BJGN 05-24-17 Comic Talk - Ba Con - Boardgames

Wednesday, May 24th

It's another special edition of geek nation hosted by Vicky B. We get comic talk with Spicoli, some board games updates from BJ and Chris, and the crew play's a mystery game. 


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase TV show welcome. Welcome to another edition Vijay shaky. They shine. Because you're on a there's and to Christophe parent. And this just the goalie. Eight and BJ Shea that's wrap my and then at them OK NM Manning our board today is. To drop the G. Now today we're gonna hear a little comic chocolate sic code name. For many years that's a mr. walker mr. Shay what team they played at eight call on him now and that's. Plus convention for vacant or very little muscle there no it isn't pretty amazing. And I'll that if I didn't we're gonna play yeah Amos. Yeah and their game player and I'm here you less anybody given me you cried error writing drag just decided I never went play with you again but this one will make your brain her Vijay and I am very excited for. OK. So now watch until you're playing you give you the she knows who wins. You know be missed Urlacher hadn't even get a hold of us. Well they can check out our website at all of the podcast said Vijay Diggnation dot com and like us on FaceBook just search for BJ she's decommission. Follow us on Twitter and minister Gramm incident. All at BJP nations send a text only the voicemail at 19802243353. Shoot us an email at BJD nation that you know dot com. YouTube dot com forward slash BJB nation is where to go over all of your visual. Entertainment needs well Miguel Malone MM not fair a fair percentage of fair percentage. I sure like to subscribers always handy you can listen to us on your Amazon echoed just ask Alexa to play deep nation on tuna in the end she will. I promise you thank you so much this Sherlock prayer. And that's just the call eight what's comics that have even reading and thinking man. You would like to talk to us that's all right let's talk to sell comics. First the elephant in the room the secret empire has been continuing secret empire of course this story for just America is a Nazi and headed hydra has taken over the earth. So in the second issue came out last week. And and basically we kind of got our we did the first issue. Was was setting the stage in this issue with setting the popped him on the first issue was cast takes over. Right dead who he put the entirety of the island of Manhattan into the dark force dimension. He DE. They're so they've been jurors are other tracks the in Manhattan through or are the ones that would be in space alpha flight catcher Gerald Emerson such there'll trapped on a giant. Force shield outside of earth that day that. Shields launched right before Hydro took over who they created this shield to trap everybody outside. With a constant barrage of qatari attacking that finally they some in this Atari so it could trap all the space heroes out there and they're all fighting for the lies flat. I'm aware and then there is in near Las Vegas there's a small resistance. Just the avengers and the champions. Which is the young heroes the young Hulk the new Spiderman miles Morales the Boeing honestly Scott Summers and the big vision and all that this obviously this new young avengers team. So the the plot here is big we we finally got the big reveal where the avengers loans. What happened to that these send dean's cosmic cube that's our red skull as her daddy. Real roots. Captain America and all of history so that started Nazis won the war but they Hugh allies use the cosmic cube to rewrite the victory in its. It's weird so there's there's this new plan to we got to assemble the fragments of the cosmic cube so that we can. Fix everything whom black widow is not down with that she's like we need to kill him we need to kill cap hydrogen overt. America and the not gonna stop here. We got to do this is so she after having words with Hawkeye and kissing him an apology in the face goes. You know it's widow and Hawkeye kind of car she leaves and and she meets the champions 'cause miles Morales in civil war saw support too soft future where he murders kept America. And we found a Captain America was a Nazi he was like golf so relieved that I thought I spoke to kill Captain America I don't know killing just a Nazi. So he's like all right well I guess is tested so I'll help out and then his buddies are like are all helping him out so we got black widow and children trying to murder capital while the event jurors are trying to save him. And in new York and dark first dimension. Dagger is providing light for the entire city. I'd like for like ten or twelve hour periods at a time and it isn't she is she is dying because of it yet and don't pull that up for a long time. Wild defenders are trying to protect many people as they can it but so it's Fiske. The kingpin is protecting a lot of people make sure they get medicine and food and has won a request which is when this ends because he believes that it will and because he's been through this before them but remember that this is the one who safety. So. At the end of this is gonna be a big guy do things are gonna happen with kingpin he's you know I'm Jocelyn tiger you have very much of like interest Iron Man with do you know where he's kind of coming out on top. So you know it's still happening. It's. It's okay the art is much better than the writing in my opinion on it's it's an offense comic. So that's that. There's so many events going on a DC they've got titans crossover with such titans teen titans. And death stroke. That's. About there's a there's a very famous tee times book called V Judas contract squared district tried that. Kill all the kinds they're Nam. And that's that's that is Amos one were terra TV you're controlling tighten the beast bush fell in love with betrayed damage turned out to be evil. I happen to the cartoon is that an unexpected Arizona Cardinals would be of the book called two times just contract which is great. So the new one is the Lazarus contracts where. Death stroke is like it did dines till my son we're back in 1980. I am gonna still some flashes and you dispute forced to run back in time in safe hands. So in the first issue we stills one Wally and the safety issue we still the other Wally the pumpkins to all as they finally met each other. Irons and I discussed this pizza was gonna run back in time so that shows but. You know. We got more speedster is brewing in the timeline so if you're watching Ethier ran out in your comfortable that of course secretary Sarah look there's a space during the time line of girls want its biggest Easter respond the flash. Hello I'm in the flash found there's been a crossover would bat man called the button. Where baton that many of flash found in the watchman pinned him bat cave. Oh yes so we're first flash showed up and then he died. That if this last issue. 52 so it's been. Six or seven years now since we see many of the golden age should the heroes and from just to society. He showed up and was like remember me I'm here and then vanished after three pages. So that was a cool thing they'll be back eventually. But basically there were dislike go this button was weird and announces blue puff and that was kind of what happened so they're just kind of on edge knowing that there's there's something super powerful that messed with timeline to cut all Berrian and and Bruce alerts from palm and then a day and we see we see a page or receive doctor Manhattan's hand picked up the button. On the and we hope we get a few lines from watchman doctrine and says why does my perception of time distress CU. Everything is preordained even my responses were all puppets Laurie Anderson puppet who can see the strings. So it's always causing document and lines and you know Batman and them are gone and the last page it zooms in to the button. And so you know red and yellow and then zooms out to be red and yellow chest of Superman. And did dimmed and the day if they released the comic they announced an events coming in November called the doomsday clock and it's the watchman clock with a Superman S at the top I don't care frank coming in November on our way so that's happening old course keep you all posted I had dies and leaves her house watchman stuff that's happening doesn't really advance. And had one last one is the result though the most recent Batman issue came out and it was just one shower Batman teamed up swamp thing. Our men and it was it was absolutely beautiful and then touchy and swapping murders a guy by making flowers grow into him and it was fantastic. Love is not the first time they've teamed up service to them before all Al they chose to end up okay that's on it yeah you enjoy your cell and it felt like it was the first family nonopec good on an area I'm not crazy is that they actually very funny aware slump thing you should heed there's the cleanup clamps on a table back massage and Jim Gordon insulting just comes out of the players first hand but it's all over him. And Bruce is like Alec we're gonna do for you had Jim it's like we're asking exactly the thing about I. Tiger thought wetland lettuce. And import an ivy. So that's why that they have met bludgeoned and Matt did admit that doesn't happen aren't but it was just it was a really fantastic issue right strongly recommend you don't need to know what's going on a bad managers pick up this this one. Batman went south in a swamp thing. And a fund kite man cameo cool. And I in the world the last Star Wars of course the I again I I would I would love to see TV series or movies made on what they're covering in the thirty issues they've done now 31 of the Star Wars between episodes four and five as we get to see well what happened and he's really before they got off great and you know after they got their medals. And they're doing a darn good job of it and then the latest story line of course is that day is Luke is it is trying to get. Luke in this sect care to name after after are trying to get this job I artifact turned on the gotta go to this crazy queen. Who looks grimace at the queen of hearts of her own way through she's got a reminder it's all part of the citadel series the citadel story arc which is on the part to end. Pretty interesting is that basically I highly gang are trying to get find this effort chick who is sort of like a bounty hunter. And get the bounty hunters got Luke what she's not really. Trying to take Luke any more she's now team double loop but Hahn and like I don't know this and so it's. It's eight Alitalia and that of course shell Hahn's wife I mean it's fantastic and son some a solo is in this he said I wouldn't mind seeing movies based on what they've rectangular. As so that's what's going on of the world the Star Wars and in the world of Star Trek new visions with John Byrne does of course of the so though the the photo novels that he does. We get to see a beloved. Wesley crusher important character from the first from from next gen as we get to see him Iran were to James Kirk. No the travel. Even better yes so the traveler and I'm in the middle of this of this particular book but yet Kirk Spock McCoy encountered the traveler. Very much like Bill Nye the Science Guy could that I and a little actually I haven't got there yet to see if it actually is bill Nye really is very much like bill might not kill kill kill and a world of Spiderman well ice where somebody. Todd turns out the government doesn't need to guy given a new faces anymore because that is big bear his. His he knows his faceless surgeon you know guess dermatologist WL. Plastic surgeons took he's out of a job because his last drive his last job really do so well Carol and he looks like Norman. But on a very bad days terror and he's got like well doomed race basically trial lawyers say do you know knew doctor doom going on yeah and is so it's and she is it's it's a military incident Peter Parker's company is completely falling apart. And and an NPR's by Spiderman is basically had she'll go where disavowing any knowledge of your actions you are going invading a foreign country you can't do that. And Spiderman a mockingbird say we don't care and mockingbird resigns from shield. Because she's like you know but if it's important to Peter is important to me screw you make your defeat and make sure I am out. And so that was happening in the world Spiderman is he's a he's kind of assess what mr. Osborne and tell your story and of course Harry of changes last name Harry Los. They do Harry's now Harry lime and if you hadn't noticed lie in India his name's Kerry Lyman Padilla and no more Harry Osborne yeah I'm sure that'll stick get a court wrongly called inherent Lyman for years now after not totally out earlier and also a good job of not knowing that he was area Osbourne snazzy very yet he'd like daddy no more noise that is just can't imagine. Great guy is you winter they come on man. The Bellingham enemy convention has really helped and that if they can hang around earned and well I got some making insurance yeah we didn't. They get did plays and games player and a similar to learn to infect no one game took as long as Serb manual six other games is pretty amazing. Yeah this is this did not start to be this way it is not a fact oh we play what's supposed to be a shorter version of try I'm period right which is why I'm here in Rex. Final days of an empire does a Laramie is in a lot by him I have to cut the yeah yeah I CIA I think he and end it's a re skin of the old doing game which I guess they're coming back always somehow. I was really I was gracious and in this and hope they do because I love that property but if this is exactly the same game then that's fine. And I love it's what I'm very property as I don't know if I be damages in the doom stuff but when they said hey it's it's it's just re scanned. I TI style I love the erases a lot of that's all about but the problem is is that our lease doesn't play the game drunk. You know I think that might have been our first mistake. So he's actually we got home from the convention it was about 930 in the lake Hillis play this game it's why would impair your Rex it's got all of the flavor in the characters and then the and they alien races and things like that from TI. But it only takes a couple few hours to play supposed to do success and it's a six player and yes six when you are 36. And so we're sitting in the hotel lobby will lobby was like their little dining area where they serve breakfast and things there's a bar there and they were happy to service. And they'll have this day holiday service they might have over Serb mayhem maybe meet you just a bid but then again two drinks is over serving. Yeah I think that's. So we're we're playing this game and it plays over eight rounds and it did each each round includes certain stages that you have to take complete measure going along. But we're we're playing this and there's a lot of negotiating and there's a lot of back and forth and there's a lot of what she has dieting and things like that which is the twilight flavor which is nice gentler yeah I really felt like just exactly that like T I'd light and it was. Really really amazing I was really enjoying the game and then I looked up and it was like 2 in the morning 3 in the morning and we weren't even. We weren't even done around six at that point is like we are going to be at this for. A YL you guys it's an interesting game because there's that they then there's the wind condition for if you're on your own side if it's just you you have to occupy three areas you get the wind you can team up with somebody may have ally faces when that happens if you team up with to another person loses two of you then you have to take over for areas and you can I have as many as three people in your alliance and if you do that then you have to take over five areas and that's all five on the board. And it's area control so the fight the fight Ares or are far away from each other so to get there it takes a little bit to get there. I so that's one way to win through them for you can have a week conditioning on your race I think there are three races that have their own wind conditions yeah. And the humans when a certain way but then they're trumped by this other race dot com because if they went their way than they went through and then their trump to buy in this atop. School if they predict two wins the game and what route they win the game than they win. And battle and still a lot of stalling because it's got to be in the end around eight if there's no clear winner. Then you see if the humans won with there when condition right then you see if the hot con one than you see this child went. I was his job as a job I realize all you do is make sure nobody wins there and then I know the hot com will win again and if I predict how come it's gonna win it in the eighth round then I wind. So it may I wanted to have a go way around. It's exactly Eddie and that was I was one of those races that. Did not have any cool special wind conditions so I was happy to try and work my butt off his act to try and that should try and do some area control and as it. That's is the worst thing ever and this does not all the money end this this little readers taking my money every time I spend it he gets a little lower. It was it was frustrating but still awesome and fun at the same time because. I was able to really get into sort of the vibe about it and and and and like the senate had a couple drinks so many I was told that more exuberant and I needed to be at times but. That that was sort of the fun of this and it does have that table talk. Negotiating he lets make a deal over your body have had I help you you know me glued to be able and I know a Marty no alliance can help either broke. And it was and it was just it was a lot of fun and I didn't mind looking up at. What was it 5:30 in the morning we finally finished playing yeah it was really from 9:30 PM department basically an eight hour shift at any job. Yeah we we did that playing this game but from 930 at night and outside or anyone really has not supposed to take them onto what we were drunk yeah. It was a lot of getting they save it out through my time's a 120 minutes we were dropped yet are that's around and lot of smoke breaks a lot of bathroom breaks but nobody cared because it's one of those games you are we'll be right back we'll do this whatever. A lot of haranguing the the only Ellison took it's been off for awhile the reason we bring it up is that if anybody who's played this game. Is there a way to actually win if you're not a human McConnell or as a job because. Today it seems like there's so much that you go wanna keep somebody from winning the game and you know those three races are gonna try to keep your from going to be game. The and there are just install to the end. And at a the other question I had especially with your race BJ was winners atomic an error Brad prediction at the beginning of the game they have to pick. Erase and a round number and say this is who will win in this. In this how my trump win if nobody wins by the enemy rounds if I'm right and nobody else can beat me. Right but it may mean he didn't know what that got me thinking about was that if you pick somebody else to say you picked villas acts in round five. What I'm curious from the deep nationals or anybody else's play this game. Is there a way further as a chart to influence things in in a manner that actually gets them to their two until he gets the their choice to the goal. Faster better easier. Because I think that would be pretty spectacular way to do it is really is blow people's minds as you feel like a safe bet is always going to be stuck on in round eight and in the Rodriguez worked together to stalling game out. And it and because that that race is eternally racer literally turtles I don't know what I could do I can go stop somebody from taking over an area where their power but as far as being aggressive enough to manipulated so that I guess some do win a particular around. That's beyond me it may happen may be better people to play the game only putting him a few times and I'd be really hard to hear about that yeah I and there are also backstabbing conditions are really forming an alliance and your team wins somebody is still accept you on your team with a special back step Carre are where they take the Dick Fuld to treat you like by displayed on this game and I didn't win because my team back Sammy did hours of my life literally gone but then again that is trying to appear AM yeah and so this game does lend itself well to that so it's called wrecks the file days of an empire fantasy flight games of course blood it it only supposed to two hours certificate and ours of course it must bunker all told candidates and would play yet. Ace yeah absolutely even even as it because it was so fun. So. Like I said we're not doing each sheet today we're aren't gonna name who games the games are good so. Let's see I think all six have been to have played this game before I had I let it. Yet you don't really hear that no other I could've sworn you're not fighting this planet you guys relaxed goalies too it's too intimidated and I intimidating or not this that this is Chris is let's just gonna say he this Kim which should tip you off for I can't. Hello. My all right of the more action so I am giving each of you small pad of paper and you will need a writing utensil of some kind Harry knows full of good beaches got a pin and I had a right. What I'm gonna do as I'm going to show you two cards they will be two items for example science and writing. The challenge is in a minute and a half. You have to come up with a good pun relating these two things together so. Meant we don't know what puns are. Are willing to go around everywhere and oil well we we we hang around you we now have fair enough. Yeah well I am on a regular basis we know it really really awesome amazing puns are so that works. So while we can just launch right into this Phyllis you guys feel like you knew little bit more explanation on this are right let media I will start and end the reunion time or real quick so I know what a minute feminine to have looks like. To do you do dude do and did you edit on this first two cards the first two cars shows us completely random our body parts. And dieting. I think the Lantos body parts and the escaping. Mom and a big in RE SO in the interest of ever insanity we're not gonna make you sit here and listen to just be quiet Furman and half. So it through careful editing and the mastery one Joey the prodigy. Here are the results how dare you rewrote those and second nuclear test that fax 20 of course that's Armenia. So and millennia. That have body parts and escaping we have. You know Baltimore I heard he escaped death by a nose. Okay. I thought Zoller and exits the accident. Let's see and we have Colin release. I all right. They got a better idea to stand. Lastly we have nothing written down so I'll tell you I'll tell you this favor when I came up that's in the what's it out here escaping iPhone to sit escaping now here's your Jesus did. He married give up Allen moment okay that's okay because it's visible to run. Yeah I don't know I don't know yeah that was for you yet I gotta say so thank you thank you RI RI I got out of my is name competitive to a great. I did better than make it better but I would you like to be the next judge be just oh sure why not to please pick two cards mr. DJ I'd that I can do one from each file I just cutting randomly. K well let's hear this one man by sued you did that so let's do the fifty states and so wing. The fifty states in suing fifty states and sewing BJ Scott in lion and a relaxed feeling taking to begin early did not think yeah terrible diet always stays OK there's at least thirty states yeah and you're not rock as hard and I likes for goalies actually I'm picking his probably just aren't. The rest of you get out it's all right so we have okay. A plan for needle York and New York Mets and it's this New York, New York end okay and very nice and it. Here's the other we have to choose from. United seams of America. The fifth and then. Removal means a thinker. I don't know if I'm gonna want to play this game much longer period. I want more crowds and I and I am I'm on this video I am underwhelmed with both of these answers to exit that won him the you can Lieberman Warner now. Using the wind no I really I can't really take to India always you do it well you would I Dell would cost you about a three for you know that's a you do you to use you take those buildings that any ounce girl I job I the united seams of America. I had no idea and that there are close go play better than Carville very underwhelming those were duress that imprint and I mean Dallas are terrible okay. Our next you know I know that you love this you know Chris I do their daughter brief in my house coming that I perfect. Benefits but what's what's what's is one big guy and I'm trying to find some that aren't too bad I'm really trying to bring immediate. And colors mating and color is okay. And again. And let those Ding big in. In aren't as deteriorates and ninth from film strong about this and we'll have a three way tie onus you've just go in and I lose great gaffe mating or an Intel areas. Spring is a time of year when a young man's fancy turns lightly. Toussaint for moms. Cut back cut on news that is not humans come in all colors. Okay from the room. I've. I can't mix I don't say it's tied the color blue U. Myself. Austrian but little bit cheating that's to admit that I could address and I totally original I have seen the rest of the direct quote from TV showed him and Ivan are still there are still good. I can't I think did Vicky was underwhelmed by a video that amount she can I did she get this experiment are not coming yeah. I went a little bit tools coroner finale didn't get them in medium women's. My guess that part but I'm like I don't OK I don't know if it's double entendre it's double on Andre. Like I get that that's what that's yeah. And an end and Foley you can see gestures yet but I got a I'll eventually you know the enemy and now I mean we think I was actually a triple that works and about to levels and I don't get a holy cow well because there isn't really UN cameras and I felt like I killed too much on that runs anyway so I need these omens dedicate I went Ron Howard trying to win highbrow here is yours was actually way better light that I taught different lessons like that. Oh yeah that we're sorely three different ways Andre has given what I did like Ali and the the mom lives of the is that you political and I was absolutely don't. Ed Ed young I was hoping you would they move because a little bit orbited the effort both ways I think I was ten Holloway. There is the NORAD B did you know comfort from the stables in no able to stable footing is heating unit. And really and the son of good plays and yes. I don't think even letting on time. Now that's putting it it's a log your hours and that's the thing you very nicely here just stuff. They have and tonics and just. Stay nerdy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deeds flags fly at Vernon whilst sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW doc plus.