this time welcome indie rock band. Yeah and we just put out a demo cassette and has some friends OK so. They wanted her demos on C got miles and you've had a similar tumors in college football so. We put the cassette in the deck and our run upstairs to take a week and I come downstairs and publicly given me the thumbs up the more announced there. We put on the wrong got into sentinels in the flower. So the book before I was saying yeah. Guys. Yeah particularly like everyone ridicule riddle complementary and unwind. But it's not a man so we reached out for our 100. Number pop artist says. They were being nice yeah clearly the reaction was so different enough from got to look to other it was a why are we don't know why we don't and a new putter wrong got into sex there'll all the crap you got kicked ass Mike that is not personnel and now I don't nada promotional bitter about it. Others want because it's like yeah I feel that that it's never we're friends you know we'll vote on all the past. Pilots suffered a Nellie that that we heard data sneaking in the building and how how what is it your life like that I mean are you lied general though. Didn't mingle at the Ramada inn I mean you have to kind of go around the NBA or whatever you know I'd be out there may not be a mechanism is an idea have to be a means your life gonna have to be like that never let that. First want them like that guide their money not that not really I mean and now. I'm eating ourselves to walk around I mean you got a guy who I vote and I mean that's who I lived I wouldn't have hosts 3736. And a 36 and I. And remember once I stopped going to sports bars you know which was my. The and he's fine and I walked the dog I'll let you pick up or blue but I mean you have that I I remember wandering around Seattle in the Al it's kind of like I look at it like. Do you or don't you draw attention to yourself. And and it's sort of upped it to the person like if prince goes into place yes yes people around him. And you see all that first and you know you don't know what's prince but you know it's somebody I measure that and and now I'm I've. I remember meeting Fred Durst one time I met him one time and there of there were like five guys. That depth look like they can be the defensive lineman NFL team and their and then behind that wall comes this guy in in the hand comes out to shake my hand say hi to me. And I thought if you want if you want no one to mom to bother you. Just who lose those five guys and no one's gonna know to know who you. Our and that they are afraid doors another against the guy but I mean he just looks like the average world. We've got capped by Jarrett you know that he can walk out into any huge bag bark and no one back to the sports don't go right I mean but I wouldn't notice that and I know who the guy is but I would not know well America's he looks like at the plate ever last walking through Philadelphia like. Yeah governor Linda we're like Peter chin strap. Don't know Obama's America. Problem. Purple trench coat room. You know like prince who probably would see if you didn't have the five guys he might need five guys but most will probably mostly to print she did he did nothing compares you a couple of years doughnuts and serious like version via does he call. This prince Ali go Chris. Integrity he hates it when you're older songs. That Israel or what are held and Tom Jones did kiss I mean there's there's a lot of good covers an amateur so insulting when someone exactly I mean come on already successful takes time to pay tribute to you because they feel gracious about something's gotta like Johnny Cash soon rusty cage had to sit back and go oh man yeah that was amazing you know I told them they and you think why can I am not interpreted that way. It's half half half I was. Actually I was asked to interpret it for Johnny Cash and and our members saying after it's a trial set for a couple of hours and thugs actually kind of stupid idea. And then I thought I can't do it this I don't really understand whatever it is you're thinking is gonna work. And then I heard diversion that is that a Smart person did that. I was overtaken it. It's amazing you know it was a little funny about that thing about this Johnny Cash so you put out the solo upstream net doom and this is an stigma and this is a quote from two runs or a tweet or something. He says you know that feeling yet but so many bears themselves so badly you feel comfortable heard Chris Cornell record Jesus that's pretty certain. Keep this in mind realize that station I'm this station. Replay Johnny cash's Russ decayed and replay Johnny cash's hurt. No one complains will replace sound garden's rows decayed and I want to make it dead true statement. When we played Nine Inch Nails or I want this I like nine tomatoes they are I like it but move every time we play the younger generation. They call in the tweet in the and they are his stall equitable. I can't believe Reza disrespect Johnny Cash likeness whose cover in the south are they are now on the Daryn that this is the guy by your route makes them. People don't like his version of his own gut their sorrow and are mad at him for crafting a memory of Johnny Cash and I'm like yeah. Well that's that's that's exactly what that illustrates why prince gets upset because. Mean to me but I saw him do he was saying that the like literature and O'Connor song sure nobody knows that in my song and well what I say is that. What makes him what puts prints in the category of The Beatles or Bob don't is that someone like Kirk him a career defining song. Well with the song that he wrote. Yeah and I used to happen all the time yeah doesn't happen anymore and I early seventies he doesn't Nielsen deck a song I mean you could governor can't I mean hell I mean it didn't matter what everybody is ten songs like daydream believer was being done by nine different people want different I think W princes argument of parental like a song right that no one knew of them so I borrow you. You have an entire catalog that spans decades no one doesn't know you'll you're thoroughly appreciated your thoroughly respected so there is 82 men that you may have to come. Blew up everybody held that was the big human. My dogs and uncover The Beatles you do drive my car for the new Netflix beat bugs in the guts. What did you think you look Dylan when you're out as Ernie is there anybody that you wouldn't covers thirty songs are stairway like when you look at the guitars and a stairways are. As our Chris Cornell version of that we like in a lot. I'm just not gonna cover so. I don't know I don't think so. I can't I don't ever your chances of them is a lot of time about probable or play but I don't think there I would have a rule. Of not doing. Have you have you seen the guy that they have the dresses up like an old guy old man and he goes out to the city basketball courts and he just schools everybody. Say put my prosthetic makeup on me and goes out is gray hair wouldn't like to look at this old man goes on just doesn't he ever thought about doing that for like karaoke. In other words they put you would make a flat. You know and like you are the karaoke ringer. No one you like this old crippled got maybe got McCain kind of fig one up on the stage and in just due out on the Jesus Christ pose around. The day I tried deliver something like that just to see the reaction from the they tell you side. Then I looked like court guys on this old guy really could Nelson. And salad she she's making just. I did I didn't I wasn't non. I was dressed up goodness walked up and servicing carrier okay and they said the sold guys can really natural area you have done karaoke and not have an actor can ever have I know that's what I'm saying why don't you the ringer. Do you sit there carrier I mean what thing as the reports about your departure have been for decades and are you know listen Newbury claim that I just. I don't have a good singing voice and sitting through karaoke is just a stupid idea. Because everyone up there has about my talent and there's a reason while we don't do what you do and it's because we can't acting city. I'm telling you. Just go to karaoke bar listened to and I'm telling you what to appreciate usually you're gonna newfound self respect for your own but you I mean do you appreciate your voice didn't do you know how good it is and you take a program. I'm I sort of look at it as. As an instrument like come like Arenas and saxophone something. Except that the human voice it changes you know it changes not just not talking about like overtime talking about like I've called this week. Or it just changes anyway I am I even in my twenties notes that would be onto a wake up 1 morning and it worked semis into the four. So I don't really think about it too much had to sort of try to do the best thing camp that with that day. And then in the long run I think I made changes. You know to not be completed you know like stop smoking them. Com or how many instruments do you play now I know your plea you're doing Dylan you got your plan harp. Yeah or the harmonica. I mean usually you got all these. That and how I come peak instruments do you play. Count them all. For any grades and I play guitar every single day and I am and I'm okay area. But I start I pick that up as a song like on a he's a strikes on sound garden was already banned forever touched guitar. I'm and the answer is very cool. Like when I touched the guitar and set I got this part guys and and I'm showing a guitar player and I and their play guitar. The reaction was actually really positive right away as very encouraging like oh that's really cool from here doing that instead of put that thing down right. If you're embarrassing yourself is that didn't happen. Athletic courage and in the end and that and that that while songs and songwriting kind of became the thing for me it was more so than Dana singer or frontman Thom. Like creating the music of your band because when you're a musician in your on your teenager in Utah the the ideas that oh you know I'm an abused them the best of whatever my position is and then some amazing bands and come along and they're gonna put me in the band. And then at some point you realize that's never gonna happen and an do you want a cold and that sounds cool that has great songs you got to sort of figure out how to do that. And that's been my focus since like 1980. For it's like bad re writing the songs creating you know creating this kind of puts them to the other religion almost a reading a soundtrack to. Some things on the economy create and then over the over the course of decades can change it but that is like more exciting. I want to read more exciting than sing you annoy everyone in this room and in and here's why so what. There are huge fans I didn't expect it does not like his approach you make we sit and listen up because you can take a bit like nickel and this is about band nickel. But check Kroger snuggled Brett could not relevant but it is Jason's got. Make Jack who went in north towards this is one of the sexiest man and I and I get with the saints are carriers so but. But honest to god. One of our policeman evermore and his dramatic but he's got excellent. And an energy Reza you got the look which is the goal is tomorrow. But let me get the pipes and Steve Mayer ceremony that pisses me outlook like look. You can be cleansing your ass off. You can be good looking and not be reduced to got him thing but that also lyrically I think you're one of the most poetic writer's part Broncos. Es I knew that it worked great friends and who is gonna we're not good everywhere we go through things don't like here's a good looking that great pipes vertical what do with the right your son marijuana might be bamboozled times' Seoul stops outstanding at like you know that you. Because the rest of us ugly and I'm talented at doing nothing bullet Bennett put us on TV that's where you're rattling and. Olin look at it airport Gillick Rick Springfield. Now I'm Monica. It's really do. What's that now blessed amigos were in town. Mats on got a complaint. And then just this past year than the past year. You've got a chance to bring your daughter of and play Agassi play you're a school performance or assembly of some of mica before you bribe in the ad that was her by herself. The. That's it's all got time for on that one by the way that latter got a chance dumb and it was ugly. That that interview continues for twenty minutes and more after that and if you like the men's room on FaceBook or you follow us on tour events are live. There's a link there you can listen to the rest of the unity because corner and a great thing about policy and no one is drawn pimping thing it's just I was talking smack him. When a Mormon place we will we will be right back. Now back in the men's and well miles and threw 99.9. KI SW up and down again that. That interview goes on for twenty more additional minutes with the Chris Cornell need to listen to that interview in its entirety if you follow us on what are meant to live and also on our FaceBook page. And it's the men's room and the shot of the day is is coming up as well you are listening to the men's room on the men's room radio network. And really it was miles and three. Nine point nine KI SW Canada we will drink we will totals with the shot of the day. Our own Steve the thrill hill Colmes the gloating and looking first stories with the headline sports career. And the option. And into the equipment and it you'd June is covered in bacteria. Pat and I. On if you go to the gym on a regular basis do not. Did not read that study. Pivotal study did don't want out it's it's so disturbing there's no plea she could go without that many germs other than your toilet and toilet cleaner. But that shouldn't be shocking and it shouldn't be because that's driving the number of bacteria that are on dumb bells. Machine the salsa in the late hours of the worst on the just don't stuff you just don't want to know everything. But but again you don't need to have mind if you're going to ablaze with strangers that sweaty and you know all share stops if you needed a reason not to have poor form and leaned up on those rails on the stair master on a treadmill and anything. Do not touch those rail north of the golf really do what I do don't go to the gym problems. He continued. Jim stealthy at duke gross I'd love to be healthy but Lejeune. You went back jittery this is gonna blow God's mind that's the headline Oprah Winfrey but dominant and beyoncé. Are among America's richest self made when. Sorry twelve. And Willie Oprah Madonna biathlon pop. There wasn't. Jonathan Rosen catching a regular twenty dollar bill for their emergency did you see woods JC in beyoncé told yet a revenge today about race and Jay z.'s got 800 million she. Beyoncé has 200 in some ways like a billion sort of the million. When you put them together or stability over a billion dollars but when they form bold front of the dollars. I understand and Obey the ship and come off the ship we continued to hit the power. Of the offing on beyond the it is what it is. Basic income makes people feel better. And she. Not hard and by next few if you could only when its regular income to like when you have a job and have a steady paycheck. Those people feel better in the people that don't have watched the steady paycheck or job but no I thought it won't work of the Levinson. No such thing is spent more fit meters but Jesus GU well the Kurds are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. The FW OK okay. Hill Republicans want less drama from trump after leaders controversy hello. Jarrett rock. Female genital mutilation. Is a barbaric practice that should be patient well the monkey's uncle. Sherlock generally think that include the word mutilation ago probably not awesome right. But we're used the word mutilation you really wanna set the tone like this is not a little cut. This is mutilation and each genital your genitals and that's awful. We continued lots of trump and news or car. Trumping shouldn't get away with everything. A the act now to show our luck. Mean immense said before the election that shoot someone in the middle street getaway. To get Jay to probably. He has the tire life. But he'll tell you yeah I hope that the headline. We continue with women can be sexist too. And and Sharon my. But if it's a total lack. And strong it dead child bonds made buffer against mom's depression play well no Sherlock. Expert recommended against cutting a novel Colorado while holding it in your hands. You know the sure. It is now we all kind of you know. And I'll I would never caught a bagel that way but I avocados I've know is she doing a little note to bad idea I'm just saying. We continue Michelle Obama slams strong bond school of policy saying aren't you what our kids to have good food in school. And wish it sure. Not. You can tune. White House curious after being troll with Russian Oval Office photo. GU well kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Show our love and controlled those of Russian photographer there document from the practice. You Letterman's old job at all it was actually documenting the media what do you think photographers do. It was just unfortunate that the American Media couldn't get him. I would just argue if you don't know that a photographer. Takes pictures you probably should not let them and were in mother Russia photo GQ. App Powell river family says that kidnapped teenager is acting withdrawn and jittery. Yeah. She. Got some slack made them immediately out there and finally. Wearing red doesn't actually make section Rick LA well know. And I did where it all right have we made it to during the attack.