05-23-17 Seg 3 Mens Room has BIG news!

Tuesday, May 23rd

Emails, We have a massive programming announcement! Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with Vibraslap songs! and What You Don't Need to Know gets gross today!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to its real. I've still got to start drug charge drive gas on the since Vince they are quest jumped in vibrant slats on all times. Or get to that though we also have a little announce who we elect makes this stay tuned here again and four coming up as well. Our question today did you approach the animal or did the animal approach you and here come those emails in the men's room at men's room live dot job. Don't go to violation brought draft brewers Benjamin original red because we think it's yet. Guys and I was a kid Iowa was at the Sacramento zoo. I guess once a day they let all the children lined up against the elephant enclosure and stick their hands out with a Pina. So one by one the elephant with suction off the peanuts out of all the children's hands I cannot tell you the excitement and joy I felt. Seeing that elephant you're closer to me as a kid it. This was one of the rad has things to ever happen awaited. A weighted. A watch the elephant he sought the peanut from the kid hand in my right I held my breath. Then watched it to the trunk skip over my hand and suction the peanut off of the hand from the kid tomorrow. How is not broken. I was only kid out of about a hundred that the elephant skip the patent. Alma all our all love tea it's got dissed by an elephant and maybe expansion to show out of I don't washes right in this random and as the chains. All of -- so my friends our camping and of course drinking nobody Tom who's that is forties accepted a triple dog dare of head butting a horse in a nearby field. Tom walked up to the horse and proceeded to have about it he knocked a horse out. The next morning he asked us why his neck hurts and we told on the story. Tom went to the doctor on Monday to find that he had broken one vertebrae in his neck and cracked two others who were told later that the horse is never the same sentence. From jazz. I brought the baby coyote that was in distress long story short T bid through leather gloves in in about done. So output and a crate and took into the animal shelter where he died on the table said a cut his head off and then they sent me to a Health Department to see if I had rabies what they can't why can. I'll decapitate I'm not just they crazy. It's. You know I don't have to resolve we like to do you guys are living in animals coyote ugly collude. If you eat. Drove Peter Coyote to bar. I would think prozac are all. We want to know animal shelter in the air bases well got days at all over the head brother. And that's what's got you up literary way does David Mandel quickly to Jackson doing my job to office and why. Because I'm creepy. They're human tactics how old's your rig brilliant Qaeda routed through. I elect instead went camping and hasn't he got 1000 college and and Baltimore. On our friends until the family home of one of my friends for drinks and dinner my hit a pretty hard that I would force us they buy and recover falsely about a picnic table awoke to an entire clan. Of wild ponies ransacking the campsite. They dribbled a tense overturn coolers and ate everything they could find. Then disappeared on the beach my friends came back five minutes later blame me for everything to the state twenty years later they do not believe. That's interest. There's wild ponies like that so crazy right I lived enough bam in Alberta Canada. Was my last night so after a few drinks I learned a picture of a now so I grabbed my camera went outside an approach the elk took a picture and booked it back inside. That sounds very Canadian. Coming years ago are getting ready to leave our house we looked out to us that a double glass doors and knows the family rec rooms on our porch. I knelt down to look closer and knows one of the babies looking back. Curious I put my hand up on the glass from the side of the door. Sure enough the little baby came up to the door in placed its little Paul went up against my hands on its side of the glass. Enchanted I called my teenage son over to see he took one look and said I cute like a prison movie you. I know Joseph guys I was in Medina Minnesota last week with a there was lows in the Wal-Mart was acting pretty casual until people started chasing it. Huge dear to our population Minnesota not if you hit a deer when you needed here. I was in the what Dina. Visiting my ninety program ba. I'm happily back for me so. With the deer with a dinner it was chill in the Wal-Mart to fuel strategy didn't search him well I understood it probably just don't tell and frankly of our Wal-Mart I'd be chill and people started chasing me I too would then. When order delays buys from in just you know browsing looking at the news dear need about. There there dear knowing what you you're one shot go to Wal-Mart borrowed and used in the right and I go back in the woods brag your friend and Paula dear. You don't look for broken or invest. I think he should be back in the Lamar selling John Anders and elect no Enron's auditor Claire Renaud and push rod mill. I'd just assume they'd be in the produce section. The here. Well thank eaten plate. Bring want to let us install a better to be put up for anything related to a dear moved towards and the hots are and state guide also I think for the record that dude just popped up on his MMA skills and just like drug choke artist year. How are new gong for a lot alike don't fly house committees is the moment to do it guys are teams that would often take midnight walks on ditch bank near my house my two year old Labrador would always go with me she loved to run all along the path. One night he took all the usual but soon she was running full tilt toward me backwards a stirred in the dark until I saw a waddling shape running after. A us all the juggle up so the big white. At Baylor Q stripe on it. And one time in my life I think guy out ran my dog that from day we're doing with these attacks so we're wondering would. Why the creep you peoples we put the chopped off the baby coyotes head when he took it to the show so they said look rabies is a brain disease. You need the brain for testing. We continued I think for the coyotes head whose details the batteries but it continues they test for rabies that way. OK we understand I still say they're making me be tired and super ball whenever I'd say they're sending a message of the coyotes. Good time for a few extra emails on the men's or amendments or my back out. As a freshman right there a mile away just one quick last tax. Makes a lot of sense what are you buying. Your dear to go to Wal-Mart doesn't camels for hunting all good idea. You just like a person. And they think that your peers hear a you know are you got a bright orange. What a thrill bright orange I get the why would they dare you put up more camera because it doesn't want to see eye to Bobby Bright orange because when the cross street got selected and had a deer maybe at night. There were the bright orange vests and it back across and god. But during hunting season. Wouldn't you want to be camel and not stand out like it's almost haunting you don't worry I'm sure. No that's you know not to shoot other humans is there an orange. Am so that kickers where we are back at them authorities say for the bloody good if so are hunting this year. Avoid looking good there and bright orange shoot is that us guys that's why you gave a shout out to my wife Christie fervor there all this morning to neighbor to our second child deacon. Everyone is still having that you're here in healthy deacon kitty get a kids fish sandwich thanks for the laughs at from Nate. Moving on here guys it's my son Wyatt James birthday today he's turning a whopping three and he would really enjoy a LeRoy Jenkins and they suck it up cupcake. That from daddy and uncle Keith. Oh. Is it prevents the low enough cola and a Russian prevent prevent prevent them for credit for the good capitalist. Today's my old a sudden aid in twelfth birthday he's a great son who hopes around his little brother a lot his mother his youngest brother Matthew and I wish him a very happy birthday. May he have a you'll like that and in thriller dead given some pointers with soccer in their Russian accents. Thank you from the Russian speaking Ukrainian Misha. And. And strategy would buy you saga you do particular book and kick in the balls juicy. Mother Russia Turkey about Russian accent. Yeah I know there's a lot of Germans in Russia we've made the peace. Just passing its decent. Patents it's capable. There's my daughters say his eighteenth birthday never been more proud of her as she joined the air force can we get a fish sandwich and a bong rip. And some German from Ted and thrill thanks guys love the show fish sandwich. Yeah I had and yeah. Fathers and. Yeah I would be able to Cuba and I would be very hard on the beat them. You know I notice she mentioned it to AT and they and the you have for us was supposed to see them. It's gradual. If you wings and candidate for the post button. Guys that a person interviewed your birthday is just my best friend Corey bad to guard. As our friend no realism to show on the back porch today he would love some turtle wax Andy LeRoy Jenkins in the Paz may be some wedding puke. Thanks guys love the show appreciate it from Brian hall. Moving. Nice work guys like our ability gap there why apple but the gap well. How soon to be life I would like to wish my wonderful thing to be like them ahead Ebert they were also getting married since we're getting married in Hawaii. And she gets in turtle wax and maybe a little dirty German and Australian talk love the show that from your local a bartender named Bobby hall. Okay. I don't go motivated to let some image about the does make you mean the front door open. I'm open about dogs. Yeah bath let's get on then hit a Melvin said if it's fair looks like you get married gunned down south. After you won most sausage fingers. The state to quickly put us. Amanda it's. Hello all it. It's my brother's fiancee Samantha is turning Tony seven they're driving from Phoenix where we live to the gorge for SaaS watches upcoming weekend. Can we please get wedding euphoric that B red party on from hairy. They have and that's our guys here you go from. I mean I've never done OK. Yeah yeah the I. Yeah I've ended a. Hey David could you tell you bids said. Boy a year ago. This was. School work the my son that is elementary school it's about. It's about pennies. He says the penises or brown because I guess that is our bread and narrow. The penis can. The penis cannot be broken. Clearly I know many things about the penis thank you for you know wow yeah. The drug charge right now though that defense ventilated to update via recess last songs of all times we'll take a quick break and go back with a very special announcement it. This season. Point nine KI ESW I I. It's hard drive Kaplan has since been in the top ten fibrous lab songs of all times they are coming up along with a very special announcement you're listening to the men's room. On the men's room radio network. I guess of coming on since banned the top ten survivors lap songs of all time that's an away and we get critical story. About how we came up how we compile. I oldest list today well you can go to the season's been really did we went to the source and an interesting source is what we fund so willow we'll give an account. We don't take some time today to tell you guys will be about what's going every music. But no a new kind of music do you long standing physically our world and dire with us. Announcement. We're gonna make an analysis soldier Brian sorry. That's so how long live it Jonas. Nine millionaires in the Arlington million dollars and doesn't tournament it's been in the is we're joined in the studio by the drug charge right have to get ready for since then he's working right now as we speak to me. So we a working on the bear do you get if you just joined the show you discern. Listening to was recently we we really appreciate that we've been on for while here in the city of Seattle before that we're on for a couple years in Baltimore. And we still have fans and listeners from Baltimore who we have one listen online regulars when a black man that we can run gas volleys and his wife somebody's with them when I'm listening to the multiple people there I'm sure. Probably been here for about eleven years and I guess. Well twelve years old whatever. How that gas sold out a few years back. We have the opportunity. To have our show a broadcast in Rochester New York which ironically enough is where's Steve where you spent some time growing up. And back to listen to a classic rock station wells rock at the time animal. Obelisk in the station and that station is what made me want to do radio as a little kid so we we wind up on that station where we are fortunate enough to get put on the WC about the Rochester and because you don't do enough things for impaired because it's on the East Coast. Of course they they took it as a night show and impose on for just couple hours at night and the idea being. Let's see if we can expand the show to it's a little bit bigger audience we worked on that for a long time. We did a lot of subtle changes are probably didn't pick up on what we've changed them. Monday Ravalomanana to referendum on that lasted and we've been all kinds don't vote because if you look at the tax miles we don't do anything that everyone does not note no extra in that eating home yes exactly. So the goal being that we wanted to kind of spread the audience a little bit and so low and behold. A few months back we get maybe an opportunity a to expand the show and that the show is going to be on hopefully in a few more cities so. Believe it or not this might be a shock to you. We actually got to deal there were gonna be on a few more radio station we do not know what radio stations we are going to be on. We do not know which cities we're going to be in the only thing we know is that minter radio show is gonna go out and that's what even your lingo like. The men's or radio that a bright and all the different. And one guy on our idea and we have to yeah. Thank you know that I could I turn it down at but but but here's the deal so we've had to change a lot of stuff in the past couple weeks we've. Excellent work and and you think that's grays we've had to take a couple days off of it do some stuff for. Trying to figure out how we can broadcast the show to the masses and in its. It's quite the undertaking we seriously been working on this for a few years where did not realize and failed all of this right out tonight and we did not but but but but but here's after the but does not want to once you step into this world and is it is so much different Colombian. Just the way deadlines gold with a talk it's like. Gonna do this man you gotta be announced he's accused which we notoriously. Are not too good doubly not the best of the best. The best person for word of mouth and buses spreading a work in spurning our show. Has been the united states military because of joint base Lewis McCord because of service members the goal for player podcasts and everything else. They have been critical Whitman the most listeners we have from around the world. And around the country have spent some time in Seattle they even turned on by somebody in Seattle and listen to the show and then shared that with them or whatever amount is an older guy has gotten over the time and that's exactly right. So I don't want that sit around doing nothing in order to listen to Marshal doing nothing else or they've done a great job so we're we're we're not leaving when Angolan anywhere we're still on the show here nothing's gonna change that and nothing is going to. Were we have to adjust some things we have to move some things around Ireland. You know it's complicated. Trust specifically at you don't care and you don't want to bore you get everybody in every case he obviously I doubt we can move a song here there before and will play the same on music and memorialize the but it it's all been assembled a different sounds different arts. It's hard for us to come up with a new verbiage and and say basically the same thing we've always been saying the content not gonna change. But here's the thing. And that's the honest to god truth. We can and here we facilitate the show and we do the show but you're the star of the show. If he shows not funny without you calling up with these stories without the east woods of the world and people sharing their experience is alive and why well you you should watch mine owner because not like here's the bottom line up with these odd man Patrick and that anybody else but I look at guy said he's not fair or anyone else now and you know. But. You do but but the truth of the matter is okay so he hit it a case. So if your our show is gonna go out to budget differences we're gonna represents yeah we're going to be on wherever we are just known now the when you call. You're gonna have a much bigger audience so if you got friends in certain places David Obey the listens to show you saw the parent says we're clean underwear don't. No the real cause I don't don't look down guy you're nervous call because you've real girl because. Don't mess this now that we could cost more than you do we get it and we just want to let you know. What's going on to that your aware of these changes and people have been you know suddenly saying hey why you say in amends or radio network and you know what's all the stuff about we just morally you know because he. Because if we wanted to stop ask can correct that's out of the guy that's this is yet it would just think of the question sought to register and were Berber excited about the way dishonest and thank you guys for listening to that. So the only reason that this gets that that that's the only resort and yeah it until we probably two weeks at think this is so just understand that the changes you're hearing now. They end. And Dubai and all upper bucks man army like third third series about everything so. So there's been some adjusting for it to me because it fits what tickled the network Clark and respond. So would that work trying to get that out of I know I know trust me we weren't of this stuff is excellent horrible horrible but. What were we've been out what as of last week certainly does we all next week we are long to what we call our audition phase there's an audition for twelve years we've done to show exactly the same which at those alleys we're constantly. We figured out wonders programs into god and so. Global things and JD Edwards from Steward in a game and as far as the vertigo but but you are bent in your the reason for the show's just know. That up because of this you are should be is to be taken to another level that's that's because have you is does your emails to your phone calls and everything else and and we win sincerely. Thank you because if we lived in a crappy town of crappy collars are probably wouldn't be at this is this for now we have spread the word of Seattle to the masses and and and more we couldn't be more. Clinton but you can you can help until. He didn't like it went to jail. It's. A. Well yeah it away but but we just we just wanted to say thanks because it's it's exciting for us and we're staying here like we said nothing's changed as far as where we do the show. You might notice some segments get moved around to different places and and we got to add stuff in its tracks stuffed African nightmare of a sharp lately we've ever try to management look we're super rich let it put it this way it's like. What do woman is pregnant. By a multi six the globe was gone actually did it out of me and as one of the kids right now it's like that like oh this is exciting now it's like man can become a disburse the kid and move on what sort Jorge Sosa with the you'll notice more changes along the wages are you know. I think we're gonna get an 800 numbers of people group called on the countries who will be saying in a different a phone number that we usually work are up FaceBook the men's rooms gonna stay the same. Twitter Edmonds from live stays the same we are on instead Graham by the way. And we're very glad to Graham given checked out out this brand new soared to an all these different things were just gonna get ready for them so. But as you. With this and we we just want to let you know what's going on because we're happy we we hope you're happy because you're. Yours much of this is is anybody else and and you're the reason the show's been so successful so stop asking him believe it or not one of the reasons that they said you know what. The shows were trying. In other places is because of the success of the show based on. You guys call shall make them is that aiming so it's it's until we got to this point because of that. And we just want you know how thankful we Alex let me say that got even more ally to you guys you guys a police officer that the show's amazing is that this is huge opportunity for you guys who serve to Greg thank I thank them. Don't get good contact. I think that they're about the way an apple has been busting his. Knowing like almost everything here sort of want to share capital getting killed as a production guy he's going to he's an early production. He's getting until we poach people from him helpless to do this mean that yeah it's been anything here here's. Are you having dreams about back dining Yorkshire and here's a Udoka added I had a dream the other night. That I had and offset up to and right at 2 o'clock and I you guys came in and I walked out and I walked back in two minutes later you alt left that we can offer two minutes and yelling at model one and derided her dream yet theory Wright was very much. Iran we can't mess this up and here's what we can't mess this up as he normally don't sign crap like this lips and discount to get through it still will go to Sean Hannity in the go to Rush Limbaugh should go to Glenn Beck and Ann and if you listen the talk shows that are on radio right now with the exception of Howard and the exception of few other shows. Preston Steven Philadelphia there's a great show and in Detroit does very with a all mornings and you know we we do and an afternoon thing. So this is much different than anything that they've ever given a chance to do before the standard is lettuce and the content of the show the type of listeners the fact we talk about who a lot so is this but we we think it's different than anything else on the radio subject one and two democratic and it hopefully this'll fly 181 be a threat so and again we just wanna say thanks and just let you know if you have any questions you issues in the Mallard. But either way we'll try to answer as many of the candidate that's just that's that's basically just right there. Our parents at that time since Enron. It's just friends list I want to get it all begins six and spend millions gathered out meal radio and listened to some sweat a hey guys. Ten minutes really for the. It's OK okay. Ryan castle we were we actually you fit it's been within minutes early today what's going all out there what's going on right now with the shoot us an email about a month ago and I patted my email box in its SA. While we try to find songs with all these different weird instruments and Steve chimes in with three -- former advisor to sell this stuff you may have played when you were an elementary sister and I are back in the obviously guy you know this attack some of these and find out weakened by now because we got or other worked on Lagarde will start working on this crap. So we don't look and we decided the Viagra slap because we have. Is going to be the instrument the when he used yet and it just follows Obama of consoles so you gotta do little research getting on the Internet so what do we do. What is a hybrid plug in a bottom defiantly at the front. We have different instruments and Britain both researching different instrument miles is do Barbara slap in the thing was. You're just trying to find ten popular song like you can find songs have a butt in here so artist Kara we go to Wikipedia. Who doesn't even acknowledge that shows. Right and they have vibrant slap. Give my bed early fouls called it after Korea will snap after they wasn't there we we legal survivor's lap on Wikipedia and as it survivor's lap was first patented during the Latin percussion era in 1967. Invented by Martin Cullen. That it continues in and they basically run on a crap but it the only external link on Wikipedia. Is KI SW Rocco does that are well known survivors laps longer. So will soar to I think I will click on this and see what we now for this segment we are we are Wikipedia source Iverson so in all of them we apparently are the authority on the subject that we got no one else on earth cares about the virus. So. It goes back to an article posted November the nineteenth. 2013. A KI SW dot com by the lovely Jolie. So we sit and spin didn't suck right right and so I. If she came up after it did suck it before it started to suck again. She came up with not Tim like we did. 35. Opt Welsh he's our brief drive. Vibrant in this is the Bible as far as the biggest list online believe it or not. Other song though some have been added to or since that list has been made there are some songs that have gain popularity. Recently there on the list but yeah a few of the did not make DL list. Let's see here doctor drew re nothing but G thing. By Hala yes that's great. Now My Chemical Romance teenagers. The Jonas brother's a song called game I think a lot of people listening would be shocked to find out that the virus that was so prolific if it really is only having been around since the 1960s that's it. Come according literally in the article in Wikipedia was there were no it's the sort weird out Yankee victory uses survivors slept quite a bit close but no cigar. A one of the tunes and there's a time so today. We have a brand new top ten by ever slaps songs of all time list for erratic. Under ten. Yeah. It's the Bible does it. Melt into the drums that is that look we're debating an officer earlier like does the singer you know I think it's gonna it's gonna be different for different bands I mentioned. Take might have just it is virus slack off on Hillary for much they do you think though it's a precaution to the drummer has. Asked to do the drummer but I'm having a much you have a guy that plays the tambourine in the Moroccans and my fellow ready alone and all the other as a guy that stands at a place and the smoke weirdly percussion instruments. He does he's delegate Fisher Price thing like we'll xylophone is almost crazy. Top ten a virus labs logs of all time stay on six. That's pretty big plays good now thanks. I didn't come studio version of. No way to do usable I describe studios got his allotment. I. Helen there are beginning to happen I think Vinny got a I think Kenny with a drumstick no library you can mouth I think about that future of kids. Yeah they don't know bill and getting that having an actor that Alice in Chains wood that's a that's an extra lest we wanna play divers laughter would want him. There's one time on stage you know you can go. It's kind of wild look at that you can sign up for bank class when your high school right there's no tryout or anything is you just say you know I'm gonna take band scores you show video. I played the drops and they realize that you can't play the drums of what happens is when they conflict comes along that could be something like provided by plowed. But rock and roll band camp right now with a fiber slab and say hey man among lawyers on teach me how to play. The Taliban just what we needed slapper exact. Our quick bottom. It's not severe. I only did the boy figure commuting the biography. Yeah I think there's. Obviously a subtle artistic way you can fire doesn't have to be all right currently in this case. It could be about the way we got to extend them instead with Kate as far as who was survivors let me. It's the singer at least one us all the back and won eleven and I'd have liked to take that makes it. Top ten mile an elaborate on I was. Well maybe in those survivors off about this it's not a virus that's on the all time. Numbers say. Okay. So Mexican radio by wall of future. All of voodoo Paula Jones won't you do might you sail off the back. All of do you into these are the dotted butterflies. Plug. Under fire. You know laid down by her father. The net then there with the help of god. Don didn't Barbara slaps on double time sitting around six. Overflow. Its. A warning. If anyone writing songs and you know we'll put survivor's lap right here that I hear an answer is if something happens in studio like. You don't need a thing like right here you need one thing I know witness. Got a shot dead drivers' lives on the. Todd and Barbara Flatts on the all time. It. And all here again. Subtle shot. What did you think pedigree from. Yeah I was not bad subtle miles of professional. Slam there's an old. These of the tungsten fibers love songs. Also sounds that he's been Pollard and we managed to rely. Well. Cool it's. A slap right there from Ozzie. Tiger I capital of Brasilia on this bad. Read take a quick break Saturday is coming up the return of what you don't need to know gets gross right activities. The men's room where miles and drill. 99.9. I showed up. We will drag until the shot of the day is on the way about vs. We're full of useless information. You Ngo and tired too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So Lyndon here on the men's room shares would you don't need to know today unless you don't need to know. There's a fine line. Between things that people think our gross and people think are satisfying are as a relief goes on a you know me I'm a big does it bother you Lori huge Obama on the big fan of as maravent list or biter is that I have I have bitten the blister off a man's hand and a -- and not another man that's another man who nobody knew it was right before you and in June shuttle overflowing its debt and in the amount. So news survey asked people. If these things are gross or satisfying and would give you these same exact what I'm are these growths or satisfy radio. OK if you pop the giant temple is that gross or does that satisfy satisfy. Satisfied beat it probably wouldn't let me come home watt head count and a big black candidate scored now like why you'll satisfy. Yes mandatory to which what makes more instead find them to do. Rob eleven popular movement yen happens we're Hugh and growth assessment. It's feeling sad side of get out of breath and get on the satisfying on yourself yes yes yes you touch it you get an instant pain you know man number of those on Mac man but this one is is when you don't think it's gonna like explode and did you see much in the news. Was it. You when you Hugh Grant you that boot all right grossed a satisfying getting a big chunk of your wax out of your ears. A whole sad and I'm usually I think it's gross because I didn't realize it was that bad you don't mean. Like anointed the opposite of your way we're completely my ears when ho and a colleague and add to the bowler rolls out. And use if you given everything dad please turn your penalty you feel the Rodney let anyone see that rock bottom and it. I am in the process the movie that you now have few tips that have two weeks. That house party's weekend policy announcement all of your didn't sit there like that now that the pulling out and grown hair. Satisfying or gross. Satisfying it is satisfied because those things there for a week right keep popping up and Bob and eventually we will head there and then you put like three to law. Like no wonder decided not as much of an issue for women help OK a rook. Not think in the areas where you might shape the that would be problematic as that seems to be where that happened Robby you know what I think it's not is huge. Don't need room to walk him they didn't call I don't know really the net income and I've no idea. There digging dirt up when your fingernails and other figured out grocer satisfied. Just wrote I think is it necessary business yeah I mean satisfaction out of it with just picking a blister popping it. Satisfying your growth satisfied reps. Growth alike but they're blisters my ideology rather. Okay have a running your fingers to your hair down there have been on the sexual way things went through the brought it. Football accident that have you ever done before. Now driver would have to run compared to your fingers do you satisfying or just yet when you're Nancy Weiner I would imagine it's not as an enemy troops. Intel touching myself down there from satisfaction. And sticking your finger near nose and finding something large and junkie up there satisfying her growth satisfy that in my book report yeah got to get that out again. Cleaning the lint out of your belly button gross. The smells gross how satisfied every day do you do it every day do you not. No probably got a big one in there holding a gun and peeling off in after sunburn. Last time that a fine. Well I feel obligated him. Pulling stray hairs out of your butt crack in the shower satisfying your growth both growth it's below you astray here's your butt crack all the time you. I'm not a man you know so mightily with the quicker than I've never administrator about all you'll live. If you if you live miles they're gonna what you don't know I. Voted to do you attack somebody else did. Deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. Our shots nothing. Great drive and said that they usually heads outta during death Hinske to throw vilified on nortel's. Yes indeed today's job by the way about you about the fine folks it's not all we tobacco and liquor and today we supposed. Mr. John Graham in the 43 year old mayor of Cincinnati. By the way can you spell sentiment I couldn't see I and then. Wrong CI and the CI and CIA end Andy it's all in an ATI yes not TI recently the mayor's office issued a proclamation declaring June 1 would be trade days sort of straight day trading days today designated armored train PER almonds. Who was killed two years ago. And anyway Terry pierce father it's submitted a request for the day. To honor his dead son because he set up a charity foundation in his name. To support people's mental illness Mary Crowley proclaimed trade Pierre sacrificed to save the lives of children for generations. But he found ready to guard Gilbert got to shoot at ten years ago finish out. Hormuz and it varies his moves because they get down today and over the tone it down the throat to party and our Tommy's down all love our jobs. The shenanigans continue on the men's. And radio network.