BJGN05-22-17 - Special host Vicky B! Gotham - Shield

Tuesday, May 23rd

Vicky B hosts another special edition of BJ sheas geek nation. We talk Gotham, Shield and get an update from Gareth von Kollenbach, followed by a special geek sheet with Chris Walker. 


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome welcome everyone says Vijay shaved he may Shogun I Vicky Barcelona. Across from me we have mr. Chris walker. Lol I love. Guy we have this just pick email news at gets thank you Adam we have the show's namesake mr. BJ Shea well it is good to be with all of whatever round wins that we've got a good citizen thank you people his medicine. Thanks so I guess knowing fresh out car bomb the prisoner blamed for not you know giving people out of Madison. His mom who drive a GU a week. We're probably including the peanut butter okay. C'mon man I'm happy I don't know the spit it out you know pills after the well enough about people on the down. Medics medical whenever us today we're gonna hear from your bum call Bob apparent. We're gonna talk about some trailers and new shows that are becoming notre poll shows coming out soon. We're gonna top a lot of other TV shows he does shows up and she'll doctor hill and have fun stuff. As well as warranty sheet when mr. Chris walker yeah in a mr. Chris walker had a few good old us. Well you can always check out our website and all the podcasts at beating each nation dot com. You I guess on FaceBook just search for BJ she's keep nation whose followers on Twitter aliens to Gramm incident where are. Hello when someone else doesn't open at Vijay geek nation. He considered to actually voicemail at 19802243353. Shooters and email over read Ted Vijay geek nation at YouTube dot com forward slash BBJ geek nation where you can check out all those videos and things that we do when are having fun and playing video games and just sit on the couch that's it. Ask. And you can listen to us on your Amazon echoed just say Alexa. Pulling each nation onto union yes I know a lot of people are gonna get those fans act act. But like is it we're going to talk about there's a lot of good shows and shows that are coming back to new and old coming back and I'm super excited. I will say or some blacks coming on June 10 or at least I believe that in the last season. I mean I believe it is not like this yeah this is alas he's the younger so I am very excited to see where the clone club go Diego go also paying back in June on June 25 will have creature in the second season. Barbara talk about looking pretty awesome but we do have some new shows coming out we checked that the trailer and I put them all on the BG she's keep nation peaceful paid I think you. So you can check them out there but the first one or mill. But or call the oracle which is done by none under is a better than Seth MacFarlane and it's a light action it's not another cartoon. Little net and it's very much uncertain these histories and I think Dan Gallagher had. Yeah it has a galaxy quest to look into it yeah and they're definitely making a parity of next gen with a sense say though that cost him very bad luck. So aren't you very specifically asked before a Star Trek TI ON NN and I love galaxy quest which is why I thought man this could be really cool if they can capture that flavor of galaxy quest with the secretary Perry. Bottom of it remains to BC guest Seth MacFarlane Manny hit or miss with a lot of people with ties his humor. And then you're you're not wrong about about that think this needs to be going even if it was a half as good as galaxy quest which for my money is still the best starter movie ever made. You know I I'm I'm actually really really looking forward to the Seth MacFarlane has always been a fan I know he's tricky and he. Is going to be this is I think this is going to be sort of a love letter to Star Trek it went out with his own spin yeah yeah exactly and that's why that's why I am. Gonna get right into this plus the production value on this looks great looks really that I can really get. I think I was reading somewhere that they're going to be doing an like the old school Star Wars were a lot of ships are gonna be model's nice. Slate I think I think that it's gonna lately it's a comedy right so it's always gonna fall to the right I worried I'm gonna have a powerless then we like the idea we know all the actors are really funny. And the press of a power is pretty high. But they just did the adult lap dance area edges didn't get to the point where it was funny enough. And it is my first thought is it looks like it's really gonna struggle between comedy and plot who's also there's a lot of plot it'll be a pretty intricate plot. But it's also going to be you know a half hour show. And this referrals funny but I worry about just you know the stuff you have to do to beat TV I was really say about this trailer until the twists case that his co pilot is his ex wife. You know I. I'm glad I like he which like she is again everything is your shield she's now the year mockingbird my shield she's also in GI Joseph I found out yeah yeah us. Such lulls out Juan Juan now we got this new unit here at college or pro now we have to worry about. But for those wondering what the plot is about its set 300 years in the future. And the show follows the adventures of the or milk. I'm not so top of the line exploratory shipping Earth's inner stellar fleet facing cosmic challenges from without and within. This Motley crew of space explorers will boldly go where no comedic drama has gone before earned. So we shall see in ash that's coming on the folly Donovan actually released the as a get them to fall on fox. Another one panic since we are talking Star Trek whom you guys a misdemeanor very excited now moved really remove you and BJ have to save but discovery. And you have any harm. Scenario out unfortunately still don't ever release date on this yet either but a brand new trailer drops. Just last week and it looks great I think. I think it looks like they just made another movie. But I have always have to remember that this is the pilot episode so they're going to be they probably through a bunch of money and it it's going to look really good because they wanna get people hooked so that then you know. We we know that this one is going to have for now the plane is still too area on regular television on CBS and then. Shift all the rest of the episodes to the CBS apps so that you can all access by the all accede SL access bush ally. Part about it if that's. Looking at the class cast it is ready yeah we had man everybody this Doug Jones like I can't Jody is just isn't everything for nobody sees what to be and everything but for nobody sees face ever yet and that's his plan rain Wilson also and Lance rolled out. And ray Wilson plays a legendary character and that's so for a lot of folks that don't know Harry Mudd is legendary. Hip and I was into what John C Carmel Williams cica well Lou create his new reactors they are great actor and so for rain to be playing such a legendary character. Which by the way for all you JJ trek fans the ship that day. Hi Jack it took to the cling on planet there way that was actually Harry much Ohio. Roger Roger C colonel thank you so the ship they hijacked in the threat India starter again have movie with a cling ons. They actually. Hijack from Harry must daughter. Yes but they referred to as the mud incident yeah exactly yeah and that was illustrated in the comic books that were released by VW at fault and JJ you know. Learn who. So -- you know argue you guys of course the start trigger Bruce have you been in all the shows has there ever been one is only ten years away from the original series right and yes very hesitant and anything this close to another -- you it's a bridge between. Enterprise and Kirk's world yeah BI and so and how many was it a hundred years in the future enterprise under years previous network it was it was something in the neighborhood as it was a century the yeah so it's no nothing this close to current we saw we saw a young volt can be in that trailer that actually is a special Balkan not just any Balkan personal laundering that is our that's our steady. Yeah now we're gonna see match play is like the wonderful James trained suicide sitio gallant man Galliano gal and his son are from black yeah exactly Jesus and everything he's been everything and he looks I you know how I look at my title of course that guys he'd be Vulcan our army on of course Asia. And if he's only going to be in one episode but it's definitely you know and I and I went on I am BBM that's well I guess that's karma that. But I mean guys sorry guess definitely and of course Balkans have longer a double life span is human Soes are there going to be around. And he's legendary. And while this away you know what do sir reconcile our act so which I did I actually don't know which one years. I you know he is going I used links are keys playing his players are sad and oh yeah I guess yet because the other sari is like he was I guess it was an ancient. Yes and he wouldn't be alive. I'm so yes away at it looks good it did did the effects look good sue you know I aide says yeah you're right so rock. Yes sir rack and men and sorry can't get to give them credit I'm just looking at the cast and it's just such a very ailing multicultural cast your country is something that gene run various yeah Jason Isaacs is amazing and everyday guys and everything all the way from the patriot and of course lately he played happen in the away. Jason Isaacs such a good actor and of course he was you know mouth was dad give. You know he's he's just you know British and great. And so I am of course you know see you go Martin green from the Walking Dead is an it. It looks like it's going to be eight again like some let's Coley said the key is Star Trek is the writing. From there really is you know that that that's what makes that show a great show is the great writing and you know taking on that episodic journey. That is not Star Wars I mean it's not meant to be actually the TV shows and it did. Great special effects can augment it I would appreciate that but the writings going to be terrific of reacting has to fall I added that that's what may. Star Trek Star Trek the other shows trailer that just came out also on the Facebook's they gift did you ask. Is Lane's gifts did which is a movie away as actually Chris yes America for now. Captain America it's Doug gates could you 600 do you think that it's death again if they didn't wink. Yeah I went we go another hundred coldly gifted youngsters most too much and how I'm happy about how it looks like it's like after you know. I don't really know where the timeline because there is a guy that says it's like I don't know Philly you know he had X-Men and brotherhood of brotherhood an MRI gaffe. So I don't know if this Al weightlessness and place it almost feels like it's a little bit Blake it's going to be a dark future. You know which of course is true open an X-Men comics all the time with the show you a future where things are bad and getting worse is very much a you know. History repeats itself because we have you know obviously the magna you know he's he went through the Holocaust it's like the same thing it's like means are being put in jail yeah yeah you know. Not to get too political but we're seeing in this kind of reflects off something that could possibly be happening right now enough are. Earl Ross actually happening on the Marley universal the other shows coming out the truth you know which I saw the did you see the trailer for that. You've heard as you watch the end of you what's the season finale of shield. The a little bit of a teaser trailer for whereas the inhumanity as. Seen dale. Because they're shields for doing the same thing Maybin meant as a whole bunch of folks who want hunt dummy and humans just like on this fox show what you wanna have done a gifted youngsters of the beauties. Looking as in the post isn't lean humans and it looks real cheesy like the costumes on sitting well that hair that one red headed jab purple customer a couple of lets and deuces deuces I mean she's earned him a lot of those images are not posters there from entertainment weekly's. So there are they are actors going to a separate plays a taking images without any slate. Her hair is gonna be all CG right of it I guess first things that she could control her hair like it's it's true and I never really strong idea she looks like and knock off star Ellen that's our fire yeah it's going to be it's gonna be animated Harris expects I think that's when it is very Adobe demons are my favorite part of the the only thing like when the X-Men from the marvel universe and so this this is very close to the heart for read this in humans show us what it wanted last three years since a quarter court in humans have been on the in the cinematic universe stuff like this is finally be at. Actual in humans in a way that matters and I believe. And does it UN role in nurse. Simon from he would say you are Ramsey Daniel O'Brien CNN the bad guy met the international license and I'm so excited so I'm Lindsay that's what that's so out of character for him but he's not a bad way. Diddley and I'm having never seen any didn't Chet he says he's. It's got its total ever really say let's got bleak bumbling as the tell forty of the play quite yet you just played by Jamie Chung apparently Polaris is going to be an. Ice Jane which would make sense why it's like in the future downright Polaris for those who don't know is what I need those daughters. I didn't get her out. Yes have a lot of the leaders showed us so there than the main big kid in this Indy strikers his character's name is who is who is he then -- -- there's you know character who is tied to the weapon X project named baron Von structure. Malario Wolverine nut goes boom go -- if he hears the name structure a couple under so this is an in the comics he has twins but this is kind of a parallel family they are not bear these truckers but not the baron Von struck first okay and I think those two kids we see are twins yes so there's always run out sort of doing now where we've guy looks like the dad works for some Linda Stein anti union project Stephen Moore an opulent they get up and are very excited and so it it looks like they're kind of go without the struck her in the twins but instead of you know. Abandoning the twins and staying true to the weapon next project it looks like of this show the whole family is can flee and try to you know. Get involved probably started new X-Men has the looks like we're we're going to be going with this is there a start their own sort of our Jeff Graham basically Generation X. Yeah I mean I nominal until these yeah. That's for sure yacht that mean then end you know shield is also be gonna be well we. I have to let the shield is going to be out of this world I didn't see via you know it's okay all of the finale these are soccer player how to do save you talk flag did. So I'm nor about that yeah it was a season finale of shield. Yeah and I don't know what I know I wondered if it was going Yahoo! I wondered if it was going to actually be these series finale she'll because I had been keeping about the new season five. As it turns out years here where there will be all they couldn't give me that at the end of the episode and not come back for another season I would yeah very upset after I wasn't scifi network that hello sorry this. It's. Things were some. Yeah you know what Dele you side it was they wrapped up all that they already did they read they did put a missile bow on everything. And agony of big props to Mallory Janssen who she played eight. Both feel you Emilia as a DA SU played everybody at the I'm. She was really good as a human really good as a robot really good as Iran about that robot that became a human yeah really good as an amber themed robot really good Izzo bat S crazy robot out. Achieve EI I wanna see more Mallory Jansen and something. I she just she did catch a great job on the season shields knowing you're absolutely right being able to play that kind of emotional range all within the space of an 45 minute episode of the TV show. Incredible they realize they don't film it literally in 45 minutes but on your hand you know just. Being able to access that I mean she's just she was amazing and inching she made me feel it and and I and I was I was afraid for fits. Prefer part of that does like is like only she can kill him like I'm not not just an innocent that this is the care to the watching on TV or like order no she's really gonna kill that guy. NL I NE RE indicates Decker who plays its man he is really matured those characters he and Gemma amateur they were irritating. At the beginning and we really. I don't know how you go back and watch the first season except of course for Al war you know wars characters so great. And and his and his story arc and especially as it did as he got a chance to come back and be a decent human being even though it wasn't real. In the ages of hydra. But I just say you know that where they've gone and whether about a goal and they are about to go boldly. Goofy and all we know about next season in AA and of course they were they wrapped up the whole virtual reality and it turns out that you know. There's really the guy who I guess wasn't such a bad guy but just got sort of hold and Radcliffe the guy who really just got corrupted by the dark home where Tom he ends up you know doing good bye everybody. Is it to the best of visibility and now only one casualty unfortunately is you know is. The super soldier you know yeah patriot I would go. I was really sad to see the patriot go as a matter of fact I only can I today we had totally got invested down his character and really I I really felt like. I like seeing what he sort of would have been. Yeah in the in the in the matrix or I mean that framework you have to tell exactly if Frederick's free press the print dress up I thought. But I really really started getting into that character I wasn't really on board them for the longest time and I thought OK les is kind of this thing's not really important for me. But seeing him on the other side like that as like. Oh how we diminish you know and I was really upset win win when they kill them as a home. Outfitted me yeah you know I usually let the previous season four episode is unfortunately the previous these are also spoilers. Yeah and so when they're going expect anybody to tell him I if he didn't see the I know they're coming up next week or he didn't see the previously is. Then he will be surprised by the return of ghost writer because I did not know he was going to be coming back I thought it was done the exact so it was nice to see that he came back and he was intra goal actually ending in defeating the big Betty. They needed him. Yeah I never thought for a minute we see we'd see. To go straighter and they're right I'm kind of glad to see that Larry has yet he was asked and I have to tell you man they've been down listening to the guy who played ghost writer what the heck is they. What's his name Robbie yes I Gabrielle Gabriel really low and there Gabriel Luna did a great job finally ghost writer Don writes I loved what they give them I love the car and I think the car has it is it's grace updated version of the motorcycle agreed and the CGI on it was really I thought was really cool amazing so yeah hi I would love to see more of ghost writer somehow some way I think that that Robbie character is some is compelling he does a really good. The tortured possessed man. Where Robbie does it well he really really he. And yet still has on her and you know duties somehow compel you know he's able Louis exude all that is an actor is pretty amazing. Yeah I mean in your right about hero wanna be able to just give us that you know in some of that sound of the writing that's our that's down to the directing that. But did him being able to convey all of that in the in the ways that he does Lleyton and ending dealing with his his little brother or whatever in the other episodes and I amazing and yeah I'm really really really jazz to see that he's coming back. Yeah so so let's they are there. Solid goalie all I have to tell you is did you watch the coming up Lazio like they here's what's happening this week I'm not shield. You know I don't I don't watch the previously either skip over the previously is 'cause. There's there's there's some nice surprises that would be ruined if you watch previously unsealed you don't know what's coming for the rest of yet yeah you definitely are cool yes so I had there was another vice great episode and as we talked about man. Next season is going to be pretty amazing I will tell you this Chris is that the way we sought ended. There's going to be a time jump. Allow yeah I'll guarantee you get another we're not going to seal what happened the next day we're gonna get to see basically what happens regularly now they're or owner or area problem but it's exciting and it seems to be taking shield. In a direction that we've talked about before with us some of the marvel movies like. And I as I said before our hi what's up for season shields after watching the last couple I've somehow you can do it because the last couple of them what we always want to shield me in the first place as the finale but I do you feel like every season's been better than the last he keeps getting better and moving to 10 o'clock this year yeah such a good move for them such figure me out there exactly so why EIAs and she'll great a great season finale of that one of course we have to talk about do you what do we wanna keep talking DVR do you wanna go do what do I do -- Got them god I'm. 'cause they are getting very freaking interesting so far I am now really like in the season have gone from yeah will we we obviously have Jim Gordon getting into the core. Court of Powell's now when match finally dismantle it from the inside. He's in deep right now he's. And we're happy he's indeed now of course these low over his head. Here's the thing you knew at some point they miss a thing even though she day they had to show us that scene where I'm you know madam Powell discovers that go hey was in my drawer. You figure it subways you need that card again and we don't close at my house think it's still my card already religious orders a question about somebody like I'm at my last name found out where I live now unlike suspicious yes silly right yes I use nobody know you learn I ire I am your living room Ohio aria. I mean I don't know what I like if I was expecting him to Tennessee hidden in the court of Bell's release are those that that was a very short lived down but just like Bruce's training seems to be very sure have different and I thought I'd be glad Christie's coated and I'm doing this now we're doing this thing you know my daughter club these memories and these cuff links in a little Balkans as your mind you know about hello acupuncture and a couple of trips to the gym and apparently he's ready to be that man assaulted snub us this close the return of little thing. Or you know there are Barnes. I'm not Huckabee that's right you psychologically if there is execution and I am not I gathered that is so they've found a way to take says the detection forgetting or for same. How cents a. Love buyer is and what denies it funeral is a book about Lewis Carroll called Alice in Wonderland little. He nine holes and remember you can shut your face and accessories like the mad hatter yeah I don't know mathematical in the book but anyway. Pia you know then but did you know that I guess it and I have to I'm not gonna do Annie downing Batman iMac and I'm probably deserved it and added. I was gonna be more disturbing many thing bag and we do see them we find our doctor Shane has been hiding he's been. Oh wait he is he's not a lowering words of homer off a runner and ahead and you can't give this lingering to get its they're really. Different doctors and I don't go straight Janet ushering is still technically yeah I was right professor straight you know I don't you're always a Doctor Strange well. What it's like come on come at the people why do you have to keep just. Tough cookie from each other studied. Makes things difficult if you look nom I do good enough job on my am there to this but yet he's been taken by the court of Powell's C he did say he helped fix the issue could mean. And are kept her alive. And now he's figuring this all out legal weaponized and basically coal and. In all of golf and that's the plan marrow clans presuming embryo insane media attention fibers. And I look a lot of damage begins Sierra yeah yeah and you look at the the. Just friends but what do you guys think would you have plays and I mean her ivy. You know using the power for plans to save Selena. Yeah I'm dug dig in now IV care to more more that actress she's doing such a great job of that really. Being like a young girl you know it's like to forget tell you you usually ten or eleven and as she does such such a really really good job and that I think in I want your that would be I'm Maggie I gave half Al Jihad the GHA. However she says have been mag he's doing a good job composed the just playing know what I don't like 1112 year old girl right. But she's in age 25 to thirty year old body. I was good sense of like an early purple man thing. From her were like yes she's young enough that label people do her bidding she just doesn't. You know it's it's it's it's almost frustrating tar like she doesn't she wants people to states say no like she's like you know tell me the truth and they're like well she's doping unit dies they don't tell me that no cable seized up again a live because so if you don't mind just sort of like you know trying to figure it out just they they it's a secondary thing minimum. More often than not that people are telling her what she wants to hear as she sort of has to learn how to Parse that with one she actually needs to hear this is was she controlled them with the sense she wears on her wrist okay. As she does bring Selena back though it's interesting if the cats were all around her and I thought I was definitely thinking of those the second MM we red amber classics army and had. We can't the guy and so I wasn't sure is like is that the cats that are bringing her back is a going to be I'd be a combo of the 20 yeah Bailey idea was it what it was that was the hospital it was a big scenes that I. I'm however I want to I beings our way it's like I gotta go kill somebody yeah I'm gonna she says like I got to got to got you know. The bruise or Wayne manor that I gotta come and kill the most people to never take us English and an older friend campaign when same things like just remember I got to kill somebody which finally for helping Jim Gordon. You know to prevent all that you know I've that was very sea lions in Gordon's part two. Love my entire fire bug yeah I love affirmative freeze back. But then he gets exactly they Monte finds nick mine and they're stuck in side by side cages. So I'm very excited to see what interaction thing. It's gonna we're seeing that the two of them are gonna realize that okay we were both a holes I think that's what's eventually going to happen I don't know is gonna happen now but they're we had yet we know they are going to be around for a long time and I mean in in the Batman universe they have teamed up before. Valuables after a bat man's and created yeah. I think they're going area because look I mean Ed started it I should say I you know the penguins started it and I think you know I was gonna realize CI did kill your girlfriend I was a church okay. You know I don't know when they're gonna figure it out they might have to do to get out. Yeah I don't I think I think it's going to be there might have to work together to get out that aspect I think that we're building up next season we've got a serious rivalry between two powerful criminal agreed once again once we finished up this story line but he will be at least another year. This thing they have to reconcile like this that we are sort of it's both is and isn't a prequel to that man like we know the they have plot armor right 'cause penguin and riddler don't die if he doesn't mean they need to be able to team up later and only to see those score I would think with a lot. Comics it's like we're friends again okay we're not friends we're friends again that isn't an intelligent as a good and sound business in a sense of the murdered around the killing the stealing it and the business. Yeah man may be the polarizing says further than a polarizing force for all the criminals anyway when he finally shows up in May like whoa you know what we are we got a common enemy now yeah they yeah we've got to figure this out. And they do have a history. I think star goalie tries to be great to see them and as you know at the height of their game Reno rival. Hours. We are kind of running short on time so if you guys. The power the other CW shows doing yea name. Oh I get a over if you talk flashing arrow I got to deal is there any clubs do also good weather there I think they're doing well to all three of them have it was a girl flash and arrow had the season finale is next week load of crap talk about all of them a lot more similar roles is to do the same thing is doing where the deck tonight's wanna take over the world. Flash I fully expect inter run back in time and undo everything because that's what he does that's an opinion. And you know an arrow there's just the inevitable conclusion between him and Demetrius when he got that they got to go to Ito had a I stretch and put Aris and of people and they will bleed. And then the quick 'cause doctor no I Doctor Who yet he still run around the box. The Rio Vista they give this time there were space suits that were actually attack he was kind of fun because a look like it was going to be a zombie episode but really was an episode where the space suits it was interesting to upgrade from trash cans spacesuits yes right and it was kind of funny episode because they hide this they were on a ship that actually charge people for oxygen. And that's the if there was excess oxygen in the ship they were bent all the suit oxygen because they wanna hurt profits. And of course you know doctors like hey you know what we don't have space suits and I just got all the Josh and sucked out of its artists here. Were in trouble and so it was a it was a fun episode is the space suits were really like turn people into zombies. Food and yeah kind of a thing so. An episode you know the dog they still guarding the ball we don't know what's in the vault we keep getting told when our goal of the balls that something horrible and there. I I can't imagine what it is but it's some big feels like it's somebody that. They know old I'm thinking may Ritter asked there are no I'll vaulted iridium artifacts and giant monster best offensive. Though that was of course yes punitive. Still do make sure we have enough time for the geek she lets get to Gareth rain now here at the vodka Alan bock how isn't going surged. This week's just misread it yeah are right I mean with all the TV news I am pretty sure that has skewed reviewed is gonna be having eight hall and of items up there. Talking about all the television not just to geeky stuff but we do definitely wanna focus on the geeky stuff and the simple fact that we do you have a lot more information about the new Star Trek discovery series. We AG has been really lacking in the recent months. Yeah I mean big part of that is the fact that your deploy it word now that the cancellation of the renewals have been done. You've got things like San Diego comic con coming up in the not too distant future now you get these networks actually meeting lit. Some of the people their trench so laps to. And streaming in syndication overseas and they always ships try to give them a little bit of it tidbits and that's why you've seen an official photo league chief change and stuff because. You know that it's that time. What news do you have on the discovery friends at this point. Well outside for that one photo there's not much it has been in production since January. And one of the producers to storm out should they wanted to clarify it. This is not career mentioning this is not an alternate universe is is definitely a prequel to your rituals Star Trek you know and that's basically what we got so far. That's kind of fun because yeah we've back had to deal with the as the prime line so to speak and then also the JJ Abrams. Who offshoot is gonna be kind of fun I think for people to go back into that. Exactly and that's kind of what their opening up its biggest problem as such we discussed in the past with speech delays in the changes yours shut out. There some concern that maybe this is a ship that's kind of lacking direction or perhaps to a different parties shall stream into their. Creative control and and you know. Vote for him to kind of caught in the middle because it's like one person want to go one way. No the first launch go another way but it seems like you're on course we're obviously here they're filming at this point. And now they get to a real part where they've got to go to promoting people and shake. You know essentially this is why you wanna buy that you had now the flip side of it is like oh yeah aperture streaming yet. So Internet becomes. Foreign markets dvds. Merchandise shall chuck forget the big trend and then you have to shelter and saw it because remember as we also discussed. Outlet a career no you have to go to France and say plunked on a monthly subscription for you to watch this thing. We it's gonna be interesting on that and just because we know that the first episode I believe is going to be free for every once he got to be the one hook you and that's one of the gonna push all the production values. And now it hopes to L hoped to think that they would then continue that same production quality wood and they're gonna do for that first episode but after the get a for that get impasse that pay wall for the first time you really don't know what's gonna happen until they're all out there who. Exactly remember a career assertion point not a lot of times they have almost eight theatrical. LeMieux each of them now yeah and then it drops back considerably for the episodes. What is some of the other news out there in terms of TV what are some things that are that are you think you're excited about. Well one I think term interest and about is kind of it's it's combat I guess she reported as a shift. In that you're seeing a lot of things such as far auctions said. You know what we got the X-Files common fact you don't end that was you know predicated on that everybody's schedule becoming available to give out. Bottom you can machine that works. 24 legacy. And prison break now to be clear they have consider coming back they haven't shut their camps told. All they've basically said is there's interest. Books it's probably going to be awhile and of course we're hearing week. What more of Miller Dominic Purcell are extremely busy special will polar shows on GW playing the DC characters again and then of course that's what it will legacy the stories too and brought wage he's got a lot of strings on it so it's kind of a way to actually know. Switching gears to bill which when he for what I'm really happy about is Kiefer Sutherland new series doesn't do that survivor is coming back now. They are gonna have a new show runner going forward in choosing to. But the great thing about it is it's nice to see that. You know a show that had a darker more intense setting but wasn't necessarily an action ratio child an audience is moving forward. It's always interesting because I know a lot of people would just like to you compare his character Julie Jack Bauer which you really can't do in this series but it's always fun because this is it is keeper that's that's what we know and Gloria. Exactly and that's the thing and you know and then it's been a very weird thing because you look at certain shows and you go how did that get canceled. And then you look at others and got out of that get renewed and I'm no. That there's somebody politics like you know there are shows that work in talks to renew Walt. There were canceled abruptly there which one crime most yeah well right. And then Chandler got upset and NBC so Dolan Colombo brings him more episodes back felt. I look at chair more episodes saving. You only run a year this is there one of those Sleepy Hollow challenge remembering back just make sure you get enough episodes for an attractive syndication deal. Did she may sound kind of like they did would aquarium where they've basically said. Here's ten episodes we know we're not thirteen but nonetheless here's China he coached helped who result your story. Yeah wrapped it up there was a lot of loose ends on something like timeless and end on Grimm actually so I dig that I'm I'm I'm glad for one as a fan that they did that. It's it's a really strange thing to witness. Exactly entry and then you have all these weird things and it's so funny the timing. We talked before about agency shield of gas and you know little good news I mean that law is actually Irish reassured yourself. And she had to have I believe like your knee surgery Gucci or. Yeah and she come at kettles she was booked to come here next week can be one of the featured -- between the stomach com home page she had to pull out because of her injury and she actually showed him video along occur in bed with the crutches basically apologized and saying you know I got to heal up now. You know obviously it's very classy thank you direction said you know our intentions come next year you gotta you know when you're working industry got a no real little more into it. They're going to be getting ready to show very soon pin and you can pretty much bet. The catch is going to be its India will culture and in July and most of these TV shows. And movies that is written into their contracts that they have to make an appearance a comical and so it's kind of one of those. Yeah we don't necessarily want children and around you understand crunch when you've got to be a good one with your cast mates and a month and OEM and you better be ready for children and so I'll we have our. Okay so I can't sit down meaning non. College and Shane you know we're seeing things you sort start grammar have been that bad things were we've had interviews atomic crunch and the Castro said. You know for a period show us we just started filming the first episode of the season we wrapped it up. You know like late last starter this morning more. They've tortoise on a plane put street get on here to door panels have been around there woman who climbed back to straight trip to get a filming on the next one. Exactly that that's that's crazy but when you're in that sort of world and in these. These nerdy or geeky your shows that are out there that doesn't surprise me at all that deed that these studios are saying out and by the way you need to go in and do these tours and plug your show because that's. That's where the fans are and then they expect that and then they know that that's well that's where they're gonna some of the revenue self. Exactly what close the world media assault paying attention this and they certainly big thanks very that's been a nightmare for them because they're tried they've said everyone's always asking them. Why don't you do an episode become a country you're always talking about the guys going. And they said it's just a logistical nightmare yeah something to do whipped they don't normally stir showing told weaker true. I have to comic con and they're not hot it's for reunion standpoint they happen to get all these people that are on their quote unquote breached. Together and get them altogether a weaker to a nation in some cases three to four weeks or early depending on when the show falls. It's just it's very difficult yeah. Yeah plus I can't imagine trying to film a TV show during comic con. OJ and make sure you don't get everything done it like in the morning nobody was there enough. But yeah well except for the folks camping on the line for all H. Okay it's. It is all your extras right there yeah they're very you don't really imagine someone walking down the row with a clipboard name all right usually your engineer Lisa theft apparently originally you like over here a month. I don't how appropriate then yeah. Our spirit and you're like all of the cause players and that is that I haven't. All loud now I wanted to until I looked up and -- -- again thank you so much you can find out more news about the television as is the television and renewals cancels the new shows and everything you can go to as K and RG dot net that is skewed in reviewed and I know that once all the comic comma con season our the comic con season has started we will get a lot more news on that front think he's so much Gareth. They try to take area. He's a much scary as it is now time full. She twists. Chris walker. Are -- I'll I'll get a quick this is a story that take you sort of became across my desk if you will in any instance of how all news reporter you know they're information you've repeatedly Connecticut there was a gentleman who went on the unit to share story about how board games are actually helping his wife recover from her traumatic brain injury so well this was written by one Jeffrey Spinner earlier in May. And he says the board games helped to give him his wife back she was injured in a car accident she had a lot of physical damage to her body but also she had. Well traumatic brain injury that it was a really causing a lot of problems and she her rehabilitation. Was a lot of speech therapy and I'm cognitive abilities and and whatnot. Computing. But then Monday her speech therapist I've brought in a copy of connect four and was playing it with with his wife. And that got him thinking because they had only recently started as sad as boarding hobbyists. So he brought in a couple of things the next time you went down there. And slowly started working her through more and more complex games all the way up you know from from connect four on up to things like pandemic and Harry Potter hogwarts battle. Memoir 44 of arguably one of the more difficult games in the world right now. So he was just he wanted to give everyone sort of on the Internet anybody who wanted to stop by and read this thing that did did the fact that board games or not just. You know entertainment they're not just competition. This has been an amazing tool that is slowly bring his wife back from what communal might have been a completely unrecoverable incident and he. Has not immigrate things to say about the world of board games and he gives a particular shout out to some we've talked to on the show in forging estate Meyer for over stone Meyer games Alia who actually found out about the situation and invited at the two of them to one of his gaming groups and started. Working with her. And helping her along those lines as well also this this is just a really great inspirational story for me because I mean we've we've talked before about how board games or changed our lives but you're someone who. Literally got their wife back because of board games and I was ally and amazing his wife and life yeah exactly so. Yeah I just dug down and down and hit me pretty hard size wanted to make sure sure that would everybody will post that on the basics again how we have. And if it it is it is pretty amazing a lot of people just think it's cardboard indictments and it's not it's a lot more than now whether it's something emotional whether it's just you know. Getting the brain bill and it means pretty anti we've been here for years. You read that if you as as you get older should play chess or your card games are yeah do you read my embarrassment going right and I handed it doesn't have to be game is boring district's current can easily that it started that a lot of people don't like just a money you don't know just not as I strategic web play games right but that doesn't mean that you normally BS so well when I get to behalf of these days agent started the. Guy. I'm trying to tell right here all week everybody and believe me I tell now buddy Darden out of definitely keeps you sharp and it's and it's great exercise for anybody's brain ya and us all my games euphoria inside battle you are mom yeah it's homework when he abortions. Great tummy ache if you Tony also stories on how we're gaining has changed your life for change someone's life that you know. I'm sure my FaceBook page doesn't as a message email tax would love to get a phone call. And Intel next time they forget about it stay nerdy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play the blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for every one. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club.