05-23-17 Seg 1 Mens Room sees an animal

Tuesday, May 23rd

Mens Room Question: Did you approach the animal, or did the animal approach you?


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Done men's room legacy continue. You what you're about to hear is real. Members of this radio program are simply not that break. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Thrilled. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And George play in Wednesday. Yeah got to log in Arizona over 2611. I love most even through hills. We did Smith. Wow good ha I had my job. Yeah it's an image on a. I definitely try to charge frank castle deduced that that may not today by request the top ten survivors lap songs of all time. What you don't did you know kids gross who danced to play profile list. Plus headlines have been two shot of the day publicity males in everyone's favorite. TV time to take a clap during it harder or go back to a California are gas station nacho cheese steaks and other life or. Volunteers to get paid to smoke marijuana which will hopefully make it okay with your book. They're both asleep on drug of car before going on a fourteen mile ride to. A live driver text passenger from Floyd knows all over the interior inside an ex president of the United States now going by FA. Yes that's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. Oh not good kids good day to you and yours aren't on the read you a series of headlines and see if you notice a thing. Headline number one. Big game hunter crushed to death when elephants he shoots holes. Next headline. Wal-Mart shopper puts deer in MMA style headlock. Headline of the third. Australian fisherman please total war with great white shark. We continue to our next headline. Two men wanting quote better view fine I don't begin to draft enclosure at it but wait there's more. Dean Jones and a zebra habitat at Oklahoma City. And then there's this one. Jaguars gave some closure attacks monkey at Texas who could you pick. And an earlier today joint. I want to video of spite of original Droid climbing up a guy's refrigerator and with a mouse. In its jaw got so big this got him spiders in the guide through the video here of parliament. How cool this whole thing. And it's not cool. It's disturbing and it's disturbing because the big Harry bitch is in the your house dragging a mouse of the refrigerator. But anyway today were gonna go back to the world of animal in Iraq and all we wanna know today is simply this because anytime you interact with an animal. It happens one of two ways and that's the essence of today's question witches. Did you approach the animal or did the animal approach you Big Brother Joseph called jewels export to on rock Ron footer amend your lives and those emails to the men's room mad men's or my doc out. Returns here's the question that brought you buy to let live resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI ESW you could do. It's animal or did the animal yeah junior college runaway or listening to the men's room on the men's room radio networks. Can't he miles. Nine point nine. Yes yeah all the doesn't have to go out in Arizona or 2611. And Joseph Torre today drug charge rank castle in this in Spanish thing about our quest. Top ten survivors lap songs of all times we have an interesting story pertaining to this list coming up the we will share with you instance and it's it's been kind of ironic and away. As we were at. Searching for some glee songs. And trying to find good reference points where people have like definitely for sure because look at what thing we know about sit and spin and there's a lot of different instruments some sound similar if you were to happen to say that one instrument was in fact used in the song would it was not in fact an actual instrument you have no problem telling us we will hear about it so we we went painstaking details to make sure that every time we heard of fibrous land was in fact survivor's lap. With a topped in barber slapped songs ball tots or what do the unit considers to be like resource on the other subtle reference to this threat. Where there's no argument and it will moderate a little programming note identical time right before. Ryan comes in the sit and spin. And we're at we have we have cool announcement for so if you've been listening to show for awhile. Please join us around for twenty years of rule won't get to corporate opponent. Right before Iraq comes a persons that our question today did you approach the animal or did the animal approach you man oh man here we go. Two men apparently had been drinking they were cited for allegedly stealing 24 foot high fences. And climbing into. The co Moses who giraffe exhibit. Four foot fence or Clinton success coming up to be able worry about wraps but I think that seems like you know I think there's a lot of its it's four foot fences still wild got demand according to the police they wanted to see a better view of the draft. 84 foot fence. For direct it's really like the polls gotten MM while there and it's a four foot fence yet or seen a draft hurdle some of them. No need to learn. Got to get rid of four foot spill the daughter or that events c'mon Luke Oden fall and Angel Torres a Minneapolis. We're both cited for trespassing. Apparent Prez just declined to comment when reached by phone or in balls that did not return messages. The incident occurred at it 540 in the afternoon on Saturday security officer was alerted to the incident with people that like hey there's people that there it at a hammered. And are walking toward these rats. This spooked the giraffes and they started to run toward the sides and away from the two people. Security officers ordered him announce and held it until police arrived blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah you're right four foot five so it's not even that rep over the thing they do have a science is pleased and I climb over the rail I know they have signed it make it more difficult. That's all I'm saying if it's that important it so it's not about the draft early now as much who's drunk people climbed here's the thing. They say giraffes are skittish and flee from danger. However if they draft gets pissed off if you get kicked by a draft you wouldn't be around to talk about it. Draft can stand in this instance with the east do how many feet tall these two drafts. We are now on all fours are they up on two there on all false awful what. Are you asking about two hour right through the height of a. Animal cool I have a track record black ECUs drab Bono or at first I was I. And I hate it gets old they keep all of he's talking about a ticket people. Well maybe they get up other kinds immediately stomped out that's correct and they do it. But I guess technically related negative that would make of the volatile tall as an editor let me answer that mask is definitely the ball for the on the ground. How tall either major ethics. Fifteen I. These to a particular obviously seventeen and hack they are eighteen feet tall and that is big write up solid only up to. The 3000 pounds and not only that but that they run 35 miles an hour. Thanks to the same page fifty CC scooter rat you consider skittish like that's fine everything's status but doesn't record. I might be skittish of celebration of the house but it he's not armed I think we're gonna fight right. Yeah differences. We got broken my house of god damn 800 pound giraffe like the league go ahead from a place yeah they're talking about just of people at the zoo. What's this guy's name who runs a zoo Ryan's heart of America here is so he continues Matt Ryan sport aren't. He says they talk about you talk about the drastic there really is like lions aren't. Yeah right at home yet this name he says look he said he could not call of a previous incidents involving the draft at the visitor center. But he did say that he were called in 2010. That a father. Lifted his two year old son over a railing toward the cougar exhibit wise and then the cougar attacked. And through the events and club the both throwback. So I'll our president so don't dangle your two year old. Over there that cougar exhibit if you ever go to the listen I'm saying zoos or Nazi but. But here these little stories so goes the four foot fans and monitored animal is that seems like a bad idea you would you remember in San Francisco had to be about ten years. These three kids to go to the zoo bears on Christmas Day and obviously shot and are firing rocks or whatever and the tiger okay. And tiger they do a lot of towns and big cat enclosures. It's like. Twenty feet down and in separate about this huge moat in the address years ago far away from you so. They fired the slingshot and the problem was that they hit the tiger. And then the tigers did tiger do I assume if you hit them with a in this that you mine. It jumped. Over the moat and up to the top of the wall and Maltese a thought you realize that means that tiger can do that even give him time wants to get. This tiger can joke and at the tiger. Man you know what that's Matt. That's our call upon never go to the zoo in San Francisco. And the goddamn thing jumped out of the thing that supposed to protect you from a bullet. Everybody lost over that the settlement out of touch because like we do it jumped out of the theme. It is not secure. They covered the mobile TV twenty foot wall Italy ended on the decide where visitors. To present. Then we go to Oklahoma City Oklahoma City home of the Oklahoma City Thunder are asked exactly correct and that we go to the Oklahoma City zoo. A teenager is charged with Reynolds right castings after authorities say he climbed not one but two barriers and jumped into these zebras have a ten yard at the Oklahoma zoo. What do you know about the he was obviously pissed off and about Colin Russell Westbrook. At a zebras like what I've cut into the horse mule and that's what donkey. If you mule a man all I know this again skittish. But advocates against can be it got to be a Big Apple. Yeah sixteen year old visitor intentionally climbed to bears in a dealer he accidentally climbed over to the zebras habitat yard. The brief intrusion. Startled the two zebras in the yard you weren't used to one of the people they're just walking up on and offered almost like Stanford struck the situation only lasted minutes of team had no physical contact with the animals. Because the zebras basically Bolton to. However. What here's the problem with OK one of the adults was a female names sassy. And she had her offspring with her as a law as a well that idea as that the dad years so that the danger really lies in the fact that. They were this kid was approaching a family. Of the birth of zebras with a young mayor hole with a penalty call the drug says zebras are closest to horses and donkeys. So what he called. That's a mule a mules a donkey mix of course. Otis yeah. With the well obviously not a mule to close to both okay yeah the kid our rights. The reason McCain did it in this is great. This explains the difference well this explains why when your eighteen years older actually an adult and anything below that you've got to give people over the past because. He said basically had a lot of there and because when my best friends say they're needed to. Now if you're an adult can be drawn to. But isn't out yet you could make the same irrational decisions. As a sober human being which is amazing to me this how dumb you are when you're younger. Yeah you don't really think about it in any league you'd have to be candidates that day. I don't really bribe you about it not that anyone else is offering to do it. But somehow you've been selected dare to be that the guy and we know this guy and he's from Alaska. And a very good friend his best friend moved down sometime later so we get to meet this guy and the late Heyman told which did one time parting so's the story goes. The drink and have a cabin in Alaska and as a moos outside this is that night another hammer and end the moose is doing. When it moves through it but he was there. And Jake to run outside a bitch slap to lose and then run back to protect nuts but holder and this is the terrible idea. The did you do it resort course that opened and it and all the bodies are standing in the early and they said he runs across the he holds back he its lapses and army just aptly bitch slaps it ms. white guy described it. Moses and it even move yeah but he salt eyes to look at him go leg. Are you. Are you out of your mountains and a basic bits left moved nothing at her saint current ran back to Ireland who started chasing him for second he got back in the cabin and all that funny. And under look and I'm like man. When it comes god they are wild animals there is no there. We'll take note there a wild I don't everything OK if that is the hope that's coral and I know they've been forgotten delegate got him rabies is something people don't know. I mean even a small animal like you can step on it. But they look at a match it's fat that I promise I'm quite sure real fast yeah. Yes the stuff on squirrels let's go to Abilene Texas for a moment although that there was no interaction with humans there was the initial thought that there could be as a jaguar escaped an enclosure at the zoo. In Abilene Texas and a gunfight. An audio or was. Officials insist the little react properly funded and gated community when have all. I will juggle. Here and socio much like golf equivalency unit endeavors collect it's a new execs from Jack the new tactics. From Jack now. Yet golf and tennis advertised the things that I might question Tesla but I didn't know that doesn't it originated it's like sexy leg but it but it's not like all the even another mutual funds with the Democrats. It was a different golf there's a commercial and blow like you won't need fat liar and lies mobile golden. Well all the market researcher tell you I was watching golf this to a local gentleman who have written that today. Figure it's a lot of people interest Dayton in retirement funds and investment to Jack basically the chorus of them know. We've that we have because overweight people to know we have never advertised on the tees and able to. Don't think a lot of work they were playing golf Esther. Flew if you owned jaguar to lose not for you. To blow it. So the jaguars. Look at that and the animals and the animal Jekyll. And give our guys are great to bundle mobile record. Great oh are you wanted to him great group on out you gotta get a W. I'm serious Republican front did you go to visit in the gigolo. A regional we're driving it and who sometimes that's it and was incidents around. So if it's there and McCarty didn't have good I've already do well okwu. With. No it's attempt that's how it's still it was a joke that's not mandated to have. So they're looking for this jag off at any fight it he had basically broken into the monkey exhibit. And started regardless of quote yeah he went into the spider monkey exhibit. Be a zoo keeper says it appears that a stroller which was the name of the jag. Reese I think that's an SUV. But the of the Australia those who brought you are straw that's an SUV that's across a resident I mean if I'm if I'm naming the jaguars Nasrallah. Crossover suvs and operation it's cute horror sport car our picture ala addressed it okay. Time he reached inside you spent any got himself he got himself a monkey which he did not kill. By the way he does basically is rip this thing up boat but to seize the cash but wanted to play with Bryan and anybody. Not easy jet now you know he seriously injured things they needed he injured the monkey which then had to be euthanized and that's from it might happen within a strong love. They kill the monkey might. Good news stunt and does so. Lot of review of the month you killed my. Not a rob base salary thing but you know and better news. The jet fuel on. Was tranquil allies using a dart gun men been placed in a holding pens of the jaguars OK because the jaguar as being a jaguar. There would always look at it the other night I got more human now Brody is like look at that enough of these monkeys and finally I ate these bit but he was that close to. Yes I was right there in the cages when it would monkeys for offensively he's good that's not what you break out of his own KG broke into their enclosure in about a spider monkey but they're only about ten pounds fifteen pounds if there's a hole this big give I don't know how he got in there. And he's been plotting to attack and just let it go early I early monkeys look right but do these used to they really keep in these big cats now role. It is like look man. I understand. Things applicant to raps got out. Potentially dangerous but. You're not worried about being attacked. In and out were like running into a lie and on the other hand or tie there or just ignore. These things apex predator it. And more than we know they creep around to late now those things lost in the neighborhood just look at you before you see it that's how they press and seemingly. Jews have a difficult time keeping apex predators. Confined to an area turned. Don't the lion of the zoo in somewhere and Italy this has a much different ending but the lion escapes from zoo. Male lion or a woman on the phone in her home talking to a friend and seized the ski blind is now in her backyard. Her three year old child is also in the regular. She doesn't remember what happened but by the time boarded up there be light at several broken ribs and doesn't shock indicated was okay back in house I think and Odom. She's like I don't remember at a mechanic on for hundreds like give it my mom is there has let them do what. But that's seam of cats and big cats are scary like everybody that has a large place rates and a weaker. I was camping on the bottom half of it what nighttime I'd have to take this long walk down there. You know hey don't forget there's a cougar down there on the properties is right they do they don't worry. It even attacks you never see. Don't look at that and the lumbering. Why do you been well simply to scare me but I don't ever demo walked down there with a flash around look for those. My oh my can't Larry's a main concedes bigger than most can mean coup as a means to popular got to be so now you would do Agile and light. You know what a soldier actually the governor of Maine I'd like to run. Noticed gas huge. And sometimes I'll wake up to dispute standout and he just looks that. And you look governors as huge as head and it's a cat and in the research and they've had this year I just recently business and look. Cats are cats it's just based on pounds each there's no difference in economic. It don't matter to teeny tiny hairless cat it doesn't matter if it is a lion they are exactly the same day holidays and everything's the same and that's why it's not cool thinking god that's stage so easy man and that's why look in if you're Smart about this and we this theory looked if you are in OK I'm that they're not all you can you are in the same pair earned in the safari in in in line there where the hell that is Tanzania on the where a month both ending our value indices. Take a laser point. And that way much of a cat becomes the enemy that. You've got to act you know I mean out of my he had a ball with like a little little balance you know and they need an inside pepperoni on a dog manly of you wanna Robson and house. You've got. So I got my period you're gonna rob the Milosevic ball bring that rolled out well and he will but a bit of your but it did your in this if you're in it in Africa and you're going as far as they take a laser pointer. See what happens my money says that they Xavier as at least one. I'll save lives when you first woman on there I thought as the most asthma and stupid things but and I thought about situationally. If refiners and Delilah record. Harder try it I sure would like or even work on a prisoner but yet the laser pointer you're shine and they're known for that may relate to put a Gunner on. Well wait a minute are you or your shining a light in the bears I've got darting about I'd be all right create. I'm smarter than me like I watch the dot may earn how I'm in the that I why do you think the bear would chase the dog he might you never know he might chase the noticing advantage always on my well I would I didn't bring my camping like look at it gets Eminem has trailed early appointment JC would have squirrels what are. Give a shot you should start a city park with a spear but there's no pants. Well also squirrels go to the zoo that's the problem isn't the only thing embarrassing they already kicked out the zoo in the on the Geigy case gig and gets kicked out as dumb lazy boy in man after. Get on tiger at the zoo. It's like look man you want to take you these bitches locked up so that you were protesting a thirty give ourselves say two point you put a laser into a cockpit of the plane is landing at the federal open look you have the potential to blind pilot doesn't supply inaudible he unsafe I got a big ass bear for an exit it to. I am a laser pointer zip zip right in the back. Half hour or why not laments that one thing I like Atlanta player houses there's what does he mean he. Oil find it applied to with a light. Tight and nobody halogen light dish is I think you're seeing a wrong time and yes the bears who are the problem and pro here at all. 40s40 batters but once he got stuff yeah there is its smokey the better I know come I would just be on the that would work orders warmth on the order form he won bear may smaller crowds relays of media is just. Just put in the please see because governments are reasonable. It's still a person it's seen a bear I guarantee you'd see at even just walking by. You I was paralyzed welcome back black bear OK apparently wouldn't I don't would yes you do if if if the bear gonna tighten the rules and. Kick him in the job probably dead right now because of his biggest possible arms make Joyce scare him off of these common action. I gadget you don't I don't imagine it so I read something else Davis of well the play dead thing which I am member agreed with group I'm gonna. It's the worst may be a grizzly bears and medium brown bears lose that black where he played deadly coal eaten. It is still like to hunt as much as the scant. So you dropped a pass. At its Arctic effectuate through that I say Italy's report. I was given your record and somebody on one of those author of Africa must've tried deletes a political environment note that tiger out and sportsmen. Still we didn't hear about it so we hope it doesn't work out and told them yet. What does he had a real big lays opponent like the bigger catch me at a bigger being with him maybe that's navy's just to holders of blind side and I think that unites. 51 year old guy name that mania is boffo. He is from South Africa not the same professional big game hunter that you might heard about a couple months ago this is different guy he specializes in hunting leopards and lions. And runs trophy hunting trips. Four Americans how hard is that hunting trophy they just sit their on the shelf so Americans go there and they pay big money and then they get to you whatever the hell they want beer and a lion leopard when. He and some clients route honing in Zimbabwe when they came across a herd of elephants. Three of the elephants charged at them and Baath and his crew fired. One of the elephants managed to get off the bill and picked him up with her trunk in the year. Then one of the other honors. Shot and killed the elephant while holding. Baath. She fell on top of him and let out east and killed him a famous big game putter from South Africa movement. How about that the bronze trophy win well look that way president I think that's a draw the line is on the oven has a program. There's this. Does it do was this bothering I don't know we hunt each other all the time losers. Among male lion and you know me I just wants. I'd just. Wanna sleep all day and these customers she did you guys like runs and then I -- I thought these people from South Africa were payable when he sees few LeBron with the here's the way it. Yes so he was crushed and killed and there was another guy was who was killed a few months back to another famous people you know I don't look what was story that happened I cannot remember what happened to him of the Getty Balladur with dale. But it was not good right by the crocodile and maybe yup you know he he brought it out yeah Crockett last week. That's a hell away ago. That's the about the crocodile thing man for the most part it's always an area where everyone is. Very aware of the crocodiles in the mobile student didn't look crocodile or a great lecture. Great white shark I mean too good I mean neither is because it they if they if they hit you like this deal. At least you get that twenty foot slipped into the air you know I mean really. Right before you dialect you when you're dead he's throwing up in the pool now I'm black moments are about to. Did you what our role broken it did you approach there I look at my memory files are did the animal. Approach you we'll take a quick break a competitive golf right after the. Now back to the men's room. Here's the question and then brought to you by June let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. Two men now want a better view. They draft so they climbed four foot fence and I don't courtesy and in Minneapolis Saint Paul team jumps into the zebra habitat at the Oklahoma City zoo. We have the jaguar that escaped it enclosure at Texas zoo with a detected a monkey. A spider monkey. And why the puck in at that thing pretty well Khartoum as a monkey and we have come to look at Greg Waugh the big game hunter who have died wooden elephant Fella and after the open had picked it up by strong car question did the did you approach the animal or did the animal approach you. Mean I had yeah. Young then young now. So we're going. You're losing the fans are about a dozen radio now. Into the men's room. Miles and drill 99.9. KI DS don't feel. To sit down drug czar drive castle's got to have since been today. Barrick was that is the tabs in virus lab songs of all time for questions. We do drugs they animal or to the animal approach you hello Michael welcome to the men's room. All top. You're doing pretty good sir how are you. Are not a bad it wouldn't work and yeah I would. You did that yeah I mean those are the problem I have but he did not I didn't care in the man's bag that is thought I should but I really care. Art value right and yeah I should Scotland yeah as soon as I know I don't like how you doing like you know man among involved and that did not know I don't I don't. There aren't. I think aren't as we've got Google. I think a root comes from a witness not a I don't wanna hurt your feelings when I carry it on Michael. Did. The Michael did you look similar to the animal approach you. Well good a story about winning entries likable record but at other what year one commonly long ago I would you like what you get cheese that you written. I don't know we get a stop and ask them but does. I mean like. Were you in the woods these things just came barreling circulatory had to deal reason why to wreck who are JC. I would love LA apartment complex and my garage and on the other side of the conflict sub Arctic Arnold brought him back and split and I don't 11 o'clock in the why he would be like put such really quick on the grounds that around these cute raccoon or. Massive bird at you urging me. And you move pretty fast for status. And I'd never seen as a bigger threat got a crazy but added I don't know recommends Manning they look like they need to scooter at the Wal-Mart you know like he should be a lot of those move on him I got to bed two of them. Lived somewhere on my property brides dog crazy but it night about the smoke inevitably. The slowly shuffling down media but put a spin the bottle so but but the top of the fence and I don't think fence right totals balancing act. But they are fat in this one particular night that I remember 2000 the male and female and I don't know when that happens like you know when you count your slack and our panel like. At the mail. Maybe it's just all men better mammal I don't know what can happen between you two record and I'm I'm smokers are looking at the school like. I can actually feel the smell recommend paying because. The FEMA kept hissing at him which had told you that don't had a horrible flu. But every time she deadly artist is terrible he dropped his head like to act up earlier in our Meehan why put there weapon but anyways yes that what the third time he felt hell all with the movement afoot the funnies got him things laughed out loud. And you tonight in both the malls on camera looked to me as did that tonight is like before green eyes. Like we're back into my house mainly it's got real weird real quick. We are alerted to acorn cougars are having the funniest story and saw on the guy who called wall backer does the gas plant inspections that the methane sensor yeah. In Seoul. I always suspect in this neighborhood where our middle of I think it was wouldn't build the wall area like a really nice development where everyone knows everyone and and do the last couch. I'm walking on the cold side Reggie Corner and there's a deer standing like. How well eight feet from me and let a person I would stake it really great criticized they had you know like they hear on the line the green near. Cool coal iron and an arsenal on there are open and designer it's Herbert your camera. But later we're both realize that we are real I want oh and it reared back went and its long get me. The dealer and not you did and I know Alex. I hate and it dropped out of kind of walked out in the woods didn't. I'm Daryn edit for a minute and I go and inspect the meter in go to walk away argue this hour is arched into the driveway. And it's slowly drive golf and unedited in the driveway ST yet backing up front corner. We met this person following me and happen to lie illegal to people's yards and took kind of a common thing of people be curious though what we do. But I'll walk past the car network that are real quick and she looks down all the sudden it's like you're watching me but didn't expect we will look at her yet. So like the person is following me so I'm Bob weigh up to my car can go to lunch and she pulled alongside me like. What are you doing at arms you know expecting gas meters. You're Lori Dorn back and I quote shack. Well at our second what are they inspect the meter and out ode to the dear to you and you would roll novel we get done a lot of never realized all men. I look like you're crazy person yelling at freezer are they. I think in my perspective there there appears certain that everything bad I mean her perspective there's this weird dude screaming trees and. Heavily that that makes sense that that's life you saw Michael by the way based on two stories about the tournament and about to animals would lose to the animal kingdom obviously you're Jewish. Brad Cooper chase you for Rio thirty Gary. And a you something about you have Muslims Michael I'll ask him. He can't stay and do the Seattle. Did you approach gamble or did the animal approach you. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Are on top. All of my body of opinion Tennessee let it get old bird. Medical alluded Guerrier looked river there. That are can't let up so again not a bullet at work and computer. Let it sit on a picnic table on an area again this can't stool. And I'm at a point where I see simply moving. Well they're going to start wondering into our campsite. Yeah dude what do you do to. A true. Yeah I mean like immediately you're not gonna try to scare all the winds to Iowa and Michael Bush and hold for a second. Figured no curriculum soon in the pool my good okay I'm very pro American and little printed alters and what I've seen him on the side of the road and adrenaline while Scott Gump moment. My father now. Duke rode Tim all part of the gentle approach you. The shenanigans continue. Radio network.