Broad-Cast Ep. 74 - "Live, Laugh, Ugh"

Friday, May 19th

The girls are back! Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Your Highness Destiny talk about their diets ending and how they are going to celebrate this weekend. They responded to a listener message about being in the honeymoon phase of a relationship; Vicky shares some words of wisdom about the gym and self-esteem; Destiny shares her incredible weight loss journey, they girls talk about their celebrity hall passes and they chat about Destiny’s experience with Cat Yoga!


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I have Blanton talk into the stands and yeah and everything you love and despondent kid and I like it or it and I'm not against it. Yes you know let them voted disgusting analysts and the chemo which haven't since the first and ankle. Well what did they. Do that. And and I each to use this. And not devoid. Yeah. Welcome to another edition not favor it can and being this is your highness in the south that's neat and we have the love Dave who. And bang. You comment prior to now I am actually a he's like I'm just like I don't you know. And I am so close and so dire than almost feeling high. You have that you feel drunk yelled at Avaya save us Bethany had juveniles. Ready before you go to sleep Vickie and her how much you guys not again who would let's add FaceBook at the bride's dad's enhanced. Twitter is to Graham are the same at the broadcast 999. Call or text that's at 25378778. Excuse me 6029. Or email us at their broadcast 999. The Los Angeles loves pop something extreme conflict with us and it is Friday most people go out party it up these guys have been on diets. Yes. So what. And yeah. And. Is my last day and but I mean I mean well so far it Gary L 1 o'clock it's. All I'll learn. I age and and I am I get sick beat them leaving that out and it's an equity you should not do away and I. Soon. I think she's tired not dollar to the street big Mac and neither black her way it let me. Yeah because he's very much now blacker light if she thinks she is to. While we're and I today. I got the model numbers. A man and you miss. With a bigger but the fact Amber's is just like a sparkling. And I think like. I mean the level at Amber's Catholic and it it does grant to the white you'd think that that campaign bet. Yeah and then it's not gonna do shots. Then start to do with mine and I go completely happy hour cocktails. And you know things like that to me com. Do it and eats my weight in carb thing. And is that the delay yes the buying diet have bailed on he. Freaked out like a lot Herman Ayers on the due to the spot. I'll LA those moments yes Monica lake. It in they did just I'll keep doing that you did plead guilty he gains are gonna Weiner might have seen has seen one guy have like a cup will be be because a lack of cards doing that I am I'm an hour. Yeah I had that I had higher he had a complete this idea that and entered were working now nearly a month that it and Munich. And a ballot on top of him non and he is that you can't go to the gym in and a card Vienna apparently got my way. Yeah I mean he definitely. I think I mean. And really really lifting weights and yeah yeah. As an even harder for the fuel before hand and then he protein afterwards you can build them now you don't like to know we have this day were going to stay and that he is a stupid like dementia break down your throat yeah she announced it stops at but were were like turning op op. And Karim because it's not an admin. Prior relationship right. Currently happening at the girl from like three times that I third and remembered and let's ask. Yeah still yeah they're doing now body will be that we heavily different it's early days of the one we became a different way that we. And clean like my lamb little concerned he was like yeah he's right but I haven't. I only remember at that. I didn't remember that in fact about it and I remember him being like I understand are good at it again like in public that the economic brown out moment Catholic. Ground we've talked a definitely got an answer out in front of OK first are down grain accents. Before we get into too much of di eating and stuff like all that stuff we did get an a message on FaceBook and that means I'm checking she's an ladies. So peer your week is going well just the topic for discussion since Ference Ager both in new relationships. What are the best ways to thrive past the honeymoon stage in a relationship can keep things new and interesting. I know what happens to the fall after months three years of being with the same person you get into your routine ending saying it seemed boring any ideas thanks. But apple learn thanks early Iraq the highly confusing they drive past I get it like I'd be yeah thanks and keep up after the is for some reason I thought she skip a players like gold digger behind movies because I like I don't think is cool and I'll be apart from someone. Go to be able to sit when they'll make up in my pajamas watching that like all day with no judgment with how much of the attention to. That's funny to play at present reason I. Think the vets like that is all entwined in a honeymoon phase like when mad and all the stupid Steve the stuff like definitely gets in mean desolate Ollie lake Austin idol because like. Even you know I have a five days of summer added things that you use the final really cute like gates who really really really gnawing at yeah I'll ask I. That's it. I'm very adorable apparently beginning and then not so much. I Alex but yeah and well it's funny how you're super eat a you know eighty. I I 'cause I'm madly. I'm not dying here W. I know I'd like top boldly and monuments like either Alex and in its much it's like in a really and I Helen have you guys been together. I'm mad. The actress and actor today they'd like dating pets into their yet another band that like honestly I'm going but. I know unlike in the honeymoon stage but I'm so mean all the time you like so. I mean you'll show that you ETE does something wrong you're gonna tell him yeah yeah I never not that I asked Mike. They are for stay out of that okay what do you think about Siewert like activity or Alice I'm like what are your ring and I'm like I you know like I'm very like this is who I am. Like and I like. You're not a subtle person so yeah also I mean I am feeling I cash and the Indians swept the dynamic ever atom already like and I'm like if you on the temporary. Socket and in any. Way. Below it. But I know like I'm so it's still like me you're perfectly you're sol when warrants and and like I've seen his bits that obviously without a corner like this isn't like freaking out over not thing that like OK you let this weird thank you that's good that's good that I can see that sign on how to deal at that now like it. Early on rather than becoming light show a ban on seven but like I'm not waiting to like I know it's not all it's going to be this glory in May I. Presidency in rainbow yeah exactly you're gonna eventually start fighting you're gonna have your first I mean it's gonna seem like crap but it's the one thing I would cut talked about it that we live in a world where. It's in your generation where. Well we got a one fight over something you know people fight about. You know how to find the body of sorts upon my hand and it's exactly used to accepting that your the honeymoon phase is great. And it's me it's a they have that thing because it and leaves you on to like better thing than I always bring up like the episode of friends. Where mine McKenna I team. But Monica and channel there are going to get married and they're like Barrick high Chile hasn't started freaking out yet I'm so sorry and it might just our streak and she's like. I'm never gonna get another for like a first kiss again I'm not gonna get the first teeny gap and she's opponent and sleep on anybody else so my gadget she starts freaking out. And look and Jana was optimistic why are you freaking out he's like well because dating sucks it's scary you know I was severely dehydrated throughout our. Like the first couple months of the stating. And any point saudis it but we're gonna have an age where she points out. We're gonna have our first home our first kid the first wedding cans you know your hand a lot of things afford to and I think that's what we sometimes forget. Yeah obviously go all the fun stuff stunt gone all of their people either being single or in new relationships again when your super comfortable with somebody it's just remember it's like there's still more to come. It's like hey you know your first area twentieth anniversary you do attempt and a career. Fastening the way to got to keep that like earth for rat like keep that driving. Is Blake. And yet I feel like there is like it's on them like you have to like. Not usually miss each other's cell yell is you're your own thing I get it they're going on vacation they don't always think he'd have to comer have to use YouTube especially. An assignment yet not hang out yeah it is an as a government. I was yes side a yeah dogs. It was they went of those military on an island some estimate that. Yeah I tried resetting an ideal. I thought was of his that got Britney Spears aides know what a joke man with a and you aren't known absorbent felt like it with him. Anyway it's a whole different. At the different things in it yet ideally yeah you obviously seven. Abstinence again feeling missing each other's leg and my parents separate states and their marriage is great to have figured that the heck out when I was here in the stores. And a little crazy and I love it I mean they both need each other like every other weekend might. Leave there's certain power missing someone now it is. It makes he even like your body just want them and craving them and he did that even an un on her romantic way like my my mom and I am I even I got a night when he dare you should move beckon you to the backing of the beaver Rand save up by my car you know save for when one of my house. And said you know why it won an affect McKean. Well we don't hate so much anymore because it. Sometimes I'd be sitting in my model we didn't have anything to talk about the issues that will when he went after school or she finds something silly talk out there. An argument will continue conversation. I do you continue talking if there's an. When I don't see my mom very often it's like it let's talk about this talk about app like we have the kind of the good things they don't see you very off and cat scratched the yes I. And there is a power and missing someone whether romantically or non that's that mean to you I was sure it has a row currently mania. Relationship I was over it. Seemed very annoyed his belly Q an a business trip and he was away for ever McCain your husband our 3000 houses and as I this year but it's out. Yes I'm an okay end and then you know I'm I'm I'm really and redone so I guess. Anyways Lily if he went away on business and then it was kind of a bladder when he came back doesn't look. Okay kitty Hari Mozee is me me me me me like are hiding so lake. It's even did you even the most flight Heber is and I don't mean that you did mess and you did realize like I'd like you are yet because like I know how to to wage and opt. Out all its. W that's now I have a lot of money who'd like that he spent all time with his girlfriend and so. She had said something if I gonna hear both sides of the story she's likable we're gonna go on vacation in but one of his friends in need of a we're just giving them a ride like and that's what he promised that's fine. So that was on his coming out and that's those are time and time and we're talk about that you're gonna see my body in my book I know the budding he's a great person I forget him. Like it's off to get as vehemently you know and yet he's again I think you know which I'm only seem felony you're just getting Mariah again. And that he's now she told me that she said you know that you were only giving variety as we're gonna spend time getting. And I. What I go to jail my body it's like we're on vacation yeah but why wouldn't why would I Felix and like I spent time there all the time he's acting like I never this year and a bullet I think people think like. Going on vacation and play real vacation spots on that flight from Atlantic in my honor and a families that I don't like and why it was no wires coming okay yeah I dollar in and do it multiple types of. And I hunt and a visit with the honeymoon with sounds like rank. And other goods have been assisted. Just talked to each other again so easy just to be like I don't like those listed as soon. The only thing you give us a yes or no also talk to each other for an hour but also be openly you know don't do something that's going to be concerned morals or whatever. But I I I kinda like I know Abbott and the girlfriend that always her way it's always what she wants to do where she lets see what she wants you know to see. But that I would wanna go to this price now. OK I guess and I'm going then yes that's kind of that's who she is an army of Ariana sanctity. Technical he had gone to accept an island she is so it's like be open until you know what. A comic books or not be damned. Now. I'm not a big cancer at the club with you can really go into every month that all the time and deadly accident gallegly like before we meet an official. The possible then IA. I don't know I think it will not let that steeper like a couple thing to do men lately families and couples NASA late. Hailed as the of them all like in tech back. As may be an intensity no stupid but if you thought honestly think he. But the new equipment that aren't giving dudes are outside and so down against the that's like I got a little hamlets. A it doesn't he's the only you have rights and eat it I I. A lot of hours and stuff but I am not like I can not and Natalie you and ask how old are exiled me but the next day hugely. Hey he they they if they have an exhibit at art museum and this the last day I am really really wanted to Sealy goat meat. Healthcare real. Yeah its government to a museum in a year hours. I. And it might Helen doubted that I'm. Funny I'm not all of that I saw the you know need opinion actually helical. But the exhibit that he wanted to see. We had mixed in a mine for froehlich almost an hour was the but the the saints veteran and I we are on hand out arrow. That it had Diana. We're in the remind per hour and need they built it was I really did not like it like the one that he really really that the other withheld but it was like. And we are all fine and people are going solace wallet and it was there so many people it was just repeating leg of progression of back in the day and others like during the depression or land here in Seattle. I mean in now to think that same those old pictures like what's they look like the plane came down and yet that painting the people and their progression through and over the war when it I as. Your Coolio gnarled grass itself and people LL are slow and I I accidentally kicked the old lady in front of us. If she got Helen asked at. But definitely I almost couldn't stop laughing because like. Really didn't get hurt preferences click but I've got to rub it argued that both. Now becoming wearing black. Love Omega regularly you look at the way I can remember hey how hard yeah I didn't. He denied. I mean but it's like one of those things like eat it may not be your first second third fourth at 678 that I young never think of going to a museum or I wouldn't like I would you know but just gobble and just go like bring your. Horizons of an eye and it. Yep riding your right right and I commuter girl wants to do some thing like wants someone to do them like. This is informing the genuinely care Alley get this meant something to on our newest super into it say he does or. Having a good thing to do is having couples already and it's awesome to end up like we are talking about your fitness Spain belly I am gonna get off this regain. No carving as our leader that the note does standard no carb diet had gone on knows this is as Qaeda Quito Johnny are basically Quito. I got her act so it's that is that is what card at zero car Pepsi can have fruits begins. Now make. Wow yeah. And fell by it's it's very very hyped bets I can have bake in c.s and creams easily is that the middle. Of ninety definitely yes site and also deprive doubt that the Catholic ams and eating like. I eat a burger about ST to break off in a taste entirely I believe you can carry out of the organized has got gotten ethnic yeah so easily is it is that fine but yesterday like my guess elegant but compliance eat everything in I didn't key eat every single thing. Fuzzy in an entire people hitting it antidepressant heats it was I'm like it. Bentley I am now also am definitely though the beauty. The whole fitness Rodney has to do that together the whole yes couples like network out there now actually. Now if I have my girlfriend Christine. And we wouldn't violent at least two times a week three because she had Monday she had another clash he takes. And so I sometimes can't Tuesday night's but I the last two weeks have been able to say 93 times a week. Yeah but it like it's not that was some money and I Fermi. I don't know what it is but I get like crazy anxiety with weird things and I crazy anxiety going into like the lifting weights area things him I can't I can do the party and I get on transmission assuming the fine but going to the machines where there all bunch of meat had I was you're the only girl there for like an hour late. And I I don't. I I don't know Hitler judging I always regular judging Meehan like the way it's amusing if I'm doing it right now robber like. Posture or not so I even we just walked in the even when I was with him I was just started sweating like crazy in every conflict Cammie I'm like an. I was pleasantly I'm the only girl here are some like all these guys are asleep at the one girl here and I like I am not trying to be like I'm hottest I am both sorry. But I'm like. The only girl or so so don't. So yes my budget I can you finally don't look at anything. Honestly like with a lot of his dad and I glanced over but at the end of the network they're not looking at you because you're too busy trying to make sure other forms OK so girls look at them and got. I can look at them I editor and or. Well they haven't like I and me because that girls are more like a servant I. Oh I think it's Sarah I look at them. I want it what they're wearing elegant hang their cancer I don't and I dear John if there am I staring muscles are nearing. Why don't chairman glance and mental well you don't even exist unfortunately yeah that's yeah can't do it okay. But that is that I try to look at them later while. So when I was for is currently have laws about like a 1040. Yeah talk about that that picture of panic as recently because of her SE but paid transfer me and I I just got a picture in the unit did not look like you I have many pitches and also funny at people. People aren't you'd think it's not me actually at a whole slew of did you like him as the guys listeners and destiny was huge thing I was she late feuds. I how is how is your health did you feel and what was it and how much you like way more so and take your journey. Ready so my average week Adam ads was as the Dow Edgar fat the fat camp out and your your your pretty tall am five eights and Zoellick some heavier it is still so. I was about three. AT eighteens it's when he'd like like that's that's where state. Is that where you in the military when you're at currently have got now. AT and it's funny you really 3 yet again I am so all like heights glee or yet Earl yet you fifth. The accused of the hole at least through that was you know picker. Hang and it just it is likely. Yeah an hour now so I think that he's I think the credit and and I millionaire I was really fat I was only child my mom worked alive it's. We would definitely it's the elite insulate that was I don't like at that only child eat my emotions vote that I Allah it must immediately that was my my thing. And so like I will own I believe it's over the college in Iowa to new York and for college Jimmie lucked out because all. Jam in the in the dorm got messed up so able to used it like really expensive gym next door like the some acolytes of you that some of the Indiana. Regularly now expensive damsel I IE. I was sick of them like dubious than seabirds like fashion and like hi hi passions fairly close and delete any thing meg. The deal in the can't really do much regret that we as the that we Morris of sick of it in. I cut out everything like crazy like I was vegetarian form nine and is willing to armed agent. Like four times a week is Vicario mostly like like it that there aren't at yet and I was terrified waivers that is pentagon Carty on this late night I had my arm. Nutrition now packed into and you just wake up 1 morning and public. Done but that's why do you honestly it was it was after him with me currently Allah I was mood there by myself out of out of my element at an indie darling of I had no family you know nobody in the middle of the site Kyl like New York City and crazy city like. Fighter flight. Ted slow aideed fought in yeah I guess in analyst Kelly and I am. The first day of the first week it was an ever again after that. I woke up and I loss on the pounds to go oh sorry but I doubt that deserve that right yeah. You think of as can't late after you get into the routinely. That's your routine in Kenya and so like I said that the sick and I was terrified of the week where it's I didn't Matt and refused to go in or near for the and in. I'll go in I see one guy that not all but he did. Some really be in and you. Like I. If that was like. I think they feel like a lot of people in the weight room. Either understand trouble could either of me they themselves used to be heavier or they weren't at the body type B 180 they were really scrawny wanted to be more muscular and your dad feel like everyone's just trying to be the best version of themselves they can be. And just kind of remind yourself that if you wanna go to the week. Now that the banks like so motivational Affleck cover also that the IEA Hank yeah. Everyone is fair for re like your app that jam with. Everybody's got April's started at zero immediately my favorite thing when I'm playing at tires like even Jimi Hendrix had to learn eased am chords and I think it's. And an Allentown Allen thing like every one put on pants the same way one might and a lake whether your payments than mine yeah millionaire pour my energy on their hands on my motivational for. And are now think of it. Rocketed diet and apple about how I wanna hear now hand whenever that Lincoln about about. Myself for whatever I have to remind myself it's like every beautiful person and every successful person. Has had very bad explosive diarrhea. If the I just like Jeff Alba. Her great great job and like you mean they're like modeling like in her bikinis. Think at some point you on the Angela you right now in your all your beautiful glory this lady think like you like a stomach hurting anything dying. Every one guy you stole motivation of the day yeah. I loved that thank you so much as I didn't like how honestly on on Michelle Thomas think about July as suspects in Munich and and and I'm just picturing men play on the toilet they had a wedding no make up or they're like mascara writing gap is. I need. A while I was very very very. Risks or hurt or other threats or Aaron. Too much or did you get out as very day and I think he's the mental image like in my head forever or those you actresses. I have available demo or angels began I don't have gorgeous and it runs a month month and a note you make the extra humid fun effect Mila Kunis as an effort Lisa Guerrero crisis ridden really. And I was like. When it whenever that's amnesia again I was little like twelve and make her dark hair and green eyes I didn't know what to do both Nicole Lee will be well this mean I'm. I have my boyfriend let our hall passes should be because Pollyanna. I toll Tia in. At least three hall that I three and he does look and then you like wine and public appointments it's because it all out right visiting my ball and nobody's happy if. It's a good. Compliment Montel no happy with where. But I really should be happy yeah. But the an income and his thinking is well it's a celebrity what are the chances are one of us can actually get with a male celebrity. Raised and how well they are these the agony aunt and an author known you. You'll write to me again and things including. A what is your girl girls have a big better chance than I would check now what getting with a celebrity but. She might have a better chance because she's the girl and I've heard. Dodd. And Gillick went. You know I get a complaint while AJ lo who you random guys in and it. Lot of my you have to really think about who like if I had to pick my my top girl onstage in line is on the list and I feel like. We would have on our backs on an island I have to update it like any your mind you re not and Rihanna. I swear re on at the bad guys see is guys I'm your friend like a friend crashed. I love her so my eyes I just moments fear and hot and a parent in late friendship that is unheard of knowed it. Since its pillars of the principal. Earl. So we didn't. Like my Mac exploit from one our first eat the dead thing breeze like Perry telling your top five male celebrities act a movie out like nighttime and anything can not coming your top five women. But now that well he's I get a good guys and girls you're going to hit with your top five women might have a good icebreaker and make them think and it gets them out of that bubble. So my top five guys like Alice let's appellate of rethink who got them for and down I. I have I thought I'd have an iPhone threat or at least that reminds me at least is now lamb immediately my nausea and I'd think about how bad it was a new thing that's gonna happen to me and name anyway doesn't it. Chris comes weren't. And had trickled Thor but like a good thing is yes I can't play the Itar. We like the hair at but you have to play the odd like him and his wife are freaking madly in love in beautiful children so the chance to meet with that are not tied me up. Alice is brother who is he's smiling as Brothers and Brothers and Tom hardy. Which is a low key no Bain while he's in the yes yummy and now they are one of the he's gonna. Mack mad Max. Camp and on their own peace of mind he thought he was an avenue accents to. Add and OK okay I tell our babies at top of my list from Macs Adobe your father. Fred that's gonna do mean a victory words when Atlantic bird. And as the out he's like these kids that you might need to get them off to my house and there's a lot of other cute and I think of Jason memo I was opera man you want immigrants I did. Call Drago and has met penny just evaporated as ever. Don Sony out at the switch to map for the next when I'm Joseph Gordon-Levitt an amateur days. You have Jason. And I have to put him up for this in the mud it and pairings and he could manhandled me I mean he can't hold a kid. Well OK so now Harrington for dose of electronic against such a so now interested listeners. What is your top fives and both Matt and landed in women in your lap five celebrity. I thought hey my my girl NC but I Jennifer Lawrence and chipping and for nothing non negative amount. Every negative amount I love how he or she thinks you went nobody sees that hole old you know all I'm so cute weird on so quirky Mimi don't know I like the UI and there's. So I think the reason why am I really disgusted by your big making opt out I think she started doing that because she's like yeah I don't wanna. Say mainly in a serious tone normally these interviews and stuff because then they're gonna take me seriously I just wanna be me I wanted to let them like this front. I was gonna be we're will mean. And I don't think she's doing it sinister really be cute she's doing Abidjan on be serious so I told her you know she's yeah she's she's she's cute she's okay bad thing I didn't like or give them a book narrated is she is not cap is dammit and I left. Only reason I know but I don't think my movie and her eyes is silver linings playbook. And Bradley she seems very damage hearing that by endearing but messed up and she played it perfectly. Flickr. But the one thing a side note I remember watching this show and it was like for her like pageant girls or whatever. And and they had all the different states and amber Alaska and they did it makeovers in the gaelic girls makeovers like competing as a reality show. I think I remember like Utah are one of those states like she was actually former military. But she was kind of a tomboy yeah issues like it's gorgeous like pageant girl but Alaska like she had they had cut in half civic super long hair she cannot achieve my. It is being lake. Secretly working weird she's being herself and like we don't think that there's at least her quirky kind of a thing. My dignity. Yeah I mean I I imagine where is it lays out and cut that he. He added I saw it was on stage and there is one where she yet again had a designer dresses they had like a black dresses basin at a defining get pieces gently this green kind of feel like there. Isn't the isn't Jennifer London this is the last. The flag. Yeah I think that I've got out of senate Figueroa hide in hide their read this story but I don't I miss Alaska want to remember watching. I think I was in high school myself so over ten years ago look at says she's like Walken on the run into the screen thing she is really cute short black dress and siblings and wraps herself you walking on the runway. And she's for an opening in this. According girls now. But she's picking killed it like on the runway I am glad that we've become a society where quirky girls are cool. Alex is allegation Els and we have you know. Dad deal not an upper either nothing. I'm quietly eat domain name is is it is equal billing its whole league yeah right round like that here. Like that's all that I like what they have done yet. Only a few of the quirky cool girl lightly does go on it can't cafe yesterday that's oh by the way I am at the KU goes freaking them and we can't talk about that there. Yet but. She ice where she was like the real ladies now she hat like Hewlett you know like that it needs a summertime is for Felix at a low. Gently long's that sector in my cat eye glasses are being so. She is really operated while we years. Love David as the nation I think it late late she figured out what Greg flower and guy damage he ain't it. Can. Blake and this. And Eileen and like I. Would have islands I mean she went. Earlier when she first came out this whole year ploy and Montana. Which she came out for a second time. Here for dialing it like it's my Colin elected them yes are so hustle and Ali came out the poll here from rats in the past the Indians who really keep it interesting that it is not making any mining Marge is like. Well computing country again let me make clear my head around and he's exactly helium now now that she's not a full train wreck Sanger who high Baylor. See the thing is that was her being edged. I don't part of her trainer Gary I don't think you I think she was writing in our White House using in diving Shealy wanted to get away from him on and Disney's Oceanic. Went for dogs all yeah Lance. And the exact opposite but now my brother my brother with a mile an hour that you wouldn't you know applaud them today. Mario yeah and gosh and it was super like she's gone in Montana yeah. If you issue I think I marketing. Marketing like to ratchet and she is doing well like I love wrecking ball I loved the card in case. I am feeling. I did you something about stats on articles like accusing her of the hole or just saying hey this is white privilege and like rich right white privilege and it's. They let us pharma what she did so basically she went into hip hop and stop an ally and then she was able to get out. Chicago is gonna get I have the money to be able to view all this music that I wanna do and hip hop so which is set like some of the people that were tweeting aware of African American descent and were complain again you came in our world and just you you're leaving because you don't want to be here anymore and you think is more. Not on horse of B would do you have hit capsule specifically it is here is. Miley Cyrus oh let me go play in due to things that usually look down what kind of a black person would do it let me go play. In taking notes. He shot I don't you know an an odd others as do whatever I want and I'd be able to do get away with it get away with it but it like now that like nobody likes me anymore now that like I'd like Ike I don't have that audience anymore I can get them anymore let me go back to be an acute migrant again. And I did like any good except set. Yeah silly like that Europe is showing your caddie can't get it could because desolate like anybody else who did the same exact thing there's they're still hold there's still there's there's still a fat. Is a whole it's a. It's I guess antibody and no I don't think people did give her a lot. Like a lot of people that. Like they didn't like my belief. Hip hop are there so yeah Robert I'm does that ratchet so I'm like hello girl show is shaky outing Ayers is what I heard it doesn't doesn't doesn't what I got an actress was with two things grasping the whole like that's what's. Happening on other high alert about where it yeah asked her I didn't Nolan and a I. Really ironic that silly like this agency keep doing that the book three to really great now people like. Think of it and if she even thought I would ever how men are ever and that is really excited that maybe she like. Corridor life centric right now you know so like Sosa getting at yeah I like those boos off following thereof or I go crazy isn't like coming back to who are. Actually. She really is the time and I mean. She was like she broke up I don't know if she broke up with. Her now fiance again because they were engaged she with him her gal but what that first after the craziness filling this he starts getting crazy in broke up with him started doing that I think she was Jennifer like she was getting noticed they heard. Highlight ratchet Miley she did it were on her feet. But I thought I don't like many. I love her concert and Marie paying out. And he was my main. Am an outlet when I turned 43 ballot nighttime out my card and you don't pan I mean we haven't supposedly cracked me. I idea mob now I'm like ninth and want him on. And everybody makes this day yeah. Did that Adam Robinson Bible let on that thought in my. It's the you know here I listened to my is this. Yeah in the gym. Ending an Alley in your car went in the desert out of the outlook to up at it it's. Everybody immediately everything soak it easily. Carried its EU. Didn't let no despondent written that fund welcome. I did get her mad props you've done a lot of stuff like homeless teenagers and stuff like that and a. She she she. We forgetting and you I ever we haven't heard like on rod like he talks about on the had to interact in Iraq has been messy messy and Akron hi like I mean I see pictures of smokers feeling like it was only touted. Out of this at the spot at in its sell out fast aren't doing as. When I return on there so people or smoke and that can I hit that and they gave it fewer and she smoked some enjoyment I would like I am able I'm Hannah Montana it's luggage or is this. Like I what I thought to join with that closers and I could finish here to join the Miley Cyrus but it's so he wouldn't care plan backed her rename his destiny. Yeah it destiny hope right. Is that unless I think she changed at that yet that's a best hope. Iron higher at all this. That's the I got Carla Meyer ministry infinera this actor and producer I think it is now I'm checking it I know Molly diet. And yet she changed it legal to leave Miley race tires and that is yeah I think. I think and yet she let destiny hope Cyrus Cyrus. Much like. I pity but destiny and hopefully. Yeah right dead embryo and Mohammed and another hit beer very Christian. It's one of the other in the ceiling both its act like regular expressions. Often like they are all different date. It's your words as like. Affirmation that that's socialism like the thing you've finally won over the front of you quite a little bit I noticed a white people houses like get the basic basic level I have. Level of life. I I it probably means with that announcement like I think that's if you walk in a public company haven't you have thought. Anyway what with give Greg dash scene it is like we we want the somebody's house as bad habit display. And I love that like that I would happen to your base looks like there's so nick. That basic four years ago at this point is airy and years ago I got my public life in the awfully cute and he. Tim McGraw I'm I'll put a bit like wouldn't letters on my freaking dead eye out. The problem now has the has it as like I mean the gal. Now don't but it only girl. My mom has them because think they re decorated Michigan and my friend Lance your mama's not use and also Macs and my friend of one about her door he like I got an hour. Out there by in that you could rest next to it where that would tell. After a no. No then they may now be out of illuminate the rest of the month of may today agree about Bernard. I don't like that because I just with a lot of pressure. Today agree but I get the niceness that. Yeah. It does me make a great day and that I have a great day I can make a great day. It for three that I thank you buddy nick an island that's playing it well. The only thing payments and make every day. Let's one of the things that. Ice on the Internet it's they had a photo frame of live laugh love and they took pictures regulatory. Yeah. He's like the looks like he's laughing in the disciplinary like yeah buddies just like that may have yeah now it's brilliant I love supplies. It's time out at night Alec who'll have anybody stand anybody at any one of them are able. And you there is one other thing I did wanna talk about what I thought your cat yoga. Oh yeah you did cat you'll go with cat yoga that I will post pictures and as to Graham moments. At some point loosen up on the cat yoga on a nine. Well you don't becoming an in. Just showed you understand. Now outside and do so at this. Plays and free back Wallingford my hand and it is called me out trop lets them. And those like cat cafe a belly they have of like in the bank way to console and adopt in like interview will likely have kiddies and stuff. And so they turned that into a media. The studio. That well you know like like McGill limits their two and so we. And went to patio yesterday and then I after the holy Chris Carrino thing it was totally like awesome to finally have something to. So yeah yeah does that mean they date to give up everything you're likely to weather cat. Yes you are doing neo campuses politically cat yoga as a lately I have a patiently Catholic lament by us China unit powered he came up and settlement by descent there. At some incident barely like stretching the play cats walking over mean it was awesome. And I it and it was a wrote shall by day they that they. Yeah. They they had a December remic air and clean and everything was well it has a row proceed and I like the parents. Should I horrible like to image they babies being really typically that we can't. Not the that the that'll get skewed because go to because we. Blue moon and just thought. Playing your basement totally get me out of nine months today most general and CEO of that like I mean I don't. Yeah I forgot about your litter gas gas sciatica audio and video Alec. The yoga video that night Alicia I am not going to try to like com dying breed in Silicon Valley give your cap filler music. The your faith beliefs and yeah how I I am not not an iMac soon and love and it looked as anyway is yeah I am sitting me V sums it all aren't just. Ireland is being bullied before handing. You were at I'm sure that that. Do you and and a few and as they get that it's the a joke. I am I I don't condone animal kindness and your battery or food and animal that's and a line and it bit but indeed I panic and an. And on a good no worries that thing and is that we in Dartmouth a compliment thing. Again and again next week next date and we got a cool thing about interest at immaculate about a few woman compliments. And what happens if they. Wealth of it will she go cats you know that guy at I would if you make you implement Islamic cat yoga I may freak out public and the experience that needs to be OK I am I I am and humans the high priestess against Leno PO with you know every hi expert means. Including California and yes yes. They you landed on that something you wanna SO as an end. I'll podcasts today on a better note about Chris core analysis and news yesterday but today. Is it Toney fifth anniversary of singles. The UV's most Seattle will be have ever seen in my life like at some that was filmed in this building right. So I Beckett app I think right now there are an idiot. Either the conference rooms are downstairs no I don't hear them and it really because like to bring the microphone at you yeah I know so lake out not from Seattle but it was a garlic am slightly everything I grew. Kind of like stemmed from Boston Seattle's lake yes it hit me pretty heartily. Hello all of the end you know simply to space you know in Irvine like. But I'm mall I play before ever came here I really knew about it so anyway so let's end we add that Hogan and had a nurse that but singles again it's also is has. As with every. Every artist Nelly album. From Pearl Jam Chris Clinton low light. My job check it out go to it yet has everybody on the air so the sound track is being re released an ad didn't come out like specifically today is the type of Everett are now. So we and you know. That. Yeah letter notes licences them the way you better Crisco and house arms and they have season. Matt Dillon that had him yeah made seasons and pro jams and that so like any given day in this in. The funny is really Ide bus and let's remember him immediately turn around celebrating Jimenez music track math and he gets here is my clothes and and the good place to Canada. And gone we'll see as Max.