05-24-17 Seg 1 Mens Room is messed up

Wednesday, May 24th

Mens Room Multiple Question: What part of your body is just messed up, and what part of someone else's body do you wish you had on your own?


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Now done men's room legacy continues. And leave what you're about to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Stupid. They're nuts trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. Well. I go up in Minnesota for 2600. And play old black. Along with Steve the thrill hill. See Ted Smith. Log boom bah. The my car. It's aren't imagine a. Dad made a return to smooth talk class asked the word gives you some southern backhand speak for your arsenal. Food death do play bolt while this. Plus headlines events and shot of the day fumble was Terry Nelson everyone's favorite TV time at 10 o'clock and it got harder to get Argentina wears to that shut down a year ago. Still has all the animals inside. Researchers say going on a magic mushroom trip is the safest way to take a magical run. To Denver were clowns stabs manage port geez talk go watch yeah. Bishop driving 100000 dollar cars is Jesus would tell parishioners to keep the pie holes shut. And Alaska worker finds a fishing boat with a human like inside that is all coming out today is very special episode of the mentor. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All of that it is good day to you and yours not originally I had this headline intended. For our know as Sherlock segment headline reads. Man who received new penis is one of the happier face. When a kid. The forty year old guy he lost just give a man with seventeen years ago actually get getting the new one probably make some pretty got him that we can understand. But intends that hey Ed you wrote oracle man in the red this. Here's the thing about the Cuban mine he is only the world's third ever successful team of transplant. This is the guy from Africa a black guy from Africa in the turns out of war are dead yet about this particular successful. Penis transplants. The biggest donor wasn't quite yet. Yes he will be the only black guy on earth with the white people's the least as it is right now and we understand beggars can't be chooses but I'd like to think that if you were given the chores and you give the joy is this a Heyman. We have due to Jews horrible we're gonna do surgery. Dennis Rodman donated his and Jeff Sessions donated it. I'm gonna go out on the limb it's a united cares much about Tyler were all groaned and dropped. It's just this sense idea you debate about the personality. Nickel based and on load it is bad publicity whatever you want but I think we can always very. If you ahead joys you take in Venice over Jeff Littlejohn. But it's votes like this that inspired today's question because it turns out this is actually real quick there's a white guy got. There might be some other choices he would have made so what we've come up with is the men's room multiple questions so volatile summits. What part of your body is just messed. And what part of someone else's body. Would you like for your own Big Brother Joseph called dual 642 on rock like the men's room on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter Edmonds or live and to your email to the men's room mad men's or my back out. Now back into the men's room here's the question. Rock you like to let live resorts to see now 99.9. KI ESW break through multiple question what part of your body is just messed up. It would mark of someone else's body would you like for your very. You're losing a bedroom mobile's thrill. The men's room we miles in thrill out. All 99.9. K. Don't buy a new modular 2006 and added twelve for the future we have where they owe so much preparation. And odds and I would also half of our living out once again the men's room a multiple question yes we are whipping it out today. And celebrating the third successful penis transplant surgery. In the new. It's a men's we're. Got. You'd think if it gets to the point that it is their routines are talking with a vasectomy something where. You go and their eyes sometimes not routine but yes very very competent that it better be successful surgery at the gaps in that important my do you think people better unsatisfied. With their current penis and say amen listen. On the among waiting lists and when you get you know whatever is looking for you let me know when they get rid of this one and replaces it. With the new and improved over well look the guitarist a routine surgery it's something they do like you think to be able to collect a manna from thirty years old. What hit my penis I understand the waiting list now. Put me on the. Okay and are of implants RD don't think you do have a look at the different things it basically he had a botched circumcision. Is so that was the reason that he knew it would get in the stored okay so okay. Now if you knew the you can make your penis bigger would you do. Well yeah okay you came in it's scientifically proven that you can if you go to the gym and you work out and you start doing a lot of squat I wanted that swat is the number one thing. You watch your diet for every ten pounds you lose your penis will in fact be a fourth of the mansion minimally bigger than it is for every ten could do him a ton of good I'm an article pretty good if you lost twenty pounds you'd have a half inch more. It I'm not gonna do all I want something simple. I want a guy like this way okay we know you're getting it done I would like to do that I I don't do it if you wanna lose weight you can do the exact same thing you're talking and then they have after I bypassed. Or they have the lack a lighter so what do ideas like I he won't win easy way out I you're just that's exactly because in this case like look. Does make my appeals big purely cosmetic this is my health you're overweight I'm gonna type two diabetes and ever attack. I'd want a bigger penis because I'm a guy who has penis in inevitably oil. No reference to a little bit better about. Obama won't do this it would implants are for exactly that but you're gonna have yeah there's not a lot out there for the guy. A cosmetic plea for the ladies there's a lot of can be done I don't know audience up to Iowa where note too much but surgical team. Did the penis transplant. The black man as the story goes who had the word world's third successful penis transplant operation how many have the best I think I need to look bad decisions authors yeah third out of 5400. He lost his organ after a botched traditional. Circumcision I did not know that circumcision was a traditional thing in Africa maybe the European influence in South Africa on the to do them. On I mean the outlook. Different cultures do certain says Malcolm mobile some cock a main reason why they do it's it is religious thing we do infants and it's. Everyone has the reason for doing it to have been around as long figured out the first time a woman laughed at a man's penis. And she explain why I'm telling you that's the moment it was invented because I I got to do some we rabbis used to gives. Are consistent thing detriment I mean they thought they are not any more talk about well sometimes they do depending on how and I think they weren't licensed how do you view or into the religion you know like if you're from me or one of the people who delivered my neighborhood who walk around a draft cars look like Amish men don't smile Reynolds now that'll that'll that'll no shabbat is a big deal on Friday night. But. You basically it's that some defendants in the beginning about surgery and basements sure I mean you think about this in unlikely for the leader of the church and just matters do occasional circumcision on weekends like men and and and and about it I don't want your exact and I gimmick it. It takes action. The forty year old is only the third patient undergo the procedure he did at a hospital in Cape Town. And now he will be able to have sex and urinate standing up within the next six months for the first time in seventeen years he's been without penis for seventeen years. Professor also the ire of first seventeen years of my life he didn't really matter that I did have one. Yup here's that big hanging curve ball to the head though the patient has black in the donor was white. I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and assume that the donor had passed dominant O is gay and I lunch yeah I don't think like Ted I'm sorry Matthew was if you lost your penis in a horrible scooter accident was they went face birdies lost in it is just waiting and you slit on the pavement right and and is basically it it it rubbed off the penis in my party knows it. And you came to mean you say hey. I don't have a penis anymore would you would you donate yours announcing now. I'm assuming that I know I'm assuming the penis donor had passed on I'm thinking today yeah yeah okay there's no way there's a low life like I'll give you linemen you know I don't. How is this something specific or is it more like you wouldn't organ donor card here would organs of your good in the event after death they can use. Does that include opinions or do you specify because I would think some people do like look you. You know guys are about the d.s are we all fortunately you can in my heart and in my lungs take my eyes lit up and helped finally. Absolutely hey here's the thing and all that day and an analyst with me if you lost your notes okay we are right you want my notes. Now right now that's it wouldn't ask you something like if I'm on a penis list. If I'm get in somebody's penis you know just like does organ work in my body or not I'm gonna wanna see this thing yes or no I want and my body here I think you're just gonna want. Well that's the thing like bookie took a white guy but in your choices here's exhibit a choice yet he didn't have a choice you're right it just do the surge of god from god damn fraud mantle some phenomena but it is a well. We have three to choose from I mean we appointments were certainly yeah but why take a look in seventeen years even if you game a teeny tiny piece of crap little slider. With hardly any need and his group are the sort of art. But he used to have a big Mac economy but it's been the same time that and that'll sliders the cellular crowds are. You gonna love it even though. It's not your version of hamburger but now offering you would you like the big big act like a big big Mac. Or your big been would you like the white castle scorecard so. I'm is that once your options. I don't care who we are thank you your organ to the right idea selectors have any burger donors and yeah I'm just I'm gonna murdered on her and just kind of curious what this guy looks. Well you always happy yet and but it's going to be weird to say they like Hershey Allman barn is like the one white Amon that shows through yeah it kind of does that when he looks like he put it looks like man. He does can look at how he could eat it's like you can have sex again and think it's great to both faces more than peeing standing batting 6000000000 and forty years old I guarantee that your brain. In fact they are pointed out he's already gotten an erection like he's he's he's gonna grow a nice job like pianist but I. Bull my wife did this because you just happy quickly in every one but now with bright. Right but now you take war on him hats X and emptiness of argument we were kind of debating in the office earlier. Your black dude listen we're old stereotypes up to your black dude here's Che. You're about to get an IV drug plants and got a white has been well not a well it is huge disappointment flipped our whole lives clips I'd hope you're white dude. And he got a black guys beat insurance same scenario takes them tickle me drop and look either way it's gonna be shocking that's understood but I. But I think wants him happened Dana I will also statements. And I'm honest to god and they who could have spoken. It's South Africa there we understand the history of what has happened. In South Africa are trying to level he feels good about it well but but think about this for our OK what about upsurge in I would put my motive I'm gonna put myself in a position our I'd try him out of my whole family dealing with a bunch of crap. I am a female I'm black I'm female and now live in South Africa. These things I think you can relate to aren't allowed to put myself into view all sorry you are in fact I am yeah most females sound at all person I am now all the percussionist in ladysmith block them bonds that. I've played survivor's lap right among black 1000 Gaudin. That's founder and goes. And that's not telling a lawnmower. So high so okay so here I am right are right now okay would do I hate are right I hate what has been done to my country my people based on July government Renton. If I unlike anywhere else right but but but but but but but but but but we all know I'm not let you know we know how's your next at all for the fences and everything else and how that's all done. Now the last thing that I would ever wanted to do. Is do that. I'm thinking to a white penis he is now put. We've got a sorry that a lot of a white wall yeah. But right now but now I wouldn't let her know we are brother and he's got out but it still needed on the U he had the good news is new little ball on the only downside. That he had the Mike has been this is like William thirst in Kingston juniors penis ran out of me in some rich guy who lived on mountain and like you know I mean it's like ants. People washing our this is white white people in South Africa do real real well. So like this is not like if I'm a black woman I do not want any part of like I don't want that like the heroic view but the here's the flip side of the now embattled white one but then the black guy that's got the Webber's think it was a bring on the wire. Women like well Saturday didn't really know because I only like wiping its easing yes that's what I there. So I think. I think it will hurt the opposite with the races okay. I think it's a white guy white women be more into me if I had a black people can order a good idea. A repetitive. A bit of I tell you what it says you want him Donald unseat him up all year right ultra open for you when the moment it all healthy adults sex you have the relationship they're all sweet tea Manilow record behind me if I'm it's like limit the coach comes in brings and relief pitcher. Are they telling you are about a hundred pitches I could finish his game outcome and I got Carolina go back to the dugout. Only if you throw like a one hitter Levy and for like another inning ago but yeah I don't know I just I. I think it's going to be shocked a lot of people I think there's a lot of what anyone ever sees his team got I mean who ever. Ever sees is even doctors that did assert that he goes back a mile from opera check out. They know they're gonna seed but it's still. Would you look crazy of them develop gripe isn't a black student avoid being the laughed when they put it all now it's like if your body can't go law I'll take over a giggle I'm not a big sell for gas. But I guarantee there'd be a picture on FaceBook me with the Celtics too late the white teams on the black bullets and look yeah. He is one of the happy is patients we've seen and our war. Subpoenas is working well as you said he can get all erections on it right it works well he's expected to regain all urinary and reproductive functions of the organ within six months of the Trent did the reproductive part that's amazing to. The night there were to connect the balls different ago I was a powerful why did you have some say well I guess the boys were still working and function and all that he didn't saw the way he didn't have teams yes correct boy that. Would it looked better of if the hole that we and the very though the boys are not the I think stepbrother and you know that he it's okay this isn't saying he thought his defense singles event of a black man. But all I know that night Gloria Arroyo soul of circumcision. Doesn't botch the bottom half in boxes just between the twig at the bears so he's still that you know blackberries right now he's nationalistic yeah I'm here so it looks like one week I'm always gonna look that's like a Vanilla chocolate fudge it for you elect a swirl in the putting in an area and I just assumed that would link between an average one now set to be a little separate now he still going to be him when he reads you look at this it's just that the if if if if he called F. Including the road I guess I'm. This I think she's just kind of I think of the look crazy. Oh yeah the papers I guess Sesame Street aired on an all inclusive this complex film I gotta put the U wit and into the hands if I happen. Well man. Sorry gadgets regular bring together it is secondary yeah right I mean it's been a few years but he he's put he's unhappy with his wife he's bringing everything together as a yeah yin and Yang thing. Man had debit and relationships before balloon over the question of sex of Rosie bailed out. That will no longer be a problem. And he had sex before he lost the penis. He had before of the 1740. Is what our third so I got 43 years old yeah I got a dollar says in a week we re just order couple months he's. Things just better with this funky that's. I hit a sensation it's unbelievable how does Soviet you've referred to it as his wife to doctor explain what is that under the zone the white shadow probably coached basketball and a budget should go. The white traffic products come around forever the way he did. They're doing a movie all over him Tuesday and yet today right thing and it didn't you know it's earned income. Only way I am the man who asked me if you. Why it sat on it all right borrow the. Who is made it with a mean anything contributed and it and it shocks and I had many good. Which act. As much as I look if she admitted yeah I think that if it is I'll have a blast now that. Played no of the ditch and a good bubble would not indict UK and Q what. Are rampant that the and have you tried it without enough that we didn't adopt me to a man ought. All the bad I doubt that he's now a go go wise Sundays but being instituted brushes with the poached eggs. I remember I had the hatred in court this court B a G and I'm not coffee or offer local Daytona. Miller thought about a beautiful. I don't know all the channels. Let me see it in theory though the speed is is gonna just opened up all new to do a lot of outdoor network. The murder of an assistant basketball at this. That's because a basic. I know chicken little vote over America it. All of a sudden he's played keeper in socket could never get ahead and that. I love golf. Our. Community. But could grow okay. The doctor says look he says just like it is for Naples after him sect to me. That they intend to his penis and. And basically color in it for would you. Nobody will tattooing your penis already sounds awful the matter what state the penises that is a strong point I mean my god I think about what we're talking about it in my understanding that attaches Gannett feelings there could just open won't Madonna put in Kimberly did his thing and they got a week to heal but still scabs over first. And it's what got one tattooed on an elbow not want to launch durability could console the move your arm so the thing is with your penis you know whether you war. Aroused or not you probably wake up with a record about her body since the bullet when you sleep so probably just content to. That's constantly pushing pull to the skins constantly stretching and I would just think man you're gonna run the risk of infection at what is it's not worth it just have a white pianist. And be fine with that do not only that but I mean you can't get in the sun and I have mine adult yeah they got if you did your pants. And a neo sports they say jitters are going to OK you've got a lot of techies could help blunt about it to a what is a a medical tattoo list they he says the what it should be performed by tattoo is specializing in medical tattooing as a Dominican roper and a Paloma who I don't. In all man I don't know how I would imagine that medical tattoos would be attached to or does that. Did something extra to get certified to the mean are they do so specialized what they do with Motley sentiment in when I'll just kind of does so OK I've got to. Without without seeing it so it has not been photographed you don't know it exists because there's certain guys that there where you know what they've got. I just based on what we don't you think he says depicts people. Based on what we don't know about just who who hit the who are you know the ones who joined the donor to be. Based on OK they don't promise it's just that easy man and it's and I base this one color barrier type. Colorful worn. He's so ugly. But he ended up with really good looking women and I have the thing you drag and drop the first night but they sold I think he's got going on so I would I would nor is a little I've gone Ron Jeremy I'm short fat hairy to at a price match up well even widow Lola editor at. Really affirming her Huey Lewis and The News hotel manager knows that it cool news Jon Hamm might take what is the mood on him. He got in the united the in his own pants. There are multiple question apart your body is just messed up and what part of someone else's body. Would you like to have for your own your calls coming up you're listening to the men's room on metro radio network. It's true grit. Last year and. Right you like to let you resort casino Mehdi nine point nine KI DSW. Building who have ago the black with this. And let me. See if we got the picture. McCain came c'mon I you know I don't I don't generally care to the other guys I had to know this when I need to see begun and all world once and I don't know why some was funny to me that his testicles. It's the black went pianist itself as all boils. If shall look like a panda bears yeah. Success. Won't put up red carpet I. I don't ordered the. So the world is only seen three penile transplants one was performed last year in Boston. The UPI notes. That there is a big need for surgery in South Africa get ready for your cringe worthy moment of the day. Where it's estimated there are up to 250. Penile amputations every year. Due to traditional circumcision. Rituals anybody wanna take you spear. Here at when an atmosphere and a what the tool you. And got some machete that's machete now it's a spear. Our marriage are mobile question apart your body is just messed up and what part of someone else's body would you like for your own you are listening to the men's or mobile's and drill. And he nine point now. OK I guess double check for multiple question a part of your body is just messed up in a part of some one else's body would you like to have for your own real quick here's threat to the story as far as the 250 penile amputations. Every year in south African Y based on the traditional circumcision rituals as an initiation rite younger men are circumcised with a spear tip. Then since into the wilderness. Four weeks during which time infection often sets then. Wrote the transplant danger around it yet requires re connecting the tiny blood vessels and nerves the muscles the wreath rod and making sure blood can flow for erections. It's complicated by Costa lack of donors. And the need to use medical tattooing to Max contents all of which play into our guys are mobile quest to apart your bodies just messed double what part of someone else's body. Would you like for hero out some things dominance of cola Mike Johnson has messed up that's obedience. I goes from being only an instrument and have all data over seven inches when he gets attention from a woman explained that called an erection. Do you think his new wife on his his own circumcised. In the so do you think drugs are consistent again. Kids. Before Monday against no. This guy exe while we 3-D printing couples argued it when he dug dame seventeen after Mitch and I would say. I've seen a tattooed nipple on a woman that had that surgery yes it looked pretty damn real welcoming you to what she had a a breast removed in the reconstructed and then. Divorce tattooed on. Yeah he she was like telling us the whole story kind of funny Iraq plain weird to think what. And she was like yes you were younger and she was like yes of these are fake and stuff chizik the knuckles aren't real roller how does that work through that barrier Sharia. Bogut is not really showing you and also Robert. As I join you attach another woman right so when as it is guys to walk round toppled women to cover themselves on top so or adware pasty that strip club. If you didn't have that and returners in Robin suitable might be for this but if you read only pay if you read it had to nipple yeah. Would you feel less weird. Like if you lose your insure crucial some like the or not it's gonna boo I'll. I'd feel less weird the odds and I think Jessica tattoo may ultimately it's just assume the only articles like OK my dad to settle the problem right in the back to a guy that's that's actually hit it out paced as absolutely and that's the same way with the evil when Playboy switched over to not rat right they're like look over the double double I was gonna bit. US daunting and think and also think about their head to be some sort of trauma leading up so that shall what do you hope you either went through surgery and because of cancer treatment or whatever you went through or you have a really cool story about why you don't ever on the aren't what. Yeah EA show people I think he'd be more inclined just does not. Real deal and what's your thought and even if you don't see the whole breast which are favorite way of seeing partial breast. I would go under Booth. Yeah a lot of under boot. Agility cleavage planning so edgy yeah he's leaving aside the sizes I've moved side to my source I did I don't know I. Dozens do and a whole shape of the blue Olga appellate with the other Booth to get a sense of but what does that movie is an inch above the belly button that's one thing in the governor's guy diverted plane on the moon all of the boom. Miracle in concert. And on Wednesday hello Brian welcome to the bedroom. Both the hot. Guess they don't know I'm. Good good. Well anyway as far as in less than body part are less well I have an old school and large had legs. Hello I'm okay like eights. Yeah about it it's like it's very difficult to use shout or it and jet you have to resort to do stretching all who. Yeah I'm seven on seven and five based Mac empire and yeah that's a size so well. Senate by did you find that I began to death and be there just that there but you have to go to those Olympic double I ran well he didn't like for yourself and when did you know like when you go to lake that you go shopping and they have plenty of double excels in xxx or Dexter isn't an excels but they don't do that knob adopt its borders in a small headed to geared. One on normal head were is you're like did your mom until stored or were you born in on the head popping out is the most painful part so. How would you promise you put your mind. I I never heard that area and now I've put her through ups and you've got us into a little unsure I think that's in what. And then pulled allowed to get David's got a worsen our building and you'll appreciate yes you go to the Missouri multiple questionable part of your body is just messed up little part of someone else's body would you like for your own. The shenanigans continue I'm numb. And radio network.