Tuesday, May 23rd

We take a trip under the sea, way out west, and down into the dungeons on this jam-packed episode of your Board Game Alliance!


Host: Director "Walk like a flan" Walker of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Gamer: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


Evergreen Tabletop Expo (ETX) June 3-4, 2017 Seattle, WA


Lilac City Comicon Spokane, WA June 3rd and 4th


Go Play NW July 7-9, 2017 Seattle, WA


Josh: Arcadia Quest Inferno

Chris: Deus: Egypt

Sean: Oceanos


Family gaming: 

HeroQuest, Mice and Mystics


INTERVIEW: Patrick Leder from Leder Games about VAST


The Question: "What is the game you would most like to seek updated to modern gaming standards?"


GAME OF THE NOW!!: GREAT WESTERN TRAIL by Stronghold Games "Great Designer series"

Desinger: Alexander Pfister (Broom Service, Isle of Skye)

Basic mechanics: Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement, Tile Placement.

Theme: Moving cattle from texas and selling them in Kansas City

Components: Wood Meeples, Cards and Tiles and chits

Value: $69.00

Replay-ability: With Variable set up med-high repalability


Chris "CLASSIC" game: Stratego



War of the Nine Realms – by Wotan Games


2-4p tacticle skirmish game based on Norse mythology themes. 4 base Realms, each with asymmetric powers and abilities. SG minis

$4200 of $6400 goal

$52 for base pledge.

Ends June 18th


Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder by Beardy Brothers


A 1-5p dungeon crawler where players play as Orcs. Solo mode, co-op mode, and competitive treachery mode with options Overlord play. 4 different factions, each with unique skills. Custom dice, cool dungeon tiles and great art. No minis because it's their first project.

21k of 28k

$39 for base set 

End on June 17th


Tiny Swords: Smaaash by Brian Wolf


A Smash Brothers-esque style combat game, in the Tiny Swords universe. Super cute art, with bright pastel colors. Very unique look. 

$30 for the base pledge

$45 for base + copy of Tiny Swords

7500k of 17k

End on June 11th


Village of Legends by Pelotology


A fantasy-themed deckbuilder with unique wood-cut style art. Interesting mechanism of using weapons you acquire for gold...but you lose those items from your deck. Also features drinking beer to "rage" as a mechanic.

$22 for the base pledge

$51 for base + expansions

7k of 3k

End on June 18th


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon well just sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club next BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation. Yes welcome to be issues he nation. My name is Chris walker walk like a plane would BG she's geek nation director. Walk like your plan if you will. With me today is always John ever sort of thing twelve games oh Hank Hank and Josh Utley with the Omega again herds and who pillow. How are you gentlemen today. I am I am I am PM when he and I am also there will know this is not the new diamond podcast. Don't pop. Yeah. Neil I know I knew hi I'm announcing that apparently something John does in the evenings blue air were running and and where the there. This week on your board game lie it's. They say portable it's nice to be used in the good that's okay. Oil way we were on the network great way to at a I'm sure the pair got big clicked a button may not know what their lives and for you this is your board game alliance and welcome to its. This week on the show we're gonna talk a little bit you know catch up of these guys haven't seen him in a little while well I feel like. I just spent something like nine or ten hours with that with one of them but it that you guys don't know that. We're gonna talk a little bit about but the Josh and I attended recently called mock cigar lit was a great fundraising event all for charity all for fun all games we'll get the new convention report from Sean lot of high of conventions coming up so we're gonna talk a little bit about all of that. We'll go into some games we're playing right now Josh and it was the rundown on family game means get a couple games you want to talk about spoiler alert for area. They're both very cool we'll talk with Patrick later for later games about vast and we'll ask him are burning question what is the gain you would most like to see updated to modern gaming standards. Our game that was great western trail grew bigger run down a little bit of a classic game four yeah we'll get the kick starter update from Shawn Jefferson and if there's time. We'll talk to mr. B Jewish day to Matt. Will think he's recalling in this time. Know he's here he has a lot of paper says a B for hours okay he's not and it acknowledge just how good he freezing anything he's very calm very yielded to excellent panel we already we got to disturb that and. Unstoppable that music guys. Yale and have been Dolan and going to reach. Lots of games this is the truth this has been through I feel like I feel like if it wasn't if that wasn't the answer to how's that going. We would have a different podcast. I've been watching lots of moving. I. I just movies about games the way help. We are targeting guardian is Gary is is a good point I'm guessing during the into the eighteenth. Name so that's fun. Great you know music or organ. Who used to just we don't and when he and I guess from work. Well we did we always need more games yeah come on material here for a great trip as our got a hold of it and ended like you know a folding them into that a little older. Wouldn't be the worst thing ever. Anything else going on in the world besides the stuff we've already got scheduled to talk about well maybe we should tell people if they want to us about something. How well I just got chewed Johnny on the ball and go for it. Iowa they can check out all our web sites and all the podcast that BJ he patient outcome like this on FaceBook just search for BJ changed the nation follow us on Twitter and Amsterdam and third row at BG nation tennis actually was it was now 19802243353. Should this mean now pad PG nation and Turns out on YouTube just backs Irish PG nation or you can use your Amazon. So just say and access to a geek nation on tune in volume ten. I think you know I get one of those I'm gonna do that thing we can you can change the name of it from elect that team computer. Compute power and is no computer. That pat. Yup exactly right. A man I am gonna change my aunt who used. The womb. And not. We'll see if they if they care for the kind of abuse I mean you don't anger the relax. Now when their time and are things that aren't a but if you're the first one against the wall. So I know. Josh and I actually just spent like a thing almost nine and a half ten is. Let's just say most of the day together at a great event it was called the mark gauntlet and this year the theme was infinity as in the infinity gauntlet. This is a great event that we try to go to every year and we get to play board games all day. And raise money for charity and I gotta say this this has become. Sort of like the hell I marked my calendar every year it's like when is mocks coming up when and where we're going to be competing in the Garland again it is something I look forward to. All the time and this all in the third year I've done. But is now like my might think I'm I'm always I'm constantly on their case. Hey hey what's what's what's going on this next year what's the next government going to be like when we get the of the game that'd that'd. And the big duty they ask for people to get together in teams and raise money and there's a great website that he engaged website that they use or it really really good stuff really easy really simple layout but then the tell us head of time what games were going to be playing. And then and it is a competition you played two games against the other teams and whoever scores the most wins. At the end of the thing. Gets a literal gauntlet and I mean it is a nice note that you guys it's it's it's like plate mail gauntlet. Thought shiny metal and black cloth and and it's and it's heavy I've held the thing is not a light. Like it's not like a fake prop eight prop thing it's it's it's an outlet and and it's amazing to win that. So what you have one team that actually like. Playing a game against another team or is it like a bunch of games going on so it's a bunch of games going on we see it's four person teams. So what you do is. Everybody sits down in the interim together and you figure one person from each team goes to this table that table or the other table. So that there are anywhere from about twenty to 24 games going on at once on and that and the competitors are made up of one person. From a different teams so you're playing against three people. From other teams but so are there. I'm there are games that we've played in the past in fact this last time we protect sonar where you it's designed as a as a two team game. So you actually do play against another team as a as a unit they admit they mixed that the rules like ams are there's times that didn't happen. But we played them we played space cadets nice. Something or say to Dicey there. And that one and that one was amazing and it was you know four players if for players and our team against their teams that don't usually it's the other. And and there's is that trivia around. Last year they had sort of an escape the room gain. I think I was pretty amazing it was excellent but but doesn't really great event that we love to go to every year and day geek nation has been doing it now for for three years. And it was my first year and I really enjoyed it and had a great time. I think they raised. Wants a 120000. Dollars I've by the time by the time we left. That is the by the time revenue and that it was it was it was revenue Josh and Vicki myself on on markings here. Yeah hundred and almost turned thirty I thought it was and and it's amazing last year I think 90000 or something like this. But I don't go beyond that number because the number and I'm not good at those. But it is it is a really really really great event. I did that they have a chance to talk to lie like that happen to be Eric I site guys cannot know doing her thing and she was saying that each year. It's been growing like the amount of money that they bring and for charities. Has been growing exponentially desperately to announce a set a goal. And then look this destroys all all vehicle's of did you guys get to play games the thing we love doing it out and raise money for people that will really need charities that's for. Awesome yeah we get a player of the other teams from bungee from Microsoft from monocle society asked him when you hit it here he plays down. I had a low man the leading team this year the winning team winning he was actually not a big corporate team it was local players yeah it was like it was just some people who had who last year. Came in the last minute because they had and other team has dropped out. And they reached out on the FaceBook or some people from mocks. And as mark boarding house reached out to their followers on Twitter and entries beginning with the we desperately need one more team or it's all going to be completely imbalanced and they they were called except all substitutes. Yeah something like yes it's and that it was a very clever name for the team and that's the second year they had done it and they're not you know if they're not quote professional gamers like some people I know there's a visitors can. I think. I want to feel the two teams this year to make you feel like not a bit that team the one they're just just regular. People and they were you know they dominated they did rule amid amazing job with everything in the managed you mean the date. They didn't do so well on the trivia about eight they did well enough on all the other things that it was like big deliver mail the water was remarkable it was and it was a big margin I believe first and second place was like huge gap. That's off them yes you're right doesn't see you guys hopefully yeah hopefully there listening and if they're not welcome listens to him anyway because it is it was it's really impressive and I think elective a great event and we knew of doing it filtering out. So I mentioned at the top of the show well before all of this other shenanigans read about me forgetting how to get ahold of us and all that jazz. Sean you need a lot of conventions coming up yes it's fun a metric ton if you will. There was one nicely we went to recently the Bellingham enemy con that was a great a lot of fun so it did tell him enemy konduz was the first year that they open it up to board game. Before is just all enemies stuff. Of people abroad and mis materials to sell and things. But they had contacted me and say hey we like to have you guys show up and so I contacted you folks for the Diggnation and some other game designers I know and we all showed up en masse and you know I had a fund board gaming experience down there. There was political. It was a really really great and when you first brought this to my attention and you said it was a billion anime convention as the battle. Really are real house and an every touch on. Panamanian monger occasionally but it's just that none of nobody else on the on the part fifth in the nation regular podcast reads a lot of ammonia or watches a lot of enemy I mean we all have. We are the ones we've we've seen of course you know cure ghost in the shell you know the big east spirited away stuff like that but it's not it's not really in our wheel house so I was a little skeptical. And so Sean says three men and a here's the thing they are planning this big old thing and they're adding board games as a major feature for the deal and and the date you delivered in his they've delivered. Everett and this was a great space for or gaming personable but 11 whole half of the hall to the yoga room. Yeah yeah yeah that's a good guy I was pretty amazing. The one hole half of the hall was just few guys gambling union game if you do that we've quickly boom boom gets from India on where there. I can't do it from your earnings Billy for emergencies there yeah I've been a fantastic factories -- is her dark as the factories and power was there are selling games it's a really amazing for Baghdad and that's that and then there was still puns of space left over for us to just spread out and do our sit down and play games on anything you know we. We got there pretty early we shot our our are obligatory FaceBook live video of this show are rated check out economy come down with a if it would just league games all day was great. It was cool thing like the number of people coming through causing yeah all of us were there but you know or even get enough people coming through to make it interesting over of violent. I mean we had people coming in nonstop throughout the day so it was really worth my whole lot of really felt like a really good fun and I'm looking forward to for next year. Yeah I can wait who visit this is the thing in this is the season convention season. Is so fantastic I mean there's always something to go into and because. The types of conventions. That for us are the most fun. Comics in board games you know it Paxil and video games and things like that cryptic on they're all really close by yeah yeah. I mean it's amazing. And I just think I'm going to peasant con. This weekend as we as we're recording this I'll be there this next coming up we can and and it's amazing to me just there's so many cool conventions what do what do look at the coming up though. They are here he said there are time that he we've got ET acts of that is coming up the evergreen typical of expo that was erroneous and and that's going rights of their gonna have a free showing on Friday June 2. And so that means anybody that does want to show up and play games and seeking designers and here is can hang out and have some fun. Come on down I think that starts at 5 PM. The that the Seattle center expo hall so come on down Friday at 5 o'clock and hang out online and play some political games. On Saturday. And Sunday is the main show. Thanks to play it's going to be there there doing their big jet enormous. Turn that run the there's going to be atlas a Lucille work on Saturday for a bunch of designers had to be there demo in their guilty it will yeah. Boom. Yes I'm going to be there were my game got nominated for the Lucy word at this year of. Talk. Did you win last year hey. In Niger one last year Chrysler turnaround and it and then we published earlier. Or to give that I haven't given. Well I guys I'm sorry I'm not gonna make ET speed and a guys I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to make it to ETX is here because I'm going here units at home ha ha but I'm Dana watching us open office. Many beans from my hotel room in Spokane because it's also light black city comic on that weekend yeah. I'm heading over to the other side of the state to I team to hang out with some great friends we. Way way back with the people who run this convention I Nathan O'Brien in and his family and aren't you moderating some panels is here as a matter of when that. You know coming into this honor that he is right here right here as the sun. I will be hosting two panel at lilac city comic on this your one on Saturday one of them and they're both start trick panels. And Tim for us to box him self map now there with me. And he won't be released. Therefore format you do know your sorry Tim you are not allowed drool on the gas. I make no promised us. This is really going convention you guys they started out really really small over the one day events. And you know getting a lot of locals liberties and things in life and it like that and it is just grown and grown and grown every year and it's that this be the Spokane convention and I almost that's Seattle. It's Seattle this Seattle the supply can convention center began check out their website it's just lilac city comic con. And you can the bat mobile is going to be there for guys guys like 3661. From MS 66 yes yeah I think Marian the guys who wrote to warm bodies. He's gonna he's so there's a lot going on this convention lots of local artists and comic book creators as well in a lot of fun stuff going on. BJ she's Diggnation will be there come and check it out if you're in Spokane or if you feel like you're looking for something to do that not ETX and you wanna duels far away from Joshua John F a then Spokane is the place man I'll tell you. That's going to be something else I feel like there's more convinced there is again. Now or two and summertime and you know there's lots next Joseph playing northwest oh which mean Kenny told you what the console out right equity unit you're critic Douglas Anderson yes. That's July 7 through the ninth at the Seattle University. If you look at you go play NW dot org. It's busy just a big you know everybody get together and playing games. There's a bit of a war game focused on that one but there's also a lot of casual games in the bank and growing with that. Does that Shelden has put that together. And I'd even know her from Twitter as four to five Suzanne Kolb that's never knew reluctant to ask you does the kick starter breakdown for Borg and breakfast for diced. Yes if yes. That they're really called on to go to just every kind of hanging out and have fun playing games there's really no like. Don't come pushing any finger or for an awkward turn things yeah. Just the Eveready you can have fun playing games or so what the south sound. Com that we went through that I'm a little bit yeah. Yeah tackle. Great I'm sure will be their. Well thank you for that kind of day Shawn really appreciate it knew if you have any other conventions that you want to let us know about you can always get in touch with us on the FaceBook. At BJ geek nation of course or in Austin is that we. Give us a call the phone number was there at the top of the show let us know ma'am leave its essence and emailing things like that there's a convention we don't know about that you want us to go out. Let us know and maybe we'll feel there for now though. We put a lot of games what the issue might Sergio too many or aren't really. Long term there hurled. So what should we. Visit the the big current moment that was that kind of for lack of a better word. Epic. Amazing. Unbelievable. Exhaust they would. All of the above murderers and got a woman's won't let a game we play our. We play very Josh pilot writer iron. We played twilight and Miriam directs the final days of an impact and it is a reach in and do not. But. Is awesome yeah it is a area control yes sir that they've. The word wily in carrying should give people a clue about we are gonna lead up to hear about it as head about it and well I was gonna say it's the tutor a three hour version of twilight impair am racquet but somehow we managed to break that. It is an area controlled game if you play the by yourself. Not play myself if you are on your own team. You control three specific areas of our UN came over here with the two member team for areas of the board you and your over. Five member team he attic or to be three very artillery got to control five. And there's one race that simply wins if nobody else has one after eight rounds we only wish eight. Room by the way I wanna call shenanigans because before we even sat down to play this game. Your wife says I'm playing this race and it's the race that just winds that nobody else does that auto case she loves to keep people well that's. That's a fair point. I thought at a fair point Ernie and Phil are you could argue it there now serve. But then mr. (%expletive) picked the race visits shock. Who gets to predict who'll win and it is prediction is right well then he wins. So he in epic fashion predicted that a con after eight. Got on a team with mean Sean that we can get rid of them because all the temporary cease fires came up at one. And we couldn't get rid of him and we really wanted to get rid of them. And he taint missions on purpose just to stretch just came out figures for her why it went a little longer than three hours. We let's see we started right at about 930 and I like we sat down PM yeah yeah 9930 PM that's important to the supreme. Because the lord. And by the time we were all back up in our rooms it was about a quarter to 6 AM the next day. It was painful thirty. That's a a year away had to be fair we were drinking yet that where we've we killed two ball until two bottles and we we shut down the bar. And and then after that we went up bottles and started bringing some more about the the establishment was nice enough to keep bringing us coffee I don't know what they were trying to say. I think yours is dampened you're playing like it civil keep playing and you're gonna be here for breakfast service went on get a head start on it got me. A I realize it was amazing what we're doing that though the play. We was gonna be like I handle play for a couple of dollars every year or are there another game in hand and we'll reload and wanted to let you know. Yes so much for that. Just this does does the back in port number and and guys will we've talked about TI before why him period of the toilet your proper the actual game. Yet it's it's an epic. Long like settle in because you're gonna be there. Eight to ten hours minimum. And this Rex game is designed as a scaled back version of that you have a much fewer races. A lot. Simpler interactions not as much well vulnerable new trailer. It's planned. To have not quite as much squabbling and back and forth. And the coach you mean we're in blind auction bidding ends where they shall be no discussion. That's earth nicely what I believe we have an auction rounds which generally you're auctioning off six cards you know in our case with six players you know. It should take about six minutes. We had auction rounds last an hour. Yes they auction rates at record ahead and that should be a whole. Game around it. Oh man it was just. But I wouldn't trade. So much fun yeah yeah we were the Larry you broke my life history. Middle of the night he we've all had them laughing breakdown from what seems like I don't recent. And she couldn't stop them. I was I was mispronouncing the name on a card or something like this isn't it is greater than the beautiful beautiful moment apparently there is like stories going around about us at the hotel yeah. Our air new rhetoric if you go where at least we still had to get up at 730 so I slimmer poor right now we're. We go to LA it's an got a typical week of that there's. All right well good he has got breakfast Cohen's article but we really appreciate you giving us the time like but that was you react as. And cannot. We weren't sure we were gonna be able to open direct me. He said to play as long as you. Sweden took advantage of still has words shorter hitter does go that we're playing right now guys what their loan with a tough when you wanna talk of our national well as well we're at and from Ethiopia Annika and before all the craziness ensued. Actually picked up a copy of ocean ounce up from territory games Oceana is made by yellow. And this beautiful. Well designed game about. Your your building a submarine. And they're gonna go underwater in get a bunch of fish just to be clear that yellow spelled right you know Ali Agha this is not yet at marine's desert if any of those Summers if you're looking for. So here's your sibling is built. In sections and you can accretive in fictions if you're submarine you can get a bit of fishing you can get treasures and it's it's a really simple game to teach and it plays really quick even with BJ my nemesis pat thinking get a game in and like you know half hour I'll believe it out of Iraq. Yeah we did tonight we played two games with them the last weekend. And he won the first one. But I give him that you know but that's like what I destroyed. It is a very game I've played two I really enjoy it the art is beautiful cartoon deemed it. Really that I've seen this game and not actually played yet but it does look really relate Josh what's the revenue entitlement. Who'll. And you know I would never be won control anybody. Temperature on area we've laid Arcadia question Bernal. A few months back we played and so on just kept on pick on me after killing me in getting the point he just felt I needed to be killed. So when we've played again. Everyone else at the table would not touch on author of his starting a home. A the whole game I am not one time at the end it's just who watched the victory who thought I. We hear. Our karma will come terabyte you very time. Its way because actually. Our key question for of overplaying it worked as well we're actually doing a full campaign really is that how you get to what I was yet and you at age they actually played that what the I'm not winning it of course about rear revel a lot of confidence and I love the campaign and that's how that's great thing about the game though is you know. Really win into the into the game even if you finish the campaign your on your just the guys that triggered being Coca. You could still have more money and buy better grades than you notice OK let's go I'm I'm and it's not gonna not play if they definitely you even try. We were playing. The new day use expansion actually felt a couple years ago at at at it actually the mock Scotland weekly gains for the first time. But there's an expansion now and it's days Egypt. The elevator pitch on they use is it's it's gotten very similar feel to. A mean seven wonders. Yeah as far as. It's the point selling game where there's a lot of different ways to score points a lot of different ways to to win. Am but there's also air control element to it which is really nice and we'd like this game we played for for the gauntlet. When they expansion came out what the expansion basically does is it gives you the option to literally replace all of the cards from the original game. So we played this and we sent down and we had a really really good time that we remember why we like today you so much even though have been almost two years that we've played it. But it was still really really good so that one. I loved. I loved the original Davis yeah I didn't feel the balancing on this one. Was that good look at it honestly felt the new stuff as we can be on some cards when he overpowered now Lester it to me it felt a little more alike. The fans really wanted this so they get it or not. Fair enough but fans don't always balance things this is true in fact usually they don't want to balance they weren't they want to have a it and just go crazy with it from there weren't there were one or two times when those special unique activation powers on certain buildings went off and it was like. While I get to do what now. Yeah yeah there there were pretty powerful that's for sure but all in all. I think it's a great is an upgrade one of the things that was nice about it too is with the expansion you can play with as many or as view of the cards that you want from expansion you can mix them right in with the regular game and what you do you just about one color of building. For the new for the new ally Egypt. That I felt there was certain aspects of it I think it would lend itself really well to playing a sort of a mixed mixed stack like that but I really really like it. Stuck family games now Josh you have a family when I do and you have games. Then they even let me stay around those two universe is a got a collide from time to time Paul yes. And to be clear this is really. Mainly gaming in the traditional sense all right these weird. Art and the games we can play with our family with the kids the only other person. They actually. Now now I don't know all and maybe navy and MEI hyper religious family this is what will have pain at a good paying. Kobe aren't brimstone. I'm not against this incident I think he could work. Nobody if you want those types of mechanics. I can recommend names from this one. I have because I have always had a but if you could ever find it for reasonable price hero's quest. A mouse long time ago early ninety's I believe that he only Louisiana there in his. But it's the end it's pretty much the first dungeon crawl and it's great to these maps you'd immediately out the board. Some we definitely games have done a better now my site's been cleared turn cleaned up and but they love it does of the meanings you know circus and a three UN to light yet a lot of three dimensional objects that are on the board elect and so well you can get that stuff but it's more resin or put it together this talking in the box back and yeah. But because like you said John it's three. The kids love it's visual they walk around it's very early dungeon navy they get a sword they can market on a sheet I have a sword and roll this many guys instead of this when he dies. Simple but really fun yes. And but. Obviously that's really hard yet. Of course out at 400 dollars on eBay now and we edit it out and try to find this game union and you rated pay for it seriously. But what you can find from a plant had games Jerry Hawthorne's. Mice mystics. Ha Anderson on top of being another dungeon diver with modular ports system beautiful manes Greek custom dice. Story. And a deep story the whole world and I mean what I read to my kids and I know a lot of people enjoy reading to their kids. The first. Campaign level of mice mystic yeah you need to read them three page story. How the story breaks throughout the game and they really feel involved. My one time he plays Colin the prints and he now has been a leader of the group right. My daughter lows being them magician with his little lady bug it was a dragon when he was human but to sail from down. And counseling about a a as does that. And it's to be a wizard. Does the game where our players started off as humans at one point they became mice and so another of venturing through. A world it's achieve like. Front end of that size right yet they discover this whole world exists. That. They're shrunk down a cable when I'm just mice in his home mice kingdom and his rafts and although some. Bad guards in bad evil wizards have been front and two to pursue them but you gotta look out for crows you gotta be. Had gone through the sewers and it gives you the you have to I combined a paycheck fish hook thread. To be able to do stuffing game and and then there's cats chase you know points and he go into the kitchen and trying to cook meets Maggie. A scare her and that's on our great I just I I think that's will Wheaton Stanley fight attorney to a one point oh thing I don't know finding the and several is they believe she knows he's made worse and sent beads note much better can get to kill. Out they need to diet and if you don't buy anything no magic you vivid way and it's fair so I got I've I've seen it played. Haven't had a chance to play it but it's one that I it has been on my life I really want this. List for quite some time it is good it is a great want and it's you don't actually carry a whole bunch of stuff from campaign the campaign okay. They simplifies so you can get ranking as the plans they're one today this or terrorists are allowance and there are two. You can put it away and pick it up and you know have this long scourge of war I had those four guard the weather and I have those they cards. And he and there's cheese he achieves. I mean come on Angela cheese I loved it and I tease. And on the phone with us now we have Patrick leader from leader games is gonna talk with so little about lead in games Sean there are Patrick are you doing today. I'm gonna happen. Okay all right well I am I'm good at it now would you be here. I. Yes tiger. As a realism agree he sort of you know in icon in your face kind of feel to it provides grit. And awareness hundreds of fine in my mind moderates in vest and again their minds wow. You know regulation on that says. All right John what you're cut forests well I as takes Serbian militia metric I'm a big fan of vast it's. An amazing game one of the most asymmetry games you can possibly play I don't think of ever played any game that's quite like that. You do either but he neither guy who sits that I. So how did you get your start in the board gaming hobby. They. A lot of things we could say but I think the big the big thing as a friend of mine brought the game back from. Popped yeah well here affair or will her mr. With a political time maybe Rivet. Then blew it and today down about limited and ethnic and Fiat. He brought over in Germany and it's like down the kind of cute like a play early in the game and chairman but. Obviously. It took root and mr. Nice oh so what he'd do within leader games. I ate where every have been hit a I down. I I do. I started out primarily as a developer of everything on the company got to do it anyway and and at the developer and then it passed mature they realized there was instant and I inherited developer of the coming in Lima the and I'll handle. You know as stated date the operation like the department and our distributors and working with customers are. Little bit of everything I have time to people working from you know when that customer service army so that ultimately and when does illustration to go go quickly but the but at that. Not really ultimately it. But ultimately you're you're you're company's growing then you are getting a little bit bigger so she you know hiring someone to. Take over the test for service suspect they think that's a boon. For you today no neck and picking you to a lot of time it didn't. It can it up a lot of time and it took so Blake it's like. It's all over the day quick meet and like designing take or five hours of concentration. And yeah I think you're you know Dana timing your trip marine minerals that is illiterate development floats that good to have her on board a Russia hiring an hour and it's gonna hand over all operations. I'm them of him in here and. And excellent so what are you upgrade your personal gaming interests like when you wanna Saddam play game what sort of game do you gravity to do something lighter own your own. Yeah and I have a kid now there are eager to have to play letter game's great because I'm pummeled a bit tried in a very they're it. I do I like to do the critics I like to go to extremes like I like. Played them 24000 point game or hammer. Only holdouts still and how violent how long have you been on a I have played indeed. Four. Or five long sessions in a row like data de Oro. And but I got a photograph of hatred that sort of stuff I do like adventure part of it games and like cooperative that magic inflict. I think homicide it's not that lake. Like. But that real deep in the game for sure but I like I like the corporate and adventure element to it so well all play that. Quickly even though. I have like a background and a lot of long and be heroes not long euro's been heavier. The out at the Austin. Also how did you come the name for vast. Ferrari again what's called stroke identify in the game. The very hectic the creator of the fallen and David Somerville. Really good back and and marketing and as very clever for coming up with the Afghan. And he named a stroke and he had a really attractive. He did he created but it it is targeting America and have a lot of experience and totally things out and he created a very good looking and play protect and but that got me looking at it and it is really true back then. And airing lake right after the first kick starter. I think there's probably about not right after part of four moments after the we got a letter. And I'm a maker on NAFTA. Of who and we argued with them about it elected and really see the impact on the market. The only different markets clearly different ending food approach to marketing. But. In the and smugglers like I think you indicated to get that up if you could win it but it a couple of them. We we. Ran a contest. The kick starter and to see what people would come up with a name. And I NI fed up front like none of it with binding under curious what people think would be good name and its voting and two and a near the top I think. There have been a longer name but a couple of words that I lights fit that. That actually voted higher bit of it map because it's so short so I think and I knew that. And wanted to make it period event so having a short name up front was an abuse though I've been and in that. Think that the best apparently this work really well and it follows the aren't as it did it worked really well it's really catchy and invites you to find out more about it. Yeah I want you know and I'd really bad and I had to give up an intro. Because of it than that for a year or more for me. And by the second day of client after woke up that morning. And I did and didn't think about it again accusing them. And very it. It took me along you're clear to me about the turnaround in months ended as the am obstructive. And I think every car. And I use he did really well on kick starter with vast the first one it would did incredibly well. And then now you did a reprint. I guess like into you're going. On kick starter as well and that destroyed it again Bravo sir. I Elizabeth here's so where what are your plans for her going forward thank you. You Wear your plans for faster and at a project that you may be working on. I'm working at a few things well for starter at the second. That kicked Carter introduced the Annan that we. And we were taken aback by the global the ethnic and expect her at a and it started out we really were just trying to reclaim the money that. We have lost because PayPal. We've heard permanently and sort of I'm. And and that we were quick we reduced refunding people money to PayPal the lowest in that. And I was just trying to recapture like what was being replanted basically and I in my had to click go to 40000. Britain and maybe eighty Banco creating and and so it mainly started running we started like running and a stretch goals really quickly we had no concept and a stretch scope that we reaper and put the bat and then. And you know people. Economic data network design that when we started we had to design in mind for them Ehrlich recruitment pool. And we are up a paper like beer bogey but you add them. Comment but I you know that picnic and that getting ready and a and a artillery modern Perry wouldn't figure that part because we let me that while. I can't work as a designer must lead liked you and in the case. And so that all but I'm. I'm making a few weeks behind at that point I think we're I think we're able to recover which you. We should be a camera but yeah I'm Erica knows. I am I would plan to start a campaign per game a deep. And a new frontier one but without Annan is on the printer. Deep Hitler came I'm designing with and Bailey and it has little or acts that kind of a fork approach to create a metric to time. So everybody is playing a deterrent. Acts to be honest with them for a formula. On and on our board of the like a map of the galaxy. I'm glad empire that. The island where I want it again. Yeah I don't know if I can reach my wallet fast enough wow that's our scenario you're really awesome these Doug Lee hit oil or I thought. Yeah sold. Got on well play an empire and end of their settling. The empire. Big spending the entire entry into. Can't hold on to control motives for the fall apart. Bluntly accused her purse and leaving kind of rebellion against. Empire and they were in the league and all the rubble and play games terrorists. No another player as a rival and their rival alien Wear collection of rival in saint Pete is coming across the galaxy does not impact. As I went later. I go ahead and I think we're already ten and one is gonna play which version I don't know I think. And the lot players they captain who is exploring the the galaxy and how important so he's going and adventures and and so on and if you come to popular many can return home and become the new per. We did get us beat. Out oh my gosh I can't always I wanna be playing that right now wire were released into Augusta. Oh my lower well. One over and wrote a spirited I have done done so I think John Lewis looking at. Item on I don't. Wannabe I didn't want to be running a kick starter where we're trying to get a libertarian the printer but it triggered by anger at the Carter at. If we out of my control the right now because Richard electric starter and come. And and I are all have you know my operation expert than me committed to the delivery that month there have come back. Well for those that don't know for vast ordered the eight extension two working on different characters. I doubt that we are adding during the second kick starter we added cool character you get points by kind of bullying other characters. And then there's an alternate way to play the rule where if you're worried about having a smaller player account and the kind of the triangle kind of just doesn't work for you gonna work. You can substitute school. Can replace the goblins and compile rule. And so there's a different rules for playing each person legal and and I KP that's an excellent night. There is a coach player to we were really ignited we're able to offer to people because we didn't wanna make a good ghost and it the character Manila based that's. As she is a little bit more advanced to play but we wanted to build our efforts on points and the ghosts. It's trying to get all of your possessions back onto the cave into the correct spot. And see what happens to conduct the other characters at some point to in the game and and so that's quite advanced because you're brilliant know how to play each bowl. Before you can surplus in the ghost while took kind of a and kind of an end into the road sort of thing and there's an alternate version of furcal became bears receiver to replace the kings. And that the best mechanic is still there but it it's on the Princeton when it does not considered the new plan against. And then we also added the nightmare unicorn originally. We had just built to be like. Oil for the night when playing solo. Until he could add that he could have the unicorn and it was sort of an automated monster that the Pia. The night could fight parody of the other characters but the primarily the night. But people wanted to build that character the character in the camps have remained the nightly occurrence like that the way that. And in accord with Eric. Yet named a real Bartlett. We have all that we're we're juggling all that are now. In addition. And I turned over to my developer. Draft of that expansion recalled about the present here. And it'll be a variant of each of the debate broke so there'll be Monica. And I'll ninth or barbarian. You can replace the night. There will be a the government or council to replace the problems and I extraordinary person than dragon so awesome. And and on top of that that never get a second date that and that's how we are heat you can work on expansion America on the paper. We're gonna meet summer and decide which ones were not two but they keep up and that's for fair vote created man yeah he did they get a lot of irons in the fire. We are ideal trip. Other euphemisms. It will spend and invest in the perfect example. Of lights and modern game is. Speaking of modern games. You're just yeah yeah. I think a man or a movie coming out. Indoors later on in my browser I don't I. Can't I'm and so we've put. Other question that to every ready today and the question is what game would you like most like to see updated to a modern gaming aesthetic. So bear in the gam from 1978. That a big remember. When I was little my brother played dungeons and dragons and big battle in the mean. And his friends and some of our school friends played on literary and and so there are a couple of board game the kind of went along and hobby at the time and do you remember the characters caved in 1978. HM. I have heard of that I don't look so much data today near a little. It if that's it it's that very early telling him their child for cards they can only arranged them one direction could that horizontal vertical had a match you know preached title. They view you basically built to cave in observance unfamiliar with that these cards and then each character is advanced during uncertain adventure and let of that. And let the kid I don't think it would be like. It's the first circuit Novo the leader of supplement those sort of search forestry something like that aren't I don't think it would be like. Like real like. Impact full like a little bit dungeon crawlers but. I I remember having a soft spot for that went back and read the rule now like oh man. Yeah out the people. Work knowing knowing what I know now I had exactly the yeah I'm just a lot in that area online here and I. I don't we're called this an all this is not the mean it was in my wheel house back then I was already playing and yeah I mean is that in the eight bit. I'm also very very little person. Who. I'm not I'm. Well yeah and it is a member of impairment brand having a copy of it and my brother playing my wanted to play at the Beirut right now you're too young and don't open and I'm not not I can quickly get back again I would do that. And then and I think you know like prolonged primary when security company in Lebanon and inflated. Don't know wonderful playing and it hasn't been hasn't. I ought to look at that but I played cosmic probably. I don't know 30400. Times and I broke. You know so that was. That would that was a real well Burton soft spot in my heart when it went. When it inspect Iran and now you know what really it's it's pretty good Philip Miller. Very cool what's wintry Chris nickel for me geez actually. Patrick reminded me game that I loved. From back in the day around the same time also retirement as the dragon and it was just called dungeon. I mean if you start crying out yes he exactly that this is one of those ones that was really simple at the time and I didn't I didn't have concept. What we now call scratching the itch when it comes to a particular type of game. I just thought it was another game board game that we played but I realize now than it was like I don't have the six or eight hours to dedicate to a dungeons and dragons session. Let's sit down and played dungeon. And I loved it and I would love to see sort of an updated version of it there was a re release on it a few years ago but it was it was if it was the same game it was it was the same game I remember from from back in the eighties. So I wouldn't mind seeing a few more sort of new modern mechanics added to the game you know something like this but honestly that one. That one was a real staple back in the day I would love to see a new words sort of updated modernized version it. Yes love that. They're good. I I agreed that had been done done and it's been a good rightly I still play it sometimes and I think. Miami is certainly all the evidence in color board and speculate now it it just gets down to the heart that the year one hero you go get a treasure. Arnott treasures and come back and they went. And Tripoli and near ninety minutes I think it's an inquiry even though it's just roll move into a room brawl nice. And move on take it could be better and I tried and made an attempt at it but I I have mindless. Too complicated blues. Yeah I supplement off line and finally we love victims that we do together all the time major mr. Josh. Yeah mine was a player Milan it was in 1990 the Milton Bradley hero quest. Oh yeah now expand this thing you could say is a re doing but with the fall theme from here requires the characters. Really update the mechanics down work on the minus side that the game has some issues with that. Have so much from playing you can get through it yet not ain't. Pitino or pat pat pat at Atlanta but I rather accurately yeah here crystals religion and the male play that McNamee definitely an app itself. Firm. Can throw we aren't out there area monopoly. Yeah. Its so. It gets a lot of bad press and for a big viable reasons rate interns as giant. Fire power along monstrosity and we talked about that a yes because people are playing around sure there but I had but it. There there is something that I kind of dig about it and I think it's kind of like the ability to screw with people a little bit. You know that the contention that goes on between players. I think if you get rid of the Roland move late the older troops that relieve our part of that event and kind of dial in on the the economic aspect and the messing with people. You're trying to undercut them or you know manage your fine to fine against there's I think they're sending its interesting to maybe throw in a little. Direct. Attack for lack of a downward yes someway to actually interact with the lower later interaction a part apart from just landing in their space perhaps yet it. I play night every immigrant and I'd like Milan monopoly well enough as it is but if you were to throw some updated mechanics on their I think you would I think you have a real real winner on your hands now. Our look great. Listen Patrick thanks so much for color Africa on into a letter phrase that problem because you didn't tell him I called you and I think it's at the top of the show. My guess at its professionalism and respect. Patrick thanks much for talking to us today Miller really appreciated helping people get ahold of via their interest in that kind of thing because I gotta tell you while we've been talking Marty and certainly liked and linked in followed and subscribe to the newsletter and things like that there's a million ways to get on that. A leader games what did you tell the people about it. Yeah I am pretty active on Twitter our academic. I like the brevity. And I ate it generally on them and they are doing and on Twitter longer Perino in an era and then they can it actually contact me at the concert or aluminum look that great because to Carol. And cheer dribbled out late they elect. Like I have a question about being in a letter to me in the the couple please do not met Israel duplicate it. It's. A. I love you all but if I don't know what they. If the order Katyusha. Can blossom thanks again Patrick and yeah I keep keep cranking up the good stuff will be vying for sure aren't at the other side by side. About him. Heath problems. But the but yeah things. And you know about that element. Well think again Patrick that was fantastic really who have. Talking to developers make like that at its side if I yeah. A symmetrical riot for accept the fact that here's mole yeah I guess I feel like you had me at at yeah and all of that I don't know had me at anything I want his new games and won his old games long Demi she's proven that he can make some really cool stuff so yeah I'm excited for that he thinks he's coming out of yeah so we'll keep it around that will let you guys know what else we find out now as a more updates available where you can go to well get that when the time comes but for now with so let's talk about this new thing that you brought to all of our attentions. Josh it was pretty spectacular and I gotta say I think. They're different theme music for this. I'm taking back the good old days. When we were there driving cattle. Like we do in that great western trailed by strong home games. It's part of their great designer series designed by Alexander Fister you know from room service and Alice guy. In this game where moving cattle from Texas and selling them in Kansas City. And and he knew that inning to board game well. Pretty easily. Yeah this is an expanding board. It starts out as a few neutral spots. You move your cowboy along the road up to force bases to stop and a neutral location there's. 12 sometimes three things you can do even buy cattle you can trade with the Indians. You can. Well I like and the hiring thing with the bat I hiring cowboys and engineers and carpenters. Our partners they when they build you more buildings because this trailer is gonna hear me used a whole bunch of time here. We cycle through this game five to seven times per play. And you get near the legacy British base and the big thing is by the time we get to Kansas City. You want to sell your cap on the need to have a different. Sects of cattle yes and certificates breeding certificate showing that. Your cattle are good stock once you get up to Kansas City you you can now you sell me at a certain amount of money in any pressure from my train across the country. Chew I don't have. That's that you six of the game but it's expanding board is every time you build a building you put it out and your buildings give you more things to do other people's buildings you may have to pay it was on tax to gas to move on through. There's hazards in the way of floods or droughts are rock slides. Or you might have to dance circle around through the hostile Indian territories but usually they're friendly just in you some money which is a mystery exactly and and the this is. Little one of those games where there's a lot of different paths to victory. You can lean really hard on Warner are two aspects of this and probably be able to cobble together enough two to win the game. But if you neglect to many of the other things you'll find yourself in dire straits indeed and those paths being. Buying cattle. LA Shawn corners the market on every time I cowboy out there and added a greater your house to buy cattle you need cowboys so he hires more cowboys and we do and he buys all the cattle. Like we want to hire cowboys know he buys the cheap ones and I go to Jenna is gone oh Jon garrido a lot for this guy ever hear. Don't have hurting that's another. A source of victory is building the buildings buildings are worth lots and it's got a great upgrade system because. You can only have. Five or six carpenters yet but there's a building that requires nine men. You don't have night there as you're never gonna have been recovered so they have this great upgrade system where your remodeling basically enter preparers make billions worth a lot more and you can get a lot of points that way. And then there's the train's path to victory yeah. And you move your train really far along and you can you get them that they had these stations you can basically stopping it victory points. But I I take in that game if you don't balance with a little bit of everything men and focus on one thing at the same time. You're not gonna win you know are gonna win it because I've focused on just the trains them by single out a path at a cost yeah. I got more on this I focus on super balanced productive callous mosques. However I ramp up my cow game a little bit too late but I was I was trying to get beyond the special objectives completed. And I will say I was the only one who completed all of his special objectives but. In the end it that wasn't enough points against against super super Cowherd over here and and he Inchon one but. The point is this it was a really really fun game and it's one of those games where it's got a little bit of everything there it's not. We're replacement purse say. But it kind of is. And it's not one word not area control but it. Slip you train positioning and things like that but it it it is a really fun game mathematically really really good time. Yet the even while the cows like so it's a deck of builder ish kind of yelling there's one other effort that part is so either and Anheuser which are putting your deck in even trying get rid of the smaller ones like the kind of cracked the entry level -- jurors. But they're still old things in there that benefit you for having them so. I a kind of missed out on certain things you know point lies because I didn't have those in my deck quickly got them honest with that idea. So there's and it didn't adding that it's like yeah really don't know one thing. It is a lot of iconography. But once you get that. This game if it picks up it goes faster than more you play oh yeah and honestly because near the and you see well the games commands and I need to get to Kansas City I can be dink around on every single building on the right I see you start taking shortcuts you start going through the hazardous areas. And it's really excellent just with the multiple multiple ways team to go about getting victory. Well sometimes in the bigger games that you really can't plane returns very well right here you have to you have to wait until yeah Jonas has done then you can decide which woman do. You can really easily plan which when they do. While people are thinking return plus times a sinner like I wanna I wanna go and go I know we particularly need to do and and there's academic whilom Doumit turn them down in like a minute or two. Yeah you almost he almost spend a lot of your time skip the nuclear ready have you. Right shown her out. You knew about it I'm talking about the and a few extra pounds and got a lot. I didn't probably so we are. So we start up playing this game in and and BJ and I had never played in Sean was your first time playing and I was like no second and that's as a third Antara. Our first couple few turns to look you know a little bit longer mean mean maybe you know 45 minutes apiece by the. The demand we were just whipping right around there and doing it in thirty seconds less speed lineup I need this and that and here's what I get over here boom but he but I'm but it. It really levels out and that's and that's amazing because the board is getting more complicated as you go there are more decisions to make. But by the time we got to those final three or four rounds it was just we're just rip right through you're exactly right I love that about this game how it. It accelerated. But only because we were being we were becoming so much more familiar with everything that was going on because that the food basic ideas early. The strategies. Didn't really change that much you just had to figure out how to get to what you want to get. And this theme is and pasted on and all you really feel like you were now moving this hurdle long. And the talent has grown the trail has grown so you stop in more places. They're really good job stronghold games in a bit further. Solidifying. I think they had the best year last year their games such oh you are from Mars and the great western trail. You can pick this up for 69 bucks. And I hear him local game store Amazon I'm sure there are there. Internet places you can probably get a deal line if you look if replay ability I think it's pretty medium high because you yeah the starting buildings change position immediately I have to put them on the same spot. But how it builds out over the. Course of the game is always different every time. Yeah yeah he could you deeply million years and probably never play in the same exact thing game twice I love that is. The end of variability earnings is just fantastic. So there's a little while ago I was in my garage which I call my game barrage. Because that's where I keep all my bird games when we moved into the new place the wipes that you can have a garage do with it what you want factored into my gaming palace umi mammoth caves. A theory and that's right one of us is that works for the contractor in a building staff and have been putting a dry well in all of the thinking that I don't understand. All but. Part of the story I was kind of reorganizing everything I have I needed to make some more room and I noticed that some of my games were just basically piled on top of one another in fairly disorganized stacks. The alphabet was a joke not even an uneven whisper. About the health organization and that was unanimous in a little bit at. And I thought well maybe I'll categorize them onto the four X games in here and until like two games and there and taking over here and card games and so basically right now it is a mess because I had I'd never gonna tonight. But what I did come across was a game and haven't played a long time and wanna show you guys and it was mr. Teague legends. Who I am yeah oh you do if exit. And from what I've. That's our that's not a six minutes away now I have a I've got me thinking about mr. teal in general. You know us your ticket is one of those games if for for me anyway I think it is a very very young kid against the neighbor kids you know we had me win monopoly in life. And ring connect four and we had studio and later on risk and don't give mr. and risk because I will put this before this podcast. I like a little highlight some risks and that's and you guys talk about that before and excited to maybe try some of these other games you might have to get me drunk for. But. Porno story through TV has been around for Adam currently in 1944. I think was the first edition is tricky area. You know asking for it yeah. And new additions have been released all the whipped through last year yeah. Yeah exactly about it and three skins yesterday we were in we remarks. For the for the government and and at at at mock boarding house where they sell games. And there were three or four different risks right there in one of whom had never even heard to be exact there are thirty different versions how Hakeem you know at least listed on BGG. Yeah this scenario. But yeah I mean it and it and it's a really simple mechanic the basic game of of of UT you guys he you have. Your troops and every piece so that you have on the board almost like almost like chess pieces that they all look exactly the same from the front. And on the backs they have different ranks and each range. Has. The basic attack of this is you take a lower rank to take an enemy's pollen. That is of a higher rate so if I have one you have to my one. And that's that's the basis of the whole game now he does things like spies and bombs and all of the things going on that. That add a little bit of variation in their but did the the good premise that the idea of the whole thing is to find the enemy's flag somewhere in there. Field of pizzas and I think you start out with something like 36 or forty of on the board. It's probably not that many but it feels like and it and and that that's how you win the game walking up marking your guy up to something and saying. I have there you know what number am I hitting and he's coming here it's an eight I think eight sorry. And then you're gone so now all you know is that my guy can be eight. That's your information gap so that when you come around that guy later on either one hit him with something lower than eight so buy tickets six over there and I say. When he got for error now my success tech. I bet that's the game and that is really satisfying the strategy either real strategy of it comes from. Not only remembering what your opponent is attacking with the taking your guys out. But how you place your flag and where you place your flag because that's the mystery in this field of of but blank. That did the better the backs that things are blank soldering and what you got going on there and no I do you replace your flight there's always some. The real lodging a parolee back in the corners around with a bomb second I think that's pretty standard but. That was always. The most fun of the game for me with setting it up and they limit super crafty this time. And put mine died here who. Put a big group that looks like a bomb that actually put the flag on the other sent that name yeah yeah always accurate I wouldn't do that all the time I would put a ring the bombs over here. But the flags wave back over here protected by likened to an and the three years something like that right but I mean no that's a majority at all. Nevermind a surgical legends kind of ramp that up. And it is that same basic premise supplies but now all of you were pieces are actually. Sort of characters it's almost like a cross between magic the gathering answer TO. Basic game play is the same now your peace will have a number and a picture on it and then you've got a little decoder here at the bottom that says okay well that pictures the day hat or the the vampire or you know whatever. And that has special abilities that are listed on the other cart over here like well my guy can actually fly. The firing of all the way over here and attack right oh. Athletic and it was it was it was collectible that is the thing so when you bought the base that you had. A random in search of pieces. Or probably not rent to you still needed to play the game but then you could buy booster pack. So this is the time. In the show where I explain that gave the Chris walker figured out. Or figured out discovered how EB works. So I had heard of this game pulse energy legends and I was very excited turning out mrs. This is 20062007. Maybe. And I if I went online I heard there's this great site called eBay where people lose basically do of the world's biggest garage sale and people were selling all old copies of things are used copies of things and you could you. Purchase that. Or bid on them or do whatever so I went looking for steel legends and I found. I found. Three different people who are selling their seats and the one death is the base that plus two boosters with all that opened in and played with the red reportable. And and in another woman's a complete base that and the other one was with boosters as well. So I bid on all three of them because I was like OK well. I'll get one right. So no big deal on when the first one came through and I won my bit I was like yes now I don't have to worry about these other two. Three copies guys oh hole would never make copies and I paid guy. At the end of the day was probably almost 300 dollars flow yeah. So I don't player are even as much as these 200 opened up freak out with Goosen. I think that's like the only am. To win all three bids are ready jerseys whose home of loosens you can turn 92000 instead visit. They did is he just I still had a emails going back then enemy you know that would have been Smart now an outlet. Let's learn but also what what planet are happening and it was actually kind of happy accident and that way. I wound up with almost the complete set of the red team and most of us said I think of the silver team as well. So there are I once before colors red green silver and blue and I have I have almost two complete set though so I can field. One whole team of friends and I don't October oh mixing and matching so as far as as far as getting lucky with a booster packs go I got pretty lucky. But I also now have three copies of this game to. Tilly even so yeah I too have been down the eBay hole yeah. Gas. Your request expansions yams and training of those mr. and have. I'm I'm marvel planes are not playing cards that collectible trading certain. Is still trying to thoughts on the sense hero cliff was when that I did for awhile to an inferior clicks. But but then but then it that it was the Star Trek attack wing and then and then and then now X wing but legacy that I don't. Do as much of that as these two because I know I know me. And my wife is about 80% of my impulse control so that it's it's hard for me to look at something and they won't buy it now clinic. Knew that it. My wife Ashley she's not allowed to go on eBay either that I thought I shall do things for me Vick I rely on immigrant is one thing in shall find it entered into a bid war was summoned. I was a little entry depressing no you're not taken never median jacket yeah from an object to that a guy you're not taking a permit it. I literally the last 52 count does that mean who knows maybe having the real. Thing and it's actually. I'm I've always found and and tell me if you've seen this as well but I've I will go into something on eBay. And a look at whatever the base of the current bid is and I say if that's something that I'm willing to pay twice that amount for. I'll go for. But. Other than that. I I looked I have to be Smart thing no I'm gonna back up because they know somebody else out there who did that much is probably willing to bid at least that much again it's kind of how I think about it. I do something slightly him or when I go to the casino I only take a pair of running a little. I. Exactly and I think about a big it was like a Kayla what I have here two weeks like if I'm just gonna throw some money away how much of it I reasonably. Expect can not. Be sleeping on the couch next week. And there are yeah and then I go with that amount nitrous victory sometimes we'll look at easy there is in no other. Web based. Pitcher for game system behead them kicks guy. Not me. And he didn't that's pretty good as pretty good I think this that way right Josh how badly you. There is still us all about it. Yankees' starter my favorite thing. On the kick starters are. I'm gonna bring you war of the nine real homes by it will can gain easy. A lot of realms that isn't one of only seven on different so interesting so it's Cold War of the nine realms and it's got a Norse mythology theme. In the based gain of only two before of the royal institute for player game attacked a skirmish game. You're going to be you have a symmetric powers with each of the realms and they're stretch goals from news if they hit a certain amount. Now you're only getting those four rounds there's a fifth realm for the stretch goals some might my fund is that they're probably gonna have an expansion at some point. For the other four to bring up the full nine realm than Nixon's so it looks really go there really neat art they're doing a re launch and they've made some adjustments the price. Looks really cool and we recommend check this out there currently at 4200 of their sixty foreigner goal there pretty close. Fifty dollars for the base pledge and can be ending in June 18 so they have time trying to make that a joke. I had to recommend you check that out. Next up we have to look at ravaged dungeons of plunder might beauty Brothers but beauty a rather low of the day in the autumn but that is great this is they won the five player dungeon crawler and the thing that exists at this apart is that your opening a bit of ports. Don't blame heroes go ahead of bad guys running around in there. And it's also got several complain about there's a solo play mode has won the five players there's a coop mode. There's a competitive mode and there's also they would. A one vs many mode one now so I mean and it think that when your plane is or X theory agrees. They are only using. The cardboard. A figures they're not using menus okay in the recently stated like they were not doing manes because it's our first game. We don't wanna kind of or extend or something that you really Smart. You know as pleasant business model goes that's not bad that's pretty pretty Smart exactly that yourself up for success than you know do things. Pathmark stuck my McEachern said. If it does really well and made and to have a lot of success and then we'll look at during the news in the future any applicable. It's 39 dollars for the base set Mather currently at 21 case of 28 K so really close thanks it's an ending on June 17. Next up is tiny so words by Bryan little tiny sorts in my march here's. Couple lecture it clarity he got an error the type but no nobody is that like that it makes perfect sense girl in there others like Berlin wolf Brian Wolfe is a local to Seattle. Oh yeah team had a number of conventions he actually had some good success with tiny so words. It's a really cute. Pastel color. Cartoonish. Ourself to it only really unique stands out. And that it's this is a smash Brothers esque style com and you move and take place in the tiny storage universe that's the name toys are smash it doesn't doesn't it and if so your basic unit around you're trying to kick people off the table and and beat people up quite accept it. Really fine I've had a chance to play this at some conventions have been net yeah it's thirty dollars for the base pledge. 45 dollars will get to the base but plus and he soared to be up miss out on the Yahoo! could see it it well that's cool. He's at 7500. Of their seventeen K and it's ending on June 11. Next up is village of legends by a pellet quality I hope I'm getting that right does that actually an Italian company. This is a fantasy themed deck builder. They have be attacked builder fairness they're it's my it's my jammed up I didn't say coop if it does and I'm not buying. They've got a really unique would cut style art to this decked builder and they've got a really interesting mechanism where. You can you can buy a I had weapons and you know kind of a combat team to this game kind of bridging buy weapons and then you can use of weapons as currency if you need to mean. But you get rid of them out of your decked you actually lose them to get removed from the game. Oh wow so you really have to decide like. I really need this for this other thing but in my willing to sacrifice and his other. And it's critical like that idea. This also features drinking beer to rage out and might appear year attack power I'm listening right. That's what you did during her to do what I did there is no to be fair it was hard liquor there was no I'm not I cantor Maryland at the that I love I Libya the rage McKinney were drinking beer in this that I mean it's also very fanatic for the kind of are so they're going from them yet gritty your art style I have seen some of the art on this in your writing it's really really gorgeous and that's great it's it into it again and very unique look particularly see very often games. This is twenty dollars for the base pledge. And 51 dollars for the base plus they've got two expansions but more characters that you complain as there seven came there three case of their way over their funding and there who. Kicked in down although strict goals as a very yummy delicious stretch goals gotta love those stretch goals and this and can be ending on June 18 really quick a cool thing I also liked about this was that the stretch goals the object to peace that you can get. Are all going to fit in the base box allowing gamers to zero have a much of it to crabbing around asking that its premium and. And the the different acts they have their own top boxes for the decks and I love that quality and I had he won it all turns to put some thought of this it's looks like it's okay RE art is it almost looks like it's drawn on a black card. Yeah so the dollars that are their pop more it's still greedy but it is really rule them into the balance though OK I think I can. Good point if you don't village of legends Chan get the you Barney due later. Well the good point that is good point he very got honey honey I'd say a big money. By spending 54 gal in 0800. When he later Vijay is like asking me thumbs up and nine. I just gave him a thumbs down here authorities yet don't know but but oh here's something that she just came across the death. OK it's. OK okay. Breaking news. I'll bet that goes a lot longer than I thought that was a minute and a half who put that sound effect into well you know if we play that a lot of BJ will be. It. We have some actual breaking news Olmert RBIs. In our ever growing effort to grow the show. So we're all about entertainment and we are also all about edgy attainment and that includes things like keeping you praised. Of all the latest and newest and also letting you interact with us and say. Whatever is on your mind and ask us those questions send us those emails you know sinister voice mail get in touch with us on FaceBook all of that stuff. The engineers of fun that I call Sean and Josh have come up with the amazing new way for you to interact directly with this show so here's the thing. Follow us on Twitter that's at BJP nation. At real Omega gamers for Josh at walk like a plan for myself. And at thing twelve games for that other guy yet they mean that's shown we will let you know Wayne you can actually call into this show and participate within C we get from your record everything. But we are in with a radio studio. Recording and we have a phone right here where people can call in and talk to us if they wanted to so what we're going to do when we're recording the show we will tweet out and let everybody know that we are going to be recording the show and when that time comes we'll get to that phone numbers that you will be able to call us directly. And asked us whatever you want the board game questions something about something you said earlier on another show you can participate in whatever question of that day years you know for date for today was that updated game for of the modern you know. That whole deal if you just wanna interact was directly live and actually get your voice on the show which. If we like what you say will definitely happen. Then this is the way to do it so would we're gonna tested out that the next summer record. Like I say keep an analyst keep an island on Twitter account to make sure your Twitter vacations are turned on because we definitely wanna hear from you. The guys I think that's just about all the time we haven't and it's it's a good thing he gave BJ at thumbs down because that thing playing that that once on a spectacle like I probably did cut into this time is not fair. I gave him a thumbs down he gave me two fingers oh. And he had that'll happen to me well we'll guys. I think game we will mosey on along noted. Wouldn't it start packing for the weekend now right because they feel like. If it is a whole extra week away but I mean I gotta you're ready I'm going to be in Spokane it lilac city you guys are going to be here in Seattle than TX. Spare car for gains you just look for the Omega symbol on clinging to sit down plan. PC a dirty cheat can't top -- builder and a Honda gonna play his games to they are doing a quick room already caring so you can Mumbai entered data as well I you'll be able to find me in Spokane because I'll be sitting behind the table with a gigantic sign that says Vijay issues each nation on it. You're not touched him. Yes. Play nice. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot clubs.