BJGN05-19-17 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Spectacular

Friday, May 19th

Vicky B leads today's podcast about the Mox Gauntlet, American Gods, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Spectacular! 


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering the Jewish easy nation. Welcome welcome to be gay shave each nation and I'm not irreverent and wait no I am Vicky Barcelona. And to my son I have mr. Chris walker oh hell no. Don't go. We also had a 608 am here. And out weird and right. And that also we are mister Vijay shade her mouth nice try revs on assignment what do I do when your should be no way around and elegant as you can leave it is very strange. And now many are boards really have. Who drop in G. Now on today's show we're going to talk about that also we're doing on Sundays mocks John let's. We're also going to be revealing American does have a quick peak she was Chris walker and guardians of the galaxy expect he. But bullion and any of that Chris Lofton has. You've got hold of how well you can check our website and all the podcasts at beating each nation dot com like us on FaceBook just search search search your church or church or church just search. For BG she's the nation followers on Twitter and in to Graham and I think that's at BJ Diggnation. Send a text only the voicemail at one tiny 02243353. Shoot us an email as we dig the nation at Check out all over videos on YouTube dot com forward slash BJB nation share likes to describe. And if you have an Amazon echo you can always just say Alexa played each nation until noon. And they just. Yeah totally you missed it Chris luck and like I said on Sunday coming up we are going to become heating it more than run dry down. It's very good comfort yeah exactly. Mark Scott let's we've actually been practicing and training. What are you most excited to play a lie and I. I eat I'm really curious what's gonna happen with this captain sonar because of the three games that they gave us this year for the F for the Arab for the garlic. That was my favor one that was when I really got into and I just had a blast playing it. But there mixes it up on us a little bit there many family. Hello little. That's so I think to me to keep it interesting to keep an accessible to everybody they've they've tweaked it a bit forests and end they haven't told us exactly what yet so I'm I'm. I'm nervous and excited I'm excited. And exciting dad and badly out we are a little bit of a rage quit incidents where the reverend and waigel he's not a big fan of one of the game and on and on these game. I'm not a big fan does that math. It's a lot of math and the lot gambling and I don't do either to Africa that I am not gamble I think my big game for the prodigy can actually I think brought you would probably get down on this from Purdue and I got actually got white and we think of that. It's now been sent text your Friday now but you don't have to check SL we're going to be competing well as well the bunch of other eighteen you can come watch these things you can raffle lines. Army playing games on your playing games I know he did not going to be our emotional support when you. Hard to a nice guy got my nemesis Sean from thing twelve games and I have the Borg in alliance he's going to be there and he and I was playing games somebody Trevor. From blue heron game 00 yeah he's in the show obsolete I got older Wear matching cheerleader outfits for us we might have I I I I order something for ya yeah see us. Hot yeah. It's better. I'm begins at us sickening comes at a Vijay in the gang. It's going to be a great time it's all for charity in you can still donates is it's a great cause we've imposing it on her face the pain have been posting an honored what are. You could it goes to treehouse which is there really really great. Organization oh yeah. And gas so it's not like or dislike collecting many personal effort here to play a game dammit gat. Could mean a place play game and then if you guys learn contribute that's fine go to links that we put up you can also go to the government Tony seventeen. Dot cause box dot com for more information that's on Sunday may 21. At the mocs boarding house in Bellingham and it's you know BMW a civilian again yep. Darn it I got Belinelli view Washington we just spent like two and a half days up there are some Ive done telling her mothering plus it's not about them. Too little and I'm really excited to hear about the games you play you tell you about it. But we do they get showed a day because we're going to be talking guarding the galaxy spectacular before we get into that one and get a few things out of the way. American god oh my goodness it was not a betting here is CNET GO. Yeah I ask how you've been watching I I have I have gone on to the American God's sure we can argue about it ain't I I am up to date I am yes. Thoughts 'cause this'll a lot of man on man action and I'm not complaining. Yeah I really don't fly don't feel honestly beautiful every. Has at least one scene that is basically saying that Jim thrown that's that's that's what I thought they should be so completely should have been told us that and go about not but none of bad way to do it as like. Yeah well I I thought this with the with lead to new and were like yeah you can have your Walking Dead but what if it were Trippi and now this is like once we did both cities. I don't treasury ten minutes seemed to be given it just a woman to die lead and that we showed to reduce bag each other for two solid minutes nobody old Hilltop that every wasn't filthy you know wasn't into it like it. Like even if you know that's higher jam like it is clearly for me. I thought it was just a really well done scene yeah I two I totally agree he had it he did it could be eager to elicit could have been done in such a worse way if sure it is I don't know who bit you approach with a it was just yeah I was just blank. It felt more like he was about seeing the Jeannie and what he was up Q and what was going on and it was just like here's a sexy to fill up time. No I exactly I think that this was something that was very very important to what was going on and we needed maybe you know I Monica's we needed to see everything that we saw but I'm saying that it didn't feel like. He was just blatant and in your face him and it was he was historic peace and they have stolen finally. And I didn't read the books but from what I've been reading is that it that's not a scene that need to be in their so it's like good on the V the producers and everybody decided to throw that in because it doesn't really carry this story for the story Ford of mr. Wednesday and shadow. But obviously they felt like this is a powerful scene that should be in this. It's kind of cool to see how the gym go I guess and well go from person to person very little that was fascinating. So excite goalies like gods can't just have regular sex now cam I can. None of them Kenny didn't disappoint when she get bored right right well and after. Thousands of those is that thousands of years you need possession to get us off both apparently. You could I. What I've seen though and I Marty got me I didn't read the books or do you we have you read this Chris I did it's been awhile but I have read it. But so might my conspiracy theory is and conspiracy being as I think I know what's going on is it that. The gauzy humans for some thing. And we've seen two instances where humans are vital for God's existence one know who what where god basically just takes over the form of another human and yellow with a guy a god swallows the humans. In order to stay alive but they have to warship her first. Yeah and I can worship as part of it. But I'm thinking shadow oh boy everybody wants the shadow dude it seems like it's in light of the we've seen three different people. A drug God's if you will want shadow and then a fourth god that definitely was in NN and a combative situation chess checkers wise without a shadow. Shadow is very importance and I am thinking that. You know I was gonna wood into the divine where your regular humans don't know that they're gods and all of a sudden they're gods and I am wondering if I'm wondering if if if shadow is more god like then we think he is because he's just the every guy have protagonist and we did see him make snow in the sense that we see we sound whether react to him in now wouldn't release he acted on the weather for one and I they'd they'd wake you believe it might be mr. Wednesday that kind of sparked death but then again I thought of the fact that he somehow lot of all the coins he got from Matt Sweeney he got the lucky calling them and then he was able to get the first -- kiss of the third sister Erin. I'm sorry go arcade there's something about shadow. That you know I don't know exactly what it is good. Obviously the protagonist so he's easy will be a big somebody in this war between new and old yeah I think you're absolutely right about like that that's humanity being so do the gods need right like like the woman whose play got a sex sort ever and first up Sosa TD people right eloquence she needs to be abortionists like you said says it's good to get anything out of it. But also that like what Phoenix Shane mention development of five different Jesus is. Yeah I worship a budgeted for images of Jesus and so rather then rather than the gods creating worshippers it is our beliefs and what we worship that creates these guys we bring these things into existence. By acknowledging them and if we had a gods of media and so forth so that makes a lot of sense actually and of course there was great seeing deaths show up. Just such a beautiful scene anatomy Rangel is a little long I stuck in a girlfriend is not really into a lot of geeky stuff she got the other filly she likes it but it's it's a little slow for her. And I think it's beautifully done never he needs some patients. Yeah well ever since mad men day every day and of course I'm an older person so I remember when pacing was the slowing general. Abdullah I think that if you're young person and god and a madman or shows like that in and breaking bad. You have been trained to stretch it out I mean Fargo is another great show that's out there that go slow but I love the slow because. The characters can be so interest thing. And I just love the whole that whole scene I did that was to me. That scene was perfectly done and prickly link but you know Mickey there're there are some things said about young people who are used to that pace and. There are you legion in the sense how was like. It was this beautiful scene that wasn't about the plot or anything but it really had to meet in their fur to stuff artistry and for the fuel and Mike. If it's set the tone for the whole episode they Geiger it was I don't think it was too long because it was so well done. And each episode he feels like they're twenty minutes long we don't want not the whole I'm I'm like what's going on I got to see a lot of just caught up waiting for the next minute. That I'm never I never BA just dragging there's a Mike. Oh more more more more I don't know Arnelle. Yeah and then Abrams you know and that's something that won the Walking Dead UC get a lot of critique or criticism for was like god it was so long. This allowed likes Nicole Lee I can't believe it's over it like when it's a black and I'm like what. This hasn't been an hour does. An apparent visually compelling match her dad and this was episode three. And we have eight episodes of the season but it has been renewed for a second season makes it seem parity now that they're gonna that's so sad there's only eight episodes thank god preachers coming back right now is how we'll actually talk about that sun Monday. You know rent to yes so American gods is so good it's on stars. Airs on Sunday as you it's is so so well done and very very happy of course. You know O'Neal game it's a man looking to sail on and and I wonder and I mean real game his name is on it. So. You know it's it is it's not like some other folks that don't like their name on things. You know Alomar yes banner herald this is so it seems like that meals this is Italy's approving of on this. Of his rendition 'cause it really was not screenplay by him. And Chris you read the book is you know are you thinking that it's it's everything you wanted to be. Actually yes I have been so very satisfied if satisfied of these first three episodes just based on what armor freeing the book. That I'm actually going to go ahead and try to get the book read. All the way through again this weekend in. Who I read a little bit of women aren't Hauser of the the Barnes & Noble on my side on the table sized every little bit my god there's mister west they're okay is just like the book apparently this guy mr. Wednesday in there visit instead OK black. I think it's just flawless adaptation yet and I hear this time alone it's just like us. Because there's pieces I remember he's here in their break as I mean it's been awhile since this book came out and there's actually a sequel to the book called a Nazi boys that's all about. The other guy that we saw on slave ship and I have no doubt Gabon that do that do was awful we have Marlene demand Orlando Jones was so good that ban but has so it but what this show has done is it every time I see something like oh yeah apparently that from the coal river that from the north. You have but what I can't do is remember where everything's going specifically collect a certain big pieces that I remember but I definitely wanna reading your head it was a really really good book. We checked it Allentown and since we arguing regarding the galaxy spectacular today I talked Denon. That didn't wanna do a very very quick he cheats. Are lucky she twist her. Chris walker yup. Panic is one big thing coming out this week. There is you know Freddie is moving days so alerted if there is something very very near and dear to my heart because I ministry in this series since the amount of misusing in 1970 man with. How can gray and covenant is coming out you guys are yeah I mean so looking forward to it. You a lot. People ever since for me to his arm out yeah I am I I will see this as a as such a big fan of this franchise I skipped crummy PS because everyone said that if you're a fan of the franchise you are not going to enjoy it for me feel I really like for me to assign III wonder if you got a problem I want and here's the thing. That was right up until yesterday. I watched for me he is because I want to be ready for alien covenant and guys. They you're not wrong as a fan of the series this was not a good movie as just a movie in and of itself. I liked it Karen I've it was a lot of fun I really love the performances lot of top shelf performs a stern and mentally but. What that means said no what is right and tomatoes giving I think hey exactly right now on meeting a meter it is that 77%. Pass such as chest. I fresh Ralph. 90% want to see so this is one you know that it had a big money now is gonna make some money absolutely right because it. I can surprise anybody like that I see two trailers that are here and I can already tell you who's going to be the one person survival everybody else and I'm ready in a back Fred it's gonna be a well you know I guess space except for the bad as commonly that's how alien works right and but I think it's also good that they're like K we're gonna make an alien movie you know what I see treaty is going to be Battelle who gets to look so much better than it did thirty years ago. Now let's really say that because of some of Leah Leah and do math amount of almost forty years and almost every hour now we are down the a lot of the critics are saying. That it was super derivative. And the like Digg it's just cutting and pasting pieces from the earlier movies in the franchise but on the other hand. I think this is you have a lot to deliver for fans like meantime you've read the we've seen more smack me in what looks like almost they're finished form. Now we're gonna get a little bit more galore on how they came about and other group how they even well where they came from essentially. I've what I love about this also is comical fasteners back. As David slash Walter in this and it just went about incur rentable heat he made for me kiss for me. I just love how the critics Q you know the Craig you can't keep him happy it's it's too much like the old movies and the last one wasn't anything that wanted to just get us just like okay so another words wherever we make your not gonna lighten. I hope they continue the story line of previous I really wanna see where that's going. And the fact that SaaS vendors and it makes you believe they will all. And that is that. Incursion BI and and it's been continuing storyline I really started on on record as saying. He's probably got another three or four alien. Then to have a say but yeah that Ridley Scott hijack this movie out. And is like forcing his way into that yet seems like he's just not given up Barbara media it's absolutely not so guys that's that's the big one there are some of these coming up but really for me personal I don't give them Cooper but knew the knew about any of the rest of them. Can't and I wanted to say there hasn't been really into aliens air security cat or whatever they're still going into the galaxy wins is that helps if you're not a day aliens that while some of the where he needs in the jump scares is kinda. Yeah. I had said earlier Beckham and I am the guardian of the galaxy and who all Xoom two weeks and now it's two weeks ago let me. I had stride man. Thanks everyone here has seen her mom movie's yes even people who aren't here have seen a movie that's right doom and yeah actually you know let up because they call him out with a Bob Mary you know. He he doesn't weigh in two weeks risks died Wagner thank you so Massa the last is Fogg museum as a spectacular and our members though is the busiest and imovie and I was like almost it was super Wagner. Of us that I got to see on the FaceBook that you know Brazil that a ceiling two weeks before foot so what did not map to say. What's up you commissions Wagner here. And US did you get it appears all right I don't SE volume to review period of such a great movie. When I was going to give an adjective I guess it would be well rested and are explained later I would guess was amazing. They cameos were fantastic. And they Sarah error Romo was fascinating. I saw it in the Amex slice and laws and treaty. And I must say it is IMAX experience was unbelievable this is a movie that. You shoot you must go scene and WiMax there and emerald tree times I last had the same scenes. I cried at the same scenes especially on during Jonas funeral. And it got me too soon learning more about. All these characters in the Marvel Comics so though I know that. Despite how successful. Do you series is it I know it is. Much distance from the original material some said the the major problem about his movies that since it's a sequel he doesn't have the same surprise factor from the first. Movie. We changes agree because the first movie was needed to show us. Who these characters are and why we should care for them. And this is why the message about. Family and friends is so much stronger in the sequel. Which brings me back to my first argument from. How does movies well crafted so every scene in the movie from the opening credits to the closing credits and all the five. Polls credit sings every screen hasn't meaning everything. Has a reason. It looks to me that James they're fun about this movie to demean him details. And even today I am grouped in the credits and speaking of I am roots how abouts. I am groups is the single best moment in movie to go along for the whole day and another of his movies great to maybe. Marvels best movie ever but I guess the same to deliver my knee ratings so. I was going to give it an eight out of ten but with the so long Kurt Russell MX specially good Hoff who picked the there's no way it could give. Rather grade. Decides. On the eleventh out of ten yeah. Is an excellent movie love zero. I'm going to buy it as soon as it comes in Blu-ray beret treaty whatever. And I'm eager to hear Europeans about this movie and I hope till like two as much as I liked it so. And that's it guys here are my opinions. I hope selected stand. Cynnex side. Think he's got a very good Obama did not disappoint Dan Eldon penny is totally right this movie not only was it visually stunning it. I felt like I was laughing the entire time when I wasn't crying are tearing up and and I just a quick poll who's your Christ. I cried. Are there. And I do you expect on my head I did not cry and managed to hold together well I'd I will say I got a little bit close when now when he was. When it was young do flying him up off of off the planet thereby test. You know I I held it together and they're pretty well I think I think what it was was as much of the humor that was in the in the whole movie that sort of kept kept it to the edge off of some of the that this happier bits. Yeah I so I I did cry in the movie but I could do all the president did he cried because of you on to tell it loud and Brad Bird does that lake from Nicole book deaths are. I don't know what it it's it's it's punctuation moved more than something diddley dwell over that different from me it was nebula and the more. I asked I have a twin brother who went to UC Berkeley and is now Getty Ph.D. at Stanford I know little bit they give us simply wrap oriental daily and appear here are your tires trying to. So so net real story really kind of resonated with me there. And also that make you mention you're laughing the whole time that actually like. I ended up heavier little issue that they didn't let any moments land. Ever removed any significant moment we couldn't actually who let it happen had to be equipped always had to be tracks they simply sarcastic about it. Except deceived you nebula and tomorrow because Hollywood woman women be funny so we at least got some automatic seems out of them. Because they weren't good quote there were the only characters who worked quickly. And I don't think it's I mean yes that is true the Hollywood don't like letting women and funny typically but I don't feel like they are funny and it's one of those things that like I was reading an article. James Gunn had said. Like there was no case if you notice I guess there is the strong like loved kind of you know not triangle but that that whole attention to the sexual tension that they he didn't want them to kiss any didn't let them kiss because. That is not who go Moret is she's not gonna just let herself go with like lust. Because that's how she's trained to be in the she's not gonna just. Snap out of it for the sake of a movie says she's staying true to who she is and yes she did open herself up and became. Very vulnerable at the end even like with good Mora and with. With star lord by. Eight if that's just too she is overheard it like beef funny your quick speed especially that moment would be out of character what I. I would really like that I don't have like a moment land that is dynasty that beat Blake. Somebody else couldn't let another moment land to he had had any other point in the movie and an eleven okay and it and I know week two we've read this before it like in the last hour into the galaxy movie brother had posted a thing about when he took his younger brother what pops is on to see the movie be and the carbon draft says you are when he said he and his people are literally don't understand metaphors and his little brother's like. Petra I don't get metaphors like that and and so he really related to illness I felt between him and mantis. I felt like that's what they were giving us these characters that. We've never had characters like this word that the audience. Would ever identify with and they gave us two. Yeah and I decent did you supposedly got amnesty kind of post where they're mad like what did they have to maker Donna like they didn't maker dominate major relatable to an audience that isn't catered to I think there's also ordered. Made about for as far as that competency and the intelligence of mantis yes she was absolutely like subservient to ego couldn't and and and abused into it. Definitely and there's something to be said about when you all so in your movie. Got two women who are the smartest and most competent people the entire film right I I get a pass on one of them being dug you know that's that's why it's important to have more than one is about you can show. A variety of character great group. Iran or not I'll just cookie cutter as much as days of big name people would complain oh there were women a peek under the big boobs and their nominee now we're having like all strong strong women Catholics are just like they're not. The very near there and strong and beautiful and otherwise. PS I'm. And I Ivan and I looked on the Internet because I don't have energy control or anything like this but he gets heard anything anybody talking bad about CG actor Russell in the beginning. It's hard facts I thought it was the best CGI yet though I've been done on a person make a long beyond our younger I thought it was really amazing feeling that most of that was make up. Is that rat I ever most of it wasn't what Geiger is BJ that I thought it was that it was the best OK do we somebody younger things by also was like is it's become obligatory when I saw about a solace like. A look though guys young in the movies in the marvel movie that's what we're doing now but again I was also not like it wasn't like its civil war I was like that looks like a skeleton with a Robert Downey junior skin contact silly or wasn't trauma was like you're obviously an enemy terrorist is it was better yet the next one you're gonna see is in the pirates movie because there's Johnny that yes John and John -- and up along with companies who don't sorrow is that what is I know it's. No doubt that never cleared up here are dynamite yeah yeah I am so yup and he they both are all young Gupta now one Tom panic that and I. I feel like I I like when they do that now it's kind of it's kind of fun to see except he was the you could tell it was Kurt Russell like the same page Kurt Russell because he was still the same happiness yeah. I remember Kurt Russell on the computer who were ten issues way back in the day and he was a sinner man man. He was actually employed and. Is so yes so Kurt Kurt Russell still. Yeah I did everything plays that I think that's a lame complaint but if you married a idea play more about princess lay and now grandma's targeted wanna complain. So excellence are like yeah. Yeah I know I made is that I could tell they were CGI idea that Kurt Russell I was like. Whoa wait a minute fight itself because I knew both of them were at that age or one of wasn't alive. As social David I was just misinformed because I'm reading now A yah it was not to CGI Kurt Russell at all and so probably like a look less cartoon yet and it and that's and that's kind of what it was he who knows washing is like two guys that gosh if somebody hadn't told me that was CG editor such an up and although a little bit mustn't touch we know it'll make it out I felt throughout an excellent makeup person and a you know just subtle stuff but apparently no not for him out as much as I would've thought that that yeah I guess that's what I thought I was looking at a pace smooth and do so you're Angel tree man happy I have not. Got to get Sri may be like younger chubby your birdies maybe that's a side note the league very needed very little Benin voice alteration to him. What's that with him you know I was watching an interview he loves in cartoon voices how Eugene area I don't care what perks and I hit the stretch as n.'s Chris you lot of Vin Diesel and animation goes well I want aren't that. I realized that that was his voice I'm not for sure that was alternative yeah yeah yeah I'm that's amazing. No way I I teared up I would get mad for baby gorilla let me. The erotic and oh yeah. See sunny eighty whatever jelly beans or whatever it is is just. Yeah he took you guys who you know that's right I love that if we can I ask don't tell me I'm sure our. Own good I know no specific stuff that's a that's no good all groups but oh million bags to a young new plague one of the things like some people like I talked to Billy well I wasn't the. So he wasn't really in the first movie and it wasn't somebody do that they might watch the first. Emotionally invested yet mostly really neighbors the last seem. But there are some miss OS in the first movie because that's where they really had you go okay if there's any doubt at all there's a relation between him and asked our lord. That last seen. Was very powerful and LA yeah I was very very telling his heels inside he opens up though orb that NEC's a little low little -- little pair patrolled all he smiles and T yeah Yad I think she was your vote for somebody who we've seen is motivated almost entirely by money that the biggest sport in the universe doesn't bother him because it was his son who got instead hero. And he's doing and he gave me any gave them a little thing he gave little statute of Australia and I do as little trinket which you establish a living in the first hole with the likes little trinkets from right. Group move America yeah which. If you and that's this public I'm closest to dying in the Jesse was when they put all the little trinkets and easily you know past a lot of care like they all really rallied around beyond do at the end and natural all over there. Like they guess it assists and has a very impressive as it yes. They're little and that he bought at the collector's plate I went to the buyers as a buyer and yes. Though until we know one thing about the Smith being yes there is a lot of laughs by its laughs I'm things like it this is a family and you relate to it as a family we will hear from ready and then he's not here were gonna hear from and a little bit. Real time okay yelling at you don't. But you lately even a part where and when nebulous I'm hungry I gimme some of that sect it's not bring an end. Even when I got tracks couldn't get that ticket is not right and the fact that the IG spits it out it isn't like it's not. A necessarily a funny scene like he picks threw away it's not right but it like in on paper wouldn't be funny but it is because relatable like you talk. Imagine eating out your brother likes that knocking a banana out of his nanny like it's not right. This is what it is familiar we we delve into these characters and we relate to them and the part that kinda made me tear up more so then you on be dying in his funeral. What is his interaction with rocket and rocket kind of coming to terms with them who he is and what he's doing to push people away. Or might have related to that a whole speech he gave Barack Asia's like you do it is because maybe Izzy and doubly you know why because I say no way. And I'm so. You know if they gave me hard and I feel like those yes they were the fun. Moments but those hard hitting moments are very relatable Kim yeah I think it's especially the young new Yonder rocky relation did build throughout the movie was just. Thanks so touching I'm and that I thought it was its interest does not actually a lot of putts this movie. Like the kind of work to be clots is that a guy plot and it was just people hang out and normally that wouldn't be a problem for me. But I love that in team comic books -- that like them you have in the beginning you've got kind of an action David's got the characters doing their thing and sometimes having a bad -- spicy with a kill much fuel and arrow group but mostly bickering with each other and that could go out get out and there's a big climax like you do it actually felt and that by the thought the first Bogart is the galaxy that it felt paste like it was a six if you don't book series relatives of the react to movie. And I really appreciate that the most common from the come up for perspective. The wells of course. Ego and we gotta talk bloodied dad as well as join me and I was like the one thing that won't ruin this movie for me is if there's no planet with a faceoff. Take what do coolest ideas that stem Jack came up with. I just put his name on a guy if you are a lot of data did they strip they did he go so well. I never thought we'd see you go that well and although all I thought of my Scion was. Sure are good too I'm not try to sorry African Marty reference room that ended disqualified as though this girl died. I had just turning a key turned out to be any you pull you so wanted him to be so good because your local. Fuzzy looking and Kurt Russell on the beautiful planet. And mixed are short answer that they're playing catch in many turns and. To be totally cool girl which of course is exactly what he's supposed to be and he with a name ID ego and he's a living planet and the eight which is beautiful I mean because even now even though we saw coming down the street. We still didn't we still were it was hoping that we it was a different bus coming down the street and it wasn't the Euro is gonna break her heart bus wreck and it was great because then you got to see the on new thing and you know the whole idea who your dad is and has an adopted guy I really appreciated that move on. I I did this movie to me is this generation Star Wars. Magda you know it's it's yeah its space. It's a family it's it's got a lot of humor great special effects. I would say it's this generation Star Wars I think gap I think they're gonna be kids that are gonna dig this the way that the kids dug Star Wars as far as scifi go smoke. And it up like her personal question though. This isn't adoptive family and essentially did that hit you in anyway aired did that lake can you relate to that or what would that make you feel. Yellow that's exactly well what I was saying is is that yacht that that's that's why death. The whole idea of Yond Hussein Heyman you know wise he's he may be your father and I'm your daddy think that that's not a bad idea here and it's that kind of a saying ma'am where it's like yeah I get it and it totally just came clear you know a site. Yeah on who didn't turn them over to ego it's like why really just flip the script of the first one when it comes to what Yonder is all about this scoundrel of a guy who actually did you know and then of course they set up why did you ever jealous guy you should we jaws guy. And yet even now I was like wow all that's because star lord is smooth talker and no it not really wasn't so much that. He just was waiting for star or to say anything they could make him go get another shot fifty and when they illustrated the end of the first one and I like that they'd and they really brought in the father. So that we could see no in reality his father was always John duke men and stat that was awesome for as and it's you that was adopted as like Jack is I don't know who my real parents are to this day and do it doesn't matter because they were you know they may be biological mom and Abbott they are going to be my mommy and daddy here. And that got them we have in the feels there. Oh in the sibling rivalry you know between the sisters. And the whole family thing which is what I thought a Star Wars Star Wars was a family to me when I watched it that's why say this is the Star Wars in this generation for anybody who felt like I did back when I first saw. Are worse it's funny is that this from me I felt like if Star Trek full of A holes. That's our. Food like instead of instead of being a much people that are qualified to be part of a consideration if it's the guardians of the galaxy about what is in the same way that it's it's it's a Stanley if people you know that bad at all. Travel through space enough sometimes go to get a sometimes they split up and have their own you know personal things. Not an and that you also might be specifically our starter and beyond in the plot. Yeah as far as how we are spending a lot of time just on this planet in separate groups building our characters together. Yeah I'd say I BI CIA it's. It's a great flick it really really is and jam so heavy for James Gunn because I just love that dude is a director him and a writer so good for him a source Sean go on the movie like I. Brian I want I really grow to my character. I just he's so late. You know stuck around Islam and he struggled Lou loyalties right now the loyalty arguably also like you know we you have are you how loyalty to us and we have loyalty torque I know another sibling rivalry thing because these to cycle time messed up like this I like I'd get punish like my dad now don't call we're gonna do it again another weird and like you can tear up very fun like you even the first movie. The talking about family and all that stuff Red Hat actually something really awesome to say about the movie. So I know I am not here guys but I wanted to throws some things out about guardians of the galaxy. Because I really truly did love this movie I thought it was one of the best marvel cinematic movies. Not only in recent history but of all of them and I really loved the first one as well and I know you guys are gonna talk about the fact that these special effects were amazing the fact that can we had. These beautiful vibrant world especially egos on planet. And the problem with this movie is in is not necessarily a problem for me it was just that this one really hit me extra personal. Especially after this last year that I've had because. Every single character. Had something going on with damn that was. Really personal to me the first one was with Peter and his father ego. And this last year I kinda had a similar things going on where my father came back in in my life. And it was really weird now wasn't sure what was going on what date and we talked a little bit kind of figure this stuff out but there and as Steve the movie goes Saudi ran parallel with what I had found out about my own father so that it hit me really hard on that and and it was kind of one of those themes. You know you know who your family is. In the failed me that you've created is a lot times better than the family that you actually have. And having to come to terms with that. Was something that was really personal very emotional for me the second it's with like nebula and good Mora who. Are having this sibling feud. And weighed eight came down to you nebula just yelling at go more and say I just wanted a sister. It that would hit with me as well because in this last year so I've been trying to reconnect with my own siblings and we've been doing and it's been great but it's been tumultuous throughout our entire life and so you get that you get those problems and you realize yes that you can still be a family and even if you do have problems. You'll still have that family together so even though that you know nebula is not necessarily a part of guardians of the galaxy. And that they're she's not in really gonna fit into that sort of thing you can still have your connections with your family. And then finally. With like Yond do you and rocket. And having their dynamics and I know that with the on you and Peter there was that the father figure sort of thing that helped guide him and help really form emitted a person he was I had those people in my life as well. But his realization in his sort of self actual as Asian and pushing it to rocket talking to by hate you can't be an a hole when push everyone out of your life you've got to let some people end. That you know clip that I mean look at we have a magnet that gamer nerd who is more than half. Happy to sit in a darker image just play you know world warcraft or single players Darren follow lottery thing and not want to interact with people it's one of the things that I really lowest but. That interaction is something that you need to do with your life in that is one of those things where you can't push your family away because if you push your family away. Is who's gonna have your back there's got to be the people who get tired of that as a that was a another one of those self factual as Asian things. So this is why this movie was really the most personal part for me was that. Haq had you know you're looking through all of these things and you realize that. While. A movie like this can actually speak to me through each of the characters in their own ways and me it's like jeans god understands. That. The emotion in it is it is so important for a movie like this especially amidst all these beautiful visuals and that's awesome action. And like the last the last scenes of you know of the of the third act we're just so good and so action packed but there were so heart filled as well. All of these people all these characters are written so well I just loved it all I'm gonna final say that this was 89 out of ten for me. And just because you know that I don't give anything a perfect ten guardians I think I may remember when I give it before but I think that would be around the solid eight if I didn't give that before. And may be the only reason why would drop down to an eight if I gave it a nine before we just because this one is. That much better then then this other then the first one that you gotta kinda change the scale little bit so. I don't know if I can actually see this again in the theaters it was really rough may be a little while for now but 100% I really really really love this movie. So I've faced for let me get that out guys and now back telly off the blaze and red had something awesome Szabo. Oh man I I know I know it read in the field or talk about seeing it a second time that I can't I can't ask you didn't. And he actually said that to me because he saw before I'd it is like keep I know you Chris saying that you have. You have some sort of father stuff that you were you glad to have worked through your life as well and he was he was actually concerned foreign going to see anything. But some I was able to the other Leggett said it was the only thing really threw me off but some. Yeah has so he's he's not wrong about anything Hemingway the indebted they could call they daddy issues the movie and and probably been a pretty apt title. But that's cool how. I have it's but it's let's talk about something that we've all kind of grown to love and tell Hague has he had it he he can go to the bathroom it's all good golf. Texas in the B and the guy play learn I don't know and when I first heard that -- like hot so excessive but while sitting there are thought to myself yeah. If they know we're gonna sit here today and anyway which we are at this point like the one time they try not to ever what did anyway I can do other likable duet. I don't I like having little things to us to see here and there which is also not become their lots of movies that have bluebird reserve little blog things in the throughout the credits to watch the credits and did you notice there's a soul or rap thawra a rag in Iraq character in our little Nassau loomed as an MLS I guess so thank you are cynics I thought I saw him I don't care that's in Jersey they threw him in there and now and it's Connolly yeah we talked editing on a previous episode that I like a sore rag Iraq looks at way different to any media Thorman which I'm happy so anything with it looks very guarding the galaxy in the music and so it's. Well it's just like shadows like Captain America civil war look differently Captain America movies in my mind because well it's pretty much was the avengers without the hell yeah that was Iron Man six what is that the UFC yeah it's beautiful that Marmol is getting that I think that marvel is getting like all right we're gonna see a third horror movie. The first warm is okay the second one was like you ought to be Luoyang. Good thing marvels like I want the storm is an outdoor it's like forward they eventually get his sea in the Captain America vendor. And I have a feeling we're Balkans while resiliency Doctor Strange does at the end Doctor Strange that's cool out so I'd like to see also like what I feel like they're gonna we're gonna see some very very galaxy action in the form movie debacle as I haven't heard is that's where you know that hasn't been confirmed I've been hurt are the things but I would have a word that they are that if he will be infinity -- that they meet the avengers threatened her thumb but that doesn't listen if they can't have met source first yeah. Yeah rupiah which would be fun if somebody from the guardians you know did meets did meet Dora now one. But it did it again marvels knock him out of the park and your eyes for DC at least you even though we're doing the guardians thing a dyed the water won't trailer looks great I hope Ngo when it comes out that we can have great things to say about that movie because I Marmol is just knock them out of the park and as you know DC is this hope bands keeping their fingers crossed just triumph and eating their window. But one less thing if you wanna mention at the end if we quote unquote teenage groups you have ever and I believe actually not teenage group he is he's. Who leaned groups between your around like eleven to 1011 or twelve BOX receiver find I know Geraldo I thought we should think about happening now totaling a mind about the whole movie. Thought I had they lore but I didn't read read some things like the whole time aimed. Yeah there is that part Chris Pratt her Astaro lord tells a big seat belt somebody's not really taking on the father father role like everyone else like everyone's kind of holding routine care group putting on the Cilic. And throughout the whole movie he's not doing that he's not taking care of his Fabian at the end. After the whole thing and yon do he kind of does he's like cocaine yeah like Lorena when he's kind of listening to the Zune. He knows how sunny so good. He holds in my keys it's Ernie played the music with them so that's kind of where he assumes not being the kid in assumes the role as father and yeah and let Karl I've really got a lot of new politically it's great. Yeah I know that was pitch perfect or some as I caught that just the way he needed to was like he didn't he never really thought about you on doing that way until it was right there in his face yes and then he kind of looks back down says. Oh wait I got to do that for maybe group yep. Loved it AM that was another that was close wintry. The rockets' job so I really feel like you should be rocket I I've got a nice camera was surprised how old Rodgers who grew there was that's a good lawyer Brad Brad Ziegler brittle that are gonna cause mayhem to get you know he's not gonna parent him and I I also come for only Hispanic family where we believe you know it takes a village can facilitate every one of them on the data everyone's gonna take care take turns which we definitely saw the movie alien everybody and then now finally star Lauren is is on board with the raising group together and you'd be funny to see nebula with group that anybody like her like have to put our guard down and just like okay. Yeah I got a good job with Karen Gillen a lot of folks have no idea that was her. I am my my my daughter my daughter who lousy upon had no clue that that was nebula are told that she's like a war. I'm like yeah I did she do a great job I mean to make up obviously is different but. The you know just did the idea of Amy pond being able to reach is that nasty and broken his. Pretty awesome and I thought this this would become justified her role in the last one that I was I was kind of bothered by her performance in the last one 'cause it just felt like. Overly aggressive you're always looking down to only speak it's in the middle distance. And an in this movie chic she committed to it enough and and clean on it enough. That like I understood O the only real problem was that we didn't we didn't see enough of heard all understand yeah. But anybody heard if I can do it knew she was doing she was making a very clear character choice and and we saw where that came from in this movie. Down a problem would you guys rate it the calling. I would say nine watchers at ten nice nice. This crystal. That would be. And cards are about nine and a half Sylvester Stallone's out of one has a hunt for now that was great yes. Domino I wanna give it to. She's I wanna give us. I've given an eight and a half I think I gave the first one and nine and like Kevin Smith said. AEA is the first movie was just so amazing it's hard to believe you can make another movie because the fact I mean how can you he we never saw before was really great. All the new characters and still eight and a half as pretty amazing for a sequel of a movie that was as Timmons who said was. Perfect through. I know you don't have a Mike let's prodigy. 88 out of eight and I'm gonna say nine out of ten it was. The probe harsh on the door oh yeah oh man this guy who got a billion and it doesn't always had it over there now MS because he has zero daddy issues huh. Ten I turned out. Well I let us know you think we still love to hear from you FaceBook Twitter it's called tax all that good stuff and until Nixon guys. Steve neared eaten. 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