05-23-17 Seg 2 Mens Room touches the animal

Tuesday, May 23rd

Mens Room Question: Did you approach the animal, or did the animal approach you?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled when miles and thrill. We Australian version of the great white shark at a Wal-Mart shoppers headlock. I've been back in my could skunk there. So might your your cabin was embodies the scarlet now approaches your campsites in in what is it that you do to make a skunk go. Well not a big arrow etc. for a minute little Q school. This don't come wandering towards me walks under the canceled until the end. Low prices so a crock my pilot ever they wonder often look at our nuclear nobody bill. Okay did that on purpose like maybe the scope was on and there are the north skunk like do I bet you won't read between meg I slaves. Dreaded your hotel what are you. Know I haven't you never hear ballad about a skunk attacking someone obviously they can spread and as their defense I grabbed them and their ability to make Garcia the weasel family and all that crappy. Little brat you know another double the reason I am we order a skunk sprayed our house and it was so. Importer trash can't house you know until until the transfer showed up by every day. Breast cancer but knocked over trash reverend. My father of course assumes that it raccoon because they get the ball raps he is pissed about this and it's every so rigidly he'd tied. Some garlic rope around the top of the trash gamble would you discover was freshmen can program tied and can't do that. Three eating dinner we hear of interest in all my apartment Houston tournament he's in business. Runs downstairs. In Renton screams during these raccoons way or whatever and opens the door to get death lease amendment does does not science. So we're gonna have a two income and standing back to a house and got a mobile. And move like what is your point and nervous gone but now. In my and the scotus tipped over the dress cancels coach going was caused news and my father at least from the scouts for such a perspective as. He called troubles of the skunk is already angry and it's tales orderly coral bonuses like. Followed its in house closed the door to some musicals door things present. And four in a week or a week and there's nothing you can do bureaucrats think it was horrible yes somebody in my family they're dogs got sprayed. Damn I am not just the did you approach the animal or to the animal approach you about how to put the dog down after that a thing that's our body can. Grade. I get cars like our own yep. To break all of this amount and not play. Well I mean hey events that'll get Thomas dunks the number and add. Sorry. Hello Chris welcome to the bedroom. Where we are all die. To what our Chris. There are new while my truck being and our Obama called for Iraq game was a baby and an attic space. And the layout of the attic well there's kind of a drop down to you go into a smaller fortunate drops down to do bigger portion. There are unplanned baby raccoon calls trying to lure the mom out and what are you know I don't. Would you may be reconciled. Kind of like a bird they just kind of go pro I don't have that I know you have them he had that reported did you plan your phone owners are you just standing there won't play. Dear all in the mama record to go nuts over it top. You can really don't like raccoon whisper like you honestly go in the middle part. Turn that thing on hasn't pepperoni with a whatever manages to bring in Iraq usable way way way to some think get right now. I want to sit back out front in my house against mine played maybe a recluse under the direct you can download the Rangoon last app now would they come like would mom raccoon drug or my face off good I got babies in my pocket. Or does she think I'm the biggest ugliest baby recommend to the receipt. They know our she'll probably come out and take a look at Q and you can sit there and their chief delegate Zorro mask tournament. You know our dog and my brother and storms that unmanned plane that record music just read your Zorro in my hands correctly that the if it and so so blender baby raccoon sentenced. Yeah we start crawling its view on the course and work and I opened up and what I didn't realize it is certain that we literally right at the bar on our back drop off now. Then I'm crawl or not she'd crawl and all out of here toward me and I can literally like three inches away from our space. Who was more scared you with a record and ultimately our guarantee Iowa. I mean you good looking I'd love to have like that still both of your eyes the same time as you meaty. They're the red who's ready to her. Which got babies man already you're on the losing end don't really care about the babies. They do Nasional before Minnesota's other what their family like that recommends the Stanley and the god knows that it's only the mom and dad always it really is it's like he's like that. The couple is that it's dragging them with his growth story like. Perilously see the whole family to gorgeous or. Mr. elegant and Oz kind of plod along. And could now. Now right I think I don't know put that back you know I mean it's just like the slow march to Deborah can recommend them and looks just like. Groceries program is fifty the purchase or family would agree with fears that thing you know Googlers will come not much so you'll not expert. You'd understand what is the did you just go in real quick you get out but there's this meandering group of its have family abandon energies to slow. Sloppy movement through the grocery store and everybody has to say it is just nightmares that Connecticut syndicate. That is having a lesbian to get the feeling good the last thing the whole damn family want startup and it exchanges shop in time you remind me correct tombs that's ignored or famine. Let down their city relatives like so I don't know that got family here together beyond nice annoy the rest of the full attack will end soon that's quality time ethnic. So what do you do now and a raccoon who's a mama number Turkey is three inches away from her face. You'll hit it all the humidity punted. And down when it would have about it. It's now down and it took off into a corner. OK what the baby's due to. Boom. I'm mama all but everybody the very least mom's good knock you did you. That brother and haven't been attacked. And what it used around the corner you got a thing I don't mean older doubles. But there are you hours. You get the maybe now and then and barricaded trapped in the order they got that the model that can guide and then wait vertigo onto it how many how many babies as raccoon hat clip what's a typical number I don't know. The letters to our cats are typically between core and six. One and Iraq who nibbles are like if your rubber reckons bell literally overnight about I have a big nipple common and improved. You don't go directors out of gas I'm guessing it. Dozens as Mike and I can't fix outmaneuver to pull out of rentals or other active and I tell remember that they could lead they have seven Atlanta six nibbles is going to be about all the run to the fans Taliban you have an appetizer to six people who tabled Juliet fire pot stickers that there's so what do you have triplets you'll have to boobs. But I'm known that well you know you gotta protest about laughs the little rut gets some milk but he's out. They had six pit stops this is live six doubles record I'm guessing it's at all possible team that you can't even as the Internet how many doubles or record or as good as intimately and others doesn't it might say why are you asking lion has the Internet but there's no direct answer here or is Norway Holland is a rainy and editors and I don't feel like five and nine you know I mean there's no hands are going to be an average doubles and I got their regular law that all you know like tiger in the question although I get it is other people asking you all female records of nibbles. Of course it is right to Tammany. That's the question are asking. How many levels southern lab work about it did you approach the animal or did the animal approach you notice that I met face to face amount those boat who has equaled. The answer both qwest Nestor they both approaching one moment. Hello Chad welcome to the men's room. Oh locks are not judge you have an idea and Apple's front rec room. Counted five. Five are honored he had no idea not well you honestly thought that he was counting recommend Apple's I thought maybe he counted sniffles in the past. What do you do to counter what he do for litter drive on nipple count carnival an average animals measures Oregon zoo. But all I know I levels. Kyle for gasoline for chafing and what's so did you approached the animal or the animal approach you are amid in this soap roads and then it'd be animal approached me. Our door all the analysts as he tells the story and we'll try to figure out what analysts you don't happen to guess the am he's alive some sites that marijuana where are you when this happens. Where am I I am in the bill you're at the Allman is open to Camelot and OK you after zoo. So I'll blow back story when I graduate high school some friend and I want to break the grew eight and we failed. Breeze elderly. You know OK so. Few months ago I would that a bar about 1 o'clock and I was reminiscing and on that story and we decided to try to get they get a good friend. Turns out it's very easy. And one in the first exhibit that we made it to us. An open field with certain your they Wear them or at they would though albeit kangaroos. OK yeah all of but I. I top defenses that are Littlefield was running around with them. Nothing happened then and I went off well well how long are we running around the kangaroos. By about five minutes or so were you worried about this all review committee agreed I came and the is up or dislike this will be fun. Yeah I I figured that it could happen but I wrote in a rootkit hooker boots we wanna go with what you do. Is like a serial killer the producer on the world I can Arnold has meant cart yet. So all I've got animals have these experiences with drunk human tonight I don't gets confident happens pretty frequently gambling you do is you feel like in the morning that wanna go to the zoo keeper Disco. Hey by the way man. Like 45 times you realize it's happened every goddamn nightmare and a box of person that stunt doubles attitude guarding do you critical are like human experts in the gantlet of animal experts in Rhode kangaroo like I might lose all your needs now right ever I've poured over reason in the bigs and the goblet of guys about balance might begun to join us. We don't noted that is just what they do that the only exposure to it because he said they just kind of bounced off the neighbors they got a healthy struck. Did you go some place else. Book out or opt out of a little we all and I'm walking up but I feel more of them in the pan. And that's all wanna go into the and the other little battle and when and I can go in thought differ fan and I walked into it and about 45. Wallaby kangaroo things one it was a little timid he apparently and rushed out the exit which I was standing in front of and did a little body check on me. And then I was pretty quick to get out of there and I didn't go and anymore exhibit. Did they stay did driver I gave an arms do they stay though. That it stinks the kangaroo that was kangaroos smell like pureed age rushed up I don't like it. I don't all the little dark it's but I don't know years well but I doubt they look at the kangaroo route browser to do with that well I you know last night got a camera and a do you rebutted gently blume and an. If you you've brought Samar to the animal approach you'll take a quick break of combat them articles credit to the. Newsroom returns yeah last year and grouchy. Crews are busy now Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW. Today I sit in spread now ranked Kansas brings us the tub but virus labs songs bolt on the resistance revenge branded top ten drivers flat songs of all time news and business you know another long and more your goals out of our question did you approach Seattle art of the analogue approach you know. You're losing to the bedroom on the men's or radio network. Rollout rockaholics. This is the men's room with miles and drill 99.9. KI DS still. My question did you approach the animal or did the animal. Approach you know this is a crazy story we go to a Wal-Mart of all places this guy is in effect today a bad ass a bunch feeble little Wal-Mart in central Minnesota. Freaked out when a deer wandered in and started running around the store and luckily don't asserts because a guy who looks like he's in his early forties to charge he managed to wrestle the deer to the ground. Any but the deer in an MMA style headlock. Miles that's the only ways to execute them someone posted a file photo on FaceBook where they're both lying in on a big bag of dog food in the middle of the store. If yearning anime fan he basically puts it in a rear naked chokehold yes legs wrapped around his body so he couldn't get up. If your dear fan don't worry they did give us outside and the deer ran well yeah I'm sure this guy. President with a full body lock on that year didn't happen. Warns of me was this like a mailbox with a antlers and all that crap I'd think it was like an adolescent did not quite a baby dinner but it wasn't it wasn't full grown birdied the way and I stress about that did you approach the animal or did the animal approach you about it any guesses what state that happened. That guy there's a wild year. While deer in the wool mart in the Wal-Mart and the guy uses the the disseminated today after I guessed that and I'll I got this completely wrong I was guessing like Arkansas and Georgia summer I was but it's definitely world but I'll Richardson Morse does not that. California Minnesota and Minnesota so as outlook as a prize money Vieira that makes sense and it happened and would Dina. That's right foot Medina and put it and it mama and Zito would be all year we'll hear parents are you would do them and also did you did you approach Seattle or to the animal approach you. Hello Jim Colby welcomed them men's room. I would do it all stop all rock. Till when are not eager owed me in my little that your mail order sitter by one year two years. Clear walk in the woods and we either. Dead animal on a girl or why it was a real mistake because we're young whatever. The door it move. There is get sued the hospital in new kind of glad something. And just playing doing but also yeah I would prefer a well we're checking to move could lose an era this thumbs down. We'll. So we're older and we just. Freak that don't take out there aren't we years that your regular biggest jerk but I had box it is corporate oh no and that's why it's small animal. A dark I would yet. I was pushing hard. And in this lady ask for help and Q doctor I don't know each other for about Umar. Where in the back ever truck and quality start attacking each other as our. The mom got closer. So pay I'm assuming when I'm like hey here's a lady caca yet that meet verse on why are. The dark attack each other end I can you know. Quietly slipped to one in the Darden had bought in my luggage knows let's go to other dog dish. Ink it after it sure looked underdog was this. Are not nothing. Like normal. Is I came in here. Under normal dog yeah. Well maneuver room eight Newble three earlier one had dollar and work their book. There are modern and hundreds of united burger is dark but. You know I don't know dogs you know would dogs love to be able blue dog in a headlock and secure fingers of its nostrils yank it out. Earn. The coroner Vicki my handwritten and now I would just wouldn't scared what Arnold that I only dog but I would. And I think to put my fingers and at some senate late and not just don't think you trained fighting dogs and you grab that thing by the nose and grab about it and yank it and try to do something about headlock that the universal thing he gets to augment the guy Minnesota gets there and you're the guy in Australia the goods and bosh matched literally with a keg room because they can't rule had his dog and had a problem as the that is that the Hilton head is just too close to your face. What Donald type treatment on your arm and had to close. I just kick the living Allen and we know this much we wanna go by a Brazilian whatever field is on his ticket jujitsu whatever it is gravity artisan has taken living on utterly alone flown punched it should be taken analytical thought I'm not allowed you a ground game right I would it was my standup game and congress kick the living element. Punting. Again as an on the death like use lot of kicks in addition to be a more Thai fighter that's another agency out of time more time. Does that mean like I want more noodles get a big kick boxing you know you're doing our mayor and I in my time food. Figured kick box and electrical connectors but chokes were great stuff that's what people use of aloft was sure nothing able to breathe the being umpire Hebert him very affectionate joke an animal out that's bad that all of them but the orchestra right. That's what. I'm in the future it might take thirty minutes ago all of they have a bola kind of a disciplined in an inning. Just based on the joke. Is grab neverland I'd wrap who is happens we joked he'd squeeze it. Well. That's. Some of those jokes are. Yes I agree and make it easy right did you see the guys arm go and underneath these net writes you're a college Joker amount but there's other chokes and obviously involve all arms stuck in their threat to their basically choking with little like pipe until the baby locals this. That's just insult them. Yeah I did this unwritten so Lesotho to do so. If you approach the animal or to the animal approach you that's probably jujitsu it's designed it might go use all your size against. So what I'd be better our time. Long and lean you could get a lot of people are trying to. At a state of Utah are couldn't get you to go on a guy who's arguably say he you know he e.s are even training don't judge your weight in your sides against. I know it will be my and and to me it won't matter what is methodology of the purity trained to mentally over the last. Hello Brandon welcome to the men's room. Colombia to alert our stop to all the articles. Earlier original story of your career I I have to keep that confidential you do the other part of that was involved but it would you like to know about from the Hamilton immediately determine what animal all just surprises. All right well it's time I want to they're more mild or near electrician so I told us whenever I was working on your house. Jeddah in my house burned down modeling you know how I swear to god you don't even let me like. As all the firings if I died it jumped from a third story window as well the night seven movie out on my around reds and Kraft thanks and a landed on disposal often pictured you know I don't lose her curled our Richard TV here I'll order think everything good. But ours are trying to order they're more we had like this. Are we live their mobile home in Florida Texas. And down part of a mobile home skirting was out so animals or what to get underneath our house. And we are go to their use the restroom and they're just like this ranch could smell and unlike. OK so we deal with it's like a week and finally my step dad like there's something dead under their needs like are not going to get it and I'm like who well. I could potentially go get it. And he'd like all right what you are and I don't worsen and that they're they insurance and Alison I'm just smell and it's screening and unlike. Are afforded bad week like right now. I go to the appreciation of parents. Area. All along news bureau reported close for weeks old man. You know pretty much it was a tabloid and you dislike. I'm okay aren't done. Dog my guard court sort of crawl underneath there are no later literally a kitchen knives because I know this seems a good between the slower and insulation. So I'm crawling around in there and try and that's why didn't our Miller come underneath the bathroom and I'm like champs aren't gonna care aren't at least I just kinda knew it. And so I kinda knew it and unfortunately I was right underneath this thing. I try to injury insulation and it's like three week old policy and just pull it every other creature he could possibly imagine just dropped down in my chest. Hard on all year and what is less than three week dead possibly snow like. Derek yeah and not the Fed does nothing else say and I aren't sorry to be you have board but that's about it that's about the only record discredit. As the lead blog. Don't know unfortunately not afterwards there was smoke a blunt but not there they are now on that's enough clothes or go afforded those were the we have. In tanks and yes because we would very hard to come scientific fact and adds you know so yes it would appear. Oh god no no I'm very it's a more. There are still expect that we does probably difficult to get in Texas. I don't buy and visited very recently of preference and from Texas you can. The easing up on some things like you might he lives and Austin's Alston a slightly different rules believe it or not onerous taxes so they did open up some slogan is sort of a debate animal and I'm not saying we smoked it but we did it was a pretty effective date and Jen did you brought Seattle or did the animal approach you as a wedding. Met a bunch of people from north Dallas what are the comment Plano yeah the but they don't call it something specific. But north I north Texas I notice any other from that part of Texas I expected a very urban and or were forced the state warlords at Arlington iris. All right ready they call maybe it is. There's a guy like a little north side the beltway dells like metro plex Leslie called giant penis yeah it it's a huge penis styles. The entire belt ways shaped like a giant penis the needle on purpose they had so I mean all these people from Texas right and we comes up whatever. And like to my shock they're like you're from Texas who would like to social weeds stop them or why did you bring legally. It's illegal to fly weed on a plane second 'cause I'm the drug mule right for the Texas people we're all fired up yet I don't know if they actually smoked. But they want to they did Bryant Michael Fey and Jan they'll hello Jason welcome to the men's room. Oh loud bits god wow op. Eddie got Barack I'd say that the vitamin. Yeah so about three months ago in the wide around the garage we got a will hold out without Tacoma and it's about a hundred years old. So we got that whole garage. And we first moved there and I beat up if you pop them in the garage. So I'm thinking to myself OK maybe was good fell one advocates and I don't know come home and I'd only been there eight years so it may even though the other squatter. Gap but I haven't seen it fits all thinking OK maybe he's got. You know perspective now that's gone deep. Skunk smell you know an offbeat but at a really nap now. They're ugly do. All it only cares about a possible there's no possible groups out there are trying to save the blossoms are so ugly old days and over there. Kyra they're cute they're ugly dirt got into even rectal whoa whoa we're not that ugly man I mean that's about it really got it back we understand it they're not cute animals but we've got a pass and we'll have that Iraq rights they haven't played good pub because it simply debt. Yeah don't think about it Woburn and how he does add 300 is the fact yeah when you play dead everyone's happy that you are routes that you just lays there. Or the plug now. There's so often don't know why did uncover boom boxes and corner of the bride there and yeah I hear bring it to briefs that go there it is. And I think well well well well we've gotten about. So I go over to the call really brought there and if I have to just out of bowl the garrote and older now how we're brought so dark in there. And I signed the let the back corner of the garage and sure enough they're the pop. Is it just one. There's one Bob do you feel there's not nine of them back there hatred after it exactly. So a good boy and I'm like OK I got awesome. In the corner here. He's trapped with the unpopular around them and I and my wife but well you know it. I'm like well LA. Unlike a pair how regular yogurt pot from thumping of the. I don't know you know with kindness made nick asked yeah exactly. Good look at cost over the umpire Dan. Now mean that I got off to a girl the apostle of the content that's now been to all thirds into those knuckles today I learned an opinion not. Earlier dead earlier got a good kid brother bill well. It over the following the crowd over the door slid a mallet rubber moment I would not him. No no I vote bigger yeah Mac and a American open them in the dropped again good I don't want to find a week later in item being thrown. Yeah so I'm buck update it'll Gelman it's bigger on this beer with a broomstick the company got a and I and I can go to kind of pillow eventually. A company uses plenty of terrible play out as the worst fighter ever I don't I just got here I got room resort planner recognized. You don't but I don't think you'd say I'm a bit but are there is gonna lead all over the place and are going to be able black Abbott wanted to do what are the black belt. I have I'd let you know our kids. And racists now. Yeah I didn't lackluster match and then not in my durazo compound your honor I'm sure pureed food items that aren't about your not an ancient history. You are good complete mess that got some Love Boat are artists like never their apps do you do you have a lot of and I are bigger you know I hit what I thought but it. That's been away you've got to affect our most animals one good swing a sledgehammer you that's all you had he basically just splattered them all over the the garage and what about the brawl more sledge hammered and you need to open the door in Sweden and if you got a guild thing and now I don't really know what do you want to badger that Williams was remarkable room. Could just drag and it couldn't distract from underneath the broad. No no it would pick they're going to probably from notre failure or repeal law I look them up as we met them once you do is that animals and squirming and fighting force now you'd get if you would be nipping at it all back. I have haven't trapped in the corner she yeah he want to attack me announcement I don't know. Pop in my make it a struggle if you are not intensively to so salute did you make contact with a sledgehammer. It whenever I hear him one time minute ahead. And he was I was right there and get their act that they're strict about eight trip hornet finally. Yeah Bryson and there was no blood right. My little a little bit low. Oh well yeah but much much less would have been if I whatever. Stab at what the rule more or start Arctic New Jersey is the man the actual the next the war movie they marble madness unified design possible Zimmer I any. And we had spared our backyard what are they had to do it next on droplets harper like you know clauses and look at your gonna give your life. And the lucky it'll run up I need a general Elena could it if I had a moment it'll hit a good I don't let our Rosalia behind it amounts battles still talk about it and he looks as though I'm gonna Home Depot and they've got a battle time and I need to get out there that I. It is that the confirmed reports he no longer go about my god. A well you got up please is a man that came now that's our trip if you all you got merit paper here but I do appreciate that you buried the policy meant Baston and I think I had a very you know W right thing to do. And you set a tone to the other possible. A Villaraigosa aren't well. The way you do bed that is you crucified put on cross outside the bat no idea that a our market that we saw squirrels and that they did that to a squirrel I don't know why. And it's to it's disturbing but it was on a utility pole like seventy agreed to hold. Walking down street it will kind of sought. And it's still apply to three more steps before registered public. Payment and was that the crucified tour we won't back and on the utility Coleman. I don't know how long would have been dead have been wobble late summer to get nailed on the south. And all duke. And on the liberal. This is from crazy at all. What are we don't know when or market intelligence it was left to scare tactic to scare tactics yeah squirrel or error when you grew why didn't you voted. Publicly it's a little disturbed man but it's a study these girls in that area doe not add to that they would look at that. The edited and I'm propaganda there I don't read the whole of the word but somehow on some level popularly team through squirrel ago. Hey man I don't know government Charlie was there but that's that's have to put us right below that missing dog flier you all. Just random right up there. It's not horrible flop when she. Looked as grow those numbers the government now into corporate it. Did snuck up. I think it is it's early look for a total flop here through those books or fit there. I was employed here and others are sued stuff but let's Alice good goes viral on the big crowd Vieira you liberals don't like it in and what is laurel both squirrel suits it couldn't hold on to a usually. Look like much better as the and that's Harlan is these. I don't know ma'am thank you and you to hang him backstage for Graham Alex and sorry did add a bulletin crucified so should the squirrel she is disabled with a suit soon I don't know it's funny. Latest craze Scarlett isn't a crucified. Man via a from the funny games that. I mean I don't know my reaction is it's the squirrel should respond did you approach the animal or to the animal approach Ullah a quick brag about a martyr calls tragedies. Nine point nine. KI ESW hadn't gone to Australia which is always fun to Australia all a fisherman Australian fisherman and a great white shark are battling overfishing that the measurement is reeling in his neck that he is cast. Obviously there's double little fish in there the the shark wants to get a hold of so he is following that along. Shark decides to clamp down on the net now loses a big old fish in an organized but guys like hey look you you're not taken my neck leg out so he grabs down right like it it is shark's mouth and started hole in the shark out as the great white shark or an hour I think weren't quite sure we magnet back you asked you know I mean in many cases. His hand and he put the right on this now of the great white shark he's got his other hand he's trying to pull the net out of his mouth he's jamming a bad idea but this is Australia. So nothing about the surprise us he just wants to this net back. Tick. Eventually I think I am a short took my now sometimes you look at deficient and they go boy he swallowed the hooker I don't wanna put my hand and that things mouth and you cut the line and which is an unfortunate part of fishing. And that's where you cut the line. He did not seek a block that we have another video window we find that dagger at the net back. I know he got it back so tough down the Z Australian way command and then there's another video that came out to they a huge ass fighter. It looks like one of those camel spiders that we've seen the book bigger servicemen and women says pictures back from Iraq where to get chosen were Afghanistan camera I think they were in Iraq either way. Suffered yesterday. Desert news fighters are huge that size spider. Which has killed in my mouse is out climbing along the side of the refrigerator with this thing ready to take it to wherever it's detonated eat and the admitted to begin in Australia this so instead of reacting the way we would react he's like. Got a cold one or it won't take it like it's under refrigerator and hopefully not in your refrigerator did you approach the animal or to the animal approach you. Hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. All the yeah. They are are are around about five years old we have. We have watched chickens and we saw roosters it was just. I mean mean rooster NBA I tell you how. Moon. You don't get on the market what what water after airplane in the backyard. And then next thing I know there's some that come back. You're lying ahead. And so I'm weren't around or don't want to restore packing up my. And then the next thing I know what you're wound. My argued when her water over the chop blocking well Natalie are never sure. And check out what I am vineyards excellent kid can you eat a rooster. I don't know not a Jalen well there was there that this two years ago it was a McDonnell somebody. One of the fast food chains summary found there but why can't you. Well the thing is apparently have bags are taught by the fact the receipt there's the deep fried chicken hand in the order not to contend or to whatever laws. But initial pick from it that's a rooster it's but I'd give I think as you would think that would be an option to guard restore. A like the rooster because it's darker early in an incident or whatever the hell is gonna be a difference you know I mean a thing of women are going to be years which is that you can't get it up gorge or apparently certain preferably today handing it to a. And I mean I think. Stuff meat like deck of the nugget for right that's fine I just wanna know can you eat a rooster I guess you can't leave any kind of thing right and they know it like virus. Yeah. Let me get hot dog realized I would elect to get a piece of the pork in his top dog. You don't applaud the pork into an odd round why is he and Ed director chicken it ends up in the nugget the chicken we can speak of the rooster we cannot. Is ultimately lawyers and I think if you eat a rooster they call ignited. The roosters unspoken breadth as I understand. It's a walking nugget did you approached the animal or to the animal approach you. Hello patent welcome to the men's room. A lot of serious it's. Yeah I don't know all of this out there it all kind of hung bore hole where this car grid. There. Why. Whenever there's sort of Laporte well there is so you don't want to and I come out of the garage. Open after I was actually there is no. Store all of our sort Romario whatever with a dog so. Opened the door okay. Also deliberately introduced and the only way to look you know we're not like holy land limbo in the air who's very. Here's a pretty docile for the most part I mean if they're all you've only moments you know. And done I denied president here is that drug has had had since grown up peers are committed now. Yes they can live where we're at look at later there were a couple of minutes little. Lot of reasons. That's just an honor in my whole walk stole eight right now but I don't bring life. We crap man. I those and it was at the family that there's a Finley that red deer. And they do dummy like. I'll say when they probably you'll well yeah it is they do a walk around to the thing they just vomit over but they had the nerve. They had done. They had I guess just for fear of the of the deer being shot. They took spray paint like orange industrial strength you can sprayed like marking meter on the yeah thing. Bright orange robe pets on the side each side of the steer. OK let's bring out. I'm how to make your own path lewd ghetto sure sprinting over reliance on the same spray paint they used for the word foreign news right right right to someone shot the deer anyway. I know what I never could figure out why they couldn't read the deer. Think about that at its own blog good reader photos of the who villagers. The stupid people. A if they are going to did you approach the animal or did the animal approach you emails coming up for the midterm amends or buy dot com. Shenanigans continue on them. Radio network.