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Thursday, May 18th

Shot of the Day goes out to Soundgarden Vocalist Chris Cornell, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Giselle Brady and yet another Theme Challenge! and Headlines!


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So bloody okay. Deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just two days. It started as good as usual we had Jose today desk and see the throw to find out who were toasted. Yesterday and today a little bit somber but today we're going to those were torn files so there are many reasons why we did do that. Notwithstanding that for miles and personal sound garden absolutely. One of our favor Mandel time but Chris Cornell himself for what he meant to us just. And real quick what we don't have prepared remarks because we're not prepared for what we welcome to this more. And that to me it does it work assignments. For us personally and everyone has an opinion and people who can believe what it is that wonderfully but for me it's very simple. Easily the most poetic lyricist that's ever been out there when the greatest horse lover I do not know the due to be duplicated. He was very kind man to us on the show. We appreciate its routes into toast over the applicant is Cornell for us from coming. This is dumb men's room. Listening to men's room and miles and spread. It's coming up. It's gonna get Jesse online right now color nine at 206421. Rock we have profiled as. Coming up in minutes also still to come headlines on the way over there oh my god but first headlines first. A quick check of the headlines wither on my doctor user must admit yeah I'm very good area early headlines that you were not working out of 39 year old woman a Massachusetts draster Carla she was drunk on Monday. And also had a lizard people the bearded dragon her brawl and cops out there. She's a reminder to dredges. Up one and now you know lowered. Mike my body had a bearded dragon. He did not believe it I hate it we had it sitting on the side of a couch once rightly on the armrest. We put it. We were teenagers to put a little bit of alcohol on the in a cat he took one little lick of it right steps trying to. And he fell off the count you're kidding he lived it was fine if we just at the time we look and god are you up. The injury while the other problem is yes but Dan olds smoke we've duke Bentley started rolling at a high school graduation in Memphis on Tuesday after someone tried to save the seat. Come on man. At a high school graduation. What it says. And heavy in my view I do not go to the movies you call for I hated the movie there. Thank looked at it doesn't matter numbers names or lose it Rampage at a high school graduate free I moved here to elect would read the papers. Finally generally I think Blakey graduation during church that's kind of acceptable behavior and I thought it was good it's generally a family that you cannon barrel does it go through our at a woman stole bunch of stuff from Wal-Mart near Toronto last month. The security can't hurt Connor face planting in the parking lot while you were trying to run away how do you see it. No volatile we're excited scared I didn't try to run out of their army she'd just eats face first on the Dennis. I ninety year old man in China recently set fire to an ATM because he was angry he didn't have any money that'll teach him and he put it out by relieving himself on it. She east I like him an issue then solve themselves. AT&T took his money he just doesn't have anything in his account that's why he put the fire erupted in. And finally a man's last name has been rejected as a vanity plates. With the size and I'll let you know about it whenever we now are I thank you might we appreciate it we'd. Had headlines coming up one hour from now. My daughter goes market does Israel as we got profile this playing for a I think it's easy royal blood that chills August the ninth royal blue pill box and courtesy of EEG live is again I have W dot governor blade Dell's third. Job as a true precepts. This isn't prohibitively starter one now profile press is played at Georgia and miles it's a simple game more we share with you real like news story. Something had happened right here. I'm blended her. Or are. Her current and as you listen to store based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make molest you when it does you think makes the story. A story. No door Ian welcome to the men's room. Wow oh wow Doreen hello to our remaining. Yeah I am and how old are you Doreen. Hope forty okay how I was gonna say you're definitely not seventeen years old there's no no nor arena and there's no new adoring in the world you be the youngest Dorian on earth. Doreen I don't know if you shorten your name what did you speak story. And correct by logging Ari. Obviously you have a small dog and an indoor that I liked that we're all right not a movie finding dory. I'm Finding Nemo that dory good story that everyone else gnomes. Small docs to Omaha opener is that bad for the little the when you're gone about yes that's involved tainted dog instead we never knew that you don't talk about any exco. Average annual my bad dog no don't you think they're all the data it's not her right looked. That's what I Terrence parents' dog's eyes and I'd love to see if I had my choice I think Tory home with me to belt out. Compared with tens of the men are dogs that didn't happen. It. I was Torre you understand how the game's place. Dorian Dickey that I or. And then. Right here is historic we go to New Hampshire where police say a man Don and forms Home Depot apron and posed as an employs. That still that you still air conditioners App Store but the manager noticed that the name on his apron did not match that of any worker storm. Police arrested a 53 year old man. In order to air conditioners and his pickup truck. There would be back in side. That's an amended to notice that the April with the main Shannon on it also apply we're strong mama. Tampa yeah. Well you know actual names so the manager called police now the social or political belief even know anything about these air conditioners. But a Home Depot apron was found in his back pocket. And then they managed to find two air conditioning units sitting in the struggle along through short. He was arrested he's released on bail is awaiting trial you believe this guy they could be flower Home Depot apron. Is black whites Maxi or eased. Time and I think it's enclosed here by your brains work. This is a home the disease Home Depot when we need to air conditioning units where is this and some are New Hampshire we learned it was built hands room. Please now he's an hour of the old school just window units. That's sort of dancing or let the big ones understandably think that. Holes to put out went either way there probably anywhere from 200 to 500. And very happy and they are very heavy. He's got to pick up truck went to pick up truck and I would normally lean whites or Mexico. Just based on construction based on who owns picture than just seems to be a natural anti black people don't don't protect that that's proven winners exactly. I don't rally in my brain now I think many of my black friends actually go to pick chocolate Lara it's like Subaru driver are very they're very the heart of fun. Put a four leaf clover. I think he's at Home Depot is I don't you go he has an eight Britain from these votes as Shannon who originally owners had drawn flowers on which of the tip off. Remanded for momentum. At that we knew anything of looting of men name's Janet if you wanna go there aren't hanging here and (%expletive) TARP right as a fan of all the practical matters to be black. Perfect main fan evolved. Right so he's had the apron and interest walk out the right so he's tricky government leaving he's he's employed there he's just doing whatever it is. He supposedly is a candlelight yes Doreen there are men named Shannon but in this case the manager of man. No one here. Has been named Shannon when I found amazing about this manner about who's. We'll piece it together first of flour thrown on me and been amended so the man nobody here is made sense what's amazing is. That's how he reached the conclusion not looking at a guy he never hide. He can tell you the names of all those employers when he doesn't know the faces team that beat it that is easily unit indeed he would be he would be just. He would just be whites simply based on the fact that you're not totally my butt out if there's an a black employ you out with no that would be the minority on defense that you bring you would know who that would be. I'm like look we're all so I think the fact that he was white you know like there's so many white people who work here. In a Home Depot you don't like I'm not sure that ends at a white guy who works here or not. We you're kinda right when I think about. Any hardware you know home improvements to I do kind of the latest in the wake out of the mustache Elton look mostly Thomas that most of the time I need some things I can't find him in The Home Depot. There is a a woman there who was working and she will help me and show me everything that I needed makes me feel stupid accident on the on the old melanoma Judaism if on the additional things and yet. At the time it's so that they have great they're great customer service. Through Dorgan going to be finds out I'm adventurous but I don't nothing like I need is that I'll love it. Bottom groove and I had exactly resisting this girl gotten. It just seems like but but the players had to pick up truck. Could lean goodly Mexico. In his youth it is New Hampshire New Hampshire. I don't know much convinced. A small beautiful state tip off but it's basically candidate. That's good not only in towards whites who were born here who answered only hope. In the past half pickup truck New Hampshire I'm park in my canned you're like I. Well he. General hospital races in a debate Neely I don't know. I know that's when the ten year old glitzy things. Why anything. And you can hear the question. How hot hot hot. No help from the RCA. DN RC just checking everybody remembers every hero you know ultimately do. I which finally answered enough. I want a lower court little black and white. Remembers it well let me or Asian. All welcome. The new Internet we don't know exactly how important it is that it's a friendly game and they. Gathered and I'm now starts hooked ever gonna profiles a the other tragedy of race all right when he got kids like Y Mets here June. I eighty critical black final answer. And I think we're gonna find out. If he was black lights makes the or Jewish next. Tee now and just. We've miles it's 99.9. KI DSW I died today out profiled as we head to the a state of knew how I'm shop. And the guy who was a look at to stay cool. So it was seen. I guess at an old apron from someone used to work at The Home Depot move somewhat or. Tony weigh in and someone named Shannon put their bad boy out in when The Home Depot and proceeded to get two air conditioning. That is grave of going in to get more but the manager not a piece that together total and announce in his pickup truck back there and yeah values. Sealed air conditioning units that you must. It wasn't by Boston and a marine we ask you a new international general charm if you believe this guy the was black and white men or do did you get discreet black. We've got a black. Why don't use that black that's good kids like dead the other arm are what. Okay. I hope hello I am. Real hard time walking in any store and arguing case than the last there really won't go to record isn't Showalter held back in people always followed you around we and this case. Max hall and and chuck. Conine right now jewels export to Iraq you'll be on your ladies he royal blood August 9 and the shoebox and those tickets are courtesy of AEG lives in color nine right now. And it's a 206421. Rock do you drive a dead governor viewer listening to the men's room on the men's room radio network. Miles and. Any nine point now. OK I guess W headlines what might knock jock tell another first for all the TV news all the time minister amber DB to amity. And now. I think life. Inclined to countless hours in front of a talking aren't. Presents. Tank. David damage had brought to backs beneath it thousands of good shows and movies instilling an exciting on the man anytime anywhere it's only the future of also. Get a call 1800 X 81800. X unity smelly. I've got to tell rod Sutton for air and the Internet and I'm. He felt like you don't have to golden girls. Check out. So download and like I know I'm just want. Not long enough. Yes our. Ami just. It's over this is smiled as our expanding our students real is still events may I was in golden god and our rule thing. A little bit okay you know and I don't really get lack. I forgot to come and play the whole dvd Alexandra. Played a whole damn thing you like and every and dessert no wonder darted over O'Hare or however Allen. Now there. I think life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking box and the men's room presents. TV. Did damage that brought to back steady with thousands of hit movies and shows instantly with a Simeon and anytime anywhere it's ladies the future also. Oh yeah get a call 800 X and 81800 X and smelling. Really challenge what is that. Friends and you know Rendell. It's not the refunds. I'll do Savannah this show about a friend but not friends about friends. Different problems. Gotta be different strokes Cosby show. Proud of Mickey's I'll give you a hint that this show. The actors. Act actor people write a poem Chicago actresses. Why do you put your money can't the actor people from the Chicago. Skewed a little bit older folks. Barney Miller. Actually that is the golden. The pain. OK you know boom. Where no man as you should not go in Graham's. Which is ironic that they were all grandma and I am pleased and gold good and ends with another another yeah. Another stumper and you. And so top. Sosa. As the site to show. I don't want double my hands over and now I do not want. We all what. Lady was that sexy blanch she was easy not sexy personal Yahoo!. Google+ easy bears fans at the her name of the avalanche. That the worst thing on earth. No one can make a white or pale by extracting color with bleach land should grow hail from shock fear or a similar emotion. Blanch and many people blanch at the suggestion to use it and sentenced the cold light blanched her face. See that's at the Honolulu were goodies that you got a little glitch in your face a gradual Fraser momma right where you. You laugh and make everything okay it made you wait a good. Job. We lose that level blunt you'll lose. Some of the programs that don't lose. My. Yeah I'm still says I have a lunch common. Would you like a blood snippets and yeah. It. Isn't the glad she population. Read into the Blanche fronts. The good news it's. I brought up an a the golden girls out into the match if they're making it gives it sounds like a board game kind of like clue one. The mystery is you have this hobbies. Who wait the last piece of cheesecake. God damn are you should Christmas is ready guy. But hook up would they leave on the scene of the crime and where did it happen and you can play Dorsey blanched. Rove whose moves that Roosevelt didn't. Rose Obama yeah. Yeah they ghetto which they got their realm which are singular and handled more there. We amaze armored arrows are just going to need glanced rose eight. I'm Sophia and two male characters who wage living up to the so blanch was I was war remember it right short rest Sophia was Estelle Getty the old lady. Who was actually the young young to have the youngest of them run that's a crude gold grams ouch that's gotta like frank beard he's touting the old without out of bears an idea of the doldrums. The main store only won easily the youngest Dorsey was like the may not let anyone know that was a models and B are there. Right the sexy deal with the Indian blanched right so roses Betty White. We'll get our yet. Much destruction embedded Norwich is is by mentioning him in whitening accounts and there's two male characters. Are right on the sport game. They don't have faces the justice to guess they have pieces. Silhouettes who do. The funny thing is though one is roses boyfriend in one restore these ex husband stand stadium do you remember. What roses boyfriends nameless. No miles at all of what I know I did. For people like like elegant old woman. Out of their crap together I did not know that letter read this earlier today doesn't that's awesome Muslims on the cone or digital loan. Like a couple of used to drive it's good what Powell like ten years of your anything irony thing where you're not 36 to thirty years. You know no you only about ten years you want to modify French. You have some of the call you ought to go AI Ted and George was gonna dates and I but I've got plenty of work to do and I got too much we just don't know tonight a special thing about grab and a drink government orphans letter forget about it here. All right that's pretty cool right yeah yeah they have their own life I just like school to date and overblown because they don't really care if you it's like. You're you're not going how big and you got to worry about that Disco are understandable at the job and the crap. Just to end it sometimes being irresponsible person. And if I worry if ideally an older woman I just assumed she'd be much more responsible Lou is that relationship would you weird that could read it here. That's good I'm not looking after me while trying to think of your mother that's at did you do your laundry dead. But yeah. That we're dating dating the wrong hold him why you data because last Saturday Oklahoma app. Apple at some point in your which doesn't make me seem much or that matured dog must did old broad. A date you. Old broad he's Dayton removes from globe to early exit Blair into a they say that a lot of that basically set the characters than the little figurines look the way they should basically just the that it does not look like as though getting you know. Nothing nobody that called as though getting the culprit stop from a month shoot. The culprit can leave behind items like hairspray. A robe lipstick a shoe blossom to bag a wicker chair dentures. Or a weaker person. Or her poly group as you remember when you play clue it's always like. There's a good guy or like a person I was like stop it colonel mustard with the rope in the end that were in the library. Yeah I was playing colonel mustard every time. You know why clue and vols white people. Whether or Blackley a Romer left. There's been like you over the border murder happen everybody's gone and no these everyone just already arrested the black guy without even asking her when in request. So the game is over before it began. At that's the problem or black guy that is not about her house. What other time I do all liberal if not they'll throw you called us and like any good murder mystery you want also this that the threat that. It's so fun heard about it we're gonna get out of trying to produce the most out of spring night and he got toy dragons haven't they had those were someone actually did die. On the murder deliberately unless like two years galaxy someone actually was murdered in the whole idea was the person who was was. Who committed the murder thought what better. Way to hide this well that is the time to do it right in the middle of the they figure out who was I didn't remember yeah brag about it got mustard. With a row but I or candlestick content. The Arizona due to Campbell's. I think he just bashed in the head that's Richardson yet but a very conservative but to me let all of the camels there but I haven't. An avid but I damn near killed. It could pick. And that's very narrow mcdannold that the amount of it's a lot of people of examples there from Beauty and the Beast. Out of gladly do as the man. We get bit and rerouted. So a lot of people have been talking about Dwayne the rock Johnson and running for president in 220. Obviously he ran for president when he when he he would have to go up against the current president president trump hand of course. That's so basically Jimmy Kimmel had some thought it made a wrestling promo we're just trumpeted Iraq. Only god sees how did you see the video that got into a little bit take up the midterm faith where the cast that he FaceBook page actually check both out. The manager pace of page and cast in the face of page. But that videos up there. Obviously they just kind of got together promo you know it the rock was in deleted the for a you know I still say some people still kind of forget that restart. I guess it's a good point Brinkley started with a Miami Hurricanes would. From the standpoint of his body right getting baked but right Betty I mean reading nomad now they can't do much when you play behind Warren Sapp. Nothing wrong really is now. I really would served as though duke Nolan. I don't want to look at the you know. Plugged. Of Super Bowl might punch hookers and fish. Are more into. Well you know we're talking about football. You don't generally expect this but Brazilian supermodel Gisele talks little about her football playing husband Brady never. Husband said the other day that you want him to retire he said that not me you know this Kenya and that he was gonna play as long as he felt as good as he does there. We are you trying to get him to retire. You know I just have to say as alive I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like unnamed. Let's say an aggressive sport rice football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much in the unpopular that he does have concussions in his. I don't think it's a healthy teens invited to go to like half. Jews know you know until that kind of aggression like all the time that could not be healthy for you right and I'm planning on having him. Need healthy in the a lot of fun things and elect a hundred I. So that kind of became a huge deal should have been accused from designs. Will break so that regardless how ladies. Never had a document a concussion last year I don't know that he's he really had that many document ones forever girl and a. And that's the whole point total of oil has hit him to Yemen if you don't know anything about the game of football. It's a short window not a Tom Brady's instance but the mentality is I IA I'm okay. I got this I know for a fact the reason that Tom Brady has a job. Is because Drew Bledsoe almost died and on yeah field star Tony Romo ago it seemed that Drew Bledsoe almost died it was that serious they would Russian to a hospital. It's the same thing and you have that mentality of my question is who in the hell got a handle on Tom Brady but Jeremy I would like to have the team film and see the ball that is in point five seconds who hit robbery and went. That blows my mind ahead on late hit yeah had to be at the flight of the ball as well yeah but it's kind of crazy to a lot of people have a lot of views on this. Some people species trying to force him into retirement and I. Honestly I think he's just a wife talking about her hugs tears and she really a she probably didn't think about it is to run and think about it and the thing he probably came home and I doubt he's a pair of ago brought him home head ring like look. Dude wasteful ball. I am not a fan of Tom Brady but I make it very clear why. Because he does not play from its okay so I mean that's a longer to anybody who want a monetary based on Wednesday but. So not expand his you know we brought him home this alert paid council for American Tom Brady and that's numbers and into the world I still play a little football guys Loney hitting me because I'm Tom Brady. It's a rough sport on the got name field general Zia. My head hurts today made that outages and and somehow like you said is the wife talked about Osman but it turned into that. Seattle the other sadness I think I think he has had concussions probably probably I don't this year yes it probably talk to her about it and I mean proud. He probably said don't mention epic you know settlement sheet is kinda right so does it brings up a bigger question though about the NFL there's all this. Compression protocol in this and that's would seek. Just when you hear this comment to me just Attica for terms with anybody that's played football even if you played when your pop Warner. It's got a confirmed that you probably think it's like of course there's still eating and cautioned that there's no it's and it's football. That he didn't know the end of analyst for bad finger and a select questionable. And has no thought right he's all right every Belichick not gonna say and frankly if you concede they hit on the field like. They go there concussion protocol for the reasons you think they do real sought the guy got dropped and didn't get Foreman walked on silent. You think back of games that we saw Brady and peruse the original particular play or game remember even look at woozy. Are taking forever to get a popular commanders if he didn't help people got blasted them ahead. There wasn't a lot of physical evidence to say that probably better Larry touchdowns after authorities that you can go to protocol went everyone sees you take that hit in the face down on the ground for problem. Yeah it'll do better in notes due shockingly they're light years ahead of all the other leagues the NHL boxing. They're way ahead of the game and in just being on weapons operators. I ever it's a sport that you know Dave if you boxed in I don't understand that a sport that make you great Uga beating bumpers among count as might be dangerous and like boulder or about now and you're not losing. Einstein like. You throw punches at each other and phase and the more people you knock out the greater concern grows when you're not commands out of this that. I'm bored and lately well he door and they unconscious man lately when I think they know today I think things are well. Hockey hockey but I think soccer when you're going up for a header and times of people are. Leaning in the other heads real quick you mean in just smack and heads without all the stores that make a head on to say like you would even think that is something in that they would even. Play into it even taking header. A with the ball but until you realize how are they capable write it it's just in on him and that he realized how big ticket like oh yeah they professionals awkwardness of ball out of my able one. Yeah well I'll with the Tyler twelve and you know be either he's an announcer now for ESP. But he's he's a famous soccer person does a lot of announcing. But he maybe that's why he retired he was all right you know and he was a professional soccer player about the head injuries to go on the bathroom in Iraq ate there I agree too late. It's in most of those sports I don't know what the cancer does stop planes. Ports CD get to the sport you accepted these people receptive the government and and I mean you can Oregonian the cyber law this is what the sport is these guys are our. Let's say with like American football. I think I'd be fine to watch in little kids that not even little kids watching kids and teenagers do seven on seventy iTunes store. I don't think that we frankly they play so bad it's not my arms like little kids horrible sports. Yeah Mike. Sorry there's a time of professional line and you do this that that like they don't play pop Warner and your only big high schools are played football. I don't think it's gonna hurt the league or development of players. If they're not crushing each other at six additional avenue NE. You know old now and don't even think for one minute has anything to do with professional football I know a lot of people that I played with my age that are struggling right now they just played high school and college tour. Yeah so it's it's not it's just only look at the pros pros but if you play the sport your entire life on doping that doesn't affect the people to. Looks like most Allen Mike yesterday you know. Greta I played a couple years we're talking and what mid to late nineties. And that was the way we were taught you know he used to your head and YouTube buried in that your chest he put it means less CO much I think some of the pain from the opposing players face mask if that was. All battle scarred crusher however that debt to a bad ass yeah but it's funny how late do you teach heads up tackler and everything like you know like a football. It'll still be there but I am trying to I don't know what the answers with a sports and and what it's just say concussions are part of it but. But they are yes they don't get onboard you have to play the sport. The tonight he's now. Get that golden girls game point my okay I'll play within a local thugs who was one of them a more fun games to play did you did absolutely good stuff thanks to their regular TB tablets at. We will take a quick breath. Our Mike. It was a real player quick break and come out at nobody by cock right after they need. We've miles M drill returns. Eight point nine KI DSW. Headlines for my car coming up you are listening to the men's room on the men's room radio network. I rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drill 99.9. KI DS. All of programmer start to bed till Friday and Ted verses the AFC east in our now first time to check the headlines of my car. It's Sunday it's. Here's might cause I got started at a man from Nova Scotia try to use his last name for his license plates but it was rejected it is something it has offensive. I don't hang out west guess 'cause. Do certain things are definite and out of wrote remember those few about two years ago there's an Indiana Indiana had a forward. They've been in town in Indiana they had a four Thom Mayer this guy responsible for turning things around so there was a new public building who should we name it after. It turns out the guy's name was Henry balls. Not as it was very balls with a small balls BAA. LS. But it's pronounced Perry ball so. The people I guess that live in this type I don't it's not funny to them and horses to name they know they want the name of Harry balls buildings. And in the end I care whenever they want for better or not but the city is like you know we can't. We want out of the got what MI don't goodness well at the Rochester New York there would be my parents out of Pontiac Grand Am 1973 Pontiac grand. And you know you get the whoever whatever dealership you buy. The call from the delightfully get rain the president the name of the dealers now growing up this was not funny too because you heard his name. All the time he ever does on TV is name anomaly with Dick died. Several droves that Dick got Haniyeh and we never thought about oddball we do drove out of state. That's when you're reminded lay you guys being funny like oh god that's the. The man's name is Lauren grabber last now algae are a candidate HER grabbed an act that. The spell yet. Here's currently fighting to keep his vanity play the put them on air force. He's hopeful fulfillment of that car dealerships are if they wanted to set it down eat. He's they are not say that he did grammar either but. But remember that one by me caught coup in sports golf. Hey now again this is a Baltimore back. Coombs forum was not always a room and when they launch. And again I'm Baltimore and Baltimore's as black as against army in high school and we've ruins one on Monday. But over the weekend includes forty it won't do letter one of the things that especially some kind of self. But it was cool and NN's Kate Ol old in Z or as some yeah it goes and yes but it was the guys last there. But the Brothers myself included did not know this what we got the school jumped on it. It was did little dice didn't like your mother ever mad cool what does that mean it doesn't like dean coombs now. And oh yeah. That's what I had I was actually proud off for a while there Michael Jordan got into the the car industry right back we'll tell you three or four different dealerships that he had. And I bought its mine Nissan from Michael Jordan Nissan and had the 23 up. You know I thought life neo you know man you know like mind that Michael Jordan these side does this is what we drew them like the end drugs. How did you know it it's just like I knew that drove us knows just like you. You know like I'm volunteer that day you started dropping buckets right after that absolutely flat car from Jordan get thirty. The I ran around the world plummeted Sacramento took a page ads ads but despise a perjury doesn't it up with a case of botulism Smith back. Steve what a gas station not to achieve senator read as an added up to the hospital within hours. A different gas station. Well I would assume so where where are the same way iron. It's. To cover the story heretic. Yeah no memory there was Sacramento. Sacramento it was Sacramento also disable. OK okay but since he's your guy is saying that she's only a minute wait a minute wait a minute it says here that he had one of at least five confirmed cases. Involved from people who have beaten at this particular gas it was a nice for this this guy is very hard to stop the nacho cheese man but it's from I guess that it. If you're gonna get botulism I'm going to guess Vermont a few Democrats that I have. Well where I also got to get back the bachelor she's on the rate you're not. I ask it. And there's the dilemma. I don't know you have two options basically if you really proud strategies like you either gas space shooter that's never allowed to rented Barack. It what is being called the largest cock fighting stage here in US history. 7000. Roosters were found after an LA sheriff's investigation led to a raid at a remote canyon. Went into an attack back. You know remove it. Since then drives are also seized in the raid. I do smooth moves back. And I'm I'm okay. It. No we wouldn't. They razors honor talents and. Right up pet adoption agency in Melbourne as them together at its attempts to get a cat a direct missed it by writing a very realistic memo about the cat named mr. bales and some of the memo are mister Nichols is a dictator that we'll let you know when he's not happy which is often because things amount up to the size standards and his attack he likes his titles on his terms it was that on your lap when he decides it's time instructor and out of his standards he will live here. And he missed and it got us reading marred by this now feels kind of like this just demand forecast. It's the right that's a very headlines tonight when that my gosh. Sure a lot of nice compliments and Chris Cornell interview the entire interview in its entirety 38 minutes is on our Twitter at a men's or live also on FaceBook at the men's room you wanna hear two and its completion. We would like dude we haven't artwork back tomorrow until then do what you do best and poorly for the sake it's okay you. Truman's day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limit it to present.