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Tuesday, May 23rd

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Conan and Drunk Uncle! and Headlines


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This is the men's room. Clue that dad could lead profile us tell our nine at 20642 on rock will play profile this coming up in minutes. On practices yesterday he will travel with them and try to contended in as the Rwandan. Do you head dead quiet profile that's colored not to both export to Iraq will play profile that's coming up in minutes. The true precepts. The round and again this room. Video of how do you know with the superintendent of Indianapolis we gonna you know Mike Hart for quick check on him and practice and advice number time to three we told you know mightily no all right we're getting to Arnold. Obama has allowed doing this now at some passable. Do you advance my profile that's collar and I did to those export to Iraq will play profile this coming up in minutes. And one hour from now that's a close up. But first a quick check of my talks with some of the stories and headlines is not working guy RI a Iraq now again I didn't I presidents gunmen. As my target practice all right CNN's going to be facing criminal charges for stealing their neighbors loud hats and relocating them under an interstate. And let's move enough. The nuns are down do one thing I read today they capturing their guard and that is part of the reason enough and didn't like comedic but the nuns made feeling they would rise above ground. Well no because anyone let's Evernote no one's ever said man they're so sweet women play they had to knuckles rulers are scary they stare at into the crap yourself non creepy side. I know like nice people go whatever they do their creepy. And it. The thing on my Mother Teresa wasn't super friendly well to be fair economic opportunity I got a nice non Null. And 990 culture and ice now and I've never given any of these friends with a non. I've never known any nuts getting you know number I mean not personally and there was none and I was a kid in Catholic school what do they do. Scare people look at the fence everything and everybody right of freedom not those like the like living gargoyles they just they terrify our free. Our man was arrested for hit and run after his victim's brother randomly heard him talking about it at a McDonald's. Now some. That's crazy who then goes to McDonald's talked about guys ran over some good. Type did you look at the guard and the American way the bloated liberalism. Most recently most. A woman called the police because of a thermos. Sorry and read them round. What went all the please because a thermos of her husband's sperm was on the verge of exploding right man yeah that is typically why do you have a third with a spur her. Wow they're really Burma's paired. The pizza hot hot. And Nicole Powell gap a rally they restoring it for artificial insemination leader but I don't suit jacket and visit the president said the pick up wrote about it on FaceBook. Well it's a little thermos of he's the man people gonna write about it if they said that's a credible how I never thought just collecting and all undoing 11 container floating have to. How can you. How did you how did they don't like her to do I could have so much in a thermos worth about to explode the dad got grudgingly to horse which he's one of those of plastic. See through a lot of bottles and have the lines and you know it's like you know much adrenaline jump you can see like over a month period of time there. Hamas it's like since he sees them time that is. My man has been working don't work David. Third just a thermos. Its purpose Thurman. Outright and mechanics at 8220000. Dollar Porsche out for a drive. And crashed it Donald it. How much 225200. Tony now you know cars were gonna cars and support and have a winning with a little corners and what do they call that things like the 9/11 Cabrera what is that the evidence that 220000. Dollar -- I think OK you're out of working on it directly to my notoriety it is that expensive we probably never even heard of course like they don't advertise during Eagles know. He enough and finally we have Australia to thank for the latest stupid copy correct what is the latest stupid company crap we'll tell you all about it. Want our guys I think in my god we do have headlines coming up one hour from now the. First brigade Obama. Man whose group represents. Yes see the prohibited please turn on out profile press is playing a search and miles it's a simple game more reserved you real life news stories something's happened right eager. I'm planning her. Her. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be two people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you wouldn't do you think makes the story a story. Hello Brandon welcoming her what went out and I would. Our branded him stand up those games played. Yet there. All right fantastic here is her story naturally we go to the state of Florida and again. This bears repeating that a lot of people email and they don't believe me I swore to god. We do not intentionally. All these stories I'm Florida nor globally in the Florida intentionally. Breached these stories put out there. Lord knows we're place where we are people who made bad decisions. Any time they have the opportunity to me. The decision they're gonna make the wrong played I was said Myers. They do a segment simply when they used to in the gulf war. This golf lord I mean it's yeah it's they are on the floor and listen Ohio you try. Ohio pretty good Ohio just crazy people look at Florida. Is fifteen Ivan Sanders and knowing apple were fortunate enough that Florida is a pretty good representation. Of just about everybody in this country. Until he retired there and everything else so as far as the game goes and plays and that he does have to be stranger Kris. But that's exactly do you if you move the floor when he retired or moved there in one in your twenties. Do you become Griese for look like. Do you become crazy just as a result floors of the humidity heat and the threat of being eaten by alligators would do something happened people might. Uncle just moved down to a place called. You're destined to extend our rooms with something I Tom at the bar in the bar is out and you can oversee. That the government has put it right. And talking to the margin of error meaning. And there's these big house is kind of down what we like all these huge contracts and on the beach. Announced that kind of lose lose lose a match join of their names like well right there is Karl Rove cents. Coral room and he lived drugs already spears house right there. And I thought oh great Britney Spears loses tonight Karl Rowe the stall and I'll tell your dogs shot that I now we've allowed. So now it's even down and out of the year they had to have allowed our. And record an increase you go to four that it happens. Fighter who story once again in Florida this is what's crazy just more unfortunate because it's Florida feet. So the serve department and Citrus County Florida recently got a special new patrol car that was painted polka drunk driving awareness messages. Because who doesn't want the program cards are reading messages about more distracted. But on the downside the car sadly did not raise awareness at all but on the bright side it went one step former and it actually took down. A drunk driver 63 year old guy while he was driving drunk when he lost control of the car and crashed it. You do the new drunk driving awareness car. You was arrested for. And commodity here with a drunk driving awareness Simon's question is do you believe the lunatics black white to make keywords you. Yeah I don't wanna look like they're having only a white person dumb enough to do that. Well decide once they probably had drunk person anybody can do that yet where all of them Florida. Citrus County I'm not sure where that is them oranges. Imagine you any previous few lines I don't know man. It doesn't sing I just get him going for some reason. If you're 63 driving drunk and crashed into the drug crimes awareness car for some reason I believe you probably already does. There's no it doesn't say there's you know there's nobody on the road in the state of Florida who's not on narcotics. Alleges yeah daily pill that you take is you doctors give it to you but some strong crap like. Everybody's on something. Knowing that they had met a guy retirement area. The entire state could be in the yeah yeah. He. Had a tough one. I don't know I don't know I Dicey I really I think I'm learning a little white. That said 63 ranked. Yes and it was there was the car was it like in a prominent area. The people could tell I would assume if you don't raise awareness and just assume it's any place that will travel didn't. And like put a billboard facing the wrong way and a little desk and threw it into one pattern guys you know were the people some assuming it's a well travelers. You put messages bomb and then those guys. With me that just seems insane and another on here that that do awareness car so obviously you're gonna stick out you could see. NAFTA cop car he's so drunk you just have a cop cars to them lights at the top of the unit that McGraw the crime dog on the side is still no failure and to. You lost a little white final answer yeah well why can't take a quick break and find out if he was black white meg C or Jewish next. We weren't trying to stall or anything but it's welcome back to the main through. Point nine KI SW. Profile is phases of the great state of Florida an ironic situation for a drunk driver who happened to crashing into a brand new police car. Police car however was a drunk driving police car debts announcing its its public on the carols and dangers of drunk driver. And and prove the point when he got hit in fact my drink front it was just off the law. It's just went and those guys slammed into a panda but again. It kind of prove the point that drug drug candidate to. Up a brand we ask you do you believe this guy's black white Mexican do we understand Florida during the break by the way it's woman texted him from Florida and that. Bubbling water. So the water what you drink water get you to bond Brandon and and you've got white. You sir. Our act I. Like yeah we're. But that's sad coming up you are listening to the men's room on the men's room radio networks. The men's room where miles and threw out. All 99.9. And lives would Micah. Coming up the first of all the TV news all the time minister amber TV drama Taylor. Because you're pathetic life. I didn't countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room present some. Tenth I. It's at a dead Retief accidentally you thousands of good shows and movies insulate the city out of any time anywhere today the future of also. Idaho 100 zinni when he under exit. And paying very vigilant and rumors again. And its zip up near death on the little show. You know speaking of ladies. One of the things that's been going around. The president any president is gonna take trips right. The president takes trips you gotta go overseas and seen yet dignitaries. You gotta you know you got to see the sights right you're the product. So like I don't know if I'm the president I go to London I gotta go seed big bad parliament Arlen. Dead probably more than us I think it's gonna armada. At a but either way if your president generally they're married has been a single president in a while little changed one toward what I want when Iran. A half and party predicting single that are. It just say I'll be single when a run for president yet Noah Adams if nature I don't know. Of a general you would be you know you and the president holds his hands wife. So out of anybody see their oldest fans wife and he. Hasn't led a political. Yeah I'm altitude can comment and fifth. I picked the wrong time to get acquitted enemy threat for sniffing glue or the whole list. Of cuts and generally the president will hold his wife's hand. A high you see this throughout. You know any presidents or kings or queens or couple. Often walk into a restaurant together and if it. But mrs. trump did not really want to hold the president's hand. There's a video going around actually if you check out the check yesterday FaceBook YouTube video of her parents slapping his hand away on a tarmac saying I don't wanna hold hands. So Monaco and that's that I have to thaw them hand slapping. Differently so does that your horse talking about it after Air Force One landed in Israel. Donald Trump reached for Milan his hand and she slapped it away. So we've been wrong all this time they apparently you have. Have a normal marriage and I. Though it got depth it's great for the American tennis are you hold it and it. And independents don't like K okay now here's what happened dominate only if it's ever all right here's what here's here's what happens when you holdings is nice to hold hands alright bucks. The situation has to be the rights which. In other words it has to be the right time to hold it sometimes. It's just too hot. And you're like. Both hands it to be dry. It needs to be a cooler evening need to be walking so it doesn't feel like I'm just spreading my moisture to your pom. If you have sweaty hands are good you know sent OK let's articulate you know based on the moisture of your hands whether it's a good hand holding that the battery good haired. Ladies you doughnuts and ladies right it did Saturday of that it's like debt. The Sundays are that are old and I feel like temperature aside I feel like some people are just hand holders are there not yet. You know that people are really into. The Google really miss hold hands mouth and try to run for president I think a lot of spell out a vice president just a single president. 22 running. Even if he dropped one that we're married and VP I was distraught it's cute that the Bulger played slogans distraught astute. What else could be going on. As well obviously I'm not running I don't see that yet I could be ready for president that. The rock helped season finale of SNL. And he's talking about running for president with Tom. We would get 100%. Of the vote I would get the senior vote because time I fought in World War II. Different movie. And and I of course you get the minority vote. Because everyone just assumes that well whatever they. We could. Any crisis if god forbid we could go to war I can assure the nation. Sacrifice. And we will suffer. It's one American. You know if god forbid California splits off and falls into the ocean well. Yeah that's ma'am my. Secret Service to back micro. Obviously if you watch any Tom Hanks who feeds their gently but it based Elise awful real conflict or something or something that happened. But he's always kind of a calm like I'll get you through. The Iraq obviously his move all action. They're action and they're just ridiculous I mean like what I'm. I wasted my time watching a movie sandman and Andre if so you know it's on cable would ever like just an action it's got to mindlessly. It was so dumb but I set the whole thing and and it's one of this two part thing normally this is so stupid. Both the rock has enough charisma that even though this is god damn ridiculous you can't help the watch and who's gonna do and that also like pulled him out. Elected public demonic doesn't even do any of the action scenes go to those within the doctor. He was the guy that knew this was going to hack off a lot of you played someone who looks like Paul Giamatti which habeas it is at a universe no action no action. Those guys are always in those kind of movies too short those ugly good actor. The ugly good actor. But you have to be Steve Buscemi the other legal actor every movies and ugly good actor ate it legitimizes the I don't think the experts always ugly because of what does not always good dates all the chicks in Jurassic Park the original. Did we all just old willow called bloom yeah. You know he was the Smart doctor golden got faith he's still use of insulin. Here's how efforts are highest lays it he's like Mick Jagger where I have heard. Countless ones cement of global warming jagr so sexy I have never. Heard a woman today that Mick Jagger aura oats finished all of them are good looking. Our Internet there you know immediately you hear and who's got the big nosed and weird that he does ads for Ehrlich from now bloom. Well no blue note all. They'll del Toro del Toro okay same thing her when as a man to boot to the bubble that is. Benicio authority in these field delta dental sexy money and power never heard Obama say he's a good look at George Clooney and he's got the commanding sex Brad Pitt good looking sexy Johnny dead militants that exe but right. When it's just sexy but not good and I mean how would take helpless. I heard and who he's good he's easy on its. Yeah that's fair it's psychoanalyst strip club and everything minister is pretty. Just seriously. Look at her body so hah that's exactly elegant the strippers over. Yeah. As an elegant beauty about what its original round since the poll I feel like I have like scales of words they use on on. On certain went right through like. And I do not mean this is an insult when I get the most is some people are cute. Q doesn't mean you pretty know but we do yeah. And really makes it a man. But then there's like hot there's but I do agree to me I'll use the term sexy on people but I don't. I don't know I don't I don't like beautiful that it beautiful to me is that the top off. Beautiful Eudora there's what you do is point never and understand it but yet but I think that you say sexy. You're like qualifying the fact that you understand that most pivotal funds person tracked and seek to bring them like bring a celebrity a man I think the sex. Anders explaining I don't know why I feel this way but or something sexy about a do not find them good looking. On how to sex. Yeah I was like oh what I went to see. The still double pile athletes Scott Ott got wild and the first time I saw him perform. With Velvet Revolver remember I was like. They a lot of sex with a man that you cannot raise and you you're you're not a street dude doesn't through some super excited about that Iraq movement. I'm straight do but I wanted to there's scout and I think that I just said there was something Zack that's. You all about it he's a sexy guy. I'm not sure these feelings he wasn't the been long need a guy there in Greta Van Halen hook up with the dude I'm Hank and so we brought up Jeff gold. Bloom says Jeff Goldblum is likely. That is says Goldblum is ugly but he's a good actor that says I'm a woman Goldblum is incredibly. That's sort of sent women love the Goldblum. The Goldblum it's so weird I love the Goldblum are like algae bloom but total blow and the tulip blow menace that Ted is ugly cute. That was just to see it it it thanks. Arlen you objective of the I could cute the ugly cute. Like a Tug of. God did it or you'll be ready and happened to me you'll say don't use outlook you sound like a plug Coolidge yet excellent compared you know plug. Now what remains after I'd obviously you don't got to actually looks like they're yep plug. Should poll the beat it out to either an accurate enough to wanna look like and what happens somebody said well they're cute. Like. But Brooklyn with clothes or quotable quote cute because reckoned as the ugly they aren't going to be like you there. But the worst thing and bold new is right bull like in that direction for ugly but you're so ugly it becomes key is not the worst governed as a baby's and so we've acute. And and sometimes only to parents and like. Your baby is ugly. Which about a way of like a million once babies and keep my nature in several wailing from the baby. I'd done I don't think I know I've two children and an oath. And I will not say which one but when one came the big because not everybody and then a few months later the latest pictures in the whole god. We are big and as we should not isn't that a that no wonder no one responded. With a with a congratulations overlook all god Jesus holy cow what happened there. But he's obviously like if you don't have a home you don't spend a lot of time around which Russian you don't want yeah they are funny looking creature. Reportedly going to be damn I mean look at the early jello and hi this though blob that mildly looks like me. By the way Ted texted Cummins and Ted has topped all Larry. That's for Matt Bowen isn't that tough. The look and now that I think Ted humor sexy don't feel bad you are ugly cute. Well right you don't read about life. Life plugs into the Tet now and it had a sexy and chemistry do your that that's off the oh wow yeah. Are your bags and you've been in gets off the guys think your firemen and the NC. Phillips this weekend yeah. How did did problems down something that was part of voice. Bring the crew is safe to say you saw your last bill the revolver showed us. Yeah then to the last chance you know decisively to. Right it's still a tropical tropical look thanks miles and I think Candiotti is on now. One last dance. Across if talked about SNL little bit every every tennis analyses and ends or whatever some people leave the doomsday. The greens are new cast the bigger names the kind of left. Body Monahan. You know him to throw attempts sketches and stuff Vanessa Bayer. Yeah she's great but both those cast members agree and then she's a year jamaat I mean boat. Very proud of myself and you should be yeah. So all three of them left and it is comical to. Apparently the body Monahan you didn't see this when they give it the close of the show. But apparently after words. After cameras stop rolling Monahan was carried off stage by Kenan Thompson. Hanks and Paul. The bank and a rule. What sucked about that is I was watching the East Coast. So East Coast feed. Basically right then when you're in alike are aren't about everybody in there was a pretty star studded group of people up there because Scarlett Johansson was hired illegals were up there yeah and then and Perry so everybody's like pointing at Bobby morning Hanley Gillick has yet the fifth longest running cast member on personal history like. This guy right here this Garrett and then they just cut and it feels like. They need to start playing musicals like they need to get the break quake you know the god you noticing that figure offensive that's that's not just like the east like they did just a certain amount that an Iran right today saying this was. After nobody saw this on camp but by the way it is one quick side note all of us is that you mentioned Schroeder Hamptons. Yet. So they do there the after party or for every show but also because of the season finale so it's a big party. Burleigh stroke Johansson and for in Colin Jones bird. About it up oh yeah. Well there's a reason Leslie Jones is obsessed with a look it's actual peeps know that the equipment. A lover and she's the greatest things at it would. Actually I'm with you I love her Twitter for anyway Ted got a little more solar panel finds that attractive but I would definitely sleep with them so late. Who's that from X I don't know Harry put Ronald could I. And instead of attend my guys but I Wear glasses. I picked all of dominant and a land. Who. Got away from a woman and I do dirty things that said hey. Dice Ted like you yeah. It's a long winter and through but that's a mouth of the goals pain as the company of the great you we can do those dirty things but also. We'll get it anything any enticement. From the I've just always I'm actually depending on the back but there are made it did. All of alcohol all bad until you when I don't care who did you rub my back. What that dog don't notice it. Ted don't goods rose back mental ability to dispel losing jobs Robbins I don't raise them rob is bad behavior bro Lee he's. Well the cubs recently petted him to. To a state that he was okay. So all those people who believe in as that Alan Monahan and that about money and greatest character of course drunk uncle. So I hear that little final drunk uncle for. Why aren't sensitive nowadays. You can call Nintendo's much anymore you got a color change plan. We'll have the me. It's been. You know one time. I have to pitch it to spending she said the correct term is a little person. Stern should be. Uncle who never go to. The map gives you an hour and. Drug and alcohol obviously assistant he got on the drug goggle that doesn't really know everything that's going on in the news. I loved Vanessa bear when she came on the news she would do the soldiers and Jonah is Joan. I know that lake is just is practicing for his bar mitzvah via the outlook was great I lost yet and I think give you if you've ever been to a bar mitzvah. Even makes you look very immature little kid there really is turning into an adult trying to present himself and more of an adult fashion report. About militants. It's as one time who I guess. I'd rights at all night long I'm a woman. I do all the work other government quite good for our. Federal behof if he was black and had here. Uh huh well on the upper back in Tacoma look back I would let Ted sleep with my wife. If I could watch no words I think your super adorable. I enjoy this one oddly Ted hold my unicorn poll that from Eric's all right after the etiquette that I'm Kovalev and Ted. All's boom would but on the outside boom boomers a couple more local we'll tell you got to go a couple of Ted dissect you tell you be my big spool under the rules Hunan 61350. Pounds up from Bryant caught. The equity that it beat it. When. Went to buck up on that one. It's a very bright honest off soft hands caused could be. A developer of the wood and a large person either way of course and Barton are broad. And got a guy that big I wonder if he always is little spoon. You have to be irrelevant right to don't be ridiculous that's like my theory on Tom breathe right he's the what that there are a number another dog above code blue observe drawn birdies comfort NFL superstar. NFL superstar the goat greatest of all time quarterback he is always in charge he's the captain of the team he does this he does that. I think when he goes home all he can play target is now here Charlie I do what you want what's more that that won't sweaters and head on unlike the she's true. Also dollar bet. And had a good dollar bet while I dollar bets this before the end of the summer UC Tom Brady and a Mahan romper. You think so yeah elderly get him to Wear that ma'am let's see what he doesn't care anymore. Now fashionable route or doubt they're drove the ball ball bitch. I don't know any couple that doesn't of that dynamic for the most part like for the most part guys don't. It's not worth the argument that if you wanna go to the stories for dinner I'm confident it will know I let them out Tony just purely. Sexual on these oldies act you think that he is he's he's not. I think some circles were caught a sub sub. What's what are those circles it was a sub he's estimates of all I see him. The sub miles tomorrow though since the U if you could put up ticket if I get the lots the subjects that are out there aren't aptly battles with the wild today. Google will have to ask you in the face 00. At my own design you'll word regular Monday dragged him this guy I'm with my face amount. He would I can't even region would discuss that but in the mold your forked box is you put it. That sounds like hearing about romantic and I got for Chile all think that got these foods romantic. Don't go out chilling cornbread and put to bed on top really machines you can people people who would elect thought wow all Ted you don't a lot of people by the Dolan who do a lot of things you. Thank you did very OTV time to attend we'll take a quick break come back but my pocket headlines next. Or more miles and. Any nine point nine KI ESW. I I got those deadlines are no Mike Cox. It's Sunday. Yes there's might cost. I've got started I admit there's all over the world in Australia to paying for the latest stupid friend rather company. It is from Australia. Yes. It is called the apple latte. I would love to you know that is making now wouldn't that money get a lot they were there and take it day you gotta pay ten years from now that. Dad likes allowed to in the morning you know announcing likes. Got out the door hit the avocado run fine. All Omar got exactly what a novel latte and how are you serious snag meg did you really know that definitely find that a I watched that you really dials are available and your only oh yeah this so that no Australian let me know rain unfortunately there's not go shortage. This is not a nighttime darkness that is the garbage time to start a miles ago I pray you pay double got to get rid of the avocados will be fine I don't forget Maine it's the fault and he. Think it's a lot out of season moved. You really avocados all the Mexicans that you never know you know a remarkable enough. Is playing a little bit above account here and there but I am not on my given ideology was a slice about McConnell. Oh well as the LT not a blt I doubt Myles is right I was born here we did not got rid of you get rid of the tomato that avocado belongs fake it called bolt. Black. And black you're black and obviously he's flat black. If the two met. Rather well the man in Memphis was pulled over for a passenger he didn't realize he was haul all my god apparently a man I got so blasted that he fell asleep on the trunk of the man's Taurus. How we didn't realize that there of that he was there was astonishing but he managed to make it fourteen mile down the interstate okay and the state before he was pulled over by police now look. I know what you think of a torrid shooting about that car that every salesperson had for a number of years now the Taurus is still a bigger card yes. With the way they designed the porous now and they used to have a big ass drunk in the back now. But the trunk space is still the same internally I'm sure with the back of the trunk is a small. Little shortened area if it's only like maybe two and a half feet. The fact that this guy who fell asleep on the back of this in it's kind of round at all to. There's a deny the ball off after fourteen months well well looking at the photo looks at you kind of curled into the window right and that's a depiction the guys still passed outside and off desktop and everything just don't graduate with a guy didn't notice that he had a guy in the back of his truck also for fourteen months. Right that's the scary part to me. You got in your car there's a man laying on your trunk you drove fourteen miles he didn't fall off and you still they know is on your trunk until the month lag it down right now. Until I got into the DuBois boardroom now only animals really. Certain you're aware of the during the human being possibly dead from a cop I would assume maybe the best. On the throne could call that a little bugger probably held on for a few months there. Did I could come. I just selecting the other day. All right good news for marijuana and fiftieth in Washington State WA SU researchers are paying volunteers to get stoned. Cholera ivory docket the research conducted will be dubbed in a better method for a breath analyzer for the light traffic guys I'm into that debt that makes sense that needs that amendment to get doesn't vote the day before existed upon. He's now trying to. To visited a laxity let that yacht here and that's ecology should be about. Paying kids to smoke we absolutely could get idiot and I'm gonna just anybody can a college is money there they're gods Ellie we know they haven't during school they don't have any money in apparent surely known author and do it leaves a guy that we did and you grow it out there's a smuggler Vanilla. Well woman in Florida has been banned from using lift services after she quote betrayed the values and policies of the company. Well using a live car she told her driver that she couldn't find it tissue and then begin to one I use the car to wipe her noting. On the sea off all of and a wife and all of the cloth and cheered when her driver threatened to and there. And her writing kicker out an argument ensued that led to the passenger attacking the driver grabbed and handful of her errands and it currently look at your card your livelihood of your lifter. And how that what are you arguing about our. Yeah I'm goes under I mean like word you might say you're overreacting but I understand right rain but I would understand too. Every lift driver loses it on a memo says look I just keep an extra box of Kleenex and car care if you don't already because you never know when you're gonna run and some and also have one of those little. Plastic bags they used to hang from the he had those disposable trash bags about it there's a few of those voiced analyst at maturity you know and Obama is somebody feeling in the back here are are you could just now but voters all over their cars that's desert monster. It's not my gel for night you guys are still take uber. Like the regular Hoover over but the black art like Hoover yes yes you do get a bottle water in a deal. Yeah there's a you don't ever meat is done and over ex guy incidents on dilemma could get a bottle water thing but I just wondered is to do for the people of that month. I got to know a good summer for some of the government who bottled water e-business top notch above there was ambiguity about a lot of that is a move him. Thanks so much muscular guys on the verge of depends of the driver to look at our. Our attic and apparently your own personal rating. And dad's good plot. If you pick I try to clothing donation W Minneapolis along with the local police are seeking to help an unfortunate man that done it a box of clothes and forgot his left 111 grams of lead. In the pockets of the clothes that he donated all individually wrapped up and back east yet it was all that and they were all I don't agree Amber's all is like a typical dime or of five dollar baggage you vile the street Baltimore do not as well back pain get it. Rick you know like tie optional corner. They have generally generously kept it at the police station should he want to come back at planet. Though they don't think that he will. I had a go back to Florida where a woman try to buy a birthday card from the CVS the last few minutes that they were open. Bullets went to check out. She's a promotional arm that barricade her inside the store somehow flat deploys and seniors those shopping has taught great that the she walked in at 955. Gallon to get a car store closes at 10 o'clock throw up. She just wonders on back to the card place in the meantime the little severe lock and they think everybody's out of the store they flip the lights the manager wants out locked the door and leave. Cheat and even have a clue until you want them to the front and the troops that censor don't think. Right that stood like in front of the camera color and I am not. Final leg of a get out of here yeah. Gerry McCann Pringles mad and you you've lived your whole life Leland is get a card car get a card still sucks and now here becomes the only nation she had to wait to the last minute you don't wanna run into the got it right dated. At 955. To get card. Right the world of entertainment former president and First Lady George and Laura Bush have been nicknamed suddenly everything rather grandkids. They can tell the former First Lady mean Maxwell the former president is. Hit history as a headliner tonight when that might. We'll see it are there turner who sucks lasted more profile is on the way yes indeed until then please would you do best and for get this thing. Bad.